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Amazon Challenge
Hello there :3

This is the first time ever I post anything, and the first time I've made my own challenge. So I'm still kind of new to this.

Well, I've made a challenge called the Amazon challenge. It's kind of still in testing, but it seems to work out fine. I would still appreciate any feedback you might have. If you notice anything that doesn't work out or wish to be changed and stuff like that. Or if you have any questions in general

It is not split up in different EPs, and was written before IP came out, so it's not fixed for that one yet.

Amazon challenge
A young woman, blessed with beauty, strength and intelligence is destined to form an independent tribe of great warrior women.

The beginning
- You need some mods so that you can have more than 8 Sims in your household. Portrait panel, Mover, Woohooer, and Master Controller.

- Begin with a female YA that need to follow some requirements:

* She needs to be beautiful (Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, so, by YOUR standards)

* She needs to be strong, and intelligent. (Tip, a height-mod could come of some use, since amazon women often were amazingly tall in the legends!)

* She needs to have five of these traits (it’s up to you which ones you want):
+ Adventurous, ambitious, angler, artistic, athletic, brave, charismatic, disciplined, diva, equestrian, family-oriented, flirty, gatherer, genius, great kisser, green thumb, irresistible, lucky, natural cook, nurturing, perfectionist, proper

- Move her to an empty lot, preferably the biggest one since you’ll build a tribe. No money cheats are allowed (except in one case, as I’ll get into later)

- Since it’s an amazon tribe, only women are allowed, except male slaves, breeding material and tribe sons. These should have their own living quarters though (an own room or small building), and not mix with the women more than needed.

- Men are allowed for two things. He’s to be used as someone to strictly conceive with, or as a slave.

- A man that has been used for conceiving is to be discarded as you please. An unclean man cannot live under the same roof as pure women.

- For every generation, the tribe can recruit one woman that’s not related to anyone in the tribe.

- For every generation, you can also add a male slave. Though, you can only have two slaves in the household at the same time. The tribe son’s doesn’t count into this amount.

- Men used for breeding can be moved in even if there are two slaves in the tribe. He can only be used for one pregnancy, and only by one woman. These men should not be buried on the lot, but can be sent to the cemetery. A man can be used to conceive with even without moving him in, and then he doesn’t need to be killed – but can’t be used again by the same woman (other tribe women can happily use him too, though).

- A man used for breeding is a little bit better treated than the slaves, but still can’t mix with the women (except when it comes to sexual interaction on her demand).

- All traits for tribe-born females need to be rolled with the dice. (It is fine to choose for the males). Upon reaching YA you have the chance to re-roll one time if you dare/wish.

- All females born in the tribe is something to cherish. All of them have to be taught at least one of three basic toddler skills, preferably more. Blood-daughters have to be taught all three of them.

- All males born in the tribe is to be used as slaves until their YA-birthday. Then they’ve to be killed. Before killing a tribe son, a non-related woman can use him for breeding purposes, once. A tribe-born male is cleaner than other males and if you wish, they can be buried in a special cemetery on the lot (this cemetery can NOT be mixed with deceased females, since male corpses will contaminate the female ones). Tribe sons should NOT be taught the toddler skills at all.

- It is not okay to eat gender-directed food while pregnant (such as apples and melons), and it is not okay to use cheats to get the gender you want.

- Males cannot have a job, or leave the lot.

- Children and teenager males can, however, go to school. Since they kind of have to.

- When someone moves in, you have to delete all of the money they took with them. If they bring stuff – delete or sell these, and delete that money as well. This is because the amazon tribe is very proud, and will not take money from male Sims, or recruited females. (This is the only time you can use a money cheat). You can delete the money through buying and deleting stuff, donating them or use the cheat “testingCheatsEnabled True” then “familyFunds [Lastname] [how much money there should be in the household]”

- Contact with male Sims is forbidden, except when they need to be seduced into breed or slave purposes.

- If a woman is getting engaged, or even worse, married to a man, she’ll suffer the punishment of death, since this is not accepted.

