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Originally Posted by Julieth
It's so trashy you wouldn't even believe...Beau is sleeping on a matress on the roof.

HAHA! Now THATS hilarious!

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I'm notorious for completely mutilating all preexisting relationships and substituting my own. Therefore, the Goth house has relocated to Strangetown. No one in Pleasantview remembers them so no one gets their feelings hurt.
Don: Is living in his condo with Nina after throwing a party including Dina, Nina, and the Maid. It was a terrible idea, because he ended up autonomously flirting with Nina. The other girls were not pleased.
Dina: Has found new love! Turns out, she isn't such a gold digger after all!
The Pleasants: Ugh. They're a nightmare. Mary Sue and Daniel broke it off. Mary Sue kept the house and Angela, while Daniel got stuck in a cheap condo with Lilith.
The Oldies: Are boring.
Broke: Brandi forged a new life for her and her sons with Dina. It never even crossed my mind to make them a couple until they started rolling wants to flirt with each other. It couldn't say no, they're so cute together!

Julieth: Mattress on the roof! Ha! I mean...that's terrible. Hee hee...
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The Goths:
Mortimer married Dina and died shortly after. Dina had twins with Morty. Girls named Regina and Danielle. After Mortimer died, Dina decided to move out with the twins and Alex. She didn't want to live in that "old shack"/the Goth house. I will move her into a fancy, luxorious house but she is still in the Sim Bin.
Dina and Cassandra became enemies because Cassandra suspected Dina of just being after her dad's money.

Nina Caliente:
Nina is now living with Malcolm Ladgraab and they are engaged. She is still having affairs with Don and a townie (I don't remember the name) and she is looking for more love.

Lothario: I didn't do much. Don left Cassandra by the altar without "getting into her pants". He did woohoo with Dina and Nina.

Dreamer: Cassandra and Darren married and Darren became such a cute geek after a makeover I gave him. I changed Dirk's gangsta style with a rocker one because I cannot stand gangstas..... And I love making black rockers, metallers and goths. And of course.... I wanted him and Lilith's styles to match each other more.

Oldie: I hate them. They are boring and the sad, tragicomical thing is that the oldies are too young to be Mary-Sue's parents. She is growing faster than them.....
I just moved them into a house and did nothing more.....

Burb: so boring. I moved them into a house and I had them try for a baby.

Pleasant: Daniel cheated on Mary-Sue with Kaylynn but she didn't find out. Angela and Lilith just attacked each other.

Broke: Brandi gave birth to Eric Broke (little cute baby) and Dustin found out that he was tired of Angela and wanted a new "sexy babe" to play with. He's looking for a new one...
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in my old game it went as follows (re-installed and haven't touched them since!)

Cassandra married Don and had a little girl called Isabella, at the same time Don had cheated with Kaylynn and she got pregnant. Cassandra left Don after she found out about his on-going afair with Nina.

Mary-Sue and Daniel divorced and Daniel asked Kaylynn to move in. Kaylynn soon gave birth to Don Lothario's son, Demitri, then had twins with Daniel shortly before he died of old age. Mary-Sue was killed because she bores me.

Angela went to college and then married a CAS...but thats as far as I got with her because she was a bit dull.
Lilith and Dirk had twin girls and a son.

Dina married Morty who soon died leaving Dina and Alexander the big house and all the money. Dina then woohoo'd Alexander and had a son. Dina, with the finicial support from Alexander (through the child!) left and married Don.

Nina wasn't too pleased and after having Don's daughter died leaving the child in the care of her father and her sister; with Dina and Alexanders son. Don was refused access to his child with Kaylynn and saw his oldest, Isabella on weekends.

Cassandra and Isabella moved into a lovely house and it remained the two of them.

The Oldies were just left to die! (thats quite harsh when I word it like that!)

Darren Dreamer married Brandi Broke; Beau, Dustin and (baby) Zachary...I can't remember!! I think they may have gone to college. The Brokes were a bit rubbish also!

and as for the Burbs; they are still as they were at the beginning of the game!
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Goth: I aged Morty back down to an adult and..that's all I did besides move Cassandra out.

Pleasents: Daniel is still cheating but I think that Mary-Sue is pregnant with Don Lothario's child( Daniel isn't the only one who can cheat.) but Daniel and Mary-Sue are still together. Angela was 'accidentily' hit by lightning and Lilith is married to Dirk and is cheating(o.o Like her father) on him with one of my sims.

Dreamer: Dirk is married to Lilith and currently has a little brother. Darren married another sim of mine and.. yeah.

Broke: I haven't really touched them yet, but I plan on pairing the oldest Broke boy with a middle eastern sim of mine.

Lotario: He's living with BOTH Dina and Cassandra and BOTH of them are pregnant at the same time. xD They haven't had the babies yet, but they will.

Caliente: Kicked Nina out and Dina and Don and Cassandra are all living together. (Dina and Cassandra don't know that Don is going out with both of them.)

Burb: Never played them.

Oldies: I've never played them either. XD
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I love that Maxis is progressive enough to allow gay relationships in their game so I have lots of gay couples. I had a male version of HP's fantastic Pariah sim fall in love and marry Darren Dreamer. They are currently living in the Dreamer house as Darren improves his career enough for them to move out. Dirk has since gone on to college. Someday I'll sit through it long enough for him to finish school.

I don't like that Don screws around so much so I make sure he never ends up with any of his lovers.

I used a cheat to make the Oldies adults again so they can start their lives all over. They both actually look pretty awesome with HP's default skin replacements. I've been playing them recently; need to get them some kids.
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Originally Posted by blitzgal
I love that Maxis is progressive enough to allow gay relationships in their game so I have lots of gay couples. I had a male version of HP's fantastic Pariah sim fall in love and marry Darren Dreamer. They are currently living in the Dreamer house as Darren improves his career enough for them to move out. Dirk has since gone on to college. Someday I'll sit through it long enough for him to finish school.

