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More please...
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Default Chapter 10 - The Letter
Sorry this one's a little short, I would make it longer but tbh it would ruin it. Thanks for reading guys, you make it worth it!

It was a week later and Caitlin and Natalie’s relationship grew. No one knew about Natalie’s pregnancy as she just wanted to let herself get to grips with it first. She sat there with Caitlin at one dinner and she just looked at her food, she prodded it with her fork and swirled it, but she didn’t eat it. Caitlin looked over to her actions and up to her face. “You alright, mum?” she asked her.

“Yeah, I’m fine, just not that hungry, you know?” She sighed, then Caitlin got up, gave her a pat on the shoulder and said: “I’ll make you a cuppa” in which Natalie smiled at her and waited. She sat there as she waited, realising that in fact, a life was growing inside of her and that she would have to tell someone other than Julie soon. She felt it had to be James. Caitlin came back in, cup in hand saying “One cup of tea” and laughing. Natalie took a sip and suddenly it felt the pit of a stomach had rejected what was once her favourite drink. Her insides turned and she realised she had to get to the bathroom. QUICK.

A few minutes later Caitlin guided Natalie to the sofa. “Are you sure you don’t wanna go to bed?” she asked her, worried. Natalie shook her head, “Just a bit of flu, I’ll be fine” in which she closed her eyes to have a little rest. Caitlin sat watching her, hoping she was alright. Suddenly, Julie burst in the door shouting “I’m home!” and walked into the living room, face turning to concern. “Is your mum alright?” Caitlin nodded and said “Been sick”

Julie let out an “ah” and said “Don’t worry, I know what it is” in which Caitlin went “What?”. Julie realised that she had just said something incriminating, so she said “erm, flu! It’s flu, a friend of mine has it, shouldn’t last long” she said. ‘Long enough for her to tell her’ she thought.

Julie sat down and took a deep breath, she could finally relax after a long day. Suddenly the postbox went at the door and they all looked up “What post could be coming at this bloody night?” Julie asked, annoyed. “I’ll get it, it’s probably leaflets or something,” Caitlin said. She walked over to the door and saw this piece of paper on the floor and she then picked it up. It was folded in half, no envelope. She opened it and was upset and scared by what she read…


....and she let out a little cry.

She heard Julie getting up and she stuffed it in her pocket before it could be seen. She didn’t want him to be seen bothering her, so she tried to hide it. She grabbed a leaflet out of the drawer just as Julie was walking out, “Everything alright?” Julie asked as she popped her head around the door. Caitlin nodded quickly and stuttering "erm... J-just some leaf-leaflets, just going to take them to the recycling…”

She sat on the grass. Everywhere was empty. The roads had no cars and everything was quiet. She sat there fearing what could happen, but she told herself he couldn’t do anything and just kept looking at the roads. Something she did back at her old house was go outside on the grass in the middle of the night when her dad was asleep. She would sit and think for hours, sometimes until the sun came up. It calmed her.

She got up after about ten minutes and walked back inside, she looked at the roads again. Still empty. ‘He’s not coming’ she thought.

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What !!!!!That madman knows where his daughter ? Or someone try to scare her ? Maybe her new friend isn't really nice.
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Default Chapter 11 (Part 1) - A different turn
Two parts to this one, again. Next part should be up today, but no promises, my game keeps crashing :P

For days, Caitlin had nightmares that made her wake up several times a night. Her mother would come in and comfort her, telling her he didn’t know where they lived. Caitlin still didn’t tell about the letter that was in her jean pocket. She just pretended to take in her mother’s comfort and try to get back to sleep. Her brain wouldn’t let her sleep, and half the time she couldn’t get any more than four hours sleep. She hated it.

She got up the next day, tired. Natalie and Julie had gone out to work, so she was alone at home. She sat on the sofa and watched TV. It was about twelve o’clock when suddenly, the door went. She jumped out of her skin and didn’t know whether to answer it or not. She walked to the window, sneaking and saw it was Jenna standing outside, crying. She walked up to answer it. When she opened it, Jenna looked up at her and said “I know I shouldn’t do this, but I need someone to talk to”

Caitlin let her in asking “Are you alright, Jen?” and Jenna kept shaking her head saying “No, I’m not alright, I’m done, I’m so done,” she wiped her eyes and cried more. Caitlin put her hand on her shoulder, “Is it your parents?” she asked. Jenna shook her head. “I wish” she cried. Caitlin felt a bit confused and hugged her, she didn’t want to force anything out. Jenna got off the sofa, panicking.

