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#51 Old 11th Oct 2008 at 1:00 AM
Leod McGregor's house annoys me. I tried playing him once.
He's house is too...Old style'ish. It's boring and plain. And that plant sim family. Kind of weird. I actually cured Rose, and her Daughter daisy. And then had the husband get a normal girlfriend. Aren't I evil?:P
#52 Old 15th Nov 2008 at 2:53 AM
I've only played 3 sim bin families yet but here's what happened:
Alexandra O'Mackey had a baby son, Joshua. His dad is Gabe O'Mackey. She looked so lonely on her own so I impregnated her with InSIM and pretended that she was already pregnant when they broke up.
Ottomas had their twins, boy and girl (Simon and Sarah), Tommy learned all his toddler skills, Sharla is straight A+ student and David is about to become overachiever. All without cheats, what I am very proud of. I thought this family is going to be a real challenge, but it's not that bad.
Ramaswamis had a baby girl, Rajni (means Night in Hindu, as long as I know) and Sanjay met his soon to be lover, some townie girl which he has very strong chemistry with (I just couldn't ignore such chemistry..).
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#53 Old 3rd Mar 2010 at 11:06 AM
Haha, I'm going to break this silence

I played first RbH's just when I started playing TS2. Then I deleted all premade families and made a two CAS-sims to live in the hood. I wanted those two to get married, and I did everything the hard way That is 1) using the first time testingcheats, 2) getting that way my male pregnant with his future wife, by accident
, 3) suffered with the first born syndrome every.single.time when a new baby was on the way... And ended up with the family of 9 sims where all kids indeed looked the same

The second time I wanted to play with pre-made's so I started a storyline challenge in there. It's still going on, when ever I get inspiration to play with them (I have way too many hood's in my game!). A quick peak...

Roth: Stella left her family and divorced Monty. She moved to her own house and eventually fell in love with Leod McGregor. They have now two kids, Stina and Samuel. They both have the cutest buffy cheeks from their father. Stella is now an elder, and Leod isn't far away from that himself.

So, Monty continued living in their house with the kids. Sandra went to college, after beeing dumped by Jacob. Eventually she moved back to the main hood, and is now waiting to start her own life.She fell inlove at Sim State with a pre-made sims, I think his name was Kevin? He lived with Castor Nova and others.

Monty and Xander got two dogs and started raising puppies. After Xander became a teen, he wanted to move to his own place with the dogs and as soon as he got into the taxi, Monty died alone upstairs.

O'Mackey: Gabe and Patricia Van got married and she moved in with the family. Eventually Jules and Pat became friends. Jules left to college after re-united with Jakob, they dropped out and moved back to the main hood. Now they live in their own little house and are going to have their first child soon.

Gabe and Pat had a baby boy, Jonah (he's in the ugly sim-thread...). After that Pat became pregnant again and had another boy. He's still an infant and I can't remember the name... anyway. I guess their kids will suffer from low self-esteem, since they look... interesting.

Alexandra lived for a while in a small apartment, then she met Jason Larson and they got married. She gave birth to a baby girl (if I remember correctly...), who's name is disappeared from my head. She's still an infant too.

Greenman: I turned Rose back to being a normal sim and she's beautiful! Also Daisy got cured and went to college. Rose and Jason got twins, a girl and a boy. They are still infants. And they moved away from that terrible house the first day I played with them!

Viejo: Both elders died on the same day. That's it. Andrew and Jakob Martin moved to their own house, Andrew got married to Cleo Shikibu and they had a boy. Don't remember his name, either... He's now a child. Jakob went to college with Jules, as I told before.

Ramaswami: they moved to their own house and Priya got pregnant. They had a girl.

Ottomas: the granny moved out and died in her tiny apartment after a HUGE surgery. The rest of the family lives in a small house with their kids. Samantha got a miscarriage and lost her twins, but they adopted two babies, a girl and a boy. The eldest boy, David (??) went to college and is still there.
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#54 Old 14th Feb 2011 at 1:41 AM
This is very long...but a LOT has happened...

Alexandra O'Mackey set herself up in a tiny lil bungalow and her welcome party consisted of a garden club member (Toby, I think...), Leod McGreggor and, I think, her former brother-in-law Jason Greenman. She spent ages chatting to and fishing with the 3 of them and over the next few days her relationship with Leod grew into friendship and then took a romantic turn. It wasn't long before she found herself pregnant with his child. After giving birth to a baby boy (Justin) she remained living in her tiny place, where there wasn't anywhere to put a cot, so poor Justin slept on the floor (don't tell the social...)! Leod finally proposed and Alexandra and Justin moved into his place where I've turned his empty barn into an area to sell his produce from as a home business. I also added more garden plots and fruit trees! They got married and have since had another son, Tyler, who is still a baby (Justin is now a child). Leod is friends with Gabe and Jules, but Alexandra is struggling to get back in their good books!