I don't like that Don screws around so much so I make sure he never ends up with any of his lovers.

I used a cheat to make the Oldies adults again so they can start their lives all over. They both actually look pretty awesome with HP's default skin replacements. I've been playing them recently; need to get them some kids.

If Maxis wouldn't allow gay sims they would avoid nature and humanity. People actually choose how to play the game and if people don't want to have gays in their game, fine. If people don't want their sims to woohoo before marriage, fine. If people don't want their sims to be criminals, fine.

But I think Maxis are too conservative at some points. Why have ALL of the maxis couples waited with woohoo 'till after marriage?
It's not realistic today..... Well.... Not all have waited with woohoo until marriage but most have. The Ottomas grandma never married and Don Lothario woohooed with Kaylynn.
But I'm going off topic now.....
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Originally Posted by blitzgal
I love that Maxis is progressive enough to allow gay relationships in their game so I have lots of gay couples. I had a male version of HP's fantastic Pariah sim fall in love and marry Darren Dreamer.

How true.... sims would be utterly boring with out that.

Dreamers: Just getting restarted with them again, resurrected Darleen when I rebuilt hoods. Dirk is currently very near graduating college here. Feel in love with Crave, not my doing, heards the love chimes, both kissing in the lavatory LOL. Will be moving back home with his parents. Darleen is expecting soon (pregancy is currently suspended) and expanding their home. Darren will be getting a art store (fitting i think) as soon as he's got enough money. Update: Dirk and his SO just graduated and moved back home. $40,000 is a nice boost to the family.

Broke: Dustin turned YA and lose interest in the pleasant girl. Went to college, never found a date (this was before I had nightlife). Moved back home, then moved them into a bigger nicer home. He's currently got the hots for Crave's mom (kinda odd, but whatever floats your boat). Beau just went to college and feel in love with one of the dormies, Glen. Make a cute blond couple LOL. The youngest is still a kid. Brandi feel in love with Benjamin Long.

Pleasants: Nothing done yet, someday a teen will get a three bolt to one of the girls. After rebuilding, theres no scripted events, so Daniel and Mary are a happy couple, maid didn't make it to the new hood. They just have two problem kids that hate each other.

Goths: Haven't bothered yet. (Only Cassandara isn't in love with Don anymore). Only good thing is Mortimer is no longer the telescope pusher anymore, so he's finally making friends.

Don: Currently just being himself. Eventually I want him to get abducted. Some green friends for Johnny Smith.

Caliente: Haven't bothered, just no love for Mortimer.

Burb and Oldies: got deleted, never had a chance to play.
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Originally Posted by oceanborn
But I think Maxis are too conservative at some points. Why have ALL of the maxis couples waited with woohoo 'till after marriage?
It's not realistic today..... Well.... Not all have waited with woohoo until marriage but most have.

I have noticed that I never get the Woo Hoo option until my Sims are at least engaged. Is that the case or is it that I always tried it with people who didn't like each other enough?
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Why have ALL of the maxis couples waited with woohoo 'till after marriage? It's not realistic today..... Well.... Not all have waited with woohoo until marriage but most have. The Ottomas grandma never married and Don Lothario woohooed with Kaylynn.

Also, in Veronaville, the Summerdreams (Titiana and Oberon) begin as a couple who are only living together who have woohoo-ed. Of course, Maxis goes out of their way to let you know that their kids are adopted (heaven forbid any of them had kids out of wedlock).

On topic: My first go-round in Pleasantview was by the script, pretty much (Angela marries Dustin, Cassandra marries Darren, etc.). I did have Dina and Daniel have twins, and Brandi married Mortimer (they were surprisingly adorable).

Right now I'm playing a combined 'hood of all three Maxis 'hoods, and it's been lots of fun because I'm also forcing myself to mix it up a bit, lol. So far:

-Lilith and Dustin had a fling (and were busted by both of their significant others), resulting in Lilith giving birth to twins Liam and Janis.

-Thanks to InSim, Cassandra left Don at the altar, leaving him devastated and Alexander cracking up on the sidelines (really!). Newly-resurrected Bella is already flirting with Don, however. I'm leaning towards hooking Cassie up with Lazlo Curious from Strangetown.

More later, I think!
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I've only played the Oldies for now.
They adopted a boy named Amar. Herb cheated on Coral with Brandi, and the day before he died she found out. Then they died and Amar turned into a garden-loving teen
21st Jul 2007 at 8:04 PM
This message has been deleted by oceanborn_SC.
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Originally Posted by spiderweb5532
Also, in Veronaville, the Summerdreams (Titiana and Oberon) begin as a couple who are only living together who have woohoo-ed. Of course, Maxis goes out of their way to let you know that their kids are adopted (heaven forbid any of them had kids out of wedlock).

On topic: My first go-round in Pleasantview was by the script, pretty much (Angela marries Dustin, Cassandra marries Darren, etc.). I did have Dina and Daniel have twins, and Brandi married Mortimer (they were surprisingly adorable).

Right now I'm playing a combined 'hood of all three Maxis 'hoods, and it's been lots of fun because I'm also forcing myself to mix it up a bit, lol. So far:

-Lilith and Dustin had a fling (and were busted by both of their significant others), resulting in Lilith giving birth to twins Liam and Janis.

-Thanks to InSim, Cassandra left Don at the altar, leaving him devastated and Alexander cracking up on the sidelines (really!). Newly-resurrected Bella is already flirting with Don, however. I'm leaning towards hooking Cassie up with Lazlo Curious from Strangetown.

More later, I think!