“What am I gonna do? My life. Everything. It’s over. I’ve lost my future, I’m stuck. How do i tell him? I can’t deal with this” She looked at Caitlin, “I think I might be pregnant”

Caitlin was a bit shocked, “I didn’t even know you had a boyfriend” she said. Jenna let out a little sigh and said “It would make it a bit easier” She walked to the window and looked outside. “It was an accident, a one-night-stand. We were just friends from school meeting up, he even has a girlfriend! We got along well and it just took off from there and we… we just did it…” she wiped her tears again, “I woke up the next morning, realising what I had done, I got dressed and ran home. I’ve gotten texts from him, asking to meet up but I can’t face him”

“Let’s go out for a drink,” Caitlin said, “then we can get a test” Jenna looked at Caitlin, shaking her head violently, saying “I can’t do it, I don’t wanna know” but Caitlin gave her a hug, “I’m here for you, Jenna, we may have only known each other a week, but you’re a good friend” Jenna gave her a hug back and said “You too”

They went to a shop and got a drink, “You need to keep calm, Jenna. You might not even be pregnant…” but Jenna shook her head for the fifteenth time, “No… I’ve been throwing up, I must be” and Caitlin looked down into her drink and swirled it with her straw. “When I’ve finished this, wanna go and get it?” Jenna put her head in her hands and said, “May as well” so they got up and walked out of the shop.

They walked to the pharmacy, grabbing a test, the cashier wasn’t even with it so there was no risk of it getting out. She took it to the bathroom in the coffee shop next door and Caitlin waited with her. It felt really long but they waited and waited. Suddenly they looked at the timer and saw it was ready by now. She closed her eyes and grabbed the test. She opened her eyes and looked down. A sigh of relief came out “Negative,” she said with a smile. “It’s bloody negative…”

She ran up to Caitlin and gave her a hug “Thank you so much for making me do this, I can get that guy out of my life for good now” she said, “He may have looked good, but if he had a personality, I couldn’t find it…” Caitlin heard someone going in and said “Wanna go to the park?” Jenna nodded.

In the hospital, Natalie was staring at her phone. Her mind kept wandering back to the pregnancy. She hated the feeling of keeping it from everyone. She tried to get back to her computer and write her article. She tried but she just couldn’t concentrate. She looked at her phone again. She reached her hand out to grab it, but moved it away, then she grabbed the phone and dialed James.

“Hey, what’s up?” James said
“Oh nothing much, just wondered if you were busy at all this evening? I’d like to see you”
“Me? Nothing planned… Your place?”
Natalie let out her breath and said “Yeah… meet you later”
“You alright, Nat? You seem a little on edge”
“Yeah, I’m fine, I just have a small cold”
“Damn, see you later, babe”
“Bye, James. I love you”
“Love you”

She leaned back in her chair. She was shaking from fear of his reaction. She put her head on the table and just waited for the day to be over, she only had an hour left of work after all.

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Great chapter.
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Default Chapter 11 (Part 2)
Natalie walked through the door. “Cait?” she called, no answer, “She must be out with Jenna,” she said. She went and cooked some food for her and James, he’d be over in an hour.

Caitlin was with Jenna, at the park and they had been there for hours, they found it was a good place to get away and relax, to just stay silent or just talk. It was nearly eight now, so they’d have to go soon. Caitlin looked behind her to see a car with blacked out windows, it had been there a while. She thought nothing of it and went back to talk to Jenna.

“Right, we better be getting home, don’t your parents get worried when you’re not home after eight?” Caitlin asked. “Oh god yeah, we better go, it’s been great talking… and thank you for today,” Natalie said, “You were the only thing that kept me sane” and they hugged for the fifteenth time that day and they went their separate ways.

They walked in different directions, like the usual and they waved goodbye. It was pretty dark now, so Caitlin gave a text to her mother to say she’d be home in about twenty minutes-half an hour. The car that was there earlier left around the same time, Caitlin thought it was probably a coincidence, but after a few sharp turns, she now realised… was following her.

She ran a little bit to find that the car had stopped now and pulled into another road. She sighed with relief saying, “must’ve been my imagination, keep it together, Cait” and she walked home a little further. She nipped into a small corner shop on the way home to grab a drink and some food since her mother had already cooked, when she came out, she walked to a bench.

Back at home Natalie was eating with James. She tried to bring the subject up. “So, having a child feels nice, you know” she said. He slurped his spaghetti and swallowed it. “Yeah, I feel that life feels so perfect and complete now you have Cait in your life. We can finally settle down and just relax for a while with nothing to ruin it”

‘Oh great’ she thought.