Gabe O'Mackey slowly introduced Patricia Wan more into his life to allow Jules time to get to know her better. By the time Jules was ready to go to college, her dad had married Patricia and they had a toddler daughter (Gabriella, who is now a child).
Jules was very bitter about losing Jacob Martin to Sandra and was rather determined to get him back! Jacob, however, wasn't willing to forget about Sandra but did quite easily give in to Jules and started dating them both! After a short while, Jules found out that she was pregnant and it could have ruined her chance of going to college, but as her dad and Patricia had just had a baby of their own, they agreed to look after little Joseph until she returned.

At the Greenman's I got a lil carried away with the whole plantsim thing and ended up having Rose spawn another 4 plantbabies! Only one of them (the first) was a boy, Florent, and he grew up into a romance sim. The other 3 are Tulip, Petal and Blossom. I made Daisy a family sim and for a while she was working in the medical career, but has now given that up so she can be a full-time mum to her baby boy, Morley. Rose and Jason also had a baby together who is called Jasmine.

Stella Roth felt a bit lonely with her husband off on his various adventures and had a few flings before starting up an affair with Florent Greenman. She became pregnant with his baby and because Morty was thrilled at the idea of there being another child, Stella decided to try and make their marriage work again. However, when the baby boy (Francis) was born, it became quite clear to Morty that he wasn't the father...so, he and Xander moved out (after emptying the bank account) and into his cousin's (Betty Goldstein) home while Sandra stayed put for a couple of days as she was about to leave for college anyway. Stella then moved Florent in so Francis could have his dad around.

Morty kinda lost his mind a bit after the divorce and spent a lot of time by himself outside at night, where he met Moonshine (leader of the pack). After a few nights of petting and playing, Morty had become very fond of the wolf and the wolf of him...and Moonshine gave him a lil nibble!

From living with Catherine Viejo, Morty also rapidly built up a great relationship with her and eventually, one wintery afternoon he proposed to her! Catherine, having spent her life flitting from man to man, was now aware of how little time she had left in the world and said yes! They prepared to get married that weekend, and Stella, Florent and Francis were even invited (and turned up!!) Unfortunately, after the service but before the end of the party, Grimmy turned up and took Catherine away! That night, Morty went out front and starting howling at the moon...a few local wolves heard him and appeared, he greeted them and ended up adopting them as his own small pack (there's 4 of them). However, they don't all get on brilliantly and fight a lot with each other (even those they do like!) and other visiting wolves...so there's a lot of running away!

Andrew Martin begun to feel very nervous, with a constant fear of Morty howling and a persistent want for him to be cured! Eventually he decided he couldn't put up with it anymore and moved in with his girlfriend Cleo Shikubu.

It was around this time that Morty met Daisy Greenman, and they started spending a lot of time together talking through the night (whilst he was a wolf) about their supernatural ways. Because of Daisy's unique needs, Morty had a hot tub installed and garden light above. One night ACR took over and took their relationship that bit further...resulting in Daisy having her son!

Xander has now started college, but is still living with his dad as he loves the wolves too and really wants to follow in his dad's footsteps (or, uh, should that be pawprints?) and become a werewolf! He also wants to ultimately be a mad scientist.

Meanwhile, Betty Goldstein had met, become friends with and fallen in love with Malcolm Landgraab IV...and the feeling was mutual. So they got married and she moved in with him. Then died not too long after... Malcolm was gutted and kept breaking down in tears for days after. He eventually decided that he'd need to move on and find someone new (and younger) if he was going to have an heir. That's when he met a townie called Gretchin Chin. They married and had a baby boy (Malcolm V, now a child) but Betty doesn't seem to approve because she keeps scaring Malcolm and seems to float around following Gretchin!

The Ottomas family live in a reasonably large, though sparsely furnished house outside of the town centre. Samantha had twin girls, Dora (named after her grandmother) and Tara, who are now teens. Then got pregnant again! Grandmother Dora lived long enough to catch the birth of her 6th grandchild, another girl (Frankie, now a child) but had died before Sharla gave birth to the paperboy's (River) daughter (Bracken, now a child - ACR has so much to answer for!!).
Sharla and River then got married as soon as they were old enough and studied hard while looking after their daughter. They have just moved out of the Ottomas home into a small trailer to give themselves more space, and have both started college. Tommy is a teen and working on getting scholarships as well as spending time writing on his blog (journalism career) and meeting girls, though he hasn't met anyone special yet. The twins are sort of opposites of each other, with Dora being happiest making and having fun with friends and Tara just wanting to learn more about anything and everything! Lil Frankie seems to have made a good impression on Malcolm V, so maybe one day will have a much better way of life?