I downloaded a merged Pleasantview, Strangetown and Veronaville and put it in my neighborhoods folder. It was a rar file. Do I need to do something special? Un-Rar it? I'm not too good at that stuff. Do I need to delete the neighborhoods already in the folders?
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In my game there is a big mystery in PLeasantview right now, Mortimer is missing! Who took him...Aliens? Calientes? Don? or is that that new girl in town?

I am also trying to get different characters together, it's hard.
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Originally Posted by oceanborn
I downloaded a merged Pleasantview, Strangetown and Veronaville and put it in my neighborhoods folder. It was a rar file. Do I need to do something special? Un-Rar it? I'm not too good at that stuff. Do I need to delete the neighborhoods already in the folders?

Where did you find that? on MOd the Sims 2?
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So far all I have done is played the Goths... they are my favourite sims family, I used to play them all the time in Sims 1. It's really fun so far! I definetly like The Sims 2, the neighbourhoods and the families are really interesting.
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Okay. Haven't played default hoods in a while so I don't have any current exploits. But this is more a mishmash of past things I've done.

Dreamers: Have had a hard time doing much with them. Don't really like playing Darren. Can't really explain it. He has a likable enough backstory. He strikes me kinda like health food. We're SUPPOSED to like him so much I have trouble actually doing it. I did set him up with Cassandra once and with a CAS another time. But I tend to wish Darren were the dead one and Darleen had lived. Oh and I usually encourage Dirk's relationship with Lillith Pleasant.

Goths: It's weird but I don't think I've ever played with the wedding arch. So nobody's ever left anybody at the altar. Ole Morty doesn't usually have a relationship except maybe with Dina. Alexander stays geekified and is generally a social misfit when I play him. Can't remember ever having given him a girlfriend. But Cassandra has caught Don cheating in grand fashion. I let Don get "confused" one time and invite both Nina and Cassie over at the same time. Don's in bed with Nina, Cass walks up the stairs to find them still and mid-woo hoo and flips. Was so hard to co-ordinate but a classic moment to be sure.

Brokes: Poor dear Brandi. She's had such a rough time of it in my game. I've tried pairing her with various townies but nobody's really worked for me. I tried pairing her with a rich CAS guy but I got bored of him too quickly. So that didn't last like it could have. Just about the only time she's had any good relationship luck in my games was the time she was having lesbian hot tub parties with the Caliente sisters. Dustin always loses his job because it's such a pain to get teens to work and do homework on the same day. And again I encourage the relationship with Angela. Although they bore more than Dirk & Lilith do. Beau does kid stuff and her bun in the oven when the game starts hasn't ever gotten past babydom that I recall. Not that I kill him off or anything. Just a nuisance to have him in their default house.

Calientes: Aside from the lesbian tub parties with Brandi, the best time I had with them was the time I had them both try to do Don back to back at their place. I couldn't keep the first sister (Nina IIRC) well enough pre-occupied and she caught the other one in bed with him. Naturally this brought their relationship crashing down on their heads. Sadly I hadn't figured out how to back up neighborhoods then and installing Uni cost me that game.

Pleasants: Nothing terribly exciting. Just letting the girls do stuff with Dustin and Dirk and Daniel laying the maid. Most exciting twist I've done is having Lillith catch him instead of Mary Sue. Actually I think a fun story for someone to do would be Pleasantview after the Pleasant relations were killed in a plane crash going to a family reunion.

Burbs: I so want to like this family. John and Jennifer are a cute couple and Lucy appears to be the perfect little angel. But they strike me as a prime example of a family who'd be better out of town. Sadly every time I put them in Pleasantview they tend to get lost in the shuffle.

Oldies: Parents of Mary Sue who I'm not really fond of to start with. Their biggest time in the sun in my game was when I let them adopt once to see if I could get an adoption pool toddler to adult before they kicked off. The kid didn't quite make it. They died during her teen years.

I've been thinking recently of getting the updated Prima guide and seeing what their regimen for Pleasantview is. I've never had one of these guides before being a veteran gamer. But I figure it might help me with playing heavily populated hoods.
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I usually only play with the Brokes, but I usually have them get on with their lives. Have Brandi marry someone new and turn Dustin around.
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Don: Fooled around with Nina Caliente a lot, and after she got pregnant he moved in with her. They had another 4 children before Don cheated on Nina with the maid, and then moved back into his old place and the maid joined him. He then had twins with the maid, and is now considoring moving out so he can try to reclaim his title of 'most wanted party boy' in Pleasentview, which is currently held by Lombard Goth.

Cassandra: Was ditched at the altar by Don of course, so took the money left to her by her mother ($100,000) brought the Burb's mansion and moved in by herself. She couldn't stand having a relationship with anyone but Don (and Darren was now married) so decided to adopt children. She ended up adopting Beau, and is now thinking of adopting again now that Beau is settled in.

Mortimer: Married Dina Caliente, and they had twins - Christopher and Clarabelle. Just before they reached toddler age he died unexpectedly. At the same time Alexander got ill, so was unable to help Dina trying to take care of the kids whilst maintaining her party-lifestyle, which resulted in Dina getting old before her time. Alexander recovered and reached adult age, and continued to raise his twin half-siblings whilst Dina appeared to collapse into herself, and also died prematurely. Post mortem revealed that she had accidently ingested the poison that was used to kill Mortimer.

Alexander: Missed out on his teenage years because he had to care for Christopher and Clarabelle (Dina and Mortimer's twins), and also had to care for Dina as she grew more and more frail and aged prematurely. He buried Dina next to Mortimer. Not long after Christopher and Clarabelle were teenagers, and Alexander was marrying his long-term friend and work colleage Brandi, who, after finding herself enjoying the 'high class' decided she would change her name to Brandice. Alexander and Brandice have 3 children; Lombard, Lancelot and Henrietta.

