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Default Blood Brothers! Chapter 1

Blood Brothers! Chapter 1

Blood Brothers! is a story about four Comanche friends and their families in the late 1860's Texas . . . Quanah Whitefeather and his three best friends, cleared the land and built the houses in the village, where they lived. They named the village River's Edge, for the body of water, that runs across the end of the parsal of land. The men settled here, after The Treaty Of Medicine Lodge was passed by the white man's government. The treaty offered our people churches, schools and homes in return for their land.

The four friends, Quanah Whitefeather, Sohan Hunter, Santosh Fisher and Waya Sweeney didn't want to live on a government owned reservation. Since they were all about the same age and best friends, they decided they and their families, would be happier living on their own land.

The Whitefeather family consists of Quanah, his wife Marala, their oldest son Shardul and toddler son Chandar.

The Sweeney family includes Waya, his wife Mali, their son Balik and toddler daughter Samir.

The Fisher family consists of Santosh, his wife Lali, their son Balik and his twin sister Hala.

The fourth family consists of Sohan Hunter and his wife Hita. The couple had yet to have children.

Hala, Nachik, Balik and Shardul meet in the Gathering Place to have school. Hita sees that they do their lessons and is there if they have any questions.

Lali works in the garden and after Mali puts the toddlers down for a nap, she joins her.

When Balik finished with his lessons he offered to help his mother in the garden. She told him no. Gardening was woman's work.

Cooking is also woman's work. The women take turns sharing the responsibility for feeding the village. Everyone eats meals together in the Gathering Place, with men and children eating first and then the women.

They talk to each other about their children and their daily lives, but are not allowed to discuss their husbands.

The others overlook the odd behavior of the one, understanding the reason why.

Being friends with all the members of the village is accepted and even encouraged.

But being too friendly is discouraged and unacceptable.

The men meet in the barn and decide on the rules the village lives by. They discuss any rules that need changing or new ones that need to be made. Sometimes the discussions get heated and they disagree.

But soon all is forgiven with a friendly hug between friends.

​Waya and Sohan were playing Punch Me -.Punch U in the yard. . .

"Our husbands act like little boys sometimes", said Hita.

Quanah's wife, Marala was trying to teach her youngest son (Chandar) to talk. His birthday was tomorrow and he still wasn't talking that well.

"Say 'Ma-ra-la', that's who I am", she told the toddler.
Chandar gave his mother a mad look. He's a very stubbon little boy

Quanah came over and picked him up, "Come 'mon, I'll teach you to talk", he told the toddler.
"You're too hard on the boy", said Quanah.
"Well, his birthday is tomorrow and it's for his own good. He needs to know how to express himself, before he becomes a child", she said.

It wasLali's turn to fix supper. She cooked kasha for supper.
kasha, also known as porridge, contains whole grain and vegetables. The Russion word for feast, kasha can feed many people at once

After supper, Marala held Chandar, while she watched Quanah play with their oldest son (Shardul).

Quanah seemed to be enjoying it more than his son.

Then Shardul got mad at Balik. Balik was surprised, by his friend's actions.

"You shouldn't show anger to another, if you don't want them to show anger back", Hala, told Shardul. "When I become your wife, one day, I don't want to ever see you do that to me", she said.
(Shardul and Hala, being the oldest boy and girl in the village, have been promised to each other, by their fathers)

"Hala, I heard what you told Shardul just now. He will be the head of your household, it's not your place to tell him, what he must do", Lali told her daughter.

Hita picked up Hala's doll which had been left in the yard and held it. "I'll have to ask Sohan, again", she thought to herself, "Not that it's going to do much good

She went inside their hut and relaxed on the bed and asked Sohan to join her
"I want to try for a baby again, when we do woo hoo", she told Sohan.
"Alright, I'll do my best", he said.

"I hope you have my son, growing in your belly now", he said.
"Yes, me too", dhe said.

Hita turned over and pretended to sleep, as Sohan scooted up close behind her

After Sohan had fallen asleep, Hita go out of the bed.

Then she worried, that she still ​might not​ pregnant
'To be continued . . .
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Default Blood Brothers! Chapter 2

Blood Brothers! Chapter 2

The next day, over at the General Store. . .

Jack Ellis and his daughter, Patience arrived at the store. Jack and his family live a ways down the road.

Jack chatted with his brother-in-law, Edward Sinclair, the owner and proprietor

When Quanah Whitefeather walked into the store, Jack immediately, stopped chatting with Edward, to inquire as to what Quanah wanted.
"May I help you find something?", Jack asked Quanah
"My son has a birthday tonight and I want to get a present for him", answered Quanah.
"Well, I have some nice toys for little boys. Just look around and maybe y'all will find something", said Jack.
"Thank you, I will", he said

"Papa, I want some makeup", said Patience
"Sweetheart, you know your mama won't allow you to wear it until after your next birthday", he answered.
"I want some shoes with high heels, like Mama wears", said Patience.
"Patience, sweetheart, you'll fall and break your neck, if you wear them", said Jack

Then Patience noticed Quanah, standing there. She had never seen a Native American before, only heard about them from her mother.

"Do you have roaches where you live?", she asked.

"Do you have big rats in your house?", she asked

"My mama says, your kind more than likely do", said Patience

Quanah looked down at the beautiful, outspoken, golden-haired child, but ignored her comment.

"I'm so sorry, for what my niece said, but childern will be childern, you know", said Edward.
"I understand. Childern are like magpies, they repeat everything they hear", said Quanah.

Quanah purchased a toy ship for Chandar's birthday gift, then he and Santosh left to return to the village.

"I hope you don't mind, but I appologized to that Comanche, for Hope's coment, which Patience repeated to him", Edward told Jack.
"That's alright, I understand, you don't need any trouble with them", said Jack.

Then Jack and his daughter left to go home to her beautiful, outspoken, blonde headed mama.

Santosh and Quanah returned to the village.

Quanah entered The Gathering Place and grabbed Marala and gave her a hug.
"Quanah, did you forget, this is a public place", she reminded him, "You can do that when we're in our hut."

"Now that you're back, I have to bake a birthday cake for Chandar", she said, hurrying off.

While Marala baked a birthday cake . . .

Quanah took a bath to get the smell of the white man's store off him.

Hita came into the toilet and quietly stood, watching him bathe

Quanah got out of the tub. He dressed and turned around.

Hita tried to give him a romantic hug.
"No!", he said, pushing her away! "You belong to my friend Sohan and I'm married to Marala. This is not right/"
"But I want a baby and Sohan is unable to give me one", she said
"If it is meant for you to have a son, then you will have one with Sohan", said Quanah

Then he walked away from her, again.
To be continued . . .
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Default Blood Brothers! Chapter 3

Blood Brothers! Chapter 3

Over at the village, when it was time for him to grow up, Quanah carried Chandar over to his birthday cake.

Chandar grew up, still in his father's strong arms. Then Quanah placed his youngest son on the floor

Then Chandar jumped up and gave his father a friendly hug

Quanah sit with his sons and enjoyed the cake, Marala had made

"You look a lot like your father", Hala told Chandar, when she saw him outside

"Do you think I'm better lookingr than my brother?", he asked.

"Your face looks better than Shardul's, but you're both too skinny", she giggled
"Let's play Tag. You're it!", he said, tapping her arm.

Chandar ran as fast as he could around the lot.

Hala chased him.

Quanah was out in the yard, doing his yoga exercises Being in such good physical condition and having excellant control of mind over body, he's able to accomplish the most difficult yoga positions.

When he finished his yoga exercises, he played Punch Me - Punch U with Santosh
Since they're pretty evenly matched, the game was a draw.

"I know you've noticed Hita's odd behavior lately, the same as me", Lali, told Marala
"I refuse to listen to gossip about that poor woman", said Marala
"Come 'mon, what's a little friendly chat between friends, gonna hurt?", said Lali.
"We should be working in the garden, instead of standing here chatting, anyway", Marala said.

They watered the cabbage plants and Lali weeded the garden. "I'm going to go sit down on the riverbank", said Marala, "Come join me, when you finish weeding."

Marala sit down and enoyed the warm sun, on her beautiful tan skin

Lali joined her, when she finished her work. "Doesn't this feel wonderful?", she said.
"Yes, it is nice, but I better go get supper done, so we'll have time for Samir's birthday, before bedtime", said Marala.

After supper, Mali told Waya, "It's time for Samir to grow up".

Waya picked up the toddler and carried her to her cake.

When he put her down on the rug, Samir started growing up.

She grew up into a very cute child.

She sit at the table beside Hala and ate a huge slice of her birthday cake
"I'm glad you finally grew up, now you can help me with the chores", said Hala.

"And your father can decide which one of us boys, you're going to marry, said Nachik. "Me or Chandar."

"I'm just a child. I'm not old enough to be a wife", Samir said.

"She ain't got to worry about being my wife I ain't never getting married", laughed Chandar, thinking to whole idea silly.

Hala looked across the room and saw Hita

Poor Hita was slumped down to the floor in a stupor She seemed to be having a conversation with someone, only she could see

Her husband and Santosh's son were both doing the sign for she's crazy.

Quanah stood at the door to his hut and thought about Hita's odd behavior in the Gathering Place. "Something has to be done. That woman is an embarrassment to Sohan", he thought.

He went inside and lay brside Marala. His and Marala's families had arranged their marriage, when they were childern. If he had had a choice, he wouldn't have ever gotten married at all, but that wasn't the Comanche way. "At least, she had been able to give him two fine sons and she wasn't crazy", he thought to himself.
To be continued . . .
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Default Blood Brothers! Chapter 4

Blood Brothers! Chapter 4

Waya Sweeney and his wife (Mali) were discussing the decision, he must make, concerning their daughter's future. Waya needs to give his answer, at the next council meeting.
"I'm sure whichever one of the boys you choose, he'll be the best for her", Lali told him.
"That's the problem, I don't know which one I want her to marry", he said
"I know the final decision is yours, but would it hurt to ask Samir, which boy she likes better?", asked Mali.
"Yes, maybe knowing how she feels about them, might help me decide", he said.
"Samir, come here?", Mali called.

