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Default Chapter 38 – House Warming

Elisha: You’re wearing a suit like always, still toiling away at work?

Miss Cristay: Elisha!! Hi, I didn’t notice you there! Um, I’m actually not, things have calmed down at work a bit!

Elisha: Well that’s great! Maybe now you have some more free time to enjoy life a bit!

Miss Cristay: Yeah, yeah, I guess so … I just, well I guess I suck at not having work to do!

Elisha: Hehehe .. don’t you worry, I’ll help you out. Rodney and I will take you out to somewhere nice and I’ll try to get his brother to join us!

Elisha: Yeah that will be great! It will give you an opportunity to wear a skirt or a dress, anything really as long as it’s not a suit!!

Miss Cristay: Well, you’re kinda putting me on the spot here, but I guess there’s no harm in it, so why not?

Elisha: Great, let me just get your number so we can set it up …

Miss Aqua: So do you like the lamp? It’s a little housewarming gift I thought would really bring the room together!

Mr.Blue: It looks good and I really appreciate it, but you do realize that just because I bought the place doesn’t mean I’m moving here, right?

Miss Aqua: Yeah I know, but I kinda felt guilty because I broke the last lamp that was here ..

Mr.Blue: Oh yeah yeah, right!!

Miss Aqua: Alright, so tell me. What’s the purpose behind getting this place?

Mr.Blue: Directly? Just spill it out? I don’t think so my dear, but I will tell you this: The obstacles of our past can become the gateways that lead to new beginnings …

Miss Aqua: Another quote, another riddle! But not to worry, I bet I can figure it out on my own soon enough

Mr.Blue: I hear an added belief in your capability to understand the underlying truths of our work! Well if that is the case, then do tell me why you think we sent off Clee to La Perdida Beach?

Miss Aqua: I’ll do you one better, I’ll go from the start! You wanted to get everyone who was a support for Arlene away from her! You started with getting Avarice away by breaking him and Clee up, which also got Clee weaker and less effective ..

Miss Aqua: Then you turned the Town’s public opinion against Arlene because she’s associated with her criminal sister, who is now far far away and - after their dispute – is not going to be there for Arlene anymore!

Miss Aqua: So now we have Arlene here to ourselves, unless something unexpected comes up to try and ruin our fun time with her ..

Miss Aqua: And of course, being the solid planners we are, we will be prepared for anything unexpected

Mr.Blue: Never has anyone impressed me with their deductive reasoning as you just have Chelsea, you got it spot on!

Miss Aqua: Thank you Blue, I learned from the best! And I’m really intrigued what we will do next. We got rid of the Queen, when do we go for check mate?

Mr.Blue: That is a question for another day …

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Default Chapter 39 – Surprise Visits

Jeno: And I thinks it is really suspicious that your problems started when these new investors happened to show up in town

Jeno: To me BPCI and this Mr.Blue that’s behind it seem dangerous, and I don’t trust them at all!

Arlene: Ok Jeno, I have work to get back to, you said this would be a little chat. Can you please get on with it? Why are you involving me?

Jeno: Well because of that time at the supermarket when I overheard you say that BPCI seemed familiar. I think you’ve encountered this company or someone related to it before ..

Jeno: So I was hoping you could try and jog your memory a bit, maybe remember something else that could help me put it all together!

Arlene: Jeno this sounds interesting and all, and I really wish I could help you more ..

Arlene: But right now I have too much on my mind, too much to figure out: I can’t keep living in a hotel so I need to find an apartment, the issue with Clee, work and all sorts of stuff!!

Arlene: All I can tell you now is that Blue Phoenix Corporations & Industries just sounds familiar! I don’t know how or why. I’m sorry but that’s it …

Arlene: Anyway, thank you for dropping by and checking up on me Jeno, but like I said, I have to get back to work

Clee: Ahhh! The sun, the fresh air, the music and the beautiful scenery!!!

Clee: I just love it here!!

Clee: Wait, music? What music?! I didn’t turn on any music!!

