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#26 Old 29th Nov 2011 at 5:01 AM
Congratulations Bonnie! Have fun paving the world pink.. get her a pink Tonka Truck. :0)

~ porkypine

p.s. Perhaps you might want to connect with pixelhate to see what TS2 project you two might want to work on. I didn't get a lot down over the holidays but I did finish the mesh and the UV mapping for the bridle. I have to work on the textures.
#27 Old 29th Nov 2011 at 9:44 AM
Seems the perfect timing to jump in !
Hi everyone, congrats Bonnie and long and happy life to the new little person !

So yeah, if your group is still working on TS2 stuff, if it involves texturing and if you accept me, I'd be happy to play together ...


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#28 Old 29th Nov 2011 at 1:24 PM
Pix -- What would you 'like' to texture? So far, my efforts to mesh tipi windows has been unsatisfactory, and no inspiration has arrived for other options.

Porky -- pink tonka truck? hadn't even noticed those. Maybe I can convince her uncles that a truck would be better than this really cute pink .22 they found. (Not that I object to the .22, just that she should be old enough & reliable enough to actually use it before she gets it.)

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#29 Old 29th Nov 2011 at 3:58 PM
if it's not the right time, I'll come back later, otherwise anything that is not on the rush and helps me to enlarge my horizon is fine... you propose ?

Pink Tonka Trucks

Understand Material definition-TXMT and customize the look of your objects ! This way

"The longer something exists in this world, the more wear and tear it will have."
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#30 Old 3rd Dec 2011 at 8:15 PM Last edited by porkypine : 3rd Dec 2011 at 9:12 PM.
Hey guys! I really suck at textures and prefer meshing. I'll set the TS3 bridle texturing aside for a little while. I'm glad you are here. I can make up some ribbon shirt and simple wing dress mesh if you guys want to texture those. For Sims2. Ribbon shirts are calico - any pattern, with ribbons across the upper chest and they have 2 dangles of matching ribbons in front and in back - the ribbons are 4 colors, the calico pattern can be anything. flowers, stripes, solids, etc. You can make a whole assortment of recolors. I can get the bases out pretty quickly and you guys can make a bunch or recolors for it and when you have bug checked them you can upload them for multicultural theme. :0) You'll want to release each age and sex separately because of the current download categories to make sure they get into the right area. I'll get busy now. The first ones will be men's ribbon shirts for young adult/adult/elder. Full body mesh because the shirts are long and untucked. For variety, you can take any tucked western shirt and put ribbons on those too.

Ribbon shirts modern 'traditional' formal wear and worn at pow-wows, ceremonies, etc. the dangles represent 'traditional' and usually a sun dancer for plains tribes but ribbon shirts are universal 'traditional' wear in various colors/patterns and ribbon placement.

Wing dresses/T dresses are calico and have ribbons also. They are worn at pow-wows or ceremony. I'll snag a couple of images for you so you can start gathering your texture bases.

Men's boys Ribbon shirts are always long sleeved. Some have collars and others don't. Here's some images of typical designs .

Here are some women's fabric dresses - They can be red wool, satin, calico, etc.

I will give you guys good uv maps for the texture layouts. and I'll make them base game compatible.
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