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Default Pulse (UPDATED 12/31/14)
I'm very excited to finally post this story. I've been trying to create it for months now. I love shows with supernatural storylines, but I also love shows with regular old drama =D. So I thought, why not combine the two!
I hope you guys enjoy it. Also, this is my first time writing so I'm learning as I go along (constructive criticism is welcome!).

About the story:
-I will try to post chapters at least once a month
-I don't want to write this like a book, so it will mostly be in comic book form (with some narratives here and there)
- I will rate this M. There will be blood, and some adult themes (no nudity!). So read at your own risk!

A story about a mysterious city hidden in the mountains. Carolina and her younger brother move back here to start over after a terrible tragedy.
They discover that this city is crawling with supernatural beings and a source of evil.
Taking place: September , 2013

Carolina Benston, 22 (born May 1991). Before her mother was murdered last summer, Lina was in a sorority..enjoying college life. Now she decided to move back to her hometown to start over with old friends.....and to help out her crazy little brother.

Alex Benston, 19 (born January 1994). Alex was there when his mother was murdered, but no one believed him when he said it was a vampire. Especially since he blacked out right after. Everyone thought he was crazy in his last town (including Carolina), but now he is planning to find out the real truth and prove everyone wrong.

Rika Matsuda, 26 (200) (born July 1813). A vampire who was turned in 1840. One night her village was attacked by a group of thieves. Her whole family was slaughtered and as she lay dying, a man named Joseph rescued turning her.Since then she has been his loyal servant, doing everything he asked. Even if it means others get hurt.

JJ Reese, 25 (born January 1988).JJ transformed into a werewolf at a frat party when he was 18. He triggered the curse when he got into a fight that went horribly wrong. Since then he has been working to control it with his witch girlfriend. He is also worried about his younger sister, whose anger is getting worse and worse each day.

Naomi Woodsen, 25 (born August 1988). A very powerful witch who descends from the Salem witches. She uses her powers mainly for healing her patients (as a nurse) and to help her werewolf boyfriend keep things under control.

Darcy Reese, 20 (born March 1993). A drug addict, party girl with a bad attitude. Darcy knows she's a walking cliché, but she doesn't care. She's had her run ins with the law a few times, but that's the least of her worries. The REAL worries are her rage issues.

Chaz Trevnich, 28 (born December 1984). A wizard who was self taught. When he was a baby, his mother dropped him in front of an orphanage. Since he was ten he began to study alchemy and spell books (he did not fit in much at school). However, he left this all behind in his early twenties when a spell went wrong and killed his best friend. Now he teaches art at a shop downtown.

Fiona Edwards, 23 (born April 1990). A faerie who comes from a long line of very powerful faeries. Her parents were killed when she was thirteen, a few days after her transformation. She keeps her powers a secret from everyone. Which becomes a problem when she loses control of her powers.

Sade Bailey, 23 (born November 1989). A free spirit; never tying herself down. While all her friends went to college to get degrees, she partied . She tries to hide it ,but she is not very happy with her life.

Sarah Delacorte, 24 ( born January 1989). Last fall she was planning her wedding with her high school sweetheart, but things went downhill when he cheated on her on Christmas Eve. She has recently returned to Indigo Bay to catch up with her best friends and make the most out of her new life as a single woman.

Jasper Teo, 23 (born December 1989). A nerdy klutz who works at the comic book store. His only friend in town is..Sade (whom he had a fling with last summer, though she tries to deny it.). He too believes in the super natural, but it's not like anyone would ever take him seriously.

Mia Yumei, 22 ( born January 1991). Mia is an aspiring model who dropped out of college to pursue her dream. Her family cut her off, but she doesn't care because she is willing to prove them wrong. Her headaches and hallucinations, however, might stand in the way of that.

Raj Ortiz, 23 (February 1990). Raj triggered his curse when he was only ten years old. His father was an alcoholic who beat him, but one night Raj defended himself and ended up killing him. Since then he has honed his skills and has his curse under control. He hides in the shadows of Indigo Bay with his fugitive vampire boyfriend, waiting to attack the vampires that killed his wolf pack.

Shane Greggor, 23 (Turned July 2011 Born June 1990). Shane was a normal guy who hung out with is best friends (Sade, Sarah, Fiona and Mia), but that all changed when a vampire attacked him and turned him. He was held captive for a while by Joseph but broke free....never to return again. That is until now....Him and Raj have a plan.
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Default Chapter one
The city hidden in the mountain side.

Indigo Bay. A small city in the pacific northwest; just outside Seattle. Most people have heard the myths of supernatural beings living here in the ancient world, but those are just stories to scare children. Or is it?

Anyone who researches those stories or actually takes them seriously are considered the town crazies.

Take Alex Benston for example . Alex has just moved back with his older sister Carolina. They used to live here, but moved when Carolina graduated high school. Now they are back....after their mother was murdered last April.

Alex was always considered a little strange, but even more so now since he believes his mother was killed by a vampire. Which doesn't please his sister..... all.
Carolina: Ok I finished taking stuff to my room. That was two hours ago, Alex. You haven't touched anything since.

Alex: I know. I told you that I have to do my research today. It's no big deal.
Carolina: Fuck! Not that vampire crap again! I swear to god, Alex you are on very thin ice right now. Do you want to go back to that facility? We moved here, because it was good for YOU. I had a life back home. I never thought I would have to move back here.
Alex: Well it seems to me that you will have no trouble living here. Aren't you meeting up with your old high school friends later?
Carolina: Yeah in a bit, but don't change the subject! You need to quit with this vampire shit. I know it's a way of coping for you, but it's just not healthy for you to...
Alex slammed his laptop shut.

Alex: She was killed by a fucking a vampire!!! I don't know how many more times I have to say it!
Carolina: No! She was murdered! You need stop hiding behind this vampire myth and deal with her death!
Alex: I don't need to do anything, but sit here and do my research on this city. One day you will realize I was right. Until then you can go out with your friends and act like mom never existed.

Carolina: Fine...

Alex: Hmm. Campers killed by a mountain lion? More like vampires.

Carolina arrived at the Coffee house downtown. She was about to be reunited with her high school friends.

Fiona: Lina! It's been so long!
Carolina: I know, I know. It's nice to see you too!

Carolina: So where's everyone else? Sade,Shane, Mia??
Sarah: Sade's on her way. Mia is in New york, you know, trying out that whole modeling thing. And Shane....
Sarah paused for a moment. In reality no one knew where Shane was.
Carolina: What? Something wrong?
Fiona: Two years ago he kind of just left. He said that he needed to figure some stuff out. We haven't heard from him since.
Carolina: Oh wow....I can't believe it. Do you think it's because his parents disapproved of him being gay? I know they had a tough time when he came out.
Sarah: No, they opened up a lot since then. They got a call from him a few months after he left. He was in New Mexico I think. He said he got a job and an apartment. We all miss him, but what else can we do, ya know?

Sade: Ew...I didn't know you hung out here...
Jasper: Nice to see you too, Sade.
Sade: Whatever, just leave me alone.

Carolina: Hey Sade!
Sade: Hey girl! Wow you haven't changed a bit. I love your flat hair. I wish I could get mine like that. Hahah
Fiona: As you can see, Sade is still a bitch!
Carolina: No worries. So what are we doing tonight? I'm dying to get out of the apartment.

Sade: I'll be right back.

Jasper: Look who's following who now.
Sade: Wait up!

Sade: You really need to stop doing that thing where you glance at me thinking I'm not going to see you.
Jasper: I'm sorry that my eyes wander like every other human being on the planet. Listen just because we had sex a few times doesn't mean I've fallen in love with you. I'm not some desperate loser.

Sade snickered at Jasper's comment. She was thinking the exact opposite.
Sade: You're hilarious, you know that? I seem to remember you calling me nonstop after we hooked up that night. I guess you don't understand the concept of a one night stand.
Jasper: Oh yes I do. Usually you are supposed to sleep with a complete stranger, but you chose me out of all people. The guy who's had a crush on you since the 9th grade. Why is that, Sade? Hmm? Maybe because you really do like me and you are just afraid to admit it. And FYI I see the way you look at me sometimes too.

Sade: Ok let's get one thing straight. That night, was Sarah's celebration party for her fancy new job. I got drunk and somehow ran into you. I slept with you because I was lonely and felt fat that day. I may be a slut with no college degree, but at least my attractiveness can get me somewhere......and by somewhere I don't mean into the arms of a fat loser like you.

Sade: Also when I look at you, It's a look of disgust not lust!

Elsewhere in an apartment downtown.....

Empty beer bottles and pill vials shook as punk music blared out of a sound system.

This is the Reese residence.

Darcy Reese...the girl with issues....

lots of issues.

On most nights she could be found bent over her night stand, sniffing pills.

Much to her brother's dismay

JJ: Hey, Darce!!! Turn this shit down! The whole house is shaking!

Darcy: Fuck off!
JJ: Don't talk to me like that! I'm letting you live here, so show me some respect!
Darcy: You're fucking up my vibe, man! Get lost!!!!!

JJ: Of course you're high! You're always fucking high!!!
Darcy barely heard her brother's words as she slowly drifted towards the floor.

JJ: Waste of space! That's all you are!!!

Naomi: Hey mister, you shouldn't be losing your temper like that! Especially so close to the full moon. You don't want to wreck all of our progress right?
JJ: I'm sorry. I'm just worried about her. I feel like everyday she's getting more and more messed up. One of these days she's going to lose it on someone and it won't end well.

Naomi: Yeah ,because she will trigger the curse and then I'll have two werewolves to deal with.
JJ: C'mon it's not funny. We need to keep an eye on her.
Naomi: I am, babe, but right now you need to go to my room and meditate. We are making so much progress with your transformations each month. I feel like one day there won't even be a difference between you and your wolf form.

JJ: Seriously? You're a powerful witch and all, but I highly doubt you can turn my werewolf form into a puppy!

Across town, the girls were ready to go out for the night.

To a place where supposed “vampires” used to hang out in the old days. Too bad those were just more rumors about Goth people, right?

Sade: So are you guys sure you wanna go to The Twilight Lounge? We can go to Amazon! There's a Jacuzzi!
Sarah: No, tonight isn't about hooking up with guys and dancing in a room with 500 people. It's about catching up with Carolina and just hanging out.

Sade: Ugh so I dressed hot for nothing?! I bet the only guys that hang out at this place are hipsters who will want to show me their “oh so cool” art.
Sarah: Don't you dress like that every day?
Fiona and Sarah started giggling. Sade rolled her eyes and continued to play with her hair in the mirror. It was normal for her friends to judge her attire and attitude. If only they knew that Sade was only trying to find attention, because no one else would give her the time of day. She was always surrounded by successful college grads, yet all she had was a high school diploma and a job at the diner down the block.

A knock on the door

Carolina: What the hell do you want?
Alex: Can't I say hi to your friends?

Sade: Oh my god, Alex! Wow you look so grown up!! I think the last time I saw you, you were fourteen!!
Alex: Hey Sade, you look good too. All of you do, haha.

Carolina shoved past her brother. Why was he trying to flirt with her friends?

Alex: So, I heard you guys were going to the Twilight Lounge tonight. That place is really awesome. It has a lot of history. I was wondering if maybe I can come along too?
Sade: Aren't you too young to go to a bar? Besides, you don't seem like the type to go out drinking.
Alex: I can find a way in. Did you know that vampires hang out there?

Carolina: Ugh! Here he goes again.

Sarah: Are you serious?! Hahaha. Vampires?! Don't tell me you are into that stuff, Alex. The place used to be a seriously whacked out bar where Goth people hung out. It's been under new management for years.

Carolina: OK! Let's go, girls. I think we've had enough of my weird little brother for today. Don't mind him, it's just a strange hobby he has.
Alex: It's not!

Carolina: You guys go ahead. I'll meet you by the elevator.

Carolina: Ok, it's fine if you want to talk to me about your psycho theories, but don't let my friends know that you are a freak now.
Alex: I'm not lying, Lina! I read online that about a year ago a girl was found dead around the block from there and they said she was attacked by an animal and lost a lot of blood. Why would there be an animal In middle of the city? Also back in the 1930's people used to see vampires hanging out there all the time. They would kill people and then serve their blood as drinks!
Carolina: Those are just stories!!!!! You need to do something else with your free time!

Carolina: Maybe go out and meet some other freaky people! At least you will be around your kind!

Sade: Jeez, you think they could calm down with the fog machines? I feel like I'm at a high school Halloween dance. Also, where are all the people??
Fiona: Calm down, Sade. This isn't a club. Besides, they have a killer happy hour going on right now. Let's just have an old fashioned girls night for once.
Sade: Fine, but I hope you know that you are carrying me home tonight.

Sade: Ugh, you've got to be kidding.
Sarah: What? Not enough men to look at?
Sade: My stalker is here. Even after I let him down HARD.

Sarah: Honestly, Sade. You are so mean to him. He's the nicest guy I've ever met.
Sade: That's really nice, why don't you go date him?

Sarah: You can't admit it can you?
Sade: Admit what? That I'm not into fat nerds?
Sarah:, that you are! Face it Sade. You want to rip off those glasses and do him in the bathroom! hahaha.
Sade: Please don't make me vomit! C'mon take a shot with me.

Sade: Sarah!
Sarah: Alright, alright!
Sade: There's this hot guy staring at me at the end of the bar. I'm going to bring this drink over to him.

Sarah: Really?? I thought it was supposed to be girls night!
Sade: knew that would only last ten minutes. Now...uh if you'll step aside..

Sade: Hey...I'm Sade.

Sarah: Sorry about that, dude. I know you have a thing for her.
Jasper: Sade? Nahh. I'm just here for an after work drink. You know, running a comic book store is REALLY stressful.
Sarah: Nice sarcasm. So you really want to sit here watching your crush hit on another guy?

Jasper: Maybe...
Sarah: Honestly, Jasper. You deserve so much better. Sade is spirit I guess. She would really treat you like crap.
Jasper: Hmm. Aren't you two best friends? Why do you let her do what she does?
Sarah: I've known her since I was five and you know what I've learned from 19 years of friendship? That I can't tell that girl to do anything she doesn't want to.

Sarah: So you know what I'm going to do Jasper? I'm going to help you get over her and find the girl of your dreams.
Jasper: Oh yeah? Why would you want to do that?
Sarah: Because nice guys like you don't deserve to be Sade-ed. Also because you tutored me in 11th grade.

Jasper: *sigh* try all you want, but I will never be like those guys over there. I'll always be the fat guy.

Meanwhile, Alex was about to take his sisters advice...

Alex: This is so stupid. Why am I about to walk around in the rain, looking for friends?
He was about to turn around and go back, but he was interrupted by a scream.
Darcy Reese was on one of her high adventures..

Alex: Hey! Are you ok?!
Darcy: The vampires are after me!!!!!!

Alex: The vampires??
Darcy: Hahaha...dude I'm just joking. I know you are obsessed with vampires, Alex Benston!
Alex: Huh? How do you know my name?

Darcy: Don't you remember me? We went to high school together! It's me, Darcy Reese!

Alex: Oh man!! No way! You don't have blond hair anymore!
Darcy: Nope! I saw you moving in this morning. I was kind of high at the moment....well more high than I am now.
Alex: Ah yes, how could I forget? You were the sophomore that taught the little nerdy freshman me how to smoke. Glad you are still a pothead!

Alex: C'mon! Let's go upstairs. We have to catch up!

Carolina: So much for girls night, huh? I'm guessing that this is a regular thing with Sade? I see not much has changed since high school.
Fiona: Oh yeah. I just wish that she would stay with someone longer than two weeks, you know? Anyway, I'm glad you are back. I really need a sane person around here once in a while haha.
Carolina: Hah! no problem. I really miss having a group of friends. I haven't been out since before......well, you know.