Caitlin went on her phone on the way home to calm herself down, she texted Jenna about funny things and tried to cheer herself up with Jenna in the process. She stayed by the corner shop for a bit so she could sit down and text Jenna. After a few minutes she got up and decided to continue her journey. In her phone screen she saw something zooming towards her.


Everything went black. Caitlin instantly lost consciousness. The car carried on zooming away before it could be caught. The woman in the shop rushed out to go and help Caitlin in the road…

She ran out screaming “Oh my god,” and she ran to her “Can you hear me?” she put her hand to her neck and relieved, she heard a pulse, faint but there. She rushed back to the shop to grab her phone and then dialing 999, she went back on the floor to help Caitlin onto the pavement.

“999 what’s your emergency?”
“I need an ambulance! A girl has just been run over on Wednesday Road near the corner shop, the guy just drove off with no care, please hurry!”
“Is she breathing? Can you get any response?”
“She’s breathing, I found a pulse but it’s weak and she won’t respond to anything I say… she’s unconscious and I can’t see any life in her...”
“Okay we’ll send the police and an ambulance over as soon as possible”

The woman sat with her a while, waiting for the ambulance. She looked over the road and saw a letter that had fallen out of her pocket during the crash. She walked over and grabbed it. It was the letter her dad sent her a few days ago. She kept it to give to the police, she now had evidence that this was purposeful…

She looked at Caitlin again, this time, she had stopped breathing. There was no time to worry, she went on her chest and repeated the same rhythm as she had been taught. She pounded on her chest for what felt like an eternity. Suddenly she felt her heart beat and there was breathing. She sat there and relieved, watched the ambulance rush down the road with a loud sound.

As they arrived she gave the letter and they found her identity. She was in a bad way, her whole body just wrecked. The ambulance team were shocked that the woman gave CPR so easily, but they thanked her for saving her life, then they put her on a stretcher and took her away in the ambulance. The police looked at the evidence and said: “This is no longer a hit and run, this is attempted murder…"

Not only had the woman saved Caitlin’s life…

… she had just found the clue to making sure her dad was going to be locked away for this.

James and Natalie were sitting on the sofa together. It was finally time to tell him.

“James…” she said, “I want to tell you something… something important”
“Go ahead, Nat,” then he started worrying, “You’re not leaving me, are you?”
“Oh god no,” she hesitated a little, hoping he would be alright with it.
“So what are you going to say,” he looked at her frozen face, “Nat?”
“That’s it…” she said, “James, I’m p-”


The phone loudly rang, interrupting her. She walked over and answered it.

“Hello, is this Natalie Anderson?”
“Yes, why?”
“Don’t panic, but your daughter’s just been brought into A&E and she’s been put into intensive care”
“What!?” she yelled, “How?”
“Road traffic accident, a collision with a speeding car”

James didn’t hear much but he knew instantly something was wrong when her face turned to panic.

“I’m on my way,” she said

She grabbed her coat off the sofa, “Nat, what’s wrong?” he said, worrying himself now. “Cait’s been in a hit and run. We need to get the hospital…” she put her hand on her mouth and took it away again, “James, she’s in intensive care”

“We’ll take my car…” and he grabbed his keys and grabbed her and pulled her, “come on!” but Natalie was frozen, “What if she dies? James! I can’t lose her all over again” and she went into hysterical tears, he grabbed her and said “She’ll pull through, I can’t make promises, but if you don’t go, there’s less chance of her pulling through” she grabbed his hand and said “okay, let’s go” and they went in the car to drive to the hospital.

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I'm sure the driver was her father...I hope Caitlin won't die.
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Each time it gets more interesting
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Hey guys, new chapter should be up tomorrow but I just want to say how much your comments mean to me. I love seeing what you think and taking the time to hit that love button makes it even better :D

Edit: Using a laggy lot which is the reason this chapter's taking a while. Crash crash crash I go!

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Default Chapter 12 - When All Hope s Lost
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Default Chapter 12 - When All Hope is Lost
As they ran into the hospital, they followed the signs and got to the ICU. They walked over to the nurse at the reception. “Where’s Caitlin Harrison? I’m her mother, I need to see her” Natalie said, crying and her voice cracking. The nurse pointed at one of the rooms and said “Room six, I’m sorry to hear that Doctor Anderson, I hope she gets better soon” Natalie grabbed her handbag off the desk saying “Thanks, Cherry” and she ran over to the room.

She and James walked in and they saw Caitlin on the ventilator. Natalie burst out crying and an “Oh God” came out through all the tears, “My baby…” and she fell into James’s arms for support.

