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#51 Old 4th Aug 2013 at 6:02 PM
Well for me, I really can't stand all the "Sims Store" stuff they're trying to shove down my throat. I was okay with there being a shopping bag button in the corner, but now that I could accidentally go to a random website with the click of a button... It just annoys me. I don't want to spend 10 bucks on a virtual couch.

Also, all the Facebook and social media connectivity everywhere gets on my nerves! Just let me play the game, EA! My friends don't need to hear that my Sims tried for a baby.

And at school, a lot of people know about TS3 and play it. But with TS2, it's like my own special game since everyone else moved onto TS3.

Oh, did I mention that I love how easy it is to edit my Sims 2 neighborhood? It's really fun being able to decorate and get creative!
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#52 Old 19th Aug 2013 at 7:00 PM
I like TS2 because:
1. You can customize your neighborhood more easily.
2. What you see is what you get in Create-a-Sim. You don't end up making a sculpted beauty in CAS that looks like a freak in game like in the Sims 3.
3. Because TS2 is a retired game, more of the good content out there is free than it would be in TS3.
4. Genetics! You should not be able to inherit your mother's pink highlights!
5. Babies with feet. Also, the babies don't have a social need so I can have my sims do other things and not have to cuddle the baby every hour or so.
6. Aspirations/Wants/Fears. This makes it more of a challenge to keep your sims happy, and gives them more character.
7. More detailed graphics; less pudding.

The list goes on but I have to get off the computer now. I could write a book about TS2>>>>TS3.

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5th Oct 2014 at 4:27 AM
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There's simply more things to do.
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