Marcus: You. Go over to the other side of the bar and never come back.
Guy: Um...ok.

Sade: Hey, I was in the middle of talking to him. Why did you do that? Do you want me all to yourself or something??

Marcus: Yes that's exactly what I want. Now you are going to follow me and we are going to have some fun outside.

Sade: Whatever you say.

Jane: Save some for me. Don't be a greedy bastard this time.

Marcus: Don't worry. I always have fun with my prey before finishing them off.

About an hour later, Sade's friends were starting to worry about her.

Fiona: Sade....this is the fifth time I'm calling. Call me back!!

Sarah: Still no answer? I'm sure she's fine, Fi. She probably went to the guys house or something. This is Sade we're talking about.
Jasper: This isn't jealousy or anything, but that guy did
Fiona: I felt that too. I say we go look for her.

Fiona: Ok so you guys start up the block. Sarah and I will search around the building.

Sade was frozen with fear. For the past hour Marcus was toying with her. Kissing her and then pulling away....playing with her hair..... licking her neck.
She had no idea who this guy was or what he wanted. All she knew was that he told her to stay where she was.
His friend, Jane had finally arrived.

Sade: Wh...what's going on?
Jane: Are you done playing with the pathetic human? I mean seriously, Marcus. How many times must you do this? I'm starving!
Marcus: Calm down! There's something sort of special about this one. She reminds me of Lacey. You girl back in '85?

Jane: Hah! Yeah if you take away the brain. Lacey was nice and all, but we did end up killing her . She didn't like you very much when she found out what you were. What makes you think this one will be different?
Marcus: *sigh* fine. At least let me go easy on her.

Sade: What are you doing?
Marcus: Don't scream, beautiful.
Marcus immediately sank his teeth into Sade's neck.
The sweet taste of her blood filling his mouth and slowly trickling down her blouse.

Sade: Ah... it hurts. Please.....

Marcus: That's right....not a sound. Now let my friend have a drink
Jane: Don't worry, honey. I won't be as gentle.

This bite was different.
It was hard.....and painful.

Sade: Mmmm.......that hurts!
Jane continued to drink as the tears started forming in Sade's eyes. She felt like screaming ,but Marcus told her not to. It was as if he had put an invisible tape over her mouth.

Sarah: Oh my god....oh my god. They just....what did they do?
Fiona: I.....I don't know.

Jane: What a shame. The bitch passed out before I could finish.
Fiona: Hey! What did you do?!

Fiona: I'll call the police right now, scumbag! What did you do to my friend?!
Jane: Ugh...I hate when stupid girls travel in packs.
Jane grabbed onto Sarah's arm and threw her two feet back into the fence.

Sarah: AHHHH!!!! What are you ??!!!

Jane: Your worst nightmare!
Before Jane could sink her teeth into her, Sarah collapsed from the fear.

Jane: Great....well that ruined my fun.
Marcus: Argh!!!

Jane: What?! Where the hell is the other girl??
Marcus: I don't know! All of a sudden she disappeared and then something shocked me!!

Jane: can't be. Marcus...I think we found's....
Jane was cut off by a sudden gust of wind.

So strong that it blinded her for a moment....
Jane: We must leave!

Fiona scanned the area, hoping that noone else saw.

She then flew to her friends.....and began to heal them.

A few blocks away....

Jane: Marcus...come on! The sun will be up soon!
Marcus: Jane...was that girl...the one we've been searching for?
Jane: Yes.

Marcus: Then we have to inform Joseph. The faerie has been found.

Next chapter: posted sometime next week!!
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OK I'm intrigued already. If this was a t.v. series and this was the pilot episode I would be watching the next for sure. You had the main story arc (Alex and Carolina and the death of their mother mystery) yet it didn't overpower the other minor story arcs that drew you in as well. I would have assumed that all these others would be minor backdrop characters to enhance the Benstons, but no you actually got me actually looking more forward to what happens between Sade and Jasper (and the potential triangle of Sade,Jasper, and Sarah) then what's going on with Alex and Carolina. Anytime a writer can make minor characters more interesting then the main, but not totally pull the focus away has great potential.

Carolina being so hard on her brother for believing in vampires was particularly hypocritical at the end when you revealed her own little secret. Yet that was the beauty of it because then we saw that maybe she's only trying to protect him from things he may not be capable of fully grasping just yet. And foreshadowing the arrival of the mystery villain Marcus at the end really did help me want to continue next, because it seems he's the one pulling the strings on what's to come.

One BIG harsh criticism (And I promise I don't do these too often) Rating a story "M" does not give the writer carte blanche to overuse foul language. There is always a scenario and timing that when used properly will give those words credible meaning to the sentence. But dropping them left and right, unless a character has a noted history of being foul mouthed greatly cheapens the writing and turns off many readers. You had enough spark in the dialogue that you didn't need it as much as it was in it.

Now one minor thing to think about as well. It is difficult I realize to get across the meaning of laughter and there is only so many ways to do it without getting overused, but stating "hahaha" in the dialogue would show that they're actually saying hahaha which a reader realizes is laughter but then gets confused as to why they're saying hahaha.

For example: Sarah: "Are you serious?! Hahaha. Vampires?! Don't tell me you are into that stuff, Alex. The place used to be a seriously whacked out bar where Goth people hung out. It's been under new management for years."

Could be: Sarah: "Are you serious?!" Laughs playfully, "Vampires?! Don't tell me you are into that stuff, Alex. The place used to be a seriously whacked out bar where Goth people hung out. It's been under new management for years."

You still get the point across that Sarah laughed, but because of her sweet nature when I added playfully it also described how. Had it been Sade laughing I could have said "mockingly"

Looking forward to the next chapter!
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Wow! Thank you so much for the critiques. I really appreciate it =).

i will definitely take all of these in to consideration when writing the next chapter. As i said, I am new to this, so it really helps when people tell me how to improve lol.

The cursing: Yeah after reading it over now, i realize it was definitely overkill.

The laughing: Thank you for helping me out there! I didn't know how to write it, because I was worried that I would use the same phrase over and over (i.e. blah blah...sade laughed.)

One thing: Fiona is the faerie at the end! Carolina is just human =)
I realize now that they really do look alike (I will change their hairstyles, right away!)
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Default Chapter two, part one
Just something I wanted to say:
I know there are different lores for these supernatural beings, but I am kind of taking some artistic liberties. So somethings may not go with the lore at all. I hope you guys still enjoy it!!
It was a foggy day, half an hour past noon.
Last night there was a vampire attack. Something that noone ever thought was possible. Especially the people who lived in this apartment.
One was about to leave for the day.... forget it all.

Fiona silently crept downstairs. Trying to avoid waking everyone up.

They all slept over the night before. Recovering from what had happened. Fiona made sure to tell them that Sade only passed out from drinking too much and that they needed to get her home. They mostly believed the story. However, Sarah remembers things differently..

Sarah: Fiona, wait.

Sarah: Are you going to tell everyone the truth, or should I? I know what happened last night.
Fiona: ....Yeah. Sade got drunk and I had Jasper carry her home. Then we all crashed here for the night.
Sarah: Just because I fainted, doesn't mean I forgot that a vampire fed on Sade and that you chased them away with some voodoo sparkly magic.

Fiona:I...I can't do this right now. I'm going to an art lesson. Please, Sarah. Don't tell them.
Sarah: What are you? A witch? Please, Fi. I'm one of your best friends, you can tell me.
Fiona: I'm a faerie...
Sarah: What, like Tinkerbell? Did you know those vampires? How did you chase them away??
Fiona: No! I swear I never knew vampires even existed. Last night, it's like my body went into autopilot. I guess when friends are threatened, my powers kick in. I don't exactly know how to control it. I've never used them.

Sarah: How long have you had these powers?
Fiona: Since I was thirteen, but like I said I've never used them. Please don't tell anyone. I was meant to keep this secret for the rest of my life. I never wanted this.....
Sarah: have powers to heal others. Do you know how amazing that is?

Fiona: I also have the power to kill people if my magic overpowers me. The only reason those vampires didn't die is because I got it under control at the last minute.

Jasper: Sorry to interrupt.
Fiona: It's OK. I was just leaving.

Jasper: I just wanted to thank you for letting me spend the night. Also for letting me sleep on that really comfortable couch. It was very nice of you.
Fiona: Jasper, it was really no big deal. You carried Sade home and made sure she was ok. You should go check on her. Also if you want to shower or get something to eat, you are more than welcome to.
Jasper: Thanks, I'll go check on her now.

Sarah: Fiona I know you are just trying to protect us. It's just that it would be really nice to have you around in case those vampires tried to kill us again. Maybe you can train or something.... I can help you!

Fiona: I'm not your personal weapon! Please just drop it!!!!!!!

Sarah: I'm sorry...

Jasper: Still knocked out, cold.

Jasper: Guess I'll just sit here and ......

Sade: Ergh....this is the worst hangover ever. What the hell......
Jasper: Good, you're alive. I was actually starting to worry.
As Sade glanced at Jasper all the memories from last night starting flowing back into her mind.

Sade: You carried me....

Jasper: Yeah, but uh don't worry about it. I'll get going. I know you think I'm a stalker or whatever.

Jasper: Sade, it's really fine. I just wanted to make sure you were OK from last night. I don't want to be your boyfriend or have sex with you.

Jasper: Sade!!

Sade: No guy has ever carried me home before, much less waited by my bedside to make sure I was OK. I think I was wrong about you. I'll make it up to you. Pick me up at eight tonight. We can go to a movie or something.

Jasper: Seriously? I carried you, because no one else could do it. I'm not the type of guy to just leave a wasted girl sleepig next to a dumpster. I seem to remember you thinking that I was a desperate stalker. No you wanna take me out the movies, because I brought you home? I'm going to check no in that box. I'm not really into "thank you" dates.

Jasper swiftly turned around and walked towards the staircase. Sade was left standing in shock. If only he knew that she was actually being genuine for once.

Fiona had arrived for her art lesson, which appeared to be held..... a bar?

Fiona: This can't be right. Who lives in a bar?

Chaz: Sorry about this. My shop is getting renovated. I'm using some money from that art show I had a few months ago.
Fiona: It's no problem. It's been a while since we had a lesson together. I think the last time I saw you was at your art show. You had some beautiful pieces.

Chaz: So here's my apartment. I promise, if you want more lessons after today, they will be held at my shop. By the way, why the sudden interest in painting again? Last time you told me you were finding other interests.

Fiona: Yeah, I tried the whole fashion thing, but that didn't really work out. Noone would hire me, even though I have a degree from FIT. Lately, I've been really stressed out so I thought that painting would help me get out of my head for a bit.
Chaz: That's a good reason to get into painting. It's why I opened up my shop so many years ago.

Chaz: So...let's start.

As the day drew on.
The fog began to get thicker.
It was as if something bad was about to happen.

Two people were oblivious to this, of course.
They had spent the night before drinking and catching up.

Maybe they had drank a little bit too much...

Darcy: Erghh....Alex, wake up!
Alex: Ok, ok....

Darcy: Last night was fun. Those vampire stories you told me were really cool.
Alex: Are you just saying that because we hooked up?
Darcy: No way dude. I told you, I believe in vampires and ghosts too. It's just that everyone always thinks I'm stoned or whatever.
Alex:...Yeah well better than people thinking you are psychotic. Man, look at the time! We've been asleep for like twelve hours. It's almost seven!
Darcy: Cool. That means we can hang out all night. You wanna chill at this little place I know? I'll get a six pack.
Alex: I'll steal a bottle of Jack. It's not like I have anything better to do.

Chaz: Listen, it's only natural for you to be a little rusty. I have some books that might help you.

Fiona: Thanks, Chaz. You have no idea how soothing this all is. Last night was pretty hectic for me. It's nice to release all my stress into a painting.
Chaz: Damn!

Chaz: I dropped some books. I'm such a klutz.
Fiona: Happens to me all the time. Chuckles

Fiona: Here, let me help you.
As Fiona's hand brushed against Chaz's hand, something happened.
It was as if electricity flowed from their fingertips and created a small spark.

Whatever it was, it had definitely triggered something.

As her powers began to overwhelm her, she ran towards the door.
Fiona: Oh my god! I am so sorry, I have to go.

Chaz: Fiona! What's going on??
Fiona:Please, get out of here! I don't know what's happening!!

Fiona: Please just leave!

Chaz: You're a faerie, aren't you? did you know?
Chaz: I've traveled the world, I know a lot about your kind. Probably more than you. We just had a connection, because our magic is compatible.

Fiona: What are you, a faerie? You don't know anything about me, please just leave!

Fiona: I'm losing control!
It was too late...
the magic had engulfed Fiona...
Once again, she let out an enormous shockwave.

Fiona: How are you still conscious?!
Chaz: You don't know much about me, either!!

Chaz: Wizards are stronger than novice faeries.

It was nearly 9:00pm.
The fog was taking over the city, giving the buildings and the streets a pinkish glow.
Carolina's block was desolate. She was finally going home after recovering at her friends apartment.
All she wanted to do was change and curl up in bed.

A breeze suddenly came up. Carolina stopped for a second.

Carolina: That was odd.

Before she knew it, teeth sank into her shoulder.
She screamed...

About an hour later...
Jasper was spending his Sunday night playing video games. Just as he had done EVERY Sunday night.

Jasper: Take that!
A knock at the door.

Jasper: Man, I ordered that pizza so long ago! Took them long enough.

Jasper: Sade!'re at my apartment? I'm not even dressed......this is embarrassing. Listen, could you give me a minute?
Sade: I just came here to tell you something. Please, just hear me out.

Sade: I know you think that I asked you out, because I felt I owed you. I swear that's not true. Jasper...the truth is.....I really like you. I was in denial, because I never thought a guy like you could be into someone like me.
Jasper: Listen, I heard this all before. Which is why I'm playing video games and eating pizza on a Sunday night. You don't need to explain to me the physics as to why a skinny, beautiful, outgoing girl like you would not date a chubby, homely, awkward guy like me.
Sade: Would you let me finish? I'm saying that guys only get with me to have sex. Then they get bored and move on. I can't even count the number of times guys have left me passed out at a bar or at a party. Shows how worthless I am, I guess. I just wanted to tell you that I would change if you gave me a chance. I don't want to be the girl with no morals and commitment issues.
Jasper: Sade....c'mon. You know you don't believe that.
Sade: I do. I only said those horrible things to you, because I was scared. I was actually falling for a nice guy for once. I just didn't know what to do.

Jasper:....ok....maybe we should sit down and ....
Before Jasper could finish that sentence,
Sade pulled him closer...

Alex: got any friends?
Darcy: Dude....who asks that?
Alex: Sorry, that came out wrong. I'm just asking if you hang out with other people. Just saying it would be cool to have a group of friends like I did in back high school.
Darcy: friends ditched me after we graduated. They all went off to college. I guess I just stayed behind and did my own thing. There's nothing wrong with living in the moment, right? Friends go, people change. It's no big deal.

Alex: I guess not, My friends from my other high school ditched me after graduation too. My mom died a few weeks before and not one of them came to ask if I was ok. They were too busy picking out colleges or prom limos. I then became the "freaky kid who lost his mom."
Darcy: Well you have me now. We can be outcasts together.
They both laughed.
A scream interrupted them

Darcy: The hell??
Alex: It came from over there!

Marcus: Hah! You really think you could outrun me?! You're almost as dumb as the girl from last night!

Sarah: Please! Let us go!
Jane: Shutup! We have plans for your little circle of friends.

Darcy: Alex.....its some guy. He has your sister!

Marcus: Call Fiona.

