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Default The Not So Ordinary Life of Elena Adams: Chapter 9 [High School Drama]
Chapter 9

Elena’s father logged onto his sleek, black laptop and immediately click on the Google Chrome icon. He typed “NOEL TOBAIS” into the search bar and clicked on the first link that appeared on his screen. The page opened to Noel’s facebook page. As Mr.Adams scrolled down the page he failed to find anything out of the ordinary. He went back to google search bar and typed in his name once more. Other than the facebook page, all the other results contained a “NOLAN TOBAIS” in the results. He clicked on one of them and began to read the news article.

Nolan Tobais, seventeen, was last to see Alaska Hale before her disappearance on Monday, June 8th. According to sources, Hale was picked up from her residence late Monday night in a dark coloured vehicle. Investigations are still under way. If any information, please contact: 908 679 8479.

After skimming through the first three articles, Elena’s father sat back in his chair and cracked his knuckles slowly. Although he had known Noel had some secrets, he didn’t expect them to be anything like this. He stared at the laptop screen for a while before shutting the lid and heading upstairs.


Noel knocked on his girlfriend’s bedroom window and saw her jump slightly at the sound of his knock. Her eyes immediately lit up as she ceased what she was doing and opened the window to allow Noel inside. He sat on her bed, waiting patiently as she collected the stray papers strewn across her desk into a tidy pile. Noel appeared in front of her as she turned around. He embraced her, picking her up from her feet. Alaska brought her face closer to his, teasing him slightly. A smirked danced on her lips as she kissed his cheek followed by his nose– her nude lipstick leaving light traces on his skin. Noel ran his fingers through her wavy hair before placing her on her feet gently. He held her face as he looked into her eyes- a multitude of colours that reminded him of a supernova explosion. He closed the distance between their two faces as he kissed her lips passionately.

Alaska pulled back slightly. “I love you, Nolan,” she confessed before kissing him once more and slipping the tip of her tongue through his parted lips.

“I’m in love with you, Alaska,” Noel breathed in between kisses as he allowed himself to be consumed within the vastness of Alaska.

Noel woke up abruptly to find himself lying on his own, ordinary bed. He looked up at his ceiling and sighed- his senses still heightened from his realistic dream. As the dream replayed in his head, Noel felt a sharp pain in his chest. He clutched at his shirt with stricken eyes as his throat began to close in on itself. He clumsily ripped his shirt over his head and threw it on the floor. Noel heaved as the pain began to subside. He placed a hand over his heart checking to make sure that it was intact. If this is what heartache felt like, he wished Alaska was dead already.

To Noel’s dismay, the screen of his phone lit up to display a new picture message from Sutton. Noel’s stomach churned as the phone loaded the picture- pixel by pixel. Noel stared at the photo in embarrassment – this one being even more damaging than the first. Not only was he having reoccurring lucid dreams of his missing ex-girlfriend but his other ex-girlfriend was making his life a living hell. Noel drove his hands into the temples of his head numerous times in frustration. Serena stood outside of Noel’s door with her hand pressed against his door. She hated when her brother became like this. Not knowing what to do, she pressed her forehead against his door and just listened.

Hours later Noel emerged from his bedroom with dark circles under his eyes.

“Going somewhere?” Serena piped, as Noel grabbed the car keys from the kitchen counter.

“Elena’s,” Noel replied, looking at Serena with cold eyes.

“Noel…” Serena started.

“Serena, don’t. The last person I would talk to is you,” Noel blurted.

Serena looked taken aback but allowed her brother to walk out of the house and to the car.


Noel strolled to Elena’s front door and rang the doorbell. The door opened immediately to reveal Elena. In preparation for tonight’s dinner, she was outfitted in a sea foam blue cashmere sweater matched with a black pleated skirt.

“Were you waiting at the door?” Noel asked bluntly.

Elena blushed slightly, “I couldn’t wait.”

Elena ushered him towards the dinner table. Noel took the seat across from Elena's father and couldn’t help but feel his steel blue eyes on him.

“So Noel, Elena tells me that you’re interested in art,” her father began with fake interest.

“Yes, sir,” Noel replied politely.

“Are you planning on pursuing that in post-secondary school?” He questioned, peering at Noel curiously.

“I haven’t decided.”

“Haven’t decided if you’re going to post-secondary school or if you’re pursuing art in post-secondary school?” Her father asked slyly.

Noel coughed, “Uh, neither I suppose.”

“Dad, could you stop with the questions?” Elena interrupted.

“I’m just trying to get to know Nolan,” her father replied innocently.

Noel froze. His eyes were locked on the small green peas and mashed potatoes with bits of bacon on his plate.

How did he know?

“Do you prefer Noel or Nolan?” Her father asked, a hint of knowingness in his voice.

Noel finally looked up, facing Elena’s father.

“It’s Noel,’ He replied harshly.

Zach dropped his fork in surprise.

“I think it’s time for you to leave,” Mr.Adams said, standing up to his full height of 6’2.

Noel excused himself from the table and headed towards the door. Before exiting the house, he turned back to give Elena a slight smile. Once the front door closed behind them, Mr.Adam’s grabbed Noel roughly by the arm.

“I may not know what you did, but I know you’re a bad influence on my daughter.” He whispered harshly.

“You don’t know half the story.” Noel replied through his teeth, trying to keep his breathing even.

“You’re a suspect in a possible murder investigation, don’t try and play the victim!” Elena’s father roared. “I expect you to end things with my daughter immediately. If I ever catch you around here again, I swear to god…” He trailed off, shaking Noel violently.

“I get it.” Noel spit out as he pushed himself out of Mr.Adam’s death grip. Noel retreated to his sleek, black car and started the engine immediately. As he drove off, Noel looked back to find Elena’s father standing firmly at the front door like a guard dog waiting to kill. As Noel drove, his vision began to cloud over. Images of Alaska’s silky brown hair and playful smile danced around his head as if on a loop. Noel grabbed at his head roughly and shut his eyes.

Why was this happening to him?

As he opened his eyes, Alaska seemed to materialize out of thin air. She stood in the middle of the road – motionless. Noel shook his head quickly but she wouldn’t disappear.

To avoid hitting her, Noel swerved quickly to the left. The Lamborghini crashed violently into a light post as he lost control of the car. Noel hit his head against the air bag that exploded in front of him. Bleeding from the head injury, Noel lay unconsciously across the steering wheel.


Noel awoke to find himself lying on a hospital bed. Although he was still drowsy from the sedative he tried to sit up. Noel looked down in shock as he realized that his wrists were strapped down to the bed. He thrashed violently before giving up and sighing.

“You’re awake,” came a voice from across the room.

Noel glanced over to the location of the voice. Alaska emerged from the darkness and caressed Noel’s face with a cold hand.

“This isn’t real. T-this isn’t happening.” Noel stuttered, the colour gone from his face.

“Nolan, I miss you…”

“Stop. Get away from me. You're DEAD” Noel yelled, scratching at the wrists straps in an attempt to escape.

A voice emerged from Noel’s subconscious, “Wake up. Noel, you have to wake up right now.”

Noel heaved, gulping in breaths of air as he regained consciousness.

Serena was standing above his bed with a stricken expression on her face. Noel touched his unbound wrists and felt a warm, viscous liquid. He gazed at his bloodied arms in shock.

“Noel…what's happening to you?” Serena whispered as a pool of tears began to form in her eyes.

“I-I was…” Noel tried but couldn’t find the right words, “Did you see h-her?”

“See who?” Serena asked, turning her head slightly to look around the room.

“No one.” Noel muttered, knowing that he would seem even more unstable if he mentioned her name.

“Elena’s here to see you but they’re only allowing relatives in right now.”

“Good. She’s not seeing me like this.” Noel stated, looking at his wrists once more.

