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Default The Pleasantview Diaries (1-28) ENDED

Welcome and thanks for clicking. This is the first installment of my new series called The Pleasantview Diaries. My goal is to join all of the family trees of every Maxis made household in the game, while making an interesting story out of it. Eventually, I want to get down to a single sim that can trace his or her family tree to every family. So wish me luck, it’s going to take a while! Also, please enjoy and feel free to critique!

Alexander and Cassandra Goth sat solemnly at their dining room table. The crunching of crisp ice burg lettuce was the only sound to be heard in the house. The Goth household, which used to be filled with love and laughter, had been grim as a tomb since the great tragedy. The great tragedy being the suspicious disappearance of beautiful wife and mother, Bella Goth. When it happened, the vanishing was the talk of Pleasantview. Fingers were pointed, backs were stabbed. Neighbors turned to sworn enemies.

Little Alexander Goth knew nothing of this neighborhood turmoil which was centered around possible alien abductions and murder, kidnapping accusations. All he knew is that his mother had left him, whether she wanted to or not, and he was hurting. “Cassie…”, the silent dining came to an abrupt halt. “Do-do you think mommy is ever going to come back?”

Cassandra was caught off guard. Feeling her heart sink and tears well in her eyes she began her reply. "Well, Alexander. You know, well, you don’t know. I mean, we don’t know. Nobody knows.” Her heart began to pound as she fumbled with her answer. How could she explain to her little brother that their mother was most likely dead? “Wherever mom is, I know she misses us…and loves us. Whether she will come back or not…I cannot say.”
“There”, Cassandra thought, “That sounded good”.

Alex was disappointed, he sighed. “I thought that’s what you were going to say. But I want to know where she is…” His voice trailed off, he choked up. The conversation ended. Alexander knew his sister couldn’t bring back his mother, and Cassandra knew nothing she said would satisfy Alex. He needed his mother, and so did she.

Later that night, Cassandra escaped to the roof. She needed to be alone, to think. Her heart was heavy as she reflected on the recent past. Between caring for her brother due to her father Mortimer's deteriorating mental state and trying to live the façade her mother would have wanted for her, Cassandra was exhausted. Her mind floated to earlier that week, a fight with her now ex-fiancé, Don Lothario.

“Cassie, baby, what’s wrong? You’ve been distant all day.”
“What’s wrong? What’s wrong? I know you’re sleeping with that Caliente girl down the street, Don! Hah, probably both of them!”
“Oh what?! Cassandra I am so sick of this! We’ve been over it a million times! There’s nothing between me and either of them!”
“You know, it might be easier to lie if your trashy girlfriends weren’t parading your affairs all around Pleasantview! Stop lying to me, I’m not blind!”

“Hah, okay. You know what? Fine. I’m done. I did it. I’m sleeping with both of them. But so what? Everyone knows you’re just as dirty as me, sleeping with that pathetic Dreamer guy.”
“Darren has nothing to do with this! He is my friend, and twice the man you are! I’m done Don, done. This engagement is off.”

“Haha whatever baby. You think I need you or somethin’, baby? Well I don’t. I’ve got girls lined up at my door. I was just in this for the money, and for that hot mama of yours. Now that she’s gone and the money will be too, due to your pops goin’ off the deep end, I’m out of here. Hell, I don’t why I even stuck around as long as I did.”

Cassandra broke down. Not because of what Don had said, but because she knew her mother would be devastated if she could see things now. Salty tears streamed down her face as she thought of all the ways she failed. She lost her job and fiancé, and was now losing her father. She couldn’t keep taking care of Alex like he was her own, but she had no choice. Since Bella disappeared, Mortimer had become a withdrawn ghost of his former self.

What Bella Goth would have been most ashamed of was perhaps the only shred of happiness in Cassandra’s life; her romance with the widowed Darren Dreamer. After Cassandra ended her engagement to Don, an endearing friendship quickly turned into a passionate romance. Darren truly loved Cassandra, and she loved him back.

Cassandra’s tears of guilt and failure turned into angry, determined tears. She loved Darren and her family. Despite what her mother would think if she were here, Cassandra made the decision to not give up trying to weave her broken family back together. She would be happy; she must.

Later that night, Mortimer Goth awoke from a dream. Yet another glorious dream of having his beautiful wife back in his arms. He stared blankly at the wall, his heart empty. Mortimer had grown numb over the years. He knew his Bella would not come back to him, so he preferred to ignore reality and invest emotions in more dreaming. But tonight, he could not fall back asleep. Something felt different.
“Mortimer…”, a familiar, gentle voiced cooed from downstairs.

Mortimer hobbled down the stairs, his old legs tired and sore. He knew that voice, but from where? It had been so long. He reached the bottom of the stairs, and who he saw standing there made his jaw drop and heart skip a beat.

Don Lothario sat alone in his cheap condo, pouting. As he flipped through the channels on his big screen television, he thought about how his once plentiful love life had taken major damage lately. First of all, there were the whispers about his involvement with Bella Goth’s disappearance. The last place anyone saw her was at Don’s, scaling the deck of his condo. That rumor certainly kept the ladies away for a while. He was also feeling down in the dumps because her daughter, Cassandra Goth, called off their engagement. He was not bitter because he loved her, he never wanted to marry her, but simply because he had never been the “dumpee” before. It did not suit him.

Cassandra was the first woman to ever end a relationship, or “friendship” with Don. Don had always been used to women crawling at his feet. Undeniably, he was the Casanova of Pleasantview. The reason for the attraction, however, was unclear. Sure, Don was a fairly handsome man. However, he was not rich, not brave or particularly bright. Don Lothario was extremely vain, sloppy, and rude.

Worst of all, Don Lothario had no respect for women. He perceived them to be and treated them like pieces of meat, existing for his purposes alone. Being of the “romantic” type, those purposes were never intended wholesomely. He didn’t care who he hurt as long as he got what he wanted most of all.

Don decided he was done moping around over lost lovers and damaged charisma. He leapt up from his couch, deciding to give one of his favorite dirty little secrets a call. Dina Caliente. Dina did anything Don asked, anything at all. She ignored the fact he was also sleeping with her twin sister Nina. She denied it so much, she tricked herself into thinking Don was all hers.

Don took Dina up to his bedroom, on a bed that had seen many women. Dina gave Don what he wanted and then he promptly sent her home so he could call up her sister and his maid, Kaylynn Langerak.

By the end of a long day of woohooing women, Don regained his confidence. He didn’t need Cassandra, he still “had it” and was sure to find other women later. Yes, it was good to be Don Lothario.

Or so he thought.

Dina Caliente sat at her peach colored counter, munching on her cereal with a blank stare. She was on her second bowl; she had been so hungry lately. She knew why the hunger was from carrying Don Lothario’s baby. Dina didn’t know how she was going to tell her twin sister and roommate, Nina. Money was tight already, especially from their recent burglarization. A baby would only complicate things. Nina would be furious that Dina wasn’t more careful, that she would be bringing a small, squirming baby into the house.

Dina knew she had to tell her twin. Her abdomen grew everyday; soon she wouldn’t be able to hide the baby inside of her. As Dina scrubbed the dishes, she pondered on the best way to break the news. Not only did she have to tell Nina, but she had to tell Don. Dina’s heart sunk. Deep down, she realized Don would not make a good father to their unborn child.

Dina cried herself to sleep that night as moonlight poured through her window. Her heart broken, she dreamt of the mother she would be, the sacrifices that would be made, and her innocent baby that deserved something better.

The next morning, Dina worked up the courage to tell Nina her bittersweet news. She didn’t waste time getting to the point. “Nina. We need to talk. I have something important to tell you, but I don’t think you’re going to be happy about it.”

“Oh Dina! I’m so glad you’re bringing this up. Before you start, I have news for you too. It’s unexpected but undeniable. Here it goes. Dina, I’m pregnant. Don, Don Lothario and me, we’re having a baby.”

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Ah, man, this makes me nostalgic for the Sims 2. Almost enough to reinstall it.

The family dinners were so immersive and animated, and easy to set up. In the Sims 3 they're so robotic and hard to negotiate by comparison. They got so many things right in the Sims 2 that never made it into the Sims 3, it's a shame.

I really like how this story is shaping up. Alexander was one of my favorite sims in that series. I'm looking forward to seeing how you bring all the families together.
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Originally Posted by Plumboob
Ah, man, this makes me nostalgic for the Sims 2. Almost enough to reinstall it.

The family dinners were so immersive and animated, and easy to set up. In the Sims 3 they're so robotic and hard to negotiate by comparison. They got so many things right in the Sims 2 that never made it into the Sims 3, it's a shame.

I really like how this story is shaping up. Alexander was one of my favorite sims in that series. I'm looking forward to seeing how you bring all the families together.

Haha thank you so much for the comment! I really appreciate it.

I'm glad I gave you some warm, fuzzy Sims 2 feelings. I totally agree with you in regards to Sim meal time. I was disappointed when I first played Sims 3 to see how quickly they ate (and choked on everything) without making conversation.

Chapter 2 will be posted this Sunday, so don't forget to check back!
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Default The Pleasantview Diaries (2)

Behold, chapter 2! It's a day early to boot! I couldn't stand waiting around to upload it. This chapter covers the rest of the Pleasantview residents' lives. Chapter 3 will resume with the characters from chapter 1, and so on and so forth. If you read this and enjoy, I'd really appreciate a comment and a rating! Enjoy!

Brandi Broke cheerily hummed to herself as she flipped buttermilk pancakes on a bright Monday morning. The sudden death of Brandi’s husband, Skip, left their family in shambles emotionally and financially. However, things were looking on the bright side lately. Slowly, Brandi was beginning to learn how to take care of their precious family on her own. The time for grieving had come to an end as the time to take care of family rapidly approached.

Brandi beamed, serving her sweet son Beau some mushy baby food. She was such a proud mother. Her two sons gave her something to live for after Skip. She knew they were wonderful boys, following in their father’s footsteps.

Brandi was especially proud of her eldest son, Dustin. After he lost his father, Dustin lurched into a downward spiral full of teen angst and bad habits. He began failing school and grew involved with the crime syndicates of Pleasantview. Brandi had been worried sick about him. Luckily, Angela Pleasant saved Dustin in the nick of time. Like an angel, Angela’s good nature deeply influenced Dustin. Brandi watched as her son changed his wild ways to impress the red headed young lady. She knew Angela brought him back from his darkness, and for that she was deeply thankful.

Brandi snuggled Beau, her youngest child. She was finally happy again, knowing her boys would manage without their father. Their whole family was beating the odds; she knew they were growing strong again. Brandi sighed in relief when suddenly, she felt the sweet pancakes she has just eaten begin to resurface.

Brandi set Beau down and bolted to the bathroom, not exactly making it to the toilet in time. Her mouth erupted. She choked and sputtered, soiling the freshly mopped black tile.

Brandi hunched over the stained toilet. After a few minutes, her stomach stopped heaving and the nausea dissipated. Brandi’s heart sunk. “Oh my…”, she whispered to herself. As a mother twice over, Brandi knew morning sickness could only mean one thing.

Mary-Sue Pleasant pushed hard to close the strong mahogany drawer of her dresser after slipping into her nightgown. Her heart pounded as she thought about confronting her husband over his affair. Their marriage had been “on the rocks” for years, but they had both grown accustomed to it. Mary-Sue chose to ignore their problems, and Daniel chose to find the love he needed elsewhere.

“I know you slept with the maid, Daniel”, said Mary-Sue bluntly. She didn’t announce her knowledge with flowery, sugary language. She was happy to get it off her chest though. Daniel didn’t speak. He was afraid. Why wasn’t his wife yelling at him, blaming him for his adultery?

Mary-Sue buried her face on her hands. “I know you did it. Don’t try to deny it. I don’t blame you. This is all my fault.” Her shoulders began to shake as she sobbed. Daniel was shocked. He didn’t dare move or speak.

Mary-Sue began pouring out her heart. “It’s all my fault, everything! I abandoned this family for my career. I ignored you and our marriage. I left Lilith and Angela to fend for themselves. I’m a horrible wife and mother! How could I be so selfish and blind!?” Daniel set down his book and sat on the side of the bed. He had been waiting years for his wife to notice her absence, but now that she bawled in their bedroom, all Daniel could do was hang his head and listen.

He couldn’t take his wife’s tears anymore. He got up and walked over to her, but she kept going. “I’m so, so sorry. I guess I knew what I was doing but I didn’t care. I’ve been obsessed with work. Now I have to pay the price of my greed. It’s too late for this family. I’ve spoiled everything.” Mary-Sue’s chest heaved as she said everything on her mind.

