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#51 Old 24th Jul 2020 at 1:31 PM
These are the only ones I've bought: Get to Work, Vampires, Laundry Stuff.

Stuff I will buy on sale: Get Together, Seasons, Realm of Magic (yes), Strangerville, maybe Perfect Patio and Bowling Night

No interest in Sulani or San Myshuno if they destroy all NPC names. Also anything that spawns more useless NPCs. No interest in Get Famous or Eco Living.
#52 Old 10th Aug 2020 at 2:36 AM
Current Packs: Seasons, City Living, Parenthood, Dine Out, Get to Work, Get Together, Backyard Stuff, Glamorous Life, Tiny Living, and Knitting

Hard pass on Magicians and Vampires for me. I have played them maybe twice in TS3 and TS2 and I've come to the conclusion that they're not my thing. No thanks for Laundry. I think the items in this pack are super cute, but the gameplay would endlessly annoy me.

I am waffling hard on University and Cats and Dogs. I've enjoyed university gameplay in the past, but with the reviews so mixed about gameplay I don't know. The attraciton for Cats and Dogs for me is Brindleton Bay. Since we can't make our own worlds in this game, I feel like I need to get the expansions to have new places to play. I'm not the biggest fan of the look of these animals, but I like the fake New England feel to it. Maybe I could even do a Gilmore Girls save in Brindleton Bay.

City Living is completely worth it for me and my gameplay. The careers are really fun and I enjoy the festivals. My favorite neighborhood is the Spice Market because it looks the most like home to me with its lowrises and wharf walk. I also like the Artsy neighborhood because it has this neat modern fountain thing that sims can fish out of and it feels pretty big. I wish that instead of these unchanging kiosks they were bodegas or mom and pop restaurants but it is what it is. The names thing doesn't bug me so much, but because I have Jungle Adventure my main file has a very Asian/Latinx/Filipino feel with names like "Yaretzi Hoang" and "Francisco Nakamura." I can't say how annoyed I would be over having an influx of quasi Hawaiian names but it might be a reasonable trade off for the beach.

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#53 Old 3rd Sep 2020 at 7:06 PM
So I'm considering putting together another bundle. (I have C&D, GTW, Parenthood and MFP.) I'm waffling between Get Together and Seasons. Jungle Adventure and Outdoor Retreat. And then Moschino or Knitting. Pros? Cons? Pick something entirely different. I'd like to hear opinions.
#54 Old 30th Sep 2020 at 5:58 PM
I no longer have the computer power to play Sims 2 or 3, so I've switched to 4. Basegame is a little boring, and it's a little far over on the cartoony side of the cartoon-realism slider for me (to be clear: I am not demanding realism, I just like a little less cartoony than this esthetic,m and anyway it's not a deal breaker I guess). Anyway. I have money issues, or I'd have a better computer. SO: I'm considering whether dumping money into the game will enhance my pleasure. I've thought that over time I could maybe squeeze out the money for four bundles--are there any other sales that happen? I got most of my expacks used for 2 and 3 but I don't see that that would work for 4--

Obviously I can't just get you to tell me definitely if the game will become a lot more fun for me with packs. Everybody's tastes differ. But your opinions will be something for me to chew on.

I was thinking something like this (not necessarily in this order, and I don't know how long between bundles, depends on $$emergencies):
1. Get to Work: Parenthood: Toddler Stuff/ mostly for aliens and playgrounds in public parks. In Sims 2 I adored the aliens, and in Sims 3 I was building a large family of all Imaginary Friends and Alien Babies when my computer decided it couldn't take any more.

2. Seasons:Outdoor Retreat:Bowling/ for the most fun? I love Seasons in 2 and 3.

3. City Living OR Eco Living :Dine Out: Tiny Living/ I loved Apartment Life in Sims 2, the equivalent in Sims 3 was a little disappointing but I loved Bridgeport. Tiny Living might be redundant but I already try to makje compact spaces?