Jacob Martin, Jules O'Mackey, David Ottomas and Sandra Roth all went off to college with a CAS and a townie (Christopher Platz). They spent their freshman year in a dorm where both Jules and Sandra soon found themselves brushed aside by Jacob when he met a dormie called Brittany (3 bolts). Jules wasn't too bothered as she'd become rather close to Christopher (also 3 bolts) but Sandra still loved Jacob more than anyone else. That was until the end of their sophomore year when she met Joshua Ruben! By that time I'd moved them all into a 3 story house and it was rather fun to play (though took ages to get through a semester) because there was always something going on!

Eventually the original 7 students in the house (everyone except Joshua, who is younger) graduated with varying GPAs. Sandra and Brittany both left pregnant thanks to ACR and risky woohoo. Jacob and Brittany have moved in with his dad (who married Cleo, and they have had a baby girl, Victoria) and Brittany gave birth to a daughter who they named Elena after Jacob's mum (he's absolutely besotted with her!) while Sandra has moved in with her dad and brother and had twin girls, Chelsea and Santana. Jules and Christopher have collected Joseph from her dad's care and the 3 of them have moved into a tiny 2 bed bungalow. David has moved into a really tiny lil studio flat, rather than rejoining his crowded family.

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#55 Old 29th Jun 2011 at 4:30 AM
Gabe had an affair with Cleo. Patricia found out and dumped him. She got really mad at Cleo. Cleo wanted her friend back though so she tried to be nice and get her a new boyfriend. She set her up with Leod. Leod ended up falling in love with Cleo though. They dated for like...1 day before he caught her cheating with Gabe (again). They got in a huge fight. During the fight Patricia made a move on Leod because she figured they would break up anyways and she was desperate. Leod rejected her because he intended on getting back together with Cleo. He agreed to not break up with her but if she ever came close to another man again it was over. This whole speedbump in the relationship is turning out to be really bad for Cleo though because she wanted to be able to move in with Leod before Patricia kicked her out (Shes still mad about the gabe thing)

Jules was thrilled when Gabe and patricia broke up, because she hated patricia. Gabe kept thinking they would get back together though. Jules didnt want them to so she set her dad up on a series of blind dates with random women she met at the market. He got mad and sent them all home, but later he admitted he really liked one of them. He wouldnt date her though because he was still waiting for Patricia to come back. He became very sad and stopped doing everything. Jules had to run the household alone.

The viejos didnt do anything

A disease that only affects plantsims spread to the town. Jason insisted Daisy become a human so she didnt get sick. So she did and shes the cutest toddler. Jason suggested Rose become human too but she didnt want to. She eventually agreed but she spawned another plantbaby first. The new baby, violet, got sick almost instantly. They tried to change her into a human too but it was too late. She now functions as a human but has plantsim hair and skin. idk how that happened.

morty roth befriended a CAS named regina. she was a single mother to a baby girl named alexa. When regina died in a kitchen fire morty adopted her baby. Stella got mad because she though this meant morty loved regina and had probably had an affair with her before she died. Stella refused to interact with Alexa and eventually divorced morty and left. She thought Jason greenman would leave rose for her but of course he didnt. She ended up alone

www.thelongaliens.livejournal.com *updated 7-13-11* please leave a comment if you read it!
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#56 Old 2nd Aug 2011 at 7:54 AM
Originally Posted by spiderweb5532
Yay, I was waiting for this topic!

Jules/Jacob/Sandra: Sandra Roth may be the first Maxis sim I absolute HATED at first sight! The more I played her, the more I disliked her, lol. Anyway, I read the memories of all three and, to me, it appeared as though Sandra stole Jacob from Jules (though I have heard other interpretations). Immediately I had Jacob and Jules fall back in love again and had Sandra catch Jacob cheating on her. She then caught her mom (who I turned into a Romance sim) cheating on her dad, and basically became angry at the world.

Gabe/Patricia: I was neutral on the Jules/Patricia feud until Pat autonomously began slapping and shoving Jules right in front of Gabe! So, I had Gabe break up with her. He seems to have a thing for Rose Greenman. Anyway, Pat was devastated, but got some consolation lovin' (and a baby!) from roomie Cleo.

Leod: I don't know why, but he bores me, lol. I might make him a Romance sim to make him more interesting.

Viejo house: Aged the ladies down (Catherine is *gorgeous* as an adult!). Andrew seems to fancy the grown Daisy Greenman.

Oh, and there were entirely too many Popularity (my least favorite aspiration) sims in this 'hood! I think I changed about 95% of everyone's aspirations, lol.

