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#51 Old 20th May 2011 at 4:12 PM
Taliah great to see you again ! Welcome darkwingeddoll ! if you need any help then just give a holla, Someone will know what to do hopefully lol Did you build a building for the sims? I think this challenge is impossible without it. You NEED to get inside to get those temps down. Yes it was Rome !! Actually Athens, Santorini, Malta, Sciliy, Sorrento and Rome :-D but whos counting lol It was a cruise. And in Sorrento we crossed the Bay of Naples and went to Pompeii for the day so you can imagine the inspiration I got there ! First time ever that I ran out of memory for my camera - over 500 pics in total for a 10 day trip so not too bad lol And I would go back to Rome in a heartbeat. We didnt even get to see it all even tho we were there for 2 days - definitely needed more time. But the Vatican can take up the better part of a full day all on its own. When I get my camera hooked up and the pics downloaded I will try to post some on the blog for you to see - hopefully some of the 500 turned out decent :-P

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#52 Old 21st May 2011 at 6:01 PM
Wow Anna, what an experience you had! I learned to take along a couple of thumb drives to download my pictures to. I am a shutter bug to say the least.

VT, I wish you would have told me you had glitches in your hood. I might have been able to fix it before you had to bomb it. The next time you have a glitch, try sending one sim in each household to a community lot and then right back again. It unglitches it the household apt. I stumbled this fix by accident. The other headache saving trick is to place your buildings to the lot and homes bin before you move any sims in. It saves you lots of time having to rebuild them.

I'm off to update my weebly page,
Hugs, Debs
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#53 Old 21st May 2011 at 6:21 PM
Wow. this is exactly the type of think i've been looking for, i'm starting right away. now.
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#54 Old 21st May 2011 at 7:07 PM
Thanks for the tips, Debs. I really wish I'd known that. My original ToTM crew will be greatly missed - would it be cheating to just recreate them as closely as possible and pick up more or less where I left off? I could always say they migrated again... yes, I think I'll do that. Vortex and Wildfire are one tough couple, after surviving the mutant apocalypse they wouldn't let a little glitch stop them. And I'm sure the singles would be more than happy to continue their shenanigans too. I'll go do that now.

- VT

edit: Anna, you get those pictures up, and make it snappy. (Pictures, snappy, get it? Well, it was worth a try.) I'd love to see what you've seen and done in Rome (and all those other places).
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#55 Old 22nd May 2011 at 2:13 AM
Well since my original post i played and played and played. I've created the hood, the original 56 lots, all the families, It's been a trip to say the least i played each family for a few weeks each, long enough to get several children in one or two families. I have lost spouses to grimmy. So there is one single father with his only son, a single mother with a daughter, and a boy girl twin set. i don't know what i would do with bass and squash meals.. Good luck teaching your toddlers anything!! it's a nightmare in these conditions! Since i have a LOT of free tie in the next couple weeks, I Have some questions since i plan to plow ahead.

What is the process for grown children to marry? do they marry members of the other families, or do we CAS them a spouse?

I've noticed some of the children bring friends home from school, usually members of the other 4 families. I have done my best to send them away ASAP, but the children have friendships created just from attending school. What do you suggest here, do i just keep sending them away when they come home with the kids?

Can we give Neanderthals beach lots or no?

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#56 Old 22nd May 2011 at 6:12 AM
Wow O_O you did all that in just one day?! That deserves a medal. I'm impressed. And you seem to be having a great time of it already ^_^ thanks to Grimmy. How interesting the next few rounds should be.

From the original rules:

---1) There is to be only bloodlines going from your original families. Starting with the Roman stage, you may also add one single adult CAS sim per family to the mix. These sims may be of any class, however choose wisely.---

Yeah well although I'm sure Neanderthals interbred like rabbits, the game doesn't allow that too easily so I added a new CAS couple when my gen 2 kids had grown up and moved out/started their own families. I plan to do that every generation as otherwise everyone will be related and nobody will be allowed to marry; which is a shame because if you look up the Romans they seemed to pretty much prefer their first cousins - keeping blood lines strong and all that good stuff huh. And yes - children of age to marry *cough* taliah uses this term lightly coz she is naughty *cough* marry those also of age from other families.