Chaz patiently waited at the foot of the bed.
He felt extremely guilty for using his magic like that, but it was something that needed to be done.
Fiona was powerful. A powerful being who doesn't have control is a dangerous threat to anyone in their way.

Fiona: Huhh? Where am I?
Chaz: Good, you're awake.

Chaz: Sit.

Fiona: What did you do to me?
Chaz: Nothing serious. Just a sleeping spell. It's been a few hours. You were about to destroy everything on this block. I had to stop you.
Fiona: A spell? Does that mean that you're....a wizard?
Chaz: Yes. I am. I'm sorry for doing that to you. After we touched hands, I felt like I was awakened somehow. I haven't used my wand in years, minus some tricks here and there.
Fiona: How did you guess what I was?

Chaz: I've been studying the supernatural since I was old enough to travel. I've been to the supposed faerie grounds in France. You are very rare, Fiona. I've never come across a real faerie before. Are you the only one around here?

Fiona: My mother was, but her and my dad were murdered a few days after I transformed. Since then I haven't used any of my powers. I almost forgot what I was, up until last night, when I was attacked. Tell me. What do you know about vampires?
Fiona's phone began to buzz.

Fiona: Lina?? What's going.......No..... Ok I'm coming! I promise I'll get you and Sarah out of there!

Chaz: What's wrong?
Fiona: The vampires that attacked me last night. They have my friends.
Chaz: Fiona, my spell casting is rusty. I don't know how to deal with vampires.
Fiona: And my powers get out of control. We can make a good team. Let's go.
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Default Chapter two, part two

Jane: More company...

Alex: Hey! Get your hands off my sister!!!!
Sarah: Alex! Get out of here!!!!
Alex ignored everything around him and immediately swung at Marcus.
Marcus swiftly moved out of the way and grabbed Alex from behind.

Carolina: NO!!!!!!!

Darcy: Shit! Alex! Get up!!!! What did you do?!!!
Marcus: Jane. Looks like the werewolf girl showed her face sooner than expected. Grab her.
Darcy took one confused look at Marcus and ran.

Jane quickly chased after her.

Marcus: ARGGHH!!!! My head!!!

Marcus: What is happening?!

Carolina: *crying*
Sarah: It's going to be ok, Lina. I promise.

Chaz: I'll be your back up. Remember to focus.

Marcus: The faerie has a wizard friend. laughs defiantly How convenient. Funny how all the pawns we need just keep appearing. Three in one night, that's spectacular.

Fiona: Whatever you are planning for us, just know that I will not let it happen. I will NEVER let you hurt my friends again!
Fiona charged up the energy into her fist.
Marcus was sent flying into the mud as if lightning had struck him.

Chaz followed through with a quick spark from his wand.

Fiona: Did we.....just channel each other? I've never had so much control in my life.
Chaz: We... we did.

Fiona quickly flew over to her friends.
Her healing powers kicked in right away.
The blood flowed back into Alex's veins and he slowly woke up.

Carolina: I don't know what to say......
Alex regained his balance and shoved past his sister.

Alex: DARCY!!!
His calls were barely heard over the pouring rain.

Carolina: Alex, we'll find her. I promise
Alex: Ok.. voice trembling...ok.

Fiona: They will not get away with this.

Sarah: We have a wizard and a faerie on our side. Those vampires don't stand a chance.

The group remained quiet, listening to the rain. Their world had suddenly become a scary place.

A couple miles away.
An abandoned shack sat as the pouring rain washed over it.
Strangely, this shack had only one window..

Jane: I am sorry for failing you. We will get the faerie next time. Please don't let Joseph know.

Rika: I won't. You at least brought me the werewolf. She is also a key part in his plan.
Jane: How did you know what she was?
Rika: Two years ago, when we had tried to do the sacrifice, her brother was the werewolf we had tried to use. Unfortunately his witch girlfriend derailed the plans and rescued him. She is very strong. Right now she is focusing her attention on him. They don't care about the little sister.

Marcus: How do you know she is a werewolf though? She obviously hasn't transformed yet. I didn't sense anything.
Rika: The werewolf gene usually runs in the family. The werewolf curse is triggered after they kill someone. I have a human in the other room. I compelled her to attack Darcy until Darcy ends up killing her. If the curse is triggered then we have ourselves a werewolf, if not then we have lunch. You are in no position to question anything, Marcus. You've lost the faerie twice. The next time I will tell Joseph and you won't live to see another night.

Darcy: What.....where am I?
Suddenly a fist collided with Darcy's face and sent her flying to the floor.

Girl: I am going to kill you.
The girl tightened her grip around Darcy' neck.
Darcy gathered up all the strength she had left and pushed the girl off her.

The girl went flying as Darcy punched her in stomach.
Before she knew it, her head smashed into the end table. was over.

Darcy stood for a second, shocked. Something inside of her was trying to burst out.

Darcy: Ahhhh!!!!!
She collapsed...
...the curse had been triggered.

Darcy: What.....have I done?

Next chapter:
sometime in the next two weeks!!!
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I really like this! And tbh I didn't mind the swearing lol, gave it a good ole True Blood style with less boobs and sex. But definitely to each his own lol

I love supernatural dramas, they are like the best! And of course I'm biased towards the witches because they are just awesome sauce! Good and bad ones! Looking forward to what Chaz and that other girlfriend witch can do!
Vamps are always up to no good lol
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Default Chapter three, part one
A week since the disappearance of Darcy Reese..

Yet life still went on...

...however, for this group of people, life will never be the same.

Sade: OK, guys. Who's ready for our SIXTH consecutive night at home?! Let's start this night off with some vodka cranberry!!!
Sarah: Ugh we drank last night and the night before. Can't we do something else this night?
Sade: Like what? Go outside?....OH wait! We can't, because murderous vampires are hunting us down.
Carolina:You guys are so lucky you have such an awesome apartment. Alex and I are so grateful to you for letting us stay here. It sucks those creeps know where we live.
Sarah: Yeah and now we are living like fugitives. At least you got a new hairstyle out of it *laughs playfully*. I should totally become a hair dresser.

Sade: Yeah you look really cool Carolina. I wish I could pull off a look like that.
Carolina: Well I'm lucky. You guys have been really cool. Especially Jasper. I'm glad he's hanging out with Alex so much. I really wanted to get his mind off of Darcy.
Sade: Well the witch bitch and her wolf man took care of that for all of us.
Sarah: I don't get it. Shouldn't they be happy we told them what happened to her? Instead they tell us to stay out of it.
Carolina: All of this just gives me the creeps. First they want to take Fiona and now they take Darcy, who's apparently a werewolf? What's next? Taking one of us?
Sade: Please. I would like to see those freaks try. All we have to do is carry garlic and not walk around at night alone. How scary are people who can't walk around in the sun?!
Carolina: You saw what they did to my brother. We need to be real careful.

Sade: Well that will NOT happen to me. Anyway, let's make a toast.

Sade: To the best friends a girl could ask for in a crazy world full of vampires, werewolves and faeries!!!
Carolina and Sarah: Yay!

Carolina: So onto other topics. Are you guys still looking for a roommate?
Sarah: Well yea. Before all this craziness happened, we were supposed to post an ad on craigslist. I guess since we are home yet again tonight, we can post one. It's kind of getting hard to pay the rent when everyone who lives here either has unpaid internships or minimum wage jobs.
Sade: Why don't we ask Chaz to move in?! He can sleep in Fiona's bed!

Sarah: Giggling Sade!

Chaz: Ok are you ready?
Fiona: We've been doing this for four days. I'm always ready.

Fiona: It worked! I feel way stronger!
Chaz: it's your turn!

Chaz: We did it, Fiona! We are channeling each other!!
Fiona: Ok..ok! We have to test this out. Let's see if we are stronger in any way.

Chaz: Ok. I'm going to start out with something simple. Let's try to make objects invisible. That will be useful if we have to hide from the vampires.
Fiona: Try it on that lamp over there.

Chaz: Hah! I used to be able to do that in my sleep. It's going to take a lot for me to get back to how I used to be.
Fiona: About that. Are you ever going to tell me why your powers became so weak?
Chaz: I time. C'mon. now it's your turn!

Chaz: I read that if faeries concentrate hard enough, they can make people invisible!

Fiona: Here goes nothing!

Chaz: Ahh!!! You did something wrong!
Fiona: Laughing uncontrollably
Chaz: Don't just laugh!

Fiona: Ok....hehe...Nice tattoos by the way.
Chaz: HA HA very funny. Now get my clothes back please. It's freezing!

Chaz: Thank you. I think that's enough for today.
Fiona:That was just a joke! I promise I'll do it the right way. Can't we just practice one more time?
Chaz: Fiona, you don't need training. I saw what you can do when you really fight. The point of us training was for us to channel each other and feed off each others magic. Now...speaking of feeding. I'm starving. Let's go ask everyone what they want to order tonight.

Sarah: Finally! How was your training?
Fiona: Oh it was very brief. giggles
Chaz: SHH!

Chaz: So uh what do you guys want tonight?
Sade: How about we go out tonight?!
Jasper: Sade, you know we can't until the vampires are all dead.
Chaz: .....yeah what he said.

Alex: I'll go downstairs to the cafe. They have awesome pizza.

Carolina: I'm coming with you! Remember none of us should go out at night alone.

Alex: You didn't have to come with me. I can take care of myself.
Carolina: Listen, I know firsthand how fast a vampire can come out of nowhere and sink their teeth into your neck. Besides, who's going to help you carry the food?

Carolina suddenly stopped in her tracks..
Naomi and JJ had come to pay them a visit.

Alex: What the hell do you want?! Last time I checked, you were supposed to be out looking for your sister. Now you're coming here to lecture us again?? Get lost!

Carolina: Alex, calm down.
Alex: No! If I had known they wouldn't be able to find her, I would have gone looking myself!
JJ rushed towards Alex and shoved him against the wall.

JJ: Listen punk! It's your fault my sister was taken. She's gone because you were stupid enough to drag her into a fight with a damn vampire! Don't try to act tough around me, because I will throw you through this wall. Got it?!
Carolina: Get off him!!!

Naomi: Stop it JJ. We came here to talk, remember? We found out where Darcy is being held.
JJ: Fine. He's lucky she is still alive.

Naomi: Thank you for letting us in and speaking to you. I imagine you are all very confused as to what is going on with these vampires and your friend Fiona.

Sade: No offence, witchy girl, but last time you came here you basically jumped down our throats for getting involved. Thanks to those bloodless freak bags, we are stuck on house arrest every night. We aren't confused about anything. They want to eat us, we get it.
Sarah: Sade, let them talk.

JJ: That's not even the half of it.
Naomi: Right, as I was saying. These vampires have a leader. His name is Joseph and he's very powerful. Two years ago he came here with his minions. They were here to kidnap a faerie, which they did, but then they went after JJ, who is a werewolf. Thankfully we outsmarted them and ran away.

Fiona: What happened to the faerie?
Naomi: He was killed. I don't know anything else about that. I just know that someone killed him before I came and rescued JJ from the cellar they were keeping them in.
Chaz: I don't understand. This sounds to me like this vampire wants to do some sort of ritual. I mean why else would he go after specific supernaturals?
Naomi: To do some sort of sacrifice of course. All I know is that he needs a werewolf, a faerie and a witch to do the spell on a full moon. There is someting else though.

Naomi: There's a reason why they did not do the sacrifice the last time even though they apparently had what they wanted. JJ was locked up in that cellar for weeks, even on the night of a full moon. Joseph was looking for something I just know it.
Fiona: So that means we just have to find out what that thing is. We know we are safe for now.
Naomi: Not exactly. It's been two years. He's either found it or he's going to take his sacrifices into hiding until he does find it.

Jasper: Why do you need our help? You two know way more about this guy than us humans do.

Naomi: Vampires are not stupid. They know that Fiona's weak spot is her friends. They will do anything to capture her, even if it means killing everyone she loves.
JJ: So you know what that means? You are involved in this even if you don't want to be. Tomorrow is the full moon. I am one hundred percent sure that they have triggered the werewolf curse in Darcy. So we need your help to rescue her.
Naomi: Then we can make a plan to kill these vampires and you can all go back to living normal lives.

Carolina: OK, what is this plan exactly?

Naomi: I've located Darcy using a locator spell last night. They are keeping her in some shack by the bay. Fiona can be bait. Chaz, the wizard, right? Well you can be right behind her to ward off anyone that tries to attack. JJ and I will be behind the house blocking any other exit. I will put up a barrier for anyone who's inside. Then we will grab Darcy and run.

Everyone silently nodded their heads.
JJ was right. They didn't ask for this misery, but they had to deal with it now.
As everyone dispersed throughout the house.JJ and Naomi turned around and walked to the door.

JJ:We will be back here tomorrow night.
Alex: We will be waiting.

Fiona: You know when I was younger; I thought my mother was the most amazing person in the world. I mean, she could fly. What kid wouldn't want a mother like that? She also healed me every time I got sick or injured. She used good luck charms on me whenever I was nervous for a test or a presentation. When I was thirteen, I transformed. I looked forward to her teaching me how to use my new powers, but then a week later she died. I lost my way after that. It's like my powers just didn't want to work, it's like that part of me died with her. Then last week my friends were almost killed and all of a sudden the faerie in me came out. It's like I have a purpose now. I will always protect my loved ones.

Fiona: Even....if it means dying for them.

Chaz: Listen to me right now. We are NOT going to let them win. We WILL outsmart them and we will all come out alive. That is my one promise to you, Fiona.

In Indigo bay, this time of the day was always a beautiful sight to see.
A time for relaxation, a time for clearing the mind,

And a time to think...

For Alex Benston, it was a time to think about a decision he made the night before.

Jasper: Hey dude. You ok?
Alex: Fine. Just thinking...

Jasper: About tonight, huh? Are you sure you want to get involved? All those guys have something you don't. You're just a regular human. It would be like me helping out the justice league fight off aliens.
Alex: Hah! Good one. I wish I could say I wasn't, but Darcy is in this mess because of me. It's something I have to do. Besides, I've always wanted to stake a vampire.

Jasper: Funny how our lives turned into comic books.

By the bay,
In a remote location.

Eric: Get up, wolf. I brought you some energy drink.

Darcy: Why are you creeps keeping me here?
Eric:Don't you worry about that. Just know that tonight you'll be free. You can race through this swamp killing everything in your path. That's what a monster like you does on a full moon.
Darcy: What have you done to me??
Before Darcy could ask anything else, the vampire swiftly left the room and locked the door behind him.

Darcy: Let me out!!!! PLEASE!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!
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Default Chapter three, part two
It was time.....
Night was falling and the group was gathering to plan their rescue.
Carolina just had to run outside and wish her brother luck fighting off vampires.
Something she never thought she would ever do in a million years.

Carolina: Alex.....wait!!!

Carolina: Please be careful. I understand why you need to do this, but just remember that those vampires are fast and smart. Jeez last week I was yelling at you for believing in this crap and now I'm wishing you luck in killing vampires.
Alex: Hmph. I know this is all crazy. I just want my friend home safe. I promise I'll be fine. I have two witches, a werewolf and a faerie with me afterall.

JJ: I'm glad you guys decided to help out. I know I'm a prick sometimes, but it really means a lot.
Alex: I'm doing this for Darcy. Not you.
Naomi: Alright, alright. Let's just go over our plan.
JJ:No one better fuck this up. Looking at Alex
Naomi: Fiona. you will go and knock on the door to the house, basically giving yourself up. If they attack, I want Chaz hiding right behind you. Chaz you will protect her no matter what. Alex. If by any chance these two are unable to fight, I want you to stake any vampires you see. I understand you have a pretty good weapon in your possession. Are you sure you know how to use it?
Alex: Yes. It's a wooden dagger my mom got me from China. I practiced all night.
Naomi: Good. JJ and I will be hiding out towards the back of the house so we can fight off whoever tries to escape that way. I don't know how many vampires will be at this house. So if it gets bad we will retreat.

