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#51 Old 29th May 2010 at 5:18 AM
Rawrness97 Please go read Help -> Sims2 -> Download FAQ or Help -> Sims3 -> Custom Content FAQ. Don't post you question in news in a dead thread.

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#52 Old 19th Jun 2010 at 8:07 PM
Where are I upload ?
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#53 Old 20th Jun 2010 at 12:39 AM
First read the Creator Guidelines. You find them listed under the Create tab. Then look under the Create tab for the Upload wizard that leads you through the uploading process. If you haven't followed the guidelines you will have your submission rejected, so it really pays to read them first. You may also want to use the Creator Feedback Forum first as well.

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15th Jul 2010 at 11:42 AM
Default Lose Pounds
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#54 Old 25th Jul 2010 at 8:58 PM
Wow! I didn't even know of half of those features! Thanks for the info!
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#55 Old 21st Sep 2010 at 2:08 PM
Thank you my lord
I think I have to say that this site is so gorgeous and really means something to me! All the moderators and creators do an awesome job
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9th Oct 2010 at 7:10 AM
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#56 Old 27th Nov 2010 at 8:48 AM

Hey there fellow Simmers, as you can see (or maybe you can't? I'm still learning how to work this site!) I'm a newbie to MTS. I love looking at all the cool things here, and I loveee the sims I used to be an avid player of Sims 2, but have now moved onto Sims 3 and my favorite part has always been creating sims and watching them grow and flourish and guiding them through life! Sooo... as you can imagine I was psyched when I first saw all the cool create-a-sim features you guys have made, however I've finally made an account but I happen to be not so technologically smart I don't know how to download stuff! any suggestions?!?!(

I made the account, ticked remember me, and clicked download on my desired object... now what?
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#57 Old 27th Nov 2010 at 10:52 AM
You can get around multiple ways - from the Quick Menu on the left or the Navigation menu bar at the top. To find out what the site has to offer, check out the Site Map, plus be sure to read the Rules & Guidelines.

CatOfEvilGenius also has shown the path from the Help menu to get to the Custom Content sections above - you want to read the Game Help:TS3 CC Basicswiki FAQ first.
...or this one Game Help:Downloading for Downright Dunderheadswiki.

Enjoy your stay and Happy Simming!
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#58 Old 5th Jan 2011 at 3:08 PM
great stuff
18th Jan 2011 at 4:00 AM
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18th Jan 2011 at 3:52 PM
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#59 Old 17th Feb 2011 at 2:02 AM
This might be a simple question but how do I create new threads???
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#60 Old 17th Feb 2011 at 8:02 PM
Click "New Thread" at the top of the forum in question, underneath the subforums box (if there is one). If there's no New Thread box, you're a probably in a no-posting forum (like this one - only staff can post new threads here).

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#61 Old 18th Feb 2011 at 9:33 AM
jsweity Please do not post questions in dead news threads. A better place for questions is the Help menu and the Site menu. Try Site -> Site Questions and Issues in the future, for questions about the site.

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#62 Old 4th Apr 2011 at 9:22 PM
I really need help, I cant figure out how to upload content to game from here. HELP !
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#63 Old 3rd Jun 2011 at 2:17 PM
I think I'm starting to understand...I just made my account less then ten minutes ago
I do have one question though...if it isn't too much to ask?
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#64 Old 3rd Jun 2011 at 5:56 PM
What is your question?

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#65 Old 4th Jun 2011 at 4:32 PM
Never mind 'maybesomethingdunno', I got it
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#66 Old 24th Jun 2011 at 12:58 AM
wow welcome to me
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#67 Old 10th Aug 2011 at 8:28 PM
Default Please help me :(
Ok so im new here so i really need help (joined today) I wanted to know how u actually create your own things for example...: Hair, Clothes Furniture etc
If u can reply to me that'd be great!! Thanks for the help
- MegaColeTurner
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#68 Old 21st Aug 2011 at 12:33 AM
Mega -- Click on the "Create" in the site menu bar above. Pick your category and start reading beginning tutorials.

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#69 Old 31st Aug 2011 at 4:54 PM
Why did my old account vanish?
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#70 Old 31st Aug 2011 at 5:09 PM
Accounts are occasionally pruned if they had no posts and were inactive.
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#71 Old 15th Sep 2011 at 1:38 AM
Default dunno how 2 get the features i downloaded onto da game
iv downloaded some of them but how do i get the stuff onto the actuall game because i dont know how??
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#72 Old 15th Sep 2011 at 1:44 AM
danielle - do not post here asking for help to install.

Go to this link >>

More downloads by Leesester, BoilingOil and others at | My Stuff at | LeeFish RSS | Sims4 News Blog | TumblinLeefish
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#73 Old 3rd Oct 2011 at 7:24 PM
Coool !!

thank you
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#74 Old 27th Dec 2011 at 2:31 PM
Thanks for spending time putting that up , thank you guys )
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#75 Old 13th Apr 2012 at 9:28 PM
This site is the very first site I ever found for the Sims 2. I was very overwhelmed and amazed for all the hard work and dedication that has been put into this site for members like me. It's so great to have an opportunity to be apart of something so great and awesome. I am really grateful to this site and the administrators whom is dedicated to the work they do.

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