For the other children brought home from school - all townies, NPCs etc must be sent away, but kids of other families are allowed to stay.

As for the beach lots - why not? ^_^

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#57 Old 22nd May 2011 at 9:35 AM
i changed it a bit.i added a monarch in victorian age.obvioussly,it queen vic.and i had a rule that you have to kill albert five days before he becomes an elder.also,they must have the same amount of kids as they did in real life.bassicly,you have to copy their life.
#58 Old 22nd May 2011 at 1:21 PM
I'm going to give this challenge a go since I need a change of pace from my normal playing which has gotten rather boring and all of you seem to be having a lot of fun. However since historical stuff doesn't appeal to me, I'm going to alter things just a bit. I'll stick to the rules as much as I can, but like VT has his/her mutants, mine will be a group of aliens sent out from their dying home planet to colonize elsewhere. And they crash landed in my sim game, thus destroying any alien technology they posses. I'll get started just as soon as I finish organizing my DLs folder, which is rather large and only organized by the site I found the item on, thus leading to great headaches trying to find a single piece of content. However I'm almost (i hope!) finished so should be able to start playing this tomorrow, but hopefully later today. Anyway, off to play with Delphy's Download Organizer.

Two questions: One: hacks are allowed right? 'Cause my game is rather heavily hacked to squelch alot of sim annoyances. And Two: when splitting children off to their own households and assigning them the same amount of funds as their parent household, is that number the amount in the bank or the household's net worth (as visible from neighborhood view)? those tend to be very different numbers (especially as the value of household possessions get larger).

Thanks and I'll be back later (or tomorrow, one or the other) ~VP

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#59 Old 22nd May 2011 at 1:29 PM Last edited by Lady Scarlet : 7th Jul 2011 at 11:06 AM.
I'm back ^^ I played more and I can't wait my sims to get into the Roman Empire and Dark Ages ^^ (I already downloaded lots of things perfect for those stages).But, until then ...

The Afia family now has 5 children: Adaeze (who's now a teen and already has a child with Esi Chidi, Adisa), Ama, Dayo and the twins Aliyah and Anisa.I wanted to make the game a little more interesting so at least one of the children from each family will have to die sooner or later.For this family, poor Anisa will have to die in her teens (13 days old).I think I'll miss her, because she's a really cute toddler.

The Chidi's have 4 children and one grand-daughter: Esi (a teen now, she has a daughter with Adaeze Afia, Adisa), Bongani, Anan (he's the one who is gonna have to die as a 27 days old Adult) and Abimbola.

Desta family has 4 children and another on the way: Arawn, twins Anuli and Awti and Baako (poor kid is gonna die as a 5 days old Adult).As I just said, Neka is going to give birth to another baby very soon.

Adripin and Zerdali Ime have 5 children: Nahele, Imanu (the albinous girl), Chichi (well, they had another white child O.O ) and the twin Dada and Enu.Dada has Skin 1, just like her father, while her sister has Skin 4.

Kgosi family has 5 children: Eshe, Femi, Dakarai, Achieng and Ige(sadly, he'll die as a 2 dayls old child).Emem is now a plant sim, but that is kind of an advantage for my game, since they have so many kids to take care of and it's complicated to look after all of them (and, with only three simple motive bars ... Emem is a great sim ^^ ).

Adaeze Afia and Esi Chidi got married and moved together with their child, Adisa (kind of ... weird, because Esi got her husband's family name, while her daughter kept her mother's maiden name >.> ).Esi is also pregnant again ^^
So, generation 2, here I come ! ^^ One more generation and they'll have to change their life style and put on their roman togas ^^
I'll post some photos of the teenagers later ^.~

I'm really having fun with this challenge, so I'll keep playing as much as I can ^^ Guess I'll be busy this summer ^^
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#60 Old 22nd May 2011 at 5:18 PM
Thanks for Answering those questions for me Taliah,
I'm so happy to know i can make CAS spouses for my second gen I've been playing long and hard and i was trying to workout couples from the 5 families only. it just wasn't working the way i'd hoped, Where i could pair a few up here and there, i was left with more males than females to go around, and i'm very excited to get some new DNA in there.
Thanks again! i'm about 5 minutes away from spending the rest of the day and night in my hood!
Happy playing!
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#61 Old 22nd May 2011 at 5:23 PM
Also! I wanted to add that I've had to add small 3x3 shacks to the properties after a couple harvests. The sunstroke was making me lose entire second generation children groupings to Social services. which is Extremely Un-Neanderthal. lol I have one family that lost 5 kids to social services, and aside from their eldest teen son, it was craptastic, i had them start over once the shack was built and it seemed to solve all future fainting spell social service problems. I'm going to be kind of bummed about it,as they had a daughter i was rather fond of! and they ended up with 4 sons on top of the lost 5 children, before mama died. ah well! that brings me to a probably dumb question.