JJ: OK everyone, it's time. Good luck.
Naomi: Remember. JJ and I will be behind the house.

Fiona: I'm so nervous.
Chaz: Don't worry Fiona. I'll be right behind you.

Eric: Who are you and why are you knocking on this door?

Fiona: I....I'm the faerie. I've....come to give...myself up.
Eric: Now why would you do a stupid thing like that?
Fiona: I don't want my friends in danger. I'll do whatever you people want.
Eric: Hmmmm....I almost believe you.

Eric: Quick tip. Us vampires have excellent hearing. I heard your wizard friend whispering in the bushes over there.

Chaz: Stay away from her!!!!

Eric: You missed!

Eric: Pathetic!!!!

Eric: You are seriously the weakest wizard I have ever seen!

Eric: AHHHHH!!!!!

Alex: Whew....never thought I would be able to do that. Is it wrong to say that was kind of awesome??

Meanwhile around back.

JJ: We just killed three vampires. How is it possible there are more??
Naomi: I.... out of breath don't know, but I've....been waiting for this bitch to show up.

Jane: I remember you and your immense power.
Naomi: What the hell? It's like she's in some sort of trance.
Jane: You've killed most of us. It's time to raise the white flag I guess.

Jane:I was told to let you kill me tonight.

Naomi: I don't know what's wrong with her. This is the vampire that tortured you in that cell. She was a sarcastic bitch back then. Looks like someone messed with her head.

Naomi: Whatever, I've waited a long time to do this.


JJ: Naomi!!!! Look in the sky!!!
Naomi: Shit!!! We have to get Darcy, now!!!

Fiona: Alex, don't go in there!!! We don't know what that was!!!

Naomi: We have to go, now!!! The full moon is happening! Where is Alex?

Alex: Darcy! C'mon let's go! This place is about to go up in flames!
Darcy: Alex, I feel strange. Something is happening.

JJ: You have to get out of here now!!!! ARgghhh.

Naomi: Grab Alex and run as fast as you can out of this swamp.
Fiona: What about Darcy?! We are not leaving you guys here!
Naomi: If you stay then Darcy will kill you! I have to stay with JJ. He doesn't have full control yet. Now go!!


Alex: Fiona....she's...she's turning! We have to do something!!
Fiona: Alex if we don't run right now, she will tear us to shreds! Come on!!!

Chaz led the way into the brush up ahead.
The other two ran quickly behind. They heard Darcy tearing her way through the house behind them.

It was only a matter of time before she followed their scent...

A couple of minutes later....
Alex was separated from the others.

Alex: Chaz? Fiona?.....

Chaz: Run! She won't be out for long!

A couple of blocks away...

Alex: Thanks Chaz, she almost got me back there. I can't believe that Darcy turned into such a monster. It must be horrible to go through that.
Fiona: Yeah. Well at least the vampires are dead. Naomi really is powerful. I sure hope she got out OK.

Chaz: She told me she's been with JJ through all of his transformations. I don't think he would hurt her. As for the vampires; I really don't think they are all gone. If Naomi is right about this Joseph guy, I'm sure he has an army of vampires out there just waiting to pick us off one by one.

Alex: I guess we really haven't won, huh?
Chaz: Not even close.

About a few hours later, a confused Darcy stood by the shore.
The debris from the old shack stood behind her.
The smell of burnt wood filled the air, but for Darcy, the feeling of confusion was more overwhelming.

Her head was pounding.
Her fingernails were caked with dirt.
Also her mouth had the taste of blood in it.
She tried to remember, but it was just one big blank.

Lilith: Hello there. My name is Lilith and this is Remy. We noticed you were in a bit of trouble.
Darcy: Um yeah....drank too much last night, he he, better get going.

Lilith: We know you transformed last night, for the first time.
Darcy: you know?
Lilith: We witnessed it last night.
Darcy: Ok...that's just a little bit creepy. I'm gonna go now.

Remy: You can go home, but you know that your brother won't be of any help. He lied to you about what you are. For years he hid his curse from you and failed to warn you. We, on the other hand, can help.

Marcus: Rika. We failed again last night. I assume you will be reporting to Joseph? Might as well. Jane is already dead. It's not like I have much to do nowadays.

Rika: You can do whatever you like Marcus. I've decided to take things into my own hands.
Marcus: How? Where are you?
Rika: I'm out enjoying the day planning my next attack.
Marcus: How are you outside? The sun will kill you!
Rika: Don't you worry about that. Just do whatever you like. Mourn your precious Jane, get drunk, prey on innocents. I will call you when I need you again.

Sarah: Hello!! You must be Rika! I can't believe you answered my ad so fast! I just put it up yesterday.
Rika: Yes, well I just moved here from Oregon. I really need a place to stay. Also your apartment is beautiful! It also happens to be right in my price range!

Sarah: Then let's go upstairs! Everyone is just dying to meet you.

FYI: Some of the images did not edit properly in photoshop! Sorry for them being different sizes =/
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Default Chapter Four
Hey guys!!

Sorry for the lateness. I was distracted by a number of things, including the holidays =P
Just one note:
-It would be really cool if I got a rating for this story!! Even if its a 1 star. I just want to know how people like this story and what I can do to make it better =)
It was November in the small, hidden city by the bay.
A cold wind was starting to take over the city, which led people to stay inside more often.
However, for some people, being able to venture outside these days was something they should be thankful for.

Especially since the vampire threat was apparently behind them.
Which, for Sade, was perfect timing.

Sade: Hmmm it's a nice day outside, huh Jasper?
Jasper snored loudly on the bed next to her.
Sade: Jasper!!!!

Jasper: Hmm? I'm up. What's wrong?
Sade: Nothing. I said it was a nice outside. We should do something.

Sade: We could go to that new steakhouse. I took off work.
Jasper: Tonight? I'm working.
Sade: Ugh but tonight is special!

Jasper: What's so special? It's another windy, cloudy Wednesday in Washington. Besides. It's not completely safe at night. Fiona and them may have killed some vampires, but who's to say there aren't more?

Sade:...Are you serious? I'm leaving.

Jasper: Hey, wait! What did I do?!

Sade: It's my birthday! I can't believe you forgot!
Jasper: I'm...I'm sorry. It's been so crazy around here lately. I'll try to switch with Edwin tonight. Maybe I can work his shift tomorrow.
Sade: That's what everyone's excuse is lately! Whatever, go to work. I guess we can't live our lives ever again because of some bloodsucking freaks.

Sade: What's this? Some sort of study group?

Sarah: We are looking at old spell books and journals. There might be something in them about this ritual that the vampires are trying to perform.

Sade: Why? We haven't had any vampire problems for weeks!

Naomi: In case you haven't noticed, Darcy is still missing. I'm pretty sure the vampires are planning their attack. We would be stupid if we just forgot about them.
Sade: I thought that Darcy called and said she was fine.
Naomi: She could be lying. They might have her and they are after Fiona next. This is serious.

Sade: Well do you guys want to take a break or something? We can go out tonight, It's....

Sarah: It's a Wednesday. There's nothing more important than our safety right now.
Naomi: Exactly. So you can either help out your friend or leave us alone.

Sade: Fine.....I guess....I'll just be in my room.

Sade: All they care about is Fiona. I wish that for once they would care about me.

Rika: Hey Sade, are you OK?

Sade: Look I know we don't have real doors here, but it doesn't mean you can just barge into my room and act like my friend! To me you are just some random roommate that helps us pay utilities.
Rika: I'm sorry. It's just that I heard crying.

Sade: Just get out.

Alex Benston decided to pay JJ Reese a visit.

This was of course to ask about Darcy Reese.


JJ: Dude...this is the fifth time this week.
Alex: I'm sorry. I just wanted to know if...

JJ: The last time she called was about a day after she went missing. She said she was fine and would come back when she was ready. I haven't heard from her since.
Alex: Aren't you worried? She is your sister.
JJ: My sister has been running away and coming back since she was thirteen. I'm not worried; just pissed off that she triggered the curse and probably wants to kill me for not telling her about it. So you know what keeps my mind off all this? Beer.

JJ: You look like you could use one. Why don't you come inside?

Sarah: Brrr. Aren't you cold out here? It's pretty wet too.
Rika: I am from Portland you know. I really like it when it rains. Besides, I just had to take advantage of this amazing balcony you guys have. It's very relaxing up here.
Sarah: I'm glad you are liking it here. I'm sorry we haven't thrown a party for you or anything. We've all been sort of busy.
Rika: Oh yeah. I saw you guys downstairs with all those books. Are you studying or something?

Sarah: That is just too long of a story. I'll tell you eventually.

Sarah: So how about we go downstairs and hang out with everyone? We can do a movie night!

Sarah began to walk towards the door but tripped over a shoelace.

Sarah: Eeesh. I am such a klutz! Oh well it's just a tiny cut.


Sarah: Huh? Where'd you go?

Rika: Damn. I need to be more careful or they will find out who I am.

Later that night....
Sade was prepared to celebrate her birthday on her own.

Sade:What are you doing?

Jasper: I got someone to cover my shift at the store. We were thinking of taking you out for dinner.

Sarah:We are so sorry about forgetting your birthday. It's been confusing around here lately, you know that.

Sade: Yeah I definitely know that. All you guys ever care about is Fiona, Fiona, Fiona! Nothing new to me.

Fiona: Hey! I didn't ask for any of this!

Sade: Yeah right! Face it, Fiona. You love being in the spotlight! Last summer when we threw a party to celebrate Sarah's job, you draw the attention on yourself to announce your stupid internship! Or how about when you started crying during my sweet sixteen and everyone spent the night consoling you!
Fiona: My boyfriend dumped me and I was upset! I'm sorry that I have emotions and can't always be perfect!
Sade: I don't care!!! It's always been like this since we were in elementary school! My birthday is supposed to be the one day a year when people can act like I matter.
Jasper: C'mon guys, don't fight.

Sarah: You are so fucking selfish!!!
Jasper: Sarah...please.
Sarah: Fiona could be killed! All you care about is yourself! You want to walk around and throw yourself a pity party? NEWS FLASH Sade! You bring all your problems upon yourself!!

Sade: Thanks Sarah!!! I now see ,after fifteen years of friendship, how you really feel about me!

Sarah: I'm sorry about that Jasper. I really didn't mean to yell.
Jasper: It's fine. I'll go talk to her.

Sade: Leave me alone.

Jasper: C'mon we can go to your favorite restaurant. We can just forget all about this.
Sade: That's sweet, but I really just want to be left alone.

Sade: I'll call you when my head is clear.

About three hours later.
Alex had finally stumbled home.

Carolina: What's up with you?

Alex: Sorry Lina. *hic*...I went over to JJ's to ask about Darcy. Somehow we ended up drinking an entire twelve pack.
Carolina: That's just a bit weird. I guess JJ doesn't hate you anymore? I'm also guessing that Darcy isn't coming back.
Alex: Nope and...*hic*....nope.

Carolina: Well I have something that will take your mind off things for a while.
Alex: Like what?
Carolina: Mom's case files just arrived. I put them all in your room.
Alex: No way!!! They finally cleaned out her office??
Carolina: Yep. So you go do that while I finish dinner.

Alex: This just made my whole night.


Rika: Is The Notebook on or something?
Sarah: *sob* Something.....*sob* like that.

Rika: Sarah. This is the news..

Rika: What's really going on?
Sarah: It's stupid honestly.
Rika: If it's making a nice girl like you cry then it's really not stupid.
Sarah:I had a fight with Sade. We yelled at each other, something we never do, and she ran out. I have been trying to reach her since. I made my best friend run away on her birthday. What kind of horrible person does that?
Rika: Only every human being on the planet. I can't tell you how many times I've had horrible fights with friends only to make up with them twenty minutes later.
Sarah: What if she never forgives me?
Rika: Her loss.
Now. What do you say we watch a real movie.

Ring! Ring!
Sarah: Don't worry. You go answer that; I'll look up a movie on Netflix.

Rika: Joseph.
Joseph: Hello Rika. Is everything going according to plan?
Rika: Yes. I've earned their trust. They are not stupid though. That Salem witch and the wizard are doing research on the ritual. Once I become closer with them, I can find out exactly what they know.
Joseph: How are you so sure that this witch won't recognize you from the last time?
Rika: She has never seen me, trust me.

Joseph: I see. How about the werewolf girl? I trust you have made arrangements for her to stay on our side when the time comes?
Rika: Yes. The grand witch and wizard are with her.
Joseph: Good. I hope to see some progress by the time I get back from Egypt. If not, I will take matters into my own hands. Understand?
Rika: Yes.

Rika: I will never leave your side again.

Alex: Wow. I never realized how much mom traveled. She worked on some really high profile cases! I guess we just never asked questions when she went away. I kinda regret it now.

Carolina: *yawn* Yeah she was pretty cool back in the day. Anyways, I'm really tired. I'll leave these out for you to look through and you can tell me all about them in the morning.

Alex: Goodnight.

Alex: Hmm....Let's see what we have here.

Alex: Oh wow! A "top secret" box!

Alex: Wait.....what's this?

Alex:....The vampire hit list?

Sade: Keep them coming!
Bartender:I think you've had enough for the night. Why don't you go on home? It's pretty dead tonight anyway.
Sade: Listen, dude. I've had a really SHIT day so I would really appreciate it if you just shut up and give me another shot.

Voice: Charming girl.

Sade: Thanks, I try. You look familiar. Did we ever hook up?
Marcus: Nah. I'm gay. I overheard you talking about your shit day. I'm having one too.
Sade: Oh yeah? What happened?

Marcus: A friend died. Listen, I'll gladly sit here and mope with you, but can we do that with some beer?

A few minutes later...

Marcus: Yeah so that's my story. How about you?
Sade: I don't even know where to begin. My parents think I'm trash, because I never turned out like my Ivy league sister. I spent my college savings on a crazy trip to Europe right after high school. Since then, nothing has really changed. I work at a shitty diner while all my friends have fancy internships or office jobs. In ten years they will be hosting dinner parties in their dream houses while I'll still be here wiping down tables.
Marcus: Damn, your life is pretty pathetic.

Sade: It sure is...
Marcus: C'mon, let's dance our problems away instead.
Sade smiled and wiped way her tears.
Sade: I would love to.

Marcus: You are going to leave and lock the front doors. Never return.

Anberlin: Enjoy the Silence playing:

Sade: You're a really good dancer.
Marcus: Something my late friend taught me.

Sade: I'm so sorry about her. What was her name?
Marcus: Jane.

Marcus: Don't feel sorry for me. She lived a fantastic life. She would want me to be here dancing with you.
Sade: You're really sweet. Thanks for making my birthday a little bit less crappy.

Marcus: *sigh* You know what you need,Sade?
Sade: What?

Marcus shoved Sade away from him.
He bit down into his arm, allowing blood to flow freely.

Sade:Mmmmm!!! Stop....!!!

Sade: Ew!! What the fuck are you doing?!!
Marcus: Making your life a whole lot better.

Sade: Leave me alone, freak!

Sade: You're.....a ...v..vampire aren'

Marcus: Yes.

Marcus: See you in the afterlife.
Sade screamed as Marcus picked her up by her neck.
Soon she lost consciousness as his grip tightened. was over and she collapsed onto the bar.

Marcus: Laughing
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Default Chapter Five, part one
A late spring night in 2012.
In a suburban town miles outside of Seattle.

A teenager had just come home from a party.