Clee: You have ten seconds to tell me why you’re in my hot tub before I call the cops!!!
Edwardo: Whoaa?! What?!?

Edwardo: Wait wait, it’s not what you think!!
Clee: Five seconds!!!

Edwardo: Look, hold on ok? I’m not a thief or anything; I didn’t know somebody lived here!! This place was always empty!

Clee: So what? If no one is here you just take liberty in using their hot tub??

Edwardo: Well, yeah, kinda!! I mean no one else was using it, it was just sitting there ..

Clee: It’s not yours! You shouldn’t use it!
Edwardo: I know! I’m sorry!
Clee: I should report you, I really should!

Edwardo: No please don’t!! Look, I usually come to swim down at the beach and I pass this place on my way; I noticed no one ever comes here so I had a look around, and when I found the hot tub I couldn’t resist! It became a habit to come have a dip on my way back home; it was harmless fun, believe me! I just chilled here, alone …

Clee: Fine, you don’t seem like a bad person so I won’t report you, but you have to stop using the hot tub without permission, this house is now inhabited
Edwardo: Thank you, I promise I won’t! I’m Edwardo by the way, sorry this was how I welcomed you to the neighborhood ..

Clee: Well you should really work on your introductions Edwardo! But anyway, my name is Clee
Edwardo: A beautiful name for a beautiful girl! You know what? Let me make it up to you, why don’t I show you around?

Clee: One minute ago I thought you were a dangerous intruder, and now you want to ‘show me around’?

Edwardo: Yeah, why not? You’re new here and I owe you one for the scare I gave you, the least I can do is give you a tour!!
Clee: You really don't understand the reason for my concern ..

Clee: But I’m here to experience something new, so why not? I’ll take the risk!

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Default Chapter 40 – Not Unexpected

Adriana: You never fail to impress with your culinary skills! I think I speak for all of us here when I say we’re glad you invited us over!!

Mrs.Bremen: Thanks Adriana darling, I enjoy having you gals over ..

Mrs.Bremen: Now, what shall we talk about?
Gwen: How about Arlene?

Gwen: Did you find out what eventually happened with her?

Mrs.Bremen: Last I heard she was on probation at the hospital and that she moved out of her sister's house

Mrs.Bremen: Poor thing, she was unlucky with what happened. You feel sympathy with her for being backstabbed like that …

Gwen: You do, but what Clee did, it was just terrible ..

Mrs.Bremen: It is, and sometimes you feel like you can’t believe she actually did it ..

Mrs.Bremen: But then at other times, you can’t help but feel that it’s not that unexpected from her!

Miss Aqua: Blue, I can’t help but feel that this place is important to you, and that means it must be important to Arlene .. but how is it so if Clee bought this house way before Arlene moved in?

Mr.Blue: Originally, the house that stood here was the one they grew up in. But their parents’ house changed hands and was eventually demolished before this new house was built on the lot ..

Mr.Blue: When Clee had enough money she bought this place back, and when Arlene came back she moved in too! To them, it felt like home again!

Mr.Blue: But tell me ..

Mr.Blue: How come you’re calling me just ‘Blue’ recently?

Miss Aqua: Well, I think we’ve reached a level of trust in our relationship where we can do away with formalities! And also, I like it better!

Mr.Blue: Hehe, so you just decided that on your own?

Miss Aqua: Yes! And that is how it will be!

Mr.Blue: Well if we have that much trust as you say we do, I trust Joe’s dead body is still buried near the cottage?

Miss Aqua: Yeah, it is .. wait, I never told you that, how did you know!?

Mr.Blue: You ask that like you’ve forgotten you ever met me! Did you really think I wouldn’t be able to put the pieces together?

Miss Aqua: Oh! Right! I should’ve seen that coming .. if drawing conclusions was an art, you’d be Picasso!!
Mr.Blue: Why thank you my dear, that is flattering!

Miss Aqua: So now that I know you know, please tell me I did a good job??