The woman that saved Caitlin got home and sat on the sofa. “Hope she’s alright, ” she said. Suddenly Jenna popped her head around the door, “Everything alright, Lauren?” she said. Lauren looked up and said “Just saw a girl nearly die in the road…” and Jenna put her hand on the sofa, “oh my god… who?” Lauren shrugged, “I don’t know, never met her before. Name was… erm… Caitlin or something…”

“What did you say?” Jenna suddenly said. Lauren looked up and said “Caitlin… or something. Why?” and Jenna grabbed her purse off the sofa, “Where is she?” she panicked, “Calm down, Jen, she’s in intensive care, they’re looking after her, what’s wrong?” Jenna looked into Lauren’s eyes and said “My friend’s called Caitlin, and she suddenly stopped texting me earlier”

Then realisation hit them both…

Back at the hospital, Caitlin was in a critical state, they were monitoring her 24/7. Natalie stayed by her side at all times. Julie walked in. “Oh my God. I just heard. What on earth happened to her” she muttered, trying to keep her tears in. Natalie looked up saying “Oh… hit and run,” then she let out a crying sigh, “The doctors say she might not make it” and she burst into tears, as did Julie.

As they cried, the door slowly opened, two police officers appeared. “May we talk?” one said. Natalie took a sniff and said “What? Why?” and the police officers stood there saying, “We have suspicions to believe that her father Brian Harrison did this. We’ve looked through and he seems to be wanted for robbery, trespassing, and domestic abuse.” and Natalie looked at them angrily and snapped, “What?”

“I’m sorry. The woman who saved her at the crash found a letter which states that he will kill her” and Natalie got up, “What letter? I didn’t see a letter! What’s going on? Someone saved her? Please, someone, tell me what the f*** is going on here!” she yelled. The one policewoman looked at her and said “You didn’t see any letter? At all?” and Natalie shook her head in confusion. “The letter states that he’s found her and he will kill her” and Julie suddenly had an idea of when she got it…

“Hang on,” Julie said, “She was acting weird the other night, well nights. She went to the door to get some post and she acted weird then, saying it was just leaflets but she was stuttering pretty bad and looked a little spooked... and then she was having nightmares in the nights that passed” and Natalie looked at her “You didn’t tell me?” and she sat down again, “Don’t you think you should have?” and Julie looked guilty, “I’m sorry, I thought she was just nervous over the house being trashed” The officers asked the details, then went out to leave them to look after Caitlin. Natalie whispered to Caitlin, “If I have to kill that b****** myself, I’ll make him pay for this, Cait”

James came in with a drink for Natalie and she was just sitting there, tired, worn out and unhappy. She wanted her child to get better but she knew that this was just the beginning. James walked over, “Go home, Nat, I’ll look after her for now,” and Natalie said “No… I’m not… leaving her” he sat down next to her and passed her a drink. “How did the tests go?” he said. “They’re looking now,” she said, “I just hope to God they find some brain activity” he grabbed her and hugged her, because she needed it.

As they stared at the machine. She was still, too still. Suddenly all they heard was BEEP BEEP BEEP… BEEP BEEP BEEP from the monitor and Natalie hit the emergency button screaming “Help!” in which a doctor rushed in and took her onto a bed for taking to operating theaters. Natalie got up shouting “What? What are you doing? Where’s she going?” and the doctor said, “Doctor Anderson, there’s no time to wait, she’s got an internal bleed in her abdomen” and they rushed her out the room in seconds, down to the theater.

Now it was just a long wait to see if she’d be alright...

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That's so sad, now I'm 100% sure that Caitlin is going to die, it's impossible for her to make it.
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Default Chapter 13 - The Wait
Natalie waited there for a long time. She looked around, stared at the theater door, hoping that maybe, just maybe her daughter would be alright. Hours passed and it was well into the early morning, 3am to be exact. James walked back into the hospital with some clothes and things for Natalie. He saw her sitting there, silent and staring, he walked over and gave her a hug, saying “I know it seems bleak, but I just have a feeling that she’ll pull through”

Natalie pressed her head against his chest, he was the boyfriend anyone could dream for. She looked up at him and said “I don’t know how you can deal with me, first you find out I have a teenage daughter and then suddenly she’s in my life and now you’re stuck trying to help me through her accident” he gave her a tight squeeze and whispered “Don’t be silly, you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, I could never give you up for anything. Helping you through means everything to me if it means I can see that beautiful smile and you happy”

She leant against him, he made her feel good every time she was with him. Just a hug and for a split second, she thought that things were alright.

