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This is Cassandra Lothario in my game. I gave her a somewhat happy ending, by marrying him to Don. He promised to be faithful but cheats eventually.

Speaking of the devil, this is Don. Didn't change that much!

And Alexander Goth, he moved in with them when Mortimer passed away!
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@lipe2K: What eyes are you using, they are awesome!
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Default Goth Family
Here's the Goth family, post-makeover:




Test Subject
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I've never really done much with the Maxis Sims, but seeing all these lovely remakes/updates/make-overs made me want to try a few families out. Here's how the Curious gang turned out.


Pascal and his daughter Sasha

Lazlo and Nervous Subject. Nervous ended up moving in with the Curious brothers since he was on the lot practically all the time anyway. He and Lazlo somehow ended up being besties and now they are happily engaged.
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Malcolm got an emotional breakdown :/
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Just a few things that occurred during my last few sessions:

Olive Specter shows she can be nice... to plants.

I had no say in this one; I'm not sure who instigated it, Buck Grunt or Lucy Burb, but it was so cute I had to whip out the camera!

The Capp heiress after a quick makeover.

Still SimGod's gift to women then, Romeo? Even after he erm, struck you with a lightning bolt?

No need to use my full name, "Selly" will do just fine.
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Here's my made over Pleasant family. I'm not too pleased with how Daniel turned out, but the others came out okay enough.




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Sharon Wirth & Kristen Loste

Titania Summerdream & John Mole

Sharon Wirth & Marcel Jocque

Kristen Loste & Edward Contrary

Patricia Wang & Victor Aspir

If you leave me now…
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Jacob & Cleo

Betty & Katherine

Andrew & Jessica

If you leave me now…
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Matthew Jessica Priya Sanjay

If you leave me now…
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Sharon Wirth & Malcom Landgrab

If you leave me now…
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I can't believe they're Ottomai!!!These triplets were born to Samantha in my Riverblossom Hills. I didn't quit without saving and try again at all. I cannot believe how well they turned out considering their lineage. Although I knew somewhat okay looking kids were possible with Peter & Samantha, I think the likelihood of all 3 like this is rare. Yes, they're still Ottomai but I think they're great.

Meet Evelyn, Theresa, and Angelina:

And I cheated to see what teen years would bring them, but then quit without saving.
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hweldon81: Wow, they all look a lot like Sharla!

Gilbert Jacquet suddenly wonders if he's stumbled into a trap.

(The black-haired lady with the waterballoon is former downtownie teen Breanna Grove, while Chloe Curious distracts Gilbert.)

My CC creations, updated April 21, 2015.

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Oh boy... I miss these guys! *Needs to replace broken base game disc* I love all your pictures.
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We must all bear in mind the 4-picture limit.

Major Peter Ottomas took his wife Samantha on a date, and who should they see upon exiting the photobooth but his CO? "Oh, um - hi, General!"
"That isn't exactly regulation use of a photobooth, Ottomas."
"I wasn't aware there was a regulation use, sir."
"There's a regulation use for everything! Fortunately, Strangebrewski's isn't government property. Carry on."

The General is one thing, but Samantha doesn't want Brittany Wendtland's opinion on photobooth woohoo or anything else. (That's social townie Kaylynn Spitzig playing pool with the General in the background; I'm real pleased with how she came out when I gussied her up.)

PT9 is happy Johnny came home for Sunday dinner. He misses his big boy.

Johnny isn't as close to his mother as he is to his dad, but he's not afraid to speak to her frankly about his life. She and PT9 are both impatient for Johnny to graduate, marry, and start with the grandkids already.

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In the process of giving makeovers to a few townies in preparation of future marriages. Just finished Brandi LeTourneau didn't do much to her facial structure but did tweak it here and there.

Frankly my dear I'd rather be playing sims :P
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Default Huh
Maxis did a decent job.
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An elegantly gussied-up Dora Ottomas of Widespot prepares breakfast for her grandchildren. She's the only one in the family who can cook without starting a fire, and besides Peter and Samantha are exhausted from woohooing all night.

I haven't gussied up the rest of the Ottomai in Widespot yet, though. David is worried that his grandmother won't think his grades cut the mustard.

But Grandma is in fact very understanding. When they both get back from their part-time jobs, she at once offers to help him with that pesky geometry homework. David is Dora's favorite, very much Grandma's boy.

Too bad Grandma'd already left for work when Sharla brought home her A+, because Samantha was too wiped to get excited about it.

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
(My simblr isSim Media Res . Widespot,Widespot RFD: The Subhood, and Land Grant University are all available here. In case you care.)
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#69 Old 25th Feb 2013 at 5:09 PM
I'm taking a little break from the restrictions of my medieval neighborhood and downloaded reversed Plesantview

Lilith and Dirk (newly renamed Nuru and Derica) cuddling in Nuru's parent's bed

Mary-sue (Mario) catches the duo woohooing oh my "Nuru why?" "Oh now you pay attention to me, what a shock that you actually took time away from admiring your perfect son Agnolo."

Danielle Pleasant is not half bad looking actually

Frankly my dear I'd rather be playing sims :P
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I love this thread there are so many ways to take a single story and you can see them all here
#71 Old 3rd Mar 2013 at 2:51 AM
Lilith Pleasant

Lola and Chloe

Don Lothario

“Seize the time... Live now! Make now always the most precious time. Now will never come again.” ― Jean-Luc Picard
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Don approves of his new looks.

Cassie is bar hopping looking for a man!

Nina at her sister's wedding.

Daniel Pleasant


The whole gang for a party

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Anyone who's read the play should know how this is going to turn out...

Yes, that's Romeo jumping into Tybalt and Mercutio's fight at the Summerdream get-together. Jumping the gun a bit, aren't we?

Oberon and Titania got married that night. Romeo clearly tried to keep Tybalt and Mercutio apart during the handfasting, but once it was over...

Romeo and Tybalt started fighting as soon as they stood up! I really wish the way the game runs would let chairs go flying...

At least there's one peaceful picture; Puck and Hermia have agreed to go steady! Bottom looks doubtful, however...
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Alexandra O'Mackey Cassandra Goth Sandra Roth

Alexandra O'Mackey General Buzz Grunt

Tank Grunt Buck Grunt

Pauline Aspir Nervous Subject

If you leave me now…
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Isn't this pretty? This was taken just after Dina and Mortimer had ACR-WooHoo in the hot tub, just as the sun was setting...

Nina may believe in free love, but the new Don Goth's bride does not!

I know it's just the angle (she was stomping her foot before slapping Don), but that looks like it might be painful to him...ah well, serves him right for bringing his wife and all his lovers on an outing.

Apparently Kaylynn Langerak is one of those Family Sims who will be jealous no matter what, romancemod or not. What a drama llama!
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