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Thanks for the clarification. It was challenging, and probably more so without being able to use the smart milk or thinking cap. I hate that they didn't get the smart milk advantage through out their young lives, but the ones made in CAS as a child or older don't get that either. I also would have liked to get them more scholarship opportunities that would have been available with the thinking cap usage, but I used my laptop that doesn't have uni anyway.

I did package the start so I could play the normal progression with parents to compare how they would have turned out.

I didn't have a hard time as I am always playing the toddler challenges with 6-7 babies or toddlers and often only one adult. Some challenges say no nannies, others limit the number of potty chairs used, none allow cheats, or at least penalize you for their use. So only one toddler and baby was a breeze compared to the normal mayhem.

They didn't have a stove or shower. They had two bathrooms and toilets, but only one tub and one potty chair. I bought one of each of the skill building toys for the tots. The older ones only had a book case and one easel until body and logic were needed for jobs later.

One good double bed (6 energy) was shared. They would come home from school and take a nap, so they slept in shifts. I had the nannies always coming though, and not by choice. Everyday whether someone was scheduled to work or not! And they didn't come at logical times either. It seems to be a glitch caused by a teen in charge on my base game format.

My laptop has a few SPs to make it more interesting. It is the DVD version of the Sims 2. I didn't like the movies, so I use the CD version on my PC with all the EPs (minus a couple I didn't get). I turn off the special events camera so I can see and take pictures of all the events now.

I tried to upload to the official site, but the upload didn't take. Maybe my story was too long. I'll edit it and then try to upload once again. I'll put a short version on my site sometime later if all else fails.

Any way the original teen was able to get 8 mechanical points before time to grow into an adult. He had a first kiss and made it to the top of the medical career. He didn't have a LTW for any particular job. He was a family sim who wanted to have a golden anniversary.

The child grew to a teen, had a first kiss, had 8 cooking skill points, made it to the top of the law enforcement career field, which is her LTW. She is currently working on getting another 8 points in logic, and she has at least 6 points in body as well.

The toddler grew to a teen, had a first kiss, had 8-9 creativity points, made it to the top of the law enforcement career, which is his LTW as well. He also had a lot of logic and body as those will be what he needs later in law enforcement.

The baby girl grew to a teen, had a first kiss, had 8 cooking points as well. She is working on getting 8 charisma points as she wants a job in business. The paper has not been good to her though. She has made it to the top of the culinary profession.

They all got into private school the day the adopted baby grew to a child. She aged as the headmaster was there. They rented a buffet table and all ate turkey, which was a nice change from jello, cereal, and sandwiches. The girl child was very outgoing and had a lot of charisma so she smoozed well. They had a nice tub and bed so those rooms with the light on showed well.

Anyway, I think they achieved all the goals and were a nice family to play. I hope I can share some pictures. I think they turned out really well.

Thanks for an interesting challenge.
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Default The Turner Family
I managed to upload the abbreviated version, which you will not think was abbreviated. Take a look at the sims 2 site and search for Turner or deadbeat or teen. It shows up on my sim page though I can't preview it there yet. My user name there is iamciane.
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