“I’ll never forgive myself”, she whispered through her tears. Daniel put his strong arm around his wife, hoping their closeness would comfort her.
“Mary-Sue, please. We…we can fix this. It’s not all your fault! I should have stayed faithful to you. We should have talked. It’s not too late!” Daniel held back his tears.
“It’s not too late. I love you”, his voice trembled.

After hearing those words, Mary-Sue threw her arms around Daniel and kissed him passionately. Neither one of them had ever been so true, so vulnerable with the other. Mary-Sue was tired and regretful for being so cold and withdrawn, she wanted to love her husband and family with everything she had. Daniel received the kiss happily. Mary-Sue was the only one he had ever wanted.

A couple months went by and the Pleasant family was on the mend. Mary-Sue and Daniel were delighted yet terrified to discover their passionate night of reconciliation had resulted in a pregnancy. In an act of despiration, Mary-Sue asked her adoptive parents, Herb and Coral Oldie, to move in. Mr. and Mrs. Pleasant needed help with their teenage twin daughters, especially while they worked to heal their marriage and prepare for the new baby.

Lilith Pleasant was one of the biggest reasons that her grandparents moved in. A notorious wild child, Lilith was doing poorly in school and spent far too much time with her boyfriend, Dirk Dreamer. Dirk and Lilith spent their nights sneaking out and getting in trouble with the law rather than studying. Both Daniel and Mary-Sue hoped an older generation living with them would be a good influence on Lilith. For a while, it seemed, that their idea was working.

It didn’t take long for Lilith to return to her old rebellious ways, taking her antics even further than she had before.

“Hey Dirk! How goes the algebra?” Darren rocked back and forth on his heels impatiently. He smiled down at his son who was actually doing his homework for once.

Dirk was suspicious. His father was far too smiley and excited for a perfectly regular night. He let the question hang while scribbling a few more numbers down in his notebook.“It’s fine dad. What’s up? Why are you so excited?”

“Well son. You know Cassie and Don broke up, and that we’ve been seeing each other more often since.”
Dirk smirked. “Yes dad, I’ve noticed.”
Darren sighed and continued, “Well. We’re not just friends anymore. You know how I’ve always felt about her. She tells me she loves me too now. Tonight…tonight I’m going to ask her to marry me.” Darren gulped, anticipating his son’s reaction.

Dirk smiled. “Dad! That’s great! Cassandra’s a great girl. I think you two will be really happy. Now I won’t have to worry about you getting lonely after I leave for college.”

“Oh Dirk! Thanks son. It really means a lot. I just, since your mother…”
“Say no more dad. I know you love mom but it’s time for you to be happy again. I understand that and I know she does too.”

After receiving the okay from Dirk, Darren darted over to the kitchen to begin cooking a romantic spaghetti dinner. He was so excited and delighted he ended up cutting his finger once or twice while chopping vegetables. He couldn't wait to propose to the lovely Cassandra Goth and eventually make her Cassandra Dreamer.

Darren’s stomach dropped when he heard his doorbell ring. He took a deep breath and walked outside. Cassandra stood on his walkway, staring off into the night sky. Darren’s heart began to pound. “You got this”, Darren whispered to himself.

“Good evening my lady.” Darren reached for Cassandra’s hand and kissed it. He flashed her a devilishly handsome smile, making her blush violently.
“Oh Darren! You’re such a charmer”, Cassandra giggled and swooned. Darren had a way of putting butterflies in her tummy, something she never experienced with Don Lothario.

The couple made their way inside, sat down, and began to dine. Darren felt nervous, but tried to act like everything was in the ordinary. “How’s the spaghetti taste? I tried not to injure myself too terribly while making it.”

Cassandra laughed. “It’s delicious Darren! I don’t care what you say, I think you’re a fabulous cook!”

Darren smiled boyishly and turned his body, hiding the ring box from Cassandra. “Oh yeah? So good of a cook that you’d maybe…want to move in and let me cook for you forever?”

Chuckling, Cassandra grew a little confused. “Well, yes I suppose it would be nice to have you as my personal chef. What, what do you mean? What are you hiding over there, silly?”

Darren set the black velvety box on the table. “Well then, I think it’s time I should give you this.” He slid the box across the table, Cassandra’s eyes went wide and she gasped.

Dumbfounded, Cassandra took the box with shaking hands and opened. A humble, yet beautiful, diamond engagement ring shimmered while stuffed in the white pillow. “Oh my…Darren..” Cassandra couldn’t think straight. She was so surprised and ecstatic, she didn’t know what to say.

Cassandra’s lack for words make Darren worry. “Cassandra Goth, will you please do me the honor of marrying me?” His heart pounded while waiting for an answer.

Finally, Cassandra spoke. “Yes!”, she cried while slipping the shining golden ring on her finger. “Yes Darren I will marry you!”

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Another good showcase of family action. Why they couldn't simply rip the animations missing in sims 3 from sims 2 is beyond me. Taking the toddler animations for one thing would've been nice, as they're far better animated there

Good to see that things are beginning to look up for Cassandra. The Goths always led such a dreary existence.

I'm anxious to see if Bella has really returned, or if Morty is just going bonkers with grief.

I really enjoy your way of framing the screenshots. It reminds me of the cool story thumbnails that Maxis made for each neighborhood. Do you use a special program to make the borders, or do it by hand in paint? I'm thinking of incorporating a similar look in my playthrough story.

(I'd rate this thread, but it seems there's no option for me to. Probably because my post count is low.)
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Originally Posted by Plumboob
Another good showcase of family action. Why they couldn't simply rip the animations missing in sims 3 from sims 2 is beyond me. Taking the toddler animations for one thing would've been nice, as they're far better animated there

Good to see that things are beginning to look up for Cassandra. The Goths always led such a dreary existence.

I'm anxious to see if Bella has really returned, or if Morty is just going bonkers with grief.

I really enjoy your way of framing the screenshots. It reminds me of the cool story thumbnails that Maxis made for each neighborhood. Do you use a special program to make the borders, or do it by hand in paint? I'm thinking of incorporating a similar look in my playthrough story.

(I'd rate this thread, but it seems there's no option for me to. Probably because my post count is low.)

Thanks for the comment! I read and reread every word!

I'm glad you are enjoying the story and my screenshots. I use an online program from a website called pic monkey to do the black borders. I also use that website for my sepia filters, cropping, and combining two screenshots. It's a pretty cool site with a lot of features for free.

I'm not sure why you couldn't rate. Hmm. Oh well, thanks for trying!
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Default The Pleasantview Diaries (3)

Taa Daa! Chapter 3 is here, ready to be enjoyed. Unfortunately, I had to make some cuts in this chapter because apparently there is an image tag limit. Boohoo. If you do in fact enjoy this story, please leave me a comment! I would love to read your comments and/or critique!


Mortimer Goth eyed the woman in front of his doorway up and down, not believing his eyes. “…Bella? It…it can’t be! Is that you?” Mortimer thought he was dreaming.

In an instant, all the emotions that Mortimer had been repressing for years came flooding to him. He wanted to run to his wife and embrace her, but he couldn’t. In shock, Mortimer burst into tears. “My wife! My Bella! Bella!” Mortimer sobbed, unable to move.

Bella ran over to her crying husband. “Mortimer! What’s wrong?! Why are you crying darling!?” She’d never seen her husband so upset. She couldn’t imagine why the sight of her would cause him to act this way. Nor could she comprehend why Mortimer looked so much older than when she last saw him.

“Where have you been?! Why did you leave me?! How did you get back?!” Mortimer didn’t know whether to be angry with his wife for leaving him and their children or overjoyed that she had returned.
“Mortimer I…I don’t understand! I’ve only been gone a few minutes! Or was it hours…?” Bella tried to recall where she had been, but her memory was muddled.

“Bella you’ve been gone for years! Our children are grown, I’m an ugly old man! Why did you leave me?! Why now are you finally back?!”

As he sobbed, Mortimer remembered the long hours he would spend on the roof. He would gaze through his telescope night after night, hoping to catch a glimpse of the mysterious flying vessel he recalled sucking Bella up into the sky. He could never tell if it had been a dream or not, and eventually gave up looking.

Now, after all these years, Bella was back. She was home, but had no idea how long she’d really been gone, no idea of the suffering her disappearance caused her family. “I’ve missed you, ached for you for so long Bella. Now I’m an old man. You’re still so beautiful. You won’t want anything to do with me! We’ve missed our whole life together.”

“Oh Mortimer…”, Bella sighed as she embraced her husband in a tight hug, “I don’t have the slightest idea what’s going on, but I’m not going to leave you. You’re my husband and I love you, Mortimer. Please, don’t cry. I’m here! Here to stay.”

Mortimer sniffled out his last tears and eventually composed himself. Reassured, he smiled and held his wife, just like he had in his most precious dreams for many years. “Oh Bella. I am glad you’ve finally come back to me.”

With that, the happily reunited couple made their way to their bedroom. There, they celebrated on a bed that had been void of love and happiness for far too long.

The next morning, Bella made her appearance with each member of her family. To her surprise, Mortimer was not the only one who had aged drastically. Bella cried when she saw how her son Alexander had grown. She just remembered him as a toddler, and now he was well on his way to becoming a teenager. Bella was more than confused, but Alexander was just happy to have his mother back.

Cassandra, on the other hand, was not quite as excited about her mother’s return. Their mother/daughter relationship was not strong when Bella had disappeared, so Cassandra’s cold demeanor was not unexpected. Cassandra was bitter that her mother left in the first place, and angry that she had just now chosen to return. What worried her most was knowing she had to tell her mother she left Don and was now engaged to marry the poor artist, Darren Dreamer.

“So…I hope I didn’t miss your and Don’s wedding. I would be devastated to know I didn’t attend such an event. You were supposed to have the wedding of the year!”
“Well…”, Cassandra began, “You didn’t miss the wedding. But you won’t be attending either. At least not Don and mine’s wedding.” Cassandra gulped. “Here it comes”, she thought.

Bella frowned. “Cassandra, I’m afraid I don’t understand…”
“Mom, Don and I broke up. Well, I called off the engagement.”

Bella was livid. “Cassandra Goth! Are you joking? Do you have any idea how hard I worked to arrange that marriage?! How could you throw such a great opportunity away?!”

Now Cassandra was angry. “I didn’t love him mom, you knew that. I tried to, for you. He wasn’t a good man. He cheated on me over and over! Is that really the life you wanted for me?”

“How can you be so naïve, Cassandra?! It’s not about love! It’s about power! Social status! Respect! Don Lothario had all of those things and you just kissed it goodbye for what? Love? You’re alone!”

Cassandra’s heart pounded. She wasn’t used to sticking up for herself, especially when it came to her mother. “I’m not alone. I’m in love and engaged to marry Darren Dreamer.”
“Darren Dreamer?!”, Bella screamed, appalled. “That poor widowed painter!? I’m telling you Cassandra, you’ve made the biggest mistake of your life. That man has nothing to give you. You’ll regret your decision.”

Cassandra couldn’t believe her mother. She had forgotten how shallow and self absorbed she truly was. After the argument, Cassandra stormed upstairs. She didn’t care what her mother thought. She loved Darren, and they would have a beautiful life together. Cassandra quickly packed her things, planning to move in with Darren and finally leave the Goth mansion behind.

Many months went by while Bella and her family lived happily once again together, minus Cassandra. It didn’t take long for Mortimer and Bella to conceive a child, and one warm day Bella went into labor in their living room.

Bella moaned and screamed, alerting the household that the baby was coming. Mortimer rushed in, reminding Bella of her breathing exercises and to stay calm.

After a lot of commotion and panic, Bella gave birth to a little girl who was cleverly named Destiny. The whole family fell in love with the baby, who was a joyous product of a miracle and reunited love.

Not long after Destiny’s birth, Bella grew very ill and fatigued. She spent all of her time in bed, her consciousness slowly slipping further day by day. Everyone knew the pregnancy, labor, and delivery had taken a lot out of Bella. Her body was surely not the same after enduring supernatural experiences for the many years she was missing.

Mortimer never left his wife’s side, leaving Alexander to take care of Destiny. Once again, Mortimer lost himself to his broken heart. Sick with worry, he was determined to not lose his wife for a second time.


Dina was infuriated. How could she be so stupid to think Don was being faithful to her? Not only had he impregnated her, but now she found out her twin sister would be having his child as well. Instead of blaming her beloved Don, Dina took her anger out on her sister. “Nina! How could you do this to me?! You knew I loved him!”

“Dina I don’t know why you’re getting so mad at me! You know how Don is, how I am! You had to have known what we were doing. Do you think I want to have a baby, especially his? You should be feeling sorry for me!” Nina was amazed at her sister’s wrath.

