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Hello! I thought I'd drop in and say hello I stumbled across your story and I love it! I've read a few Pleasantview stories and this one is very unique! I love the steady pace you have set for your characters and your writing is captivating. It's also great that you update regularly; not having to wait a while until the next update is quite nice! I'm very much enjoying this story; please keep it up :D
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I've been reading this story since it started, and it inspired me to try and make a story out of my own Pleasantview! I think Chapter 13 is one of my favourites. My jaw literally dropped when I realised what Dina had done to Ricardo! And I especially love the scenes with Don and Kaylynn. Keep up the great work
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Your stories are so good! The dialogue is well written and it all fits the pictures so perfectly! I laughed out loud when the Caliente sisters announced their pregnancies to each other- for the same bloke! Well done. Made my morning :D
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Tasia: Hello again! Glad to see you're still making your way through the chapters. I'm sorry you didn't appreciate the cliffhanger, haha It'll keeps you reading though! I feel more sorry for Daniel than Mary-Sue. I want to her to just forgive him already. They've made up so many times now though, I think it's too late for them.

Malrose828: Thanks for dropping in, and reading too! A lot of people have told me they've read other Pleasantview stories. I didn't know they were such a franchise! I'm glad mine is the best though, haha I try to update once a week. Usually I'm pretty good about it, so I'm glad you appreciate it! So happy you enjoyed! I plan for many more updates! Reading since it started? I'm so happy to see you come out of the woodwork, haha It warms my heart as well to see that I've inspired and moved you with my story! I LOVE Pleasantview, Veronaville, etc. spin offs (clearly) So I will definitely be checking yours out! Thanks so much, hope to hear from you again soon!

terula8: Thank you kindly! So glad I could make you laugh, and even make your morning!
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Thank you for the link! Chapter 13 is really great, and even better than the others, if it's possible. Well done!
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This is definitely good(: looking forward to the next chapter!

- Krystal & Amanda
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Camellia29: Glad you saw the link! I hope you enjoy the paintings in your game. Also, thanks a lot! Chapter 13 seems to be a favorite!

IfIWereAZombie: Thanks for taking the time to read and comment! I really appreciate it. Just finished chapter 14 and it will be posted within the next hour or two. I'm looking forward to the next chapter of your story as well
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Default The Pleasantview Diaries (14)

This is a long one ladies and gentlemen, so I hope you throughly enjoy! I've been dazzled by the sudden influx of comments from everyone. They mean so much to me! I read, and reread every single one! Please comment, rate, and thank if you feel so inclined.


Brandi Long stood outside with her best friend Kaylynn Lothario. The girls had just ended a fun night of music and dancing in celebration of Brandi’s birthday. “I’m so glad you had a great vacation! And uh, got a little surprise souvenir.” Brandi chuckled and winked at her friend.
Kaylynn blushed and bit her lip bashfully. “Oh hush! I thought I had food poisoning. We weren’t trying, you know. I guess we’re just meant to have another baby.” Kaylynn shrugged.
Brandi laughed. “Well, you look great! And thanks so much for tonight; I had a blast.”
Kaylynn smiled warmly at her friend. “Nonsense, don’t thank me! I’m your friend; it’s my job. I’m glad you had fun though. You deserve it.”

Brandi hugged the woman thankfully and began to say her goodbyes. “Well Kay, I should get back home. All my boys want to have cake with and sing to me; it's getting late.”
Kaylynn tried to keep her composure, giggles almost escaping from her red lips. “Mind if I join? I have…one more surprise for you.”
Brandi raised her eyebrows suspiciously. “Well, I guess not. Sure, come on in.”

The girls clicked in their heels down the sidewalk until they made it to Brandi’s house. Brandi instantly noticed the colorful balloon arch over her front door and smiled knowingly. “Kaylynn…what did you do?”
Kaylynn laughed, pleased with herself. “I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about!”

