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The sim's name is "tester" . I originally used him to test cc. I noticed his photos take up 1/3 to 1/4 of the photos in the photo album. I seem to be having some problems posting and editing it keeps logging me in and out sorry for double post.
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simsample, thank you for helping me think this through. I decided to go ahead and delete all the "Tester" photos. I copied them all to a desktop folder and then save them to flash drive. I don't really miss them in the game. Started playing the sim again and taking new pictures anyhow! Trying not to take way too many. I sent him to magic town and he travelled there and back with no problems or glitches. I wonder if too many photos in photo album was the problem all along? I don't know for sure, but next time a sim becomes corrupt, their photo album will be the first thing to go. I miss the Newbies, they had to be eliminated. But maybe I could've saved them.
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Oh good, glad it worked and you are playing again!

PS Sim Sample started life as a testing sim in Sims 1, he was responsible for testing out the vacation lots I built and may have accidentally died a few times!

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