“Well Nina, I don’t feel sorry for you. I actually cared about Don, and now I’m in the same boat. This house is about to get a whole lot more crowded because I’m pregnant too.” Nina blinked at her sister, suddenly understanding Dina’s anger.
“It’s really Don’s?”
“Oh Dina. I’m sorry.” It finally made sense. Dina was desperately in love with Don. She thought since she was having his baby, maybe he would stay with her. Maybe she would be the one to tame the desirable, town Casanova. But no, she was no better than Nina, or any other lover of Don’s.

The sisters looked at each other, both trying not to cry. They were both hurt and ashamed. Embarrassment was inevitable, knowing they would be the talk of the town. Everyone would always be in awe over how Don Lothario got the best of the Caliente sisters. Not to mention how the lives of their children would never be normal.

After their painful argument, the Caliente sisters kept their distance. They cooked and cleaned their humble home, each with Don’s baby growing inside of them. All this, without exchanging a word or passing so much as a glance.

One chilly fall night at about 3 a.m., Dina awoke with an intense spaghetti craving. She crept downstairs and began to stir the red sauce. The pregnancy forced her to almost constantly be eating.

In the middle of stirring, a sharp pain shot through Dina’s body. She abruptly set down the mixing bowl and grabbed her round stomach. She knew the baby was coming.

After several minutes of howling and groaning, Dina gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. He had big green eyes like both of his parents and dark, black hair like his father Don. Dina marveled at her son, Ricardo, with loving eyes. She was proud of what she had created, despite the circumstances.

Just a few moments later, Nina awoke from her slumber with horrible contractions. Nina yelled and screamed, angry that she had to experience so much pain all because of that two-timing creep, Don Lothario.

“DINAAA!”, screamed Nina as loud as she could. Although Nina’s cries for help were heard, Dina was too bitter to come to her sister’s aide. Eventually, Nina gave birth alone in her bedroom to a baby girl, Letti. Letti looked very much like her cousin and half brother, Ricardo, who had just been born moments before her.

In the weeks that followed, Dina transitioned smoothly into motherhood. She adored the new little man in her life more than anyone she had ever known. Mothering Ricardo gave Dina the strength to push past her heartbreak and put all of her being into taking care of the little boy. She was a natural, loving every moment of motherhood.

On the other hand, Nina struggled with her small daughter. Letti was an extremely colicky baby who exhausted Nina tremendously. Although Nina loved her daughter, she did not want to be a mother. She couldn’t wait to get back to work, to interact with adults, to get some peace and quiet.

A few days after the twins gave birth, Dina decided it was time to give Don a call. The phone rang, the answering machine picked up. Dina sighed, not surprised that Don was unreachable now that he had responsibilities. “Hi Don, it’s Dina. I just wanted to let you know your children were born, if you even care. You have a son and a daughter. I think you should meet them, but it’s up to you. Give me a call sometime.” *Click*

Dina frowned. Would Don ever answer his phone? He had ignored both Dina and her sister for their entire pregnancies, but it was a new low for him to ignore the existence of his children. Dina didn’t care anymore if Don loved her or wanted to be with her, but she ached for the father she knew her son and niece would never have. Dina thought, maybe, it would be best for her to find a new father figure for her son. A father with a hefty bank account, preferably.


Hi Don, it’s Dina. I just wanted to let you know your children were born, if you even care. You have a son and a daughter. I think you should meet them, but it’s up to you. Give me a call sometime.” Don scowled while listening to the message from his ex lover, Dina Caliente.

Don Lothario was not a happy man. His adulterous ways had finally caught up with him and made him a father of two. Not wanting to be a father to any, he didn’t appreciate the calls he continuously received from the Caliente sisters. “Trying to guilt me, huh? Hah. Yeah right”, muttered Don to himself.

In strutted the newly wed Kaylynn Lothario. Kaylynn had went from Don’s maid to his wife in a matter of months; she was quite proud of that accomplishment. “What’s wrong sweetie?”, she purred.

“Mmm nothing anymore,” murmured Don, embracing Kaylynn. She giggled, unaware how Don was using her this time. As a father of two, Don had a lot of child support payments that needed to be made. He knew Kaylynn had money from working and saving for quite a few years, so he manipulated yet another woman into thinking he loved her. It wasn’t hard for slithery Don to convince Kaylynn to move in with him and marry him, all for her money.

However, marrying a maid came with perks other than financial gain. Kaylynn cooked and clean for Don; she provided him with the companionship and romance he craved. Don was quite pleased with himself for being so sly and thought maybe marriage wasn’t quite as bad as he once thought it to be. When he got bored with Kaylynn, he knew it wouldn’t be hard to find a mistress or two while hiding it from all of them.

It didn’t take long for things to take a sharp turn, as Kaylynn’s little head became obsessed with the thought of having a baby. “What do you think Don? Doesn’t the thought of us being a real, honest to goodness family just warm your heart?”

Don snickered, humoring his wife. “Now Kaylynn, you know how I feel about children. I’ve already got two! Why don’t we just wait a little sweetie? I’m not ready to share you yet.” He'd say anything in order to get what he wanted.

Kaylynn pouted, not getting the answer she wanted. “But Donnn! I want a baby now! I know you can be a good father. Let’s just do it! I promise, when you see our little son or daughter’s face, you won’t regret it!”

“Yes I’m sure I’ll love our son or daughter Kaylynn, but it’s just not a good time. I don’t have a steady job and child support is really steep! Not to mention, this house is small. Not safe for a baby. Nope.” Don hoped Kaylynn would just drop it. “Let’s just give it a few years, okay? I promise, I’ll make you a mommy as soon as it’s the right time.”
Disappointed, Kaylynn managed to give her resistant husband a half smile. “Well…okay.”, she whined.
“That’s my girl!” Don beamed. Once again, he warded off the baby fever.

Later that night, Kaylynn lured Don into the bedroom. She refused to take no, or even wait, for an answer. Kaylynn knew how Don’s mind worked; she could manipulate him just as easily as he could her.

Kaylynn occupied Don in the bedroom for hours, making sure the job was done. After a night of woohooing, Kaylynn smirked at her exhausted husband. Poor Don just thought he was lucky. Little did he know, he wasn’t the only one in Pleasantview who had tricks up their sleeve.

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Default The Pleasantview Diaries (4)

Here is chapter 4, right on time! At this point, everything I have written so far is uploaded on MTS2. That means I have to actually start taking pictures again, eek! Please enjoy, rate, and comment!


It was a happy day in the Broke household. It was little Beau’s birthday, and his closest family gathered in the pink kitchen to celebrate. Brandi swayed back and forth, singing to her song while Dustin honked on a noisemaker. Beau giggled, trying to grab the candles. “Watch out! Don’t touch them sweetie!” With Brandi’s help, Beau managed to blow them out. Cake was served, and everyone went to bed.

The next morning, the child sized Beau and big brother Dustin munched on leftover cake for breakfast. Dustin gave all sorts of big kid advice, hoping to ease Beau’s worries about his first day of school that was coming up in a few short hours.“You’re so cool Dustin!” Beau ate up every word. Dustin told stories from his rebellious days. He told Beau about his girlfriend, Angela. Most important of all, he told stories about their father. Beau was just a toddler when Skip died. He didn’t remember much about him, but hearing all the adventures he and Dustin went on made Beau wish he remembered his daddy. Beau’s birthday proved to bring the brothers very close.

In the days that followed, Dustin played a much more important role than older brother. When his father died, Dustin went on a rebellious streak. It was Dustin’s girlfriend, Angela, who inspired him to become the man of the house. Dustin took care of his family like a father, fixing, cleaning, and helping with homework.

It didn’t take long for Brandi to notice the drastic change in her son’s behavior, and she thought it was high time she told him how proud she was. Not to mention, Brandi was pregnant with her late husband’s baby and needed all the help she could get. “Dustin, this house is spotless! I can’t thank you enough.”

“Oh, thanks mom. It’s nothing”, Dustin said bashfully.
“No sweetie, really. You’ve been such a big help and I really appreciate it. Your father would be so proud.” Brandi teared up and hugged her son tightly, despite her large, pregnant belly. Dustin beamed, his mother’s words meant the world to him.

Later that day, both the boys were off at school. Brandi stepped outside to check the mail. She looked up at the sky and frowned, it looked like rain.

Brandi stopped in her tracks when she saw a strange man standing in her front yard. She gasped when she realized how much the man looked like Skip. Her heart started to pound. Who was this guy?

Something compelled Brandi to go closer; she had to get a better look at the blonde haired man. “Wow”, she breathed. He was practically a clone of late husband. “Excuse me, do I know you?” Brandi smiled at him.

“Oh I don’t think so. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to frighten you. My name is Benjamin, Benjamin Long. I was just taking a walk and your house caught my eye. It’s rather…pink.”
Brandi chuckled. “Yes, it is. It was my mother’s house, she wanted it painted it that way. I’m Brandi, nice to meet you.” Benjamin smiled, noticing Brandi’s big gray eyes and full pink lips.

After that, Brandi and Benjamin talked and laughed like old friends. She eventually invited him inside the pink house where they had lunch and exchanged phone numbers. Benjamin was new in the neighborhood, and happy to make a friend. Although, he hoped he and Brandi could become more than friends.

It didn’t take long for Brandi and Benjamin to fall madly in love. They kept their whirlwind romance hidden from the boys, mostly afraid of how Dustin would feel about a new man in the house. Brandi told Benjamin about their financial struggles, and her worries for her unborn baby. Benjamin felt sorry for Brandi. He loved her, and wanted to make sure she and her children would always be taken care of. Benjamin asked Brandi to be his wife, and they were quickly married in secret.

With Benjamin always around, Dustin caught on to the situation quickly and confronted his mother. Brandi was honest with him, but Dustin didn’t understand. He took the marriage personally, feeling that not only was Benjamin replacing his father, but replacing Dustin as the stand in man of the house. Dustin made sure he and his step father did not get along, hoping he’d take a hint and then a hike. Benjamin cared about Brandi too much to retaliate, hoping to kill Dustin with kindness.

Time passed despite the stepfather/son tension, and Brandi finally went into labor. The last child of Brandi and Skip was ready to be born. Brandi pushed and gritted her teeth as her son and new husband came running.

Brandi marveled at her baby. She named him Henry, a name she and Skip had considered for both of their other children. He was a miracle, the last thing she had to remember Skip by.


Mary-Sue and Daniel Pleasant towered over their teenage daughter Lilith, not speaking. They replayed their conversation and punishment strategies in their heads, which had been formulated the night before. After finding Lilith in bed with her boyfriend, Dirk Dreamer, they knew it was time for a serious “talking to”.

Lilith rolled her eyes at her parents and let out a dramatic sigh. Their disappointment in her was nothing new, and she stopped caring what they did about it long ago. There was always a way around every scolding, every punishment. “Can we get this over with? I have somewhere to be.”

Daniel was infuriated. Pointing his finger at his daughter as not to hit her in anger, he yelled, "I'm glad this is such a joke to you, young lady! You need to realize how childish you’re being!”

Mary-Sue backed up her husband.“We are very disappointed in you, Lilith! We thought we taught you better! Have you no couth? How can you sleep with that boy?! You barely know him! Under your parents’ roof, in their bed!”

“You’re out of control Lilith! You’re going to end up pregnant with nothing going for you! I’m tempted to ask grandma and grandpa to move out, and take you with them! How would you like living on a little farm with no cell phone service and certainly no boyfriend?” That was all Lilith could take, she snapped.

Lilith jumped up from the wobbly stool, snarling, to face her father. “How dare you talk to me like I’m a little child, Daniel! I’m almost grown; I can do whatever and whoever I want, wherever I want! At least Dirk and I are in love and I’m not just sleeping with the help! You’re such a hypocrite, a sorry excuse for a father!”

Lilith spun around wildly to face her mother. Her heart pumped as adrenaline coursed through her body. “And you! You disgust me! You abandoned all of us for your precious career! How can you so surprised I had to find love somewhere besides this pathetic family?! I feel sorry for that baby you’re carrying. It’s better off dead than being born into this mess!”

Lilith’s words went through her mother like a bullet, stunned, she didn’t know what to say anymore. Daniel laughed hysterically. “So that’s it, huh? We’re the worst parents in the world and you hate us! Fine. Fine! Leave. Go be with your loser boyfriend, have his babies, and amount to nothing. Whatever makes you happy.”
“Gladly!”, Lilith said through gritted teeth. With that, she took off, running upstairs to her bedroom. She slammed the door as hard as she could, leaving her parents flabbergasted and broken hearted.