Suddenly the theater doors opened and the surgeon walked out with sweat on his face and ripping off his mask. He saw James and Natalie’s worried faces and walked over to them. “We’ve stopped the bleeding, she needed a lot of work but she’s more stable than she was when she came in. She’s not out of the deep yet, but she’s a little higher” Natalie collapsed on the chair shouting “Oh thank god” James shook the doctor’s hand saying “Thank you” and they brought Caitlin back to her room.

Natalie paced around for the rest of the day, she wouldn’t leave the hospital for anything. The police were still after her father for running her over. She didn’t want him dead, she wanted him to suffer ten times worse than he made Caitlin suffer. She may had only been with her for only 3 and a half months of her whole life, but she had love for her, even if the last time she saw her she was three months old.

James walked back in with yet another coffee for her, trying to cheer her up he said “Must be your sixteenth coffee now, maybe sleep would be better?” but she just stared at Caitlin’s lifeless body. “I can’t sleep, I can’t risk losing her when I’m not there to say goodbye. Suddenly the doctor walked into the room, holding a clipboard and reading it. “Miss Anderson?” he said to Natalie. She shot up and said “Yes?”

He read the clipboard, “We’ve got the brain activity tests back, and I’m glad to say that her brain is responding and there’s activity” Natalie tilted her head back, “That’s all I needed to know”

The doctor walked over to her and put his hand on her shoulder, “Doctor Anderson, Doctor Phillips said to have as much time off as you need, they’ve booked a locum until further notice” Natalie let out a small smile, “Thank you, Jim,, that’s relieving to know” James looked at the doctor and said “Thanks, so is she going to improve?” the doctor took a deep breath and said “I can’t promise anything, but she’s got no worse so that’s a good sign”

So the long wait was still to go on, maybe for a while yet.


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Yay ! Caitlin is alive and there's brain activity...But I'm still worried.
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Sorry there has been no chapter lately, I've been pretty ill. New one should be out soon

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Sorry to hear that, hope you'll feel better soon.
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Default Chapter 14 - Whoops
It was the next day and Julie came into the room, “Hey Nat,” she said brightly, “How’s she doing?” Natalie was sitting in the same place, mumbling “pretty much same” and Julie walked over, “When you going to tell him?” she said. “Oh because he finds out I have a child, she has an abusive father and she’s in intensive care, obviously he’s going to want to find out he’s going to be a father”

Julie said “I know it’s hard,” and she gave her a hug “But you can get through this” Natalie said “I can’t deal with this, I really want her to wake up. She is so precious to me now” She went over to her and looked at her. “I’d give up this pregnancy for her to wake up”

Suddenly she was scared by the sound of “You what?” from James, who was at the door. She looked up and said “Oh my God, James, wait” and James stormed out of the room. She chased after him, “James! Wait!” and he slowed down to a stop, and turned around angry. “What do you want?” he snapped. She went over to him and said “Please, James. I didn’t want you to find out about it this way…” and he looked at her even angrier “Or at all?” he snapped.

“James, please, I was going to tell you, I just didn’t want it to be right now” and he interrupted her next sentence, saying “Don’t you think I have a f***ing right to know you’re going to have my baby?” he snapped again “How am I supposed to deal with the fact that one: I’m going to be a father and two: You felt you couldn’t bloody tell me?” She looked guilty and tried to say something, but it didn’t come out. She went to hug him but he pushed her off, saying “I need some time alone, leave me”

She ran back to the room to be alone. She sat on the chair, crying. Julie walked out of the room and followed James.

He stormed outside and let out a sigh, holding his hands to his face and dragging them down. He sat on a bench and watched the cars pass by, to be interrupted by Julie sitting down next to him yelling “James, you’re going to listen, now” He looked at her and snapped “What? What do you want?”

“Natalie was going to tell you, you know. The night Cait was run over, she was going to tell you. That girl is at her worst at the moment, and I’m not talking Caitlin. I’ve seen some pretty bad times for Natalie” James looked at her, “When?”

“Well, the night she ran away, she had to leave because of her psycho boyfriend forcing her. I remember hearing the doorbell ringing and getting up to answer it…”

16 years ago…


“Huh?” Julie said as she heard the doorbell go off, she looked at the time, it was ten, “Pretty late for visitors,” she said to herself. She got up to answer it in case it was important. In fact, it was. She swung open the door to see her sister standing there with a plastic bag and tears running down her cheek. Julie was shocked and said “Nat?” she then looked around, “Where’s the baby?” and Natalie let out a cry, “at… at... ”

Julie grabbed her and forced her into the house, it was the dead of winter and she wasn’t wearing a coat and her clothes were thin. She was like a block of ice. She took her to the sofa and passed her an unfolded blanket, “What’s… happened to you?” and Natalie wrapped the blanket around her. “I’ve got to go… tonight but… I just wanted to see you first” Julie was worried now, “Why do you have to go? What’s happened? Where’s the baby?”