I agree with you about the sandra roth thing. Just by looking at her i hated her! She as an ugly outfit, plus shes load and obnoxius, my favorite sim in riverblossom hills hates her (Jules). I started reading stuff about her online and i hated her even more... anyways she died, someone mysteriously locked her in a room and took out all the furniture
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#57 Old 5th Aug 2011 at 12:55 AM Last edited by FemGamerPlayer : 5th Aug 2011 at 11:25 PM.
For awhile I basically ignored the premade sims in Riverblossom Hills, but when I re-installed my game, I decided to take a break from Pleasantview and play Riverblossom Hills....and now I have a story I can tell!

The only premade Riverblossom Hills sim I've really played is Leod McGreggor. First, he decided he wanted to be a father so he adopted a little Chinese girl (she was a toddler at the time) named Ming (he wanted to honor her heritage). Shortly after adopting Ming, Leod met a sim I'd created in CAS. Her name is Willow Mapes, and, like Leod, she adopted a toddler girl. Her daughter's name is Fiona. Willow and Leod hit it off, but decided to take things slowly for the sake of their daughters (although now that I think about it, "slow" may not be the best term to use, considering that, thanks to ACR, they woohooed very soon after meeting...and continued to do so at least once per date! ). With Ming and Fiona having recently become children, however, Leod and Willow have finally decided to take the next step. They are currently engaged, and hope to marry soon. They are also hoping to give their daughters a sibling!

The family will live in Leod and Ming's farmhouse....which is badly in need of a woman's touch!
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#58 Old 21st Oct 2011 at 4:33 AM
Nothing yet; I don't have Seasons, but when I get it I plan to kill off the characters and steal their houses.
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#59 Old 24th Dec 2011 at 9:57 PM
Nothing. I can't stand Maxis families. When you start the game they're practically PERFECTLY set up for THEIR storyline to pan out, and when you actually make everything happen they're boring. The houses in Riverblossom Hills are revolting, too.

Just had an awesome house party

#60 Old 29th Jan 2012 at 7:13 PM
*Leod McGregor has a border collie dog. Has horses, cows and pigs at his farm. Dressed him farmer clothing, not that Scotland kilt. He looks more like a farmer than just a loner with his crop plants. He tends crop plants to make his living with country music, Pete his dog, and keeps friendship with neighbors.

*Makeover Patricia Wan and Cleo Shikibu more like modern and young Chinese and Japanese ladies. I hate Cleo looks like old woman in Asian stereotypes, so I added J-style to suit her perfectly to her music career. In my opinion they are previously city Sims to spend their lives in rural village. They have most modern lifestyle than any others in their neighborhood. Patricia tries to win over Jules O'Mackey's heart while she's dating her father, Gabe.

*Makeover Roth's family! Sandra has a decent clothing like other country girls', normal glasses for Xander, decent mid-wife clothing for Stella. Decorating their almost-empty house with decent country furnitures. Sandra succeed to win over Jacob's heart while she loves to troll Jules so much. Xander trapped between his study or gaming. Morty and Stella are loving each other, try to get the best of quality time for family together, even they are mostly busy with their personal tasks.

Only three of them are my faves. The rest of them I just makeover them with country clothing that suit them well then don't play them at all.
I keep the storyline for pre-made Sims naturally. I don't aging them, don't like to mess their lives out of Maxis' scenario :p
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#61 Old 10th Feb 2012 at 12:15 AM
Ugh.. just managed to delete my super long, lovely detailed written post.. So again. Less lovely detailed written. Grrr.

Riverblossom Hills is the first Maxis neighbourhood I acutally play, I usually make a custom one and put my selfsim and a few other families in... but when I started over this time, I was too lazy to create new houses and all that :P

- McGregor: (his surname in German is acutally "Bauer" which means "farmer" ... very creative) after I gave the two old ladies a try I married him to Cleo, they have two little (ugly) girls and Leod is an elder now. Before the first daugther was born, they threw a few very amusing parties during which Morty started an affair with Rose Greenman. Her husband Jason never noticed though... I had planned to let Leod start a farming home business, but he never was so successful with his plants.. now that he has the gold badge he at last managed to harvest some at all, before that they had died all the time... and as he's an elder now, maybe the old ladies get another chance when they invite him over to tea.

- O'Mackey: Gabe and Pat married and Pat's pregnant. Jules and Pat didn't get along well together, every now and then they started their little fights. But Gabe didn't mind if his wife was slapping his daughter until she saw stars, so it didn't seem necessary to me to befriend them. And it was more action that way! Jules got a makeover and got back together with Jacob (who's still in a relationship with Sandra). Sadly she never got a job in the journalism career (just never showed up) but had to watch her detested stepmother slowly moving up the career track to become a famous text checker! O tempora o mores! Jules aged up and went to college where she shares a dorm with her old enemy Sandra. They've a neutral relationship now. Maybe they become friends one day. Until Jacob joins the party. Of course he'll be in the same dorm too - for convenience.