- The heiress needs to have at least three of the approved traits, and none of the “bad” ones. She also has to be beautiful.

- The heiress is the first blood-child with at least three correct traits, but younger siblings that also get three correct traits can take this place, if they get more good traits than the older one, if they have a better relationship with the warrior queen and/or if they’ve won ten fights against the heiress-sibling. If a heiress traits is re-rolled and not fitting, the next best girl is in line (she still needs to have at least three correct traits though).

- There can be more than one heiress, but only one from each generation. This means a heiress can get a daughter who also becomes heiress (and next in line after her mother).
- There are different rankings in the tribe – which all have different purposes and slightly different rules.

- All pets are allowed.

- Since the warrior queen (your start Sim) is a goddess, you are permitted to make her immortal, in any way you see fit. If your warrior queen’s immortal, she can be thrown from her throne in two ways.

* Her ruling is hated by two thirds of the tribe. The strongest woman will fight her, and if the warrior queen loses, she’ll be killed in any way you see fit. All of her children, except one, is also to be murdered, or kicked out in the wild to fend for themselves. The one left has to train and try to take back the throne, since you’ll want the blood-line. (She has to gain a bad relationship to the new warrior queen).

* She’s strongly disliked by the heiress. The heiress will challenge her to fight, and upon winning, murder her own mother and siblings, if she has any.

- It is permitted to turn any tribe woman into any kind of supernatural creature (except vampires if they’re immortal. Immortality is only okay for the warrior queen). A supernatural creature with a long life-span can only live until their next birthday (if this is turning from YA-Adult or Adult-Elder). The heiress and warrior queen can live as a supernatural being as long as pleased.

- If wished, every tribe member (or at least the blood-line) should have a portrait/photograph and a book written about them. Also, you should try to make them all as ice statues (preferably the ones that doesn’t melt).

- A marriage between two women is a good thing. The warrior queen, the heiress and the champions can’t marry though. The warrior queen and the heiress can take a lover (women only!), but champions is dedicated to their work and will not indulge in such things (it is okay for them to get children though).

- Woohooer is fine to use, but not for conceiving children between two women. A child has to have a female and a male parent.

- If someone has all bad traits, she’ll be shunned and can’t come back to the tribe.

- If the tribe is getting overpopulated, it is fine to take a YA (or older)-woman and move her out with a bunch of children you want to get rid of.

- To get to a certain rank they need to at least have some skill-points in most of the specializations. They also need to have a fitting part-time job (if possible) and at least two of the good traits, both from the rank or the “good traits”-list (and a maximum of two of the bad ones). This is if nothing else is mentioned. Upon raising in rank, they can change to a more fitting career.

- The amazon tribe is very vain. An ugly Sim often has a harder time rising in rank.

- When rising in rank, the traits can be rolled again if you dare, because maybe you want more fitting traits. You have three chances, if at least not two of the traits fit (from special list and good), they cannot rise in rank (but can choose a more fitting rank later on), and if most of the traits are bad (three or more) they’ll be kicked out.

- To change a Sims appearance in CAS is all right, since the main point is to get the right traits for the right ranks.

- Sending children and teenagers to boarding school is not okay. They have to be raised at the lot.

- University is fine, but your female has to live alone or in a sorority. No mixed livings.

- It is fine to choose lifelong wish.

- Checking a sims trait in CAS is okay, but NOT changing them (except if other rules says it’s okay)

- Once every generation a plant sim or clone can be born. But; Only a scholar can get a clone, and a provider a plant sim (and only by getting a seed from a scholar).

- Adoption is not okay.

- Alien children is the same as with a breeder – the male has to die if possible. If it’s an abduction, there can only be one planned every generation. Mod for females to get alien children after an abduction:

Tribe rankings

1. Warrior Queen – The leader. She needs to be beautiful, strong and intelligent. This means she needs to have skills. If this is your starter, she needs to have five of the “good” traits. If it’s the heiress, she needs to have at least three of five, and none of the “bad” ones. If the Warrior Queen is the strongest woman in the tribe, it doesn’t matter much. Since she’s the ruler, she also decides over the tribe.
Preferred careers: Anything she wishes.
Specializes in: Anything you see fit. Charisma, athletic and logic is something you should strive for though. (Beauty, strength and intelligence).