Christopher: Moved out and lived by himself, and within a short amount of time became a werewolf and then, in turn, the Chief of the Pleasantview Werewolves. It was through the 'werewolf moon meetings' that he met Brandi Broke, who he married to the shame of Brandice, who wanted her husband's half-brother to marry a high-class woman she had in mind. To spite him Brandice refused to give him the money his father left for him. Alexander is too smitten with Brandice to notice this. Christopher and Brandi had a daughter, Stephanie.

Clarabelle: Grew up and almost straight away got engaged and then married to a man who Alexander introduced her too (can't remember his name). She had twin girls, and a son who are still in toddler/baby age.

Lombard: Being the new 'Don Lothario' of the town, he met Jayne Caliente - Nina's daughter, and they quickly became lovers and then married. However, Jayne was also seeing 5 other lovers and Lombard was seeing 2 other women (including Coral Oldie!) so the marriage collapsed very publically. Brandice refuses to disown him, as he was always her favourite son, but calls him 'the shame on the family' and continues to ignore him. Jayne had a child while with him before their affairs started, who Lombard now looks after.

Lancelot: Lives alone, and concentrates on work. Recieved his brother's half of the $50,000 they were each left, but lives with only the essentials. Has a girlfriend, who he may propose to, and then move out and build his own mansion at his mother's 'suggestion'.

Henrietta: Is Brandice and Alexander's pride and joy, after the failure of Christopher and Lombard, Clarabelle's choice to live a quiet privallaged domestic life, and Lancelot's rather 'simple' exsistance. Henrietta is a copy of her mother, and like her wears lots of make-up, her hair in intricate styles and expensive, showy dresses. She is only a teenager, but already aspires to marry a rich, well-respected man with a large mansion to raise the children in.

Dina: Married Mortimer for his money, and then fell out with Nina after Nina told her that Mortimer was a creepy old man who only sees her blonde hair and youth. Dina spiraled into depression after Christopher and Clarabelle were born, and poisoned Mortimer - thinking that what Nina said was true. After he died, she was overcome with guilt and was unable to care for her children herself. Grew old before her time, and then died of a mix of depression and accidently ingested poison.

Nina: Had 5 children with Don Lothario, and then married Remington (the maid) with whom she had one daughter: Raine, before they both entered their golden years. Her children included some twins; Jayne and her brother Kieran.

Jayne: Got married very quickly to Lombard Goth so she could join the higher circles, and had a son she named Benjamin. Become the lover of many sims, including: Brandi Broke, Joshua Broke (the son Brandi was pregnant with in the beginning), Herb Oldie, Daniel Pleasant, Darren, Dirk, and Lilith. In turn Lombard became lovers with Coral Oldie and the maid, so their marriage collapsed. Jayne moved into a house of her own, leaving her prized poodle and son, were she continued to see her lovers until she gave birth to Daniel Pleasant's children - twin girls named Penelope and Daphne. She then later got married to a NPC Sim, and none of her lovers were invited to the wedding.

Brandi: Gave birth to another son, Joshua. Beau was taken by the social worker for bad grades, and then adopted by Cassandra. She later married Christopher Goth and they both became werewolves.

Dustin: Moved out, and married Angela. She is expecting a child.

Beau: Was adopted by Cassandra. Has forgotten that Brandi was his mother, but still keeps in contact. In comparison to how he lived before, Cassandra's expensive, luxuary home with a very large bedroom just for him is very strange, and he is very quiet. Still a child.

Daniel Pleasant: Fathered two sets of children. Had an affair with Kathryn Langerak which produced twins - Kieran and Kathryn jnr. Kathryn looks just like Angela Pleasant, which gave Daniel away but Mary Sue has forgiven him. Kathryn Langerak died before Daniel, and Kieran married a NPC woman in a 'werewolf' style wedding. Kathryn currently lives alone in her mother's old house, concentrating on her career. The second pair of twins was with Jayne Caliente, who unlike Kathryn is very open about who the father is, and also regrets her behaviour with him, and her daughters Penelope and Daphne know who their father is, who attends all their birthdays.

Mary Sue: Didn't do anything with her. Forgives Daniel and still sees Kathryn and Kieran occasionally, but sees Penelope and Daphne more often, and is also friends with Jayne Caliente.

Angela: Got married to Dustin, and is expecting a child.

Lilith: Got married to Dirk as soon as she could. They currently have a son.

Darren: Married a sim of my creation named Naminé White. They had 2 children, however Darren had an affair with Jayne Caliente, which he has still not admitted to yet.

Dirk: Married Lilith. They have one son.

Burbs: Did nothing with them. They bore me too much. Moved them out of their house so Cassandra could move in.

Oldies: Both Coral and Herb had an affair, which they have both decided to forget about and move on. They adopted a child - Andrew - so they could feel young again when they were raising their children.
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Oh, my, this will take awhile. I keep track of how many days I've played each of my households so I play them evenly, and each Sim day equals 1 year. So far, I've gotten my Pleasantview through 30 years (this time, at least - I've had to reinstall and start over a few times before) and let me tell you, a LOT has changed....

Don: He and Cassandra were married for just a year before she caught him cheating with Dina. Unfortunately, Cass was already pregnant by that point, but she still divorced him. Don move into a beach house and lived the bachelor's life for awhile until he got Roxie Sharpe (from Uni) pregnant. She moved in, and they raised their son Dominic together. They had an open relationship though, since she was also a romance sim. Just when Dominic was about to become an adult, Roxie got pregnant again and had a girl, Adriana. Don also fathered a baby girl with Emily Lee (also from Uni) soon after. Don and Roxie are still together, and Adriana is a toddler. His other daughter was adopted by another family.

Cassandra: Married to Don briefly, but started flirting with Darren after she and Don split up. She moved in with him when she was still pregnant with Don's son, Gabriel. Got pregnant by Darren right after having Gabriel, and had another boy, Michael. Got pregnant AGAIN right after that and had Remiel. She focused on her science career after that while Darren stayed home with the boys and painted. She died at the age of 32.