Kaylynn entered the house first, and Brandi followed. The girls stood in silence and darkness. “Kaylynn, what’s going on?!”
Kaylynn simply laughed and yelled, “Everyone, now!”
Brandi blinked through the dark when suddenly the lights flicked on, unveiling her friends and family. “Surprise!”, everyone yelled and then began roaring with applause and laughter.
Brandi gasped, her face agape with a large smile. “Oh my goodness! Great job everyone, you got me!” Before making her way through the crowd to greet everyone, Brandi mouthed the words “thank you” to Kaylynn.

The surprise birthday party guests laughed, danced, and ate for hours until it was time for cake. Brandi stared at the white frosted dessert while Benjamin added candle after candle. He lighted each one and stepped back, ready to cheer with everyone else. Brandi chuckled at the blazing candles. “I hope I don’t burn the house down!” Everyone laughed as Brandi gulped a little nervously, awaiting her age transition.

Brandi looked around at the loved ones cheering her on. They had each made her life so full. Soon, Brandi would be an old woman; this was her last birthday. She smiled lovingly at each person, trying not to get choked up. There was her best friend, loyal and true, who planned the whole party for her. Then her loving husband who helped rescue her broken family. Her four wonderful sons, each unique but they all made her proud. Last there were her sons’ fiancés and girlfriends, the young women who would teach her sons things she couldn’t and hopefully make her a grandmother one day. Brandi sighed bravely, leaned down, and blew out her candles.

In a flash of confetti and lights, Brandi transformed into an elder. She looked at her now wrinkled hands with a smile, noticing her family still cheering. They will always be here for me, she thought. I really have so much life left to live. With her newfound optimism, Brandi partied the night away with her friends and family until an unwelcomed guest made his appearance.

In walked a police officer, a coworker of Brandi and Kaylynn. They groaned when they saw him, both well aware of what was coming next. “Hey ladies, sorry I have to break up this party. I’m getting complaints from several neighbors though. Everyone needs to head on home.” The officer frowned as the guests sighed and filed out one by one, each making sure to give Brandi a hug before departing.

After everyone left, Carter and Henry helped Benjamin tidy up while Brandi worked on her new look. Now much fairer, she need to lighten up on the eye makeup as well as choose a duller lipstick. Brandi looked in the mirror a little sadly while Benjamin walked in and changed into his pajamas. “I look so…old”, Brandi whined.

Benjamin turned and inspected his aged wife. “It’s not so bad.”
Brandi frowned. “That’s easy for you to say. You’re still all toned and blonde.” She hoped her husband would still find her attractive. He was quite a few years younger than her.

Benjamin chuckled and embraced his wife. “That may be, but I’ll be in the same boat as you soon enough. And in the mean time, I still think you’re beautiful.” Brandi smiled girlishly as Benjamin scooped her up, and carried her to their bed. The couple soon found, much to their delight, that not everything had been changed by the momentous birthday.


Brandi Long was not the only one to have their last birthday in Pleasantview. Soon after hers, Darren Dreamer found himself making a final wish over a birthday cake. His friends and family gathered to celebrate the wonderful father and husband they’d come to know over the years.

Darren poofed into elderhood, admiring his new wrinkles and marveling over the sudden ache in his back. Everyone cheered for the man, but they were all anxious for another birthday that was to take place that same day.

Spunky little Eden Dreamer smirked as she made her birthday wish. She couldn’t wait grow up and get her life started. She had so many plans, big hopes and dreams. The determined child blew out her candles and braced herself for the transformation.

Eden proved to be a beautiful young lady with a well sculpted nose and elegant lips. Everyone congratulated her and hugged Darren as the party continued well into the evening. Eventually the guests went home, and Destiny decided she had to do something about Eden’s wild, black curls.

Destiny dragged Eden upstairs to her bedroom and excitedly slammed the door shut. “You have so much potential! Please, just let me help you!”
Eden was skeptical. “I don’t know…do you have to?”
Destiny was flabbergasted by her niece's question. “Of course! Your appearance is so important and I can make you so beautiful if you just let me do something about that hair!”
Eden narrowed her eyes jokingly and ran her hand through the familiar, mop like hair. “Hey now! My curls are a part of me!”

“Well not anymore! Have a seat, my dear!”
Eden made her way for the small vanity stool reluctantly. “If you insist. If I don’t like it though, I don’t have to keep it. Deal?”
“Sure, sure.” Destiny agreed, but wasn’t really listening, already busy with scissors and eyeliner.