Mr.Blue: Yes you did – as long as the body is still there, because I think we’re going to need it

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Default Chapter 41 – Name Similarity

Rodney: I’m glad you joined us today Sonia, it’s a pleasure to have met you

Miss Cristay: I’m glad I came! It’s very nice meeting you Rodney ..

Miss Cristay: And you too Sheriff Shereef, but I do have to ask ..

Miss Cristay: Was it just a coincidence that your name and your job sound so similar?

Sheriff Shereef: I would love to think it was destiny Sonia ..

Sheriff Shereef: But it really is the case that you don’t get to pick your parents and you don’t get to pick your name!

Miss Cristay: Hehe, I guess that’s true!

Sheriff Shereef: So Elisha tells me you’re a Regional Manager at Blue Phoenix Corporations & Industries

Miss Cristay: Yup, that’s what I do

Rodney: Well then I must congratulate you and your employers on a job well done restoring the theater to its former glory!

Miss Cristay: Why thank you Rodney, we were happy to do it!

Sheriff Shereef: My brother here used to own the theater. I sold most of my inherited assets long ago, but Rodney held on to the theater for a very long time

Rodney: Yeah, and it was a mistake to sell it to those idiots at TIABC!

Rodney: They were careless and let the place burn to the ground!

Rodney: But thankfully BPCI came around and saved the day! I tell you, your company has done this Town favors not easily to be forgotten!

Miss Cristay: We try to help out as much as we can, and I can tell you we’re glad you think of us so highly!

Sheriff Shereef: Alright Rodney, that’s enough business talk! I’m sure Sonia wants to unwind and forget about work a bit!

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Default Chapter 42 – Bad Apple

Mrs.Bremen: I’m glad you finally dropped by Greg ..

Mrs.Bremen: It’s been a while since your last visit

Officer Greg: Well I’m always happy to see you too, Sis

Officer Greg: We’ve been really swamped down at the station lately, that’s why I couldn’t come around ...

Mrs.Bremen: Oh let me guess; it’s because of what happened with the Maglob sisters?
Officer Greg: Yeah, what else could it be?

Mrs.Bremen: I’ll tell you, that Clee sure is a piece of work alright!

Officer Greg: She sure is! I always thought she was this nice, sweet and harmless girl .. She had me fooled all along!

Mrs.Bremen: The things people will do for money! Let’s just hope Arlene turns out to be the good apple in the family!

Officer Greg: Yeah, let’s hope ...

Clee: You know, when I was coming here I didn’t expect it to be so great

Clee: We’re having so much fun that I think I’m actually enjoying myself again!

Clee: And you Edwardo, I’m enjoying spending time with you, you make me feel so much better ...

Edwardo: Oh sweet Clee, I’m glad you are happy here ..

Edwardo: A delicate flower like you cannot be sad! You need to always be happy so I can see that beautiful smile of yours!

Clee: If you keep this up Edwardo, you will make it very difficult for me to ever leave this place!

Edwardo: And who said I want you to ever leave?

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Default Chapter 43 – Not Only

Miss Aqua: Oh Blue ..

Miss Aqua: I’m glad I’m your one and only girl!

Mr.Blue: You sure are Chelsea …

Miss Aqua: And I’m sure I’m your best and only agent too!!

Mr.Blue: Oh sweet Chelsea ..

Mr.Blue: You are by far my best agent

Mr.Blue: But that only part, not so much …

Miss Aqua: What!? You mean there’s somebody else?

Mr.Blue: Oh come on! Surely you didn’t expect for you to be the only one ..

Miss Aqua: I um .. uh .. well who is it then?

Mr.Blue: It’s someone special, but you shouldn’t concern yourself with this

Mr.Blue: You should be concerned about remaining the best, isn’t that right?

Miss Aqua: Of course! No question!

Mr.Blue: Good. I need you to monitor Arlene for a bit, find out what she’s doing and who she’s seeing

Mr.Blue: We need to make sure there are no surprises that will halt our progress; can you manage that?

