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I only just realized more had been posted and got caught back up.

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I'm reading your story and you're doing it great!

I love how you play out the lives of the Strangetown sims!

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*raises hand* I read it! I'm just terrible at leaving comments. It's been interesting so far and I jump over to the thread as soon as I realize there's more posted
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Default Gen 1, Part 16: College Households Frehndly, Loste, McGork

Rose had found in Ray a willing ear to listen to her complaints. She had really loved Arty and catching him with any other woman would have been bad enough. Catching him with her twin sister was a disaster. She and Grainne had always been close, but now living with her was becoming unbearable.

She knew that Arty and Grainne had not met since that time. Not because Grainne was in the least bit ashamed of what she had done. Arty simply had a good amount of self-preservation instinct and decided to avoid a house that contained one angry ex-girlfriend and her two older brothers.

Rose actually had not mentioned the story to Angus and Owen, and Grainne had chosen not to either. Xanthos was left out of the loop as well. Ray was the only one she trusted enough to tell him her story.

That wasn’t the only thing they talked about, of course. After some time had passed, Ray and Rose became a couple.

Madhuri had also convinced Vikram Loner to propose to her.

And this was the last remarkable thing Vikram did until his son was a teenager.


With most of his love life in pieces and surrounded by happy couples, Arty was starting to doubt his playboy lifestyle. In that mindset he ran into Daisy Simnitch, his kind-of-sort-of-girlfriend. Who he hadn’t spoken to in months. Yeah.

Arty started to make up his usual excuse, but something just didn’t feel right. And suddenly he just started to tell her the whole truth. About all the love affairs. The lies. The whole McGork fiasco. He didn’t even know why he was telling her, he just kept talking and talking and Daisy listened all the while with a strange expression on her face.

And then, when Arty was finally finished, Daisy spoke up in her quiet voice.

“I know.”

“I’ve known it all along, Arty. I’d have to be stupid not to know. I guess I just thought eventually you’d get bored and then I might have a chance. It’s silly, I know. I just really like you. I think you’re a good person, even if you’ve made some mistakes.”

Arty was baffled. This was not what he had expected. Daisy was supposed to cry, to tell him what a horrible person he was, anything but… this.

“I’m sorry.” Daisy smiled. “That probably sounds weird. And kind of stalkerish. I’ll get going then.”

“Wait.” Arty said and pulled Daisy close. “I’m the one who should be sorry. I never really knew how much I loved you, Daisy. Do you think… Do you think you can give me one last chance?”

And Arty knew that from now on, he would never cheat on Daisy Simnitch ever again.


Really, that Arty was a joke. Getting cold feet after Rose had caught them was bad enough, but the he actually went and got engaged to little Daisy. Grainne couldn’t believe it when she first heard about it.

Oh well, she had other options. Xanthos Salamis was very much in love with her. With both his sisters about to get married to well-off husbands, he remained the sole heir to his family’s fortune.

And that fortune was rather sizable. Xanthos took her out to expensive restaurants, to clubs and bars. Grainne could tell that he was trying to impress her and she certainly was impressed. Helena and Isabella tagged along a lot of the time. They already seemed to consider Grainne as part of the family.

Really, she had always planned to marry Xanthos. Arty just couldn’t hold a candle to him. Xanthos was rich, smart, educated and well-mannered. What else could there be?

So when Xanthos popped the question, Grainne didn’t have to think twice. Her future was looking bright.

Phew, that's the whole love dodecahedron wrapped up in time for graduation, which is fast approaching, and with it the end of Generation 1. Two more chapters until the Strangetown youngsters move back and start their own families.

Thank you all for the nice comments! I'm glad to see that so many people like this and hope you have as much fun reading it as I had playing the story.

Ingame I have started Gen 3, Buck Grunt is the last plot sim that still needs to be born (Lyla is already pregnant, but rotation day came around).

I completely forgot to include those pictures with the last chapter, so here they are:

There's one major University NPC that I didn't cover.

"Do you mind? I'm trying to write my term paper."

"My love for you is so great, Willow! Shall we dance together?"
"Honey, don't look, but there's a naked man in our living room..."
"Crap, I forgot to lock the door. Let's go somewhere else, maybe he'll have left by the time we come back."

"One espresso please."
"I'll take one too!"
"Did you follow us?"

Coming up next: A Battle For The Ages! Michael Simnitch's Big Showdown!
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Default Gen 1, Part 17: College Household Simnitch

He had to get stronger.

Michael Simnitch spent all of his free time training. The Cow was too weak to fight for herself. If he wanted to save her, he had to become strong enough to take on the Llama.

He would paint her over and over, different scenes from her past. He was certain by now that he knew what had led her down this path. He didn’t care. All that mattered was that he was her champion and he needed to save her.

He knew that Daisy was worried about him. Siri also came by a lot, whispering with Daisy and glancing at him when they thought he wasn’t looking. It wasn’t important. Sometimes other people came by as well. They weren’t important.

One night, Michael finished his training session and knew that he was at the peak of his strength now. It was time.

He glanced around. Of course the Llama stood there, as he always did, with that smug grin on his stuffed face. He never seemed threatened by Michael’s harsh training. The time had come to teach him a lesson he wouldn’t forget.

Michael walked over to the Llama and slapped him as hard as he could.

“So, you think to challenge the Llama, puny Champion? The nerve of yours! In deference to the Wise One, I will grant you this one last warning: Stand back. This battle does not concern you.”

The time for words had passed long ago. Michael knew that. Wordlessly, he charged at his enemy. For the Cow. For her sake. He was her Champion.

The Llama was a formidable fighter. Strong and agile. He seemed to know where Michael would attack him even before Michael himself had decided. But Michael refused to waver. As the Llama rained punches on him, he kept his thoughts focused on the person he was fighting for. The Cow. It was all for the Cow.

It might have been sheer luck, but in the end, the Llama was the one to lose. Defeated, he limped away from the lot, leaving Michael victorious.

And as the sun rose, the Cow appeared once more.

Michael ran towards her and gave her a hug. “You’re safe! You’ve finally returned to me!”

The Cow smiled and looked at Michael and he thought he saw sadness in her cow face.

“I have returned, Michael, and it is all thanks to you. My tormentor has been subdued, I will now have time to regain my strength.

But, Michael, your role in this must be over now. You have your own life to live, and it is not one I have a place in. You have to forget me, Michael. Forget me and live on. May the time you spent as my Champion be nothing more than a fleeting dream to you. It is time to wake up, Michael.”

“You have a special gift, one I am not sure you are even aware of. It has shown you the course you needed to take to free me. Let it now show you the course needed to free yourself.

Goodbye, Michael.”

“Consider this my last gift to you.”

“That’s it, then? You’re letting him go?”

“Yes. The girl has been waiting for him all this time. And even when he was under my spell, a part of him still yearned for her as well. He will be happier that way.”

“You could have won, you know? If you had left with him…”

“So? What sort of victory would that have been for me? At the expense of another? Bound forever to someone who did not wish to be bound to me?”

“That is all, then?”

“What can I say? I’ve always liked happy endings.”

“And besides, it’s not like this was my only chance at freedom.”