Destiny clipped and applied for what felt like hours to Eden. “Can I please look now?”, the teen begged.
“Yes, now you can, actually. Take a look.” Destiny stood back proudly as Eden peered into the mirror. “Well, what do you think?”
A huge smile formed on Eden’s face as she admired herself. She really was beautiful. Destiny had tamed the beast that was Eden hair, but still allowed for some of her famous curls to stay. She had also accentuated the girl’s features perfectly with a little lipstick and mascara.

Eden engulfed her aunt in a big hug. “I love it, Destiny! Thank you, thank you so much!”
Destiny beamed and hugged her niece back. “See?! I knew you would. You’re welcome.” The girls spent the night together in Destiny’s room, just like they had years ago when it was Destiny’s birthday. This time, they were too grown up to be stopped by Cassandra. They were the best of friends, and promised the would celebrate the rest of their birthdays together.


Lilith Dreamer was, much to her dislike, spending the day at Clarissa’s Wedding Boutique with her mother, sister, and cousins. The ladies were there for a bridesmaid dress fitting, as well as the unveiling of Angela’s wedding gown. Lilith looked at herself in the tall mirror, scrutinizing the dress. “Angela isn’t serious about these dresses, is she? They’re horrible. And so pink!” Lilith had never been a girly-girl like her twin, but the gumball pink dresses were on the gaudy side.

Tabitha Burb, Lilith and Angela’s cousin, piped up from her seat. “I hope she’s not serious. We look like a cotton candy nightmare!” The sporty college student pouted, slinking down into her seat.

Lilith laughed at her cousin’s remark and joined her family on the light pink couches. Lucy Burb, who was seated with her Aunt Mary Sue, threw her hands into the air in exasperation. “Will you two cut it out?! This is Angela’s wedding and we’re her bridesmaids. This is for her big day, not ours. So we’re going to wear whatever she wants us to wear, got it?!”

“Whatever”, Lilith and Tabitha sulked. “This is exactly why I didn’t have a big, ridiculous wedding. This is all pointless!”
Lucy glared at her cousin. “It’s not pointless! It’s important to Angela!” Mary-Sue sat calmly and listened to her daughter and nieces bicker. They were all so different, but each had a fiery temper. This proves it’s from Daniels side, she thought to herself.

Mary-Sue tuned out the arguing to the best of her ability. It seemed like ages when finally, Angela stepped out of the dressing room and onto the platform in front of them. Everyone went silent, gawking at Angela. The red head beamed. “Well, what do you guys think?”

‘You’re beautiful!”, everyone chimed after a moment of silence. The ladies congratulated Angela, marveling over her beauty. After seeing the tacky bridesmaids dresses, they were each surprised Angela picked out such an elegant, flattering wedding gown.
Angela smiled with approval and turned to admire herself in the mirror. Mary-Sue watched her daughter with pride, trying not to cry.

After the dress had been sufficiently ogled, Angela blissfully returned to the dressing room to change. Before she could slip back into her green sun dress, Mary-Sue approached her daughter in the changing room. She placed her trembling hand on her daughter’s shoulder. “Listen sweetie, I just want you know how beautiful you really look. Not just in that dress, but always. Inside and out. I know it was tough growing up with Lilith. Oh how you two argued! I know we spent a lot of our energy on her and her wild ways. Then Felix came a long. Things have been tough lately too, considering your father and I’s relationship, grandma and grandpa passing. Through everything, you’ve managed to hold your own. “ Mary-Sue choked up. “Just know I love you, and am so proud of you. I know you and Dustin will have a wonderful life together, he’s a good man.”

Angela’s lip quivered and tears welled in her eyes. She’d never heard something so honest and loving from her tough skinned mother. She grabbed Mary-Sue and hugged her tightly. “Thank you so much, for everything. I love you, Mommy.”


Beau Broke stood in front of the house he would call home for the next few years and groaned. “Why me?! Why here!?” The unlucky lad moved to Sim State only to find that the Pinenut Plaza dorms where all his friends and family were staying were completely full. Rather than move into a new dorm lodge all alone, Beau decided to take a chance and move into the Bright household.