“I’ll make sure she doesn’t come in,” Serena said giving her brother a tight smile, “Get some rest?”

Noel nodded slowly and watched his sister walk out of the dark room. Just as he closed his eyes, his ears tuned in to a conversation right outside the door.

“I'm going to need to go in and talk to him.” A stern voice demanded.

“Well, good luck getting answers out of him. He’s sleeping,” replied his sister’s voice.

“Oh that’s fine, I'm told I'm very patient.” The familiar voice replied, “Hey, why don’t you go get yourself a coffee, you look tired.”

Noel imagined an exchange of a few dollars between Serena and the unknown man. As his sister walked away, the click clack of his sister’s heels became inaudible.

The door to Noel’s room creaked open immediately. A man dressed in a neat suit came into view.

“Remember me?” Asked the man.

Noel met the his eyes, “Detective Lahey, was it?”

“That’s right. I just have a few questions for you, if you don’t mind me asking.”

“Do you think I'm an idiot?” Noel scoffed as his head throbbed in pain.

“Nolan, they are just a few routine questions,” Detective Lahey replied, leaning against the wall.

“How about making yourself useful and calling the nurse for me?” Noel asked, ignoring the detective’s last statement.

“In all honesty, Nolan, if you were to cooperate we might actually have a shot at bringing her home,” urged the detective.

There was a quiet knock at the door before Noel’s nurse peaked her head into the room.

“It’s time for his next sedative,” she replied, walking past the detective and injecting a syringe into the plastic tube connected to Noel’s hand.

Detective Lahey sighed before backing away.

“Just contact me if you think of anything. You know she’s still out there.”

Were the last words Noel heard before he went under once again.

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Default The Not So Ordinary Life of Elena Adams: Chapter 10 [High School Drama]
Chapter 10

Elena’s left leg shook violently as she waited in the bland, hospital corridor. She forcefully placed a hand on her thigh but her leg continued to shake anyway. Impatient but fearful of looking insane, she kept her wide eyes fixed on an orange stain on the tiled floor. As she waited, Elena heard the sound of heels approaching her. She tore her eyes off the floor to glance at the new visitor – Sutton Von Clair?

“What are you doing here?” Elena scoffed. This had to be a joke.

“I’m here to see Noel. I heard what happened, he’s okay right?” Sutton asked, with a look of genuine worry.

Elena decided to set her negative feelings towards Sutton aside for a fleeting moment. She had to admit that Sutton did care for Noel too.

“They won’t let me see him,” Elena replied quietly.

Sutton took a seat beside Elena and opened her mouth to say something but couldn’t find the words. The girls sat in silence, the only sound being the persistent buzzing of the overhead lights.

Detective Lahey sighed as he closed the door to Noel’s private room. It was unlike him to have so many unsolved cases. He was positive that there was a connection between Noel and Alaska Hale’s disappearance. He was just missing one crucial detail. The detective looked up from his spiral-bound notepad to find two pairs of hopeful eyes peering at him.

Sutton was the first to speak, “Is he okay?”

“He’s going to be fine,” Detective Lahey replied gently, gazing at Sutton.

Sutton blew out an air of relief through her plump lips.

“That’s all I wanted to hear,” She replied, lifting her hazel eyes to meet the detective’s.

Detective Lahey’s phone vibrated in his pocket, reminding him of his impending duties.

“How well do you know Noel?” Lahey asked the girls casually.

The two girls looked at each other before Elena answered, “I’m his girlfriend.”

“Can I speak with you, over here?” Lahey asked, gesturing towards a secluded corner.

Elena stood up too quickly. She took a moment to steady herself before following the detective. Seeing her unsteady state, Lahey decided to start off simple.

“Would you happen to know the name of Noel’s previous school?”

Elena pondered this question for a moment. Her eyebrows formed a crease in the middle of her forehead as she tried to recall the name.

“He hasn’t told me that…” she trailed off.

“Oh, that’s fine.” Lahey replied, scribbling quickly in his notebook.

It was now Elena’s turn to ask a question.

“Why is he under federal investigation?” Elena asked bluntly, eyeing Lahey’s golden badge.

“That’s private information,” The detective answered, giving Elena a sincere smile.

Sensing that Elena hadn't the slightest clue of Noel’s past, the detective stuck his notepad into his pocket.

“Is that all?” Elena asked, politely.

“That’s about it. Thanks for you cooperation, Elena Adams.” He said with a look of knowingness.

Elena stared back into the detective’s steel blue eyes. She was positive that she hadn’t mentioned her name. With a feeling of weariness, she returned to her seat beside Sutton, waiting for the moment she would finally be able to see Noel.


[2 Weeks Later]

Noel sat hunched in the corner of his bed, staring out of his bedroom window. Sutton gazed at the counters of his face, noticing that the scars from the accident had finally begun to fade.

“The scars are starting to fade,” Sutton noted.

Noel continued to remain silent as he twirled a stray string on his comforter. Sutton reached for his face without hesitation. Noel closed his eyes slowly at the touch of her small hand. He nestled his face into her hand slightly. Sutton felt Noel tense up before turning away.

“Sutton…” Noel began, unable to meet her hazel eyes.

“What? We’re not doing anything here. And on top of that, you’ve been ignoring Elena for what, a week and a half now?” Sutton fumed.

“I’m giving her some space,” Noel replied slowly, choosing his words carefully.

“You’re giving yourself space, Noel. You can fool her, but you’re not fooling me.” She stated, gazing at him intently. Her eyes were begging him to challenge her.

Noel was the first to look away. For such a small girl, Sutton was extremely intimidating. This was a feeling Noel rarely encountered.

“You always look so poised,” Noel observed, trying to take the attention off of himself.

“What do you mean?” She asked, falling for his ploy.

“You’re poised, Sutton. The way you look, act….the way you dress,” He stated as his eyes swept over her body.

Sutton squinted in confusion.

Noel reach over and slipped the strap of Sutton’s midnight blue dress over her shoulder.

Sutton laid a firm hand on Noel’s.

“Are you now telling me that you’ve had a change of heart?” She questioned.

“What if I have?” Noel questioned, looking at the tiny mole on Sutton’s neck.

Sutton laughed briskly, “You’re horrible liar.”

With defeat, Noel retreated to his corner of the bed. Had he, Noel Tobais, just get denied of sex?

Sutton curled up into a ball at Noel’s feet.

“Can’t we just talk?” She purred, reminiscent of a Persian cat.

“About what?” Noel asked, playing along.

“Tell me something about yourself. I should know at least something about who I sleep with.”

“Hasn’t stopped you before…” Noel trailed off.

“A mistake on my part,” she admitted quickly.

“You can start off by telling my why you haven’t introduced me to your mom yet!” Sutton joked.

“She left us…when Serena and I were about 12.” Noel replied casually.

“Oh,” Sutton replied as she bit her lip.

Noel noticed that a droplet of blood had formed on Sutton’s bottom lip. He leaned over and wiped it with his thumb, leaving a smear of dark red.

“Seems like I just made things worse,” He replied.

Sutton knew that he wasn’t just referring to her lip. She ran the tip of her tongue over her bottom lip, tasting the bitterness of her blood.

Sutton sighed and turned around so that her back faced Noel. She knew she was giving him exactly what he wanted.

“Unzip me?” She asked boldly.

Noel tried to conceal his grin as he unzipped her.

He pulled the rest of her dress off roughly to reveal her matching pink underwear.

“Nice,” Noel muttered as he immediately began to kiss her neck.

Sutton moaned with pleasure as he pinned her forcefully to the bed.

No sooner had they began when a loud cough interrupted them.

Noel and Sutton immediately looked towards the door. There stood Serena with a look of disgust.

Noel hopped off of Sutton and swiftly threw her a blue plaid shirt that hung on a nearby chair. Sutton smiled at Serena as she draped the shirt over her exposed body. Noel grabbed his sister’s arm and forcefully led her out of his room.

