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#26 Old 16th Nov 2006 at 3:52 AM
Here's another one... I have a ton of these, but never really get to finish them.. Stupid school..

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yeah, change is always good, but I'm learning how to use PS elements and alll of that.

Dre-a great start! I wanna see it finished!!!
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mine, i'm not that happy how they turned out when i scanned them

my Doumyouji Tsukasa of HYD i'm in love with him i draw him a lot ^.^ the girl with him is me (i wish)

another tsukasa

i drew this when i was having a bad headache
#29 Old 17th Nov 2006 at 11:24 PM
Yes yes yes!

This is an illustration of a line in a Cibo Matto song, Know Your Chicken: "Licking finger, I wondered where she got the chicken"

I did this one in Maya in school. I think it turned out nice.

This one wasn't an assignment, I was just playing.

Has anyone seen My Neighbor Totoro? These are the makkurokurosuke that lived in the attic. Gosh, I love that movie.
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scifiwasabi do you have to post your awesome works after mine? i loev the first one but the rest are awesome too
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I cannot believe I was considering posting my own sketches here. It would be embarrassing! You all do such amazing work, it would *not* be possible for my doodles to measure up!

Kathelyne: Your 'One Ring' piece... I'm completely speechless! It's gorgeous!

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lol intrepidllama how do you think i feel now?
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Unregistered, your too hard on yourself! I really like your drawings, and I especially love the last one.

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Originally Posted by SciFiWasabi
Has anyone seen My Neighbor Totoro? These are the makkurokurosuke that lived in the attic. Gosh, I love that movie.
I actually have seen it! XD It's cute. ^^' They do look like the fuzzymajigs in the attic.

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There are more shadows on the original but you can't se them that good because of the crappy quality of my webcam :p
It's not that good either but this is what I like to do and I can only do my best
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Oooh, i like it!!
#37 Old 20th Nov 2006 at 4:55 AM
Erm.. i doodle.. a LOT.. ^^* Its mostly fanart though.. I hope you don't mind.. O.o; My stuff is definately not as awesome as the other stuff on here! =D

Lina and Gourry.. My favorite couple Heh. From the Slayers.. ^^* If i'm having an art block, i draw these two.

A character i made of myself (omg, dorky) for my deviantart page.. ^^* The plushie is suppose to be my boyfriend.

The prince from Suikoden 5! Man i love that game..

Character i'm using for D&D.. shes a monk *^^* I made her up..

Someone else said they were a Hana Yori Dango fan...? XD

My friend just gave me her old tablet.. So hopefully i can improve faster now. This is one of the first peices i've done with it.. I color everything in Photoshop, but before the tablet it was mouse action! Heh.. Course i scanned everything in first.. I'm not THAT into self torture.. Heh.

Oh.. and if anyone wants to see more.. its: http://nekochanpurr.deviantart.com/gallery/
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#38 Old 28th Nov 2006 at 9:52 AM
Well, I think I'm gonna put a painting here too. But, I'll think about it.
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#39 Old 28th Nov 2006 at 11:47 PM
I scribble things down, this is "Bill the Modder":

This is entitled', "Modding Nightmare" - a scribbling that I found in a notebook from 2005. It is so pathetic, both sides permo ink and chaotic, gruesome! :P

I don't have the time/patience for an art project lately, just scribbles galore.
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verrry cool!!!

sims2germany-very interesting scribblings!
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#42 Old 29th Nov 2006 at 1:45 AM
Wow these are so great! Unfortunatly I dont have a scanner to post any of my drawings And my newest painting isnt quite done yet...it has a plumeria in it But its so great to see others exercising their creativity!!

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he's a real person.
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Wow - I'm seeing a lot of talent here! It's all making me feel so puny now :bag:

Some sketches:

(done purely in pen - which I will never do again! *lies* )

(love the profiles, and hate everything else ^^; And in case no one can tell - the short haired one is a girl, and the long haired on is a guy)

(Experimenting with positions - which I still can't get the hang of >.< I may re done this one again - which means redoing the of wholes that she is part of >_> )

(a random elf)

(I creeped my former roommate out with this picture in color - made me feel very proud! )

I do mostly digital art, but I've been trying to do more traditional (meaning: pencils, chalk, pastals, etc) stuff as well lately. Most of my stuff can be found on deviant, but right now I'm not posting there I'm sort of really mad at them right now...

Anyways - like I said before, there's alot of good talent here! Shine and awe the world!!

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#45 Old 29th Nov 2006 at 8:44 AM
my good art is boxed up, I should get pictures of them on the net! I've had a few people want to take some of my pictures and make them posters, namely my brother, he liked the whole teddy bear with a knife thing, i'll have to see about getting that one up, but here are some older ones,

This one is suppose to be an indian princess and a deer, but I didn't finish it, so it looks like a new species of animal!

This one was out of boredom, and I like the fantasy thing.

This one is one of my favorites, a baby standing on it's fathers shoes.

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Some of my chibis :3

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#47 Old 29th Nov 2006 at 1:01 PM
panique they're so cute! foolinthemoon the first one is somehow romantic for me and melodyway, do i have to say anything? your artworks are *sigh* especially the couple who are about to kiss each other.
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#48 Old 29th Nov 2006 at 10:30 PM
Aw, thanks, I drew it with my dad in mind, he's mostly Cherokee, I drew another one of a man with a wolf, I've been trying to get some of my art together for deviant, i hope to have alot of it up one day.

Everyone else's art work is amazing!!! i feel like i can't draw looking at the other post! I work in very few mediums, and some of the mediums used were just fantastic! Aw! post more art work!!!!

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#49 Old 1st Dec 2006 at 1:55 PM
:wave: ti ti ta tum tum ta yes SciFiWasabi, love Totoro, infact love all of Hayao Miyazaki's animation, hes a genius.

I don't paint anymore, this is the last painting I did ages ago of a cat i lost. his name was miao, just wandered off one day and never return. its a miniature around 1.5feetX1 feet i think, the actual painting is with my mom. oil on canvas.
#50 Old 1st Dec 2006 at 8:15 PM
Wow.. I'm amazed with everyones different styles..! And that kitty is so cute!
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