The Bright household was privately owned, and composed of three Sim State students. They just so happened to have room for one more male. Although Beau was leery about moving in with three complete strangers, he’d rather that then live all alone in an empty dorm lodge. So, he introduced himself one by one to his new housemates hoping to make friends, or maybe even finally meet that special lady. Jane Stacks was the first to make Beau’s acquaintance. Jane was a pretty girl, very nice and by far the most normal in the Bright house. She was very much like Beau though, shy and the underdog type resulting in nothing more than a good friendship between the two.

Beau met Martin Ruben, his roommate next. Martin was an eccentric young man who often made the rather average Beau feel uncomfortable. Martin had very large ears and liked to talk about cooking and science rather obsessively. Beau thought he made weird faces and would probably not make a much better wingman than his lustful brother, Henry.

The last of the housemates was Allegra Gorey, a dark natured girl with serious attitude. Despite secluding herself from the students of Sim State, Allegra had quite the reputation around campus. She was a notorious “goth”, a typical bad girl who wasn’t afraid to get dirty.

Allegra terrified the simplistic Beau; he’d never seen or met any woman like her. Fearful, he never introduced himself. Despite his fright, he was transfixed. Allegra was like a black widow spider. Horrifying, yet such a delicate, miraculous creature you just can’t bring yourself to look away from it. Always keeping his distance, Beau followed the raven haired girl around like a lost puppy just to observe her and drink her in.

Beau stalked Allegra for half a semester and found no other girls that caught his eye. He finally decided to formally introduce himself and ask her out. With his heart pounding almost audibly, Beau meekly approached Allegra in their living room. “H-hey Allegra…”, he laughed nervously. “Fancy seeing you here…”
Allegra screwed up her face and made a disgusted noise. “Is that supposed to be a joke? We live together, Beau.”

Beau began to sweat and thought he might faint. “Oh…you’re right. Well, I wasn’t sure if you’d noticed me. I’ve noticed you though, a lot. As a matter of fact, I haven’t been able to get you out of my head. I just wanted to let you know that. I want you to know that I think you’re really beautiful and mysterious. I want to get to know you better…maybe we could go out sometime.” The room began to spin a little as Beau thought his vision seemed a tad blurry. His sudden surge of bravery shocked him almost enough to face plant on the white carpet.

Allegra’s face softened and she clasped her hands against her heart. She’d never heard such flattery from any man before. Most of the guys she knew just taunted her, and talked about her behind her back. Men were afraid of her, threatened by her fierceness. She looked earnestly into Beau’s blue eyes and melted. “You’re…you’re asking me out?”
Completely surprised by Allegra’s sudden change of heart, Beau fumbled his words. “Well yeah if that’s okay. You don’t have to, I mean, if you want…”

Allegra cut off Beau’s babbling. “That’s the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me!” Before Beau could respond, Allegra threw her arms around him and planted a big kiss on his face. Beau stared awkwardly at Allegra kissing him, eyes wide and in shock. There had been no time for Beau to feel awkward about his first kiss.

Soon enough, that didn’t matter and Beau got the hang of kissing quickly. Immediately after their first kiss, Allegra threw Beau onto the couch and pounced. The two stayed intertwined on the white leather for what seemed like hours, and became inseparable for much longer after that.

Back in the Pinenut Plaza dorms, Alexander Goth was trying in vain to get some extra credit homework done. The loud music from downstairs was practically shaking the thin walls of his room. What could those imbeciles possibly be doing down there?, he wondered. After a couple crashing sounds accompanied by gleeful shrieks and laughter, Alex decided he’d better investigate.

He made his way downstairs and down the hall to find a small mob of people in the living room. Some he recognized, others were new faces. This must be a party, he thought to himself. Alexander tapped his foot nervously, observing the guests laughing and drinking. He scanned the room for Lucy Burb, his best friend. He thought she’d surely help him get past his social awkwardness and successfully mingle. After several minutes of sifting through faces, he decided to try another room.