“You’ve been alive for 17 years and still haven’t managed the concept of knocking?” Noel asked with narrowed eyes.

Serena rolled her eyes slightly, “If I had, you wouldn’t have opened the door anyway.”

Noel scoffed, “What do you want?”

“How can you do this?” Serena questioned, “That whore was blackmailing you less than a month ago! Not to mention that Elena’s waiting for you to call her and you’re off sleeping wi-with that thing?”

“Firstly, her name is Sutton. Secondly, we’ve resolved that issue. Lastly, we haven’t slept together…today at least,” Noel added as a smirk began to form on his lips.

Sutton slapped her brother across his smug face. The impact of her hand against his cheek echoed through the empty halls.

“You’re wretched, Noel. Completely wretched!” Serena screamed.

Noel held the left side of the face in utter disbelief. As his eyes narrowed into tiny slits, Serena was suddenly afraid of what her brother would do to her. He started towards her, backing her into a corner. Serena tried to grab for something, anything to protect herself. Noel slammed both of his hands against the wall inches away from Serena’s face and stared at her menacingly. He roughly grabbed her jaw and leaned in towards her ear.

“Slap me one more time, and you’d wish you were dead.” He snarled through clenched teeth.

Noel let go of his sister’s face and walked towards his bedroom with rage. Hot tears began to form at the corners of Serena’s eyes as she fell to the floor. She cupped her tender jaw in her hands as she cried silently in the corner.

“You need to leave,” Noel ordered Sutton, who had been admiring the almost-complete painting of the unknown woman.

Sutton looked at Noel’s expression and averted her gaze quickly. She slipped into her dress and didn’t bother asking Noel to zip it as she hurried out of the room. Noel slammed the door shut behind Sutton. How was he to blame for Elena’s misfortune when it was her own father who had forbidden Noel to contact her. Noel realized that he would always be seen as a degenerate, it was now time he started acting like one.


“We’re going to go with that?” Beau asked with a hint of distaste.

“It’s a classic,” Colton smiled as he brought ‘The Lord of the Flies’ to where Beau was seated.

“What’s so good about a group of boys stranded on an island?” Beau questioned.

“Exactly that,” Colton smirked.

Beau let out a laugh and leaned over Colton’s shoulder as they analyzed the novel for its deeper meaning.

“Colton, do you mind watching Ethan for me, I’m going to the store,” asked Colton’s mother as she walked into the study room.

“Oh, why hello.” Ms. Hayes addressed Colton’s visitor.

Colton stood up quickly.

“Mom, this is Beau…” Colton trailed off, unsure of what to call him.

Beau arose slowly and gave Colton’s mom a warm smile, “It’s very nice to meet you, Ms. Hayes. I’ve heard many good things about you.”

“A sweet talker aren’t you,” Ms. Hayes replied, laughing slightly. For a mother, she barely looked over 30. She was dressed in a black sweater adorned with sparks of grey, dark fitted jeans, finished with a pair of black heels.

“Some might say so,” Beau replied, smiling once more.

Ms. Hayes noticed the novel on the floor.

“Classic choice,” she noted, “I’ll leave you two to study. Yell if you need anything.”

Beau’s eyes trailed after Mrs. Hayes as she exited the room.

“In all honesty, if I wasn’t into guys, I’d be all over your mom.” Beau confessed as soon as Colton’s mother was out of earshot.

Colton glared at Beau before tackling him onto the carpeted floor.

“What did you say about my mom?” Colton asked.

“You have to admit, she’s a babe.”

“I’m going to kill you,” Colton threatened, unable to keep a straight face.

Beau kissed Colton’s nose playfully and suddenly froze. Colton followed Beau’s gaze to find his mother standing at the door.

“Colton, can I speak to you?” His mother asked sternly.

Colton cheeks flushed red as he rearranged himself and followed his mother to the kitchen. Before making her way over to Colton, she picked up Ethan, his younger brother, from the feeding chair.

“Colton, is Beau more than just a friend?” His mother asked, uneasily.

Colton kept his eyes fixed on his white socks. He could feel the condescending gaze of not just his mother but of his 3-year-old brother as well.

His mother tried again, “Hunny, look up. I don’t care who you choose to like. I just want you to be happy. We all know how your father and I’s marriage turned out…”

Colton swallowed, his Adam’s apple bobbed up and down.

“I think I do,” Colton confessed.

His mother gave him a reassuring smile, “That’s perfectly fine Colton. You know it’s going to be tough…some people aren’t going to be as open.”

“I know.” Colton said as he looked at a drawing that was plastered onto the fridge.

“In no way am I telling you to hide who you are or how you feel. I just want you to be careful,” she finished.

Colton’s mother reached out to give him a one-armed hug with Ethan nestled in between them.

As Colton embraced his mom, he realized that his mom was correct. Suddenly, Colton’s mediocre life had been transformed to one plagued with secrecy.

I am so happy to say that I'm done school for the year! You know what that means...more chapters! Wooohoo. Sit tight kiddies, next one should be up soon.
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Nice story I like it so far and your sims are pretty !

On a side note:
Have you thought of anything for Elena's brother? :D
Or will Mr Deveraux have a relationship with Audrey? lol

Peace, Harmony & Balance... Libra is Love..
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Originally Posted by frenchyxo22
Nice story I like it so far and your sims are pretty !

On a side note:
Have you thought of anything for Elena's brother? :D
Or will Mr Deveraux have a relationship with Audrey? lol

Why thank you!
To be honest, I use Elena's brother mostly as a side character so he will be making his appearances here and there.
For the other question, I'm focusing more on Audrey and Mr.D in the upcoming chapters so you will get to see if they work out or not!
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Default The Not So Ordinary Life of Elena Adams: Chapter 11 [High School Drama]
Chapter 11

Elena stood awkwardly to the side of the elegant living room. She watched as some couples whispered sweet nothings into each other ears while others were engaged in conversation. The room was adorned with white satin curtains that blew slightly in the late night breeze. In the centre of the room hung a chandelier; the embellished crystals were so long that she could reach out and touch one if she stood on her toes. Elena looked down at her feet and noticed that the floor was draped in an expensive looking rug. Elena couldn’t believe that the host allowed his guests to parade around his house with their shoes on, nevertheless, set up a keg in the kitchen.

She also couldn’t believe that she agreed to attend a party when she could barely make it out of her room this past week. It seemed like nothing was going well for her after Noel’s accident. Elena took another sip of her drink, wishing desperately that either Colton or Serena would rescue her from this embarrassment. To her surprise, a soft hand touched the small of her back. Elena jumped and almost dropped her red plastic cup as she turned around to face her rescuer. The boy had light hazel eyes and a shock of blonde hair. Elena had never seen him before.

“Sorry if I scared you,” he said quickly, removing his hand from her back. Elena noted the innocent nature to his green eyes.

“Not at all,” Elena replied casually.

“That really wasn’t my intent,” the blond-haired boy replied apologetically, rubbing the back of his head.

Elena shook her head and smiled.

“What do you think about the party?” He asked her in an attempt to make conversation.

“I think it’s a bit much…” She replied truthfully.

“Oh. I thought it had just the right amount of flair,” he said, clucking his tongue softly.

It took a moment for Elena to realize but the truth finally dawned on her. She turned to face the boy quickly.

“Please tell me you’re not the host,” she replied with widened eyes.

He shrugged before taking a sip of his drink, never taking his eyes off of Elena.

“I am so sorry!” Elena gasped as her left hand immediately flew to her face.

The boy gave her a lopsided grin, “Honesty is one of the traits I value in a woman.”

Elena took a moment to accept the stranger’s compliment.

“And what would the host’s name be?” Elena questioned as she looked up at him from under her thick lashes.