- Alexandra O'Mackey. That's the most amusing story. I moved her in that little pirate style hut and let her befriend Jules again. Then I decided she deserved a little fun after the divorce and all that. She indeed hat a lot of fun. With many people. Thanks to ACR she soon had affairs with Morty Roth, Andrew Martin, Jason Greenman, her ex- brother- in- law, and even with pregnant Pat, Gabe's new wife. Everybody was happy, no one was jealous. Until Alex threw a party to inaugurate her new whirlpool. She happily whooed with one lover after the other when somebody fell in love with her. Then hell broke loose. First Pat caught her cheating (don't ask me with whom), got very angry and left. She still walk by a few times every day and kicks over Alex' trashcan. After Pat, Morty caught Alex cheating with Andrew. They fought two times, party was over. Morty also visits her a few times every day to knock over the trash can. Finally I got Alex pregnant with twins and moved her into a new house. I found a solution for the trash problem and bought her the compost bin. All the garbage goes in there and the trashcan can rest in peace on the street. She still misses the newspaper though - less stuff to compost! When Alex was still in the pirat hut, the gypsie dropped the geenie lamp. She wished for wealth and beauty and so every day lots of sims rang her doorbell even in the night so she got up several times - those evil stalkers! It was really funny, nearly every playable male sims and also a lot female sims visited her. For example Sandra Roth and also all the wives of her lovers. Only one sim didn't surrender her: my self sim's husband (who I created after my RL boyfriend). I was really pleased with him! So Alex gave birth to twin boys, Jan and Fynn (the most pirate like names I could think of) who turned out to be Jason Greenman's sons. I wonder if Rose finds out...

- Roth: Morty had affairs with Rose Greenman and Alex O'Mackey and I think with someone else I forgot. His wife Stella (huge makeover) found out about Rose and was very displeased. She refused to share a bed with him for a long time. She's calmed down again but their marriage will never be the same. I'm sure she'll have her revenge. Sandra also got a huge makeover and kept on going steady with Jacob. She was pretty dumb in school but managed to go to college in the last second. As mentoined above, she's now in a dorm with Jules and awaiting Jacobs return. Xander is a teen now and pretty boring. I don't like him much, he's strange somehow.

- The old ladies' household (I still couldn't figure out which one is which in the original version): The one with the hat - got a makeover and doesn't wear a hat anymore - moved back into her old house as Pat and Cleo are married. And also the other old lady is married again! In German she's called "Nicole von der Palme" (veeeery stupid name!) . So Nicole married her houseguest Andrew Martin. Probably she wanted to get rid of her stupid surname. And she's a horny old lady! That's actually the only possible explanation for the Martins living with the old ladies: Andrew's a loser in his job, then his mommy and wife died and nobody was there to pay his bills. So he needed someone to give him a roof over his head. And it gets better, one of that old women has a crush on him, so he marries her and waits until he inherits the house and never has to worry about money again and his son and him can become professional gamers! The plan went well.. As you know, Morty caught Alex cheating on him with Andrew. So he frequently comes over to knock over his trash can too! When Nicole threw a party, Morty came over too and started a fight with Andrew. Auntie Nicole didn't mind and kissed and hugged dear Morty because it was so nice that he came over! Jacob is still a teenager but can't wait to join his girls in college. I'm sure they won't only have a pillow fight then.

- Greenman: I didn't really play them yet, their house really is terrible! They are more active when they're invited over. Very active. I just aged Lily up and cured her so far and I think Rose is pregnant now with Jason's baby. I wonder if she ever finds out about his other kids.

- Indian family: There was an Indian family?!

The last family left is my self sim's. She's married to a wonderful husband, they have two sons and one daughter, who all look pretty and are good in school, they're both successful and have neither affairs with Morty nor with Alex and the plants in their garden are the happiest you've ever seen. Now they are.. Yes, at least one family keeps up the good reputation of Riverblossom Hills!
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#62 Old 10th Feb 2012 at 1:03 AM
Originally Posted by lizzy186
- Indian family: There was an Indian family?!

the Ramaswami family: http://sims.wikia.com/wiki/Ramaswami_family
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#63 Old 10th Feb 2012 at 2:39 PM
Oh yes, must have deleted them at the beginning!
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#64 Old 10th Feb 2012 at 5:59 PM
Oh, dear. I hope you aren't too attached to this iteration of the neighborhood, as this is a surefire way to bork up your neighborhood. Although it might be a long time before it starts to show.

For the safety of your future neighborhoods, and the minimization of damage to this one, here's some light reading:

If you don't want sims cluttering up your family bin, you can load empty stealth neighborhoods to begin with, or in existing neighborhoods turn them into townies, or use them to seed the adoption pool (but use an editing tool to remove any preexisting relationships or jobs). I find their existence doesn't bother me if I can't see them, so I just don't open the families tab in neighborhood view unless I need to move somebody in.