Miss Aqua: Anything for you Blue, anything!

Mr.Blue: That’s good to hear

Talman: Where is the merchandise?

Officer Greg: What!?!? Who are you? What are you doing in my house!?

Talman: I don’t have time to waste buddy, just give me my share of the crack and I’ll be on my way ..

Officer Greg: Oh I’ll give you something! I’ll teach you to break into a police offi--

Officer Greg: Oww!!
Talman: Why do they always fight?

Officer Greg: Uhhh ..

Talman: Alright wise guy, focus! She said you would have my cut, now show me where it is!!

Officer Greg: I .. I don’t know what you’re talking about!!

Officer Greg: Awk … argh …
Talman: We’re gonna try this one more time, where is the crack??

Officer Greg: I .. awk .. don’t know .. argh .. any .. argh .. thing ..

Talman: Sending me off on wild goose chase, that’s clever .. but too clever for her own good!
Officer Greg: Oww!!

Talman: I guess I’ll have to go find her and take what’s mine by force ...

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Default Chapter 44 – Disturbed Bliss

Mr.Blue: Good morning Chelsea

Miss Aqua: Good morning to you Blue!

Mr.Blue: So tell me, how is Edwardo doing?

Miss Aqua: He’s doing super! Clee is convinced she wants to stay at La Perdida Beach ..

Miss Aqua: And just to be safe, we successfully switched her phone with a jammed one, that way she can’t call her sister and would just think it was bad cell service on the remote beach …

Mr.Blue: Very well done, from you and Edwardo!
Miss Aqua: Thank you Blue

Mr.Blue: I’m hoping for more good news. What about Arlene?

Miss Aqua: Well there is news .. there is this guy ..

Mr.Blue: A guy!? Who is it?

Miss Aqua: His name is Jeno. He has been visiting her at her work frequently, and he isn’t a patient of hers – I checked

Mr.Blue: Well then why is he is seeing her so often? Are they dating?

Miss Aqua: To find out I snooped around and eavesdropped on them; and no, they aren’t dating but they are talking ..

Miss Aqua: And he has a big interest in you and BPCI. He is trying to convince her that everything bad that happened with her started when BPCI and their boss ‘Mr.Blue’ came to town

Mr.Blue: He said what!? This Jeno could ruin everything! We need to quickly find out as much about him as we can so we can sideline him!

Miss Aqua: Don’t worry Blue, I’ve got it covered already! I’m really good at what I do, remember?

Mr.Blue: Yes, thankfully you are. What did you get?

Miss Aqua: I did a little digging, then a bit of surveillance, then a bit more digging; honestly, it wasn’t that hard or time consuming ..

Miss Aqua: But basically he’s the town’s crazy conspiracy theorist. He has a history of always giving convoluted explanations to things that happen around town

Miss Aqua: So no one in town actually takes him seriously, not even Arlene – she brushes off his suggestions of a conspiracy against her more often than not

Miss Aqua: Which I thought was a good thing; he’s not that big of a threat after all!

Mr.Blue: Maybe not now, but Arlene might start listening to him soon, and we have to be ready!

Mr.Blue: Yet, there is no need for worry; I think we can actually use him to our advantage. We’ll have to shuffle a few things around and add him as a variable in the plan, but it’ll work out …

Miss Aqua: I’m sure we can figure it out, we always do!

Mr.Blue: Yes, we do. But it is not because of dumb luck ..

Mr.Blue: Now more than ever Chelsea, do you see the importance of being well prepared?

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Default Chapter 45 – Many Possibilities

Sheriff Shereef: Now I know you said in your report that you didn’t recognize the attacker, but are you sure he isn’t even a bit familiar?

Officer Greg: No, not at all! I have a very good memory and I know everyone in this town; he isn’t from around here ..

Sheriff Shereef: Well that isn't going to make our job any easier …

Sheriff Shereef: What about the woman he mentioned? He didn’t say her name?

