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#51 Old 23rd Aug 2012 at 8:28 PM
Random semi-old Upsnott-Smith picture dump.

Brenda is too focused on her conversation to notice her stepson shagging someone right behind her. Either that, or she doesn't care.


Britt wants to be just like his dad!

Britt isn't too fond of the idea of following in his father's footsteps, anymore, but he still likes to walk around nekkid.

"Hey, put some clothes on, asshole."
"Because I don't want to see your dick."
"My girlfriend does."
"Well, she isn't here. Now, stop blinding me with your nudity and put something on."

Kato doesn't care about Britt as much as he does about his grades.
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#52 Old 24th Aug 2012 at 10:41 PM
More stupid accident´s lol

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Have you ever walked into a room & forgot why you went in there?
What if God is playing The Sims & he just cancelled your action.
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#54 Old 25th Aug 2012 at 11:17 PM
Two baby daddies have small talk.

"What's up, Colin?"
"Nothing, doing a bit of homework."
"How's the daughter?"
"She still snogging your son, which I take as a good thing."
"Well, they're a cute couple. Good for them."

"Speaking of couples, who's the babe that just walked out?"
"Er, Kaylynn Smith."
"She's a cutie."
"She's a Face One generic, how interesting."
"And a callipygian."
"Ugh, what are you talking about? There's nothing there to even grab at. You have a bad taste in girls. Is your turn-on boring and ugly?"
"Hey, Natalie was neither boring or ugly. That was a fun night. Man."
"Of course she would have the experience to produce a good bang, she's a dirty cumdumpster."

"Look, I'm going through a dry spell, here. I need to get laid."
"You need to calm down, before you impregnate someone else."
"Says the man with triplets!"
"They're good boys. I wish I was there to watch them grow up. You should be satisfied with your girl."
"I don't want a baby, Irfan! I just want a bit of nookie!"

"Colin, where are you going?"
"I am going to get that girl's number, boring face or not."
"We have a final tomorrow."
"I don't care! I am not going to spend another day in the corner with a playboy! Since anyway, we're dormies! Grades don't matter, because we're never going to graduate!"
"Suit yourself."
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#55 Old 26th Aug 2012 at 5:17 AM

Brady Estic primps before expressing his gratitude to the Diva for letting him crash at her place.

Brady's daughter Margaret seems to be eating a Takemizu Village specialty in Three Lakes.

Over at La Fiesta Tech, Gunnar Roque vows never, ever to look through Tank Grunt's telescope again. (And the player cusses, because this is two alien abductions in a row that can't result in alien pregnancy and I've been trying to get Merlin or Harris Hawkins abducted and pregnant for ages!)

He's embarrassed, but apparently having an expert sharing the house with him loosens him up. "Dude," says Tank, "you need to get yourself checked out! There's still rogue Pollination Techs out there. Two of the researchers at my dad's top-secret facility have top-secret alien babies!"

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@Flarz - you take the funniest pictures


Fabian is beggining to regret this whole dog thing...

Hannah and Caleb are definately warming up to eachother. Such advanced conversation!

Finally, here's some kids playing in the sprinkler.
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A couple pics from New Amsterdam City (main hood: Golden Plains)

Headed home after dinner and dancing with his girlfriend at the five-star Republic Hotel. Also a fabulous wedding venue. Rooms $1000 per night and up. Reservations available upon request.

Jack Littlebird, pianist and leader of the Jack Littlebird Orchestra. Big band musicians were the rockstars of their day... he's a Romance sim... so, yeah. Sleazeball. He's got a good band, though.
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ella_in_wonderland Thank you Haha the main problem with pets. You feed them and then...they "show" you how much they love you lol. ;-)

Is it a cab, or a bird cage?

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Agnes "kills pain with vodka".

Then she knit a bit.

...after that it´s time for search and destroy.

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This is apparently what happens when witch/warlock Sims fly a bit too high into the sky. Looks like it hurts alot.

Before they disappear off the lot, their glasses get all foggy. I thought it was pretty cool.