“Oh? You could have fooled me there. I seem to recall you being desperate and alone when that painter was the only one who would open his heart to you.”

“And he defeated you in the end, did he not? There is something about that gift of his that I believe will turn out to be the key to my salvation.”

“So that now, even if I let him go, I believe that this gift will live on in his bloodline. If anything, I have begun to create my own followers by setting him free.”

“It will take generations for them to measure up even slightly to my own.”

“I have all the time in the world. That reminds me… our deal?”

“Done. It wasn’t a difficult choice by any means. I’ll admit I was surprised that you actually went through with it. Your only follower for the lowest of my minions?”

“The Wise One, as you call her, right? I don’t think you could ever have hoped to tame her spirit. She never was as weak-minded as the rest of those.”

“I assume you like her as well?”

“I do. And she tried to protect him. I had to repay that debt somehow. Now she is out of your grasp.”

“Is that so?”

“She will leave soon. And she won’t bear your mark when she does.”

“The Wise One doesn’t need my mark. Her time here was spent wisely. She has awakened her hunger for knowledge and will continue so satisfy it. Mark my words, this woman will become one of the pillars of her society. And her beginnings were here, with me.”

“There is something to be said for letting her go. She will live and prosper, bring forth her own family. And when they return here…”

“We will see. After all, the future is not set in stone, is it?”

And that's all the college storylines for Gen 1 finished!

The Cow... Like I said before, this story really wrote itself. She was stalking Michael Simnitch to the point where she'd spend half the day sitting in front of his door. That was when I remembered that I still had a number of cow paintings in my custom paintings folder, and it went from there. I think the guy in the cow paintings is one of the Pleasantview teen townies I sent to college, but I'm not sure. He's meant to be... well, the Llama, for the purposes of this story. Unfortunately, the actual Llama has the darkest skintone.

Speaking of ancient pictures from my folder, the ghost Michael is painting in one of the pictures is how Lyla Grunt's ghost looked in my first Strangetown. She's one of those corrupted ghosts that change their appearance, so the real Lyla looks different. Actually, a working Lyla is one of the reasons I decided to play Strangetown from scratch. I also have Pascal's first alien daughter (who may reappear in this story) and a picture of my favorite glitch involving Loki Beaker (that will reappear in this story) saved as a painting.

Siri originally had a very different storyline. Her hunger for knowledge led her to the Llama Cult, and she was going to join them. Both her and her husband Siegfried Halfdanarsson are going for the Spy career, so it was a really good fit. She would have founded a very powerful empire with the Llama's help. Instead, Siri decided to help Michael escape from his dangerous situation and the Cow freed her in return. The last pictures are some screenshots of Siri as an adult along with her husband and toddler son.

Speaking of which, what happened to the other siblings? We'll find out soon. Coming up next: Where are they now?
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Default Gen 1: Finale - Where Are They Now?
Given the increasing number of households, I decided early on to remove the non-plot siblings from the main story. I still play the households and we might meet some of their descendants later in the story, where I'll point them out, but for the most part, there won't be any additional plot threads involving them. Since the siblings were heavily involved in the plot sims' stories, I'll show a look into their future to close their own stories on.


Angus McGork and Isabella Salamis got married and moved into the McGork family home. Following the family tradition, they had four children with the youngest ones being twins.

One of the people in this picture will actually play a major role in the second generation...

Owen McGork moved out to create a new household with Arabella Loste. They had two children.


Erik Halfdanarsson married Helena Salamis and moved back into his family home where they had three daughters. The eldest daughter kept her name and inherited the house. Here they are pictured with their two oldest grandchildren.

The Salamis twins continued to dress alike during adulthood, and only gave up the habit once they became elders.

As for Siegfried Halfdanarsson , he married Siri Loner and had two sons, as seen in the conclusion of her story. Both Siegfried and Siri became famous spies, and some say that all the neighborhood's secrets can be found in their office.


After gradutation from college, Michael Simnitch married Annalee Loste and had three children with her. His memory of his college days remains hazy and he can't shake the feeling that he is missing something important. Somehow, he looked forward to his children attending college, but nothing out of the ordinary happened. Maybe it's better that way.

I have a sort of mini challenge running concerning the Cow. She may choose another champion, like she did with Michael, and if she does and certain other conditions are met, she may get another chance at freedom. Of course, the Llama and his flunkies will continually try to prevent this. We will see if her next choice proves to be fortunate. None of Michael's sons were chosen. In the end that was probably for the best, since seeing the Cow again would have triggered Michael's memories.


And finally Ray Frehndly and Rose McGork . Ray became a great entertainer, a career which his dorkiness marked out for him, while Rose started a business and runs a flowershop on the side. They had three children, the youngest of which looks like a blonde version of his father. The Frehndly family is very relaxed, and as their name suggest, friendly.

For the record, Ray has a recessive gene for blond hair. Arty has nothing to do with this.

And The Rest?

Four years of learning, drama and excitement. All things considered, Glarn’s and P.T.’s little household had gotten off lightly. As they waited for the taxi to take them back to Strangetown, both young men looked around the place one last time.

“What are your plans now?”, Glarn asked his alien friend.

“I’m not sure, to be honest.” P.T. sighed. “I’ve learned a lot about human culture, but I’m still far from my goal of becoming a successful Pollination Technician.”

“Oh yeah, you never told me what that was all about anyway. But really, P.T., you’ve been born on this planet, your parents have been born here… Don’t you think it’s a bit silly to still keep up with those rules? You can do whatever you want, it doesn’t have to be decided for you at birth.”

“Like what? I never thought about doing anything else.”

Glarn laughed. “Well, maybe in about thirty years you could become a decent cook! I know you enjoy that!”

“It is fun.” P.T. smiled. “And I haven’t set the kitchen on fire for the whole semester.”

“Anyway, you know what you should really do? Find someone and start a family. I know how much you want one.”

“I may be a bit too green for that.”

“Ah, like anybody cares about that!”

“And what’s your plan?”

“Me and Glabe are getting married. You’ll get the official invitation next week or so. Then we’ll have a ton of children. That’s about it.”

“Sounds nice.” P.T. smiled. “I could see myself with children too. Just need to meet the right person first…”


"By the way, P.T., in case you're still unsure about human social interactions, by 'find someone and start a family' I meant neither myself nor my unborn daughter." - Something that, years later, Glarn wished he had added.

Coming up next: An interview
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Default Gen 2, Part 1: DeMise

Hey there, dear readers! Today I’ll bring you an exclusive interview with one of my favorites rising star artists - Tim Lee DeMise!

Tell me, Tim, did you ever imagine ten years ago that you would one day be THE most celebrated young artist in this country?

“To be honest, Janet, I couldn’t have imagined that ten months ago! I’m really honored that you’d interview me. I’ve read Simmish Artistry since I was a teenager, but I never thought I’d be on the front page one day!”

And yet you still followed your dreams and kept painting. What was the first thing you did when you learned that you’d won that scholarship?

“I called my brother and asked him to read that letter to me, just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. He was so happy for me! Earl has been there for me all this time. He kept telling me that I could make it one day.”