Alexander strolled into the kitchen and immediately found Lucy. She was alone in the corner with a strange boy Alex had never seen before. An odd, unfamiliar feeling crept up in Alex's stomach as he realized he did not like how close the young man was standing next to Lucy, whispering in her ear. “Lucy…”, Alex attempted to interrupt the little pow wow when the pair burst into laughter, ignoring Alex.

Alex’s cheeks grew hot and he wedged himself between the two. “Lucy, can we talk for a minute? In private[/Iun]?” Alex shot the boy a threatening look and pulled Lucy aside. The boy didn't seem to care and began to occupy himself with the juice keg.
Oblivious, Lucy smiled brightly and nodded. “Sure, Alex!”

Alexander and Lucy scurried away from the party and met in Angela’s dorm room, it being unlocked and closer than their rooms all the way on the second floor. Lucy began, still unaware of Alex’s jealousy. “What’s up, Al? Music too loud for you?”
Alex frowned. “Yes, actually. It’s impossible to get anything done around here under these circumstances. But that’s besides the point now. Who was that hippie you were talking to, [I]alone
out there?” Alex crossed his arms in a fatherly fashion and waited for a response.

Lucy thought to herself a moment and then responded. “Hippie...? Oh! You mean Tristan? He’s…”
Now angry, Alexander cut her off and began wagging his finger. “He’s nobody you should be talking to like that fashion! I can’t believe such a respectable, beautiful girl like yourself would even consider engaging with that hooligan! What were you thinking?! He’s not good enough for you!”

Lucy was now angered herself. “Oh? You’re unbelievable! Who should I be with then Alex, somebody like you? Somebody with his head so far up his scientific butt he doesn’t have any time for a 'beautiful', 'respectable' girl?”
Alexander fumed. “I’m unbelievable!? I told you point blank I didn’t have time for dating, Lucy! Then you just had to keep pushing my buttons! Distracting me with those big, brown eyes and dazzling me with your intelligence! I didn’t ask you to steal my heart!”
Lucy threw her hands in the air and yelled. “Do you even hear yourself?!”

The two continued their argument, shouting over one another so that nothing could be heard. Upon realizing they were getting nowhere with their debate, they simultaneously leaned in and began jabbing each other in the chest screaming, “You’re impossible!” They froze, realizing how stupid their fight was and how incredibly close their faces were. Their expressions softened as Lucy blinked up at Alexander with her doe brown eyes, taking his breath away.

Their hearts began to pound as Alexander threw caution to the wind and embraced Lucy, kissing her passionately. The world melted away around the two as their lips moved. Alex’s mind was for once empty while Lucy simply absorbed the kind of love she thought she’d never get from her prince charming.

The couple released their lip lock for a moment to take a breath and laugh at themselves. They stared into each other’s eyes lovingly when Lucy broke the silence. “By the way Alex...that 'hippie', Tristan, is my little brother.”
For once, Alexander didn’t know what to say. He had been duped. He stared at Lucy, shocked. A laugh bubbled out of her, and she pulled Alex in for another kiss.

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Great chapter! Lots of stuff happening
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Default Wow
I love these stories. R there more episodes? Also what version of sims did u use?
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I am loving this story! Especially the various Lothario children and the friendship between Eden and Destiny. Your makeovers are brilliant, and I gained a few more hairstyles for my game Looking forward to the next chapter
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ZenGarden: Thanks for commenting! So glad you're still enjoying the story. I always love to hear from you!

JuleiaPantene: Thanks for reading and commenting, so glad you love my story! Yes, there are many more chapters that have yet to be written. The next one will be posted very soon! I write this story using Sims 2.

PhoenixSpirit: Thanks so much for the comment! I'm delighted to know that you are loving my story. Glad you like the makeovers too, especially the hair The next chapter is overdue and I hope to post it very soon!
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Excellent *claps hands in glee*
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Hi, I just read this whole story, I always like to see what other people did with the Pleasantview sims!

My thoughts on the latest chapter: It's about time they got it together and kissed, and it's so sad to see Brandi and Darren as elders, they are two of my favourite Pleasantview sims.
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Originally Posted by Andygal
Hi, I just read this whole story, I always like to see what other people did with the Pleasantview sims!