Mortimer: Married Dina, and they had one son, Kelvin, before he died. Also had an ongoing relationship with Brandi, who was trying to get pregnant. It didn't happen though, and Morty died at 72.

Alexander: Dated Lucy throughout his teenage years and accidentally got her pregnant during that time. They were way too young, so the baby was put up for adoption. Went to college, but still kept in contact with Lucy. They got married after he graduated, and had another baby, Julia. Then they decided to "take back" their first child, Olivia, who had been adopted by Mary-Sue. They had a son Thomas, but then Olivia died when she was 16. Alexander is a congressman now, and Lucy is a journalist. They've had a pretty good relationship, but Alex has a thing for Dina and has been messing around with her.

Dina: Married Mortimer and had a son, Kelvin. After Morty died, she went a little crazy and woohoo'd with anything that moved. Started a relationship with Remington the maid and eventually asked him to move in because she wanted another baby. Unfortunately, Remington also liked Kelvin, who was an adult by then. Dina caught them in bed while she was pregnant and promptly kicked both of them out. Dina is now raising their daughter Ava by herself.

Nina: She ran a brothel out of her home for just a few years, but it was so successful that she was able to buy a mansion. She also got pregnant by Jonah Powers (Uni) at that time and had twins, Lola and Joaquin. She closed the brothel and started a career in the adult film industry, where she's been very successful. Daniel eventually moved in with her and they had an open relationship until his death. Now her kids are grown, she's pushing 50 and still going out with guys half her age, including Joaquin's boyfriend Charlie (Angela's son).

Brandi: Brandi had her son, who I named Chase, and immediately wanted another baby. But thanks to twojeff's ACR mod, it was pretty difficult for her to get pregnant. She got a job as a secretary to support the boys, but every night she invited a man over to try to get knocked up. She alternated between Darren and Mortimer with no luck. Then when John and Jennifer split up, he moved in with Brandi. They got married and constantly tried to conceive. Brandi finally got pregnant and had a girl, Ryleigh. Brandi died at the age of 54.

Dustin: Went steady with Angela, but he got dumped when Angela decided to go after Dirk instead. Dirk messed around with Lilith for awhile (to get back at Angela), but eventually discovered that he was more attracted to Mary-Sue. She invited him over to woohoo a lot and they got married when he was 22. They later had twin boys, Mason and Sawyer. After Mary-Sue became an elder, Dustin lost interest in her and started an affair with a teenage girl from down the street. Mary-Sue found out, but since she and Dustin were both fortune sims, they decided not to get a divorce since it would divide their assets. Mary-Sue is gone now, so Dustin got engaged to his (much younger) mistress, who is a college student now.

Beau: Beau is a romance sim, but he's not the jerky "love 'em and leave 'em" type. He's more of the hopeless romantic, I guess. He met Cynthia Kim (who I made a townie, along with her husband and son) and set about trying to woo her. He eventually got her to move in with him, but she never fell in love with him (curse you, romancemod!) Anyway, they had a daughter together named Zaina, but Beau eventually gave up on Cynthia. She moved out, and he started seeing Tessa Ramirez. They lived together now and are expecting their first child together.

Chase Broke: (Brandi's unborn child at the beginning) He died when he was 16, so I didn't get to play him much.

Daniel Pleasant: Got caught cheating by Mary-Sue, so she divorced him and kicked him out. He moved into a small house and accidentally got Kaylynn pregnant, so they got married. They had 4 kids altogether: Sarah, Andrew, and Ethan and Rachel (twins). Then Kaylynn caught Dan getting it on with Roxie Sharpe on the living room couch, so she kicked him out. He moved in with Nina, and they had a lovely open relationship. He died at 71.

Mary Sue: Recap of above: Divorced Daniel, messed around with Dustin. They got married, had twin boys. Caught Dustin with an underage girl and hated him until she died (recently) at the age of 72. She was also a successful politician.

Angela: Went steady with Beau, but was a total floozie in college. She got pregnant by a dormie her freshman year and had a boy, Charlie. Then she decided to go after Dirk, just to spite Lilith. She broke up with Beau and proceeded to get Dirk to break up with Lilith. Angela and Dirk got married while Dirk was still in college, and they had 3 kids together (Sorin, Kamaria, and Danika). Dirk left her for another woman, and she was left to raise the kids on her own. Sadly, she died just 2 years later at the age of 36.

Lilith: Lilith was already pregnant with Dirk's child when he broke up with her to be with Angela. She had a girl and named her Elysia. She and Elysia lived in a small house by themselves until she met Tyson Newton, the mailman. They hit it off, had a son named Damien, and got married. They later adopted a little boy, Zimri. Lilith became an executive chef, and Tyson worked for many years as a police officer. He switched to a safer job as a banker, but then he died a year later. Lilith is now raising Zimri (who just became a teenager) on her own and dating Robert Kim.

Darren: Married Cassandra and had 2 sons with her, Michael and Remiel. He fooled around with Brandi, and then met Lisa Ramirez. They had 3 bolts for each other and immediately started an affair. They kept it low-key and Cassandra never found out. Right after Cassandra died, Darren moved Lisa in and married her the same day. Nice. Anyway, he and Lisa had a son together, Armando. Darren died at 59, the day before he was to become an elder.

Dirk: Fathered a child with Lilith, then married Angela and had 3 kids with her. He kind of got around in college, and he kept in VERY close touch with one of his old roommates, Ellen Frost. Dirk had actually never fallen in love with Angela, so when Ellen got pregnant, Dirk saw that as a sign that he was supposed to be with Ellen instead. So he left Angie and married Ellen, who had a girl, Neva. They also had a son, Kai. Dirk is currently upset with Ellen for flirting with Dustin (her co-worker), so he's reconnected with the newly single Lilith. Also, his half-brother Armando moved in with them when Lisa died.