What a wonderful big brother you have!

“Yes, Earl is great. I can always rely on him to make sure I don’t skip meals or stuff like that. You know how it is, when I have a new painting ready to come out, I’ll forget everything around me.”

Can you tell me how your life is going to change now?

“Oh, for starters, I’ll definitely get an apartment in town now. I have lived in the country for all my life, so that will be an interesting change, one that I hope will be reflected in my art. I have always been drawn to the bustling city life!”

And your brother? Will he move with you?

“No, Earl doesn’t like big cities. Not that it matters, of course, Earl and I were planning to go our separate ways anyway.”

“My big brother is engaged to the sweetest girl you can imagine! And now that his artist brother can stand on his own feet, he’s free to marry her.”

That’s wonderful!

“It is! And I just know that things will be fine for Earl, as long as he follows his heart and stays true to himself. Which is a piece of advice I would like to give to your readers as well: Be yourselves!”

A short interlude with some backstory on the DeMise siblings.

Coming up next: Glarn's big wedding
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Default Gen 2, Part 2: Curious

Through hard work, Zo and Notzo had managed to save up enough money to fully renovate their house and observatory just in time for their retirement. And for Glarn’s dream wedding to Glabe Jones, of course.

The invitations had been sent out and Glarn greeted all his guests. P.T. was really happy for both his friends. Glarn had chosen him as the best man and he had spent the last months writing and rehearsing his speech, which had been heavily edited by Glabe. Now P.T. was so nervous that he started reciting it right at the entrance and had to be calmed with a hotdog.

Even Olive seemed cheerful on this sunny day. Her wedding was next on the big list of celebrations now that all of Strangetown’s children had returned. It really looked as if Strangetown wouldn’t stop throwing parties in the forseeable future, with their elder siblings already announcing births left and right.

P.T.’s observations about the town’s population boom and wishes for the couple to be a big factor in this were one of the parts Glabe had told him to leave out. Especially the part where he recited statistics for ten minutes.

One non-scientific addition Zo and Notzo had given their home was a huge swimming pool. The weather was nice and the guests had specifically been asked to bring “festive swimwear” as well, so the greater part of the wedding party headed for the pool right away, even as Glabe yelled at Glarn to get dressed up again because she would not have a wedding picture with him in his trunks.

Still smelling slightly of chlorine but sufficiently dry, Glarn and Glabe exchanged their wedding vows.

P.T. gave the parts of his speech that he still remembered and everybody set down to dinner and drinks.

As Zo was only too happy to observe, P.T.’s metabolism, while a lot like that of a human, did not seem to take well to alcohol. At least that was the most likely explanation for P.T.’s sudden talent for dancing.

It was amazing! P.T. had never drank alcohol before and he had never danced before, but both things seemed very enjoyable to him.

It was even contagious! Glarn and Olive started to rock out near the pool!

But his creative moveset made P.T. the clear star of the dance floor.

Willow cheered him on and P.T. moonwalked down the stairs and proceeded to bust some moves around her.

Finally he was exhausted and allowed the bride to lead the dance.

It was a wonderful wedding, Glarn thought, and a sign of even better things to come.

P.T. just wouldn't stop dancing for the whole party!

I thought about it for a while and eventually decided to build houses for the plot families that looked close to their Maxis homes, but had more space and less routing issues. So the Curious home is still a huge observatory with all the telescopes and a similar color scheme, but it has a second floor for all the children, more bathrooms and bigger rooms in general. The TV set is still there, it just has been moved upstairs. Also, pool, just because.

Coming up next: Olive's wedding
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I love this! Your story inspired me to do the same with the Pleasantview characters
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Default Gen 2, Part 3: Muenda

The stage had been set for Olive’s wedding. Her family had spared no expense for their eldest daughter.

Willow in her function as bridesmaid proposed a toast to the couple and everybody cheered.

Earl’s famous brother Tim Lee was present, as well as Creon, who was already considered part of the family, and Glarn as Olive’s best friend.

Earl seemed a bit preoccupied, Olive thought, but he was probably just nervous.

Then it was time for the vows. Olive and Earl walked up and Earl’s face grew paler with each step.

“Olive, I… I’m sorry. I can’t do this.”


“I never should have let things go on for this long. I just didn’t have the courage to tell you this, but… Olive, I can’t marry you. I’m in love with someone else.”



“I know you probably hate me now and I know I should have told you this months ago, but… I’m scum, Olive. I really am. But I have to call this off.”


This couldn’t be happening.

This couldn’t be happening.


Everybody stared in shock at Earl’s announcement as he hurried through the crowd. They all stared at Olive, still under the arch. Olive stared at the spot where her fiancé had stood just a while ago.

This couldn’t be happening.


Olive finally found her voice and started to scream. “All of you! Get OUT of here!”

Earl hurried away, glancing back at her for a second.

The guests mumbled and shot her concerned looks, but one by one they left.

The skies split open and rain started to pour on the remains of what should have been the happiest day of Olive’s life. At any other time, she would have been fascinated by nature’s reaction to her rage. Now she just turned her back on it and walked slowly back to her house.

I love you, randomly generated weather. Maybe Olive really is a witch.

She had been sitting in her study all afternoon, all evening and through most of the night. Staring at a book she had randomly picked off the shelves. Her parents and sister had come in, worried, but they had finally understood that she wanted to be left alone.

The storm had subsided. Olive was calm again.

The humiliation was just too much. She had been played for a fool. Strung along, only to be left at the altar for another woman.

This would not do.

Olive slowly made her way to the side building she had built to be used as a workshop.

She sat down and collected her thoughts. Focussing them. On the one who had wronged her.

Out of nowhere, Earl E DeMise dropped on the floor in front of her. Olive slowly raised herself from her throne and watched his shocked expression form on his face.

“What… what happened? I was just… How did I…”

Olive looked down on him in silence, never moving.

Panicking, Earl E got up and stumbled outside, still disoriented. Olive didn’t care. Her curse was faster than he was.

At the sudden pain spreading all over his body, Earl dropped to the ground. Looking up, he saw Olive slowly moving towards him. “Olive… please…”

Those were his last words as she watched him die, never moving her eyes away from him, never changing her calm expression.

A calm presence. A feeling of finality. She glimpsed it out of the corner of her eye. A powerful presence she had never encountered before.

It was just there for a moment, then it was gone.

Maybe that was why Olive altered her plans. Why she called Tim Lee DeMise and told him his brother was lying on her front porch, dead of a heart attack. Why when Tim Lee arrived, she murdered him as well.

To feel that presence again.

To find out if it had just been a figment of her imagination.

To study it.

To learn about it.

Earl E DeMise. He wronged Olive and she murdered him for it. Had she always been capable of this act? Was this a natural reaction?

Tim Lee DeMise. The first person Olive murdered without any provocation. Merely out of curiosity.

I wonder…

Was that the time Olive Muenda’s fate was sealed in stone?

Olive's first and second murder. I really liked writing all the husband stories for her.

What I don't like is the "leave at altar" animation. "Wait, hang on, when you invited me to a party in formal clothes and walked with me to the wedding arch, I didn't think you'd actually want to get married! Nope, nope, nope!". Olive's shocked face is good though.