"Your father has something to ask you", said Mali, when Samir came.
"Father, what do you want to ask me?", she said
"Samir, I was just wondering, which one of your friends, do you like better? Nachik or Chandar?", he asked.
"I like them both a lot, but I think I like Chandar better", she answered, "He's much more pleasing to the eye".
"Of course, Chandar doesn't ever want to get married, so I guess Nachik would make the best husband", said Samir.
"Thank you Samir, you may go now", he said.

"Do you think, she should marry Nachik, since Chandar doesn't want to get married?", asked Mali.
"Chandar will do whatever Quanah tells him to do, if I decide he's the one for my daughter, then so be it", said Waya.

At the far end, of the lot, Quanah was resting on the riverbank.

Hita sit down on the ground next to him. "It's so quiet and peaceful here", she said, thinking outloud

Quanah jumped up quickly, when he heard her. "You didn't have to get up", she said, "I was just gonna watch you."
"I told you before, having those kind of feelings, it's not right. You belong to Sohan", he said.

Then she tried to give him a hug and he pushed her away
"Don't touch me!", he shouted.
"What's wrong with showing a little affection between friends?", asked Hita
"Why don't you listen to me?", said Quanah
"I just want you to put a baby in my belly", she said.

Since it wasn't any need to answer, Quanah walked away from Hita, again.

"Why won't he listen to me? I just want a tiny little baby, like YOU"., she told her flour sack baby.

Quanah walked across the yard and entered the barn, where his friends were waiting.

"The first thing we need to discuss, is which one of our sons, is going to marry Waya's daughter, Samir", said Quanah.

"My son Nachik is the next oldest. He should get married before your son, Chandar", offered Santosh.

"That's true, but it's up to Waya to decide. Samir is his daughter", Quanah said

"My daughter will marry Nachik, since Chandar has been heard to say he would never get married", said Waya.

"Good, that is settled. Now, we need to discuss, the problem with your wife, Sohan. We all know she is an embarrassment to you", he said.

"I know what's causing Hita's problem. She wants a baby so much, that's it's making her crazy", said Sohan.

"If you can't give her one, then let someone else try!", Waya said, being sarcastic

"That's exactly what I've been thinking. Quanah, you're the chief, will you help me out?", said Sohan

"How can you ask me this?", said Quanah, surprised, that his friend would ask such a thing.
"We have been friends since we were childern. I would never betray you, by doing woo hoo with your wife. She belongs to you
"Yes, but I'm giving you my permission to give me a child",said Sohan. Then he looked over at Waya and Santosh, "Do we all agree?", he asked
"I agree", said Waya.
"I also agree", said Santosh.

"Since everyone is in agreement, I'll do it", saod Quanah.
To be continued . . .
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Default Blood Brothers! Chapter 5

Blood Brothers! Chapter 5

Out in the yard, Hita was talking to her flour sack baby.

"Hita, I have a solution to your problem", said Sohan.
"What problem is that, Sohan?", she asked.
"Your wanting a baby so much, that's it's driving you mad", he explained.
"The council decided, Quanah will give us a baby".

"You mean, Quanah agreed to do it?", she asked, surprised
"Yes, it's all set", he said, giving her a thumb's up

Sohan saw Quanah and told him, "I told Hita what the council decided and she agreed to do it".
"Tell her, I'll be over tonight. I just want to get it over with", said Quanah

Quanah gazed out the window deep in thought, until he heard his wife (Marala) call him.

"Is there anything troubling you, my husband?", she asked, "You haven't seemed yourself all day."

"I just have a little problem, I need to take care of", said Quanah, "Nothing for you to worry about."

Chandar and Shardul played Punch U - Punch Me.
"Come 'mon, hit me", Shardul teased.

Samir and Hala were sitting on the sofa. "I don't know which boy I want to marry!", said Samir.
"I wish you would shout up about it", Hala said, "It's not your decision anyway."

"I know, but my father is taking so long to decide", she said

"Aren't you glad, we didn't have to wait to find out, who we were gonna marry?", whispered Shardul.
"Yes, I've always known I belonged to you", said Hala.
"When we have our next birthdays, then we can hug and kiss like our parents do", he whispered.
"Yes, we can", she giggled

Samir was watching Nachik and Chandar playing chess. "I wonder which one my father will choose", she thought to herself, "Whether my father choses Chandar or Nachik, I will have to abide by his decision, because that's the Comanche way."

Later that night after the women and children were in bed, Quanah was relaxing in the large tub of warm water with his three friends.

"When are you going to give me and Hita a baby, Quanah?", asked Santosh

"I'm planning to do it tonight", he answered.

"What happens if after you do it, she decides she likes your woo hoo better than Sohan's?", asked Waya.

"I guess I could keep two women satisfied, just as well as one", said Quanah.

Then he felt the water, as it splashed in his face.

"That wasn't funny", said Sohan.

"You know I would never do woo hoo with your wife, without your permission", said Quanah, splashing him back.

"Well, Mister Talk-Big, are you ready to give my wife a baby?", asked Sohan
"You mean right now?", asked Quanah.
"She's expecting you, just go on in", said Sohan

Quanah went over to Sohan's hut. He went into the livingroom.

He lit a fire in the fireplace, to warn off the chill.

Hita came into the room, talking to her flour sack baby

When she saw Quanah, she said,"You saw me, huh?"

"Hita, I know your want for a baby is driving you mad", said Quanah, "That's why I'm here."

"Hita, don't get any ideas, this is the only time we're doing woo hoo and it's only because Sohan is my friend", he said.

Then she jumped into his strong arms. "Alright, take me to the bedroom", she said

Quanah did as she asked and madeout with her.

And then they did woo hoo, Try for a Baby.

"Thank you, Quanah", said Hita

"You're welcome." "It wasn't as bad as I expected", he thought to himself.

"I must go home. Marala will be worried", he said.

He ran across the yard to the toilet. He took a bath, to wash away the smell, of his time with Hita

He stood at the door of his hut. "Good, the hut was quiet, that meant Marala and his sons were still sleeping.

Quanah undressed and got into bed beside Marala, but he was unable to go back to sleep. Marala must never find out what he had done. It would break her heart.
To be continued . . .
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Default Blood Brothers! Chapter 6

Blood Brothers! Chapter 6

When Hita woke up the next morning, Sohan asked her, "It wasn't too bad, was it?"

"No, it wasn't too bad", she told him, but she was thinking, "It was the most wonderful woo hoo, I've ever had".

"That's a relief. I didn't want to think, I made you do anything you didn't want to. Do you think you have my son in your belly now?, he asked.

"YES, I do!", she said, as she ran out the door and ran across the yard to the toilet.

She threw up. "Oh my, I've got a real, honest-to-goodness baby in my belly", thought Hita.

Over at The General Store in River's Edge, Edward Sinclair, owner and proprietor, was chatting with Waylon Fairchild, a local gardener. "I only have those grape vines and the apple tree, but I'd appreciate it, if you'd take a look at them sometime", said Edward.
"I'll be glad to look at them, from time to time", said Waylon, that's what friends are for".

Since Waylon was the only customer, Edward asked him to play a game of chess.
"Have you seen them Comanches who done set up a whole village down the road?", asked Waylon.
"Yes, as a matter of fact, two of them came in the other day to buy a birthday gift for one of their sons", said Edward, "They seem to be pretty nice folks".
"Well, I ain't seen none of them, but I imagine they ought to have a pretty big garden, to feed all that bunch", he said

Edward's brother-in-law, Jack Ellis came into the store.
"If I can help you wih anything, let me know", said Edward.
"Alright, I will", answered Jack.

Then Quanah Whitefeather walked into the store.
"Is there anything in particular, you'll looking for?", asked Edward
"My oldest son is having a birthday tonight and I thought I might see something he'd like", said Quanah.
"Did your other son like the toy ship you brought him?", asked Edward
"Yes, he said it looked like the one in a storybook he has", said Quanah.

"I wonder if that Comanche is married", Christy Statton, thought to herself, "He's the most beautiful man, I've ever seen".

"I beg your pardon, but will you join me in a game of chess?", Christy asked Quanah.
"Yes, I like to play chess", he answered
"If you don't mind me asking, do you have a wife in your village?", she asked.
"Yes, I have Marala", he said, "Do you have a husband?"
"Goodness no, I'm a single lady", she giggled, "That's why I asked you, if you had a wife."

Quanah played a game of chess with Christy

She enjoyed the game, but enjoyed more being able to look at Quanah, sitting across from her.

Edward greeted Jake Cooper, when he came into the store. Jake and his family recently moved to River's Edge

"Let me know, if there's anything I can help you with", said Edward

"Thanks, I will", said Jake

Edward went over to chat with Komei Tellerman, a local Indian scout. He enjoyed listening to Komei, as much as Komei enjoyed talking.

Goopy GilsCarbo, a local, was chatting with Quanah, "A goodlooking fellow like you must have lots of wives, right?", he asked.

"Yes, I have a different one to woo hoo, every day of the week", said Quanah, appearing very serious.

"Wow, he must be some man, to keep that many women satisfied", Goopy thought to himself

That fellow was just pulling your leg", said Waylon, when Goopy told him what Quanah had said.

"Really, do you think so?" asked. Goopy.

"Yeah, that Comanche and his friends, only have one wife apiece, unlike the ones out on the plains", said Komei.

"My wife said to tell you, she was sorry for the remarks, our daughter made to you", said Jack, "Hope said, she doesn't know where Patience heard them".
"Tell your wife, that in the future, to be more careful, what she says in front of your daughter", said Quanah.

Then Quanah and Sohan left to go home

"That Comanche is smarter than a lot of white folks, I know", thought Jake, who had overheard the conversation between Jack and Quanah

"I got a bad feeling about that Comanche, he's too smart for his own good", Jack told Edward.
"Maybe you should just forget it. We don't need any trouble from their kind", said Edward, "Did you see those fangs, he's got? He could tear you to pieces, if he had a mind to".

Right down the road from the General Store, is Jack Ellis' house.

This is Jack's beautiful, blonde, opinionated wife, Hope.

His daughter Patience, whom you already met

And Patience's faternal twin sister, Charity.

"I met our new neighbor, Jake Cooper, over at Edward's store this afternoon", said Jack.

"You mean to say, we actually got some neighbors besides those savages?", asked Hope.
"Now Hope, watch what you're saying in front of the girls", he said.

"Well, what do you want me to call them?", she asked.
"They're Comanche and they seem to be nice enough folks", he said.