Natalie took a sniff and said, “He’s taken her, I have to go, though”. She wasn’t making much sense at all. “Nat, I can help you, just tell me” and Natalie shivered and said “Caitlin’s at home, he won’t let me see her ever again and he will hurt her if I don’t leave Pondes” Julie was shocked, “I’m so sorry, it was a girl?” Natalie nodded and Julie got up and walked around “look, I can help you” and Natalie shook her head, “Nothing anyone can do” she grabbed her again, gave her a hug and said “I’ve missed you”

After explaining what he did and why she had to go, Julie concocted a plan. She said “Don’t go yet, hide here. He doesn’t know about me does he?” Natalie shook her head and Julie looked pleased “Good, hide out here for the night. We’ll go in the morning” Natalie sat up, “We?” Julie nodded, “You’re my sister, you’re going to need help, I know exactly where we can go, Nat” and she put her in a small bedroom for the night, to hide from him.

That night, Julie didn’t sleep, she packed. She was sad to say goodbye to her house, but Pondes was a place that sounded nice from the name but was filled with criminals and violence, so leaving would be a welcome relief. The morning came and they sneaked to the first train, the first train to Bitville.

On the train they spoke, “Where did mum and dad think I was?” she asked. “I never told them you were pregnant, nor that you had a boyfriend like him, my attempts to stop you failed and I didn’t know the first place to look for you, so I told mum and dad I didn’t know. They did find out you had a baby though” Natalie looked at her confused, “How?”

“Mum and dad got a call from the hospital, it was a normal day for everyone and well, we were having dinner, me visiting and such and suddenly all we heard was the phone ring, mum always zoomed for it in case it was the police. This time, it was about you, but not what she wanted. They said ‘Excuse me, are you, Mrs Anderson?’ Her saying yes, they said ‘We’ve got your daughter in the hospital, she’s just given birth’ and mum, well she was shell shocked, you were such a shy child, you didn’t even talk to boys and she was upset that you hadn’t told her, you were both so close. That night she just drove to the hospital and when she got there, you had discharged yourself and they didn’t get your address. Mum was so upset that you didn’t tell her and for ages, she wondered where you were and why you didn’t tell her and why you got out so fast”

Natalie looked angry, “He rushed me out of hospital that day, I can see why now”

The silence grew over the next few moments, broken by Natalie saying “I miss mum” in which Julie hugged her.

“...We got to Bitville and we stayed in a hotel when we sold my house we got a place of our own, then saving money we got a bigger place. She did her GCSEs in college and made her way back up again. She met mum again, but mum stayed in Pondes in case she ever saw Caitlin so she could reunite them. She met you and that was the happiest I’ve ever seen her. So there you go, Natalie at her worst, but nowhere near as bad as she is now she’s got close to her and she may be taken again”

James was silent, Julie said “James, you love her” and she pulled his head up, “You know you do, she’s the best thing and the last few days she has wanted to tell you so badly that she was pregnant, but she didn’t want to stress you out. Go and tell her how much you love her before you lose her” he sighed but he knew she was right. He got up and walked into the hospital, with her satisfaction.

aaaaand I'm back! Sorry about the long delay, got ill and the illness made me less bothered to take the pictures because it felt like effort. I'm out of the "UGH EFFORT" stage now though, whoop!

Excuse my "amazing" photoshop skills on one of the pictures, who knew it was hard to photoshop a blanket?

Also this chapter is getting edited a lot, I was ill writing it so the words will get mixed up and put weirdly

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That's a great chappy,eager to read more and know what will happen between James and Natalie...and I hope Caitlin will get better and survive.
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Default Chapter 15 - Please Wake Up
James slowly opened the door to Caitlin’s room. Natalie’s head looked up at him, but she looked back down, expecting a mouthful. It was silent for a few seconds, then James whispered “I’m sorry” and she looked up, he breathed deeply, then said “It’s not your fault, I shouldn’t have gone mad at you” she stared at him, confused, she wondered what had done this. He walked over and sat next to her and faced her “It’s just such a shock,” he said to her, “I was just shocked that I’m going to be a father”

They looked at Caitlin, she was still with just her breath keeping them knowing she was alive. Natalie sniffed and scrunched her hair into her fist. “I didn’t want this,” she said, “the day I left her with her poor excuse for a father I was so scared, I was only her age, younger in fact, and I just wanted her to be safe as possible, oh wasn’t I naive, huh?” James fiddled his thumbs and said “You were a child, you weren’t to know” but she quickly said “If he could hurt me, I should have known he could hurt her, or anyone, he doesn’t care for no one but himself” a tear dropped from her eye and onto the jeans she was leaning over, each tear that fell felt so tiresome, she was fed up of crying.