Later that night, Angela and Lilith were alone together in their bedroom. They had been forced to room together since their grandparents joined the household, and it only worsened their relationship. Angela stood in the doorway, taunting and smiling coyly at her twin. “Why so glum, sis?”

Lilith wasn’t amused; she couldn’t stand her sister’s immaturity and goody-goody attitude. “Piss off, Angela. I’m not in the mood.” Angela couldn’t contain herself; she began to laugh at Lilith. “Aww why not? Is it because you got caught in mom and dad’s bed with Dirk and now they think you’re pregnant?!” She thought she was quite cunning.

Lilith had it. She marched over to her sister and gave her a little push, just to get her to back off. “Listen here, Barbie. I am not pregnant, first of all. The only one naive enough to be a teen mom in this house is you. Second of all, why don’t you mind your damn business?!” Angela was hurt and she scurried off her side of the room. She could dish it out, so to speak, but she couldn’t take it. Lilith stormed back to her end, yanked open her bureau door, and changed into her day clothes.

She scampered quietly downstairs and stepped into the dining room. Lilith picked up the phone and quickly dialed Dirk’s number. The phone rang four long tones and finally, he answered. “Dirk, it’s me. Yeah. I know it’s late, I’m sorry. I need you to come get me. Yes, now. I’m at my house. Please, I can’t take it here anymore. Thank you! I’ll be waiting by the front door.”

Lilith stared out into her front yard, watching the rain pitter patter on the glass door. She tapped her foot anxiously, waiting for her boyfriend to pull up to the house and take her somewhere far away. The second she saw his headlights, Lilith bolted out of the house in excitement.

Lilith opened the flimsy blue door and climbed in. She gave Dirk a quick kiss and smiled, then the rebellious couple drove off into the night.


Lilith Pleasant and Dirk Dreamer relaxed together in silence on Dirk’s blue bed spread. Dirk was tired; it was about 3 a.m. He had school in the morning, and was a little annoyed that his girlfriend had called, asking him to pick her up. “I know things are bad at home, Lil. You know you can’t stay here though, right? My dad might have not cared, but now that my step mom is living here…you know she’s really good friends with your mom.”

Lilith sighed. “Yeah, I thought of that. I didn’t know who else to call, and I had to get out of that house. I figured it would be fine for the night at least.” Lilith looked hopefully at Dirk, praying he’d let her stay with him. She added a boo-boo lip for extra emphasis. “Please babe?” She batted her eyelashes.

Dirk chuckled and put his arm around Lilith. “You’re such a goof. I can’t be mad at you.” After flashing her a big smile, he planted a kiss on her forehead. “You can stay here for tonight only, so we have to figure out somewhere else for you to go. Got it?” The young couple snuggled up as Lilith breathed a sigh of relief.
“Thank you so much! I promise, I’ll be out of here in the morning! I think I know where you can take me.”
“Whatever you say, Lily Pad.” The two giggled as Dirk closed his eyes, falling asleep while he spoke.

Morning came and then night again. Dirk drove Lilith to her new hideout before the sun came up, without his step mom or father noticing. Cassandra Dreamer had other things on her mind anyway, concerning her family back at the Goth residence she had left for Darren. When she left, her mother was holding down the fort again. This allowed Cassandra to finally leave and start her own life. Things changed when Cassie received a call from her younger brother, Alexander, informing her that their mother, Bella Goth, had passed away due to childbirth complications. Cassandra was not particularly saddened by her mother’s death, but knew it would send her family back home into a cascade of unfortunate events.

“Darren, I’m so worried about Alex and the baby. Alex said my dad is really bad this time. Worse than when mom disappeared. It’s like, this time he knows she’s not coming back. Alexander said dad is so forgetful and depressed. The baby is getting neglected and Alex is afraid they’ll both get taken away by social services. He can’t take it. He was sobbing to me on the phone, begging me to come back. I feel horrible for leaving.”

“To make matters worse, Dina Caliente is trying to worm her way into the family again. Alex said she’s at the house all the time, slowly moving in. She’s a gold digger; she’s after our money. She tried this once before, but I was there to take care of things. Not to mention, dad would never agree to marrying her because he hoped mom would come back to him. But now that she’s dead…oh Darren, what should I do?!” Cassandra began to cry.

Darren was very angry. “Dina Caliente. We can’t let her take your mom’s place. Who knows what she’ll do to your father, Destiny, and Alex. She’ll do anything to get her hands on the fortune, for herself and now her baby because I’m sure Don isn’t giving her a dime. She can’t be trusted. I think our best bet is to get Alex and Destiny. We can’t control what your dad wants to do with his money, but we can save your siblings.”

Surprised, Cassandra gawked at her husband. “Oh Darren, do you really mean it?! It would mean so much to me! I know this is a huge deal, taking on raising two more kids while still wanting kids of our own. I just can’t watch their lives fall apart though.”

“I can’t watch that either. Your family is my family too now; we need to take care of our own. We’ll move them in here as soon as we can.”
Cassandra leapt across the couch to squeeze her husband. “Thank you Darren, thank you so much.” Cassandra’s heart pounded out of happiness for her siblings and love for her husband. “You, Mr. Dreamer, are a wonderful man.” The newlyweds laughed and embraced each other. Though the home they were making would be unconventional, it would happy.

After some flirtatious cuddling, things grew serious again. Cassandra climbed off Darren’s lap and her smile receded. “The last few years of my life have been so insane, starting with my mom’s disappearance. As you know, everyone was a suspect. My dad said it was aliens, most of the town blamed Don. Some people even questioned the involvement of the Caliente sisters. They moved here and starting poking around our fortune the same time mom vanished.” Darren sat quietly and listened.

“There were so many theories, so many accusations. I could barely keep up. Then she came back, out of nowhere! She had no idea she had been gone for so long; she couldn’t comprehend how everyone had aged. She couldn’t say where she had been or why she was just as young as she was the day she left, like her memory had been wiped.” Cassandra grew nervous planning how to explain what she was going to say next. “I don’t want to sound crazy here, but I really think dad was right. Do you think…do you think it’s possible that she was…abducted?”

Darren pondered the idea for a moment: aliens abducting Bella Goth. She always did have a fascination with the supernatural, and it sure would explain all of the holes in the situation. As a knowledge Sim, Darren thought it could be plausible. “I don’t think you or your father are crazy, Cass. No matter how bizarre, it makes too much sense. We may never know the mystery of Bella Goth, but we do know there was definitely something supernatural going on.” After that, the couple sat together in silence. They mentally debated whether or not they wanted to accept the fact that they weren’t the only species in Pleasantview. The mystery of Mrs. Goth would probably never be fully understood, especially now that she was dead. All the secrets passed on with her.


It was early morning in the Burb household while John and Jennifer slept snuggled in their bed. The married couple enjoyed every moment of sleep they could get since the birth of their twins, Tristan and Tabitha.

A steady pounding sound woke Jennifer from her sleep. She groggily opened her eyes and listened. *BOOM BOOM BOOM* It sounded like somebody was trying to beat the door down. Slightly afraid, she tried to rouse her husband from his sleep. “John! John! Wake up! Do you hear that? I think somebody is outside!”

John’s eyes snapped open. “What? Somebody outside? A burglar?” The couple panicked.
“Let’s go check on Lucy and see if somebody is there. I’ll lock our door so the twins are safe in here”, Jennifer suggested.

Jennifer and John crept through their house with their eyes peeled. After checking on their daughter to find she was sound asleep, the went back into the living room and peeked around the corner. Looking through their stained glass front door, they were relieved to see their niece, Lilith Pleasant standing there.

They let her in and Jennifer immediately began asking questions. John observed the situation unfolding with his arms crossed.“Lilith?! What are you doing here? How did you get here?”Although she was relieved there was nobody trying to break into her house, Jennifer was confused and worried to see her niece out at this hour.

“It’s my parents”, Lilith began, “I can’t take living in that house anymore. I ran away, and asked Dirk to bring me here. I was hoping I could stay here with you and Uncle John.”

Jennifer and Lilith had always gotten along well; she understood how her niece felt. Jennifer grew up with Daniel; she knew her brother wasn’t easy to get along with. Mary-Sue was no better. Still, she was angry with the teen. “Lilith! How could you runaway and come here? Don’t you realize the situation this puts me in?”

“I know. I’m sorry, but I didn’t know where else to go! Please, I’m begging you. Let me stay here!” Lilith knew living with her aunt was her last resort.
Jennifer watched tears well up in Lilith’s eyes and felt sorry for the girl; her anger dissolved. Jennifer sighed. “Alright, you can stay in the guest bedroom for what’s left of tonight. But once it’s earlier, you have to call your parents and tell them you’re safe. Got it?”

Lilith engulfed her aunt in a big hug. “Thank you so much! This means the world to me!”
“Yeah, yeah” said Jennifer sarcastically, “We’ll talk about how this is going to work at a more reasonable hour. I’m going back to bed. You should get some sleep too, kid.”
Lilith escorted herself to the guest bedroom, easing into a bed she had slept in many times during sleep overs at her aunt’s. For the first time in a while, Lilith felt like she was finally home.

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Yeah, you know you're in trouble when you're more apprehensive about playing the game with the thread in mind, establishing the set pieces for the pictures than you are actually writing for it. I feel that way too often, and it's been the premature death of many after-action-reports. I've pretty much decided I'm going to play as I like and occasionally revisit the life of my sim as it seems relevant to what passes for my plot. But with all these different sims you're going to be following you certainly have a task ahead of you.

Killing them with Kindness, Benjamin and Angela. Passive resistance is a powerful way of effecting change without incurring blame. The best way to let someone destroy their own self with their anger.

Bella and Cassandra's conflict seems very true to life, reminds me of my mother and sisters. A cycle of mutual criticism and hen pecking. It would be beautiful to watch if not for the consequences. Good fodder for fiction anyways.

In my plays of sims 2, Mortimer always had the best looking children. Alexander ends up with an interesting look, as well, being the subject of my favorite ever painting by a sim. One of my best looking sims was the spawn of Mortimer and Dina, she was purdy, and also for whatever reason had a hard and strange childhood, being collected by the social worker at one point. She ended up though being one of my favorites because of all that happened, even though she was my guinea pig to see if toddlers could die .

I'm looking forward to watching your young sims grow up and the events that shape them. Otherwise I think the writing is very easy to follow, and the pictures as always are very neat and seem well timed to the narrative. Don't be afraid to visit terrible disasters on them, though, that's half the fun.
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Originally Posted by Plumboob
Yeah, you know you're in trouble when you're more apprehensive about playing the game with the thread in mind, establishing the set pieces for the pictures than you are actually writing for it. I feel that way too often, and it's been the premature death of many after-action-reports. I've pretty much decided I'm going to play as I like and occasionally revisit the life of my sim as it seems relevant to what passes for my plot. But with all these different sims you're going to be following you certainly have a task ahead of you.

Killing them with Kindness, Benjamin and Angela. Passive resistance is a powerful way of effecting change without incurring blame. The best way to let someone destroy their own self with their anger.

Bella and Cassandra's conflict seems very true to life, reminds me of my mother and sisters. A cycle of mutual criticism and hen pecking. It would be beautiful to watch if not for the consequences. Good fodder for fiction anyways.

In my plays of sims 2, Mortimer always had the best looking children. Alexander ends up with an interesting look, as well, being the subject of my favorite ever painting by a sim. One of my best looking sims was the spawn of Mortimer and Dina, she was purdy, and also for whatever reason had a hard and strange childhood, being collected by the social worker at one point. She ended up though being one of my favorites because of all that happened, even though she was my guinea pig to see if toddlers could die .

I'm looking forward to watching your young sims grow up and the events that shape them. Otherwise I think the writing is very easy to follow, and the pictures as always are very neat and seem well timed to the narrative. Don't be afraid to visit terrible disasters on them, though, that's half the fun.

You always have the most well thought out and detailed comments. I appreciate it so very much! Very glad to hear the writing and screenshots are quality. I plan for more many more generations of terrible disasters and heartwarming triumphs with my Pleasantviewians!

Sometimes I take your approach to writing Sim stories, but then I get mad when I miss something I could have worked into the story. Sometimes I’m in the mood to just play, and other times to write and photograph everything. I’ve made a neighborhood where I can just play with random people and don’t plan on writing about for when I’m feeling…uninspired.

I really enjoy reading your analysis of my character conflict. I’m glad their struggles seem fairly realistic and relatable. Your little story about Dina and Mortimer’s baby was interesting yet poignant. I have never pursued the relationship between then in any of my Pleasantviews. Mortimer’s nose always travels down the line whenever he has children in my games, leading to some…interesting children. His nose looks huge on everyone but him. I do agree that I like Alexander’s more matured look, with the right touches of course.
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Default The Pleasantview Diaries (5)

Taa daa! Chapter 5, obviously. On this chapter I tried to do some writing and then take pictures that matched what I wrote. Usually I do the opposite, so let me know what you think! I love hearing feedback or messages of fandom so please feel free to comment. Don't forget to rate either!