Alex Benston was a popular seventeen year old who was about to graduate.
It was normal for him to come home on weekends at 4 am.
Normal for friends to call him nonstop..

Alex: Dude that party was sick! We are doing it again tomorrow!

..normal for friends to text him nonstop.
...but all of that can change in one moment.

Alex: Why are all the lights out?

Alex: Mom!!! Oh my god....

Alex: No!!! Mom!! Mom!!

And that one moment led Alex to a life that was anything BUT normal.

Sade's body lay still on the cold bar.
The echoes from her screams had faded.
The blood had dried.
All that was left was her sub-conscious.....
telling her to wake up.

...and that she did. a new person.

....or shall we say, a new vampire.

Her head was pounding as she regained her balance.

When she finally made it outside, the sounds and the surroundings began to swirl around her.

Even through the dense fog, the rays of sunlight felt like they were melting her skin off.

As she made her way to a bus stop, Sade began to notice just how much louder and vibrant the world around her was.

Her emotions were also heightened.
Which caused her to cry all the way to the bus stop.

At the Benston residence, two siblings were digging deeper into their mothers past.

Carolina: Shit. There has to be at least fifty names in here. Forty of them are crossed out!!
Alex: I know it's crazy. I can't believe my vampire theory is actually true. Mom was a vampire hunter who died because vampires got their revenge. I wonder if they were connected to Joseph.

Carolina: You know what else is in here right? Some list of people . It says that their mission was to rid the world of toxic vampires and their leader. All I can make out is "Tatiana- witch".
Alex: Yep. There's also something in there about something called a Soul Stone. I can't really make out the rest. There's a lot of scribbling.

Carolina: So why don't we go find out? I say we drive back to our old house and dig up some more stuff. Remember we never cleaned out the basement and the house is abandoned now.

Sarah: Oh my god! Sade!! Where were you all night?!

Sade: Please stop yelling. I have a headache.
Sarah: What is all this? You drank two bottles of wine and some raw steak?? Are you high?

Sade: Stop yelling! What the hell is with this light?? It's so damn bright!
Sarah: I don't know what you took, but can you please sit down? You're starting to scare me.

Sade: I didn't take drugs! You're voice is really starting to give me a huge migraine. Would it kill you to lower your damn voice??
Sarah: Sade....I'm not yelling.

Fiona: What's going on? When did she come back?
Sarah: I don't know. I found her like ten minutes ago. She drank some wine and ate raw meat. I think she's tripping out on something.

Sade: Why do you have to talk so loud?! I am right here!!
Fiona: Calm down. Just sit down. I'll get you some aspirin and a glass of water.

Sade: I don't need your help!!

Rika: This can't be happening.

Rika: Marcus, please tell me you didn't turn that Sade girl.
Marcus: I was bored! You know since Jane died, I have no partner.
Rika: You really think this impulsive, hard-headed girl with self-esteem issues will make a good vampire?! She would be lucky to make it past one week before she goes on a killing spree. This will NOT be a good transition.

Naomi: Potestas....Potestas.....Potestas

JJ: Shouldn't you be sleeping? You worked all night.
Naomi: I need to meditate....Potestas....Potestas...
JJ:....*mutter*...god forbid you act like a normal person for once.

Naomi: Excuse me?
JJ: Nothing. Don't pay attention to me, I'm a little drunk.

Naomi: Figures. It's eight in the morning, why not crack open a bottle of whiskey?

JJ: Yeah! Remember when you used to join me? When you weren't so wrapped up in your spells and vampire drama.
Naomi: I apologize! It's only our lives that are at stake! I guess I should just slack off and get drunk with you every day.
JJ: Yeah well it was never this bad. We used to have fun! We would go to concerts, get drunk on top of my truck, go skinny dipping in the city fountain! I want that girl back in my life. Do you really blame me?
Naomi: JJ, I'm trying to save YOUR life. They already took you once. I'm not about to let that happen again.
JJ: They don't want me. They already have my sister...
Naomi: We don't know that!
JJ: We do. You are just too stupid to realize it.
JJ: Whatever. You keep doing what your doing. Even though it's all pointless.

JJ: This Joseph guy will kill us all when he shows up. At least I'll have the time of my life before he does.

Jasper: Ok I'm finally here. Let's just go in there and calmly ask her what happened.
Sarah: I really hope this works. I'm telling you, Jasper. The girl is on some crazy drugs.

Jasper: Is that....blood?
Sarah: Yeah. I told you she ate RAW meat. Don't ask why.

Jasper: Sade....It's me. C'mon take my hand and I'll walk you upstairs. You can sleep this off.
Sade: Make it stop....please make it stop.
Jasper: Make what stop? What's going on?

Sade: Everything is just so loud. I feel so HUNGRY. I ate and I ate,but this craving won't stop. Please....

Sade: Make it stop!!!!!!

Fiona: Wait, come back!!!

Jasper: Hey!! What are you doing?!

Sarah: can't be.
Fiona: Tell me I'm dreaming.

Shane: It's been a while. We need to talk.

Sarah: Sh...Shane. It's Shane Greggor. Oh my god.

Rika: Damnit.This is not good.

Alex: Looks the same as it did a year ago.
Carolina: Strange.

Carolina: I guess no one ended up buying it.
Alex: Yeah well after it happened and I went to live with grandma and grandpa, the real estate agent tried for months to sell it.
Carolina:...and no one wants to buy a house where someones been murdered.

Alex: That and it took us a while to clean the house out. I was going to therapy, you were finishing up your degree. It's not like our grandparents can do that themselves.
Carolina: As if I don't feel guilty enough.
Alex: Lina. You know mom wanted you to finish college. I'm glad you did.

Carolina: *sigh* well let's start with the basement.

Carolina: That's where everyone hides their secrets.

Sarah: Shane. It's been two years. Where have you been all this time?
Fiona: Who is this guy?

Raj: My name is Raj. I am a werewolf. You're friend Shane ..
Shane: I'm a vampire...alot of things are about to change around here.

Sarah: Oh my god....

Fiona: How are you a vampire? Did Joseph turn you?
Jasper: Did he send you here to kill us?

Raj: Relax. We are not your enemies. We are against Joseph. He killed my wolf pack many years ago, so I want him dead just as much as you do.
Shane: He turned me two years ago. I was supposed to be part of the ritual,but Raj and our other allies rescued me. Ever since then I've been in hiding. I'm sorry I never contacted you guys. It was a complicated time.
Raj: Anyway, we were in town last night when we saw that vampire Marcus walk inside some run down bar. We didn't follow him because Joseph wants us dead.
Shane: We didnt see what happened last night ,but from what i could hear there was a struggle going on. I heard sade yell and then there was silence. And from the looks of it he turned her.

Jasper: ...NO!!! This can't be happening!!! how could you just stand by and let it happen?!

Raj: If he discovered us, then he would have called Joseph and had us killed!
Shane: I know this is hard for you guys to hear, but I promise I will get Sade through this.

Fiona: I don't understand! How is she walking around in the sun?
Shane: She's in transition. She will become a full vampire when she feeds on human blood.

Jasper: Then how are you walking around in the sun if you are a full vampire?
Shane: We have a very powerful witch on our side who knows a spell. If you let us, we can have her put the same spell on Sade. She can live a normal life. I can even show her how to survive without killing anyone.
Sarah: ...this is all my fault.

Sade: So I took a shower and I still feel like shit. Also the water felt like fire on my skin.

Jasper: Sade, let me take you up to your room. You need to rest.
Sade: What I need is for everyone to stop acting so weird and tell me what's going on!

Sade: Get away from me!!!! I'm not stupid. I know what you are!
Shane: Just let me help you.
Fiona: We all want to help you.
Sade: Yeah right! You all just think I'm on drugs!

Sade: Since none of you are willing to help me , then I'll help myself!
Jasper: No!!

Jasper: This is bad...this is so bad.
Raj: A new vampire doesn't know how to control herself. If we don't find her soon, a lot of people are about to die.

Fiona: You three go out there. We will stay here in case she comes back.

JJ: I'm going out to a show with some friends. Don't wait up.
Naomi: So you're still mad at me?

JJ: I'm not mad, I'm just sick of walking around eggshells around you. Like I said, you keep doing your witch stuff and concentrating on this stupid vampire sacrifice. I am going to be living my life while I still have one.

Naomi: You think I like this? Of course I would rather be hanging out with you and my friends, but you have to understand that we just can't do that anymore. I need to get stronger if I want to stop Joseph. I also need to make sure you don't go off the deep end during transformations. I'm just trying to help everyone the best way I know how.
JJ: Yeah well you failed to help my sister.
Naomi: AH! There it is, the real reason you have been acting like a jackass! Thanks for finally telling me the truth.

JJ: Don't patronize me! Darcy is my sister! I have the right to be angry. That night you were more concerned with the faerie and her stupid friends. As a result she got away from us and who knows where the hell she is now!

Naomi: You seem to be forgetting that you were transforming at that moment and I was helping you! Maybe if you were in control........

JJ immediately cut her off and shoved her back.

JJ: ....I'm sorry. I didn't mean to shove you! It's my anger, you know that.

Naomi: If you don't leave in two seconds I will show you my anger.
JJ: You wouldn't!
Naomi increased the power of the orbs she was producing. The force slowly slid JJ to the door.

JJ: You really want to do this?!

Naomi: AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Naomi: AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Carolina: So there's nothing new here. All I can find are some torn up journals with illegible handwriting.

Alex: Yeah there's a lot of junk down here. We should really get this stuff out of here. I'll call grandpa later and ask if we can drop it all off. Looks like this trip was a ......hey wait what's this?

Alex: Look, I found a picture of mom and some people. Hmm "The Joseph Resistance- January 2012." Guess that answers our questions.

Carolina: Oh my god! That's Shane Greggor! I know him from high school. How was all of this going on without us noticing?!

Alex: Well this picture was taken in the basement. Mom was always late coming home from work so they could have been meeting after I went to sleep.

Suddenly footsteps were heard coming down the stairs.
A dark haired beauty appeared behind the two.

Tatiana: Or I just cast a simple spell that hid us from you. Hello, Carolina and Alex. I guess now is a good time for an explanation.
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Default Chapter Five, part two

Shane: I hear crying. I think she's in the park somewhere.

Raj: Yeah, there she is!

Shane: Jasper, I know you want to talk to her, but let me deal with this. I know what she's going through so I think it would be better if I explained everything to her.
Jasper:'s fine. Just let me know when I can come down there.

Shane: Sade.
Sade: You found me.I'm sorry I ran off like that.
Shane: It's ok. How are you feeling?
Sade: My head hurts and I'm really hungry. Also...lots of memories are coming back to me. What is going on?
Shane: I think you know Sade.

Sade: I remember when we all went to that bar and everyone said I passed out from drinking too much. It was that vampire...he drank my blood and I fainted. Then last night he...he...killed me.
Shane: I'm so sorry. He had no right to do this to you.
Sade: *crying* This....isn't fair. What am I supposed to do? I can't be this...I can't!

Sade: I'm a vampire....aren't I?
Shane: Yes.
Sade:.....What happens now? Is it blood that I'm craving? Will it make my headache go away?
Shane: You are in transition. All of this will get better once you feed on a human. I know that sounds horrible, but we will figure it all out. After that you can drink from blood bags like I do.
Sade:.....And....If I don't?
Shane: The headaches will get worse. That pain in your stomach will soon take over your whole body. You will start to feel like you are decaying. After that. It will all.....

Shane:...just end.

Sade became silent after she heard the word "end".
For a moment it actually sounded appealing to her.
Much better than spending an eternity killing people to satisfy her hunger.

Shane: I'm sorry. I know that's not what you want to hear.
Jasper: It's going to be ok. We will get you through this.

Sade: Jasper.....I wanna go home..*sob*.please take me home!

Sade: I don't want this *sob* I don't! I want this to be a dream. Please tell me....*sob* it's a dream!

Marcus: Look at them. Comforting her, telling her that this will be hard, blah blah blah. Someone needs to show that girl what being a vampire is all about.

Rika: I hope you know that by doing this you've ruined my whole plan. The moment those two see me, it will all be over.
Marcus: Don't worry, sweet. I have a plan to distract them for a couple days.
Rika: What do you.....

Marcus: Hey there! I brought some dinner.
Girl: Ahh!!! Get off me!


Marcus: Bang! A two year old vampire and a weak werewolf are no match for me!

Jasper: St...stand behind me..
Sade: We need to run!

Marcus: Hey Sade. I guess you're pretty mad about the whole me killing you thing. Tell you what, I'll make it up to you by letting you have the first bite. Then we can have ourselves some fun!
Jasper: Le...leave her al..alone!!!
Marcus: Man, your boyfriend is more pathetic than human you. Don't worry though....

Marcus:..I won't kill him!
Sade: No!!!!

Marcus: Alright so make this quick. You don't have much time. If you haven't fed by the 24th hour then you'll kinda die.
Sade: No....please. I don't want to!

Sade: Please....don't make me. I would rather die. I don't want to be a vampire.
Marcus: Hmm well you sort of are one .Anyway if you don't do it then I'll snap your boyfriends neck.

Marcus: Trust me. Once you get a drop of that blood, you won't be able to stop.

Sade: I'm sorry....

Shane: NO we can find another way!

Marcus was right.
The taste of the blood overwhelmed Sade.
Every drop seemed to bring life back into her body.
She drank and drank....

lifting the lifeless body higher....
until the veins were sucked dry.
It was then that Sade knew....

....she would never be able to stop.

Sade: Will you show me more?
Marcus: Yes.
Sade: Promise that you'll leave them alone.
Marcus:...I promise.


Jasper: Sade!!!!!!!!!
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Default Chapter Six, part one
Hey guys!!

Sorry for the delay. I had a bit of a writers block so I took a few weeks to really put this chapter together. Also I got a new camera mod so I can take better pictures!!
I hope you like it =]


There was a reason that Indigo Bay got it's name...
On some early mornings the entire city glowed an eerie indigo color.

The morning fog usually blanketed the sleepy valley,
which was perfect for a pair of vampires on a killing spree...

..or just heading back from one.

Sade: The sun is coming up. I guess that means we go into hiding right?
Marcus: Yep. I'm beat anyway. Feeding on all those people really wiped me out.
Sade: Can I ask something?
Marcus: Go on.

Sade: Why did you make me a vampire?
Marcus: Simple answer? I was bored. My real answer is too complicated and pathetic. I would need about three bottles of rum and maybe some dancers from that strip club down the street.

Sade: So you did this to me out of boredom? You do realize I'll never have a normal life, right?
Marcus: Actually, Sade. You'll have a fantastic life. Think of all the things you can do now that you are immortal and have the power to compel anyone you want. Believe me when I say this. Your life just got a whole lot better.
Sade: What was so wrong with my old life?

Marcus: You don't really want me to answer that, do you?

Suddenly something landed at Sade's feet and fog began to cover her surroundings.

Footsteps were heard all around her.
Then a grunt and a sound of impact..

Jasper: Don't let go of my hand!!
Sade blindly followed the voice out the fog, but then everything began to spin around her.

Sade: What is going.....on.....



Carolina: I can't believe that at this very moment. Shane Greggor is training Sade how to be a vampire. I also can't believe all the shit happened in one night.
Alex: Yeah well I'm more preoccupied with the fact that we are hanging out with a thousand year old witch and helping her find some recluse werewolf with anger issues. I couldn't even sleep last night. All that info that Tatiana gave head is still reeling.

Carolina: I honestly don't trust her. She told us a lot, but she didn't tell us what Josephs plans were exactly. What if this is all a trap and she's just taking us to Joseph so he can kill us? I wouldn't be surprised if she was the reason that mom died.
Alex: Well what other choice do we have? If we run, she finds us and kills us. I don't know about you, but I would rather not piss off an immortal witch.