Actually getting Earl to leave her required cheating. I'd gotten them to the point where their daily and long time relations were below 70, Earl loved someone else, they hadn't had a romantic interaction since their engagement and he still went through with it. He even went through with it when I made him not in love with Olive and set his relationship to slightly above 0. That guy is committed.

Olive's house has roughly the Maxis layout and color scheme. Ophelia's future room is currently occupied by Peponi and Lerato. The only addition is Olive's shack. Oh, and Olive's future graveyard is currently Lerato's vegetable patch. Now with additional Earl.

Oh, and yes, we actually do have a narrator for this story.
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Lovely Story.
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I really enjoyed Olive's story.

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Default Gen 2, Part 4: Nigmos, Beaker

The day of Willow’s wedding drew near. After the disaster Olive’s wedding had been, followed by the DeMise brothers’ disappearance, the couple had felt it was only right to delay the celebrations a bit.

It had actually been Olive who insisted that her sister and Creon should get married so soon after the events. Both Willow and Creon felt that they should wait until Olive had recovered from the shock, but Olive had convinced them that the best way to help her would be a nice marriage between her sister and her neighbor that wouldn’t end with one of them being left at the altar.

She certainly put on a good show of enjoying herself at the wedding, dancing with Zog.

Willow and Creon got married without any trouble and surrounded by smiling faces.

The police had questioned the family after the brothers’ disappearance, but they seemed to have come to the conclusion that Earl E had run off with the mysterious person he had left Olive for and taken his brother with him.

Olive still spent most of her time at home, often playing the piano for hours on end. Having Willow out of her life meant she only had her parents to worry about. And eventually Olive would have to stop playing the part of the grieving bride and find herself a new husband and father for her future daughter. An opportunity like Earl would never come along again, but she would make sure to at least pass on her talent.


The Beaker house had been remodeled to resemble a small castle now and it certainly looked very impressive as Bjorn strolled off to work each morning.

Bjorn and Gundrun had gotten married after college in a private ceremony, both disliking all the drama and attention that the bigger celebrations seemed to attract.

It had all happened so fast. Gundrun had graduated, gotten married and moved in with her husband’s family. This was what she had always wanted, but now she sometimes felt overwhelmed by all the change in her life.

Bjorn was very busy with his career these days. Gundrun, who worked from home on her artistry, sometimes felt like she barely saw him anymore. He was always working or studying for a promotion.

Her parents-in-law were very nice to her and helped Gundrun adjust to her new life. Canute taught her a lot about art theory, which had always been a fascination of his.

And Gertrude taught Gundrun everything about housekeeping and mediated between her and Bjorn when he was too busy with work to pay any attention to his wife.

Her marriage may not have been exactly what she had always dreamed of, but Gundrun was optimistic that she could enjoy her life like this.

The Beaker house is probably the one that ended up with the most changes. Nervous' cellar room doesn't exist (I had some issues placing the stairs and eventually gave up), there's a small workshop for Bjorn (and later, Loki) on top of the garage and it looks even more like an evil castle than the rest.

Thanks for the nice comments! I'm glad you enjoyed Olive's first marriage.

Coming up next, P.T. has an awesome idea!
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Default Gen 2, Part 5: Curious, Smith

“Hey, it’s Glarn. Can you come over this evening? I just… need to talk to someone.”

Glarn had left that message on P.T.’s answering machine. P.T. had heard it when he got home and was really worried now. His friend didn’t sound too good.

When he arrived, Glarn led him to the roof terrace and they sat down, looking across Strangetown for a while. Finally, P.T. decided to ask “What was it you wanted to talk to me about?”

“You know, Glabe and I have been trying to have children for a while now, and we were starting to suspect something was up. Now it’s official. Glabe just got the results and she… can’t have children.”

P.T. looked down. He knew that Glarn had always dreamed of having a large family. “How are you holding up?”

“Glabe feels bad, even if it’s not her fault. I told her it’s fine, we can just adopt, but still… And I know my parents really want some grandchildren. I guess we all need some time to realize this is not going to happen.”

They sat and talked for a while longer and Glarn seemed to cheer up. He thanked P.T. for listening to him and P.T. headed back home.

With a plan in mind.

“It’s the perfect fit.” he told the Drone over dinner. “Glarn loves children, he’s super smart and I live nearby. Glabe can’t have children, but there’s no reason Glarn can’t have them!”

The Drone smiled and nodded. “He seems like a good target for an experimental pollination, especially since your friendship will allow you to see your children grow up. Eventually, you will need to spread out further, but for a first run, this will be ideal.”

That night, P.T. went up to the roof and started to work on the pollination equipment. Just like he’d repeated it countless times with the Drone. Setting coordinates, specifying target, setting time, …

It was a beautiful, cloudless night. Glarn would be on the roof, studying constellations, long after his family had gone to bed.

The timing was perfect.

P.T. checked the controls one last time and prepared the machine.

“And… set off!”

A bright beam shot straight up into the sky and when P.T. strained his eyes, he thought he saw it come back down in the distance.

“All parameters within the expected range. Target confirmed.”

A bright beam of light suddenly engulfed Glarn. He first thought it was a passing car and pulled back from the telescope, but then he realized it was coming from above him.

And it was pulling him in!

Glarn tried to hold on to the telescope, but the force was too strong. In the end, he decided to let go rather than damage his scientific equipment.

His task finished, P.T. carefully shut the machine down and covered it up again.

“Heh. Space aliens.” he muttered as he made his way back to the ground.

Glarn would be so happy.

And that’s when P.T. heard a low noise coming from inside the house. He ran towards it.

Just in time to catch one last glimpse at the Drone before he faded away.

Just in time to hear him whisper “Good-bye, my son.”

Just in time to realize that he was all alone now.

“Father? No! Father! You can’t fade! I didn’t give you permission to fade! Father? FATHER!”

But the Drone didn’t answer.

P.T. buried his father next to his mother. Alone.

He was all alone now.

P.T. couldn’t stand the house anymore. He needed to leave.

Poor P.T.. He had a legitimate nervous breakdown after losing his father and moving the grave. As an unmarried family sim, he wasn't doing that great to begin with.

P.T. definitely had good intentions when he impregnated Glarn. We will see if Glarn appreciates the thought later. To be exact:

Coming up next: Three Years Later
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Default Gen 2, Part 6: Curious, Smith

It was over three years later when P.T. returned to Strangetown. He had travelled a lot, visiting several countries, until he thought he could stand seeing his old house again. And the baby, of course. Glarn would have given birth by now. He wanted to see his child.

Glarn was overjoyed to see his friend again. “We were so worried about you! But, well, I saw the Drone’s grave, and… I guessed what happened. You have to tell me all about your travels! Oh, but first… There have been some changes around here…”

“I know!” P.T. beamed. “The baby, right?”

“Oh, you already heard about Jenny? Yeah, she’s a real handful. Keeps her parents busy.”

“That’s a sweet name! Does she look a lot like you?”

“Oh, she takes just after her mom.” Glarn laughed.

P.T. looked slightly confused. “Wait, what mom?”