2. Heiress – There can only be one heiress. She needs to be the daughter of the Warrior queen, and related to your first Sim. She’s in line for the throne, and is the only blood-child that can claim it back, upon a revolution. The heiress can re-roll her traits three times, if wished. There can be more than one heiress, but only one per generation.
Preferred careers: Real estate/Business/Medical/Political/Fitting self-employment.
Specializes in: Charisma, athletic and logic is a must for the heiress. You should try to give your heiress as much skills as possible.

3. Champions – Since strength is a good thing in the tribe, these women are close to the throne-family. There can only be two champions. These women are very proud and will find their work to be done before turning into an elder. She’ll kill herself before this can happen. If a champion grows old, she’ll carry great shame upon herself, and will therefore be buried with the males. A woman can only become champion if she has a good relationship with the warrior queen and the heir, if she has two of the preferred traits (either from the list here or the overall “good” list further down), if she’s won ten fights against males, that’s not a slave or tribe son, and if she has at least 7+ in athletic and 6+ in logic.
Preferred careers: Criminal/Firefighter/Ghost hunter/Horseman/Law. enforcement/Military/Professional sports/Fitting self-employment.
Specializes in: Athletic, fishing, inventing, logic, martial arts, riding.
Good traits (special for this ranking): Adventurous, athletic, daredevil, disciplined, equestrian, perceptive, proper.

4. Scholars – These women are very clever, and mainly concentrate on things like painting, writing, logic and such.
Preferred careers: Architect/Art appraiser/Inventor/Private. investigator/Science/Sculptor/Teacher/Video game developer/Fitting self-employment.
Specializes in: Alchemy, collecting, consignment, inventing, logic, painting, photography, science, sculpting, street art, writing.
Good traits (special for this ranking):Artistic, avant garde, bookworm, computer whiz, eccentric, genius, perceptive, photographer’s eye, savvy sculptor.

5. Providers – These women mainly provides food for the tribe. They’re skilled with cooking, fishing, gardening and such. They also take care of the children.
Preferred careers: Culinary/Daycare/Stylist/Fitting self-employment.
Specializes in: Alchemy, collecting, cooking, fishing, gardening, mixology, nectar making.
Good traits (special for this ranking): Angler, gatherer, green thumb, natural cook.

6. Entertainers – Singers, acrobats and magicians.
Preferred careers: Acrobat/Acting/Director/Fortune. teller/Journalism/Magician/Music/Singer/Sports agent/Fitting self-employment.
Specializes in: Charisma, guitar, instruments, social networking.
Good traits (special for this ranking): Artistic, diva, dramatic, natural born performer, schmoozer, social butterfly, star quality, virtuoso.

7. Tribe-family – These are women born on the lot, but not chosen as heiresses. They should be divided into other rankings as soon as possible. With the right skills, traits (atleast two) and the friendship of the warrior queen, they can rise in rank.

8. Elderly – Any woman that turns into an elder can no longer work. She sinks in rank, but the tribe will provide and take care of her. An old woman is to be respected, and upon death, blessed with a beautiful grave. If a heiress turns old before granting children, a new heiress will be chosen. If there’s no blood-family to choose from, the warrior queen needs to produce more children.
Preferred careers: None.
Specializes in: -

9. Recruits – Newcomers. They have kind of the same tasks as the slaves, but is allowed to interact with other tribe members, except the babies-children of the blood-line. A recruit has to be a friend of all the tribe members to rise in rank.
Preferred careers: Can only have a part time job. Main job is to clean, fix things, take care of the animals and learn skills/befriending tribe members.
Specializes in: Handiness.
Good traits (special for this ranking): Animal lover, cat person, dog person, handy, neat, schmoozer. (Can have any trait, but only a maximum of two from the bad list. This because a recruit should be able to rise in rank later on).