Officer Greg: Nope, he never did

Sheriff Shereef: Hmmm … I am very much concerned that someone is smuggling drugs in our town right under our noses ..

Sheriff Shereef: And what’s worse, there could be a Cop helping them

Officer Greg: You really think so? I thought the woman just tricked him in hopes that he would get arrested

Sheriff Shereef: Everything is possible at this stage; just keeps your eyes open Greg, check everything and suspect anyone!

Officer Greg: Don’t worry Chief, nothing will get passed me!

Jeno: Hey Click, remember when you helped me out with information about that company, TIABC?

Click: Yeah, what about it?

Jeno: Well I dug a bit more on my own and found out more!

Jeno: The old owner of the Town Theater sold it a bit over one year ago to TIABC, a company that came out of nowhere as we discovered

Jeno: Shortly after the purchase and after paying all this money, TIABC faces financial problems and has to cut down on employees. Then suddenly, a fire the source of which is never determined starts and burns down the theater

Jeno: Next thing you know, BPCI moves in, buys the lot and builds a new theater …

Click: Ok. What’s your point?

Jeno: My point is that it was all a set up!

Click: A set up? By who?

Jeno: BPCI of course! It doesn’t look like it on the surface but BPCI put this whole charade together!

Click: It sounds like a big and unlikely sacrifice of money; why would they do that? What’s in it for them?

Jeno: They become the hero! They gain the favor of the public and then can go around doing whatever they want here!

Click: You know Jeno, I don’t mean any disrespect …

Click: But can you please leave me out of your theories from now on? I prefer the fantasy worlds in my games over yours!

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Default Chapter 46 – Lucky Few

Elisha: Don’t tell me you didn’t like the mansion! It’s great, right?

Miss Cristay: Yes! It’s amazing! You’re very lucky to live here!

Elisha: I’m glad you like it; it’s all thanks to Rodney, of course …

Elisha: And speaking of men, who is the special man in your life Sonia?

Miss Cristay: You jump from one point to another rather quickly, don’t you Elisha?

Elisha: Hey! Don’t try to avoid the question! I won’t give up until I get an answer out of you

Miss Cristay: You sure are pushy! But do you really think I have time for such a thing as a relationship? There’s only so much I can manage aside from work ..

Miss Cristay: In fact, the only man in my life is my boss, Mr.Blue!

Elisha: Mr.Blue. I have heard of him, but you must be one of those few lucky people that get to meet him!

Miss Cristay: Yeah, you can say that I guess ..
Elisha: Ok. So what about him do you exactly like?

Miss Cristay: Who said anything about liking him!?

Elisha: Oh come on! You’re gonna just sit there and tell me there is nothing about such a guy that you like?

Miss Cristay: I um .. well .. he does give off this powerful presence with his personality when you’re around him ..

Miss Cristay: I also do admire his confidence! He always knows what he wants and how to get it! And he goes for it, almost nothing fazes him!

Elisha: Well Sonia, if you want him to like you – and I’m sure you do – be more like him!

Elisha: Be confident! Show him that you know what you want and you just go for it!!

Talman: Gaby …

Talman: No .. Lulu …

Talman: No!!

Talman: When will this end!?!?

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Default Chapter 47 – Quick Passing

Miss Aqua: Gerard, I’ve been wondering.. why are you here?

Gerard: In what sense do you mean?

Miss Aqua: I mean why are you here, working and traveling with Blue? Wouldn’t you rather be with your family?

Gerard: Ah! In that sense …

Gerard: Well Miss Aqua, unlike this chess match, life passes by quickly ..

Gerard: But are you sure you want to hear the story of my life? It may be brief but there are no guarantees as to how it might affect your outlook on your own life ...

Miss Aqua: Yes, I do! Please go on, tell the story!

Gerard: ‘They grow up so fast’ - that's what they said about us when we were children, but everything else seemed to move with the same velocity, Miss Aqua. You see ..