“Luca Vandoren,” he replied. Before he could ask for her name a crash from the kitchen captured his attention.

“You should probably go handle that,” Elena suggested.

“I probably should,” he sighed. “Will I be seeing you again?” He asked, taking a step towards the kitchen.

Elena shrugged as she pulled a strand of hair behind her ear, “We’ll see.”


“Wait,” Ty replied as the dark-haired woman pushed him towards the king-sized bed.

She hushed him as her manicured hands itched at his belt.

“I have a g-girlfriend,” Ty stuttered as he watched the woman undo his jeans.

The woman knelt down and stroked Ty’s hard member, “You may say you have a girlfriend, but this says otherwise.”

Ty shivered at her touch. He placed a hand at the back of her head, gripping her hair softly.

To Ty’s dismay the door to the master bedroom flew open to reveal Audrey, his ex-girlfriend.

“Oh my god…” Audrey gasped, dropping the hand of the boy she was with.

Ty let go of the woman’s hair and zipped his pants up with frantic hands.

“Audrey!” He called, but she was already making her way down the hall, dragging her bewildered date behind her.

Ty grabbed Audrey’s arm, “It’s not what it looks like,” he pleaded.

“I really want to believe you Ty, but I know better. Let’s just see what Serena thinks!” Audrey shot back, ripping her arm away from Ty’s grasp. Her date stood in between them with a look of confusion on his face. Ty watched hopelessly as Audrey pulled her friend down the stairs.

“She’s not going to believe you!” He called to her as she rounded the corner.

The woman emerged from the room and walked over to Ty. She ran a finger around the edge of her lips to clear the smudges of her dark lipstick. She reached for Ty’s face and brought it closer to her own.

“It’s a shame that we didn’t even get to have any real fun,” she pouted.

Ty groaned as he manoeuvred around the woman and headed towards the stairs. As she adjusted her white satin wrap, the woman leaned over the bannister to catch the last few glimpses of her prey.


Audrey scanned the room searching for Serena’s pale blond hair but her eyes settled on Elena instead.

“Hey Elena,” she began with a smile.

“Hey…Audrey,” Elena replied, slightly dazed.

“Where’s Serena?”

Elena grabbed Audrey for support before answering, “Serena?”

“Your best friend, Serena.”

“Oh right!” Elena replied, she threw her head back and laughed.

“So is she here?” Audrey prompted.

“Haven’t seen her!” Elena replied, her words were beginning to slur.

Audrey sighed and checked her vibrating phone. Elena leaned over and caught a glimpse of her screen. Audrey snatched her phone away but it was too late.

“Is that…” Elena began.

“SHHHHH!” Audrey whispered loudly, covering Elena’s mouth.

“Mr.Deveroux?” Elena asked quietly with parted lips.

The picture revealed an exposed Mr.Deveroux with nothing but his hands covering his manhood.

“Don’t tell anyone...” Audrey warned as she looked into Elena’s eyes.

“So that’s what he looks like without a shirt….or pants,” Elena thought out loud.

Audrey held Elena’s face within her hands, “You didn’t see anything.”

“Yep, didn’t see anything. Nada. Nothing of Mr.Deveroux!” Elena replied sternly.

“Thank you…” Audrey replied hesitantly, unsure if Elena would keep her secret.

Elena pushed a drink into Audrey’s face, “Have some, its super good!”

Audrey took a sip and could immediately taste bile rising at the back of her throat.

"Is this what you've been drinking? This is absolutely disgusting Elena," she coughed as she placed the drink down on the coffee table. Audrey took Elena’s hand and led her to the couch.

“I’m going to get you water, stay.” She instructed as she disappeared into the crowd.

Elena nodded to herself and stumbled onto the chair. Noel watched Elena intently from across the room. He had his arm around Sutton who was engaged in a conversation with a linebacker from a nearby school. Noel watched as a blond haired boy sat beside Elena and rubbed her back gently. Noel tensed up immediately. Just as he was about to get up, Sutton placed a firm hand on his thigh.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Sutton whispered harshly.

Noel looked down at Sutton’s hand before staring at her.

“You may want to rethink the placement of your hand,” He replied.

“Don’t make a scene, Noel,” she said, following his gaze towards Elena. Elena had finally sat up and was smiling at something the boy had said.

“You’re jealous, aren’t you,” Sutton stated.

“Who is he?” Noel asked, avoiding her accusation.

“His name’s Luca Vandoren. If I remember correctly, he’s from Port Haven, same place as you,” Sutton remarked.

Luca whispered into Elena’s ear before getting up and walking towards the grand staircase.

Noel glared at Luca as he began to speak, “A huge thank you to everyone for coming out tonight. It’s been my pleasure to meet all of you,” he paused for a brief moment as his eyes fell on Elena, “I can’t wait to be starting at Easton High tomorrow. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your night!”

As Luca finished the crowd began to hoot and clap. Noel sighed, displaying his dissatisfaction, as Luca returned to his seat beside Elena.

“If I said I wasn’t jealous would you believe me?” Noel asked quietly.

Sutton looked at Noel’s expression, he seemed to be aching in actual pain for Elena.

“Nope.” Sutton replied.




“CHUG!” Came the chant of half a dozen teenagers.

A fashionably late Serena walked into the kitchen to find Ty held upside down by his torso. He chugged the beer through a funnel expertly and jumped down from the keg. He grinned at his girlfriend with pride as he swallowed his last mouthful of beer.

“Babe, you look so good right now,” Ty called as he pulled Serena into a tight hug.

“Ty, stop,” she laughed as beer from Ty’s shirt seeped into her own.

“You know I would never do anything to hurt you right?” Ty asked as he held Serena’s face in his slightly sticky hands.

“Did something happen?” Serena asked hesitantly. She had never seen Ty this serious.

Ty wondered if it were better to tell Serena the truth or hope that Audrey remained silent.

“Something happened before you came,” Ty sighed, “A girl came onto me but I stopped her.”

Serena took a deep breath and exhaled through pursed lips.

“I believe you, Ty,” she replied.

Ty’s face immediately shot up, “Y-you believe me? I don’t think anyone’s ever said that to me.”

“There are firsts for everything,” Serena answered.

As Ty pulled Serena in for another bear hug he noticed Audrey walking away with a look of defeat.


Elena touched the gold bordered painting that was nestled snugly into the corner of Luca’s room.

“It’s beautiful,” Elena observed.

“The perks of having a mother who’s really into interior design,” Luca replied, twirling his thumbs as he sat on the queen-sized bed. He propped his leg up on the bed awkwardly.

Elena and Luca began to speak at the same time.

“You go first,” Luca responded quickly.

Elena smiled before starting, “I don’t usually do this...”

“You mean being alone in a bedroom with a person you’ve just met? Me neither,” Luca replied, returning the smile.

“You seem like a really good guy,” Elena started, focusing on the unopened cardboard boxes scattered around Luca’s room.

“Sentences starting with those words have never ended well for me,” Luca sighed.

“I don’t even know if I’m out of my last relationship,” Elena admitted as she sat on the bed.

“Sounds complicated,”

“Yeah, Noel is the epitome of complicated.”

“Noel Tobais?”

“Yeah, you know him?”

“We went to the same high school. His trial is coming up soon right?”

Elena’s eyebrow rose slightly.

“Oh…you didn’t know about that. I’m sorry. Forget I mentioned that,” Luca replied quickly.

“No, tell me. Tell me everything.” Elena said sternly, searching Luca’s eyes.

“He’s going to trail for the disappearance of his ex-girlfriend. Her names Alaska Hale and he was the last to see her,” Luca confessed.

Elena processed the newly discovered information.

A missing ex-girlfriend?

“I can’t do this,” Elena choked out, “How could he forget to mention that?”

“It’s not really something you mention on the first date,” Luca stated.

“You’re really going to defend him?”