Dina stood in the parlor of the Goth mansion, her new home. She looked around happily, admiring her work. The parade of hired interior designers, landscapers, and carpenters had finally left. Now she could enjoy the lavish furniture and expensive gadgets, almost all to herself.

Dina has successfully carried out her plan to find a new father for her son, Ricardo. Don Lothario was kicked to the curb as Dina forced Mortimer Goth to step up to the plate. He was easy to seduce; he was barely human anymore now that Bella was dead. Mortimer, a mindless zombie, married Dina. She became of the queen of the Goth castle, and finally, the Goth fortune. Her first attempt at marrying into money had failed. After bewitching Michael Bachelor, Bella Goth’s brother, she was devastated to find scarcely more than a dime for herself in his will. Michael Bachelor left his wife a poor widow.

As she cared for her toddler son, Dina couldn’t help but feel a pang of guilt. Deep inside her conscience, she knew Ricardo was not the only reason for taking advantage of Mortimer. Greed consumed her; she felt the world owed her something. Her beauty was her only gift, enabling her to take what she wanted from men. Still, she tried telling herself it was all for the good of her son. Dina hoped the rest of the town would not see through to her money hungry ways.

The citizens of Pleasantview, however, knew Dina better than she knew herself. Cassandra had stormed in one day, fuming and yelling, after a teary phone conversation with Alexander about Dina’s mistreatment of baby Destiny. As enraged as a mother bear, Cassandra snatched up her younger siblings. She had some choice words for Dina, and resisted the urge to beat her to a pulp. Nobody stopped Cassandra’s rescue mission. Dina certainly did not want to care for her step children, and all Mortimer was good for was sitting in his chair like a lump, staring off into space.

Now that everything was completely settled, Dina only had to concentrate on raising Ricardo and her humble job as a law firm secretary. She was glad for the security of money, but wondered if “extra measures” should be taken to secure her inheritance. Mortimer was old, and sure to die soon due to his sedentary, depressed condition.

Perhaps if her new marriage was consummated, and a Caliente-Goth heir was born, Dina would not have to fear losing the money and mansion once Mortimer left their world.

Several months went by and it was time for Ricardo’s birthday. Dina wobbled into the dining room to help with the transition, her belly now swollen with Mortimer’s child. It did not take long for the candles’ flames to die and little Ricardo to spring into action as a child. The black haired boy admired his new, much larger hands while his mother lovingly smiled at her son.

While festivities were taking place indoors, Mortimer Goth stood listlessly outside next to a snowman. He stared off into the night sky, ignoring the cold and snow past his ankles.

He felt a dry, cold wind sweep through his bones. It howled through the trees and a deep voice suddenly boomed, “Mortimer Goth.” Mortimer’s mind snapped on after hearing the unfamiliar, rather threatening voice. He glanced over his shoulder and gasped when he saw he was not alone.


“Alright Letti, mommy is going to put you on this little potty. You have to sit here and...go potty. Capeesh? No more diapers or mommy is going to have an aneurysm.”

Nina Caliente struggled to communicate in a language most toddlers could understand. Luckily for her, Letti was an exceptionally bright child. She blinked discerningly at her mother and sat on the training toilet as instructed. Inevitably, she “went”. Motherhood was not Nina’s forte, although she tried her best and managed to raise Letti with a fair amount of success.

After some congratulatory clapping, Letti scurried away in her green bunny slippers, making a beeline for her wooden peg box toy. “Come back here! I have to wipe you!”, Nina bellowed as she plucked the protective liner from the little potty. “Eugh! Maybe diapers aren’t so bad after all.”

Although Letti kept Nina very busy, she found time to concentrate on her career, as well as satisfy her romantic tendencies. She wooed many men who shared her promiscuous ideals. Both parties aware the dates were merely for pleasure, and not a relationship. Nina made sure none of her endeavors resulted in another child.

As a toddler, Letti was too young to understand what her mother was up to. She often wandered into her mother’s bedroom, interrupting the fireworks.

It wasn’t until Letti grew into a child that she realized what went on far too often behind closed doors, and that none of her mother’s suitors were her father. Despite the pain and embarrassment it caused her daughter, Nina continued to bring men home.

It was a snowy Monday afternoon that brought Nina some peace and quiet. Letti was at school, and Nina had a spare moment to skim the morning paper. Nina’s eyes bulged when she caught a glimpse of the marriage announcement of Dina Caliente and Mortimer Goth. Although the sisters had once been very close, they had barely been speaking right before Dina moved out. Dina claimed she was going to get an apartment, explaining it was too painful to stay in the house. She thought it would be better that Ricardo and Letti not know their true origins and just how twisted their family was.

Angry and confused, Nina soon found herself with her plastic yellowy telephone in hand. She rapidly dialed her sister’s cell phone number, ready for an argument.

“Hey Dina.”
“Yeah it’s me.”
“I was just reading the paper and…I see you’ve gone and gotten married again…”
“Well of course I’m mad! You lied to me!”
“So what if we weren’t getting along?! Don’t pretend like this isn’t about money Dina. Letti and I love you! You were like another mother to her, and you left us for some old guy!”

“Oh please. You don’t love him. You love his money. You really make sick Dina, know that? I can’t believe you’d do this again!”
“You’re pregnant too?! You’ve got to be kidding me! You don’t deserve children, that house, or that money! You are a gold digger and everyone knows it!”
*Click* Dina hung up. She had heard quite enough out of her sister.

“Damn her!” Nina yelled into the phone and slammed it back on the receiver. Angry, Nina didn’t know what to do with herself. She stormed over to the newspaper on the couch, ripped it to shreds, and shoved it into the garbage can. Nina thought her sister was ruining her life, but she wasn’t okay with Dina taking people down with her. Despite that, she knew there was nothing she could do.


Don and Kaylynn Lothario’s marriage had been full of tension the last several months. After Kaylynn “mysteriously” came up pregnant, Don began to renounce his newly formed, positive opinions of marriage. He was angry at his wife, and not just for purposefully getting pregnant after they decided against it for the time being. Don was mad that Kaylynn outsmarted him; she worked his lustful ways to her advantage. He had never been one upped by any of his lovers, and his ego did not know how to handle such an event.

Don was bitter. He did not want to be a father by any means. He had planned to live his life as an untamed Casanova, sweeping women off their feet then throwing them in the dirt. Now not only was he a father of soon to be three, but a married man. He grew resentful of his wife, which resulted in him ignoring Kaylynn as much as possible.

Kaylynn was no dummy, and it didn’t take long for her happiness over the baby to be crushed by Don’s pessimism. She picked up on his cold attitude, his grumpy looks, and his lack of presence in their home. She worried for their marriage, and their baby.

Fed up with loneliness, Kaylynn decided to confront her immature husband. “Don. The baby is kicking. Do you want to feel?”
Don swayed from side to side, very much into his skiing computer game. “Kaylynn! I’m about to beat my high score! Why don’t you go clean something?” Suddenly, Don’s skier plummeted off the mountain. The high score was lost.

Don pounded his fist on the glass computer desk and stood up fiercely. Kaylynn jumped, wondering how he didn’t shatter the desk. Her heart began to pound.
“Dammit Kaylynn! Look what you did! Why won’t you just leave me alone?!”

Kaylynn’s pregnancy hormones got the best of her and she lost her cool. “Don’t talk to me like that! I am your wife! You never spend any time with me and you act like you don’t care about this baby!”

“Well I didn’t want this baby in the first place! You did! Not me! I didn’t ask for this, any of it! I want to leave!” Don felt a weight off his shoulders. Although the words were harsh, they were true. Don didn’t love his wife or any of his children. Don didn’t love anyone but himself.
Kaylynn was taken aback. Her lip quivered and tears welled up in her eyes. Her clenched fists dropped to sides as she looked down at her feet. “W-why did you marry me then? I…I thought you loved me.” Her voice trembled. She scampered upstairs to sob alone on their bed.

After their argument, Kaylynn left Don alone like he wished. She silently carried their baby, cooked, and cleaned like nothing had ever happened. Don was grateful, although still tried to spend as much time out of the house as he could. It was no surprise that when Kaylynn finally went into labor, Don was off at some other woman’s house fulfilling his romantic desires. Kaylynn gave birth to a little boy who she named Lorenzo, and instantly fell in love with the baby.

As a family sim, Kaylynn loved being a mother twice as much as she thought she would. She treasured every moment with the boy, knowing he may be her only child. Divorce was out of the question, and her relationship with Don was not improving.

Kaylynn’s maternity leave ended quickly, and the day came when she had to go back to work. She climbed in the police car with a heavy heart, wondering how she would manage the day away from Lorenzo and how much longer she could sit by and watch her husband’s affairs.

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I generally like curved noses on Sims, characters, and people. Maybe it's just me, but they seem to make them look intelligent or distinguished. I did notice a daughter of Alexander's had that nose. I don't think it detracted too much from her, but maybe others would disagree. I seem to remember Mortimer's lovechild with Dina having Dina's nose, although it's been so long I'm not sure.

I think writing the post before taking the pictures is a great idea, although with the caveat that you allow your sims to tell some of the story and alter the post as it occurs. I'll probably incorporate that method into my own story, otherwise feeling rushed in my last couple of attempts.

The difference shows in how you let the writing dictate the flow and progression of the story. The pictures become more an illustration than a form of punctuation or summary of a paragraph, as I was feeling they were becoming in my own.

It's too bad Alexander and his little sister are probably going to be cheated out of their rightful inheritance. At least they may not have to worry about gold-diggers when their turn to find a mate occurs. It'll be interesting to see the kind of interactions the three siblings have with their half-sibling when he grows up, and how Dina brings the heir up.
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Originally Posted by Plumboob
I generally like curved noses on Sims, characters, and people. Maybe it's just me, but they seem to make them look intelligent or distinguished. I did notice a daughter of Alexander's had that nose. I don't think it detracted too much from her, but maybe others would disagree. I seem to remember Mortimer's lovechild with Dina having Dina's nose, although it's been so long I'm not sure.

I think writing the post before taking the pictures is a great idea, although with the caveat that you allow your sims to tell some of the story and alter the post as it occurs. I'll probably incorporate that method into my own story, otherwise feeling rushed in my last couple of attempts.

The difference shows in how you let the writing dictate the flow and progression of the story. The pictures become more an illustration than a form of punctuation or summary of a paragraph, as I was feeling they were becoming in my own.

It's too bad Alexander and his little sister are probably going to be cheated out of their rightful inheritance. At least they may not have to worry about gold-diggers when their turn to find a mate occurs. It'll be interesting to see the kind of interactions the three siblings have with their half-sibling when he grows up, and how Dina brings the heir up.

I like Sims with unique looks. Old Mort's nose wasn't by definition "beautiful" on his daughter and granddaughters, but it gave them character.

I'm delighted to hear that you can tell a difference in my writing with my new method! I'm glad things are flowing more nicely and such.

As always, thank you so much for the feedback!
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Default The Pleasantview Diaries (6)

Behold! Chapter six! I know it's a teensy bit late. I've had a jam packed weekend. I'm happy I got this done and posted by Sunday as least, since my goal is to post a chapter every weekend be that Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Anyways, enjoy!


The day came for little Henry to grow up. Most of his family gathered around him, some in their underwear, not that the baby minded. Others were at work and had their schoolmates stand in for them. Despite the circumstances, Henry aged into a rather cute little toddler. Brandi scooped him up after finishing her cake and immediately put him to bed, noticing his eyes growing heavier by the second.

“I think that went well”, said Benjamin cheerily to his wife. The couple relaxed on their bed after a long day of work, cleaning, and raising a house full of wild boys.
“Mmhmm”, Brandi replied, uninterested. Her mind was elsewhere. Her last little baby was now a toddler. Soon he’d be a child, then a teen, then off to college. As a family sim, Brandi found the whole idea quite saddening.

Benjamin looked at his wife and smiled sheepishly. “I’ve been thinking. Dustin will be going off to college soon, which will give us an empty bedroom. Not to mention that Beau will be starting high school and getting a job. Henry will be out of diapers by then. As hectic as it is, don’t you think you’ll miss the little baby stage?” Before he met Brandi, Benjamin’s main concerns were learning and reading. Brandi made him realize the importance of family, and her boys, how much he loved being a father. Despite loving the boys, he still wanted his own, biological child that could carry on the Long family name. Much to her surprise, Benjamin read Brandi’s mind. She broke into a large grin at the thought of having another small, squishy baby to hold. “What do you say, Brandi? Maybe we could have a little girl…”

Brandi imagined what a having a little girl with Benjamin would be like. She’d always wanted a daughter. She leaned into her husband and he embraced her. “I think it’s a lovely idea. I’m not ready for this house to be empty, to pack up the cribs, toss the bottles. Let’s do it! Let’s have a baby!” They kissed gently for a moment and then got right to work, hoping their night together would bring them the child they desired.