10. Sons of the tribe – Will be used as slaves until the age of YA, thereafter they can be used once for breeding, before being killed.

11. Slaves – A maximum of two can be in the tribe at the same time. These need to have a small place to live, since they shouldn’t mix with the females too much. They take care of things like cleaning, repairing and such. If a slave interacts with a female without permission, he will be punished. Can’t work, or even leave the lot. If they try to escape, they’re to be punished.

Good traits (for everyone)
- Ambitious
- Artistic
- Athletic
- Brave
- Charismatic
- Disciplined
- Diva
- Flirty
- Genius
- Irresistible
- Perfectionist

Bad traits
- Absent-minded
- Brooding
- Childish
- Clumsy
- Couch potato
- Coward
- Easily impressed
- Grumpy
- Hydrophobic
- Inappropriate
- Insane
- Loner
- Loser
- Neurotic
- Slob

- With Supernatural, a sim can be killed by turning to gold – these statues will not disappear and make excellent displaying-material!

- Different colors on the clothing, for different ranks, is a great way to tell them apart!

- It is fine to cheat some points, so that every tribe woman can get the “No jealousy”. They see men as breeding material, and will probably not care if other women use a certain man as they please, too. This will take away the jealousy between the women too, so it’s each to their own in this (since it’s only a tip).

- Combine it with PG (Perfect Genetics by Gurra09) and the beauty can come in the color of her hair and eyes.

Changes for IP
I noticed that there actually wasn't much to put in/change.

I figured that Lifeguard would be another good career-choice för Champions.
Diving is good to specialize in for providers and champions.

If you feel that any of the new traits or careers or something fits very well to a rank, please let me know

If you find anything that's contradictious or anything, please tell me :3

Happy simming - Isaria
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#2 Old 3rd Jul 2013 at 7:16 PM
Why can't we use Woohooer to have same-sex babies?
Test Subject
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#3 Old 3rd Jul 2013 at 9:01 PM
To make it more believeable and more true to the legend about amazons (who needed men to make the tribe survive). Or else the men is kind of unnecessary and it's part of the challenge to charm them and lure them to the tribe ;P

But if you want same sex babies I suggest that atleast the warrior queen, heiress and champions shouldn't be able to :3 Of course it's okay to tweak the rules so that it will fit you.
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#4 Old 3rd Jul 2013 at 9:11 PM
I just started this, it seems awesome.
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#5 Old 3rd Jul 2013 at 9:51 PM
Well, charming the men for slaves could still happen. I was thinking more along the lines of the Amazons attempting to totally wipe out men - since they don't really need men to breed with in The Sims - and using some of the breeding rules as guidelines for how to go about that. For instance, they don't want people to know what they're doing, so they need to persuade the guys to move in with them for some reason. Maybe they're posing as a cult or trying to come up with a plausible reason for one person suddenly disappearing by setting up a Romeo and Juliet-esque situation in which they run away together. And then they keep eunuchs for slaves or something.

Fjodor: very nice. What are her traits?
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#6 Old 3rd Jul 2013 at 11:06 PM
Thank you, I'm quite pleased with her. She's brave, disciplined, genius, nurturing and charismatic. LTW Physical perfection. I'm not sure she will ever achieve it though, she continues to set her house on fire all the time.
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#7 Old 5th Jul 2013 at 7:04 AM

Test Subject
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#8 Old 5th Jul 2013 at 5:34 PM
Hugbug993; Well, that sounds interesting though :3 I say go for it if you wish to :3 I mean, the rules is only just guidelines for the challenge so o:

Fjodor: Thankyou :3 She's very pretty!

Lillym16: Thankyou, tell me if you try it out ;D
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#9 Old 5th Jul 2013 at 5:48 PM

This is my starter, Andromeda Amazon (Andromeda means leader of man). She's atlethic, genious, irresistible, charismatic and a good kisser.

At the moment she lives with a recruit (that's now a provider) named Eleanor (traits; Brooder (not a good one), natural cook, proper, kleptomanic and diva), and a slave whose name I don't remember at the moment. He's the green guy from dragon valley though (with red hair). I changed his haircolor, skincolor and clothing though.