Where do kids taken away go? they remain on the family trees, and relationship screens, but i wonder can they be adopted? likely not?
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#62 Old 22nd May 2011 at 5:44 PM
Adopt away! Social services is where adoptions come from. Last taken, first in the queue (which is going to be weird for the ages).

However, people who've had children taken away are not considered good candidates for adoption, so they can't go straight back into the families they came from. Also their memories will be messed up, I believe. I've only ever adopted one toddler that was taken by social services, and he has relationships with all his former siblings, but no memory of anything prior to being adopted. I've read on here that adopted children forget their first set of parents?

Taken by social services doesn't happen in hunter-gatherer societies, but child death is common and children who are orphaned are routinely farmed into their nearest kin's family or taken over by mothers who have lost kids, so you can still make it work.

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#63 Old 22nd May 2011 at 6:05 PM
Thanks, great points.

So that brings me to a new question. the Rules state

"7) Everytime someone marries out of their social class, they are to take on the higher of the two classes.."

So where I have a poor chap and his teen son, (mother died after childbirth) they happen to be skin 4, i'm not big on the racial undertones in this challenge. and i think the emperor will go to highest family funds . regardless of colour. but in this round, i'm going with it. and so if the skin 4 adopts these skin 1 children. Does he and his son move up to the higher class, or do the kids become lower class?
#64 Old 22nd May 2011 at 7:14 PM
if i understand the rules correctly, class doesn't start until the roman age, so your skin 1 kids with the skin 4 adoptive parent won't suffer for something way beyond their control.

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#65 Old 23rd May 2011 at 2:10 AM
Excellent thanks!
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#66 Old 23rd May 2011 at 8:41 AM
Wow, I've missed a lot of posts. So many new Simmers playing this challenge! And VP (this might get confusing, having a VP and a VT on the thread... all we need now is a VQ, VR and VS! ) just so you know, I am a girl. Good to know I'm not the only non-historical Simmer out there.

- VT
#67 Old 23rd May 2011 at 12:33 PM Last edited by VioletPadfoot : 23rd May 2011 at 12:34 PM. Reason: adding a comment
VT, good to know. And having that many Vwhatevers would start to get annoying eventually. If only for the reason of all of us getting confused as to who said/did what. It would however be at least somewhat amusing for a while. But anyway, this challenge is beginning to slightly annoy me already and I haven't even created anyone yet. But that's b/c I decided I needed special default skins for this and they are proving to be difficult to get the way I want them. However, once I do, my aliens will look completely awesome. That and my story line involves the skins for some part. I wish this skin would hurry up and cooperate already 'cause i really want to get to playing. Ok now I'm off to go fiddle in SimPE some more. Hopefully the next time I post will be after having had played a bit. ~VP

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#68 Old 24th May 2011 at 9:31 AM
That would definitely be a few V's too many. (It is a little strange that both of us non-historical players are V-somethings, I think...) Anyway, good luck getting your skins to work. I have to say I really admire SimPE users for both knowing how to work it and not being too chicken to download something like that, like I am. You start playing soon, y'hear?