Tatiana: Wise young man you are. Just like your mother.

Carolina:Look, we really don't want any trouble. We are only agreeing to help you because we want this Joseph threat to go away so we can go back to having normal lives.
Tatiana: I am not an enemy, dear. Once we find Theodore and Buck we can go back to Indigo Bay and prepare for attack. Joseph took something from me once. I will never let him win.
Alex: Ok so first you want to find the werewolf, right? Do you know where he is?
Tatiana: I've located him after months of searching. A wooded area in Oregon, about four hours away.
Carolina: So let's get going! Alex and I can take turns driving.

Tatiana laughed and stepped forward.

Tatiana: You are forgetting that I am a witch.

Sarah: Alright. Thank you so much for calling. I'll be there later.
Fiona: So what's going on? Did they find her? Is she OK?
Sarah: They found her and she's OK. Apparently she fainted so they are waiting for her to wake up. They are at Shane's apartment on Miller Ave.

Fiona: Oh my god. You have no idea how worried I was. This is all so unreal.
Sarah: I know....I know.

Fiona: I promise you now that I will continue to get stronger and get rid of these vampires once and for all. They are going to pay for what they did to Sade.

Sarah: You are not alone, Fi. We will all help you when the time comes. Anyway, do you want to come with me tonight?
Fiona: I would love to, but I sort of have a date.
Sarah: Don't tell me it's Chaz! We haven't heard from him in weeks!

Fiona: I know, it's weird, but a few days ago he called me out the blue. He wanted to meet up and tell me everything he's been doing since the fight at the marsh.
Sarah: Well good for you girl! Chaz a good guy and when the time comes, it will be good to have him on our side. Plus, you two make a great team.

Deep the woods of Oregon...

Carolina: Blerrrghhh
Tatiana: Sorry, dear. That sometimes happens to people the first time they teleport

Carolina: Ugh. Thanks, really.

Alex: So how do we find this guy exactly? Why is he missing?

Tatiana: Well it all started with your mother's death. Joseph sent a vampire to kill her so the others started to fear him. They were starting to think that maybe he was unstoppable. Buck was the first to run away. He never enjoyed this life anyway. The forest was where he truly belonged. That and he was grieving the death of Claudia. They were very much in love.

Alex and Carolina stopped dead in their tracks.

Tatiana: Hah! Don't worry, he is not your father.

Carolina: Good. I always knew my dad was a deadbeat, but I would hate to think he's a werewolf too.

Suddenly a man came out from behind a rock and put his arm around Alex's neck.

Buck: I told you, Tati! I am not a part of your suicide mission anymore!

Naomi: Asshole!!!!

Sarah: Hey are you OK?
Naomi: Oh yeah! I'm perfect. Just living with a dog brained idiot who drinks his weight in beer.
Sarah: Oh wow. I'm sorry. I guess this impending doom is affecting everyone.
Naomi: Sure is. Where are you off to?
Sarah: Long story short? Sade got turned into a vampire and Shane Greggor, who is also a vampire, is helping her out. I was going over their place for moral support.
Naomi: Shit. Well I was about to go over to the cafe to calm down with some tea. Do you wanna go over there first and tell me the longer story?

Sarah: Sure. Honestly I don't think I'm ready to go over there just yet. I'll explain at the cafe.

Buck: I'm sorry I lost my cool back there, but you can't just show up here unannounced and expect me to be OK with that. I told you at Claudia's funeral that I was done with all this bullshit.
Tatiana: It's different this time! I have one of the stones.

Buck: You better not be lying. Tell me everything.

Tatiana: First, I think we owe these two an explanation.
Buck: Claudia's kids, huh? Figures they would be involved sooner or later.

Carolina: So are you going to tell us what's going on?
Buck: Just listen, kid.
Tatina: I would love to tell you about the history of Joseph and this ritual, but frankly, I would much rather discuss that among the rest of your friends. They are involved in all of this as well. First we need to get ready for this fight and put my plan into motion
Carolina: Ok then tell us about this plan of yours.

Tatiana: I am one of three immortals walking this earth, aside from vampires. My brother, a wizard, and my sister, a witch ,are the others. Unfortunately they are and have always been on Josephs side. From the day we met him, about one thousand years ago.
Carolina: I don't get it. You are immortal and obviously more powerful than Joseph. Why not just kill him and get it over with?
Tatiana: Well for one, my siblings are protecting him. I am just as strong as them, but two against one never fairs well. That is why I have a plan. We have something they are looking for. The third soul stone.
Carolina: What are the soul stones exactly?
Tatiana: They contain the souls of the three original supernaturals. A werewolf, a witch and a faerie. In order for Joseph to become a supreme being, he will need these stones and for the ritual to be performed on the full moon.

Alex: OK so basically if he completes the ritual, he will have the powers of a witch, a werewolf, a faerie and a vampire??
Tatiana: Precisely. Fortunately, the faerie soul stone was the hardest to find, as is an actual faerie. So he's been searching for a very long time.

Carolina: OK and what do we have to do with any of this? I know we are all involved because of Fiona, but how are we even supposed to help? We are only human.

Tatiana: Well right now we just need help finding Theodore, the vampire you saw in that picture. Unfortunately I last located him somewhere in Europe so we would have to go there and search. I know this is a lot to ask, but as you can see there are not many of us left.

Alex: I'll do it.

Carolina: can't. Who knows how long it will take. What if something happens?
Alex: Lina, I owe it to mom to help out her friends. I don't know much about any of this, but I would really like to learn. Joseph is threatening everyone we love and I'm not just going to stand by wait for him to come kill us. Besides, I have an immortal witch with me. What can go wrong?
Carolina: Ok...what if I came with you?
Alex: You need to be back home. Sade needs you right now.

Tatiana: We will take care of him and we will return as soon as possible.
Buck: We owe it to your mother.

Carolina: Please...just be careful. I hope, when you return we can finally end all of this.

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Default Chapter Six, part two

Chaz: Sorry to keep you waiting.

Fiona: I missed you so much!!!

Chaz: Me too. We have so much to catch up on.
Fiona: First you need to tell me where you've been!

Chaz: New Orleans. Did I miss anything around here?
Fiona:Oh yeah!

Down at Shane's apartment.
The guys were sitting around after hours of talking things over with Sade.
They decided to give her a break and discuss things amongst themselves.

Jasper: I really think we got through to her. She knows that going around killing people is wrong.
Raj: I'm not so sure.
Shane: Relax, Raj. The solution here is to keep her far away from Marcus and keep her here for a while.

Sade: You guys picked a great apartment to steal. Whoever lives here has great taste in clothes!

Sade: You killed the owners right? I should totally try that with a mansion.
Shane: No we just compelled them to leave town. I told you already....
Sade: Blah blah blah. Killing people is wrong, Marcus is bad news and blood bags taste just as good as fresh blood. I wasn't sleeping during your little lesson.

Jasper: We just want to make sure you don't give in to your cravings like you did last night.
Sade: Ugh we only killed ten people!

Raj: You better be lying!
Sade: Lighten up! It was just a joke!

Sade: I'm just bored. We've been in here all day. The sun is down now, can't we go out? You can show me all the perks of being a vampire!
Raj: Why? So you can lose control again?!
Jasper: Raj please just calm down. No one is losing control.
Sade: Seriously, dude. I'm new at this.

Jasper: C'mon. Let's go outside.

Raj: What I'm seeing here is not good. I think we have a ripper on our hands.

Shane: What?! Isn't that a bit dramatic? She's just a new vampire that got turned by a psychopath. It's just Marcus planting ideas into her head.
Raj: I'm telling you. I really have a bad feeling about this. She has the traits of a ripper. No emotion, joking about murder, craving fresh blood all the time. It's not normal.
Shane: Don't you remember when I was turned? I wanted blood all the time, still do. That's the point of being a vampire.
Raj: The difference is that you want blood and she wants to kill people for blood. I bet she was being serious when she said she killed ten people. The girl is dangerous.

Sade: Ahhh fresh air! This feels amazing! You know what's awesome? Now that I'm a vampire, it's like I can't feel temperature anymore. I can dress like this all year round!

Jasper: Are you sure you're OK?
Sade: Why wouldn't I be?! I'm a freaking vampire! My life is just beginning!
Jasper: Sade.... no one should be happy about being turned into a vampire.
Sade: Well I am.

Sade: Do you realize I don't have to struggle for anything? I can live my life whatever way I want. I can travel all over, I can compel people to do things for me, I can run and jump as fast as I want. There's just endless possibilities now! I don't have to be the girl with the shitty life and low self esteem anymore.

Sade: Please don't abandon me. I promise to not kill anyone.
Jasper: I won't.

Sade: I love you. That's all you need to know.

Sade: Oh my god, look! It's Sarah!!!

Shane: Nice of you to finally show up!

Sarah: Sade...oh my god....I'm so happy you are ok. You have no idea....*sob*.. I'm so sorry for everything...

Sade: Come here! Let's just put it all behind us. This is a new chapter in my life and I have no room for grudges.

Sade: So. It's night time and I'm bored out of my mind. Let's go out!
Raj: No way!
Shane: Raj...let her speak.

Sade: If you really want to make sure I have everything under control, how about we go to a really crowded place? If anyone sees my eyes darken, they have permission to knock me out and take me out of there.
Naomi: As long as it's a place where there's booze. I need a drink.
Sarah: I'm up for it! I can tell that the girl is OK. You guys know me. I would be the first to tell you it's a bad idea.
Raj: This is a terrible idea. You are asking us to take you into a human buffet basically.
Shane: Fine. Where do you want to go?
Raj: Shane! c'mon!

Sade: I know the perfect place!

Fiona: Dinner was really great.
Chaz: I'm glad you liked it. Honestly I thought you wouldn't like Ethiopian food.
Fiona: You're forgetting I went to college in New York. I've tried all kinds of food.

Fiona: Nothing compared to you though; Mr. globetrotter. I'm really glad you went down to New Orleans. I can't wait to see all the spells you learned from those gypsies.
Chaz: I can you show you some now if you like. It's a warm night for November. Where do you wanna go?

Fiona: Hmm. The beach?

Fiona: I'll race you! haha!

Chaz: Hey! flying is definitely considered cheating!!

Raj: Hah! You took us to a rave?! Have fun trying not to rip anyone's head off.
Shane: Raj shut up and have a drink with me! You guys go have fun.

Jasper: Let me know if you suddenly feel hungry. I have some of Shane's blood vials.
Sade: It's ok. Just dance with me.

In fact, everything was not ok.
More and more people were pushing past Sade.

and she was starting to hear the pulse... each of their necks....


...and louder each time.

Fiona: So it was the last day of seventh grade when I got the call. I was at Sade's sleepover.

Fiona: My parents were found dead two blocks away from my house. Apparently carjacked and mugged. Which makes no sens because we lived in the good part of town.

Chaz: I'm so sorry that happened. I know what it's like to grow up with no parents.
Fiona: I'm sorry. Here I am talking about how I actually had my parents for thirteen years while you grew up in a foster home.

Chaz: No worries. Why should I be sad about parents who didn't bother to raise me? Besides if it wasn't for them, I might not have learned about witchcraft at such an early age. I didn't have many friends so I spent most of my time in the library.
Fiona: So how did you figure out you were a wizard?

Chaz: Some kids were bullying me so I decided to use a spell from an old spell book I found. They all ran home crying with singed hair.
Fiona: I knew I liked you for a reason.

Fiona: I think I want to stop talking right now.
Chaz: Fiona.....are you sure?
Fiona: You said it yourself. It's a warm night.

Sade: Hey. It's getting kind of loud in here. You wanna go outside?
Jasper: Sure.

Naomi: Should we follow them?
Sarah: Nah. I trust her.

Jasper: What's up? Are you ok?
Sade: Yes.....

Jasper: Whoa...aggressive much?
Sade: Shhh...

Jasper: Sade....your....eyes..

Sade: You smell.....delicious.

Jasper: Hey! It's me, your boyfriend! Snap out of it.

Marcus: Girl is hungry, dumb ass.

Marcus: Now you stay here. We'll come back to finish you off, big guy.

Marcus: C'mon. I'll get some victims for you.

Shane: Will you sit down and enjoy the night? You won't be able to spy on Sade. Her and Jasper got lost in the crowd.
Raj: Well excuse me if I'm completely against bringing a potential ripper to an all you can eat buffet.
Shane: Would you quit calling her that? She's one of my best friends. I would know if she suddenly became a monster.

Raj: I'm sorry. I'm just on edge, because..
Girl: Oops. Sorry, dude.
Raj: No prob....


Sade: Mmmm. Bring me more! Bring me more!

Raj: Get the others!
Shane: Be careful!

Marcus: Stay out of this dog boy! I'm just showing her how to be her true ripper self! No matter how much you try, she will never be like your little girlfriend over there. She is destined to be a RIPPER!

Raj: Fuck off!

Raj: Sade....oh my god.

Sade: Mmmm. Marcus was right. Killing for blood makes it taste better!

Raj: can't listen to him. He's getting into your head. We can help you....

Sade: I need more!!!

Jasper: Sade? What is going on?

Sade: RUN! NOW!

Jasper:....What are you doing? Please snap out of it!
..... Sade!! Don't do this....please.

Sade: Rahhhh!!!!!!!!!

Jasper: No!!!!!!

Sade: Gah!!!
....the sound of a stake hitting the ground......

Raj: *panting*.....I'm so sorry.


Jasper: *sob*

Sarah: Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hey guys!!!

Just a little update:

I have not given up on this story! I actually wrote a whole chapter, but then I realized I didn't like it so now I'm just changing a few scenes. I'm hoping to post the next chapter by next week!

Thanks for reading =)
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Default Chapter Seven, part one
Well here it is!! Sorry for the delay. I had writers block for a few weeks and then I decided to re-write the whole chapter.

PS: PLEASE comment or rate this story. I would like to think that I'm writing this story for an actual audience. Also I would love to hear some constructive criticism.

December had come to Indigo Bay.
The cold winds were harsh and the first snowfall had begun.
Most people were sipping on hot chocolates, or sitting by a cozy fire

or maybe even taking a walk through the powdery streets.
Unfortunately, one girl never got to enjoy the first snow of the season.

Her name was Sade Bailey.
Her funeral was over a week ago and not long after, people stopped coming to pay their respects.
However, one visitor still came to visit every day.

Jasper Teo. The man who loved her ever so dearly.

The man who also didn't have much to say these days.
So this is where he would sit for hours and hours until it was too cold to sit anymore.

Mia: You must be Jasper.

Jasper looked up at the visitor and then quickly continued to stare at the tombstone.
Jasper: Mia..... It's been a while.
Mia: I can't believe she's gone.....
Jasper: I'm sorry you had to miss the funeral last week.
Suddenly Mia collapsed to the ground.

Mia: Fiona told me everything. I tried to get the next plane out of Japan, but there were money issues and flight cancellations. It was the horrible. I spent a week in that airport crying. My best friend just died and I couldn't even come to her funeral. On top of all that, I was still trying to wrap my head around the existence of vampires and werewolves.
Jasper: Sade would have understood. She was really happy for you, you know. She would always show me your newest magazine spreads and tell me how proud she was.
Mia: *sob* mind if I sit with you?
Jasper: Sure.

A few hours later...

Mia:.....Sade's room.

Mia: Oh....Sarah.
Sarah wiped away her tears.
Sarah: Mia...I'm glad you made it. Don't mind me. I've been such a mess since it happened. It's suddenly so quiet in here. I'm not used to sleeping alone.