Test Subject
#10 Old 5th Jul 2013 at 6:32 PM
And I think I might try it out! Just my computer is being stupid and wont let me download custom content, I mean I can, but it doesn't load up in the launcher. It's blank. >:l

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#11 Old 6th Jul 2013 at 3:27 AM
Can I have the link to have more then 8 people in a household?
Field Researcher
#12 Old 6th Jul 2013 at 9:41 AM
Oh my god, I LOVE THIS. Its a great idea, very novel.

Of course, my first thought was... how can I combine this with the Nothing is Free challenge...? (Amazonian colony in the deserted wilderness far from Sunset Valley... Gotta 'capture' NPC's to help populate the town, and build a new matriarchal civilization! It will be GLORIOUS!)


Good luck to everyone attempting it!
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#13 Old 7th Jul 2013 at 7:49 AM
Lillym16: Thank you :3 Aww D: I hope you can solve it :/ Is it only sims3packs or package-files too? D:

Kittens!: The others can be found in the menue to the left, too :3

Kidhedera: Thankyou very much ;D That makes me happy to hear :3 Oh, that sounds awesome!
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#14 Old 7th Jul 2013 at 5:15 PM
Thanks! :3
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#15 Old 7th Jul 2013 at 5:27 PM
An interesting twist would be, instead of killing the men off, send them to a seperate lot on the other side of town. Then they could raise the male children, etc. Amazonian women did have husbands and sons, and visited them frequently. This way, there would be a competing tribe, and your Amazons will have to outdo them in terms of wealth, culture, etc. Bonus points if you manage to do this.
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#16 Old 8th Jul 2013 at 8:28 PM
Kittens!: No problem ;D

ButchSims: That actually sounds really awesome too, and maybe that could be a good "goal" for the challenge. o:
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#17 Old 8th Jul 2013 at 11:26 PM
I started playing yesterday, and I must say, it has been quite fun so far. Though, I have tweaked the rules a bit to my own liking. My Warrior Queen is named Vaila Macras. She is a proud woman, and refuses to get her hands dirty in the laborious jobs outside her tribe, that is what her people are for afterall. She instead focuses on her own well being and the well being of her people. She is the only one that can recruit more women. At this time I started with a slave, I think his name was Jec Slave. Since we were low on funds after building the small Slave room and the Queen's lodge, I decided it would be best to find someone to recruit. I sent Vaila to the nearest house and found Pearl Yang. Vaila quickly won her over with her charm and she moved in within two days. Pearl became the first scholar of the tribe. For every rank I am going to build a new lodge. After Pearl, I soon decided Jec was more fit for conceiving with rather than hard work. Vaila became pregnant with his child and I sent him away. Then I created Aec Slave, an unattractive scrawny fellow as to avoid any breeding temptations. Soon Vaila gave birth to twins, a little girl, and to my dismay, a little boy. Their names are Gita and Bido, respectively. I built a small lodge for infants and toddlers. I decided that it would be ghastly if our women had to raise a male child, so I threw the responsibility on Aec Slave. Unfortunately, with all his chores, his parenting was a bit poor. Gita on the other hand, was lavished with love and raised by her Queen herself. The mother shall take care of her children until I can recruit a provider. Then I recruited Lucky Lum, the policewoman who saved our tribe from a burglar a bit back. She is currently in training to become a Champion. Later I had Pearl Yang seduce some guy she was previously friends with and later she had triplets. To my delight, they were all girls. Their names are Avasa, Andra, and Alsoomse. Very recently I recruited Que Veaceena. She shall become the tribe's first entertainer. At the moment Gita and Bido are both childern and the triplets just became toddlers. I have decided to sort each rank by color; The Warrior Queen shall wear purple, the heiress shall wear lavender, Champions will wear black, Scholars are clothed in red, providers shall be green, Entertainers various colors but mainly blues, the elderly shall be clothed in white, recruits wear grays and the sons and slaves wear browns and tans.
Pictures shall come shortly.
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#18 Old 9th Jul 2013 at 12:04 AM
The women in front wearing purples is Vaila Macras, our Warrior queen. Her traits are Brave, Family-Oriented, Perfectionist, Genius, and Charismatic. The women in gray to her right is Lucky Lum. Her traits are Brave, Daredevil, Athletic and Heavy Sleeper.