Luca raised his hands as a sign of surrender. Elena felt like she was about to heave. She had lusted over Noel for months and invested her time into a relationship based on misguided truths and omissions. Feeling outraged, she let out a scream. Luca’s eyes widened in surprise but he regained his posture in a matter of seconds.

“That’s it. Let it all out,” Luca said as he returned Elena’s scream with a yell.

They both fell back on the bed and laughed at one another’s attempt. They lay there with their legs intertwined for a moment. Elena was the first to break the silence.

“We could start off as friends,” she suggested, biting her nail.

“You’re killing me,” Luca groaned as he propped himself up on one elbow.

“Are you saying you don’t want to be my friend, Luca Vandoren?”

Luca gazed at Elena. Her light brown hair fell around her face perfectly. Her naturally pink lips were slightly parted as if she would speak at any moment. Her hopeful eyes gazed back at him intently as she waited patiently for his reply.

“Who wouldn’t want to be your friend?”
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Default The Not So Ordinary Life of Elena Adams: Chapter 12 [High School Drama]
Chapter 12

“Just because I’m here bed doesn’t mean I’m yours,” Elena whispered as she traced a line down Luca’s stomach and towards his navel.

Luca nodded slowly, never taking his eyes off of Elena as she wrapped her slender leg around him.

“Have you done this before?” She questioned as she played with a strand of Luca’s curly hair.

Luca nodded again as Elena placed his hand on her lower thigh and guided it upwards.

“Are you sure you want me to do that?” Luca asked.

“Don’t ask, just do,” Elena whispered as a smile began to play across her lips.


Luca woke up abruptly and turned towards the speaker. His mother stood at the door in a black camisole.

“You’re going to be late,” she stated as she entered his room. She opened the blinds quickly, allowing the early morning sun to flood Luca’s room.

Luca scrambled for the sheets to cover his morning wood.

“I’m sure a few extra minutes wouldn’t have been the end of the world,” he replied with a hint of annoyance.

He eyed his mother as she paraded around his room, complaining about his horrible sleeping habits. Luca sighed and lay back on the bed.

“You’re right,”

“Huh, what?” Luca asked, surprised.

“You probably do need a few minutes to let that settle down,” his mother suggested, pointing at the tent that his sheets had made.

Luca groaned as he pulled the sheets over his head in embarrassment. He heard his mother laughing softly as the sound of her footsteps began to fade.


“Dude, you’re in the friendzone,” Ty stated as he leaned against the clear barrier. The barriers wound around the cafeteria in a miniature maze so that students had to wait painfully before piling their tray with cafeteria goodies.

Luca stared at the neatly lined chips on the counter and thought of Ty’s statement.

“What else am I supposed to do?” Luca asked desperately as the group of boys inched forward in the line.

“Well if I were you, I’d just take her back to my place and seal the deal,” Ty replied, winking at Luca.

Luca looked to Colton for input but he could only offer Luca a shrug.

“Okay, take Colton for example. He’s been madly in love with Elena ever since he’s hit puberty and what progress has he made? Nothing, nada, zip. It’s sad really,” Ty
sighed as he turned around and began to pile his tray with an array of junk food.

Colton rolled his eyes slightly but didn’t protest. After loading their cafeteria trays and overdosing on napkins, the boys found an empty table outside.

Luca bit his nail nervously. The friendzone was a very dangerous place to be.

“Shit!” Ty yelled as his plastic chair tilted backwards at a frightening angle. He quickly grabbed the table to steady himself as he brought his feet back to the floor. By then, the whole cafeteria had looked towards their spot in line. Ty rubbed the back of his neck while the two other boys lowered their heads in embarrassment.

Noticing the commotion, Elena and Serena made their way over.

“It’s a shame that you didn’t crack your head,” Elena said as she leaned down to Ty’s height.

As she lowered herself, Luca had a full view down the front of Elena’s loose shirt. Luca tried to look at her face but found that his eyes kept falling south. C’s or B’s, definitely can’t be A’s. He thought to himself as he continued to marvel. To Luca’s dismay, Elena had finished her conversation with Ty and was straightening up.

“Remember what I said about the zone,” Ty said aloud.

“The what?” Elena asked with one eyebrow raised.

“Wasn’t talking to you, sweetheart,” Ty replied almost automatically.

Elena glared at Ty before taking the empty seat beside Luca.

“Come here,” Ty said to Serena as he pulled her onto his lap.

Luca gazed at Ty and Serena and concluded that they had great sex.

“So…Colton,” Ty began as he turned his attention away from Serena, “what pretty little thing have you been pursuing lately?”

“Uh w-well no one really,” Colton stuttered as his eyes drifted towards Beau. Both Colton and Beau had decided that it would be better if they weren’t seen together at school. Ty followed his gaze and looked back at Colton with his head cocked slightly.

“Enough about Colton,” Serena cut in as she gave Colton a knowing smile.

She turned towards Elena and Luca, “Are you guys dating yet?”

Elena’s eyes widened as she choked on her iced coffee, “Of course not, we’re just friends.”

Ty stifled a laugh as Luca got up from his chair.

“Where are you going?” Elena asked Luca, she gazed at him intently as she waited for his reply.

Luca gripped the cafeteria chair tightly as he felt everyone’s eyes on him.

“Class,” he replied bluntly.

Elena’s nose crinkled slightly as her eyes narrowed, “Class isn’t for another 15 mi-”

“I know,” Luca replied coldly as he exited the cafeteria.

As Luca pushed through the cafeteria doors, his shoulder struck another student who was walking in.

“Sorry,” Luca muttered as he continued walking.

Luca felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around to realize that it was Noel he had struck.

“Hey,” Noel began.

“Hi…” Luca replied hesitantly.

“How is everything?”

“Could be better,” Luca shrugged as he crossed his arms over his chest.

Noel could see the strain in Luca’s face as the blond haired boy tried to control his anger.

“How’s your mom?”

Luca suddenly looked up, “Just stop with the small talk, what the hell do you want from me?”

Noel took a step back, “I don’t want anything from you. I just wanted to see how an old friend was doing.”

Luca laughed coldly, “That’s classic, real classic even for you.”

“Why are you still holding that against me?”

“It’s not just that…it’s everything. You just take and take and take,”

Noel began to speak but Luca held up his hand angrily.

“You took Alaska…you took my mom…now you’re taking Elena from me and you don’t even know it!”

“Luca, I never tried to pursue your mother.”

“I find that extremely hard to believe.”

“You know, we used to be good friends once,” Noel began.

“That was a long time ago,” Luca spit as he pushed past Noel and through the school doors.


Mr.Deveroux leaned back in his black leather computer chair. He thumbed through the pictures on his phone, lingering at the picture that Audrey had sent him. A quick knock at the door sent Mr.Deveroux scrambling to hide his phone. He shoved it into the top drawer of his desk just as Audrey entered his classroom. Mr.Deveroux clutched at his heart as Audrey sauntered over to the wooden table.

“You scared me half to death,” he sighed as he rolled his chair out from under the desk.

“I have to keep you on your toes,”

“Don’t do that again,”

“Oh, so now you’re giving me orders?”

“I am your teacher, aren’t I?” he asked her slyly. He swiftly got in front of her and backed her against the desk.

“What are you going to do?”

“Nothing I haven’t done before…” He whispered as he turned her around quickly and began to run his hands over her body.

Audrey closed her eyes and allowed herself to enjoy his touch for a few moments before pulling away.

“Not here…”

“Class doesn’t start for another 10 minutes,” her teacher replied as he bent her over the table roughly.

“Jason, get off,” Audrey stated as she pushed herself off the table.

Mr.Deveroux bit his fist and inhaled deeply, “God, you’re right. Now, get out of here before I change my mind.”