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
(My simblr isSim Media Res . Widespot,Widespot RFD: The Subhood, and Land Grant University are all available here. In case you care.)
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#65 Old 3rd Mar 2012 at 1:31 PM
I did an experiment with Daisy Greenman - let her age to adult, and then tried out the lot debugger and was able to upgrade her pre-uni. She got the extra want slots, locks, and the ability to do the school cheer. Then I had Rose spawn another plantbaby, and named him Bambie(am a sucker for the movie lol). And of course I had her prank Jason early on with the pollon cloud, since there's a hack I'm using where the pollon cloud changes regular sims into plantsims. He looks human still, due to an alternate overlay I used(Just a little growth) and no leafy plantsim hair. Rose and Daisy still have theirs, but Bambie looks human... he looks really handsome too!
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#66 Old 11th Mar 2012 at 2:57 PM
Originally Posted by Peni Griffin
Oh, dear. I hope you aren't too attached to this iteration of the neighborhood, as this is a surefire way to bork up your neighborhood. Although it might be a long time before it starts to show.

For the safety of your future neighborhoods, and the minimization of damage to this one, here's some light reading:

If you don't want sims cluttering up your family bin, you can load empty stealth neighborhoods to begin with, or in existing neighborhoods turn them into townies, or use them to seed the adoption pool (but use an editing tool to remove any preexisting relationships or jobs). I find their existence doesn't bother me if I can't see them, so I just don't open the families tab in neighborhood view unless I need to move somebody in.

Well, my laptop completly broke a month ago and I had to get a new one so if the deleting of the family has had any impact on the game it doesn't matter anymore.
But thank you for the warning. Actually I know part of this already but I still ignore it. I always delete the families in the bin right at the beginning so there aren't any encounters. And I haven't experienced any problems with this procedure. I just don't like to look at a full bin it disturbes me somehow.
But you are right, next time I'll kill them
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#67 Old 11th Mar 2012 at 5:29 PM Last edited by Mootilda : 11th Mar 2012 at 7:20 PM.
Even better, remove your stealth subhoods or install empty stealth subhoods, so that the sim bin sims are never added to your neighborhood at all.
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#68 Old 28th Mar 2012 at 3:16 PM Last edited by Fivey : 28th Mar 2012 at 4:46 PM.
Leod: I married him to Jodie Larson, and they have a little boy named Ewan together. Jodie's pregnant again because they HAD to woohoo right after the baby was born.

Martin: When I first played the house, Andrew was making out (ACR) with Ms. Goldstein. Squick. Jacob started cheating on Sandra with his ex-girlfriend Jules (they have better chemistry). I sent Jacob to college into the same dorm room as Jules, Sandra, and David Ottomas.

Ottomas: I haven't played it much because the unborn twins are going to be Pattie Wan's kids, and I don't want hood corruption. David is in college and went all crazy. He walks around shirtless with a faux-hawk. I also made him a bisexual, but the only romance he is getting is with Sandra, who aren't really into each other anyway.

Roth: Sandra went to college, and found her boyfriend cheating on her, so they broke up. I never liked Sandra. Stella cheated on Morty with a friend of his (A CAS romance sim), and he found out, so they broke up. Morty is also pregnant with an alien baby. I moved the divorced Morty into a Federal Fortress with...

Gabe O'Mackey: He found Pattie Wan cheating on him with the CAS sim from before. After his daughter went off to college, he moved into the Federal Fortress with other single men who were screwed over by their ex-wives. Joining them in the fortress was...

Cyd Roseland: I made him fall in love with Alexandra O'Mackey. They got married and had a little girl named Cynthia. Then, one day, he walked in on his wife cuddling with Jason Larson. Pissed off, he divorced her, took their daughter and their dog, and moved into the single men's home. None of them are gay. They are all waiting excitedly for the birth of Morty Roth's alien child.

Alex O'Mackey: I changed her aspiration to wealth (too many popularity sims). She met Cyd, and fell in love. They got married and had a baby. Then, she met Jason Larson, whom she had three bolts with. She began an affair with Mr. Larson, with her husband finding out. After the divorce, she moved into Jason's home, where they have tons of Woohoo. I haven't married them yet. I might though.

Greenman: haven't played this household much. Rose did have a one night stand with guess who.

Ramaswami: They're still in the family bin, but since they are able to interact from within the bin, Sanjay works at a strip club owned by Gilbert Jaquet. As a male stripper. Awww yeah.

Jalowitz (townie) : he went gay and into college with a different CAS. They're joined and have adopted a little girl named Emmy.