Gerard: I got married too young and we had kids too early; they grew up too fast and my wife left this life too soon

Miss Aqua: Oh, I’m sorry for your loss Gerard, I didn’t know

Gerard: Being sorry, I learned, will bring about no benefit. You need to move on with your life and live it for yourself

Gerard: And that is why I am with Mr.Blue, it allows me to travel and fill my time …

Gerard: Plus, after all this time I can’t deny that a big part has to do with the companionship I have with him

Miss Aqua: That’s great, Gerard! Good for you! But I do wonder, what about grandchildren? Do you have any?

Gerard: Don’t you worry Miss Aqua, my grandchildren are going to go to the best schools and colleges and have the best lives!

Gerard: And having this occupation is what makes me certain I will accomplish that for them …

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Default Chapter 48 – Shocking Revelations

Jeno: I’m telling you, that’s what actually happened with the Theater!

Arlene: Ok Jeno, I heard what you had to say. Are we done here?

Jeno: You don’t believe me, do you?

Arlene: Not really Jeno, because it all sounds too farfetched!

Arlene: Now I’m trying to be nice here, but I’ve just about had enough!

Jeno: Ok, but I have one more thing to show you and if you don’t change your mind after you see it, then I’ll go away

Arlene: Alright, let’s get this over with …

Jeno: I have it on a flash drive, I’ll put it up on your screen
Arlene: What is it?

Jeno: It’s a picture of Mr.Blue, the owner of BPCI. Tell me if he seems familiar
Arlene: Ok ok, I’m coming …

Arlene: No! No! No, it can’t be!!

Arlene: It can be him …

Jeno: Hah! I knew I would find a link between you two! How do you know him?

Arlene: I .. I …
Jeno: Hello!? Earth to Arlene!

Arlene: Jeno! Get me all the information you can find out about him and his company! Now!!
Jeno: Yes! We’re finally in business!

Mr.Blue: Sonia! What a wonderful surprise!

Miss Cristay: Hello Mr.Blue, it’s great to see you!

Mr.Blue: It’s great to see you too! So what brings you here?

Mr.Blue: Do you need something at work? Or is it another brilliant business idea you wanted to share?

Miss Cristay: No, no. It’s neither …
Mr.Blue: Oh ok. What is it then?

Miss Cristay: Well Mr.Blue, I came here for something a bit more personal ..

Mr.Blue: Wow, Sonia! I’m very flattered ..

Mr.Blue: But I already have someone I care about in my life, and I really don’t want to hurt them!

Miss Cristay: Oh, Mr.Blue! I had no idea! Please excuse me, I’m so sorry!

Mr.Blue: It’s ok. Like you said, you didn’t know ..

Mr.Blue: But I urge you not to give up due to this setback Sonia

Mr.Blue: You deserve someone special, and hopefully you will find them none too soon!

Miss Cristay: Thank you Mr.Blue .. that’s very kind of you to say

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Default Chapter 49 – Well Off

Miss Aqua: I thought she’d never leave!

Mr.Blue: How much of that did you catch?
Miss Aqua: All of it

Mr.Blue: Listen, Chelsea ..

Miss Aqua: No, no it’s fine. Actually, it’s better than fine – I’m extremely happy with what happened and how you handled it. It means a lot to me that you wouldn’t hurt me, Blue!

Miss Aqua: Can we sit down please? I want to tell you something …
Mr.Blue: Sure!

Miss Aqua: I don’t know how much you already know about me, Blue, but I want to tell you about my life a bit more

Mr.Blue: Ok, if you feel the need to, but what brought this up?

Miss Aqua: I’ve known you for some time, and I’ve figured out that you won’t really be comfortable unless you know everything there is to know about me. And being that I want this relationship to work, I want to share with you

Mr.Blue: If that’s what you see fit, then please go ahead ...

Miss Aqua: The first of what I remember is being in an orphanage – and no, it’s not a sad story because the place was really well funded. And although I never knew my parents, I never really felt like I needed to ..

Miss Aqua: I stayed at the orphanage for a long time, the people there were extremely nurturing and I got an excellent education; they even helped me find my own place to stay when I got into high school!