Jennifer: She and John went on to have 2 more children, Jack and Kate. She wasn't all that attracted to John, so she started pursuing other relationships. She messed around with Nina for awhile, and they eventually got caught by John. John divorced her and left her with the kids. Lucy was a teenager, Jack was a child, and Kate was just a baby. She had an off/on relationship with Jason Larson for several years, but it just never seemed right. She met Clifford Pope, a waiter, and they were VERY attracted to each other. They just got married, and Jennifer will become an elder soon.

John: After he caught Jennifer cheating, John sought comfort from his friend, Brandi. They fell in love and got married, and they later had a baby girl together. Unfortunately, Brandi died when Ryleigh was a teenager, leaving John alone to raise a teenage girl. John was already friends with Kaylynn, who was recently divorced from Daniel, but they only had 1-bolt attraction with each other. Still, Kaylynn was hell-bent on getting married again, so they tied the knot. John doesn't care for Kaylynn much, but they get along okay. Kaylynn is 53 and still hoping to have another baby - crazy woman. Anyway, John is the vice president of his company and distracts himself from his loveless marriage by spending plenty of time with his grandchildren.

Lucy: Recap of above: Got pregnant at 14, but gave the baby up for adoption. Later married Alexander, had 2 more kids, and took back the first one they had together. Lucy's recently become friends with Remington, and she'll probably end up with him if Alex leaves her for Dina.

The Oldies: The moved in with Mary-Sue after she kicked Daniel out. They helped raise Angela's son Charlie and bred dogs. They both died when they were 80 years old.
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Great plotlines, elle.jai and Figgi!

Mad Poster
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Don dumps Casandra at the aisle, she gets knocked up by the man maid, they get married, move in togeather, then she finds him in bed with another man and kicks him out. Then she raises the kid(s) togeather.

This is what happened the last time i played, i think i'll repeat it this time also. With the exception that i'll make her move out soon and become a hippy before she gets any kids.

The rest of the Goth household are not so interesting. I play them till Alexsander becomes a teen and Mortimore dies, but one of my families need Mortimor's friendship to succeed in his career, so i cant kill the man yet.

For the exception of Brandy - all other maxis sims get deleted.
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I found the Goth family the most interesting - the Pleasant family the least interesting.

On my game, Alexander now has grandchildren and is widowed.

I'm supporting the Optimist Camp for the Sims 4.

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My Pleasantview Families

Pleasants: Only right to start with them, probably the least played family up and till last night. Daniel and Mary Sue patched things up and Kay was shown the door, even though she still insists on the doing the cleaning. Lilith went to college with Dirk, Beau, Elvis, Meadow and some other townie that I can't remember at this point. Dan and Mary Sue also adopted a little boy, child stage named Knut. Angela attended later with Alex Goth, Lucy Burb and a load of townies.

Goth: Don left Cassandra at the alter and Cass cried alot. Mortimer then went to the front of the house and proposed to Dina. Alex went off to collage with Angela, Lucy and the townie partners. Morty and Dina married and she is now pregnant. Cassandra attended Brandi's wedding and met Dustin, they are now engaged to be married.

Brokes: My favourite family. Brandi gave birth to her third son Elvis and Dustin quit his job in the Crimanal Career track and switched to medical. Brandi met Darren Dreamer and they got married. They re-did the house, that looks fantastic by the way and even added a pool (finally), Dirk moved into too. Dustin grew up leaving Little Miss Pleasant behind. Anyway... Elvis grew to a teen, joining Beau and Dirk. The three boys went to collage leaving Brandi, Darren, Dustin and now Cassandra who he had fallen for and moved in. Brandi then gave up birth to twins, Sophie and Milo. Cassie loves them. So a little regig of the house but all seems well. Cass and Dustin got engaged and later at college so did Beau, Dirk and Elvis. Dirk to Lilith, Elvis to Meadow Thayer and Beau to some ginger townie. I'll up picks up and find out her name later.

Caliente: Miss Dina got what she wanted and married Mortimer Goth. Nina however was left with the house and the urn of Michael B. She got rid of that and got shacked up and hitched to Don. They like causing trouble Downtown :eviltongu

Biggs: Left college after the death of her lesbian lover, the one with the funky glasses, the artist from La Tech or whatever it is. Marla moved in next door to the Calientes and so far has kept herself to herself. With the urn of her deceased lover in the kitchen! Worked out got thin and had a fight with Nina. That's all really!

Other Residents: Burbs my younger brother is playing and quite well too. Lucy went to college and John and Jen had a baby named Hannah (I think that's her name). Herbs no one cares about, I might go and kill them off! Leonardo Zain, made in CAS is currently living it large in his studio flat. Got his eyes on Marla Biggs though.
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My Pleasantview Families


Mortimer and Dina had a strange love affair that ended badly. Dina left Mortimer at the wedding alter while she was in her 2nd trimester. This left Mortimer heartbroken. Dina moved back into the house she and Nina shared and eventually gave birth to their daughter Bethany Marie Caliente-Goth. Mortimer died when Bethany was a child. They were very close. Mortimer has 9 grandchildren, 18 great grandchildren, and 36 great-great grandchildren.

Cassandra married Don and dealt with his many women. She and Don had 3 children together: Benjamin, Rebecca, and Thomas. Cassandra currently has 7 grandchildren and 18 great grandchildren. They are still married.

Alexander was a bit of a loner till his went to college. There he met his college sweetheart Callie Tellerman. They got married and had 4 children: Ethan, Daphne, and twins William and Tiffany. Alexander has 7 children and 18 great grandchildren.