"I saw one of them last week, when I went with Father to Uncle Edward's store", said Patience, "I asked him if his house had roaches and big rats and he said no".

"Your daughter even told him, that her mother said it", Jack told Hope

"Well, you don't think he's going to admit to having roaches and rats do you?", she said, "Excuse me, I've got to get supper started".

Hope went into the kitchen, "Mattie, how long before supper will be done?", she asked.
"I'm starting it now, Mrs. Ellis", said Mattie.

"Good, I'll tell Mr. Ellis", said Hope.

To be continued . . .
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Default Blood Brothers! Chapter 7

Blood Brothers! Chapter 7

At the River's Edge schoolhouse, a new teacher arrived this morning.

Miss Molly O'Shay, who recently received her teaching certificate from the women's college in Houston, lit a fire in the pot bellied stove. She wanted the schoolroom to be warm and confortable for the childern.

She sit at her desk, nervously awaiting the arrival of her students. At precisely nine o'clock, the students started to arrive.

"Students, my name is Miss O'Shay and I'm your new teacher. When I call your name, please say present, then open your penmanship practice book. We will be doing lines for the next hour".

She noticed there was only two boys in the class. Ben Cooper, a cute child with brown hair . . .

And Chandler Playz, a cute boy with red curly hair.

There was seven girls in the class. Sarah Cooper, a pretty child with long, silky brown hair . . .

Megan Browning, a rather homely child with brown hair

Patience Ellis, a pretty child with beautiful, long blonde hair

Charity Ellis, a cute child with beautiful, long chestnut brown hair

Katherine Martin, a cute child with auburn curls

Tosha Go, a rather homely teenager with blonde plaited hair

And Meadow Thayer, a pretty teenager with long, blonde hair

Molly couldn't help but notice how varied the students were in their dress. The Ellis sisters (Patience and Charity) and Katherine Martin definitely came from wealthy families. The other students' parents must be working class or farmers. "No matter, I'm here to teach them all the same things, reading, writing and arithmetic", she thought to herself. Now she needed to inquire about a room to rent in a suitable family's home. Her small savings wasn't going to last very long, with her staying in the rooming house.

After school had ended for the day, Molly walked over to the General Store. If anybody in town had a room for rent, the store owner would know.

Molly entered the store and introduced herself to the owner. "I was wondering if you know of anyone around here, who has a room for rent?", she asked.

"Yes, as a matter of fact", said Edward, "My brother-in-law, Jack Ellis, has an extra room in his house, that you might be able to rent."

"I have two students named Patience and Charity Ellis", she said, "Would they be his daughters?"
"Yes, they are", said Edward.

Just then, Santosh came into the store.

"Pardon me, Miss O'Shay, I need to wait on this customer", said Edward

"What can I help you with today?", asked Edward.
"I want to know if you knew anybody who wants to buy a horse?", asked Quanah.,

"I don't rightly know of anyone off-hand, but I'll ask around", said Edward.

"Thank you", said Quanah..
"No need to thank me, that's what friends are for", said Edward

"Did I hear him right?", asked Santosh.
"Yes, he said, 'that's what friends are for' ", said Quanah.
"That's what came out of his mouth, but they all lie", said Santosh.

"Yes, you're right", said Quanah.

"I'll be glad to walk you over to the Ellis Place and introduce you to my brother-in-law", said Edward.
"I don't want to be a bother", said Molly.
"No bother, I can use the fresh air", he said.

When they arrived, Edward introduced Molly to Jack, "Miss O'Shay needs a room to rent. I told her you might have one".
"Yes we do, but you'll have to talk to my wife", said Jack, Hope has final say-so, when it comes to household decisions."

"Miss O'Shay, how long have you been teaching?", asked Hope, "You don't look much older than my daughters".

"Oh, I just recently graduated from the women's college in Houston. The school in River's Edge is my first teaching assignment. I have so many hopes and plans for my students", said Molly, enthusiastically.

"Would you like to see the room?", asked Hope.
"Yes, thank you", said Molly.

"Well, this is it", said Hope, "It's small, but it's neat and clean."

"It's big enough and it's decorated lovely", said Molly.

"Thank you", said Hope.

Molly asked, "When may I move in?"
"You can bring your things around tomorrow morning", said Hope.
"Since tomorrow is a Saturday, that will be perfect for me", said Molly

Patience and Charity, who had had their birthdays earlier, were sitting on the porch.

"I still look like such a child", said Patience, "I need to do something different with my hair".

"Yes, I feel the same way, but you know we're not allowed to cut it?", said Charity.

This month's issue of mother's Harper's Bazar magazine has pictures of the latest hairstyles on the cover", said Patience, "I'm sure we can find a style for long hair".
(Harper's Bazaar magazine had it's debut in 1867 and was originally spelled Harper's Bazar. It was an American fashion magazine aimed at women of the upper-middle and upper classes).

Patience went to the mirror and changed her hairstyle to one, she thought made her look older.

Then Charity changed hers into a style, she thought more becoming

"That hairstyle makes you look beautiful", Patience told her sister.
"Thank you, but you're still more beautiful than me", said Charity, "Oh, I so wish I had been born blonde, too."

Their mother called them into the parlor.
"Girls, Miss O'Shay is moving into our extra bedroom tomorrow", said Hope

"I believe we're going to enjoy having a teacher right here in our own home", said Jack, "Isn't that right girls? I'm looking forward to us having some stimulating, after supper conversation",said Jack.

"Yes Father", they said in unison.

When Santosh and Quanauh returned from the store. . .

Santosh got in the tub and asked his wife to join him.

"At times like this, I know why I got married", said Santosh

In the Whitefeather hut, Quanah is about to remember, why he got married, too. He relaxed on the bed with Marala and gave her a romantic kiss.

"I want to do woo hoo", said Quanah.

And what Quanah wants, Quanah gets

Windows without glass or curtains, don't provide much privacy, but Quanah and Marala were too busy to think about that.

"I'm grateful to my father everyday of my life, for choosing you to be my husband", Marala told Quanah.

"You know I didn't want to ever get married. But it was expected, so I'm glad it was you", he said.

Hita ran to her and Sohan's hut. " I have Quanah's baby in my belly, but I want him, too!", she cried.

To be continued . . .
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Default Blood Brothers! Chapter 8

Blood Brothers! Chapter 8

A few days later at the Gathering Place, the childern were doing their lessons. Nachik was finding them easier to do, since he had had his last birthday.

His sister Hala was also no longer struggling with her lessons

Shardul still found them difficult, but was improving a little everyday

Chandar saw no reason for doing them, but did anyway, because it was expected of him.

Samir no longer struggled, in fact it came easy to her now.

Her older brother, Balik still struggled to do them.. .

After the childern had finished with their lessons, Samir played with her stuffed arangutan.

When Chandar came over and tried to give her a friendly hug, she told him no.

"Why not!", he hollowed. "I'm promised to Nachik now", she told him.

Shardul grabbed his little brother and gave him a noogie
"Ow, you just wait. I'll be as big as you one day", said Chandar.

"Why don't you pick on somebody your own size", said Hala, tickling Shardul.

"What, like you?", he laughed

Then he gave her a romantic hug.

Across the room, Hita started screaming, "Ow, it hurts! Somebody, help me!",

Hita delivered a beautiful baby boy. "We have a son!", she said.
The Hunter Family's first-born son was named Sundar, which means beautiful.

"Congratulations, you did it! You have a son", Quanah told Sohan, giving him a thumbs up.

"Thank you my friend", Sohan whispered, as he gave Quanah a friendly hug.

Hita stood in front of Quanuah holding the baby. Go ahead, give Sohan his son", said Quanah.

To Be Continued . . .

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Default Blood Brothers! Chapter 9

Blood Brothers! Chapter 9

At River's Edge Village, childern grow up, babies are born and life continues as usual.

Lali Fisher was cuddling Sundar Hunter, the newest member of the village. "He's such a beautiful baby", she told Hita, "You and Sohan should have more childern".

"Yes, I'd love to have many more, just like him", said Hita. Lali handed the baby to Hita. "I better go see what my own two childern are doing", she said.

Then Hita held Sundar, so Sohan could talk to the baby. "Sohan is such a wonderful, loving father . "I should be satisfied, but he's just not what I want", she thought to herself.

One who doesn't have Hita's problem, is Hala Fisher. She is promised to the one she loves .

and will marry Shardul Whitefeather, after she has her next birthday

For now, they have all the time in the world, to be together

With it being such a nice day, Marala and Quanah were relaxing together in the large tub of warm water.

She was staring at her husband.

"Why are you staring?", he asked, "Is there something wrong?"

"No, I was just thinking how beautiful you are and how lucky I am to have you", she said.

"Marala, if I ever do anything to displease you, let me know, alright?". he said

"Yes, I will", she told him. "But, for now, I think it's better to keep my suspicions to myself", she thought.

After supper that night, Marala baked a birthday cake for their youngest son Chandar.

He came to his cake, blew out the candles.and grew up . . .

Into a goodlooking teenager

Chandar asked Shardul to play Punch U - Punch Me. "Come 'mon. Let's see how tough you are now", teased Chandar "I bet I can still beat you", said Shardul

On Monday morning, another week of reading, writing and arithmetic has began for the childern of River's Edge

Miss Molly O'Shay, the new teacher, sit at her desk and observed her students, as they practiced their penmanship lines. Molly was pleased to see two new students this morning.

There was a new, blonde haired boy named Horace Fletcher. His family had just moved to River's Edge this past Saturday

And a cute, dark-haired girl who was Horace's little sister Laura.

At three o'clock, Molly dismissed the students and they all headed for home.

Everything was falling into place for Molly. She had moved into the Ellis' house this past Saturday. She had spent most of the day Sunday, getting to know the family. Now that her personal life was taken care of, she wanted to start on her plans for the school.

Just down the road, at the General Store, Jack saw Quanah, and asked, "Do you still have those horses for sale?" "Yes", said Quanah.
"Good, 'cause I want to buy one", said Jack, "Do you happen to have a palamino?"
"Yes, I have a mare", answered Quanah. "Good, I want her", said Jack.

"Hello, I'm Molly O'Shay, the new school teacher", said Molly, "May I ask you a question?"
"Yes", said Quanah. "If it can be arranged, would the childern in your village like to attend the public school, here in River's Edge?"