As she got up, he followed and quietly said, “wait…” in which she turned around. He walked over and lifted her chin, and gave her a soft kiss saying “I love you” which is exactly what Natalie needed right now. She let out a breath, a breath that held so many emotions, she grabbed him and hugged him tight. “If she doesn’t wake up, I don’t know what I’ll do”

He kissed her on the cheek and whispered “Want a coffee?” and she nodded, pulling away to sit down again. Now everything was out in the open, life didn’t feel like such a piece of crap. Word was starting to get around that the 31-year-old doctor that everyone loved had a sixteen-year-old daughter in critical condition. As the day went on, people went to James, passing cards of hope and care with flowers, grapes and letters to Natalie saying how much they cared and how she should never have to keep a secret like that because they won’t judge. The community she had moved to was pure, it was a shame she couldn’t let Caitlin grow up here.

With her every waking second in that room, she felt she could go mad, but she wanted to stay just in case that maybe, just maybe her daughter would wake up from her coma. Several times she would close her eyes and doze off but her body’s worry woke her up again and she hadn’t had a proper night’s sleep in days.

James and Julie went in and out and checked on her, bringing her change of clothes, food, drink, just so she could get through the day and survive while her daughter was fighting to do the same. They didn’t know the extent of the damage to Caitlin, for all they knew she might not be able to walk again. Every moment she told herself that she wanted to be in that place instead of Caitlin like any parent would for their child.

James walked back in the next day, quietly closing the door, as Natalie had dozed off yet again. He knew she wanted to stay awake, but he couldn’t let her lose sleep. He knocked the chair in which she moved her head rapidly muttering “huh?” and out came his “sorry” but she rubbed her eyes and said “I needed to be awake anyway, no need to be quiet around me, just wake me instead” he put his hand on her shoulder saying, “You’ve got to sleep or you’re going to start hallucinating or something to that degree”. She just shrugged.

He passed her a sandwich from the local shop (Canteen food from the hospital is so expensive) and she took a nibble out of it every minute or so. He gave her a hug and they looked at the wall, this is how bored they had gotten at this point. “Interesting paint choice, what colour would you call that?” James examined it and hesitated, “err… beige?” she shook her head, “maybe... too orangey to be beige” and he thought again, “orangey beige?” she tilted her head. “I don’t know, hmm, interesting, though.” He looked at her, “yeah, interesting”

Then out of nowhere, all they heard was a struggling whisper of "Mum...?"

Sorry it took so long for this chapter, I'm making a Purple UI Mod that i hope to upload here when it's finished For me there's like 9 files I have to edit, fun hey?

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Great chapter ... And I love the end, when someone is whispering "mum".
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Default Chapter 16 - One High, One Low
As they turned around, Caitlin’s eyes were open and she was coughing and gagging. Natalie screamed for help yelling “She’s awake but you need to get the ventilator out!” in which the doctor got it out of her throat as fast as he could. “What’s wrong with her? Why is she choking?” James asked. The doctor was in no panic and said: “It’s normal, she’s breathing on her own now, quite the miracle!”

As Caitlin’s long sleep came to an end, she was fuzzy. They got out the ventilator, while Caitlin was unaware of where she was or what was happening. As they got it out she took a huge breath of relief but at the same time, panic. Natalie ran over to her while James stayed at the end of the bed. “Cait!” she yelled, “You’re awake, oh thank god I thought you were a goner. I love you so much” and she kissed her on the head.

Through coughs, Caitlin whimpered “Where am I?” and Natalie explained “You’re in hospital, you were in a car accident, but you’re through the worst now, I’m just glad you’re awake” and the doctor uncovered her foot and dragged his finger down it, “Feel that?” he asked her, she nodded, still fuzzy. “I wanna go home,” She said, struggling. Natalie stroked her head and said, “Calm down, you’re alright” Caitlin let out cries, saying “I don’t understand”

Caitlin had tests on her arms and feet to check for paralysis, which luckily were all clear. Caitlin struggled for the first five minutes, still being unable to understand what was going on around her, but as she woke up a bit more, she saw her mother looking at her, saying “You’re in hospital, Cait, don’t worry” and Caitlin looked around, seeing the IV drip which connected to her arm, giving blood. “What…?” she said. “Just some blood, you lost a lot out there”

“My body aches…” she cried. Natalie looked at her and a tear rolled down her cheek. She was so happy that Caitlin was awake and on the mend. “I was just texting Jenna… and… does Jenna know I’m here?” Natalie nodded, “Visited a few times over the past week” and Caitlin had her eyes tear up, “A week?” she asked. Natalie nodded yet again.