My thoughts on the latest chapter: It's about time they got it together and kissed, and it's so sad to see Brandi and Darren as elders, they are two of my favourite Pleasantview sims.

Thanks for reading! I love to read Pleasantview (Veronaville, Strangetown, etc.) stories too, which is why I wanted to write my own.

I was so happy to finally have Lucy and Alex get together! I have big plans for the two of them I was sad to see Brandi and Darren age too. My story must be really progressing now that some of the main characters are elders!
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Well, It's good, I'm waiting for more stories.
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Default The Pleasantview Diaries (15)

Here is the much anticipated chapter 15, for you my dear reader (at last)! Yes, this chapter is 4ish days overdue. I apologize, but I've been absolutely addicted to playing my apocalypse Sims 2 town. That's why my Pleasantviewians were neglected for almost a week, yikes. I also apologize for the shortness of this chapter. What is lacks in length it makes up for in important events! So read on and if you would be so kind, please leave a comment, thank, and rate!


“I can’t believe today is the day!”, Letti exclaimed while smiling brightly at her brother Ricardo. It was Sunday, and the siblings were impatiently awaiting the arrival of their father at Letti’s house. Ricardo had snuck out, and Letti’s mother had graciously went into work on the weekend. Thus, leaving the two alone to meet their dad for the first time.

Ricardo smirked halfheartedly. “Yep. He’ll be here any minute.” Although Ricardo was eager to meet his dad and hopefully get some truthful answers about his mysterious past, the young man was prepared for a let down. After years of not knowing the man, Ricardo tried to keep his expectations low.

Letti misinterpreted Ricardo’s intentional lack of optimism as nervousness, and pulled her brother into a hug. “Lighten up, Ricardo. It’s going to be fine!” In the midst of their hug, Letti and Ricardo heard the doorbell ring. Each of their hearts skipped a beat as they crept over to the front door.

The siblings stood on one side of the large glass door, looking at a man who’s back was turned from the house. Walking ahead of his sister, Ricardo moved to open the door when he noticed she was no longer next to him. He turned, and saw Letti standing behind him looking rather green. “Are you okay?”, he asked tenderly.
Letti’s excitement drained and now, seeing her father standing outside her front door, she felt positively faint. “I don’t…feel so good. Maybe this was a bad idea.” Letti began racking her brain for excuses that could send Don home and allow her to hide in her bedroom.
Ricardo smiled at her. “It’s okay, Letti. We’re doing this together. C’mon, don’t be nervous. You arranged this for a reason. We want to meet him.”

With those words, Letti impulsively whipped open the door. The sound caused Don to turn around, and he and Letti’s green eyes met. They stared at each other, Letti’s mouth slightly agape. She didn’t know what to say and neither did he. She moved to hold the door open for her father, and Don stepped in with a small smile on his face. The door was shut, and the siblings looked at their father expectantly. Don looked at his daughter’s face, and then his son’s. Goosebumps crept up his arms and his palms grew sweaty. The man had never felt that way in his life.

Still no words had been spoken, and Don began to feel sentimental. To avoid anything too heartfelt from being said or worse, crying, Don decided to lighten the mood. “Well this place looks great! A lot different than I remember it. I haven’t been in the Caliente sisters’ house since…well…”, Don stopped, realizing the last time he really was there was the day Letti was conceived.
“18 years ago”, Letti added helpfully, then quickly realized what she had just said.
Don frowned. “18 years, huh?”
Ricardo clasped his hands together, trying desperately to diffuse the awkward mood. “Shall we move to the couch?”

The three shuffled over to the couch and sat down quietly. They each stayed quiet for a moment until Ricardo spoke again. “So uhm, Don, did you say this was the Caliente sisters’ house?”
Don cringed at hearing his son call him Don. “Yeah. Nina and Dina, well, your mothers live here together…at least, last I knew of…”, he trailed off, unsure of what the boy was trying to figure out.
Ricardo was surprised to begin finding out missing pieces to the puzzle so soon in their visit. He then decided he’d have to sit down with his father on a different date, in private, and try to uncover the secrets. This was their first time meeting, and he wanted to keep things light. So he simply replied, “Oh”, and then the three returned to not speaking.