He ushered Audrey towards the door. He stuck his head outside to check if the hallway was free of students before kissing Audrey goodbye. Feeling elated, Audrey walked down the deserted hallway. Just as she rounded the corner, someone grabbed her arm, causing her textbooks to scatter across the floor.

“What the hell?” Audrey shrieked.

“I could ask you the same thing! You’re with Mr.Deveroux now?” Zach, Elena’s younger brother asked Audrey. He looked taller, somehow more mature, than the last time she had seen him.

“Um…no. What makes you think that?” Audrey replied with an air of breeziness.

Zach bent down and helped her collect her belongings. He handed her the books but not before running his hand through his silvery blond hair.

“Don’t worry about me,” Audrey replied as she accepted the books from Zach’s hands.

“Audrey, I’m just…”

“Zach, I know what I’m doing,”

Zach reached for her hand, “It’s a bad idea and you know it.”

Audrey allowed Zach to hold her hand. They stood in the hallway for a few moments before the sound of an opening locker caused Audrey to pull her hand away.
“It’s really none of your business,” Audrey snapped as she spun on her heel and walked away.


Colton breathed a sigh of relief as the final bell rang, signalling the end of the school day. He slung his bag over his shoulder and took the stairs down two at a time. A smile appeared on his lips as he spotted Beau’s dirty blond hair at the foot of the stairs.

“I was wondering where you were,” Beau teased, lacing his fingers between Colton’s.

“Shut up. I got here as fast as I could,”

“Not fast enough,” Beau replied, as he began to make his way towards the parking lot. Colton trailed behind him like an excited puppy who was about to be taken for a walk.

“We should do something today,” Colton suggested as he played with the strap of his bag.

“My place or yours?”

“I want to go out…I’m tired of sneaking around,” Colton argued. He slipped into Beau’s car and fumed in the passenger seat.

Beau sighed. Somehow he knew this would happen.

“Why can’t you just be happy? We’re together, isn’t that enough?” Beau questioned.

Colton mumbled under his breath as Beau reversed out of the parking lot.

“What did you say?” Beau asked, glancing at Colton.


As Beau slammed on the breaks a loud thud echoed through the parking lot. The two boys looked at each other for a brief moment before Colton scrambled out of the car. He almost fell as he hurried towards the rear end of the car. Kohler lay on the asphalt and was grabbing her arm in pain. Colton knelt down beside her and tried to assess the extent of Beau’s damage. Kohler’s arm hung limply at her elbow.

“I-I’m sorry…I didn’t eve-" Beau stuttered as he paced in circles.

“Call an ambulance,” Colton ordered as he brushed the hair away from Kohler’s face.

By now, a crowd had begun to form in the parking lot. Beau dialled 9-1-1 with trembling fingers as Colton tried to conceal Kohler from the crowd’s prying eyes. Colton noticed Kohler’s tear-stained shirt and hung his jacket over her.

“T-thank you,” Kohler said, wincing in pain as she tried to move her arm.

“Just don’t move,” Colton said as Kohler’s body went limp.


As Noel drove home from school he couldn’t get the distraught image of Luca out of his head. He made a quick U-turn and drove towards the Vandoren house. He decided to park his Lamborghini at the side of the street. He then jogged up the steps and gave the door two short knocks. Now, all he could do was wait. Noel remained slouched against the door frame as he heard the sound of footsteps approach the door. He knew that Luca’s mother had checked to see her visitor through the tiny eye hole before she opened the door. The door swung open to reveal Ms.Vandoren wearing a fitted black dress with her hair parted neatly.

“Noel Tobais, you’ve grown since the last time we saw each other,” she purred as her eyes trailed over Noel’s frame.

“And you’re clothed for once,” Noel observed.

Ms.Vandoren chuckled, “If I remember correctly, you loved it when I walked around in nothing but your boxers.”

Noel looked away.

“Well, come in,” she said as she gestured for Noel to enter the house. Noel wiped his shoes on the doormat before stepping into the Vandoren house.

"Would you like a drink?" Ms.Vandoren asked as her voice echoed off of the walls of the empty house.

Noel shook his head, "I'm just here to talk."

"Okay..." Luca's mom trailed off.

“You told me he wouldn’t find out…” Noel began.

Ms.Vandoren’s face hardened immediately, “Luca knows?”

Noel snorted. He shook his head as he waited for her to process the “new” information.

“Noel,” she whispered as she grasped his arm for balance, “everything’s going to fall apart.”

Noel turned towards Ms.Vandoren, “Everything?”

The colour had now drained from Ms.Vandoren’s face. She began to mutter under her breath, “That stupid little girl…always getting in the way…Alaska…who the hell names their child after a state?”

“W-wait what does Alaska have to do with this?” Noel asked.

“It’s over. The truth is going to come out,” Ms.Vandoren whispered, staring off into nothingness.

“What truth?” Noel asked desperately, he grabbed Ms.Vandoren’s shoulders and shook her roughly.

“What the hell are you doing?” Luca snarled as he pushed Noel off of his mother. Noel fell back and crashed into the wall.

“Luca,” Ms.Vandoren began as she tried to constrain her son.

Luca roughly pulled his arm away from his mother’s grasp and pushed Noel once more.

“Get the fuck out of here,” he seethed.

Tears started to pool in Ms.Vandoren’s eyes as she watched Noel hobble towards his car. Noel quickly revved the engine and sped out of the Vandoren driveway refusing to look back at the boy he once called a friend.

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Ooh drama drama

I can't wait to see how Audrey's love life turns out!!
And I'm anxious to find out more about Noel and Lucas mom!
Wtf is going on??!! Lol

Nice job

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Originally Posted by frenchyxo22
Ooh drama drama

I can't wait to see how Audrey's love life turns out!!
And I'm anxious to find out more about Noel and Lucas mom!
Wtf is going on??!! Lol

Nice job

LOL, Audrey has so many pursuits! And yay, that's probably going to be the main focus!

Thanks btw! :lovestruc
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Default The Not So Ordinary Life of Elena Adams: Chapter 13 [High School Drama]
Chapter 13

Detective Lahey bit the back of his ballpoint pen and stared at the documents scattered over his desk. He sat slouched in the chair, despite the persistent pain shooting from his lower back. His shoe made a quiet tapping sound against the dark wooden floor as his right leg shook quickly.

“What’s the connection?” He muttered to himself as he hit the table with the bottom of his fist in frustration.

“Fuck!” The detective yelled as he violently pushed the contents of his desk onto the floor. He waited for his heart rate to return to a steady pace before leaning down to pick up the documents.

The detective held up a worn photo of Elena and her male counterpart against the dim lamp that was positioned at the right side of his desk. Under the lighting, he could just make out the words scrambled on the back. He turned the picture over to reveal the name “Luca Vandoren” written in his own messy cursive writing.

“Luca Vandoren…” He mumbled under his breath as he typed the name into the database that was already open on his MacBook Air.

“Hometown Port Haven…son of Blair and Erik Vandoren…” He read quietly as he scrolled down the page.

The detective scrolled back up quickly and re-read Luca’s hometown.

“Port Haven…Port Haven…Port Haven…” He repeated to himself multiple times. Now where did he hear that name before? It sounded so familiar, if only he could determine its origin.

“PORT HAVEN!” He shouted as he slammed both of his hands down onto the desk. Was it a coincidence that Luca, Noel, and Alaska were all originally from Port Haven? Being the only whim he had, he whipped his cellphone out of his back pocket and dialled the number of his chief with swift fingers.

“Get a search warrant and team ready, I think I’m onto something.”


[Two Years Ago]

A much younger Noel hopped off of his red mountain bike and walked it up the freshly paved driveway of the Vandoren household. He leaned his bike against the classic brown and white garage and hurried across the cobblestone path. He knocked on the door and waited patiently for Luca to greet him. To his surprise, the door opened to acquaint him with Ms.Vandoren.

