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Daltonism, nice pics! I really like the 2nd one. Looks like he/she is gonna JUMP out at me! :o

natassia, b-e-a-utiful sunset pictures. I love 'em!

Caroline, that 2nd one is beautiful with all the tree colors!

Originally Posted by I_Love_Simming
Awh thanks they were taken in Spain,Costa Del Sol It was great there!

Hmm.. interesting. I've actual been to spain. Anyways, lovely pictures.
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I adore photography! I was a photography major for a while, so I'm quite passionate about it.

My photos:



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Nymphetish, I like your photos. That first one really sticks out.

Wonderful job,
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Originally Posted by Benny Boy
Caroline, that 2nd one is beautiful with all the tree colors!

Thank you!

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Originally Posted by Nymphetish
I adore photography! I was a photography major for a while, so I'm quite passionate about it.

My photos:




Very Nice!
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#56 Old 20th Jul 2007 at 11:42 PM
Okie dokie. I have found some more Alabama photos. Again, none of these are edited in anyway.




Here are some I took downtown where I live.

Watertower Silouette

Dark Alley

Strange Alignment

Hope ya' like 'em!
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#57 Old 23rd Jul 2007 at 4:12 AM
Just a few random pictures I took:

Stormy weather:

Noccalulla Falls:

My feet...lol:
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I have some pictures here..

The Eiffel Tower

I love this one, the baby is so cute *-* (i didnt take it)


That's it (forgive the second photo, i couldnt make it smaller).
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Thanks, Benny Boy and MissTee!
#60 Old 23rd Jul 2007 at 10:07 PM
Everyone's pictures looks great! Well this is a picture I took in my backyard, I edited it a little to make it more fluffy :D, I link it because its bigger than the file size limit.

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#61 Old 24th Jul 2007 at 4:57 AM
Wow, you're all such great photographers !

Tell me if these are too big... I'm not too good at posting pictures.

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All of these pics look awesome!! Lavinne S. P. Depardieu, I love the Eiffel Tower one. I've been to Paris and that is just beautiful! I'll try and hunt down more of my pics tonight before bed and post 'em.

Catcha later,
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Thanks, Benny Boy! And RabidAngel, i love your last one pic, is very beautiful!

• Edit •

I have some more pics to post here, avatars i did using photoshop :D


<3 this pics..
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I sometimes photograph random things.

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The first one is very pretty, Linuslover. It looks so pretty. *wishes to be there*
So I love cities, although, currently, I don't live in one, *le sigh*. Hmm, well, on Spring Break I went to Chicago, and I took many (212) pictures, here's my favorite.

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#66 Old 25th Jul 2007 at 2:46 PM
Keely, i LOVE that first one. Very, Very nice work.

poplers, nice photo. I love it!

So yesterday, my mom and I took a trip to Best Buy and bought myself a new digital camera. So I'll be taking pics ALL day today and probably post them when I figure out the program that came with it.

Catcha later,
#67 Old 28th Jul 2007 at 10:48 AM
Linuslover, your pictures are really, really good! -nattasia, Ive been to Tilos too! Cant wait to get back there some day. Heres some of mine, from my trip:
28th Jul 2007 at 11:29 AM
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here's what i took. i find it pretty. i actually raised this moth xD

I love Jude Law
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Some of my photos too. They are not edited. I took them in May, I guess.
A nice red tulip. When I look at my photos, it always sticks out.
Look at the picture closely. There's a bee.
Another bee. This time in a flower.
Picture I took from my balcony.
A piece of an apple tree.
The field.
Bee in the bush. (Bee is the blurry thing in front.)
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these are some old pictures from when i went on a walk with some of my friends in...march i believe?

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#72 Old 29th Jul 2007 at 11:31 PM
Hi all! Yikes...all of these photos are amazing!

Linuslover: Garsh! Yours are so pretty! Love the cat.....nice colors!

Shimmeringcat: Wah! So nice....love the one of the dried fish (oddly enough) and of course I adore all your photos of your boys...so the last one (from your first post on this thread) is just *squee*.

Here are some of mine....just started trying my hand at photography like....3 days ago after being inspired by you guys. My photos are edited in photoshop, just so you know!

One of my many furbys....this one is Damien.

Same furby....


Damien, but from a different photoshoot.

And finally, my other furby, Dorian.

Hope you like....(the clothes were not made by me, by the way. A friend sent them to us....)

Take care!

-Gallows ^^"
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#73 Old 30th Jul 2007 at 3:56 AM
I looked through some of the photos from my family's trip to Europe two months ago...but for most of them I don't remember who actually took the picture! I'm pretty sure I took these next four pictures (which are greatly reduced in size because I took them off my Facebook photo albums :umm.

1) The Thames River, while walking toward Oxford University
2) A swan on the same river
3) Somewhere in Oxfordshire
4) A close-up of Big Ben

And finally, a photo of a waterlily I took while in China during summer 2006:

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I'm almost squinting here...but yeah. I like how it came out (I didn't edit the lighting, btw)
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#75 Old 30th Jul 2007 at 3:49 PM
I just found this thread! >happy dance<
Here are a few of my photos (a very few).
Click the thumbnails for larger pics:

From the Cleveland Botanical Gardens:

I don't take many photos of people, but I loved this man's face:
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