Don grew sick of the awkwardness and formality, gulped, and decided to just clear the air. “Listen, guys. I know I’ve been a sorry excuse for a father. I know your mothers have probably told you horrible things about me. Probably most of it was true, but I’m a different person now. I know it’s too late and I’ve missed a whole lot, but I want to be there for you both. I want you to meet my wife and your little brother. I want to have you over for holidays and just on regular days. Please, just let me try and fix what I’ve broken all these years. I’m already sorry enough that you have to call me Don instead of dad.”

Surprised, Ricardo and Letti blinked at their father. They looked at each other, then smiled. “Well, we can call you dad, dad.” Ricardo winked at the now relieved looking Don.
Letti chuckled. “Dad sounds good to me, dad.” The three laughed, and then spent the rest of the afternoon comfortably catching up and learning about one another.

Soon it grew close to dinner time, and Don announced he had to get home. He shook Ricardo’s hand and gave Letti a little wave. They watched their father begin to walk out the door, when Letti suddenly bounded over to the man and gave him a big hug. With tears in her eyes she whispered, “I’m glad we finally met, daddy.” Don was shocked and speechless. He smiled at his daughter and left without saying another word. Despite any verbal reaffirmation, Letti knew Don felt the same way when she saw him wiping his own eyes as he walked down the street.

After a very satisfying visit with their father, Letti and Ricardo left for college with new happiness. The next day, Nina found herself celebrating her birthday alone. She puffed out her candles sadly and whined internally. I can’t believe Letti didn’t show up for this. I am her mother! She's my only kid! Nina racked her brain trying to think of all the birthdays of Letti’s she had been there for. She blinked in shock when she realized she’d missed almost all of them. Before she could grow too guilty or upset, Nina felt a strange tingling sensation in her body as the birthday cake began to work its magic.

Nina changed into an elder with a burst of confetti. A little stunned, she blinked and inspected her sagging skin. She sighed. A romance sim, she knew some of her lovers wouldn’t find her new form very appealing. Not that it matters, she muttered in her head. They don’t even care enough to show up for my birthday. Nina helped herself to a slice of cake and thought about all the people she’d lost along the way to elderhood. Her lovers, who only cared about her body and promiscuity. Her twin sister, who was turning gray just like her in the spooky Goth manor. Her daughter, who was off at college without a care in the world. At that moment, Nina realized her adult life had been spent in vain. Eating her lonely birthday dessert, she vowed to turn things around and regain what really mattered; family.


The Lothario family had just finished clearing dinner dishes away when Kaylynn called her husband back into the dining room. They each took a seat, and Kaylynn asked the question that had been burning in her mind during their entire meal. “How did meeting the kids go?!”
Don smiled giddily. “Well…”

“I think it went really well. We talked a lot, and I really connected with both of them. Their names are Letti and Ricardo, and they’d love to meet you and Lorenzo. Letti is Nina’s and Ricardo, Dina’s. It’s wild, really. I could tell who’s was who’s the instant I saw their faces. They both look so much like their mothers…and me.” Don chuckled. “As exciting as this all is, I can’t help but hate myself a little for letting them grow up without their father. Especially Letti; Nina never married or anything close to it.” Don tried to force a smile and hung his head a little.

“Oh honey”, Kaylynn cooed, “Don’t hate yourself. You were a different man back then, a boy. Even if you had been there, you wouldn’t have been the father you wanted to be. Maybe it’s better they only know the Don there is now.”
Don nodded. “I suppose. But that’s still no excuse. I want to make it up to them as best I can. I didn’t think I’d ever want to be a part of their lives. But now I’ve met them, and they’re great kids.”

“And that’s exactly what you started doing by visiting them today.” Upon finishing her sentence, Kaylynn suddenly grimaced and gripped the sides of her chair in pain.
Don raised his eyebrows at his wife. “Kay? You alright?” His pulse quickened upon observing his wife's distress.

Kaylynn stood up and brought her hands to her big round belly. “Don!”, she screamed. “The baby is coming!” Don yelped in response and shot up from the chair. This was his fourth child to be born, but yet the first birth he’d ever witnessed.