- VT
#69 Old 24th May 2011 at 10:29 AM Last edited by VioletPadfoot : 25th May 2011 at 3:00 PM. Reason: didn't want to double post
Definitely starting today. Got the skin file working beautifully. Just have to make my founders. The females are done, but I realized as I was making the first male that I have no clothes that work with how I want them to look. So I had to go find some. Found a few that will do, but aren't perfect, but since I'm not in the mood to do recolors right now, I'll deal. There is a distinct lack of male sci fi clothing unless you want stuff modeled after a TV show or movie. That or I really need to refine my search skills. And really SimPE isn't hard to use, once you know what your doing (tutorials are wonderful). It used to scare the crap out of me and I only got it in the first place to recategorize clothes, but once I decided I wanted to create stuff and started really using it, the fear just went away. Anyway, I'm off to make those last five sims now. See y'all later! ~VP

EDIT 5/25 (only b/c I'm against double posting): So still haven't started yet... I blame the clothes. All the males were going to be stuck in the exact same thing while the females had different colored versions of the same thing. So I had to recolor the males' stuff so it matches the female. And I then had to alter the alpha and stole a part from the females' outfit. But now they'll all look awesome, and match so it appears they all came from the same ship... I so wouldn't worry about this if i weren't planning on taking pictures. *sigh* ok now I really will make the last of those sims and hopefully start playing before I go to bed.~VP

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#70 Old 26th May 2011 at 2:48 AM
Hi friends, Wow we are sure growing by leaps and bounds here.

Welcome all you new players.

I am Debs, I have been playing this challenge since December, 2010. I am on Neanderthal era, generation 2. I am playing a little diffrent as well, I started my challenge from a book I read. Johanna Lindsey's Warrior Woman. It is very loosly based, as to say I used the names in the book and a little of the begining of the story. I keep a Weebly webpage using my name. You can see my story progression there if you are interested. I update it each weekend.

So far my couples are all paired up and ready to pop with their first babies. I still need to build their tree houses in my Sea Clan hood, and I decided to dig daylight basements for my Sand Clan. I plan on earning the funds by beachcombing and digging for buried treasure. Yes, I am mashing up the rules a bit, It is ok, my friend starsaphire and I are making them up as we go along.

Well, the power keeps going on and off, the winds are at 30 to 55 mph today, so I dont want to lose my game or computer.
Hope you all have fun.
Hugs, Debs
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#71 Old 26th May 2011 at 4:15 AM
This challenge is so fun! I've done a few short challenges and I wanted to try a longer one and I found this and it was so interesting, I started it right away.

I've just started round 2 in Generation 1 and its hard having a constantly pregnant female Sim, a bunch of kids, toddlers and babies running around the lot. Even though I built them a small shelter, they all constantly get heat stroke! Its definitely a challenge, but I'm enjoying it so far! I can't wait to get into Roman times, I already have a ton of ideas and community lots I want to build :D
#72 Old 28th May 2011 at 5:23 PM
I took some more photos of the teenagers.
Adaeze and Esi Afia are just married and have two children: Adisa (she'll turn into teenager in two days) and newborn baby Afolabi.

Adaeze Afia

Esi Afia

Adisa Chidi (she kept her mother's maiden name, because she was born when her parents weren't married ^^" )

More photos later ^^
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#73 Old 3rd Jun 2011 at 9:01 PM
Hi.... where's everyone gone? VT is still here, even if no one else is. And guess what? I've decided to become a CC creator - and not give up this time. (Most of the stuff that other Simmers create just didn't suit my weird tastes, and what did wasn't enough to build a 'hood on, so...)

So yes, I'll be taking a break from Simming as I learn how to texture and mesh and create objects and the like. I'll also be starting an all-new ToTM, since I've completely reinstalled and cleared out most of my old downloads. Only this time, it won't even be poking Earth with a stick.

Anyone still here with stories of their own to share?

- VT
#74 Old 4th Jun 2011 at 12:54 AM
I'm still here VT. Just haven't played ToT in a while in favor of my Prosperity Challenge. Currently my founders are all on the same lot and getting to know one another so that the baby making may commence.

Good luck on learning to create stuff. Its not all too hard once you figure out what you're doing. For me the hardest part is meshing. And trying to do something in SimPE w/o clear instructions/a tutorial. And I want to see what you create, ya know, after you get through all the beginner tutorials. ~VP

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#75 Old 4th Jun 2011 at 8:59 PM
I started this challenge today. It's really hard but so much fun!! Is anyone else having trouble with their Neanderthal families fainting of heatstroke?

I don't know whether I'll be able to complete it, it seems like some sort of mutated monster-legacy! :L

It's really interesting to read other people's experiences and to know what I've got to look forward to (or to get sleepless nights about!)
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