Dustin couldn’t stand his stepfather. When he found out his mother was having yet another baby, he decided it was time for him to leave before things got ugly. He knew deep down that Benjamin was a good father, and would raise his brothers the way his own dad would have. Still, he felt inferior and couldn’t bear to stick around any longer.

Dustin worked hard to get his grades up and earned some extra cash working as an apprentice to a big business executive. The day he left for college was an emotional one. Brandi was ready to pop, and hugged her son goodbye tearfully. “Make sure you call and visit! I’ll be thinking of you every day, darling!” Brandi kissed her eldest son’s forehead. Dustin said goodbye to Beau and Henry while making an extra effort to ignore Benjamin, avoiding hugging him or even shaking his hand. The teen climbed into the cab, ready to take on the next adventure in his life.

Things were different when Dustin left. The whole family felt much more at ease now that the constant tension between him and Benjamin was no longer present. Despite getting along better, everyone missed him. Especially Beau, who looked up to Dustin more than any other man in his life. The brothers tried to keep in touch as best as they could. Beau assured Dustin he’d be joining him soon on campus.

Back at the Broke-Long household, the new baby was on its way to fill up Dustin’s empty room. “Ohhh Benjamin! This never gets easier!”
Benjamin was alarmed at the site of his wife in so much pain, knowing fatherhood was well on its way. “Gah! Just stay calm Brandi! Breathe!”

Brandi gasped at the site of her beautiful, dark haired baby. “It’s a…”
Benjamin laughed happily in amazement. “It’s a…”


“Hey Al! Nice prep school uniform! You must be Al, right?” Dirk greeted his new housemate with a boisterous grin and outstretched arms. It was Alex and Destiny Goth’s first day in the Dreamer house since their sister Cassandra adopted them. Dirk was excited to meet Alexander, and glad to have another guy under his roof.

“Ah, why thank you. You must be Dirk Dreamer. My sister’s step son. Which makes me your Uncle, technically.” Alex smirked and pointed at Dirk with a cheeky grin. He was happy to be out of his father’s house and away from his step mother. Still, the Dreamer household was different from the refined, upper class style of life he was used to.
Dirk chuckled and gave Alexander a manly hug, patting his back. “That’s weird man. But hey, welcome to the family!”

Things went along swimmingly in the Dreamer household. Dirk and Alex grew as close as brothers while Darren and Cassandra fell more in love every day. Little Destiny was growing up strong and happy, awaiting the arrival of her new niece or nephew. The family was sure the baby would be making its debut any day now as Cassie’s abdomen looked close to popping.

The family lived in a perfect bubble of happiness, despite their large size. All the focus on the importance of family and the excitement in the air over the new baby got Alexander thinking. “Do you think you and Lilith will get married, Dirk?” Alexander hoped he was not being too intrusive.

Surprised, Dirk furrowed his eyebrows and puffed some air out of his cheeks. “Dude. I dunno man. That’s a heavy question.”
“I know. I just see how happy you two are, and how happy my sister and your dad are. I can’t help but wonder if I’m missing out. I’ve always been so focused on my grades and learning…” Alex trailed off, growing shy. “Do you think she’s the one? Does the one even exist? It seems highly illogical to me.”

Dirk pondered the idea for a while, scrawling in his notebook. “You’re asking the wrong person, man. All I know is that when I think about not being with Lilith, I get real down. I do love her, but I’m practically still a kid. Ya know?”
Alex did not know whether to be satisfied or disappointed, and simply nodded at Dirk. Alex decided he would have to do his own experiment if he wanted to learn about love.

So the next day, Alex attempted to woo a young blonde that came home from school with him. “Hey, what do you call a tooth in a glass of water?”
Ignoring the Chemistry joke, the blonde slurped her soup rather obnoxiously.
“A one molar solution!” Alexander laughed, waiting for his date to get the punch line.
The girl responded with a large belch, and then continued shoveling soup into her mouth. Appalled, Alex decided he should stick to his elements and planets rather than pursuing the opposite sex. If that was true love, it was not for him.

Life continued in the Dreamer house despite Alex’s dating failure, and soon it was time for Cassandra to give birth. Before the actual moment, Cassandra had been thinking long and hard about the arrival of her son or daughter. As a family sim, she was excited to finally have a child of her own. Even though she had spent so much of her life raising her siblings, she wondered if she would be a good mother. She hoped she was not in the wrong to bring another child into the world when her siblings still needed so much of her love and attention.

After a fair amount of yelling and panicking, Cassandra found herself holding a darling baby girl. Once she saw her daughter, she knew there was no mistake in her birth.“She has my eyes!”, Cassandra beamed. The happy couple smiled at the infant, deciding to name her Eden. Cassandra nuzzled the baby, promising to herself they would have a better relationship than she once had with her own mother.


Herb and Coral Oldie sat alone at their daughter’s kitchen table one morning. The sun had just risen, and the elders were the only ones in the house who weren’t still sleeping. They decided it would be a good time to discuss how their granddaughter Lilith had run away from home. “I just feel guilty.”, said Coral meekly. “Mary-Sue asked us to live here so we could help her straighten out the twins and raise the new baby. Now Lilith has gone and run away!” Coral sniffled out a few salty tears.

Herb tried his hand at comforting his wife. “It’s not our fault Coral. Lilith was long gone when we got here. It was only a matter of time before she skipped out. Mary-Sue can thank her husband for that. I’ve always thought that Daniel was no good.” Herb scowled at the thought of his cheating son in law.

“Oh Herb. You shouldn’t be so hard on Daniel, especially since you’re a romance Sim too. He’s not perfect, but you know he loves Mary-Sue and the kids.” Herb grumbled something inaudible and crossed his arms, turning away from his wife. Coral sighed and forced a smile, wiping away her tears. “I’d just feel better if I knew Lilith was safe.”

Angela decided she would take the initiative and check up on her twin. The red head was vaguely aware of her sister’s close relationship with their aunt, and figured if she wasn’t with Dirk, she must be at aunt Jennifer’s. Angela was well aware of her parents’ and grandparents’ plight, and after another day of not seeing Lilith at school, she’d had it. Half out of nosiness and half out of worry, Angela plucked her family’s phone from the stout wooden table and quickly dialed her aunt’s home phone. After a few rings, Angela was not surprised to hear her twin’s voice on the other end.

The utter disgust and shock in Lilith’s voice was obvious; Angela found it fairly amusing. “Angela?! What the hell are you doing?!”
“I should ask you the same thing. Everyone over here is worried sick about you. You’ve been at aunt Jennifer’s the whole time?”
“Obviously you know that since you were smart enough to call here. What do you want?”
“I just want to know how you are. Mom and dad, grandpa and grandma, they need to know you’re safe.”

Lilith was surprised to hear that her family was worried about her. She figured that when she moved out, nobody would miss her. She assumed, in fact, they’d be happier with her gone.
“I…I’m fine. I’m doing better in this new school, making new friends. Aunt Jen and Uncle John treat me the way I want to be treated, not like an evil convict. I have a job and am leaving for college soon.”
Angela paused, taking in her sister’s sudden success. “Well…everyone will be glad to know you’re not dead on the street. You’re not coming back then I guess?”
“Yeah. I’m sure they’ll let you stay there.”
“They’d better. I deserve to be happy.”

“You do, Lilith.” Lilith’s heart sunk, it was the first kind word she’d heard from her family in as long as she could remember. Angela even surprised herself by saying it. She was silent; neither twin knew what to say now.
“Well…I guess I’ll see you at Sim Sate then.”
“I guess.”
“Bye, Lil.”

Angela hung up, leaving Lilith listening to a dial tone while stupefied and suddenly very, very homesick.

Nobody heard from Lilith in the days that followed and life continued on as normally as possible. Daniel stepped outside for a moment to recycle the paper from the day before. He had a lot on his mind, and needed to get some air. Despite knowing his daughter was doing well at his sister’s, Daniel worried about Lilith and regretted their last conversation. He knew he’d be an elder soon, and would probably not see the teen for his birthday.

Daniel slowly trudged over to the garbage can and tossed the wrinkled newspaper inside. He placed the metal lid back on; it clanked loudly. He sighed, glancing down the street at the green trees and trying to remember a time when things were easier. “Hi Daniel.” A shy, feminine voice echoed behind him. Daniel spun around and stopped in his tracks.

“Kaylynn?” Daniel’s heart began to pound at the sight of his ex mistress. They hadn’t seen each other in a couple years. After he reconciled with Mary-Sue, Daniel had made sure Kaylynn understood he couldn’t see her anymore. They even hired a new maid, a male maid as requested by Mary-Sue. He heard she’d gotten married and had a baby since then. Yet there she stood in his front yard, wearing a police uniform to boot. “What…what on earth are you doing here?”

Suddenly embarrassed and ashamed, Kaylynn began fumbling her words. “I...I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have come. I just got off my shift at the station and, well you were on my mind. I just wanted to see you. I’m sorry.”
Daniel grew angry. “You can’t be here, Kaylynn! Things can’t be the way they used to! My wife is right inside that house! My pregnant wife!”

Although Daniel wasn’t aware, his “pregnant” wife wasn’t going to be pregnant for much longer. Mary-Sue stood in their living room, hollering and groaning in pain. “Daniel! Where are you?! The baby is coming!”

Daniel never came to see his son Felix’s birth, and it didn’t take long for Mary-Sue to figure out where Daniel was.

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Default The Pleasantview Diaries (7)

Chapter 7 is here, finally! Two days over due. I apologize; had a busy weekend with my prom and getting sick. Please enjoy and comment! I'd love for some feedback.


“It’s you…” Mortimer Goth’s quiet voice trailed off as he stared at the ominous figure before him. They were the first words he’d spoken in months. He felt his breathing grow shallow and his heart rate slow.

The Grim Reaper hovered in front of the old man. In a dry voice he simply said, “Mortimer Goth. Your time has come.” Dina and Ricardo ran outside just in time to see the hooded being do his dark work. They both burst into tears immediately, knowing there was nothing they could do to save Mortmier. Dina’s tears, however, were much more forced than those of her newly grieving son.

After the initial shock and fear dissipated, a smile formed on Mortimer’s face. He glanced at the hula dancer beckoning him to the great beyond. She reminded him of someone he once knew, but his mind was too far gone to realize exactly who that someone was. As Mortimer's image slowly faded out, he walked towards Grim and spoke his faint last words, “I’m coming home, Bella!”

The Goth-Caliente family mourned the loss of their father and husband in their own ways in the days that followed. To nobody’s surprise, Dina bounced back to her rather newly adopted, extravagant lifestlye rather quickly. She collected her inheritance and buried Mortimer with a smirk on her face. Ricardo, on the other hand, took his father figure’s death more harshly. His normally kind, extroverted personality dwindled down. Before anyone could grow too accustomed to the loss of a loved one, new life began to make its’ way into the family, conquering the sadness.

Dina delivered a healthy baby boy; Gideon Goth. She smiled at the infant, observing his tiny features. The more she looked at the boy, the more she noticed how much he resembled his father. A lump in Dina’s throat formed as she tried to choke down the sudden surge of guilt that gripped her.

Ricardo was sleeping soundly in his room when the cries of his new brother awoke him. He rubbed his eyes sleepily and sat up in bed. Gideon’s squalls did not seem to be reaching an end anytime soon, and Ricardo decided to go downstairs for a glass of water. After opening his door and peeking out into hall, a different set of stairs caught his eye. Curious, Ricardo realized he had never ventured up those particular stairs. Soon his feet were taking him to the mysterious third floor, rather than the downstairs kitchen.

Ricardo smiled in amazement and delight when he reached the top of the flight, finding himself in a rather empty, attic like room. The child glanced around, observing the white walls caked in dust and the plain wooden floorboards. The area was barren besides one solitary easel that stood in the center of the room. The boy's eyes lit up; he was a fan of painting and sketching. "This would make a perfect art studio!"

Ricardo crept towards the wooden easel, admiring the unfinished painting resting on it. He studied the woman, gazing into her big brown eyes. Although the piece was not complete, Ricardo could tell the mysterious woman was distressed, although very beautiful. “I wonder who painted this.” Ricardo murmured, transfixed. He took some of the paint tubes and brushes off the easel shelf. “I hope they won’t mind if I help them finish it.” With that, Ricardo began to continue the mysterious painting of Bella Goth.