Bethany spent most of her life caught between her mother Dina and her half-sister Cassandra. She chose to continue to live with her mother and brother Chase (father: Don Lothario) despite urging from Alexander. She eventually went to college and married a CAS named Kurt Reardon (who has another child from an affair). They had 2 children together: Madison and Sebastian. Bethany has 4 grandchildren.


Dina got involved with Mortimer. They never married but she did have a child together: Bethany Marie Caliente-Goth. After Mortimer died, Dina find comfort in good friend and former lover Don Lothario. Don was married to Cassandra at the time, but they started an affair anyways. Dina became pregnant and gave birth to a boy, Chasen. This caused the tension between Cassandra and Dina to intensify. They are still enemies to this day. Dina has 4 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren.

Nina was more low-key than her sister. She maintained 3 stable relationships throughout her adult years. Once Dina found herself pregnant again she decided it was time to move out of her sister’s chaotic world. Nina moved in with long time boyfriend CAS Aaron Walker and soon after married him. Together they had one child, a daughter named Allison. Nina has 3 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren.

Chasen in some ways was the apples of his father’s eye. He looked the most like Don and was the only one of his children to inherit his green eyes (due to his own mother’s eyes no doubt). This caused a slight bit of jealously between Christopher, Benjamin and Chasen. Chase clinged on to his father’s attention as much as he could. He didn’t have any other male in his life for Dina never married or kept a stable relationship all her life. Don gave Chase everything he ever wanted. It took years for his other siblings, including Bethany to get over the blatant favoritism. Chasen went on to college and married his college sweetheart Tiffany Sampson. It was a close call though for Chasen was also in a serious relationship with Heather Huffington. She would grow tired of his ways and leave him for someone more reliable. Chase and Tiffany had two children, Courtney and Jameson. Chasen has 5 grandchildren.


Under the pressure of Mortimer, Don married Cassandra and started his new life. Together they had 3 children together. Not long after the birth of their 1st born Benjamin did Don start looking elsewhere. His set his eyes upon CAS college student Baylee McMiller. They started an affair and soon Baylee found herself pregnant. She hadn’t realized that Don was married and only discovered it when she went to tell Don the news and saw him out with his wife and child. Baylee ended the affair and later gave birth to a son, Christopher McMiller.

Don didn’t discover that Christopher was his son till he was nearly a year old. Baylee had married her long-time boyfriend and passed off Christopher as her husbands. Once the truth was revealed Don made sure his son wanted for nothing and was very hands on with his life. After all the drama Don began focusing on his wife and family. Things calmed down once again but after the birth of their 2nd child, Rebecca, Don started to grow bored of his daily routines. Mortimer became ill and passed away leaving Dina and little Bethany alone. Wanting to be there for his friend, Don started spending a lot of time over at the Caliente home. Soon a full fledge affair started and Don found himself a father for the 4th time with son Chasen Caliente. Unlike Baylee, Dina had no problem letting Don know he was the father. Still Don didn’t want out of his marriage. Cassandra was also pregnant when Dina was pregnant. Cassandra gave birth to Thomas, her 3rd child and Don’s 5th. They never divorced. Don has 11 grandchildren and 30 great grandchildren.


Daniel and Mary-Sue went to therapy and attempted to work on their marriage. It seemed to work for a while till the girls moved out and started college. Daniel was back to his old ways. He and Kaylynn began seeing each other and Daniel was contemplating leaving Mary-Sue for her. Things turned sour when Mary-Sue discovered the affair and threatened to sue Daniel for all his was worth unless he ended it. They shared 3 successful companies together and she was after blood. Wanting to avoid a nasty lawsuit, Daniel ended the affair with Kaylynn once and for all. Soon afterwards Kaylynn found out she was pregnant with twin boys, Johnny and Tommy. Daniel was an active father to the boys, but Kaylynn mostly raised them alone. Daniel has 8 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren.

Lilith stayed into trouble well into her 20’s. Her relationship with Dirk didn’t survive past their senior year when they went into different directions. Her junior year found her in the clutches of resident bad boy CAS Lee Archer. They feel in love and she grew out of her “troubled” phase. They married and had twins Alexis (who married Dirk’s son Daniel) and Shane. Lee though now a family man had a bad habit of gambling and this frustrated Lilith to the point of separation. With the help of sister Angela and her husband Dustin, Lee was able to pull himself together. Lilith has 4 grand children.

Angela continued to do great in school. She and Dustin both attended Sim State University. After graduation she married Dustin and moved to Sim City so that Dustin could continue his studies to be a lawyer. They had 2 children together, twins Patrick and Peter. Angela and Lilith have a great relationship and they spend as much time together with their aging parents as they can. Angela has 4 grandchildren.

Johnny and Tommy spent most of their childhood frustrated that they couldn’t spend time with their father and be in his world. They were never close to Angela and Lilith, although Angela did visit them a few times. When Kaylynn dead when they were in their late teens they had a falling out with Daniel and Tommy refused to talk to him until he was willing to be more of a father to them. Daniel finally apologized for placing one family over the other and as able to establish some kind of relationship with his sons. Mary-Sue, Angela, and Lilith have all since welcomed them as well. Both boys have married and have children of their own. Tommy married Cambridge Lothario, daughter of Thomas Lothario. They had 2 children. Johnny married Emily Osbourne, daughter of Daphne Goth. They had 2 children.


Brandi was the trailer trash of Pleasantview and she knew it. Still she wanted the best for her sons and would do anything to achieve it. Raising Dustin was difficult and adding a toddler and a pregnancy didn’t help matters at all. Brandi eventually gave birth to son, Talen. This broke her into the company of Dr. Abhijeet Deppiesse. They would start a relationship that would take Brandi and her boys out of debt and into the middle-class world she dreamed about. Brandi married Abhijeet. He put the boys into private school and was a great father to them. Brandi later gave birth to the couple’s own children Melinda and Clark Deppiesse. Brandi has since passed on. She has 10 grandchildren and 23 great grandchildren.