I find your wolfish grin...unsettling.

Taking a crap has never been so shocking...

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Well, you've gotten fat, Kato.
"I know."
Maybe you should do something about that.
"What's the point? Who cares?"

Look, your brother's working out. Why can't you?
"He has a girlfriend to look good for. I don't. I can't find one."
Not a single girl?
"Not any teens."
Don't worry. You have your dad's genes.
"Great, I'll become a cheating manwhore. Just my goal in life."
Have you tried flirting with anyone?
"I can try flirting with that red head I saw around here, just to prove it to you."

"You're pretty. Wanna hang out?"
"I don't know if you're hitting on me because we're both knowledge sims...but it's not gonna happen."
"Oh. Sorry. See, I told you I'm a bad flirter."
Your approach was all off, Kato. Not to mention, you were hitting on a lesbian.


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Even the Grim Reaper finds Olive to be an unnerving chess opponent:

My CC creations, updated April 21, 2015.

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Ponsonby is in the last leg of his adult life (12 days till elder), so I redid his outfit and banished the prescription sunglasses he had been wearing for so long. Hopefully this will be a signal of MATURITY. Which means NOT SLEEPING AROUND. I don't think he will, but I have my eye on him.

Anna also traded in her garb for something more sophisticated. I also threw on a ceiling, which was a pain to put up, but that isn't important.

They're still engraged at each other, but it is in the last eighth now, so it should be gone soon. They have rekindled their love, though. Married again, kids are happy, cuddling every night...

And there's a baby on the way!

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#64 Old 30th Aug 2012 at 4:52 PM

Dominic's really missing his little brother and sister and all the kids he used to hang out with. So he throws a party for them, inviting his girlfriend Heidi as well. He takes care to introduce everybody to her; but somehow or other he winds up spending half the party talking to his old girlfriend, Honey Beare, who won't be coming to Sim State for another couple of semesters. Her mother just had another little girl, and - well - there's a lot to catch up on. (Poor Heidi. I have a feeling her tenure as Dominic's girlfriend will be over soon.)

Why are these sims smiling? From left to right: Lisandro influenced Jovita to flirt with George; George got flirted with and John Amos lost his love tags with Jovita; Marsha sees that her cousin John Amos sees he has no reason to feel torn between her nephew George's fiancee Jovita and his own fiancee Rosemary, and she can stop being in the middle of an untenable situation about which she can do absolutely nothing. And John Amos, son and grandson of master gardeners, has a pocketful of mouthwatering strawberries that can shorten the time people waste being furious about it all.

"See?" Jeremiah is fairly shining with goodwill. "Everything's working out for the best. I told you they would, Marsha. Marsha was fit to be tied, y'all - I thought she was going to kick Jovita out, the way she jerked both of them around."
"She was using her powers for evil! I was teaching John Amos chess before he ever knew any of y'all existed - well, not you, Dominic - and I know how all this threw him even if y'all don't!"
"Oh, I know," says Rosemary. "If Lisandro hadn't gotten to her first I was going to influence her to flirt with George, myself. I didn't need that hanging over my head!"
"Well, but you also know, he got engaged to you after she revenge-flirted him," Dominic points out. "He's a little confused, but he's committed."
"Speaking of which -" says Marsha.
"We're not talking about me right now!" Dominic starts to whistle. "La-la-la-not-listening!"

Meanwhile, on Twikki Island, Naomi Gavigan is vacationing with her brother and his wife's family. "What the hell are they doing?"
"Well, from the sound of it, about now's when they switch from sixty-nine to -"
"No, I mean - do they think we don't know? Why not just rut in the middle of the street?"
"They'd get gravel in their knees if they did that."

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Random Event #1

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#66 Old 31st Aug 2012 at 2:39 PM
Teddy is Agnes no backward..noo..uhm

#67 Old 1st Sep 2012 at 12:42 AM Last edited by McChoclatey : 1st Sep 2012 at 3:38 AM.

Betch thought she was about to just randomly insult Nostrum after watching him play with his son. So, knowing Nostrum with all his 0 nice points would love to pick a fight, I x'd it out and had him insult her instead.