“My wife, of course. Come on, I’ll show you the kid. You’ll love her!”

“Oh, no, I was talking about that other child. You know, ours.”

Glarn stopped right in his tracks. “Wait. What.”

“Well, when you got abducted. Come on, you can’t possibly have forgotten that.”

“That… was you?”

“I thought you’d love that!”




Still woozy from the experience and barely remembering anything after the strange light had swallowed him up, Glarn made his way into the bedroom where Glabe was already fast asleep. She had probably thought he was busy looking at the stars and gone to bed.

It had been a strange experience, but Glarn was certain he had been abducted by aliens. Tomorrow, he’d have to call P.T. and tell him all about it. Maybe that had been his people. He wondered if he had told them about P.T. and Drone. Had they asked? What had they done, in fact? Hoping he had made a good ambassador for his people, Glarn crawled under the covers and fell asleep.

He felt weird. Like something was changing inside of him. He had put on some weight, but maybe his growing appetite was responsible for that. But he was always so tired now.

Glarn had called his work and told them he was sick. The doctors could find nothing wrong with him and had settled on stress symptoms. Glarn had mentioned his abduction once, but the doctor had looked at him for a while and referred him to the next psychiatrist.

P.T. seemed to have disappeared. He didn’t answer the phone and after a while, the phone service had been cut off.

It was Glabe who eventually suggested to Glarn that he might somehow be pregnant. All the symptoms fit with what she had read on the subject and she had read a lot. Glarn first dismissed the idea as ridiculous, but Glabe convinced him to take a test.

Ridiculous as it was, the test was positive.

Glabe was pretty sure that basic human biology meant she couldn’t be the father. Glarn agreed to that, but basic human biology also told him that nobody else could be the father. Also, basic human biology told him that he couldn’t be the mother either.

In the end, the most logical conclusion seemed to be that Glarn was suffering from a severe illness that made him seem pregnant. Zo’s suggestion that it might be related to the alien abduction was clearly ridiculous.

Even when Zo, who was now acting as Glarn’s doctor, reported that she could hear two additional heartbeats.

“And then I gave birth to twins. It… Well, it was really painful and really weird.”


“You could look less excited. This is all your fault!”

“I’m sorry.”

“Especially the rest. If you hadn’t left… Well, we would have known what was going on. We wouldn’t have…”


Zo’s opinion was that the girls needed to be studied. That was her opinion on everything and Glarn was sure that eventually it would have subsided and she would have been a normal grandmother, but Glabe acted first.

She didn’t want those weird green children, especially in her situation, but they were here and they were part of the family. And she would not let Zo study them and experiment on them. Since nobody else was willing to act on it, Glabe did and left with the twins.

“We were all still in shock and mom was just babbling on and on and I kept staring at the girls and dad was trying to feed one of them a grilled cheese sandwich and Glabe kept yelling… And when I woke up the next morning, she was gone and the girls with her. She’d left me some divorce papers and the number of her lawyer. And I haven’t seen her since.”

Glarn tried to find his wife and children, but Glabe had covered her traces well. Life went on and Glarn found a sympathetic listener in Kitty Hogleg.

They were married in a private ceremony.

And eventually, Kitty gave birth to a cute little girl they named Jenny.

P.T. was shocked at Glarn’s story. His children were lost. His friend’s marriage was ruined.

They looked at each other in silence for a while. Eventually, Glarn spoke up. “So, there you have it. I don’t know where the girls are. Really. I wish I knew, but on the other hand, I’m very happy with Kitty and Jenny here. And, to be honest… I’m not sure what to do with you now that you’ve told me your role in this. I’m kind of angry. Maybe… it’d be best if we didn’t see each other again.”

P.T. nodded and hung his head. He heard a baby yell from the next room and Glarn disappeared to take care of her. As P.T. was getting ready to show himself out, Kitty came downstairs.

“So, you’re the missing link here, P.T.?”

“I guess so. I really messed things up, didn’t I?”

“In a way that was very like you.” Kitty smiled. “I’ll talk to Glarn. Make him come around. And in the meantime, I may be able to help you…”

And that was the story of how Glarn Curious found out that he had been impregnated by P.T. Smith, and how Glabe took off with the children. We'll see what happened with them at some other time.

Coming up next: All the babies.
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Default Gen 2, Part 7: Grunt, Curious

After finishing college, Chip Grunt married Missy Melons, dedicated himself to training and got accepted in the military. He was a promising young officer and there was a good chance he’d follow in his father’s footsteps soon.

With a final salute, General Rock passed away, leaving the military tradition in his son’s capable hands.

As well as the tiny hands of little Buzz.

The addition of Buzz’s sister Molly made the family complete and kept them very busy.


Glarn and Kitty were keeping themselves busy as well. On Jenny’s birthday, Kitty announced that she was pregnant again.

Jenny grew up into an adorable little toddler who really did look just like her mother. Glarn was very happy to see his daughter grow up, but he sometimes wondered about his other children. He hadn’t even given them names.

Kitty gave birth to a son they called Pascal and Jenny just kept growing.

This one's really short and boring, but it wouldn't fit in with the previous or the next chapter. So I'm doing another update tomorrow that should make up for it.

Coming up next: Olive's second husband
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Default Gen 2, Part 8: Muenda

Case report on the disappearance of Earl E and Tim Lee DeMise

I have come to the conclusion that the circumstances surrounding the Muenda family are highly suspicious. Earl leaves their daughter at the altar, disappears overnight and nobody even thinks to question them more than once? Sure, Lerato Muenda is a high-ranking police officer, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least look into it. Every other lead has given me no trace. The trail ends at the Muenda house, no matter how you look at it.

Of course, the family has proven resistant to investigations in the past. It’s always the same lines, they were very disappointed in Earl, they went to bed early, the bride was crying all night, the next day they learned that Earl had disappeared and assumed he had run off with the floozy he left their precious Olive for.

Well, for starters, I’ve found the floozy and he - yeah, that’s a detail Earl neglected to mention - didn’t run off anywhere. In fact, he figured Earl had gone through with the marriage. Investigated Floozy. Floozy didn’t know anything.

There’s two more dirty little details I did know though. First of all, Tim Lee. Definitely knew about his brother. I found some sketches in their old house, which led me to find the guy. And suddenly, revenge seems a lot more likely as a motive for killing the brothers.

Oh, and let’s not forget that the DeMise house received a phone call the night they disappeared. From a booth at the graveyard, which is near the Muenda house. Of course, there’s no proof, so the family argues, anybody could have gone there and tried to pin the disappearance - no protocols ever have them say ‘murder’, it’s precious - on the jilted bride.

Of course, this leaves a P.I. like me in quite a pickle. The family has enough money to protect them even from the official investigations and I’m as inofficial as they come.

So I took a different approach.

Shitty? Yes.

Effective? Hell yes.

Case report on the disappearance of Earl E and Tim Lee DeMise

Having successfully integrated myself with the family, I was able to observe their behavior and came to the conclusion that neither the parents nor the youngest daughter would be capable of murdering two individuals in cold blood. I suppose they might have bribed both brothers to leave town and don’t come back, but Tim Lee was already planning to do so anyway and he probably would have taken his brother with him.