“Mom! Mama, we got grade cards back today! I have all A’s!” Letti Caliente beamed at her mother, jumping up and down in excitement. She hoped with all her heart that the little slip of paper flopping around in her hand would earn her mother’s affection and approval.

Nina was not impressed. She had just gotten off a tiring shift at work and did not enjoy her daughter’s bundles of energy and excitement. “That’s nice dear.” Nina sighed. “Now why don’t you run along and get inside? I’m having a…friend over soon. You know what that means.”
Letti slumped her shoulders and stuffed her report card into her coat pocket. “Stay downstairs and don’t bother you.”
“Good girl.” Nina watched her daughter sadly stroll into the house, her head hung.

Although Letti was used to neglect, it still hurt every time her mother pushed her away. The little girl was often left alone, and when Nina actually was home, her attention was occupied elsewhere. Letti fended for herself more often than not, making her dinner and doing her homework solo.

Luckily for Nina, Letti was a very bright child. She loved school and had a passion for science. Although more than capable of taking care of herself, Letti longed for love and friendship. Nina noticed her daughter’s struggles, and to some degree, felt guilty for the way she was raising the girl. Still unwilling to change her promiscuous ways, Nina decided to find a companion for Letti.

“You really mean it mom?! You got us a puppy?!” Letti grinned from ear to ear at the thought of having a furry playmate in the house.
“Not us; you. This puppy is not only your friend and gift, but also your responsibility. You need to take good care of him. Understand?” Nina walked over to the small plastic carrier and opened it with a click. A small, black, furry creature bounded out of the crate straight for the giddy Letti.

Letti crouched down and scooped up the puppy, practically glowing with happiness. “Oh mama, I promise! I’ll treat him like my own little baby!” After staring at the little dog in awe for several moments, Letti leaped into her mothers arms, engulfing her in a hug. “Thank you mama! All I ever wanted was a friend!” Nina smiled and quickly kissed her daughter’s head, trying to let her daughter’s excitement overshadow the guilt for her obvious loneliness.

True to her word, Letti took excellent care of the puppy she decided to name Scout. When she wasn’t playing with, feeding, or grooming Scout she was reading dozens of books on dog care and training. Not only did she finally have a friend, but the little dog was a gift from her mother. Both those facts made Scout immensely important to Letti, and she tended to him with the utmost care.


Don Lothario walked into his kitchen; home suspiciously late from work. He glanced to the counter and locked eyes on a big white cake. Helping himself to a slice, he noticed his wife, Kaylynn, loading the dishwasher. “What’s the occasion?”, Don asked rather cheerily in regards to the dessert. He smiled brightly and dug around their counter drawer for a fork.

“It’s Lorenzo’s birthday.” Kaylynn broke the news to Don dryly. He missed his son’s first birthday. Don’s perky smile quickly fell flat off his face.
“Oh. Right. I knew that.” It was a lie, but he wanted to avoid conflict. To his surprise, Kaylynn stayed quiet. She didn’t even look upset. Normally, she would have already started in on the dirty looks or shouting. Perplexed, Don eyeballed his wife. Something must be wrong.

“You…you aren’t mad?” Don blinked, suspicious.
Kaylynn stayed silent for a long moment, eventually turning to face her husband. “Everyone makes mistakes.” Don detected a strange tone in Kaylynn’s voice. She sounded meek, and her cheeks suddenly flushed red. He began to get an inkling of what was going on in the raven haired woman's head.

Don set his cake down on the white counter island and thought a moment; a devilish grin spread wide across his face. “What is that supposed to mean? What…what’s going on?” Don chuckled, amused. “Kaylynn, what did you do?”
Kaylynn’s stomach flip flopped and she stared her stared at her feet. “I…I…”

Suddenly, little Lorenzo crawled into the kitchen. “Mama!”, he cooed.
“…I have to put the baby to bed!” Without another word, Kaylynn scooped up the toddler and hurried upstairs. Don stood in the kitchen, bewildered and entertained.

“In you go little man!” Kaylynn changed Lorenzo into his pajamas and tucked him snugly into his crib. She kissed his head and wished him a happy birthday.
“I love you mama!”, The tot cooed. Kaylynn teared up while looking into her son’s big green eyes. Despite its problems, she loved her little family. The guilt in Kaylynn’s heart was heavy.
“I love you too baby.” She tip toed out of the bedroom slowly and silently closed the door.

Kaylynn stepped outside for some fresh air. She peered over her balcony and into the night sky, regretting her little adventure earlier that day. After she could no longer stand the let down and sadness in her own marriage, Kaylynn had found herself absently wandering over to Daniel Pleasant’s. Even though nothing happened, Kaylynn knew in her heart why she visited the old flame, and that was cheating enough for her. She held back tears when a curious voice interrupted her thoughts, “Kaylynn…”

Her heart skipped a beat and she jumped, ready to defend herself against the mysterious voice in the darkness. Kaylynn was instantly relieved to see only her husband sitting with her on the deck. “Oh Don! You scared me! What are you doing sneaking up on me like that?”

Don stood up, chuckling. “Why so jumpy? Guilty conscience maybe?” He knew something was off.
“It’s not funny, Don.” Although Don had done much worse to Kaylynn during the course of their marriage, she took the situation very seriously.
“Oh c’mon baby. Talk to me. Why are you acting so strangely?”

Kaylynn’s lip quivered; she decided she might as well be honest with her husband. “I…I…I went to see Daniel today.”
Suddenly intrigued, Don cocked his head. “You cheated on me?” He didn't know his loving, family oriented wife was capable of such a deed.
Blood rushed to Kaylynn’s face. “Well…kind of. I mean, nothing happened…but I still went there.” She buried her face in her hands. “I’m sorry!”

Something clicked in Don’s head. For months, he had been pushing his wife away. Now, the second he learned he may not be his wife’s number one choice, his Casanova kicked in. “Oh Kaylynn. Don’t be upset. Like you said, everyone makes mistakes. Being faithful is so hard. I don’t blame you.” He purred his words, caressing his lonely wife. She melted at his will.
“You’re not going to leave?”

Don embraced Kaylynn and dipped her, sending butterflies in her tummy. “Never ever.” He kissed her, making sure she’d never want to even look at another man. Don was happy as long as he had all the women in his life drooling at his feet.

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I like the updates. Good photography getting the shot of expressions with Lilith and that blonde Alexander was talking to.

I'm sure Letti will be extraordinary, the ones that get it hard in childhood often turn out interesting if nothing else. Her story is very interesting, and she's cute. I almost forgot how they run up to the parent, jumping up and down when they get a good grade. I always got a kick out of that.
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I like the updates. Good photography getting the shot of expressions with Lilith and that blonde Alexander was talking to.

I'm sure Letti will be extraordinary, the ones that get it hard in childhood often turn out interesting if nothing else. Her story is very interesting, and she's cute. I almost forgot how they run up to the parent, jumping up and down when they get a good grade. I always got a kick out of that.

Thank you! I really like Letti too; she's a sweetie. I have big plans for her! And yes, child Sims are so excitable haha.
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Hello, I really like your story. The pictures are perfect. The writing moves the reader right along and it is a fun read.

Pleasantviewe is my favorite neighborhood to play. I have been working on my "Brandy Broke Story" for over a year. I am in the final chapters and plan to post it here when it is done. Yay!
Thank you for commenting on my story "Homework Later". I am glad that you did as that caused me to come and check out yours. I plan to come back and read all that you have posted and I will watch for updates. I usually leave a comment also. smile.. As a writer I know how important feedback is.
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Originally Posted by Tasia714
Hello, I really like your story. The pictures are perfect. The writing moves the reader right along and it is a fun read.

Pleasantviewe is my favorite neighborhood to play. I have been working on my "Brandy Broke Story" for over a year. I am in the final chapters and plan to post it here when it is done. Yay!
Thank you for commenting on my story "Homework Later". I am glad that you did as that caused me to come and check out yours. I plan to come back and read all that you have posted and I will watch for updates. I usually leave a comment also. smile.. As a writer I know how important feedback is.

Thanks for reading my story and sending a nice comment my way! It's good to hear another person enjoyed it, especially a fellow Sim story writer.

I'll definitely be checking out your Brandi Broke story! I love reading spin offs and different interpretations of the Sim families given to us by EA. I hope you do continue to check for updates to my story and leave comments; all the feedback means a lot to me!
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Default The Pleasantview Diaries (8)

Chapter 8 is here, hooray hooray! This one is considerably longer than the last several that I've uploaded, so enjoy! A special thanks to Plumboob, ZenGarden, and Tasia714 for the wonderful comments. The feedback means so much to me!


Little Carter Long burst into toddlerhood with a blast of confetti. The son of Brandi and Benjamin Long looked at his father and smiled. His toddler mind wasn’t quite sure why, but he knew this day must be special. After all, his whole family was crowded around him cheering and clapping. The tot chewed his fist contently while his father carried him to bed.

After the birthday festivities settled, the family sat down for a macaroni and cheese dinner. “It’s too bad Dustin couldn’t make it.”, Beau declared sadly before sitting down. His family nodded in agreement, but ornery Henry had a different opinion.
“He could have come but he’s too busy kissing Angela!”
“Oh hush, you!” Brandi scolded her son playfully. “He’s a busy boy at college. He would be here if he could.” Benjamin chuckled and shook his head; Henry always had something slightly inappropriate to say.

With the whole family gathered around, Benjamin thought it would be a good time to announce his proposition. Although Benjamin loved raising his sons, he was tired of being a stay at home dad. As a knowledge sim, the bottle feedings and toilet scrubbings were getting to him. His true dream was to work in the medical field and eventually become chief of staff. “Well family, I have an announcement to make; I found a job opening at the hospital. Now I know you are all used to me being Mr. Mom, a job I love very much. But, if I take this job, we’ll have a lot more money for nice things, a bigger house, maybe even private school! But I want to make sure everyone is in agreeance with me taking the position. This means a nanny will have to stay here while mom and I are at work.”

Brandi smiled excitedly; she was well aware of her husband’s lifetime want. “Well isn’t that wonderful! I know I think it’ll be better for all of us. What about you, boys? Can you handle a nanny?” Brandi looked to her sons expectantly.

Beau gave his step father a reassuring look. “Go for it, Dad! We want you to be happy! You’ve taken such great care of all of us.”
“Yeah and besides, I’ll show that nanny who’s boss around here!” Henry piped up, grinning wickedly.

With his family’s support, Benjamin felt accepting the position was the right thing to do. He emailed the hospital director right away and started working the very next day.

“So enough about me, what’s going with you?” Brandi Long subtly urged her friend to talk about her problems at home. She knew something was wrong with Kaylynn; she’d been acting quite withdrawn and blue lately. Kaylynn and Brandi had become close friends while working together at the police station. After getting off a long shift, they decided to go out to Center Drip Coffee for some caffeine therapy.

“What do you mean?” Kaylynn played dumb and gave Brandi a weak, half smile. She wasn’t in the mood to talk about her marriage issues.
“Oh c’mon. I know something is up. Talking about it might help, you know.”

Kaylynn gave in. She trusted Brandi, and thought maybe she could help. Kaylynn explained how her husband Don treated her and their son, Lorenzo. She shamefully told the story of visiting her ex lover, Daniel, and how strangely it seemed to fix things for a while. “But now he’s distant again. It’s like when I try to be close to him, he pushes me away. Then when he thinks I’ve lost interest, he’s the most charming, dedicated husband around. I just don’t know what to think or do.” Kaylynn threw her hands up in exasperation.

As a mother of four and a wife of two, Brandi felt like she had a lot of experience. She felt sorry for Kaylynn and genuinely wanted to help her. Although the two were close in age, Brandi felt like somewhat of a mother figure to Kaylynn. “You know, that’s not an uncommon way for men like him to act, and it seems to me like you’ve figured him out pretty well. You’re a smart woman Kaylynn; you know he isn’t the most faithful man in Pleasantview. He’ll always want what he can’t have, and you don’t deserve to be treated like that! I hate to say this…but I think you need to leave him.” Brandi sighed; her inner family Sim cringed at those final, marriage dooming words.

Kaylynn was taken aback. “Leave him?! I could never! I…we…he’s my husband. For better or for worse.” Brandi frowned. She understood exactly how Kaylynn felt.
“Well, if you really don’t want to leave him…then you have to play hard to get. I’m not saying his behavior is justified, but you’re the one who wants to fix your marriage. Tease him, and he won’t need to go hunting around. Get what I’m saying?”
Kaylynn blushed. “Oh…oh I don’t know about that.”