“Are you here to see Luca?” She asked sweetly. Her long auburn hair bounced lightly around her face as she spoke.

“Yeah, he told me he would be home,” Noel replied, twirling the strap of his backpack shyly.

“I’m sorry, but he’s still at soccer practice. He should be home soon, why don’t you wait inside?”

Noel nodded and stepped inside of the house. He stood awkwardly at the door as Ms.Vandoren walked into the living room.

“Don’t be shy, come in!” She urged as she waved her hand for Noel to follow her.

Ms.Vandoren pointed towards a spot on the couch for Noel to sit. She walked past him and sat on the couch directly across from him.

“What’s your name, sweetie?”

“Noel Tobais.”

“Are you in my son’s year?”

“Yeah...grade 9.”

“How are you liking your first year of high school?”

“It’s okay…”

“Oh, you must be thirsty riding your bike all the way here. Let me get you something to drink!” She suggested with embarrassment.

Before Noel could protest, Ms.Vandoren had disappeared into the kitchen. Noel rearranged himself on the sofa as he heard the clinking and clanging of glassware from the other room. Ms.Vandoren returned with an array of soft drinks standing neatly on a tray.

“Have anything you like,” she said as she sat down next to Noel and offered him the tray.

Noel picked up a can of Coke and opened it gingerly. He took a huge gulp before placing the can back on the tray.

“Thanks,” Noel said, smiling at Ms.Vandoren.

<a href="http://s1296.photobucket.com/user/kandykisses149/media/Screenshot-1588_zps5e41e305.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1296.photobucket.com/albums/ag4/kandykisses149/Screenshot-1588_zps5e41e305.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo Screenshot-1588_zps5e41e305.jpg"/></a>

“You are very welcome,” she replied as she squeezed his thigh. Noel’s Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed slowly.

“What time did you say he was coming back?” Noel asked as he looked at his watch with fake interest.

“Anytime now…” She trailed off as she studied the boy’s face.

“Do I have something?” Noel asked as he touched his face quickly.

“Just a bit of coke,” Ms.Vandoren replied as she wiped the stain away with her index finger.

Ms.Vandoren was now dangerously close to Noel. So close that Noel could smell her faint vanilla perfume; sexy yet playful.

“Thanks…” Noel said, keeping a watchful eye on the door.

“Just call me Blair,” she replied as she leaned in closer.

Their lips were now inches apart; separated only by the stale air that hung in the darkened living room.

Blair retreated as the sound of keys pierced through the house like an arrow. Noel dug his fingernails into the leather couch in surprise.

“Mooooom?” Came Luca’s voice from the doorway.

“Luca, look who’s here to see you!” Ms.Vandoren said, smiling widely as she regained her elegant posture.

Noel’s heart pounded violently in his chest as Luca kicked off his black Nike cleats and made his way over to where Noel was seated. Noel wondered if his beating heart would expose the unspeakable moment that Ms.Vandoren and him had just shared. Too naïve to notice, Luca sat next to Noel and rambled about how hard the coach had been on him at practice today. Ms.Vandoren got up and brushed off her skirt quietly.

“I’ll leave you two,” she said to no one in particular as she hung around the archway.

“Finally,” Luca muttered quietly, “I hope she wasn’t all weird or anything.”

“No, not at all,” Noel replied quickly. An uneasy feeling welled up inside of him as Blair looked back at him once more before she sauntered out of the living room.


Detective Lahey sped towards the address that he had obtained from the database.

“Make a left in 200 metres,” stated the GPS woman in her monotone expression.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” the detective spoke aloud as he shut off the GPS.

As the detective turned onto Luca’s street, he began to decelerate and slowed down to a crawl. He peered at the town house through the car’s tinted windows and was disappointed to see that there was nothing out of the ordinary. Lahey turned the engine off and adjusted his gun strap, although he probably wouldn’t need it. He slipped out of his cruiser and walked towards the front door, ready to end the mystery once and for all.


[Two Years Ago]

“I can’t do this today,” Noel whispered harshly into his cellphone. He smiled kindly at an elderly lady who had turned around to stare at him.

“No, I still like being with you….just not today,” Noel sighed as he examined a jar of pizza sauce.

“How abo-” Before Noel could reschedule, Blair had already hung up on the other end of the line.

Noel placed the glass jar into his shopping cart gently, afraid that it would drop and scatter its red contents all over the clean, white floor.

“You found it!” Came Alaska’s voice. She walked over to Noel juggling pizza dough and various toppings in her petite arms.

“Let me get that,” Noel said. He grabbed the largest items from her arms just before the shredded mozzarella cheese was about to fall.

“My hero,” she said as she batted her eyelashes.

Noel rolled his eyes as he followed a skipping Alaska down the aisle.


“Um, yes I am Ms.Vandoren. Who’s asking?” Blair asked the detective, blocking the doorway in a very strategic manner.

“Detective Lahey,” the man replied as he held up his golden badge.

The colour began to drain from Blair’s face as she stared at the badge with her wide hazel eyes.

“Ma’am, is your son home?” Lahey asked, looking past Ms.Vandoren and into her house.

“No, he’s not.” Ms.Vandoren stated, trying desperately to keep her composure.

“I’ll be back then,” the detective replied, eyeing Blair once more before heading back to his sleek cruiser.

Blair shut the door quickly and leaned on it for support. She walked unsteadily towards the stairs and grabbed onto the bannister for support.

“Mom, who was that?” Luca asked, running down the stairs.

Blair sniffled, “Luca, there’s something you should know.”


[Two Years Ago]

“Who keeps calling you?” Alaska asked politely. The corner of her eyes crinkled slightly as she smiled.

Noel looked down at his phone and wondered if he should tell Alaska that the person who was calling was his best friend’s mother- one that he had slept with numerous times.

“Ah…it’s no one,” he replied. That wasn’t necessarily a lie, since Blair was indeed “no one” to him now.

Alaska sighed as she took a bite out of her sandwich which was very close to falling apart in her hands.

“We should get going, it’s getting late,” Noel said, checking the time on his phone. Suddenly, his phone vibrated and a message appeared from Blair.

“Call me.” It stated.

“Can't.” He texted back quickly.

Another message appeared almost instantly.

“Are u with someone else?”

“Yes.” Noel hit send and stuffed his phone into his jacket pocket. Noel shivered slightly as the hot summer breeze began to cool around him.

“Look, the stars are coming up already!” She called excitedly as she looked up at the universe in awe.

“You’re going to have to show me all these constellations one day,” Noel replied as he slung his arm over Alaska’s shoulder, “How’s next weekend?”


“It was right after the divorce with your father…It was a really lonely time for me,” Ms.Vandoren said, looking down at her manicured hands.

“That doesn’t mean you go sleeping with my friends! How do you think I felt? Did you ever stop to thinking about that?” Luca roared as as his grip around the stair railing tightened.

“Luca…” she began as her eyes welled with tears.

“That doesn’t explain why the detective was looking for ME and not YOU!” Luca yelled. He pointed his finger at his mother as he spit out the last word.

“There’s more…” Blair started as she inhaled raggedly.


[Two Years Ago]

Noel walked beside Alaska as they headed towards her house. They occasionally bumped shoulders during their short promenade from the quaint restuarant. He lingered as they reached the intersection before her house.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to walk you all the way?” Noel asked as he looked around at the empty neighbourhood.

“Noel, there’s neighbourhood watch and my house is right there. I just don’t want my dad seeing us,” Alaska said. She leaned in and quickly kissed Noel on the cheek.

“Goodnight, Alaska.” Noel said. He gazed as Alaska’s unique features became more pronounced under the illumination of the moonlight.

“Goodnight, Monkey.” Alaska replied, smiling cheekily. She turned back and waved once more before disappearing into the night.