“What do I do?!” Don yelled while flailing his arms around like a mad man.
Kaylynn responded by clenching her fists and throwing her head back to let out a screeching groan.
Lorenzo heard all the ruckus and came running in the dining room, curious and afraid. "What’s happening to Mom?! Is the baby coming?!”

After several more screams from Kaylynn and miniature panic attacks from Don and Lorenzo, the baby finally arrived. "It’s a girl!”, Kaylynn cried out with happiness. She lifted the infant in the air in admiration. Don stood watching, dazzled and shocked. Tears filled his eyes. He'd never loved any girl as much as he loved his baby daughter in that moment.

The new family of four crowded together to adore the new baby, Carmen. Don played peek-a-boo with his daughter as Kaylynn watched the two lovingly. She had never felt so happy as she did in that moment, together with her husband and children.


Dina Goth stood alone in her lavish dining room, a pink birthday cake behind her. The candles had been extinguished by her breath, and Dina now awaited for old age to take over her body. She sighed. What have I done to get to this point? There was no husband to celebrate with her, even though she’d married twice. No children to cheer her on, even though she’d given birth twice. And no sister to join her in the festivities, even though she was a twin. You're crazy, Dina. Nobody likes you.

A long forgotten, prickling feeling crept through Dina’s body before she should reflect on her life anymore. After a blast of light and confetti, Dina found herself looking at withered hands. Youth and beauty, something she once had in abundance, no longer belonged to her. Dina threw the cake in the sink in disgust and stormed upstairs to change into finer clothes.

After fixing her silver hair and changing into a more presentable outfit, Dina hobbled back downstairs to her living room. She sat alone in the dark, wondering where she’d gone wrong. The very thing she cared about most, her son Ricardo, hated her and was gone away at college. “I’ll probably never see him again”, she said aloud. “All I tried to do was take care of him.” Dina continued staring blankly at the wall while her mind whirled around from her lies and secrets to all the ways she tried to “save” her son.
A jubilant voice disrupted Dina’s trance. “Happy birthday, Mom!”

"Ricardo?!” Dina’s eyes darted around the room, ignoring the boy before her.
“No Mom, it’s me. Gideon. I said, ‘happy birthday!’”
Dina frowned, sighed, and slumped in her chair. “What do you want?”

Gideon shook off his mother’s harshness and cleared his throat. “Listen. I’m really sorry I missed your birthday while I was at work. But, I’m here now! Boy, do you look great! Still my beautiful mother, as always!”
Dina’s mind trailed off again as she stopped listening to her son. She had no interest in him, or what he was saying.

Dina stood up to walk away when Gideon stopped her.
“Whoa, whoa! Wait a minute! I still have to give you your present.” Gideon displayed a white box elegantly wrapped in red ribbon. “I got you something, remember? I saved up all my money from cleaning the dolphin tanks at work!” Gideon beamed with pride as he held the box in front of his mother.

Gideon waited for his mother’s reaction with anticipation. She took the box from him gingerly, eyeing it unsurely. Then, she smiled, and threw her arms around Gideon. “Oh thank you! I don’t know what to say!”
Gideon glowed from the inside out. He’d never received such a heartfelt response from his mom. “Awh Ma, you’re welcome. You don’t have to say anything.”
Dina squeezed the teen tighter. “Thank you so much, Ricardo!”
Gideon felt a little pang in his heart as his eyes went wide. He then closed them again, trying his best to ignore the slip up. “You’re welcome, Ma.”

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So happy that Don connected with Letti and Ricardo! And I'm glad Nina is finally seeing the light when it comes to family. I'm really saddened, though, about Dina How awful she treats Gideon! It's been obvious to him all those years that she favored Ricardo, but bless his heart for still trying to be kind and loving to his mom. Anywho, great chapter, as always!
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I've never played the Caliente's long enough for them to age to elder, they look alright!
Poor, Gideon, being called Ricardo repeatedly... hope he gets out soon!
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It's good to see Don and Nina having learned from their mistakes, did you change their aspirations?

Poor unloved Gideon, I hope things improve for him.
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