And might I say it was a low blow...Pointing out her chest size, Nostrum? That's just cold!

And then she cried.

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#68 Old 1st Sep 2012 at 5:45 PM
I decided to replace my default eyes (again), but with this time, I worked with SimPE and made and chose my own default replacement eyes using CuriousB's Let it Be eyes. :D

Avarice showing off my choice for light blue.

Erin with green

Lazlo with brown.

Phil with gray.

and nobody in that house has dark blue eyes. You get the gist, though.

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#69 Old 3rd Sep 2012 at 8:12 PM
How long did it take me to decide that cloning and aging the Curious Bros., Loki, Nervous, and certain of Aegagropilon's Subjects down to teen was my most awesome simming idea ever?




I'm about to spam a bunch of other threads, so fear not - you'll see better pictures soon.

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Some very random screenshots
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#71 Old 4th Sep 2012 at 4:20 PM

"Morning, Jovita. I see you and George made up." I'm not sure why I like this picture; I just do.

Another shot of the immediate post-aging moment, showcasing Teen Pascal, Child Frieda, and Teen Lukey. I can't decide who's most adorable.

Lukey and Lazlo, united in sartorial misfortune, discover Lily's House of Transformation.

And return in time to walk to school, to find Lukey's little sister Frieda playing catch with Pascal. Unfortunately the game decided Frieda had an F, and wouldn't let her walk to school before nine, so I had to close without saving when the social worker showed up, get back in long enough for Lukey and Lazlo to get back, save before nine, and go into SimPE to give her a safe grade.I put their warehouse at the end of the rotation, so I won't be playing them for a little while, but I'm hoping they'll show up on community lots and come home from school with those who come before them. No luck so far, though - nobody came home with Ruby Gorey, and it was Sunday at the Stacks house. Lazlo did show up during an outing, but only after I'd given up at the approach of curfew and gotten everybody back into the car. But it'll happen.

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Just SOME of MY FaVE SIMMIEs who is a Mother of three and she’s a bit zany, loves to write, watch movies with her kiddies, and every now and again, she plays a few Video Games with them as well. She’s a bit of a space-ball at time (deep thinker), yet she's far from the Looney Bin.

Secondly, Darlene and Christine best Friends, and days away from College...on this night the two were waiting for their other best friends (Farah and Sarah) to arrive (Girly Sleep Over Indeed-y they had). It was a night of extreme laughter, scary movies, and hoards of talking about cute BOYS! Of the three Darlene is my ABSO FAVE.

Lastly, My Teens Simmies: Kym, Keysha, and Korey, well I have to say that Korey is my FAVORITE Simmie...he’s a simmie that I built about two years ago. About two months ago I FINALLY got a chance to play with them (YEE-HAW) (after my year and ½ Simmie Playing hiatus). Well, recently I started playing my game again (YIPPEE) and I am really enjoying playing their LOT! I was going to build an Alley Lot to place them in, BUT I later decided to build a Skater Lot instead (Skating Ring Area, Bathroom Area, Diner Area, Sitting Area, Gaming Area, Compute Area, Movie Area, AND Neat Sleeping Area). Korey and his friends are enjoying their Lot, so much so, that every school morning they rush out of bed and make a quick dash for the school bus, and after school, they sprint off the bus (merely saying Goodbye to friends). Once’s busy bodies here, busy bodies there…Homework—Eating and hoards of FUN.

*I'm Currently working on A LOT of Simmies (over 20 to be exact) AND A LOT of different types of Lots, I hope to have some pictures posted soon. Hope you enjoy and have a Great Day!!
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I just have to pop in and say; DAMN krazzy, your sims are awesome. They are definitely unique to you. I love them.
#74 Old 5th Sep 2012 at 6:31 AM
OH My Gosh thanks a lot Night Race, I so appreciate the comment, I only need one and YOU wrote it. I cannot wait to post even more. YIPPEEE!!!
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If you kill your sims...make sure, you dump them 6 feet under.

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