Blitzenstern: Originally this family had a mom, dad, two teens, and a girl child. I purposely had the adults fight all the time. Once they fought so much that the stove caught on fire and burned them to a crisp. The two teens and the girl now had to fend for themselves. There was Fritzl, the romantic bad boy, Klaus, the quiet bookworm, and Mitzy, the girl whom despite her state as an orphan became a social butterfly. Fritzl looked after Mitzy while Klaus worked in science to gain a little spare change for the family. Klaus started dating Vince Jalowitz. Fritzl had little luck getting any before college. When Mitzy became a teen, she was unpreoccupied with love. I then sent them to college. Fritzl became quite the ladies man, and Klaus focused on his high school sweetheart. Mitzy met a dormie and fell in love. She wasn't too proactive on taking birth control, so she was pregnant three times in college. Two of those pregnancies ended in abortion, but the third she carried to term. She married David Wilson and had a girl named Eva. When they all graduated, Fritzl became the town womanizer, even if he did live in a trailer home. Klaus married Vince and adopted a child. Mitzy and David moved into their old childhood home with Eva. They have a puppy and are expecting again.
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5th Oct 2013 at 6:59 PM
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Actually unless you had an uberhood or cloned them and remade them in CAS, both Riverblossom Hills and Pleasantview were borked from the moment you moved sims from one neighborhood to another. Fortunately, you can reset the neighborhoods.

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Ooh, Riverblossom Hills. In my uberhood, I haven't played everyone yet, but I cured Daisy when she was a toddler because the toddler to adult age jump creeps me out. Rose and Jason woohoo pretty much every chance they get, which resulted in oops twins.

Gabe O'Mackey wanted to see a ghost and stole the Tricou graves (and Skip Broke's) from Downtown. The ghost scares entertained him for days. Jules spends most of her time stalking the Roths and generally being a pest to them.

The Roths are boring.

Alexandra Teatherton lives in the Ocean View apartments in Belladonna Cove and has a thing going on with General Buzz. She's met his children and they all got on pretty well.
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5th Oct 2013 at 10:32 PM
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McGreggor - I made a lovely lady Jessica in CAS for Leod, they got married and now they have 3 beautiful daughters: Valerie (who finished college and got married for Mitch Indie), Hazel (who's a child currently) and a baby Daniella. Also, they opened a successful grocery store and lived off land.

Greenman - Jason became Plantsim and had a plantboy Joss, Daisy grew up and moved out.

Viejo - I made a lady Jeanne for Andrew Martin and they got married. Betty found a guy in Downtown and they're married now, but I'm gonna kill him right after Betty dies. Jacob went to college and got married to Sandra Roth. Catherine was a 'farmer' and single.

Wan - Patricia married Gabe and she became a good witch. She also turned her new husband Gabe and their daughter Christina into good witches. Christina is going to go to Hogwarts, and their son will to. Jules went to college, got married to a guy Kennedy Sims and now they're excepting a baby.

Shikibu - Cleo got married to Gilbert Jacquet and he and Denise moved to Cleo's house.

I also made two families: Kardashian and Green:
Kardashian: Kim got married with Alexandra O'Mackey and Marble Green moved in with them. Alexandra fell in love with Marble, and Kim saw them having a woohoo and she dumped Alexandra. Kim later got married with Daisy Greenman.
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Deleted. (The hood that is)