“C’mon Kaylynn! You married him, and if you want to stay with him, you have to be spontaneous! Remember how well it worked when you wanted a baby? You can’t be clingy and predictable. Loosen up; have fun!” With that, Brandi hopped up from her seat and bounded over to the coffee shop karaoke stage.
Kaylynn was mortified. “Brandi! Brandi what are you doing?! Get down from there!”
Brandi just laughed and grabbed the microphone. “This one goes out to my best friend, Kaylynn Lothario!” She began to sing loudly and horrendously. The coffee shop visitors all stared at her, slightly annoyed.

Brandi only stopped belting out the cheesy love song to make a shout out. “C’mon little lady! Don’t make me come drag you up here!”
Kaylynn covered her face and hurried onstage, hoping it would get Brandi to calm down. After a lot of prodding and teasing, Brandi convinced Kaylynn to sing a song and the women ended up on the floor laughing. The friends left the coffee shop with a closer bond and new confidence.


The Goth-Dreamer family was gathered in their small kitchen to celebrate baby Eden’s birthday. The only family member missing was Dirk, who was away at college. Eden cooed and gurgled at her family; how silly they looked shouting and blowing noisemakers. Cassandra rocked her daughter and then blew out the blazing candles, sending her off into toddlerhood.

After everyone had their share of cake, the girls of the household made their way into the living room to relax. “I’m gonna getcha!” Cassandra watched as Destiny tickled her daughter relentlessly. Destiny was happy to have a little playmate to dote on. Eden’s little belly shook with laughter. She tried half heartedly to get away from Destiny; the tot’s unruly, black curls bounced around her head.
“Stop it, sissy!”, Eden squealed.

Destiny ignored her niece's slip up; it actually made her happy to think of having a little sister. The baby didn’t know any better, after all.
The situation, however, caught Cassandra off guard. She laughed uncomfortably. “Eden, Destiny isn’t your sister. Call her Aunt Destiny, or just Auntie.”

Suddenly hurt, Destiny stood up abruptly. “Jeez Cassandra, it doesn’t matter!” With that, Destiny stomped upstairs leaving her sister surprised and slightly upset.
“Dessy mad, mommy?”, Eden questioned worriedly.
“No sweetie, everything is okay.” Cassandra plucked her small daughter from the rug and carried her up to her crib.

Destiny went into her room and shut the door; she wanted to be alone. Mad at herself for overreacting and mad at her sister for pointing out the obvious, Destiny flopped into her bed and began to cry softly. “I know she’s not my sister. I don’t belong in this family.” The child crossed her arms and pouted.

A knock on Destiny’s door broke the silence. “Destiny, it’s me, Cassandra.”
The girl quickly wiped her eyes and nose on her pajama top sleeve and murmured, “I know. Come in.”

Cassandra walked in and pulled Destiny’s bear chair up to the bed. She took a seat in the undignified pink plush, sinking down a bit. The sisters sat in silence for a long moment, looking around the room and occasionally at each other.

“Okay, what’s wrong?”, Cassandra questioned. “What happened down there?”
Destiny heaved out a shaky sigh and looked down at her feet. “I’m an orphan. I…I don’t belong in this family.”, she whimpered.
Saddened by her kid sister’s answer, Cassandra shook her head. “Oh Destiny, of course you belong here! We all love you so much. You know Darren and I fought to get you and Alexander. You may not have mom and dad, but neither do Alex or I. We’re all in this together, you know? I’m not your mom, but I am your big sister and I will always take care of you.”

“I know.” Destiny sighed. “I didn’t mean that. I just…I wish I knew them. I wish I could hug and kiss them.” Cassandra wanted to tell her sister that she was lucky she didn’t remember them, that they weren’t good people. She wanted Destiny to know that their father never really cared about her. She wanted to explain how their mother would have controlled her her life until she was miserable. She wanted to tell Destiny how she should be her's, and that she is twice the mother Bella would have ever been. But, she knew she couldn’t. That would break her heart. She was too young to understand anyway.

So instead, she just gave her a big hug. “I understand, sweetie. It’s perfectly normal to feel that way. Just believe me, you have just as much love here as you would have had with mom and dad. So please, don’t be so sad, honey.”
“I believe you Cassie.” She kissed her sister’s cheek. “Thanks.”

Cassandra tucked her sister into bed, turned off the lights, and sang her to sleep. Cassandra never imagined she would have to deal with a situation like the one that had just unfolded. She looked at Destiny sleeping soundly. She was jealous of the girl and yet pitied her at the same time. Destiny had so much love for the parents she would never know. Indeed, she would never know how disappointing they really were.


Daniel Pleasant stood alone in his silent kitchen. The man had grown into an elder by himself, his family all gone. He bought a cake hoping they would show up. Instead, there was only one slice missing from the dessert. He sighed and held back a few salty tears. He’d never had such a lonely birthday with such little fanfare before.

Just as he was getting ready to put the leftover cake away, Daniel heard the door bell ring. His heart leapt for joy and he hobbled over to the front door. “I’m coming Mary-Sue!” When he reached entrance he was disappointed to see his sister, Jennifer Burb, standing and smiling at him. Still, happy to have some family to keep him company, he smiled through the glass and let her in.

“Hey big brother, happy birthday! Gray is a good color for you!” Jennifer winked slyly at Daniel and chuckled.
“Hah. Well thanks, Jennifer.”
Jennifer could tell there was something off in Daniel’s voice.“What’s wrong? Where is everyone?”
“They uh…they’ve been living at Mary-Sue’s parents' place for a while. They…they didn’t come.”
Jennifer’s heart broke; she was suddenly very glad she stopped by. “Oh Danny…” She hugged her brother even tighter.

The siblings filed into the dining room and sat down, each with a big slice of sweet cake. Daniel looked up at his sister with a big smile while she pulled out the sturdy wooden chair. “I’m really glad you stopped by, Jen. I’ve been so lonesome over here in this big house by myself.”

“I bet!”, Jennifer cried. “And to be honest I’m pretty pissed off that everyone left you alone on your birthday. This is a big one too! If I’d known, I would have brought over the rest of the Burb clan. You wouldn’t be lonely anymore. In fact, you’d be pulling out what’s left of your hair, ready to kick us out!” Jennifer laughed at her joke and Daniel smiled, his mouth full of cake. “But in all seriousness, what happened? Mary-Sue must be pretty ticked to leave you alone on your birthday.”

Daniel explained the whole story. Mary-Sue saw Kaylynn and him talking, assuming the worst. He tried hard to assure her it was not his fault and nothing happened, but she wouldn’t hear it. She packed up her things and took Felix to live with her parents. He hadn’t seen them since. “Wow.” It was all Jennifer could say. “I can’t believe she doesn’t believe you. You two were doing so well!”
“I thought so too. But now, I don’t know what to do.” Daniel sighed, finishing off his cake.

“Well you’ve got to get her back of course!” Jennifer exclaimed, practically knocking Daniel out of his seat. “I can’t stand the thought of you moping around here alone day in and day out. Prove to her that maid chick is old news! Profess your love to her!”
“But how?” Daniel was confused.
Jennifer sighed, exasperated. “Oh I don’t know Daniel. Use your imagination. Just get your family back. I don’t want you to miss out on Felix’s life. You know better than me they don’t stay babies for long.”

Soon after their conversation, Jennifer announced she needed to leave. Lucy wanted help with her college application and the twins, Tristan and Tabitha, needed a bath. They walked to the door and hugged goodbye. "Take care, Daniel. Oh! Before I forget…” Jennifer pulled out a small present wrapped in crisp white paper, topped with a perky red bow. “For you!”, she shouted.
Daniel winced at his sister’s loud voice. “A hearing aide, I hope?”
“Ha. Ha. Very funny.” Jennifer playfully punched her big brother's shoulder.
The siblings laughed and hugged one last time before Jennifer walked down the steps and got into her car. Daniel was again alone. He glanced at the clock, his birthday was officially over.


Dustin Broke, Angela and Lilith Pleasant, and Dirk Dreamer were all roommates in the Pinenut Plaza dorms at Sim State University. The four worked tirelessly at their studies day in and day out, each with big career goals locked in mind. As freshman, they reserved little time for socialization and fun. Despite their academic focused minds, it didn’t take long for Dustin and Dirk became friends. Angela and Lilith, however, tried avoiding each other as much as possible.

The twins hadn’t seen each other since the day Lilith ran away from home. Their touching phone conversation was on the fore front of both their minds. Despite their violent past, both girls wondered if maybe they could actually get along, maybe even be friends. Still, both sisters were too stubborn to be the bigger person and apologize. Lilith finally decided she would be the one to try and break the ice. One morning when Angela was munching some pancakes in the cafeteria, Lilith sat down to make conversation. “Mind if I join you?” Angela nodded in response, her mouth full of hot cake.

“So…how are you enjoying the college life?”, Lilith questioned slightly awkwardly.
“I like it a lot. What are you majoring in?”
“Political science. I want to get a law career and boss people around. You?”
“Biology. I’m hoping to get a job in natural science or oceanography.”

The twins were quiet for a while, neither knowing what to say next. “Well…how are you and Dirk?” Angela was surprised to see they were still together.
“Oh uhm. Well, actually…” Lilith blushed and tried to hold back a smile. Angela raised her eyebrows; she’d never seen a look like that on her sister’s face before.

“We’re uh…married, actually. You know, we always joked about it when we were kids. Since we graduated, the joking got a little more serious. Then one day we were just stargazing outside and he said he wanted to get married right then and there. He even had rings! I couldn’t see a reason why not to…so we did.”

Angela was completely shocked. "Wow Lilith! Congrats!" She never would have guessed her sister to be the marrying type. Yet, here she sat, Mrs. Dirk Dreamer. After the initial shock dissipated, Angela grew green with envy. She’d always wanted a perfect storybook wedding. She refused to have her twin outdo her in any aspect of life. After their breakfast, Angela decided to go find Dustin and have a little chat.

When Angela finally found him, the look on her face made Dustin want to run for the hills. He knew that look well, and it never led to anything good. “What’s wrong Angela? You look…upset.”
“Did you know Lilith and Dirk got married?! Can you believe that?!”

Dustin played dumb. Dirk had already told him everything, he’d even been an accomplice in getting the rings. “Hmmm married? Wow, that’s shocking. I never thought they’d even make it this far.”
“Oh hush Dustin. I can tell you knew.”
“I do not know what you are talking about.” The young man grew nervous.

Angela glared at her boyfriend. Dustin sighed. “Okay you caught me. So what’s the problem?”
Angela’s eyes bugged out and Dustin thought her hair actually became visibly redder. He braced himself for the worst. “What’s the problem?! Dustin Broke, we have been dating for almost five years and I don’t even have an engagement ring on my finger! My rotten sister is married!”

Dustin started to panic while quickly searching his mind for the right thing to say. “Oh Angela, that’s because I’m planning something great, no, grand for you! Anyone can get married in college next to a dirty old tree. But our wedding, our wedding will blow minds. People will be talking about it for years to come!”
Angela looked at him skeptically. “Yeah. Sure. Well just realize this Dustin Broke, the clock has officially begun ticking.” She sauntered away while Dustin smiled at her cheesily.
He gulped. “Oh no”, he thought to himself, “What have I gotten myself into?”

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It was nice and funny to read, I like that the teenagers have gone to collage!
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Originally Posted by ZenGarden
It was nice and funny to read, I like that the teenagers have gone to collage!

Glad you enjoyed yet another chapter! I'm quite happy myself to finally be playing some years in the dorm. I can't wait until the other teens move out to Sim State as well. I'm excited to write about what happens when the Pleasantview kids all meet one another!
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Hi hmrnd3, I am really enjoying your story. I try to reach a chapter after I post a chapter of mine. You are doing a great job getting all the families rolling in the right direction. Well done working with the Pleasant family, that Angela is such a pain in the booty. lol
Keep up the great work.
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Woot, I remember Central Drip Coffee house. A proving ground for my sim jokesters and beatniks. Coffee houses in general were greatly useful in Sims 2 for lengthening an outing, but that one had a great setting. Best community lot Maxis ever made in my opinion. There's a version of it in Legacy Island 2, but as well-built as that is, doesn't have the same feel as the old place. Maybe I'll make my own version with University stuff.

Good job keeping up with the chapters.

I liked Kaylynn in my games, maybe she can find someone else. Playing games with don seems it would drive her to exhaustion sooner or later.
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I have to laugh at your take on the Broke family. In my version his girlfriend Angela is a total pain in the neck. And I like how you are having Cassandra Goth take in her younger siblings. Well done.
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