Mia: It's a shame that I only spent a few months in this place. I feel like I missed so much.
Sarah: You went after your dream. It's not every day that you get to travel around the world as a model. Besides, we all made a promise when Fiona inherited this place. No matter where life took us, we would always have this place. It's ours. Which is why your room is exactly the way you left it.

Mia: Well I am staying here for the time being. The model world was getting a little crazy. It's funny. I was in this room with Sade when I got the call from that agency in Manhattan three years ago. We jumped on the bed and ran around screaming. Hmm....I remember, because Shane yelled at us for being too loud. Then we told him and he brought out the champagne. We spent the rest of the night practicing runways walks.

Sarah: That's classic Sade. Always making everything into a party.

Mia: We could really use a party right now....

Naomi: So how are you guys holding up?

Shane: Well I moved back in this morning. I felt that it would be better if I stayed here. Make the apartment less empty.
Carolina: I'm also in the process of moving here. My place is lonely without Alex. Also I feel safer being here. Ever since that night, I feel like Joseph's goons are following me.
Shane: That is another reason why we need to be together. We need to think about what we are going to do next.

Fiona: I wish I could kill that bastard myself.

Chaz: Well I think for now we should just take it easy. I'm sure when Alex returns with this Tatiana woman,she can tell us her plan. I'm sure a thousand year old witch knows more than we do.
Naomi: Yes, I agree. Just know that I'm here for you guys. I can come by whenever. By the way, Shane. Where is Raj?

Shane: He's....taking some time for himself.

Fiona: Hey. Naomi was just over. She was asking about you.

Fiona: Any reason you're sitting alone in Rika's old room?
Sarah: I was packing up Sade's things and I was on my way downstairs, but then I passed this room. It made me think of Rika.
Fiona: Hmm...It's a shame she moved out. I was actually starting to like her.
Sarah: She was really great, you know.

Sarah: The night that Sade got turned. After we had that argument, I spent the night in the living room crying. Rika noticed me and she made me feel so much better. We spent the rest of the night watching movies on Netflix. I will never forget that moment.

Later that night..

Shane: Sade used to love coming out here every night to sit by this bonfire. Especially on a cold night like this.

Sarah: Yeah I know. It's thanks to them that she can't be here with us.

Carolina: We can't let them get away with this.
Shane: It's not so easy, Lina. You don't know these people like I do. You think Marcus is bad? You should see the witch and wizard they have on their side. Totally evil.
Naomi: Besides, I'm sure they are displeased with Marcus. You think they are happy with him producing a failed vampire and having her killed?

Chaz: Hey! Don't talk about her like that. She was our friend, not some failed experiment.
Naomi: I'm sorry, but I can't exactly sugarcoat something like that. We just have to accept that this is the world we live in now. No one is safe.

Fiona: I can't do this anymore!

Fiona: I need to turn myself over! They are after me and they have been since the start. If I just cooperated then maybe Sade would be alive, Darcy wouldn't be missing and Alex would be home. I've been the cause of everyone's problems!

Chaz: Hey, c'mon. Don't talk like that.

Fiona: Why her?! Why did she have to die?!

Sarah: We all just need to calm down and think for a second. We are all forgetting that we have a powerful witch on our side right now. Alex will bring her back soon and we can put a plan into motion. Until then I think we should just lay low for a bit.

Carolina: Lay low?! Our friend just died, because of that bastard! They think they can just show up here and completely take over out lives? It's bullshit! I'm not just going to sit here and do nothing. Not anymore.
Shane: ENOUGH!

Shane: Do you really think that Joseph is just sitting around waiting for us to attack? No
! He is planning his return very carefully. I assure you that everything that has happened to us up until this point was just a distraction. Joseph knows what he's doing and when he returns we need to be ready.

Shane: Or else, he will kill us all.....

Around ten o' clock that night.
Jasper was fast asleep.

An empty bottle of vodka lay next to him.
Alcohol was the only thing keeping him going these days.

Suddenly a loud knock at the door.

Jasper: Huh?

On the way to the door, he sadly glanced at a picture that Sade had won it for him at some silly fair. She always laughed about how ugly it was, but for some reason Jasper decided to keep it.

Jasper: Lina?
Carolina: Can I come in?
Jasper: Look, I'm not really in the mood to talk to anyone right now. I have a hangover and....

Carolina: I'm sorry, but I'm really going insane at the loft.
Jasper: More of a reason why you shouldn't be here. I'm not the best person to be around right now. I'm sort of angry at the world.

Carolina: Good! I need someone to be angry with me! I'm planning revenge, Jasper. I came here because you of all people would understand. Everyone else is either moping around or too scared to fight back.
Jasper: Lina....I get that, I really do, but I'm done with this vampire shit. I want my normal life back. Revenge won't bring her back. Right now I just need time alone. I'm sorry.
Carolina: You really think you'll have your life back? A vampire killed your girlfriend and vampires are after our friends! You are associated with all this even though you don't want to be.
Jasper: It doesn't mean I have to get revenge. Besides what can we possibly do?

Carolina: Yes i know. Everyone has something going for them. Chaz and Naomi have witchcraft, Fiona has fairie magic, Shane is a vampire, Raj is a werewolf and Alex is off gathering a small army. When Joseph comes, they will be ready to fight. I don't know about you, but I don't want to just sit here and wait to die. I want to do something to prepare.

Jasper: What can we possibly do? We are only human.

Carolina: We can train to be vampire slayers.

Part two to be posted tomorrow night!
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Default Chapter Seven, part two
Delia's coffee shop.
The go to place for everyone at the loft to have a nice latte or coffee.

A place to clear their heads once in a while.

On this occasion Sarah was thinking about a time when Sade sat at this very table. Two years ago when Sarah's fiancé broke up with her on Christmas Eve. It was at this table where Sade cheered Sarah up for weeks after and made her forget all about that terrible person

Woman: Is this seat taken?

Sarah: Rika! Oh wow, I haven't seen you in forever.

Rika: Yeah well I did move across town, but this coffee shop has the best gingerbread latte. I just can't stay away. Anyway I'm so sorry about Sade and for moving out like I did. I just figured that all you guys needed to stick together right now. I was feeling like I was in the way.

Sarah: It's really ok. We are all dealing, but i need a distraction once in a while. Hence why I'm here at eleven o' clock at night, haha.
Rika: Well I'm around if you ever want to be distracted. Consider me the Facebook to your term paper!
They both laughed.
Suddenly Rika's phone began to ring.

Rika: Oh great, my roommate left her keys at the apartment. I'm sorry, I gotta go.
Sarah: No worries. I was about to leave anyway.

Rika: We should hang out sometime next week. I'll text you!

Sarah: I would really like that.
Rika: Goodnight, Sarah.
Sarah: Night!

Mia: *sigh* I hope he's home.


JJ:.....Oh my god.

Mia: Hello, James. It's been a while.
JJ: Mia....why are you here? I'm living with Naomi now. I know you're friend just died so you're in town, but we can't be sneaking around like before. It was wrong then and it's wrong now.
Mia: I know that, but I came here for my best friends funeral. Since then it's been nothing but depressing talks, crying over pictures and drinking the pain away. I guess I was doing a lot of thinking and I thought of you......and that summer.
JJ: Oh yeah? Well why did you blow me off after that summer? You moved to New York and I never heard from you again. That was four years ago! Why are you suddenly so interested??

Mia: I.....I don't know. I always felt guilty about Naomi. You were the perfect couple and I came in between that. I just thought it was best for me to just go away. Especially because I was starting to fall for you.

JJ: Yeah well we haven't been the perfect couple for a few months now. That summer was a mistake, because I really did love that girl. She went away for a month and I decided to have fun with you. I was young and stupid. Now? hah! we don't even sleep in the same bed anymore. I really don't see us going anywhere. It's sad, but true. I really did like you, Mia, but then you just left. I thought for while that you were just using me to have some fun. Which is why I really don't want to start up anything again. You will probably be on a plane to New York next week.

Mia: No, James. I am sticking around for good.

A few minutes later.

After Mia had gone home....
JJ snuck back inside and headed for the couch he had been sleeping on for the past week.

Naomi: So this is what you do down here? Hook up with tramps through the back door like it's some sort of brothel?
JJ: What?! No! Naomi, you weren't supposed to see that......please let me explain!

Naomi: I've been nothing but patient with you! I was with you through it all! Your curse, your family drama, Darcy!!! Well now I'm done being patient!


Naomi: AHHH!!!!!!!!


Naomi: If you don't pack your shit by tomorrow morning, then I will have better aim. Trust me on that one.

It was three in the morning and everyone had gone to sleep.

Mia walked through the doors quietly.
She was actually happy for the first time in a week.
Finally, something to look forward to.

She smiled as she thought of JJ.
Maybe sticking around wasn't such a bad idea after all.

Mia began to wash her face and get ready to go upstairs.

When she was done,
The faucet turned off and an eerie silence filled the room.
.....then the whispers came.

Mia: Ahh! No not here! Please go away!!!!
The whispers soon turned into voices.
Voice: We will not leave.
Mia: Leave me alone!!!

Voice: Destiny awaits you, young Mia. Let your true form come forth!
Mia: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tears began to fall and hit the floor.
A terrible ache began to take over Mia's body.

Then the feeling of fire took over every nerve ending in her body.

Her sweat and tears began to evaporate.

She shrieked as she saw herself in the mirror.

Voice: The dark lord will rise! He will rise!

Mia: Trance like voices I will be one of seven to bring him to this earth.

Around the same time that night.....

...another evil gathering was occurring.

Rika: What is going on here? We never meet like this anywhere in this city. We could be seen!

Remy: Relax, my precious Rika. My dear sister and I have have put up a barrier spell around this building.
Lillith: As for the gathering. know the only reasons we gather are when a new vampire is made or when there is a betrayal among us. I suspect you know who this is about.
Remy: *maniacal laugh* Yes....a vampire who did something VERY stupid recently. He will pay the ultimate price. Ha ha.

Rika:Remy, please! He was only acting so carelessly because Jane was killed! You can't punish him!
Remy: Well that's up to me now, isn't it? BRING HIM FORTH!

Suddenly a half naked man was dragged to the front of the room.

The vampires all snickered and smiled. All excited to see what was next.

Marcus: HAH! You think I'm scared of some wand waving freaks?!

Remy: are a defiant one, aren't you?
Rika: Please...Remy.
Remy: Shut up! I will be the only one handling this! You have no say in this!
Lilith: Not fair! I want to torture him too!

Remy: What do you have to say for yourself?
Marcus: Fuck off! I made the girl into a vampire. How was I supposed to know it would fail?!
Remy: You also risked Josephs plans. Our plan after the fight at the marsh was to lull the faerie into a false sense of security. Until Joseph told us otherwise. You went ahead and used the girl as your plaything. Now they are all planning an attack against us.
Marcus: Doesn't matter to me! Joseph can kiss my ass!!! Jane was the only one I ever cared about. It's because of you freaks that she is dead!

Remy: Oh my. Does this pathetic vampire really think he can go against Joseph all by himself?
The other vampires laughed around him.

Remy: I have a little surprise for you. Something nice, I suppose. Before you die.
Lilith: Come forward!


Remy: You two were causing too much trouble around here. So naturally I forced Jane here to fake her own death. Then I had her travel with us for a bit and do our dirty work. While you sat here wallowing in self pity and ruining our plans.

b]Marcus:[/b]Jane....why? Why did you do this? We could have run away together. Joseph has no control over me and he never will. It was me and you against the world, remember?

Jane: I'm sorry. I just can't live like that. Joseph promised us all better lives once the ritual is over. Vampires will be in charge once and for all. We won't have to hide in the shadows anymore. I'm sorry for lying, but you went against Joseph and you almost ruined our chances. Goodbye, Marcus.

Remy: One...two....three....KICK!
Marcus: ARGH!!!!

Jane: Don't make me watch.

Remy: IGNIS!!!!!!!!!

Marcus: AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remy: And that is how you deal with a nuisance!
Lilith: Learn from this! Have a good night, everyone!

Remy: Jane, you are to stay with Rika. I will be watching you. Same goes for you too Rika. We will not be fooled twice.

Lilith: Come, dog!!

Darcy: Yes, master.

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Default Chapter Eight, part one
Sorry for the huge delay =(. I've been really busy this summer and I also sort of lost interest. Part of the reason is because I feel like no one is reading this story. Without any feedback I feel like I'm just writing for myself, and also I just really want to know how my writing is. So if you guys could please just take the time and either rate or comment, that would make my day =)

Two months had passed since Sade Bailey's death.
In those two months, winter had fully gripped Indigo Bay.

The winds blew snow down the empty streets.
A pinkish glow took over, reflecting on buildings...
almost making the city look like a wonderland.
An empty wonderland.

People no longer walked these streets.
Instead they hid in their various apartments, waiting for spring to arrive.
Or waiting for a war to start....

Carolina: C'mon Jasper! You can do it!

Carolina: Just keep trying! You're getting better already!

Jasper: Don't...lie.....*gasp* I suck! I can't even *gasp* get this thing to move a millimeter!

Carolina: Don't get down on yourself! In the past two months, you've lost ten pounds. That's an accomplishment! So what if you can't do a high kick. The point of all this is to exercise and to get in shape for when we encounter Joseph.
Jasper: Which will never happen for me. Face it, Lina. You will be the one fighting, I'll be the one leaning against a tree gasping for air.

Carolina: I don't want to hear it, Teo! C'mon, sparing time!
Jasper: I suck! You'll win, just like all the other times!
Carolina: Just punch me, you wimp!

Jasper: Ahh!!
Carolina: Too slow!

Carolina: Dude! I know you can kick higher than that!

Carolina: Now you're just being lazy!!
Jasper: Damn It! I'm not doing this shit anymore!

Carolina: I'm sorry, but I was just trying to motivate you.
Jasper: You don't think I have motivation?! My girlfriend was killed because of these vampires. I think about her every time we are in here, but I really don't think I'm strong enough. I think I just want to stay away for a while. It's for the best.

Carolina: I miss her too, but you can't just hide away from the world. She wouldn't want you to. You know what she would say if she were here? "Kick their pale asses!"
Jasper: *laugh* Yeah she would. I'm sorry for being like this. I will try harder, I promise.
Carolina: That's all I'm asking, dude. I'm not expecting you to become the terminator or anything. Just a guy that could kick some vampires in the head.

Rika:That movie was hilarious!
Sarah: James Franco is really the best!

Sarah: I've gotta say, Rika. This was the perfect end to a perfect week. In fact, these past two months have been pretty amazing.
Rika: For me too. You are pretty fun. I really like hanging out with you, Sarah.
Sarah: Well that's what I need in my life right now. You've been keeping me happy, just like Sade used to.

Rika: Ah well let me help you out even more by taking you away from these cold streets into my nice warm apartment for some hot chocolate.
Sarah: I like the sound of that! Just tell me it's nothing like the hot chocolate in the movie we just saw! haha!

Sarah: Crap! I forgot my phone inside! I'll be right back.


Jane: What the hell are you doing?! If anyone sees you with her, they will start to suspect something.

Rika: I told you that I have to stay close to her in order to attack when the time comes.
Jane: Don't give me that bullshit! You don't think I know you by now? You're falling for this girl, it's painfully obvious!
Rika: You are being ridiculous. I have been slowly gaining her trust for about six months now. In those months, you were off faking death. Don't just come here and tell me what to do. Remember that I'm about a hundred years stronger than you.

Jane: I'm just looking out for you! If Joseph finds out that you've fallen for a human again, he will kill you. He made that clear last time.
Rika: Yeah well last time, I was making a stupid mistake. I swore to him that I would always stay by his side.

Rika: I swear to you, Jane. There is nothing going on between us. I have to go now.