No, I am sure the two were murdered.

And by none other than the eldest daughter, now my beloved wife.

Funny thing is, the parents don’t seem the type to cover up a murder for their daughter’s sake. But here they are. They have to know something. I believe that they are simply in denial and intend to confront them about it when I know their daughter is away.

It’s funny. Every time I stand on this spot, in the garden, I get this weird feeling, like I’m missing something important. But it’s just a normal garden, for homegrown vegetables.

(Scratch that last part from the report, what am I even writing?)

(Got a letter from my client today, complaining about the lack of reports. Was sure I had sent them off. Shit, Rigger, you’re getting old. Eh, I’ll make something up about how I wanted to wait until there was something worth reporting.)

“This way.” Rigger walked straight across the driveway.

“Olive’s pottery shack?” Peponi asked amused. “I’m sure we will find some crimes against good taste in there. The poor girl never had an eye for art, but she’s trying.”

“This is ridiculous.” Lerato said, her arms crossed. “Why are we breaking into Olive’s shack in the middle of the night, like she’s some kind of criminal?”

Ignoring the couple’s complaints, Rigger cracked the lock open and entered the room. “I don’t know much about pottery.” he said. “But if this is pottered, the wife’s a better potterer than I took her for.”

Grabbing his fingerprint scanner, he went to work.

Lerato and Peponi entered the room and looked around in dismay.

“This can’t be healthy. We need to have a talk with Olive about whatever hobby she is doing.” Lerato shook her head.

“I think I’ve seen that before.” Peponi said slowly. “My mother was into this stuff, you know, black magic, dancing in the moonlight, great mother earth, that sort of thing.”

“Well, Olive needs to take up a different hobby. This can’t be good for her mental health.”

“If it were that easy, I wouldn’t have brought you here.” Rigger said. “If it was just a question of Olive doing weird magic tricks instead of pottery, that wouldn’t be a problem. But both of you can confirm that Earl E DeMise was never in this room, can you? Then why are his fingerprints here?”

Peponi went right at him. “Why are you bringing this stuff up now? Don’t tell me you’re one of those people who believe that she killed him!”

“In my professional capacity as an investigator hired to find Earl E DeMise’s killer, I actually do.”

At these words, a shocked silence followed and was broken by a key turning inside a lock.

Olive was standing outside, with an angry look on her face.

“So that’s where I find you?” She glared at Rigger. “Sneaking around my back, breaking into my private room, involving my parents in your detective games?

“Well then. Have it your way.

“I am sorry, mother. This should not have happened. But I can’t let you or father go now. You’ve seen too much.


At Olive’s words, a fire broke out in the shack. The flames spread quickly and consumed Peponi, Lerato and Rigger in a short time.

Not even bothering to watch the events, Olive turned around and left the house. She would need an alibi.

When she returned the next morning, Olive reported the fire and her missing family. She cleaned the shack of all the sooth and dirt.

Then she took a long bath in her lonely big house.

Making Rigger Mortis a private investigator was a pretty late idea. I knew what Olive's reasons for marrying Earl, Hugh and Ichabod were, but Rigger stumped me. So I had him investigate the first murder, leading to Olive burning him and her parents. All three of them died by fire according to the wiki.

And that's what I needed the shack for. Although it did survive the fire. Olive still keeps her magic stuff in there.
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Default Gen 2, Part 9: Beaker, Grunt, Curious

Gundrun was happy. She had given birth to an adorable baby boy named Loki and spent most of her time playing with him.

Little Loki looked just like his daddy and was Gundrun’s little sunshine.

Canute had recently died and Gertrude was grieving, but her little grandson helped her through it. It was good that she looked after Loki, because Gundrun was pregnant again.

She soon gave birth to a little daughter named Erin.

But shortly after, Gertrude died. Bjorn was devastated. So was Gundrun. Her parents had already died a while back, and Gertrude had comforted her during that time. She had always acted as a mediator between her son and daughter-in-law. Both missed her a lot.

Bjorn spent more and more time at work. When he wasn’t working, he kept himself busy in his hobby room.

Meanwhile, Gundrun watched her children grow up.


General Chip loved coming home to his happy family life. Every evening, Molly would chat through dinner, telling her daddy all she had seen that day. Buzz was more of a quiet person and had to be prodded to tell his stories.

He always enjoyed listening to Chip talk about the military though. That was the only time when he’d ask questions and he had lots of them. Chip found himself teaching his son all about the military and by the age of six, Buzz could identify every military rank like other children could do with dinosaurs.

Buzz loved the fact that his grandfather had started a military tradition in the family and was determined to keep it up. He would be a general like his father and all of his sons would be generals too!

Not the daughters though. One look at his sister convinced Buzz that she would make a terrible soldier. She could stay at home and cuddle their mother or something.

Yep. Buzz had it all figured out. Dad wouldn’t have to worry about anything, his son was there to carry on the family legacy.

Chip thought it was the most adorable thing.


The Curious family kept growing. Jenny and Pascal were children by now and looked just like Kitty and Glarn when they were younger.

The newest arrival was little Vidcund, also known as “Daddy, what were you thinking with that name?” He currently seemed to enjoy himself.

With Kitty pregnant once again with her fourth child, Jenny took over the household. She explained Pascal’s homework to him and kept him entertained, and she warmed the meals Kitty had left for them.

Caring for her youngest child and the pregnancy left Kitty exhausted, so she gladly left some of her duties to her eldest daughter.

Jenny had tried to take over raising Vidcund as well, but unlike Pascal he didn’t follow her instructions at all.

“Stand on your legs. No, stand on your legs! No, don’t put your hand in your mouth, stand on your legs!”

After an afternoon of this, Jenny had complained to her mother that Vidcund wasn’t trying hard enough and given up on him.

Coming home from work, Glarn found a rested wife, a smiling toddler and two children with finished homework. Jenny really did a great job as Mommy 2.0.

And she still found time to play videogames with Pascal.

The adorable Loki Beaker. Look at how adorable this guy is! You're supposed to be Evil Incarnate, Loki, how is anybody supposed to take you seriously with that chin?

...Yeah, Loki was one of the three genetically impossible sims for Strangetown. I knew that from the beginning, but still, he turned out even more adorable than it should be possible. Maybe the beard will help?

Poor Gundrun, her marriage really didn't turn out as wonderful as she'd hoped.

The Grunt house is pretty close to the original, just a few of the paths where everybody gets stuck fixed.

Children can't really raise their siblings ingame, but I always thought that Jenny started out mommying her three brothers and enjoyed it so much that she became a family sim. Also, I wish it was possible for children to try and fail to teach toddlers. I tried to teach my little sister to read and to play the recorder and it was really funny.

What WAS Glarn thinking with that name? I mean, why would you name a child Vidcund? What kind of name is that?

Vidcund Curious: a Norwegian first name, which fell out of fashion as Vidkun Quisling became leader of the Nazi puppet government of Norway during World War II.


I rest my case.

Coming up next: The teenage years, Part 1
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Dang.... I'm up to date with the story and have to wait 😔
Please keep it coming!