Miss Aqua: Oh and high school was a breeze! I mostly kept to a small group of friends that I was very lucky to meet; we were all friendly and pretty much avoided any drama

Mr.Blue: It seems you were well off then ..
Miss Aqua: Yeah, I really was – even though you wouldn’t expect it, but that’s just what happened

Miss Aqua: I even got into Laqiya University to study journalism on a merit scholarship! But that wasn’t enough for me

Miss Aqua: One time a friend needed help knowing if her boyfriend was cheating on her, so I decided to help her and investigate. Needless to say I busted him! But after that other people started coming to me for help ..

Miss Aqua: They wanted me to investigate a whole range of things; they even offered to pay me for my efforts! So I accepted these little investigative missions all throughout my years as an undergraduate. The University administration was very happy when I graduated because of all the headaches I caused them!

Mr.Blue: I’m sure they were ecstatic!

Miss Aqua: Yes! So then I realized I was really good and started working as a private investigator. I had my eyes on my career and only my career …

Miss Aqua: But that only lasted until three years ago, when you first hired me to do a job on that Rodney person – the old guy that was going through a midlife crisis and divorced his wife, remember?

Mr.Blue: Yeah, I remember that very well!

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Default Chapter 50 – Burning Discovery

Sheriff Shereef: So? Do you have any good news for me Greg?

Officer Greg: Well Sir, I checked everybody we have locked up and every informer we know ..

Officer Greg: I didn’t leave a stone unturned, but unfortunately it was of no use

Officer Greg: Nobody knows who these people are or what they are doing here …

Sheriff Shereef: That is bad Greg, very bad …

Sheriff Shereef: I was concerned they maybe new and trying to expand into our town

Sheriff Shereef: This will be tough, I’ll tell you that. We’re up against a group we know nothing about …

Arlene: Ok, here it is; it’s registered under IGYN ..

Arlene: So it’s a real-estate company that bought our house, not a person?

Arlene: That sounds too oddly familiar …

Arlene: No! The bastard, he wouldn’t!

Arlene: No, he would!

Arlene: So that’s what you want, eh? Burn my house down just like you did the theater? I won’t let it happen!

Arlene: I have to tell her, I need to! I can’t do this on my own!

Arlene: Clee!! Pickup!!!

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Default Chapter 51 – Unexpected Date

Miss Cristay: What’s wrong Shereef? You seem consumed by your thoughts …

Sheriff Shereef: No no, its nothing

Sheriff Shereef: Something from work is just on my mind ..

Sheriff Shereef: I’m sorry, from now on I’m fully focused with you!

Miss Cristay: I’m just worried that you might not actually want to be here …

Sheriff Shereef: Not at all Sonia! In fact, I’ve liked you since I met you and I was very happy when you called and asked me out!

Miss Cristay: Ok!! I’m glad you’re as excited about this as me!!

Miss Aqua: You have 5 seconds to tell me who you are and what you’re doing here before I kill you!

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Default Chapter 52 – Never Guessed

Elisha: What!?

Elisha: Hold on, ok? I’m Elisha and I’m here to see Mr.Blue

Miss Aqua: So you sneak in here at this hour? Why would you need to do that if he was expecting you?

Mr.Blue: Elisha is welcome to come by whenever she wants ..
Miss Aqua: You know her!?

Mr.Blue: Yes! You can lower your guard now Chelsea, Elisha’s on our side ..

Miss Aqua: Ok …
Mr.Blue: So what is this about Elisha?

Elisha: You said that as a precaution, final confirmation must be done in person and this is the only time I could manage to drop by

Mr.Blue: Yes, very well then. You have the green light to go ahead and arrange for things

Elisha: Consider it done!

Elisha: By the way, I’m sorry I pushed Sonia your way and told her to make a move ..

Mr.Blue: I was wondering where she suddenly got the idea

Elisha: Yeah, but in my defense I wouldn’t have done so had I known you were already tied up!

