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#51 Old 15th Mar 2009 at 11:28 PM
I finally got around to posting these pictures. I don't have much because I didn't take much since I didn't play much. I'm waiting to build my town a little more first. =)

This is whats-his-face Fyshermin. 8D I haven't played him so long that I forgot his name! HA!

He met a doggy on his first day! He tried to become friends, but Doggy ran off before he could.

Him in his jammies. ;D

I just thought this was interesting.
#52 Old 16th Mar 2009 at 2:44 PM
Default Braiden Fisher Update
Ive been having so much fun playing this challenge that I started another guy off as a fisherman. Unfortunately, Mark Gill is having a much harder time of things not having the luck to find a treasure chest as Braiden did!

Braiden is a cutie though!

1549 from last time

- Marriage to Heather Huffington +5000
- Cash brought by Heather +2261
- Heather's first fish +100
- Silver Badge (Braiden) +550
- Boots -70

New total: 9390
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#53 Old 16th Mar 2009 at 4:29 PM
I never tried a challenge before, but this one looks very fun! I will definetly try this one!!
#54 Old 16th Mar 2009 at 4:33 PM
Here's my fisher man- Ned:

#55 Old 16th Mar 2009 at 4:44 PM
I have a quick question about scoring:

do you get 20 points every time you see a ghost, or just the first time?
#56 Old 16th Mar 2009 at 10:38 PM

so far:

marriage- +5000
pond- +50
1st fish- +50
1 boot- -10
bronze fishing badge- + 550
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#57 Old 20th Mar 2009 at 11:31 AM
Great challenge! Might have to try this sometime
#58 Old 21st Mar 2009 at 2:56 PM
Can anyone tell me why I can't grill my fish or put it away in a fridge? I can catch it ok, but when I click on the grill it is all greyed out. Any ideas?
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#59 Old 21st Mar 2009 at 3:20 PM
i will try this challenge when i know how to post pic
i can't waited...

and how to cook a fish....
wat furniture i need and wat skill i need?
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#60 Old 22nd Mar 2009 at 3:11 AM
my fisherman Todd...

caught a boot first time...

another boot at second time...

and i caught my first fish...

meet a good girl name Kim(married with other guy)...

i invite her husband and flirt Kim in front of her...

stealing someone wife plan , 63% complete(i tell Kim to move in)... score...

Pond : +50
First Fish: +50
Fisherman(Todd and Kim): +400
2 Boots: -20
simoleons earn : +33
Bronze Badge of Todd: +550
social bunny: -600
463 pts

countinue(cause can't triple post) :

Kim(99% complete to marry) finaly get a bronze badge from fishing...
sells 4 fish so i can make a shelter to defends from storm...
goody , my sim Todd got a silver badge...

We married and we go to "bed" know what its mean

after doin...we go to fishing....
we both caught a boot that day...
sells 3 fish to buy baby furniture and a television...

Next Day:
sell 5 fish to build more walls...
later Todd when fishing and another two boot ^%^$%@!&@^#

Next day:
sells 5 fish for the furniture..
my wife pregnant...

NexT Day:
sells 5 fish again for the paint and terrain
Kim caught a boot again

Next Day:
Fantastic!!Great!Oh My GOD!Thank God!God Bless me...
i got a golden badge(Todd)

Next Day:
sells 5 fish for the furniture and wall
my baby came out!! yaaahhh!!!

Few Day Later:
sells 5 fish again(include 1 golden trout)
celebrate my baby birth!!

so the scorelong list)

last time's pts- +463
bronze badge for Kim- +550
earn simoleons- +265
silver badge for Todd- +550
1 boot- -10
married with Kim- +5000
earn simoleon- +222
earn simoleon- +287
2 boot- -20
earn simoleon- +673
earn simoleon- +297
1 boot- -10
Golden Badge for Todd- +550
earn simoleon- +804
baby born- +1000
earn simoleon- +518
earn simoleon- +348

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#61 Old 22nd Mar 2009 at 8:32 PM
Sounds like life is good for Todd!
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#62 Old 23rd Mar 2009 at 7:30 AM
todd is great!! it's so nice to see everyone enjoying my challenge
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#63 Old 24th Mar 2009 at 4:30 AM
yeah!! this challange is great!
i will update the picture and other things if i got free time(exam is near)
#64 Old 9th Apr 2009 at 2:19 AM
Okay, I've started this one. Something I wasn't sure about though was if we could grow our own food from gardens to have a change from fish all the time. If not, I'll just delete the garden as I've just put it in. Well, here's some pictures ^^

I've decided to make Evelyn a legacy founder since I have such a hard time just letting the kiddies go *hides all the kids, kids from the Xenophilia challenge under the rug*

I started this one in HP's Uber-Megahood another reason I wanted it to be a legacy, all those people and it's not supposed to mess with my Pleasantview playables.

Day One

Of course, she had to do the crossword and then she set to fishing. Took a break and dug for treasure since I went a little nuts on the pond so she was... broker then the Broke's *lol*

She liked to fall down a lot while casting, got enough to buy a fridge and a grill to cook the fish on, unfortunately she didn't have enough money for a bed so she had to sleep on a lawn chair.

Day Two

More falling, and now it's raining and thundering. I was sitting here with my finger on the pause button just in case she got struck but she didn't. The fridge did >.>

She got her bronze badge in fishing, yay! And uh...fell a couple more times.. Good thing about a fish diet, or all fresh food, as long as you don't burn it you can eat once a day and that'll hold your sim over until the next.

Day Three

Started out like day two, rainy and apparently slippery *lol* she's such a klutz! By midday she was a bit on the uncomfortable side so I decided to try out the new sunbathe anywhere hack... I thought a nice tan may suit the challenge theme... bad idea.

She pretty much hated me for the rest of the day, though she met a potential mate, he's cute and he doesn't have any weirded out features like most maxis made npc's do. I forget his name though... bah, this is also when I had her start the garden, she had a couple extra simoleans and the guy was off fishing anyway and she needed a fun boost.

Scoring so far:
Pond- +50
First Fish- +50
Fisherman/woman- +500
Bronze Fishing badge- +550
Total: 1367

She hasn't caught a boot yet o.O Visitors have, but not her.
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#65 Old 9th Apr 2009 at 1:03 PM
Great pictures!
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