The women in front and in gray is Que Veaceena, our newest recruit. Her traits are Absent-Minded, Great Kisser, Virtuoso, Hopeless Romantic and Schmoozer. To her right and dressed in red is our Scholar, Pearl Yang. Her traits are Perfectionist, Excitable, Family Oriented, Hopeless Romantic and Artistic.

This is Gita Macras, Vaila's first daughter. It is undecided if she shall be the heiress yet. All of the Queen's daughters shall wear at least some cheetah print to signify their importance. She is in training to become a Scholar and her traits are Over-Emotional, Heavy Sleeper and Genius.

To the left is Bido, Vaila's first son. His was raised by Aec Slave, the man to the right of him. Bido's traits are Unlucky, Easily Impressed and Loves the Outdoors. Aec's traits are Loves the Outdoors, Disciplined, Handy, Loser and Neat. All slaves have the same tattoos Aec does; they signify who they are, so if they ever leave the tribe they shall forever be marked. All slaves wear only weaved clothing, which I would imagine is very uncomfortable.

This is the only picture I have of Jec Slave, the father of Gita and Bido. Everyone seems to make that face whenever Vaila appears. I can't recall what his traits are.

Here are the lodges:

The only people that are not pictured are Pearl's triplets, they were sleeping when I took these screenshots. They all live in Sunlit Tides.
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#19 Old 9th Jul 2013 at 3:25 AM
Hi, just wanted to say I love this idea and I'm trying it out (without mods) with the 'Nothing is Free Challenge".
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#20 Old 10th Jul 2013 at 8:51 PM
ElenoreMari: Oh, that sounds really nice ;D And I love how they look :3 How fun that you like the challenge :3 And awesome that you tweaked it so that it would fit you better :3

Pandadoraa: Thankyou Awesome! I almost wrote your nick as Pandora, since that's my daughters name XD
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#21 Old 10th Jul 2013 at 8:53 PM
I just wanted to say that I'll probably take a look at the challenge this weekend (if I find the time, which I hopefully will) and put in a goal (if I can figure something out ;P) and IP-rules. I will also put in the download for female impregnation whilst being abducted, since I didn't know that wasn't possible (only for males) ;P
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#22 Old 11th Jul 2013 at 12:26 AM
Originally Posted by Isaria
ElenoreMari: Oh, that sounds really nice ;D And I love how they look :3 How fun that you like the challenge :3 And awesome that you tweaked it so that it would fit you better :3

Pandadoraa: Thankyou Awesome! I almost wrote your nick as Pandora, since that's my daughters name XD

That is my name! Lol! I'm Pandora Daisy by birth.
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#23 Old 14th Jul 2013 at 11:30 AM
Haha awesome! You're the first one I've "met" that has that name too o:

I'll probably fix the rules today (hopefully) btw :3 or sometime next week.
Test Subject
#24 Old 15th Jul 2013 at 2:09 AM
Default Amazon Challenge
I love this challenge you put a lot of creativity into it. I read through the replies and I think I am going to go with sending the males away to another household that will then compete with my Amazon tribe. I don't have Supernatural EP or I would make myself a gold statue garden Anyway, I am really looking forward to it I will keep you updated and post pics of my tribe as they grow. Cheers!
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#25 Old 15th Jul 2013 at 10:07 PM
Originally Posted by Isaria
Haha awesome! You're the first one I've "met" that has that name too o:

I'll probably fix the rules today (hopefully) btw :3 or sometime next week.

How old is your daughter? If you don't mind me asking. I'm 20 and have only ever met one other Pandora in my age group. I once met a little 5 year old girl too with the name.
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