"If you can get permission from one of your chiefs, we will discuss it", he said.

Molly was pleased with Quanah's answer. He hadn't said no, like she was afraid he might.

"Miss O'Shay, I'd be glad to walk you home", said Edward "Thank you, Mr. Sinclair, but I can get there alright on my own", said Molly

"When are you going to bring that mare over to my place?", Jack asked Quanah when he saw himoutside.
"Will this coming Saturday afternoon be alright?", asked Quanah.

"That'll be fine", said Jack, "I'll give you cash on delivery".

"Which one of the horses did you sell?", asked Santosh.
"He wanted the palamino", said Quanah
To be continued . . .
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Default Blood Brothers! Chapter 10

Blood Brothers! Chapter 10

On Saturday afternoon, over at the Ellis Place

Patience and Charity were in their bedroom gossiping and playing, as teenage girls had a tendency to do, even in the 1860's.

Chandar and Shardul came with their father to deliver the palamino.

"You wait here with the horse, while I talk to Mr. Ellis", said Quanah.

"Where's the horse?", asked Jack.
"My sons will bring it around, after you pay me", said Quanah.

"Well, I don't doubt she's a beauty, but I would like to see her, before I give you the cash", he said.

In the meantime, "Look", whispered Chandar. "What is it?", asked Shardul.

"There's two white girls and they ain't wearing nothing but their underwear", said Chandar.

"I don't think we should be looking at them", said Shardul, turning away from the window.

"That one with the yellow hair, is the most beautiful girl, I ever seen", said Chandar.
"Come away from the window, before she sees you", said Shardul, "She don't want nothing to do with you".
Then they heard their father call, "Boys, bring the horse around!"

"These are my sons", Quanah told Jack, introducing Shardul and Chandar.

"Do you boys go to school?", asked Jack.

"We have our own school in the village", answered Chandar.

"The horse is a beauty and worth every cent you're asking", said Jack,"It was a pleasure doing business with you. I hope we can be friends."

"Father, do you think Mr. Ellis means what he said?", asked Chandar.
"Just because the words came out of his mouth, don't make them true", answered Quanah, "They all lie."

"Oh may goodness, look at them!", said Patience, staring out the window.
"Who do you suppose they are?", asked Charity.

"I don't know, but I'd give anything to meet them", said Patience.

"You know, Mother and Father would never approve", said Charity.

The girls were watching Shardul and Chandar playing Punch U - Punch Me, in front of their house.

"Do you think that's the only clothes they have?", asked Patience.

Patience and Charity were whispering and giggling about the two Indian boys, as Shardul and Chandar were leaving with their father, to return to the village.

Around the back of the house, Jack was going to ride on the Palamino, he bought from the Indians. "Jack, do you even remember how to ride?", laughed Hope.
"Yes, of course", he said, "That's not something you forget, once you learn."

Jack rode around for a bit, then returned home.

When he got off the horse, he saw Hope coming toward him. She was dressed in a riding outfit. "Now what in the devil, did she think she was going to do?", he thought to himself.

"Why are you dressed in those clothes?", asked Jack.
" What do you think? I'm going horseback riding. "I was quite an accomplished equestrian in my youth", said Hope.

"Would you like me to help you get on?", asked Jack.

"I'm perfectly capable of doing it by myself, Jack", she laughed.

"See, I told you I'd be fine, she said, from atop the horse".

Jack watched until Hope was out of sight.

"It looks like so much fun", said Charity.
"I wish we could ride", said Patience.

"When can we learn to ride, Father?", asked Charity.
"I think y'all will have to wait until you're older. Horseback riding isn't something the doctors recommend for young single ladies", he explained.

"Oh no!", screamed Charity and Patience in unison, as they watched their mother falling from atop the horse.

Jack ran to Hope, who was lying on the ground. He picked her up in his arms and carried her into the house.

Jack gently layed Hope on the sofa.
"I sent Waylon (the gardener) to fetch Dr. Warner", said Molly.
"Thank you, Molly. Please help me get my wife ready for the doctor, before he arrives", said Jack.

Jack carried Hope into the bedroom. Molly helped him change her into a nightgown and put her in bed.

He ran outside when the doctor arrived, "My wife fell off a horse", he said.

"I'll examine her, then tell you what I think", said Dr. Warner.

Doctor Warner came into the bedroom and opened his medical bag, then went about examining his patient.

"Dr. Warner, please tell me the truth. How bad am I injured? Why am I unable to move my legs?", Hope asked.
"Well, it's pretty bad right now, but after the swelling around your spinal cord goes down, I'll know more", he answered. "I'm sorry, Mrs. Ellis. I wish there was more I could do", he said.

"How bad is my wife's injury?", Jack asked the doctor.

"Your wife needs complete bedrest for the next couple of months", said the doctor, "I advise hiring someone with nursing training, to help with her care. I know someone who can do it, but she's not cheap."
"That's fine. My wife's health is more important than the money", said Jack.

"Molly, will you please see Dr. Warner out, while I talk to my daughters", said Jack.
"Yes, of course", said Molly.

"Girls, your mother is going to have to stay in bed for the next couple of months, just until she's all well", said Jack, trying to shield Patience and Charity from the bitter truth.

"You seem to be a capable, level headed woman", the doctor told Molly, "How do you do pay for your keep in this well-to-do household?"

"I'm a teacher, Dr. Warner, "I teach at the River's Edge schoolhouse". said Molly.

"Well, Molly, my friends call me Hayden", he said, "And since I plan on us being friends, call me Hayden."

"Alright, Hayden", she said.

He was kinda bossy, but she did like him.

To be continued . . .
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Default Blood Brothers! Chapter 11

Blood Brothers! Chapter 11

The next day, over at the General Store .

Waylon Fairchild, the Ellis' gardener, was telling Edward, about having to go fetch the doctor yesterday for Mrs. Ellis, after her accident.
"I haven't seen my sister in awhile, I reckon I better go over there this afternoon and see how she's doing", said Edward.

Jan Tellerman from the ladies missionary group asked Kobi Tellerman to give a talk at their next meeting. "The ladies would be so interested in hearing about your adventures as an Indian scout", she said.

Kaylynn, a local maid, was chatting with Remington, the Ellis' maid, about. "When I went to work this morning, Mrs. Ellis was flat on her back in bed. She said she had to stay like that for a couple of months", said Remington.
"Aw, poor woman", said Kaylynn

When Molly finished at the schoolhouse for the day, she stopped by the General Store.

"Waylon told me about Hope's accident. How's she doing?", asked Edward.
"The doctor said she needs complete bedrest for a couple of months, then he'll be able to tell more about her injury", said Molly.
"Tell her, I'll be over tonight, after I close up here", said Edward.

When Molly saw Quanah Whitefeather, she went over to him.

"My chiefs gave their permission for your childern to come to River's Edge school", Molly told him.
"I will bring it up at the next council meeting", he said, "We will have to vote on it."

"I hope your council approves it", said Molly, "I look forward to teaching your childern".

"Are you ready to go back to the village?", asked Santosh.
"Yes, I'm ready", said Quanah.

"What did that red-haired woman have to say to you?", asked Santosh.
"She's the teacher at the white people's school. She wants our childern to attend their school", said Quanah.

"Do you think they should?", asked Santosh.
"Maybe, we'll have to discuss it at the next meeting", said Quanah.

The two friends soon arrived back at the village .

"I'll call a meeting tonight after Waya's daughter's birthday party", said Quanah.

Sohan called Quanah over, "Quanah, I still have a problem with Hita. I thought having a baby, would satisfy her", he said, "But now she wants a little brother or sister for Sundar."

"NO! I'm not giving her another baby!", Quanah howled.

"Please, Quanah. She says if you don't, she'll tell what we did", said Sohan.

"You tell your wife, my answer is NO!", growled Quanah, "And don't you dare bring it up at the meeting tonight!"

Then Quanah angrily walked away.

In Sohan's hut, Hita had just finished bathing and feeding Sundar.

She placed him in his crib for his afternoon nap. "Have a nice nap, my precious", she told the infant, "It won't be long, before you have a little brother or sister, just as beautiful as you."

After Sundar fell asleep, she went over to the Gathering Place.

On the other side of the lot, Shardul and Hala were relaxing in the large tub of warm water.

"Shardul, are you pleased that I'm the one your father choose for you?", she asked.
"Yes, of course, why do you ask such a silly question?", he said.
"I was just wondering, that's all", said Hala.

Then Chandar jumped in thr tub.

"Did I interrupt something important, you was doing?", he asked jokingly.

"No, we won't doing nothing important", answered Shardul.

Hala heard what Shardul told Chandar. She got mad.and jumped of the tub.

A little later, when Shardul was on his way to the gathering place, he ran into Nachik. For some reason, these two have hated each other, since they were childern.

"Get out of my way!", growled Shardul.
"No, make me", said Nachik.

Shardul attacked Nachik. abd they fought tooth and nail. When the dust had cleared, Shardul had won.

"Shardul, if you will stop fighting with my brother, I'll forgive you", said Hala.
"Forgive me for what?", he asked.
"For saying what we were doing in the tub, wasn't important", said Hala, "We don't have to do it anymore, you know."

"Let's call a truce", said Shardul, knowing Hala meant what she said.
"Alright, I agree", said Nachik, but wasn't sure whether to believe Shardul or not.

Later in The Gathering Place, when it was time, Samir came to her birthday cake and blew out the candles.

And started growing up.

Samir grew up into a pretty teenager.

"You didn't grow up too ugly", teased Chandar.

"A lot betterlooking than you", she said, tickling him.

"I better go over there with Nachik. He wants me to play a game of chess", she said.

Out in the barn later that night . . . "I called this meeting, so we can discuss, whether the childern of the village, should attend the public school in town or not?", said Quanah.

"Who said they could go?", growled Waya, "We don't want any trouble!"

"The school teacher got the approval from her chiefs and she asked Quanah, if our childern could come", explained Santosh.

"The childern are the future of our village. We built it, so we could live on our own land and be free. If they aren't educated in the white man's way, they won't know how to keep themselves and their childern free. I think they should be allowed to attend, but if there's any sign of trouble, we should pull them out immediately", said Sohan.
"Yes, I agree", said Waya. "I agree", said Santosh.