Dustin stayed into trouble and even managed to get Angela’s sister Lilith caught into his drama. There were times that Angela thought Dustin wanted to be with Lilith more than her, but he just knew Lilith would understand his criminal urges better. Dustin was put on probation after he was caught shoplifting from the local skateboarding shop. His behavior still didn’t change and it was beginning to affect Beau’s as well. This frustrated Brandi because she was too busy and pregnant to constantly worry about Dustin. Once his younger brother Talen was born, he noticed his mother spending a lot of time with Dr. Deppiesse. It annoyed him that his mother was moving on from his father so soon as after he died. This caused him to act out more. His behavior only ceased with Abhijeet sat him down man-to-man and asked his permission to marry his mother and make them all a family. Dustin saw this as a new beginning. He went off to college and married his long-time girlfriend Angela. Together they had 2 children. Dustin has 4 grandchildren.

Beau was the typical middle child of the Broke boys. He never really knew how he belonged and couldn’t find a place to fit end. His older brother stayed in trouble and his baby brother was too young to understand any of his feelings. Once his mother remarried things got better but he still felt left out, especially when his newer siblings arrived. He felt jealous of them all. Dustin got to spend time with Skip and Talen, Melinda, and Clark all had Abhijeet as a father. He had no one. Beau never acted out. He remained a quite person and spent most of his time writing and painting. He was engaged to Nina Caliente’s daughter Allison till she broke it off. Beau almost didn’t recover from the rejection till he met Lori Phillips (a born in game Sim from a CAS family). They hit it off immediately and feel in love. They married and had 2 sons Elliott and Ryan. Beau has 5 grandchildren.

Talen was an overactive child. He and his little brother Clark would spend hours swimming or throwing the baseball in the yard. They were extremely close. When Talen became a teenager he was discovered by a talent agent and began modeling for a popular teen fashion store. With this money he paid for his own school, graduating with no debt whatsoever. In college, Talen began dating Amy Phillips (cousin of Lori Phillips and half-sister of Christopher McMiller). They two married and had 2 daughters, Casey and Janet. Talen has 5 grandchildren.

Clark and his sister Melinda pretty much lived a drama free life. They went to private school, had lots of friends, and were close to their family. Both went to college and graduated. Clark married his college sweetheart and they had 2 sons, Christian and Emmanuelle. Melinda married Scott Burb (son of John and Jennifer) and had 2 daughters, Natasha and Veronica. Clark has 5 grandchildren. Melinda has 4 grandchildren.


Darren never remarried. He attempted a romance with Cassandra, only to be turned down. Many women have tried to make him settle down but Darren just concentrated on his work and his son Dirk. Darren was a successful doctor who loved to paint on the side. Many of his work are still hanging through his family homes. Darren has 2 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.

Dirk was very loyal to his father. He made excellent grades and made a conscious effect to stay out of trouble. Dirk dated Lilith all throughout high school. Their relationship was wearing thin towards their senior year. Lilith continued to stay in trouble and was now hanging out with Dustin Broke. He knew Dustin and they were friendly, but he was tired of both of their games. Once they entered college Dirk ended things with Lilith and struck up a romance with a CAS student Jessalyn James. They married and had two children, Daniel and Debi. His son Daniel actually married Lilith’s daughter Alexis. Dirk has 4 grandchildren.


John and Jennifer continued to live their lives as simple as they could. They went on to have two more children, boys, Michael and Scott. John was a schoolteacher and retired from the very school he taught at for 30+ years. Jennifer was a stay-at-home wife till they all were in high school. She then took a job helping underprivileged kids. John and Jennifer have 7 grandchildren and 18 great grandchildren.

Lucy dated around the neighborhood. He fell hard for the local grocery boy George McCarthy. They dated in high school until John forced them to break up. He felt they were moving to face. They stayed close and eventually started dating again around their senior year. College proved tough for them though as temptation was around. Lucy began a casual friendship with Castor Nova that proved to be a test for her. Castor was courting Lucy hard, but she only realized she loved George more than ever. George proposed to Lucy their junior year and were married not long after they graduated. They had 2 children together, Aidan and Meredith. Lucy has 6 grandchildren.

Michael was the school jock. He played every sport he was physically able to learn to play. Very popular with the ladies, Michael never had a problem dating. His main squeeze was popular cheerleader Vanessa Kennedy (born in game from CAS family). The two of them stayed faithful from high school to college. They married and had 3 children, Noah, Brittany, and Sean. Michael has 8 grandchildren.

Scott was the quite one of the family. The youngest tried to keep up with his athlete brother but it proved to be hopeless battle. Scott was more into music than balls, so he focused all his energy in interning at the local radio station. He then turned his hobby into a full-blown career. He currently is the DJ and station manager of the local radio station. He took his time finding love. His future wife Melinda Deppiesse just happened to have been at the station one day and she caught his attention. She was with a group of people trying to pitch a radio ad. He asked her out and the rest was history. They had 2 daughters, Natasha and Veronica. Scott has 4 grandchildren.


There are many other families in my Pleasantville. I am currently in Generation 4 of many of the families listed above. For a long and semi complete list (I am still adding new families I just merged from other neighborhoods; The Montys, Roths, etc) go here. I am kind of amazing how Maxis genetics plays out over the course of generations. Some are gorgeous and some are “oh my... ” but I never change them. I think my biggest shock was that Alexander Goth has some pretty great genes. He isn’t a looker but many of his descendents are.
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Yeah, I noticed that Alexander's children are good-looking. He had twin sons - Lombard and Lancelot, and they were fairly good-looking but also looked creepy as in 'guy in a dark alley' creepy. But his daughter Henrietta is beautiful.

I'm supporting the Optimist Camp for the Sims 4.

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