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Default Gen 2, Part 10: Grunt, Curious, Curious

Things in the Grunt household were the same as usual with added teenagers. Buzz had now gotten a very military haircut and both children clearly sported their father’s nose.

Buzz’s military training had now begun in earnest and he often asked his father for tips. Nobody could clear the obstacle course faster than him. He was born for the military.

It came as no surprise when Buzz got accepted to work part-time with the army. He wore his uniform with pride all day long and would have continued to do so at school, if it weren’t for the dress code. Violating the dress code would have been unacceptable for Strangetown’s youngest representative.

Molly, meanwhile, had it up to here with all the military. Her brother never shut up about it anyway, and her father kept talking about how proud he was. Meanwhile, she had to clean up after them, because Strangetown’s finest certainly didn’t consider such banalities as mud on their boots when they strolled around in their stupid uniforms.

Featuring Oliver McGork, Owen McGork and Arabella Loste's son.

Curious, Glarn

With the arrival of Lazlo, the Curious family was complete, just in time for Jenny to grow into a teenager.

“So, mom, dad?” Jenny began. “I thought that maybe, once Lazlo is old enough to have his own room, he could have mine and I’d take the nursery. What do you think?”

“Sure, we can do that.” Kitty said. “But do you really want to have a room right next to ours? I would have hated that.”

“I’d just like to have a room not surrounded by brothers.”


Jenny glared at her younger brothers who had just started another food fight. “Sometimes I wish I had a sister…”

Jenny noticed a pained expression on Glarn’s face and decided to ask him about it after dinner.

“It’s not that I don’t love my brothers, dad. Really, they’re great. Just a bit loud sometimes?”

“Oh, no, I understand. You know your mother and I are both only children and we always wanted a large family. Might have gone slightly overboard there. Especially when it comes to brothers.”

Jenny wasn’t sure, but it seemed to her that her father was hiding something. He seemed cheerful enough now though and helped her plan the renovations for her new room.

A big family, that much was for sure.

A happy family too.

But Glarn had always felt that something was missing here.

Curious, Glabe

When Glabe had heard Zo talk of studying the twins, she had simply reacted without thinking. Grabbed the babies and run. Nothing to it.

She had enough money to keep the three of them safe and hidden for a while and she would think of something when the money ran out.

For now, they would be safe here.

Glabe knew she had covered her traces well. This wasn’t the first time she had to assume a new identity, although Glarn didn’t know anything about that part of her past. Anyway, the past experience came in handy now and would allow her to hide with the twins for a long time.

Glabe decided to name the twins Lola and Chloe. Glarn had never decided on a name since he didn’t even believe he was pregnant until the last moment and whatever their other parent was, he was out of the picture as well. The only alien Glabe knew was P.T., and he had a really weird name. Besides, the girls may have been green, but they looked a lot more human than he did, so they should have human names.

Caring for two toddlers was exhausting. Glabe learned to take naps whenever she could. The girls would crawl into her room and wake her up when they were hungry. Which they were all the time.

But that phase passed and the three of them survived somehow. Lola and Chloe grew into children. Both of them had human eyes - Glarn’s eyes - which Glabe thought was fascinating. She wondered if those black eyes only appeared on full aliens.

Since Glabe still couldn’t draw any attention to her family, the twins were homeschooled. Fortunately, both girls were very intelligent and picked things up fast. Lola was very dedicated to her studies. Chloe not so much, she preferred to put in just enough effort, but Lola always bothered her until she finished her tasks.

As the twins got older, Glabe started to work again. Money was tight and the girls were old enough to look after themselves for a while.

Of course, as they got older, their questions increased. Why were they only allowed to leave the house at night? Why did they have green skin when Glabe’s was pink and everybody they saw from the windows was also pink? Who were their real parents? If Glabe didn’t know, who did know?

The years passed and Lola and Chloe grew into teenagers.

And one day, P.T. stood in front of their house.

“They’re your children?”

“Yes. And I have searched all over for them for years.”

There were a thousand questions in Glabe’s mind. She asked the first one. “HOW?”

“I did not have sexual intercourse with Glarn. I don’t know why people keep asking me this.”

“Because… Oh, forget it.”

“So… can I see them?”

As Glabe entered the room, Lola and Chloe were sitting on the couch in such a peaceful way that she knew they had been fighting for the best place at the window five seconds earlier.

“Girls, I’d like you to meet P.T., your parent. P.T., these are Lola and Chloe.”

P.T. was so happy to finally meet his daughters. They were very curious about their alien parent as well. Lola was a bit reserved at first, but P.T.’s stories about his childhood were very interesting to her.

Chloe took a liking to her father as soon as she saw him. She felt that now that he had found them, Glabe wouldn’t need to hide them anymore. They could go to college and get to know their human parent as well.

Glabe was a bit sceptic at first, but when P.T. told her everything that had happened in their absence, she agreed that the girls were out of danger. P.T. wanted the whole family to return to Strangetown, which Lola and Chloe thought would be a great idea. Glabe wasn’t so sure about this, but she agreed to let them attend La Fiesta Tech at least.

The Grunt nose is alive and kicking! Buzz Grunt is shaping up very promising and did, in fact, turn out as an almost perfect replica of the original Buzz. Which, as you might have guessed, won't be the case for everybody. I'll go over the individual sims when they reach the Maxis age.

Molly eventually married Oliver McGork and the two have the distinction of being Strangetown's most perfectly square couple. They are very proper and nothing is ever out of order in their household. They are also really boring.

P.T. really has no idea why people are so fixated on the idea of him having had sexual intercourse with Glarn. As if that was the only way to impregnate someone!

Glabe has a bit of a mystery surrounding her. What is her actual last name, anyway? She's still going by Curious, even though it's been years since she left Glarn.

Coming up next: Olive's third husband
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Default Gen 2, Part 11: Mortis

After a certain scandal involving him, the mayor’s daughter, the mayor’s secretary and the mayor’s election funds, Hugh Thanasia had thought it wise to move away from Downtown and go hide out in some place on the edge of nowhere. Following the Road to Nowhere brought him to scenic Strangetown, a horrible desert place filled with country bumpkins. Just the place where nobody would even think of looking for him.

Lacking any other types of amusement, Hugh found his in the form of the young Mortis widow, living all alone in her house like a princess waiting to be rescued. He was very willing to be that knight for her.

Olive thought his manners flattering enough and while there was no power to be found within Hugh’s family, her time was running out. She needed a father for her daughter and Hugh was willing.

They got married privately and Hugh moved in along with his twin brother Lou. Olive could care less. As long as he got her pregnant, Hugh could bring in five siblings.

The problem was, he didn’t. After three years of marriage, and no lack of attempts, Olive still found herself without a child and not getting younger.

When she finally brought the subject up, Hugh seemed to find it incredibly funny.

“Oh, sorry, sweetie, I didn’t know you wanted children. No chance of that from me I’m afraid. Got that taken care of waaaay back. Kids are fine for other people I guess, but not for me. Should have married my brother for that, haha!”