"So, we all agree?", asked Quanah
"Yes, we all agreed!", growled Santosh, "Weren't you paying attention?"
"Forgive me, I have another problem on my mine", said Quanah.
"If I can help you with your other problem, just ask", said Santosh.
"Thank you, but it's something I have to deal with myself", said Quanah.

Across the lot, Samir was whispering something to Chandar. Then she hurried back over to the Gathering Place, before Nachik came looking for her.

Later that night, Samir checked to see if her brother Balik was asleep. She didn't think he would settle down tonight.

Samir ran across the lot toward the barn . . .

Where Chandar was waiting for her. He grabbed her and gave her a hug.

She smiled, then said, "Please let me go. "I need to catch my breath."
"I'm sorry, I was just so excited that you came", he said.

"Chandar, I think I made a mistake", she said.
"What, by meeting me like this?", he asked

"No, silly", she said, nuzzeling his neck.

"I think something I told my father, made him decide on Nachik", she said.
"What did you tell him?", asked Chandar.
"I told him that you were more pleasing to look at, but Nachik would make a better husband", she said.
"Samir, Nachik will make a better husband, but I will make a better lover", said Chandar.
"I better go. Balik might wake up", she said

Chandar kissed her goodbye and she left to go back to her hut, more confused than before.

To Be Continued . . .
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Default Blood Brothers! Chapter 12

Blood Brothers! Chapter 12

At River's Edge Indian Village, it was time for Sundar Hunter's first birthday.

Sohan, the proud father, brought Sundar to his birthday cake.

He helped the infant blow out his candles.

Then Sohan did the baby toss.

The infant returned to his arms . . .

A cute toddler.

Quanah silently watched, as his youngest son grew up.

Sohan gave his son a family kiss before handing him to Hita.

Hita looked at Sundar in awe. She was overjoyed at how much he looked like Quanah.

She gave gave him a family kiss. . .

And cuddled him.

Samir offered to put him down for a nap when he got sleepy.

She took him over to Sohan and Hita's hut and put him in his crib.

When she turned around, Chandar grabbed her and gave her a squeeze.

"I can hardly breathe when you do that, even though I do enjoy it", she said.

They looked around and saw Hita.

"Did I interrupt something?", she asked.

"No, uh . . . Chandar was just leaving", said Samir.

Then Samir was relieved when after Chandar left, Hita gave her a thumbs up!

"Does that mean, you won't tell on us?", she asked.
"It'll be our little secret", said Hita, "I know exactly how you feel."

When she went outside, Samir saw Chandar in the large tub of warm water with Shardul and Hala.

She got in the tub and stared over at Chandar.

"Why you staring at me?", he asked.

"Don't flatter yourself", she said.

"It's good you two ain't promised to each ", laughed Shardul.

"You could at least try to be friends even if you don't like each other", said Hala.

Shardul told Hala, "Come sit with me."

Then they motioned for Chandar and Samir to "get out"!

So they could madeout.

Samir whispered something to Chandar.

"Samir, come here!", called Nachik, who had been watching them.

"Let's get in the tub", he said.

"Come sit with me", said Nachik.

Chandar took off running . . .

It was hard seeing Samir with Nachik, but he knew he'd have to learn to accept it and be satisfied with the the moments when she belonged to him.

Chandar's mother had learned to do that very thing, even though she's the one Quanah married. At times like this, she could almost forget about the other girls and women he'd had. She knew, if Quanah had had a choice, he would never had married. But he was a good Comanche brave and had done what his father wanted.

Her suspicions about Sohan and Hita's son were even stronger now. "She couldn't be the only one in the village, who noticed Sundar's resemblance to Quanah. But why would Quanah do woo hoo with Hita, when he obviously hated her?", she thought to herself.

"Where you going?", asked Quanah, awakened from his nap.
"It was nice watching you sleep, but I got things to do", she joked.

"Thank you for putting up with me", he said, giving her a hug, "I'm going into town, but I won't be long."

It was the end of another day at the schoolhouse in River's Edge. The school teacher, Molly O'Shay was writing in her diary. When she looked up she saw Quanah watching her.

"We voted and decided our childern will be allowed to come to your school", he said.

"Good, how many childern are there?", asked Molly
"There's four boys and two girls", said Quanah.
"School starts at nine o'clock every morning, Monday thru Friday", she said.

"They'll be here", he said.
"I'll be looking forward to meeting them", said Molly, "I'm glad you decided to let them come."

"Goodbye, teacher", said Quanah.

"Goodbye, Mr. Whitefeather", she said.

Quanah got on his horse and rode away.

He stopped in front of the General Store.

Quanah saw the store owner outside sweeping the porch.

"Is there anything I can help you with today?", asked Edward.
"Yes, I want school clothes for four teenage boys and two teenage girls", said Quanah.

"I have some nice flannel shirts and some of them new twilled cotton trousers for the boys. They're made out of some new fangled cloth that some German immigrant originally intended to use for tents. I also got some nice dresses for the girls. They ain't nothing fancey, but I think they'll do for school. If you want any fancier ones, you'll have to order them from the catalogue", said Edward.

In 1850, Levi Strauss, a 24 year old German immigrant started manufacturing heavyweight trousers made from twilled cotton cloth known in France as "genes". He intended to make tents for the miners, but finding no market, he decided to make pants. He ended up making a fortune, as well as history. The Levi trademark pocket stitching and label began to be used in 1873.

"These will do just for now", said Quanah, "I'll be back later to get some of the trousers for myself and the other men in the village".
To be continued . . .
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Default Blood Brothers! Chapter 13

Blood Brothers! Chapter 13

The next morning at the village, the childern were dressed in their new clothes and were excited about going to the white man's school. Shardul and Chandar were playing Punch Me - Punch U.

"You look prety in that red dress", Shardul told Hala.

"You look very handsome in ah . . . clothes", she laughed.

Samir asked Chandar to play "Red Hands". When she won, he said, "Not fair, I wasn't ready".

"You just don't want to admit a girl beat you", she joked, tickling him.

"But I have to admit, you certainly look handsome in those white man's clothes", she said.

Nachik watched Samir and Chandar. She was promised to him, but seemed to spend most of her time playing with Chandar.

Nachik went over to talk with her, "Samir, you look pretty in that blue dress", he said. "Thank you, you look nice, too", she told him.

Balik asked Shardul to play Punch Me - Punch U. "Come 'mon, hit harder!", said Balik.

"Maybe he can't hit no harder than that!", said Nachik

"Take it back!", growled Shardul. "Who's gonna make me?", asked Nachik. "ME!", growled Shardul.

"Shardul, you promised not to fight Nachik anymore", said Hala. "He started it", said Shardul.

"Hala, I'm always gonna stand up for myself, no matter what", he said. "Shardul, I don't know what I'm going to do with you", she laughed.

"It's eight-thirty, you should be on your way", Quanah told them.

Balik, Samir and Chandar walked together.

Nachik walked with Hala. "I appreciate what you did", he said.
"You know he's got a bad temper", said Hala, "You should know not to make him mad."

Shardul walked by himself, trying to calm down before he got to school.

At River's Edge Schoolhouse, the day for a big change had arrived. The teacher, Miss Molly O'Shay sit at her desk and watched her students, as they came into the classroom.

Charity Ellis was chatting with Horace Fletcher. "I think these two are sweet on each other", Molly thought to herself, "They do make a cute couple and they both come from good families."

Two of the Comanche boys were playing Punch U - Punch Me. She was pleased to see they were dressed in appropiate school clothes. The thought had crossed her mind that they might show up half-naked, in their Indian clothing.

Patience and Charity were whispering and giggling to each other about something.

One of the boys who was playing Punch U - Punch Me, asked the sisters, "Was you talking about us?"
"No, we have more important things to discuss than you", said Patience, sarcasticly.

"Students, when I call your name, say here", said Molly. She went down the list of students. The only one of her original students who hadn't returned was Tosha Go, but being that she was a townie, Molly wasn't able to check on her.

There was six new Indian students. Hala Fisher, a pretty teenager with long, straight black hair . . .

Samir Sweeney, a pretty teenager also with long, straight black hair. . .

Balik Sweeney, a handsome teenager with his black hair, pulled up into a half-way ponytail . . .

Chandar Whitefeather, a handsome teenager with black hair hanging to just below his shoulders . . .

Nachik Fisher, a rather thin teenager, with black hair, which was cut shorter than the others . . .

And Shardul Whitefeather, a handsome teenager with long, straight black hair. Unlike the others, he was wearing his traditional headband.

While the students were finishings their assignments, Molly prepared salami sandwiches for the whole class. She was ahead of her time, believing that the childern would learn better on a full stomach. As each student finished their assignments, they grabbed a plate.

After putting away his plate after eating, Chandar was walking back to his seat.

Patience was coming toward him to get herself a sandwich.

Chandar grabbed her and gave her a noogie!

"Why did you do that?", she asked. "Cause I wanted to", he answered.

"Students, it's time for recess", said Molly.

Patience came out into the school yard.and was chatting with her sister Charity's crush, Horace.. When Charity saw them, she had a mad look on her face.

After Patience left, Charity asked Horance to play Red Hands.

"Would you like to play a game of darts?", Patience asked Chandar. "Sure, if you don't mind getting beat", he said. "I wouldn't be so sure of that", she said.

Patience took her turn first. She recorded her score with the chalk.

Then it was Chandar's turn.

"Patience, look!", he called, pointing up at the sky.

When she turned to look up, Chandar cheated.

"How did you do that?", she asked surprised.

"I cheated", he admitted.

"No wonder you were so sure of beating me", she teased.

At three o'clock, school ended for the day and the childern headed for home.

"Well, there they go back to their village", said Patience. Do you think they'll come back tomorrow?", asked Charity.
"I centainy hope so", said Patience..

To be continued . . .
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I like it...interesting topic..You don't see a lot of Native American Sims.

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Originally Posted by HCAC
I like it...interesting topic..You don't see a lot of Native American Sims.

Thanks for reading my story. I love my Native Americans. I've been playing them for several years.
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Default Blood Brothers! Chapter 14

Blood Brothers! Chapter 14

Over at the Ellis Place, the doctor has come to check on Hope's condition. She was thrown from a horse and as a result is unable to move her legs. Dr. Hayden Warner, the local general practitioner had finished his examination. "Well, what's the verdict doctor?", asked Hope. "It's not as bad as it was, the swelling has gone down considerably. You do have some slight movement in your toes now. I believe after all the swelling is gone and with lots of therapy, you will be able to walk again", he said.