“I had them followed by those private contractors that used to work for your dad…”

“Mom, what did you do?” Luca asked with a ghostly expression on his face.

“I found out that Noel was avoiding me for some high school girl and I was furious,” Blair continued, “I let the contractors do what they wanted with her and I paid them off.”

Luca’s bottom lip trembled as he stared at his mother, “Y-you are a sorry excuse for a human being.”

“I’m not proud of the things I’ve done, Luca. I’m going to try and fix things.”

“IT’S TOO LATE FOR THAT, DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND?” Luca screamed, he fell to the floor with his head in his hands.

“With or without your approval, I’ll be going to Detective Lahey’s office tomorrow. I’m going to confess.”
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Please continue your story is really great :D

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Originally Posted by frenchyxo22
Please continue your story is really great :D

That means so much, thank you!

However, I'm sad to say that this story is nearing its end.

I think I've exhausted this plot and have a new story in progress.
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Well, I do hope you finish it.
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Originally Posted by LovethMia
Well, I do hope you finish it.

Haha of course! I wouldn't want to leave you guys hanging
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Default The Not So Ordinary Life of Elena Adams: Chapter 14 [High School Drama]
“I could have you thrown in prison until you rot,” Detective Lahey stated as he glared at the pathetic woman sitting across from him.

Ms.Vanderson softly wiped at her face with a tear-stained tissue.

“However, I’m not going to do that,” the detective sighed as he stood up and re-buttoned his suit.

Ms.Vanderson scrambled to her feet and met the detective at eye level.

“W-what?” She stuttered as her grip loosed around the crumpled tissue.

“The evidence I have won’t stand for shit in court,” Detective Lahey replied as he stared out the window, unable to look at Ms.Vanderson.

“B-but you have my verbal confession…”

“You don’t understand Ms.Vanderson,” Lahey chuckled softly, “you’re too late.”


[13 Hours Earlier]

The detective quickly climbed down the steep hill and ran under the yellow caution tape that restricted the curious bystanders from the crime scene.

“What do we have?” Lahey asked to no one in particular as he was handed a clipboard debriefing him of the situation.

His breath caught in his throat as he finished reading the document.

“You found her…You found Alaska.”

Detective Lahey turned around just in time to see a crane lifting a still body out of the creek. The clipboard slipped from the detective’s hand and clattered against the jagged rocks.

“We were just cleaning out the creek when we hit somethin’...” the worker trailed off.

Lahey nodded slowly as the sound of the clipboard echoed in his thoughts.

“Anything I can do?” The worker asked awkwardly.

“Just deal with the crowd,” Lahey replied, distracted.

The detective made his way over to the lifeless body. Clumps of algae and ocean snow wrapped around Alaska’s body as if they has grown out of her skin. Lahey removed a wet strand of hair from Alaska’s face and was startled to find that her eyes were still open. As Detective Lahey lifted Alaska's pale arm from her body he found numerous gashes that ran parallel to her veins. He dropped the arm quickly and took a step back as he came to a haunting realization.

“She killed herself.”


[3 Weeks Later]

Noel sat, motionless, at the back of the chapel. Beside him, his sister played with her hands as she listened to the pastor.

“We are here today to seek and receive comfort for the death of Alaska Hayes. We would be less than honest if we said our hearts didn’t ache for this tragic situation,” The pastor continued.

Noel began to drown out the pastor’s voice and was instantly pulled into his thoughts.

Why would she end her own life?

Was it his fault?

He was jolted back to reality moments later as a soft hand touched his. Noel shook his head in an attempt to rid his cluttered mind of the invading thoughts but failed miserably.

It doesn't matter.

It shouldn't matter.

It will all be over soon.

“You can do this,” She encouraged as she squeezed his hand gently.

By now, the whole audience had turned to look at Noel. Noel cleared his throat and took hesitant steps towards the pastor. As Noel passed the open casket he stared at Alaska’s still figure. He noted the whitish glow that her pale skin gave off and the slight dryness of her pink lips. She would be forever immortalized as the young, lively Alaska that everyone once knew and loved. The pastor smiled at him and placed a reassuring hand on Noel’s back before leaving the stage. Noel began to reach inside of his suit for the speech that he had so carefully prepared but decided against it. He inhaled deeply before staring into the audience.

“My name is Nolan Tobais…and Alaska will never cease to be the love of my life,”


Noel leaned back against the tall white gate as he watched Alaska’s close friends and family pay their respects to her lifeless body.

“Your speech was beautiful. You really loved her, didn't you?” Elena said as she strolled over to Noel.

Noel responded with a sad smile.

"I guess we just weren't meant to be," Elena admitted, looking down at her black pumps.

“We had our moments,” Noel joked as he slung his arm around Elena’s shoulders.

Elena laughed as she shook her head as Noel kissed her lightly on the cheek, “Nothing nearly as close as you and Alaska.”

“Yeah, well….”

“You don’t need to defend yourself.”

“Well, look at you two lovebirds!” Came Sutton’s voice. She dragged Luca behind her as she made her way over to the couple.

“Sutton,” Noel stated as he tipped his head slightly.

"Hey Elena," Luca coughed out.

“I’m going to go before things get awkward…” Elena stated as she began to walk away.

“Wait,” Noel said as Elena stopped, “Thank you…for understanding.”

“Goodbye, Noel Tobais,” she replied, taking one final look at Noel before turning away.

“I know that took a lot for you,” Colton said as Elena made her way over to him.

“I still love him,” Elena whispered as she buried her face into Colton’s chest.

“I know you do and that’s okay,” Colton soothed as he rubbed Elena’s back. At his side stood Kohler. Stunning as always, she even made the cast wrapped around her arm compliment her outfit.

“I should get going. You two are adorable by the way,” Elena said with a hint of envy as she slipped into the back of her family’s car.

As she reached over to buckle her seatbelt she was surprised to find Audrey sitting adjacent to her brother.

“Audrey meet Elena. Elena meet Audrey, my girlfriend,” Zach stated with pride.

Elena tried very hard to keep her jaw from dropping.

"Its nice to meet you Elena," Audrey replied jokingly.

The two shared a knowing smile before Elena’s attention was pulled towards two quick knocks at her window side.

Elena rolled her window down just as Noel was about to open his mouth.

“For the record, I did love you too,”

“And now?”


Elena rolled her eyes and began to roll up the window.

“Wait, wait wait!” Noel pleaded as he stuck his fingers in the space between the window and the roof of the car.

“Move ‘em or you’re going to be losing some fingers.”

Noel scowled but obliged and removed his fingers.

“I have to go.” Elena mouthed through the glass window.

“Not yet,” Noel replied as she swiftly opened the car door. He grabbed Elena’s face with both hands and kissed her hungrily. Elena pulled away, too stunned to return the kiss.

“I love you, Elena. I was just too blinded by the memory of Alaska that I couldn’t see what was right in front of me this whole time. Alaska will always have a place in my heart but I’m in love with you.”

Elena got out of the car and reached for the back of Noel’s head. She pulled his face inches apart from his and stared into his cosmic blue eyes that made her heart beat 10 times faster than normal. As Elena uttered her "I love you" back, she felt the cool New Hampshire breeze lift the little hairs on her arm ever so slightly and rustle the leaves of the oak trees just beyond the chapel. She heard the harmonious chirping of the birds and if she listened closely she may have even heard a girl's angelic voice being carried by the wind. Whatever it was, it made Elena feel shivers from her spine all the way down to her little toes. For once, Elena's life was not only extraordinary but it was also peaceful.

And that's it folks! Thank you to everyone who took the time to read my stories- whether it was from start to finish or even just one chapter. It was great being able to share my ideas with all of you and I really hoped that you enjoyed the story of Elena Adams! :lovestruc :lovestruc

For a teaser on my new story check out my simblr! www.pixelatemyworld.tumblr.com
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