4. Cats & Dogs: Spa Day(might enhance public spaces? I always place massage tables in gyms in 2 and 3) OR Jungle Adventures (I don't like the colonialism implied in the theme, but it might be nice to have the build items and some of the game play doesn't look so bad)

$200 for enhancements to a game I'm struggling to enjoy seems like a lot, or maybe not a lot, but also it would happen gradually as I felt free to spend.

Can people tell me what they think? Have you gone from meh toi excited with new game material in Sims 4, or does it just reinforce whatever feeling you already had about the game? Does anybody have thoughts about the bundles I'm contemplating? ARE there other occasions to save more money on this stuff?

What I don't need is the answer that takes the form of "Why are you even contemplating this if you're not having loads of fun with Sims 4?" It's because I love the Sims in general & I can't currently play either 2 or 3, so I want to make the most of 4. Also I don't need to spark a "which is better" argument, because that's not what I'm about here. I want to have fun with 4.
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#55 Old 18th Oct 2020 at 5:43 PM Last edited by ac220 : 19th Oct 2020 at 7:21 PM.
EDIT: I went ahead and got Uni... Going to start a new game to try it sometime soon.

So, I have BG only right now, wasn't playing much of the sims anything last few months, and just noticed it's the last couple days of a sale... So, on a budget of definitely just 1 DLC (whatever it is) what should I get?

My shortlist is more or less this:
1) Uni - I always enjoyed sims college, even the original UNI, and I really like sims getting high-level in their careers right away, so I'll probably like it, no downsides I can think of.
2) Realm Of Magic: Pro: Witches are the best, con: there's little else, really.
3) Island Living: Merfolk are the main draw, I like occults, and tropical settings.
4) Parenting: It kinda brings back TS2 personality system on top of traits, which I still think is better than a pure trait-based approach, but I'm not sure how it practically works...
5) Jungle Adventure: I had fun with WA and again, tropical setting, but, again, just a game pack.
6) Eco Lifestyle appeals to me, but I want a better discount, so I'll probably pass this time...

Anyone has any extra insight?
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#56 Old 12th Oct 2021 at 5:48 AM
Mu favs:
Vampires: Fleshed out occult gamepack that adds depht into vampires. Allow replayability via skill chain system.
Realm of Magic: Its fun to explore new potions/spells, duelling and stuff.
Get to Work: Active Careers. Should I say more?
Paranormal Stuff: It supposed to be a stuff pack but it comes with an amazing gameplay. Now all my houses are haunted hauses and Im lovin it.
Jungle Adventure: Its worse than Sims 3 WA because you are not the one who solve puzzles but finding out different relics is fun.
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#57 Old 3rd Dec 2022 at 5:15 AM
My favorite stuffs:
-Modern Menswear Kit. I love that they did a thing with central themes of disrespecting the gender binary it rocks.
-Little Campers Kit. It's adorable and pretty versatile.

-My First Pet Stuff. There's a lot of versatile items in it. I especially like the modern dog doors because toddlers can use them and they just look like actual tiny doors.

-Outdoor Retreat. I love camping and it makes me feel all fuzzy inside when my sims go camping. Also, versatile items.
-Strangerville. The vibes just make me feel good.
-Werewolves. The entire theme of the pack is my utopia I love it so much.

-Get to Work. Very fun gameplay and very useful items, especially for community lots.
-Cats & Dogs, Seasons. Core gameplay IMO.

My unfavorite stuffs:

-Desert Luxe. Can't complain bc I got it for free, but I like the other kits I have a lot more.

-Backyard Stuff. Everything seems cheap and low-quality for some reason?
-Luxury Party stuff. Doesn't have much to offer.

-Spa Day. Kinda boring. Especially the items.

-High School Years. I had to quit by lunch period because too much traumatic memories were rushing back. I'm doing things to make it invoke less traumatic memories, like rebuilding the school and editing the strings and stuff, but without that it's actually unplayable for me.
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