"Mrs. Ellis, the doctor will tell me what exercises you need and we can start them, as soon as you're ready", said Olivia.

"Thank you, Olivia. And Olivia, please call me Hope. Mrs. Ellis sounds so formal".

"Your wife's condition is still serious, but there is a slight improvement ", said the doctor, "The swelling has gone down considerably and she's able to move her toes."

"So, how long do you think it will be before she's completely recovered?", asked Jack.
"With the right therapy, I'd say maybe less than six months", said the doctor.

When his daughters came home from school, Jack told them what the doctor had said. "Now y'all tell me, how was school today?", he asked.

"The childern from the Indian village started today", said Patience, "They're really nice, not at all dirty and smelly, like Mother said".
"Well, you know your mother has a tendency to exaggerate", said Jack.

"You mean to tell things that aren't true?", laughed Charity.
"Well yes, that too", said Jack.

"When I saw you chatting with Horace, do you believe I was jealous", laughed Charity.
"Oh, I can't believe you thought I liked him", laughed Patience, "You should know I like dark haired boys."

"I wonder if Chandar would like me better, if I let my hair hang down loose like the Indian girls", said Patience.
"I don't know, but you could see how it looks", said Charity.

Patience went to the mirror and changed her hair to a long, straight style.

"Well, what do you think?", she asked Charity. "It reminds me of corn silk", said Charity, "It is beautiful."
"Do you think he will notice?", said Patience.
"Yes, how can he not notice something so beautiful", said Charity.
"Thank you", she said.

Down the road, at the Indian Village, Hala and Samir were watching . . .

Shardul and Chandar wrestling.

"I think that girl with the yellow hair likes Chandar", said Hala.
"You should have seen the look she gave me, when she saw me chatting with him", said Samir, "Can you imagine what she would do, if she knew we . . . ah." "If you what?", asked Hala. "Uh, never mind. Here comes your brother", said Samir.

"I heard my name, were you talking about me?", asked Nachik.
"Yes, I was just saying, I hope you don't like the girls at school more than me", she lied. "Samir, you're promised to me. Nothing or nobody can ever change that", said Nachik.
While Samir has a problem, pretending to be happy with Nachik . . .

Quanah has a bigger problem. When he went out to the barn to check on the horses, he heard someone call his name. When he turned around Hita tried to give him a hug. "No, go away!", he said. "Please, I just want to feel your arms around me again", she begged.

"Quanah, that night must have meant something to you", she said.

"It was the worst night of my life!", he howled.

"But it was the night you put our beautiful son in my belly", said Hita.
Then a female voice called out, "QUANAH!".

"How could you do such a thing!", screamed Marala.

"You don't understand, I had to do it. Hita wanted a baby so much, that it was making her crazy. Sohan was unable to give her one, so he begged me to do it", he explained.

"Go away! Leave us alone", he told Hita, who was crying uncontrollably.

"I don't want to believe you did this", said Marala.

"Whether you want to believe it or not . . . it's your problem, not mine", he said..

Then he walked out of the barn. Now that Marala knew the truth, Quanah felt relieved. It would only be a matter of time, before she forgave him

He saw Santosh coming across the yard and called him over. "Marala knows about me and Hita", said Quanah. "But how?", he asked. "She heard Hita and me arguring about it in the barn", said Quanah. "What did Marala say?", asked Santosh. "She said she didn't want to believe it, so I walked away", he said. "You should go back and tell her everything", said Santosh.

Quanah went back into the barn.

He saw Marala laying on the haystack. He lay beside her, then said, "Marala, I want to explain this thing with Hita to you".

"There's nothing to explain", she said, "What's done is done".

"Marala, Hita wanted a baby so much, that she was going crazy. You remember how she was", he said, "Sohan was unable to give her one, so he asked me to do it."

"You didn't have to do it, just because he asked", she said.

"He asked me at a council meeting and we voted. It was decided that I should give them a baby", said Quanah.
"You mean, four grown men, who should have known better, agreed to do something so stupid?", she asked.
"It made sense at the time", he said.

"Marala, please forgive me", said Quanah, trying to kiss her. "Don't ever touch me again!", she screamed.
"But, you're my wife", said Quanah.

"That's your problem, not mine", she said, walking out of the barn.

To be continued . . .
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Default Blood Brothers! Chapter 15

Blood Brothers! Chapter 15

It was just another day at River's Edge schoolhouse. It had been two weeks now, since the Indian childern had come to the "white man's school". Miss Molly O'Shay, the teacher, was pleased at how well all her students had adjusted to one another. It just goes to show you, childern are childern, no matter what their culture.

She was finally able to tell the Indian childern apart, remember their names and had learned a little about their families. Balik Sweeney was the youngest of the four boys and was the son of Waya and Mali Sweeney.

Balik's younger sister, Samir was the youngest girl, as well as the youngest of the group. She was "promised" to Nachik Fisher, which Molly understood to mean that they were to be married when they both became adults.

Nachik Fisher, son of Santosh and Lali Fisher, and . . .

His twin sister, Hala were the oldest of the group. Hala was promised to Shardul Whitefeather.

Shardul was only a few hours younger than the twins. He was the oldest son of Quanah and Marala Whitefeather.

Shardul's younger brother, Chandar was a day or so older than Samir. He wasn't promised to anyone yet, but by the way Samir acted, you would think he was hers.

Ben Cooper, son of Jake and Amanda Cooper lives on a farm, right off the main road.

Ben's sister Sarah is three years his junior.

And David Fletcher, who just started school today, is the youngest son

Horace Fletcher, the oldest son of Tom and Peggy Fletcher, also lives on a farm.

Laura Fletcher is Horace's sister, younger by three years.

And then, there's Charity Ellis . . .

And her faternal twin sister Patience. The girls don't seem to be affected too badly by their mother's accident. Of course, their overprotective father, hasn't told them how serious her injury is.

At afternoon recess, Balik and Nachik played Punch U - Punch Me.

Patience was chatting with Chandar.

Although he looked a little disinterested.

She asked him to play Red Hands, which got his attention.

Especially when he won!

Horace and Balik had only one disagreement today. A big improvement since the first day.

When school ended for the day, the Indian boys and . . .

The Indian girls left to go back to the village.

The other students walked in the opposite direction to go home.

After supper in the fanciest house in River's Edge, (Jack Ellis' father had struck it rich in the California Gold Rush of 1848) Nurse Olivia Warner was reading to Mrs. Ellis. After her patient fell asleep, Olivia also retired for the night. Molly had gone to bed earlier. Mr.Ellis joined his wife in slumber.

Patience and Charity were the only ones still awake in the house.
"Did Chandar notice your new hairstyle?", asked Charity.
"Yes, he said he liked it", said Patience.
"Well, at least he noticed. That's the important thing", said Charity.
"He's not like any of the boys I've ever known before", said Patience, wonder if he even thinks about me once he goes home to his village".
Just then, they heard a tapping at the window and someone calling softly, "Patience, come outside".
Patience got up off the bed and looked out the window. She was surprised to see Chandar staring back at her.

"Chandar's out there. What should I do?", she asked Charity.
"Go out and see what he wants", said Charity, "Be careful, that you don't wake up Father".

Patience went outside. Chandar was sitting in the swing on the backporch and she sit down beside him.

"Why did you come here uninvited and so late?", she asked.

"I was thinking about you and couldn't get to sleep", said Chandar.
"You were thinking about ME", she said, barely able to believe her ears.

"You're so different from the girls at my village", he said.
"Is that good or bad", she asked, joking.

"It's definitely good", he answered.

"Chandar, you better go. We'll be in big trouble, if my father was to wake up and see you", she said.

"Goodbye, Chandar. See you at school tomorrow", she said.

Patience made it back to her bedroom, without waking anyone. Even Charity was sound asleep. .Now that Chandar had taken the first step, she knew there would be no turning back in her relationship with him.

To be continued . . .
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Default Blood Brothers! Chapter 16

Blood Brothers! Chapter 16

Over at the Indian Village . . .

Chandar was coming back from Patience's house.

"Where have you been?", asked Samir.
"I couldn't get to sleep, so I took a walk", he answered.

"Follow me", she said.

"Why are you out so late?", asked Chandar.
"I woke up and wanted to see you before any of the others got up", said Samir.

At daybreak, Chandar kissed Samir goodbye.

Since it was Saturday, she could go back to bed and dream about Chandar.

Sohan was up early, enjoying "father and son" time with Sundar.

Now that the toddler was fed and changed, Sohan put him in the bouncy seat.

When Hita woke up, she came into the livingroom. "Sundar is growing up too fast", she said.
"Hita, he's a healthy little boy, that's what he's suppose to do", said Sohan.

"It wouldn't be so bad, if I knew I could have another baby", she said.

"Hita, I asked Quanah and he said NO! You got to get over this obsession, about wanting another baby", said Sohan.
"I'll try. I promise", she said.

Later that morning, a beautiful teenage Indian girl . . .

Her little sister . . .

And their cousin arrived at the village.

Quanah was the first to see them and went to ask what they wanted.

"My name is Pale Moon and these two little ones are my sister Gentle Fawn and my cousin Little Blue Bird", the girl said, "We are from the Cheyenne Indian Village."

"Where are your parents?", asked Quanah. "All our parents were killed, along with all the others", she said. "You must be hungry and tired. We will feed you and give you a place to rest", said Quanah.

Quanah took the Cheyenne orphans to the gathering place, where they were fed. Gentle Fawn ate, as if she were starving.

Little Blue Bird, usually a picky eater, cleaned her plate.

"After you finish your meal, I want to hear about what happened to your people", said Quanah.

Pale Moon ate in silence, with a far-away look on her face

After they had finished eating, Marala took the two younger girls to her and Quanah's hut. Gentle Fawn slept in Shardul's bed and Little Bluebird slept in Chandar's.

"Thank you, the food was delicious", said Pale Moon, "I'd ready now to tell you what happened."
"About a week ago our village was attacked by the soldiers. Our parents and almost everyone else were killed.