Jane: Don't cry when he kills her!

At a motel half an hour outside of Indigo Bay, a young woman was taking some time away from her friends to re-discover her relationship with an old fling.

JJ: Ah man, these past few weeks have been a trip. I'm so glad you came back.
Mia: I still feel awful about Naomi, but I'm also glad I'm here with you right now. Even if we are hiding from everyone.
JJ: Hey, what did I say? We don't talk about Naomi anymore. We were on the verge of breaking up long before you came along. It's life.
Mia: I'm sorry. It won't come up again.

JJ: So what do you want to do today? Maybe we can make some plans with your friends? I really haven't gotten a chance to know them since the Darcy incident. Maybe we can turn over a new leaf.
Mia: I don't know if that's such a good idea. I've been really distant from them lately. It's like they are all in some sort of clique and I'm just the outsider. Besides, Naomi is hanging out with Sarah a lot lately.
JJ: Fair enough. What do you say we go to Seattle tonight? Classic romantic dinner on me.
Mia: Of course!

JJ: I'm gunna hop in the shower.

Fiona: I'm so glad we got so much snow! It's been so nice playing house with you and forgetting about all the horrible things that have happened.

Chaz: Yeah well I figured you needed a distraction. I guess a snowstorm did the trick.

Jasper: Damn, are you sure you want to interrupt that? You know Fiona is just getting back to normal. Chaz told us to keep her out of it from day one.
Carolina: I'm sorry, but she has to get involved sooner or later. It's been a nice vacation for all of us, but we can't just forget about thousand year old witches and vampires trying to kill us.

Chaz: -whisper- What the hell are you guys doing here? We are supposed to meet in three hours.
Carolina: We need to tell her what we've been doing.
Chaz: No way!

Fiona: Which is what exactly?

Chaz: Absolutely nothing! They were just a little early for their art lessons. You know everyone is trying to move on and all.

Fiona: I know when people are lying. I'll just find out for myself.
Chaz: Fiona....don't do it.

Jasper: Uh?

Carolina: What the hell is going on?
Chaz: A new trick. Even though we took a break from vampires, we are still working on her powers. She is getting stronger......and more enthusiastic each day.

Jasper: Did you just probe my mind?

Fiona: Jerk!

Chaz: I'm sorry! You told me you didn't even want to talk about vampires!

Fiona: That doesn't mean you can go behind my back and teach my friends how to kill vampires!
Chaz: All I did was give them equipment and some books! It's not like I was out hunting vampires with them!
Fiona: I don't care! I told you that I'm going to surrender myself when that bastard shows his face! I don't want my friends involved. It's the reason why I've been trying to do so much these past few months. Who knows how much time I have left.

Jasper: Hey don't talk like that. We are going to help....
Fiona: Ok Jasper, you tell me how you're going to kill this almighty Joseph who hasn't even shown himself yet. Besides, even if you stop them from taking any of us as sacrifices; they will still take me. It's not like this city is overflowing with faeries.
Carolina: Well we aren't giving up that easy. I'm sure Sade would hate to see you giving up.
Chaz: We could at least try, Fiona.
Fiona: Fine, but if we are going to do this, then we need an actual vampire.
Jasper: Shane.

Rika: What am I doing?

Jane: I know you are falling for this girl, but you can't let yourself. In a month, Joseph will be ready. If he finds out about her, then he will kill you both. Remember what happened in 1975? Unless you want this girl to be chopped into pieces while you watch, then I suggest you keep your distance.
Rika: Jesus, Jane. I already lived through that the first time. I don't need you bringing it up again.
Jane: I'm sorry, but I have to be brutal here. We were sent here to keep an eye on these people. Joseph...

Rika: Stop saying his name! You know damn well the only reason he is keeping us around is so that we can help him get what he wants. After the ritual he will destroy us. He will be the most powerful being on earth. I betrayed him once already and you almost did. He will only want the most loyal vampires around. There will be no room for traitors.
Jane: OK, fine. Then more reason not to pursue this girl. Either way it will end in tragedy.

Rika: I will figure something out. I can go into hiding with her...

Jane: Oh yeah! That would totally work. Even after her faerie friend dies. I'm sure she will forgive you for that.

Jane: Like you said, anyone who gets in Joseph's way will die. I already learned my lesson with Marcus. Keep your distance, before it's too late.

Mia was going through another one of her hallucinations.
This time though,

..something was different.

Mia: Who's ...there? I'm not going through this shit anymore! Stay out of my head!!!!
Suddenly the room erupted into a fiery glow.
A heavy pulse seemed to bounce off the walls.

Mia: AHHHH!!!!
Suddenly a woman appeared.

Desdemona: I call forth the seven spirits! Allow me to pull the succubus from within this girl! The time has come for the demon king to rise!

JJ: What the fuck is going on?!

Mia: James!!!!
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Default Chapter Eight, part two

Mia: going...on?
JJ: ....Mia....who is this?

Desdemona: Nature's filth does not belong here!

Desdemona: Be gone, beast!
Mia: Get off of him!

JJ: What....what's happening?! No..don't make me turn.......please!!!!!!

Desdemona: The creatures of this earth will no longer have power over darkness.

JJ: AHWOOO!!!!!!

Mia: JJ!!!!
Desdemona: Now run! Never return here!

Desdemona: It is time, young Mia. Your true form shows itself tonight!
Mia's legs locked underneath her.
Her arms followed soon after.

Mia: I can't...move. Please.....

The sound of her soul being ripped apart, followed soon after....

Sarah: I love the snow!!!!

Rika: really are a ten year old!

Sarah: A ten year old who makes awesome snow angels!

Sarah: And even better snowballs!
Rika: Ah!

Rika: You're gunna pay for that, jerk!

Sarah: Hey that was cold!

Rika: C'mon, lets go warm up by my fireplace!
Sarah: Mmm....and some hot chocolate? My inner child is very happy right now.

As Rika lit the fire, she thought about her conversation with Jane before.
Seeing as how she was doing the exact opposite of keeping her distance, she thought about maybe telling Sarah everything. It was just the right thing to do, even if it meant the end of their friendship.

Rika: This is it. I can't hide this anymore. At first it was was just a mission afterall. In the beginning she was just another casualty of Joseph.

Rika: No....I can't.

Rika: How can I just sit here and tell her that I'm part of the reason why her life became a nightmare? She will never talk to me again. This is insane.....I'll just have to think of another way....I can't ruin this.

Rika: Sarah....before we enjoy this night, I think we need to have a discussion. I just really hope....

Sarah: I know. Rika, these past two months I have really become close with you. I don't know if it's because I lost my best friend, or if it's because I've just been really lonely.....damn it, I'm horrible with words...

Before Rika knew what was going on, Sarah leaned in to kiss her.
Suddenly, all her worries just drifted away.

This is what she wanted all along.
Joseph may be powerful
and he may kill them both, but in this small moment, she just didn't care.
All that mattered right now.....was her.

Shane: Ok, Lina. I want you to come at me with all you got. I showed you my weak spots and how to take me down.

Carolina: Ok and in the off chance that I actually succeed, what if I hurt you?

Chaz: You won't. This is far from what it would be like to fight a dangerous vampire, we are just showing you some ways to immobilize a vampire. You're not actually going to hit him.

Jasper: Please tell me that you think this is completely ridiculous.
Fiona: I've been saying that for two hours now. I really don't think that you guys can do anything unless faced with one of them. It's not like Lina will actually drive a stake through Shane's heart, so what's the point?
Chaz: The point is to show them how to fight if they have to. No one said anything about killing Shane. This is basically a self defense class, since they don't have powers like the rest of us.

Shane: Go!
----sound of power going out-----

Jasper: Uh is this part of the lesson? The element of surprise?

Fiona: Chaz, you paid your electric bill right?
Chaz: Of course I did!

Shane: Guys! Do you hear that?
A buzzing sound was heard and it seemed to be getting louder and louder by the second.

Carolina: What the hell is that?
Jasper: I don't like this!

-----A sound of thunder------

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.I love this story and you should keep writing cause this story is amazing
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This story is amazing. Keep writing! Im relly sad Sade died and I thought it might be possible for the whites to bring her back...?
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Are you ever going to update this? i really love this story and am just wondering if you've decided to end the story.
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I am taking a break as of now. I have the next chapter half finished.

Don't worry though, I will update soon!! =)
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Default Update
Hey guys!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have not given up on this story! I had writers block, but I've gotten over it. Look out for a new chapter by the end of the month =)

In the mean time here's what's in store for the next chapter!

The strange history behind Joseph and the soul stones is finally revealed!
Rika thinks back to 1975 and the story of her old lover and betrayal of Joseph.
Mia's origins is revealed and her true form is about to come out.

.....also an old friend might reappear
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Default Chapter Nine, part one
Sorry for the long wait!

Right now I'll just post the first part of this chapter. I am still writing the rest of it =)

Long ago....

Where Skyscrapers stand now, there used to be a forest...

A majestic waterfall stood behind the trees, creating a beautiful mist that went on for miles.
This place is now called Indigo Bay, and this is the story of it's origins.
This is the story of how this city by the bay became a hot spot for supernatural beings.

It all began with mother nature herself,
who bestowed three young siblings with the power of magic.

Tatiana was the youngest. Only fourteen years old.
She, unlike her siblings, loved to come here and practice her magic for her village. They all relied on them to make their lives better. Tatiana took her job very seriously.

Tatiana: Now If I could only figure out how to create rain clouds instead of bubbles. The farmers would much appreciate it. We would feast every night!
Her siblings, both sixteen, loved to interrupt her.

Remy: Well, well. What is the foolish girl doing today?

Lilith: Attempting to please those farmers again. Ha ha! Your dreadful magic will not help them and their horrid crops. They are peasants after all!
Tatiana: You should not speak like that! Father, was a farmer!
Remy: He was foolish enough to go searching for healing herbs in the mountains and never come back. Just like our dying mother, he was a fool!

Tatiana: How dare you speak of them in that way! I shall tell Gaia about your evil ways. She will take your magic away!
Lillith: There,there little sister. Don't cry now! You know as well as I do, Gaia cannot do that. She foolishly believed Remy and I would use our powers for good. Only you would turn out to be rather boring and use your powers to help those peasants.

Tatiana: Then I will just get stronger and banish you from the village!
Remy: Hah! Such dreams!

Tatiana: You will see!
Suddenly, Lillith pulled out her wand and muttered some sort of spell.

Tatiana: NO!
A small cloud of smoke emitted from the wand.

Tatiana: Huh?

Lillith: Oh dear, I see now that my magic doesn't work on peasants.
The two immediately started to laugh.
Tatiana quickly ran past them.

She ran until she found a small clearing that would hide her from them.

Tatiana: *sob* If only mother and father would see how they were now. *sob* They would punish them and they would have never gotten those powers.

Suddenly, footsteps were heard behind her. A young man had appeared.

Joseph: My precious Tatiana. Your siblings will pay for the way they treat you. They may be gifted with Gaia's power, but they are still a disgrace to the village.
Tatiana: You are right, but please do not hurt them! I do not believe in violence. I shall talk to Gaia about somehow taking their powers away.

Joseph: Tatiana, you have a pure heart. Gaia was right in giving you powers. You deserve to be our protector. I wish to take your hand in marriage someday. We can watch over this village together.
Tatiana: You are very sweet, Joseph, but I am just too young for marriage. I want to focus on Gaia and the forest for now.

Joseph, obviously ignoring Tatiana, immediately leaned in to kiss her. He continued to kiss her, as she attempted to struggle her way out.

Tatiana: Mmmm! Joseph...stop!

Tatiana: Why must you keep doing this?! I have told you many times, I do not want to marry you!
Joseph: Fine! You are nothing but a peasant anyway! The only reason the villagers praise you is because of your powers! Before that, they saw you as filth! Just like your parents!

Hearing those words, Tatiana immediately burst into tears and ran deeper into the woods.

Cyrus: Letha, over here! Tatiana was the one we heard crying!
Letha: Oh, Tatiana! What happened?

Tatiana: I hate my siblings!

Cyrus: There, there. No need for tears. You know that the village loves you more than them. They cause nothing but trouble. You help us every day.

Letha: One day, you will be in charge. Just realize that you must wait a little longer. Wait until you are strong enough to stop them.

Tatiana suddenly got a brilliant idea and once again ran deeper into the forest.

Tatiana: Follow me!

The two friends waited patiently as Tatiana chanted a spell to summon Gaia.

Gaia: Hello, Tatiana. What have you come here for?

Tatiana: I understand that you cannot give magic to anyone else, but my siblings are taking advantage. They ruin your forest by creating fires and make a mockery of the villagers. Can my friends obtain something from you? So they can protect the forest as well. I cannot do it alone as I am already helping my village the best I could.

Gaia: Unfortunately I cannot take your siblings gifts away. I cherished your parents deeply. It is unfortunate that their oldest son and daughter have taken advantage of their gifts. I hope in the future you and your campanions can change their ways. Letha....Cyrus....step forward.

Gaia: shall be the caretaker of the forest....I give you the power to fly among the butterflies, heal the plants that are destroyed, and heal the villagers who are hurt. You will also obtain magic of your own. Use this well.

Gaia: Cyrus.....I shall make you the guardian of the forest. Turning into a wolf-like creature will scare those who bring evil to this forest. You will also have great strength and the power to self heal.

The three friends clapped and jumped in glee. They would finally be able to stop Lillith and Remy from doing more harm.

Present day. It was a few hours after midnight.
Sarah had fallen asleep after a startling confession followed by a kiss.

The two friends were finally honest with each other and both felt happy...for the first time in a while.

......or maybe one girl wasn't very happy at all.

Rika thought she made the right decision that night. However, as she thought about it more and more, she began to realize that the person she had fallen for was in serious danger.

Rika stopped walking for a second.
Recent events racing back and forth through her mind.

She suddenly collapsed.

Her cries muffled in the cold wind... she thought about a lover. A long time ago.....

East coast, 1975.

Man: That was one groovy night. What do you say we go up to my place? I can show you more of my dance moves.

Diane: Charming. Listen, Davey....tonight was fun and all, but I'm just not ready for a relationship.

Diane: You understand, don't cha?
Davey: are one foxy mama. How about you spend the night at my place? It might change yer mind.

Davey: AHHHH!!!!! What the.....

Diane: You coulda come a little sooner. This bozo was about to take me to his room.

Rika: I'm sorry, I was just laughing my head off. "Foxy Mama?" Seriously?
Diane: Well what did you expect? I went to the fruitiest joint in town!
Rika: No worries....just get over here!

Diane: Rika. Can I ask you something?
Rika: Go ahead.
Diane: Can you turn me?
Rika:.....Di....I'm sorry, but my answer will always be no.

Diane:...but imagine a lifetime of this? You and me against the world!

Rika: You don't want this life, trust me. It's not always fun and games. There's a reason why it's called a curse.

Diane: I don't care! Besides, what's going to happen when I become older and you stay the same?
Rika: That's a long time from now. Why can't we just have fun for now?
Diane: Alright, but sooner or later you are going to have to tell me why you sometimes get that worried look in your eye.

Rika: Someday....

Rika: I love you, you know that?
Diane: Of course! Why else would you trust me to pick out losers to feed on!

Somewhere deep underground.....

Screams wailed in the distance...almost vibrating off the walls.

One girl sat inside an iron cage. Too scared to look at her surroundings.

Mia: Oh me....where am I?
Suddenly a dark figure came out of the darkness.

Mia: NO!!!! STAY AWAY!!!!

Demon: Hello.......

Demon: It is time I show you our origin.

Demon: ......I am the demon within you.

Mia: AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you liked it =D

Next part will either be posted tomorrow night or Saturday night!
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