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I recently started playing the Sims 2, so I haven't done much with any neighborhood but I love my Riverblossom Hills game, even though I've played only one family so far (half of the family actually!).
I've played the O'Mackey family until Jules got ready for college so I went to Sim State University with her (lol!). She got her diploma on Political Science (her lifetime want was to become Mayor), she moved back in her home neighborhood and joined the politics career. Now she is Mayor (who actually loves the smustle dance because even when she was still a teen she had developed an "addiction" about the "Music and Dance" hobby) and her neighbors probably hate her because of the helicopter that picks her up every day (she hates it too, and, by the way, it's not a "carpool", it's an "airpool", lol!).
Because of her hobby about music and dance, she has gained access to that particular Hobby Lot and, during one of her visits there, she met the love of her life, a townnie who in my game has the name Jake Pratt but I recently found out that townnies in the Sims 2 don't come with the same name in every game (he is a black-haired guy wearing a blue open shirt and I have seen him in my other hoods with different names!). When they were on their first date (all three dates they had till now, were "dream dates" because the meter was full!), they both had the want to "get engaged" which was kind of a shock to me.
Their second date was so darn funny I still laugh about it... They were at the Lounge/Club (I can't recall the name!) where you can dance on the ground floor and upstairs is the restaurant. At first they were at the dancing area downstairs and they both had the same wants about hugging and kissing and stuff like that. I had an eye on them (Jules was on free will but I was still choosing the romantic interactions they wanted) and an eye for that Mrs. Crumplebottom woman because I didn't want her to ruin their date.
Suddenly that woman was not the one I had to worry about because Jules' father appeared next to them and he was "harassing" them every time they wanted, you know, to be "tender" to each other. It was like so many movies I've seen about the "father of the bride" who is not ready to leave his daughter with a guy, lol!!! So, I sent them upstairs to dine (they both had the want to dine together). Gabe followed them. Yeah, it was funny (and irritating) watching them trying to eat their lobsters with Gabe standing beside their table and the time of the date running out. Finally, after he had managed to talk to Jules (despite my efforts to cancel the interaction) he gave up. He went downstairs, he sat to the bar and he started talking with... Mrs. Crumplebottom (I hadn't even realized she was there!). After the happy couple finished their dinner and the date was coming to its end with the meter full, they were having their closure hugs and kisses I had to turn off Jules' free will because she kept canceling the interactions I was choosing for them according to their wants and she was heading out of the club because she wanted to stamp the roaches on the pavement (gee girl, you are on a dream date with the love of your life and you think about roaches???)...
Anyway, the date ended perfectly, Jules went home, she received the usual flowers and just a few moments after that, her phone rang and... Jake wanted another date!!! During that third date (a dream-date again without Gabe or Mrs. Crumplebottom on the lot), Jules proposed engagement to Jake and then they both had the want to woohoo so I had to pause the game and find out a way to send them home. I'm proud to say that I did (a miracle for me!) but when they reached Jules' place, right before the woohoo they both had the want to get married. I locked that want but I didn't do anything about that at the time.
A few days later Jules invited Jake at her place and she asked him to move in. He brought 5.000 simoleons which I didn't expect because I had no idea he had any money at all . Come to think about that now, I should have guessed it because after their first date along with the flowers came that big electronic game (I can't remember how it's called). He works in the Law Enforcement career and he has the same lifetime want with Jules (her second one after being Mayor is to become Captain Hero). The next day I moved them in a much bigger (and much prettier house). One thing that leaves me speechless about them is that whenever they are in the same room they both have little hearts "flying" around them which I interpret like they are falling for each other even more (whatever other family I have played this can happen only with one sim of a couple, not both of them!) and (even more strange in my eyes!) the only things they actually have in common are their lifetime wants and the dancing hobby, nothing else. And they have the icon of "very strong chemistry" too, but how? Big mystery for me but I don't care that much about it because I really enjoy them together.
My next plans about them is to have their wedding and send them on their honeymoon. After that I will probably take Jules' mother out of the bin and reunite her parents. I haven't played Gabe with his girlfriend at all (just 1-2 phone calls when Jules was still a teen and she was living with him) but I think Jules would like her parents back together so I will play that way. Plus I find EA-Maxis' reason for their breakup very stupid because the first sim I created in the Sims 2 (Maggie) was a Space Pirate too and if she was married she wouldn't have to break up for that, so I think they deserve a second chance...
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Tara Kat moved in with Leod McGreggor. They're currently expecting triplets, while Tara's cats shun the farmcats and their army of kittens. They have a little farm shop stall where Tara sells paintings and pet items, and later (after the first winter) they'll sell produce as well.

Sandra Roth and Jacob Martin have just finished college together and moved to a modern apartment in Pleasantview, next to Kaylynn Langerak. I discovered that they both have the LTW to "Be Captain Hero", so I'm planning to have them become a crime fighting super-duo.

Oh yes, Rose has a human child, Elfleda, and another plantsim child. (I forgot the name.) Daisy is all grown up but I'm treating her as a "teen" for now, so she can't move out or have any significant relationships, career, etc.

I haven't done much with the others yet.

Livejournal: simsfreq.livejournal.com
Tumblr: simsfreq.tumblr.com

Co sleeper for babies/toddlers, and teen career overhaul (also custom schools) Plus! TS2:UNI careers enabled for teens: Here at simbology
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Oh god, Riverblossom Hills was so boring that I quit after 2 rounds.
What I did:
Roths: Sandra broke up with Jacob and they got dogs, I only played twice with them so nothing happened really.
Wan: Patricia married Gabe O'Mackey and had a baby and Cleo married Leod and is pregnant.
O'Mackey: Gabe married Patricia and had a child, while Jules got Jacob back.
McGreggor: Leod moved out of his house, and married Cleo who's pregnant.
Greenman: Rose got pregnant with a human baby, Jason turned into a plantsim, Daisy is now an adult in the bin and so is Oak another plantbaby they had. Jason made his own plantbaby when he turned into plantsim, They weren't that bad.
Viejo: OH NO, do not get me started with that family, that family is the most boring family I have ever played with in my entire sims history. The only thing that kept them, was Jacob. Jacob's dad died. Catherine and Betty married and adopted a kid each, and I was so bored by then. I killed them all except the kids and Jacob.
Alexandra O'Mackey: Got a house and a few promotions.
Ottomas: Nope they were boring, Dora died and I potty trained the toddler, NOTHING MORE.
Ramaswami: Got pregnant.
This was the worst town ever, the only family I played with a like were the Roths and the Greenmans.
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