"Little Bluebird, Gentle Fawn, my mother and I were the only ones who survived. We left our village and started walking through the woods, in hopes of finding other Cheyenne like us."
"My mother was very weak. She had just given birth to my little brother before the attack, so we stopped often, to let her rest".

"She held my cousin Little Bluebird on her lap to comfort her. 'Pale Moon, if I'm unable to continue, you must take care of your sister and cousin', she said. Then she motioned for my little sister Gentle Fawn to come over to where she was sitting".

"My mother held my little sister on her lap and tried to comfort her as best she could".

"When she stood up to continue on our journey, she fell to the ground. She lay there not moving. My mother died, right there in the clearing", said Pale Moon.

"Come, I told Little Bluebird and Gentle Fawn.

"After walking a short distance, I saw your village. Right after that, was when we came here."

"You must be tired", said Marala, when she returned to the gathering place.

I'm taking you to my hut temporarily. The men will decide, if you can stay".

To be continued . . .
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Default Blood Brothers! Chapter 17

Blood Brothers! Chapter 17

Over at the Indian village, the men have called an emergency meeting. The meeting will decide the fate of the three Cheyenne orphans, who showed up at their village that morning. The men gathered in the barn to discuss the situation and vote on the outcome.

"I called this emergency meeting because we need to decide what to do with the Cheyenne orphans", said Quanah.

"I think we should let them stay! It seems as if the Great Spirit knows we need wives for our sons and sent these girls to our village", said Santosh.

"We don't know anything about them", Waya growled!

"What's there to know? They're only childern!", growled Sohan.

"The Cheyenne aren't that much different from us. They can be taught our ways", said Quanah, "If we send them away, where will they go? If what happened to them, happened to our childern, wouldn't we want them to be raised by their own kind? It seems as if the Great Spirit is watching out for us. He sent exactly the number of girls we needed", said Santosh..

A vote was taken and they all agreed, "The Cheyenne orphans can stay and become wives for our sons", said Quanah..

"I was just thinking, Chandar is the oldest of the boys, he should have the teenage girl promised to him. Don't you agree, Quanah?", asked Sohan.

"Yes, but I don't want to tell him just yet", said Quanah, "They should get to know each other, before he's told she's going to be his wife."

Speaking of wives, in Sohan's hut, his wife Hita was struggling to change her toddler son's diaper. She powdered him good, when she was finally able to get the soiled diaper off.

"You are as subbon as your father, my precious and just as beautiful", she told the toddler.

When Sohan returned, he told her that they had decided, the orphans could stay and would be future wives for their sons. "Can I choose the one that will be promised to Sundar?", she asked.

"Of course, whichever one of the younger girls you like the best", he said.

Over in the gathering place, Chandar was practicing chess. Pale Moon pulled out a stool and asked to join. "You might as well", he said.

"I was one of the best players in my village", she said.

Chandar gave her a discussed look.

Two hours later, Pale Moon was thinking long and hard about her next move. "You're a pretty good player, too", she said, "I don't see anywhere else I can move.""Then it's a stalemate", he agreed.

When they got up from the table, Chandar grabbed Pale Moon and gave her a noogie! "Ouch, that hurt", she said.

"You are the most discussing boy I've ever met", said Pale Moon, then walked out.

Hita had decided that Little Bluebird was her favorite of the girls. She had convinced the child to let her "do something" with her hair. "I don't know who cut your hair before, but they certainly made a mess of it", said Hita.
"I cut it myself", said Little Bluebird.

"There, I'm finished", said Hita, "That looks much better". "Thank you", said Little Bluebird.
"You're very welcome. Now don't go chopping on it again", said Hita.

"I won't. 'cause I'd like to have beautiful long hair like yours", said Little Bluebird.

To be continued . . .
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Default Blood Brothers! Chapter 18

Blood Brothers! Chapter 18

Monday morning at the River's Edge schoolhouse, Molly was happy to welcome three new students, who had showed up with the others from the village. There was Pale Moon, a pretty teenager with long black hair.

Her sister Gentle Fawn, a cute child with long black pigtails

And their cousin, Little Bluebird, a cute child with short black, bobbed hair.

After the usual morning lessons, lunch was served, then the childern went outside for recess. Little Bluebird played Red Hands with Gentle Fawn.

Horace was chatting with Charity.

"Do you think your parents will let me comw calling on you?", he asked.

"I don't know, but I';; ask them", she answered.

Chandar and Patience ait together in the swing. "I wish you could come over to my house, you know, like a regular gentleman caller", she said, "But I know my parents wouldn't allow it".

"I already knowed that, that's why I came to your window the other night", said Chandar.
"Just because my parents feel that way, doesn't mean I do", she said, "I love when you come again".

Just then Samir came over.

"Chandar, will you play Red Hands with me", she asked, purposely interrupting them.

Chandar stood up and played with her.

When Chandar won, Samir tickled him.

Patience watched, getting madder and madder by the minute.

On the other side of the schoolyard, Horace and Balik were fighting.

I have no idea which one started it. They've been leading up to this all week.

After the dust had cleared, Balik was the winner.

"Balik, fighting isn't the way to settle your differences with Horace", said Molly.
"Yes mam", said Balik.

"I'm sending a note home to your father, to let him know you've misbehaved today", she said.
"Have you got to?", he asked.
"Yes, I think he should know", said Molly.

"Horace, fighting isn't the proper way to settle your differences with Balik", said Molly.
"Yes mam, I know", he said.

"I'm sending a note home to your daddy to let him know you misbehaved today", she said.

"Are you going to ask father if Horace can come calling?", asked Patience.
"Yes, I'm almost an adult, said Charity, "I think it's about time have a gentleman caller".

"Did you girls like school today", asked Samir. "I liked it", said Gentle Fawn. "I liked it, too", said Little Bluebird, "But I don't like these clothes I got to wear".

"It makes me a little sad, knowing this was my last day of school", said Hala. "Why aren't you coming anymore?", asked Pale Moon. "Tonight is my birthday and I'm becoming an adult", answered Hala.

This is also Nachik and Shardul's last day of school. Their birthdays are tonight, then they will also be adults.
Balik was the last to leave for home. He wasn't in any hurry to give his father the note in his pocket.
Over at the village, after the childern returned from school, Waya was lecturing Balik about why he shouldn't fight in school.

"That boy has been disagreeable ever since I met him", said Balik, "Today was the last straw".

"Balik, please don't fight anymore. If you make trouble, they won't allow you and the others to go to their school", said Waya.

"I'm sorry Father, I won't fight again", said Balik.

Later that night, it was time for Nachik birthday. He came to his cake, blew out the candles and started growing up.

He grew up into an attractive adult.

"Aren't you going to tell me happy birthday?", he asked Samir.

"Yes, of course, happy birthday", she said, giving him a hug.

Nachik's twin sister Hala's birthday was next. She came to her cake She blew out the candles, then . . .

Grew up into a pretty adult.

Shardul came to his birthday cake and blew out the candles. He started growing up

Shaedul grew up into a handsome adult.

"Happy birthday, you grew up pleasing to my eyes", said Hala.

"Hala, there's something I've been waiting a long time to ask you", he said.

"Hala Fisher, will you marry me?", asked Shardul.

"Oh yes, yes Shardul!", she said.
To be continued . . .
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Default Blood Brothers! Chapter 19

Blood Brothers! Chapter 19

At the Ellis Place, things are looking up. Hope Ellis has made remarkable improvement since her accident. She's able to be up and about, even though it is with a wheelchair.

"Mrs. Ellis your back is healing a lot faster than we had expected", said Dr. Warner.

"But how much longer will I have to be confined to this wheelchair?", Hope asked.

"Well, if you keep doing the exercises I recomended, you should be able to walk again in a few months", he said.

"That's wonderful news", she said, "Thank you doctor".

"Hayden, do you really think Mrs. Ellis will make a full recovery", asked Molly.
"Yes, I believe she will. Her progress so far, looks promising", he answered

"Molly, I'd like to come calling on a regular basis, if that's alright with you", said Hayden.
"I'd like for you to do that", she said.

"Mother, would it be alright with you and Father, if Horace Fletcher came over this coming Saturday afternoon?", asked Charity

"I'll have to discuss it with your father", she said.

"Jack, do you think it'll be alright if Horace comes calling?", asked Hope.
"Hope, you met Horace's parents when they moved to town, didn't you?", asked Jack.
"Yes, they're a lovely family", she said.

"Well, in that case, I think it will be alright for him to come calling on Charity", said Jack.

"Alright, whatever you think", said Hope

Now that that little problem was out of the way, Hope was able to give her full attention to a new romance novel, that had been delivered yesterday

"I can hardly believe Mother and Father gave their permission for Horace to come calling", said Charity.

"We're almost adults", said Patience, "We shouldn't have to have their permission for everything we do".
"Patience, you have a gentlemen caller, too", said Charity, "Turn around".

She turned around and saw Chandar standing at the window. He motioned for her to come outside "My gentleman caller is waiting", said Patience, giggling, "If Mother or Father asks, tell them I'm in the toilet".
"I will, but please be careful. If you to get caught, we'll both be in trouble", said Charity.

"This is a nice surprise, but I'm afraid my Father will catch us, if you keep coming over like this", she said.
"I wanted to tell you something", said Chandar.
"What is it?", she asked.

"Shardul is marrying Hala this coming Saturday. They've been promised to each other since they were childern", he explained, "He says he loves her, but even if he didn't, he's have to marry her".
"Chandar, do you think your father will force you to marry someone, you don't love one day?", asked Patience.

"I don't want to ever get married. Since Samir's father promised her to Nachik, I don't have to worry about that".

"Chandar, I wish I could see Hala and Shardul get married", said Patience

"Why don't you come?", he asked.
"Do you really think it will be alright?", she asked.
"Sure, I'm inviting you", he said.

"I wish I didn't have to sneak around to be with you", she said.

"You better go back inside, before they come looking for you", said Chandar.
"If I can think of a way, I'll see you at the wedding Saturday", said Patience

Over at the Indian village Hala was sitting alone in the meeting place, thinking about her upcoming wedding to Shardul.

"If you don't mind, may I interrupt your thoughts?", asked her intended. "What were you thinking about?", he asked.
"You", she answered

"I've been thinking about you, too", he said.
"You know something, I can't remember a time that I wasn't thinking about you", said Hala.