Of course. Every other man in Olive’s life had disappointed her, why not this one as well? There was, after all, only one person she could rely on to get things done: herself. Taking Hugh had been a mistake. Olive had been desperate, all the men she knew were married, she would have taken anybody as her daughter’s father. This would not do. Her old dream of raising a powerful witch came back to her and Olive went back to her books and her cauldron, searching for a way to accomplish this goal.

It took her a long time to follow all the hints, but she found it. The answer had been so close all along. She had felt the presence on her wedding night, when she killed Earl E and his brother. She had felt it lingering still when she returned to her home the morning after her shed burned down. This powerful presence, this entity, would make a perfect seed for the child she would bear.

Of course, to summon him would require a sacrifice. Olive didn’t mind. She had no affection left for her husband and his brother.

A feeling like electricity ran through Olive’s body and she could have sworn she almost saw the personification of Death as he floated over to Hugh’s scorched body. Focusing her eyes on the spot, she recited the incantation.


The words sounded in her head, even though no sound had been spoken. Then the presence faded.

And a short time later, Olive could feel a new life growing within her.

For nine months, Olive was the happiest person in Strangetown. She imagined herself raising her daughter. Teaching her. Playing with her.

It lasted until her son was born.

Writing Olive's stories is my favorite part. Unfortunately, we're running out of murdered husbands, since No. 4 died of old age. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

I ended up not murdering all the maids, fire fighters, pizza deliveries and random townies that are normally found in Olive's garden. Randomly killing sims just isn't something I like to do, and besides I still haven't found out why every single resident of Strangetown who is in any way attracted to men thinks the mailman is ugly enough to make a puke face whenever they see him. I mean, I can understand some sims, but every single one for three generations? That takes some skill. He's like the reverse Arty. Maybe he was created to bring balance to the Force of attraction?

Anyway, Nervous ended up black, which obviously wasn't unexpected. With skintone 4 on one side and skintone 1 on the other, the whole range is possible, so the regular pasty Nervous is an option, but this one decided that he'd rather not. I'm fine with it, there are almost no dark-skinned sims in the neighborhood.

Coming up next: College again!
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Default Gen 2, Part 12: College Households Grunt, Curious

It was at his daily visit to the coffee shop that Buzz Grunt first met Lyla Vandermorgan. She was without a question the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. There was a charm to her that captivated Buzz’s attention as soon as he saw her. He did what he had never even thought of - he invited Lyla to share his precious coffee time with him.

“Morning, Buzz. Extra strong, double-sized, table in the corner.”

Lyla laughed. “You seem to have a reputation here.”

“He arrives at 7:30 every morning without fail. We actually prepare his coffee ahead since he always orders the same thing, and he’ll walk in right when it’s done.” The barrista handed Buzz his order.

“I will need an additional coffee today, actually.” Buzz said.

“Who are you and what have you done with Buzz Grunt?”

“My bad!” Lyla chimed in.

Lyla was a very chaotic person herself and thought it incredibly funny how perfectly organized Buzz was. From his coffee to his clothes to his grades, Buzz seemed like the type of person nothing could ever take by surprise. Seeing him change his rigid schedule to invite her for coffee was a compliment she only later learned the extent of. And Buzz found himself making other spontaneous decisions, like moving his training session to an earlier point in time so that he could accompany Lyla to an art exhibition.

Such devotion didn’t fail to impress Lyla.

Buzz was happier than ever when Lyla agreed to marry him. In a typical Buzz fashion, he had it all planned out - the wedding, their children, his career at the army, Lyla’s artistry which she could very well do from home while raising the children.

It would be perfect.

Say hello to Samuel McGork, Angus and Isabella McGork's younger son.

Curious and Curiouser

Jenny Curious took a deep breath of non-Strangetown air. The house looked kind of small, but it was free of brothers. The campus organizer had told her that two older students already lived here, but they were looking for a roommate.

He had also said that they were kind of strange, but Jenny wasn’t too worried there.

She did a double-take when a green-skinned woman with bright red hair opened the door.

“Hey! You must be the new tenant, right? I’m Chloe, my sister Lola is inside. Figured I’d let you get used to one of us first. So, you’re probably wondering why I’m green, right? Well, the thing is, I’m an alien. Half-alien, if you want to be exact. Got my eyes from my human parent. It’s a bit weird, but you’ll get used to it. Oh, and the hair? Totally dyed it. I always wanted to look more like my stepmother.”


Kind of strange may have been an understatement.

“Damnit, Chloe, what did I tell you? Try not to bring up your whole life story at once, it confuses people even more!” another woman yelled from inside the house.

“She hasn’t run away yet! There’s still hope!”

Jenny was able to collect herself enough after Chloe’s verbal assault to enter the house and sit down to dinner with the siblings.

“Really sorry about Chloe.” Lola sighed. “She’s scared away several roommates over the past year.”

“We’re really harmless, I swear!”

They certainly seemed harmless enough and Jenny found that her brothers’ fondness for space aliens had prepared her sufficiently for two half-alien roommates. They would actually have been disappointed to see just how normal Lola and Chloe were. Apparently they had been adopted as babies and only met their full-blooded alien parent when they were teenagers.

Said alien parent with the weird-sounding name of Pollination Tech #9 (“I’m seriously glad that Glabe gave us our names! I mean, can you imagine being called something weird like Engineer #5000? Yuck!”) was expected for dinner about a month after Jenny moved in.

“Hey dad! Say hi to our roomie!”

“Kitty?” P.T. blinked as he saw the familiar face. Then he realized how impossible that was. “Oh, crud.”

The three girls looked at him in confusion.

“You know my mother?” Jenny suggested.

“Yes, I… I should probably explain something… Glabe is going to kill me…”

“So what you’re saying is that Jenny is our half-sister?”

“Exactly. Your human parent’s name is Glarn Curious, he used to be married to your adoptive mother before he married Kitty.”

“I didn’t even know dad was married before, much less that he had children.” Jenny wondered.

“There were several misunderstandings, and it didn’t help matters that I disappeared for a few years. By the time I came back, Glabe had already taken matters into her own hands and it took me a long time to find her. I had always planned to introduce the girls to their father when they moved back to Strangetown with me, I didn’t expect them to meet their sister here.”

“I’m glad to have met them.” Jenny said. “And I’m sure dad will want to meet them too.”

Future General Buzz is the most military person alive. He is the essence of military. Of course he has a routine for how and when he takes his coffee.

Meanwhile, Jenny turned out looking so much like her mother that P.T. was bound to get confused.

There's a bit of a continuity error here. I only thought about Chloe coloring her hair to look like Glabe when writing the College scenes, so her hair is already red in the toddler pics. Maybe she insisted on having red hair really early?

Anyway, P.T. only has genes for black and brown hair, adding those to his already confusing hair color. Original P.T. has genes for red hair, but is shown in the pictures as blond. Jenny, by the way, has brown hair, but with a recessive gene for blond. One of the four Curious siblings did end up with blond hair. Unfortunately, it was Lazlo.
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Wow oh wow how the stories fit in to each other all I can say is WOW.

All my Beginning Hoods here at MTS.
All my Beginning Hoods as Shopping Districts plus Old Town.
MooVille, a tribute to Mootilda and her fabulous lots
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