Mr.Blue: It’s fine, there's no harm done …

Elisha: Its just that knowing you, I would never have guessed it!

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Default Chapter 53 – Mutual Thinking

Miss Aqua: So this is the other agent?

Mr.Blue: Yes, that’s her

Miss Aqua: Well why didn’t I know about her?
Mr.Blue: Because I decided that there was need for it

Mr.Blue: But I do feel like you are questioning my methods and how I run things. Why do you think you’re in a position to do so?

Miss Aqua: What!?!?! I thought we were partners and you trusted me by now! I opened up to you! I told you everything about me! Why are you still hiding things from me?

Mr.Blue: Still? I have always been hiding something – no, its things to be exact. Maybe you should’ve gotten more used to that ..

Miss Aqua: No! You should trust me like I trust you! Everything should be mutual!!

Mr.Blue: That’s a nice thought, a good dream maybe – but is everything really mutual?

Miss Aqua: Uugh!! I can’t believe you!! I’m leaving!!!

Jeno: It’s good you came, I was just about to go pay you a visit ..
Arlene: What for?

Jeno: To tell you the good news: I think I found out where Mr.Blue is staying in town!

Arlene: That’s great! You can tell me all about it on the way!

Jeno: On the way where?

Arlene: My house! Let’s go!

Jeno: Wow there, hold your horses! Why would we go to that house? Didn’t you sell it?

Arlene: You have to go with me because Clee won’t answer her phone. And also, it turns out that it was bought by a company ..

Arlene: It’s called IGYN and the situation seems awfully familiar to what happened with the Theater!

Arlene: We can’t let them burn my parents' house down Jeno, we can’t!!

Jeno: And we won’t, don’t worry!

Jeno: But we can’t just be rash. We have to calm down and think about what we need to do and when to do it …

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Default Chapter 54 – Crucial Stage

Gerard: I must agree with you Miss Aqua, the view here is better at night

Miss Aqua: Congrats Gerard, you found me! What do you want?

Gerard: You know from my knowing Mr.Blue all these years, I can tell you he is an individual that is very difficult to understand ..

Gerard: And if you want your relationship with him to continue, you have to be willing to understand that

Miss Aqua: Are you here to give me an ultimatum Gerard?

Gerard: I am here to try to help you Miss Aqua, and I only have your and Mr.Blue’s interest in whatever I speak to either of you! So listen!

Gerard: Mr.Blue hasn’t settled with one woman in a very long time. In fact, I never saw it happen, I just picked up clues that it happened a long time ago

Gerard: Now you may love him, but love is not enough for such an individual

Gerard: After all this time he is not your average person and being with him is not possible for the average woman!

Miss Aqua: So I’m an average woman and should just give up? Is that what you’re telling me?

Gerard: I think we all realize that you are no average woman Miss Aqua ...

Gerard: Also, it is a matter of fact that Mr.Blue is an extraordinary person and you can’t ask of him what you would ask an average person

Gerard: No, he will ask for the extraordinary from you!!

Gerard: And you can expect that later it will pay off, not momentarily

Miss Aqua: So I just go back, be supportive, wait and hope he will recognize all what I do and feel?

Gerard: What is the alternative? Leaving during this very crucial stage when he most needs you?

Gerard: You’ve been here all this time, open your eyes! We are here because of the last time someone did that with Mr.Blue!

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Default Chapter 55 – Eavesdropping

Arlene: That’s it Jeno, I can’t wait anymore!

Jeno: Can’t wait for what?

Arlene: I have to go find out what has happened to my house! Are you coming with me or not?

Jeno: Arlene! You have to calm down! You can’t just go anytime ..

Jeno: We need to plan for an appropriate time, when no one is around

Arlene: And when will that be?

Jeno: Soon, don’t worry!

Jeno: Now about Mr.Blue, what can you tell me about him?

Arlene: He’s just someone I used to know a long time ago; and all you need to know about him is that he is a very despicable person!

Elisha: We need to talk …

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