"I was lucky to have been the first male child and that you were the first female child born in the village", said Shardul.
"I'm also lucky you grew up so beautiful", said Hala, "I remember what a plain, skinny little boy you were".

"I never had any doubts about how you would turn out", he said, "You've always been beautiful".
"You're such a flatterer, you know I was a homely little thing, too", she laughed

The day has come, for Quanah to tell his youngest son that he's been promised a wife. Quanah knew, Chandar never wanted to get married, but will do as he is told, the same as he himself had done.

When Chanda arrived, Quanah said, "Come sit down.. I have something very important to tell you."

"What is it, Father/", he asked.

"At the last council meeting, you know we decided to let the three Cheyenne girls stay in our village. What you don't know is that they will become wives for Balik, Sundar and you", said Quanah.

"Father, I don't want to ever get married", said Chandar.
"You must do what the council decides", said Quanah, "Since you are the next oldest, Pale Moon will be promised to you".

"She's very beautiful, but a bit stubbon", said Chandar.
"The other women will teach her what's expected of her", he said, "She'll know her place, by the time you get married".

Chandar went into the barn. He lay on the haystack thinking about the decision that has changed his life forever.

Samir followed Chandar into the barn and climbed onto the haystack beside him

"I can feel there's something troubling you", she said, "What's wrong?"

"The council decided I needed a wife", he said, "Pale Moon and me are promised to one another".

"But you didn't ever what to get married!"

"I still don't, but I have to do what my father and the council says!".

"Samir got up from the haystack.
"Samir", this won't change anything between us", said Chandar.

"I can still be your lover. We'll both just be married to others now", he said.

Samir walked out of the barn, reassured that she still had some kind of a future with Chandar.

To be continued . . .
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Default Blood Brothers! Chapter 20

Blood Brothers! Chapter 20

At the village the day has arrived that Hala Fisher has been looking forward to most all her life. She was going to marry the man she had been promised to since they were childern. Hala looks beautiful, dressed in a white dress trimmed with gold and blue beads. Shardul Whitefeather watched, as she joined him under the wedding canapy.

Shardul held a plain gold band and said, "This ring, symbolizes that you will be my wife from this day forward. As this ring has no end, neither will my love for you". Then he placed the ring on her finger.

Hala held an identical ring in her hand and said, "This ring, symbolizes my desire to be your wife and belong to you from this day forward. As this ring has no end, neither will my love for you". She placed the ring on Shardul's finger.

"I will love and protect you, as long as we both shall live", he said

Then he gave his wife a romantic kiss.

Shardul led the way and Hala followed.

They joined their friends and families to receive their best wishes for a long and happy marriage.

Sanir was with her intended Nachik Fisher (the bride's brother), but was intent on watching . . .

Chandar giving his intended Pale Moon a romantic hug.

Hala walked with Shardul to his hut, she will be sharing with him as his wife.

After they both had changed into their night clothes, Hala called Shardul to come. He picked her up and carried her over to the bed.

They madeout

"Did I tell you how beautiful you look?", he said. "Yes, but you can tell me again", she said, "I love hearing you say it".

"Can we do woo hoo now? I've been waiting a very long time", he said.

When Hala said YES, the years of waiting for both were over.

"Shardul, are you asleep already?", asked Hala.

"I'm sorry, but it's been a long day", he woke up long enough to answer "I'm the luckiest girl in the village, to have such a beautiful and loving husband", she thought to herself.

The next morning, when Hala was preparing breakfast, she felt sick to her stomach

She wondered if she could be with child already Then she smiled to herself. She'd wait to tell Shardul when they were alone tonight. Then she quickly finished fixing breakfast. She served the toasted cheese to the men, then hurridly run out the door.

Quanah saw Hala run out the door. Then he looked over at Shardul. "How did things go last night?", he asked.

"It went fine, just what I expected", said Shardul.

Things weren't going the way Chandar expected. Samir was promised to Nachik, but she acted like she was promised to him instead. If she didn't stop making it so obvious how she felt about him, they were both going to be in trouble. "I'll have to talk to her today", he thought to himself.

He turned around when he heard a female voice say his name. "Patience, what are you doing here?", he asked. "I couldn't find a way to sneak out yesterday to come to the wedding", she said, "Father went into town a few minutes ago, so I came here".

"I wanted so much to see you", she said.
"I'm happy to see you, too", he said, "I just didn't expect to see you HERE".

"It's really lovely down here by the river, isn't it?", said Patience.
"I reckon it is, I never thought much about it", he said.

Once they were behind the barn, Chandar gave her a romantic hug.

"I wish I didn't have to leave, but my father will be home soon", she said.
"I'll try to come by to see you in a few days", he said.
"Chandar, as soon as we're adults, we shouldn't have to sneak around to see each other", said Patience.

To be continued . . .
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Default Blood Brothers! Chapter 21

Blood Brothers! Chapter 21

Babies are born, childern grow up and adults face the day to day problems of running the village.

Hala and Shardul Whitefeather are expecting their first child any day now. "My son is getting big", he said.
"It might be a daughter", said Hala.
"I'm sure it's a son", he said, "The Whitefeather's always have sons."

"We've been waiting our whole lives to start our family. I still find it hard to believe", said Hala.

Shardul gave her a romantic kiss.

"Shardul, let me get up", she said.

Hala had started into labor.

She delivered a beautiful baby boy. They named their son Shilah, which means brother.

Samir and Chandar were in the barn. "This is the last chance we'll have to be together before your birthday tonight", she said.

"It ain't going to be too long before you have your birthday", he said.

"Chandar, I'll be glad when I'm an adult, but I wish I didn't have to marry Nachik", said Samir.
"You have to do as your father and the council decided", he said.

"Once Nachik and I are married, you can be my lover", she said.
"Why can't we be lovers as soon as you grow up?", he asked.
"If Nachik isn't my first woo hoo, I will be a disgrace to my father", she said.

"You know if I had a choice, you'd be the first", she said, nuzzling his neck.

Then Chandar gave her a romantic kiss.

"We better get out of here before someone comes in", said Chandar.
"I'll be at the gathering place tonight to watch you grow up", said Samir.

Quanah was out in the yard exercising.

When he finished and turned around, he saw Hita. "Quanah, with Marala mad at you, I know you must have some unfulfilled needs I can help you with", she said.

"I'd rather not ever do woo hoo for the rest of my life, than to do it with YOU!", he growled.

"Leave my husband alone!", Marala screamed, when she saw Hita with Quanah.

"If you don't take care of his needs, somebody else should", said Hita.

"I hate to admit it, but I think she's right", said Marala.

"Does that mean what I hope it does?", asked Quanah.
"Yes, I've missed you", she said.

That night at the gathering place, there was four birthdays celebrated. After he came to his cake and blew out the candles, Balik Sweeney started to grow up.

In a shower of multi-colored confetti, Balik grew up into a handsome adult.

Chandar Whitefeather was the next to come to his cake. He blew out the candles . . .

And in a shower of multi-colored confetti . . .

He also grew up into a handsome adult.

Gentle Dove, one of the Cheyenne orphans was the next to come to her cake.

After blowing out the candles, she grew up into a cute teenager.

Gentle Dove's sister Pale Moon started growing up before she came to her cake.

She grew up into a pretty adult.

"You didn't grow up too bad looking", Chandar told her.
"Neither did you", said Pale Moon.

Chandar and Pale Moon got in the tub of warm water.

"Come here", he said. She looked at him undecided for a few seconds, then she did as he asked. "Let's go somewhere more private to talk", said Chandar.

Pale Moon went with him to the barn and they cuddled on the haystack.

But when Chandar asked her to do more than cuddle, she told him NO!

"I don't understand why you refused to do what I asked", said Chandar, "You're promised to me anyway."

"A Cheyenne woman only does those things with her husband", said Pale Moon.

Chandar got up off the haystack and walked out without a word. He knew he would have to marry Pale Moon because the council had decided, but he wasn't in any big hurry.
To be continued . . .
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Default Blood Brothers! Chapter 22

Blood Brothers! Chapter 22

Over at the Ellis Place, there was two more birthdays celebrated.

Being she was the oldest twin by a few minutes, Charity came to her cake first.

She blew out the candles and started growing up.

She grew up well, but that hairstyle makes her look like an overgrown child.

Patience was the next to come to her cake.

After she blew out the candles, she grew up in a shower of multi-colored confetti.

She grew up into a pretty adult.

"Horace is coming over this afternoon", said Charity, "Do I look alright?"
"You're lovely, but I think that hairstyle makes you lok too old", said Patience.

"Remember when we wanted hairstyles that made us look older", Patience laughed

Charity went to the mirror to decide on another hairstyle.

Jack Ellis greeted Horace Fletcher when he arrived. "When my wife and daughters came to welcome your family to River's Edge, I regret that I was unable to accompany them", he said.

"My mother said she would like to invite you and Mrs. Ellis to dinner, when your wife is feeling better", said Horace.

"Hello Horace. I'm glad you could come over", said Charity.

"Would it be alright, if we sit on the front porch?", he asked.
"Yes, I think that's a splendid idea", she answered.

"Charity, it would be alright if you sit a little closer", said Horace.

"Is this better?", she asked.
"Yes, much better", he said.

While Charity and Horace sit on the front porch . . .

Jack was reading a noval . . .

And Molly and Hope were playing chess . . .

Patience lounged on the back porch.

She stood up when she heard a noise.

"Chandar, is that you?", she called

"Yes", he said, it's me.

"Oh, you grew up.and you're the most beautiful man I've ever seen", she said.

"You're still just as beautiful as you were the first time I saw you", he said .

"I know somewhere we can go, where nobody will see you", she whispered in his ear..

"Come with me, it's just down here", she said.

"It's not the nicest place, but at least we can be alone", she said.
"It's fine, I don't mind", he said, being use to "haystack romance".

"Chandar, I wish things were different, so you could be my gentleman caller", she said.
"You and me both know, your father wouldn't allow it", he said.
"I wonder why everything has to be so difficult", she said.

"Because I'm a poor Comanche and you're a rich white woman", said Chandar.

Then he gave her a romantic kiss.

"I think I better go before we do something you'll be sorry for later", he said.

"Chandar, I wouldn't regret anything I do with you", she said.

To be continued . . .
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