“Do you remember what happened, Cait?” she asked her.

“I was… on the phone… and all I remember is texting Jenna this funny picture of a cat with foil on its head and then… then… erm… then… I… don’t remember. All I remember is sitting on a bench” she cried, “Ugh my stomach hurts” and Natalie rushed to her hand, which was reaching for it. “No no no! You’ll knock out the stitches!” and Caitlin dropped her arm, saying “Who would do this, mum?” and Natalie stayed silent until Caitlin’s eyes opened wide and she realised. “No… not… he wouldn’t, would he?” and Natalie wiped her eyes, “I’m sorry,saw” she said, as Caitlin broke down into tears.

Meanwhile, Julie went home to get some more clothes for Natalie. She drove up the driveway to find that the door was open. She looked again to see if she had mistakenly seen something. Her vision wasn’t changing - the door was open.

She walked up to the door and with a slow creak she walked inside, keeping her actions quiet and panicking as the door went SQEEEAAK. Nothing had been taken, nor had anything been moved or ransacked. She straightened out her body and said. “I must’ve left the door open” and she walked to the kitchen to get a quick drink. She couldn’t get the feeling out of her mind that she had locked that door and remembered doing so.

As she sipped the last of her water, she swilled the glass in some water and put it on the draining board. She went to Natalie’s bedroom with a plastic bag from the cupboard saying “5p for a bag, with all the bags I have here I could make a fortune” and she continued to the room and walked inside. Empty. “Stop worrying yourself” she kept saying as she packed some new clothes into the bag, neatly folded. She just couldn’t get the nagging feeling of something being dreadfully wrong out of her head.

She sat on the bed and heard a scuffle.That wasn’t right. She got up and looked around and headed for the door with the plastic bag, but before she got out, she felt something hook to her arm and suddenly, she was flung backwards, with an “Ahhh!” bursting out of her mouth. When she hit the floor she heard a man say “So I hear you’re looking after her” and suddenly with a split second of pain, everything went black.

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First Caitlin, and now Julie...I hope the cops will catch him very quickly, this guy deserves to be thrown in jail for the rest of his life.
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OMG... I just discovered your story today and I really love it!! *-* Its obvious that writing/posting a story is a very big job and I really appreciate that you are sharing this story to the community! Thank you so much! Really hope Caitlin and Julie get well soon, but well, stories can't be just ''happy''

Im sorry if I have any mistakes, its 2 am lol

Hiii! :D
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Thank you for the wonderful comments, guys! I'm hoping to get the next chapter up today.

It's nice to know people appreciate my writing, it makes the enjoyment of writing even better! :D

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Default Chapter 17 - Realisation
Cait lay in the bed. She was in pain all over, but it’s the pain that kept her going, the pain made her realise that she had to get her dad locked up for once and for good before he did anything to anyone else. The doctors brought in yet another dose of codeine and she took it, taking away a little of her pain. She looked at her mother, who was staring out the window as she had been for the last hour, doing a loop of looking at her watch, tutting and looking out again.

It had been two hours since Julie was due back with her things. She didn’t want to worry Caitlin, so she looked outside to calm herself. Caitlin was drifting off into a nice sleep behind her, nice until she woke up with a loud scream of “Ahhhhh! Oh my God, oh my God”

“Oh my God what’s wrong, Cait, Cait, what is it? You alright?” and Cait grabbed her, shouting, “It was dad. I remember. It was him, his face, his car. I can remember seeing it zoom towards me as I looked at my phone’s reflection. Mum, I don’t want this anymore. It’s unbearable now.” and she collapsed into Natalie but just knocking her stomach a little set off the morning sickness, and she grabbed the nearest bowl and threw up.
“Mum are you alright?” Caitlin yelled in a panic. “Fine, Cait, don’t you worry” and Cait shook her head. “You were throwing up before I got run over, what’s wrong? What aren’t you telling me? Are you ill?” Natalie took a deep breath as her head was hanging over the bowl and said, “Nothing’s wrong. I’m just a bit sick from this bug” Caitlin said again “You’ve been throwing up for over a week mum, a bug lasts days at most, you’re a doctor, you should know that”

“Oh Cait,” she said, sitting down, “I didn’t want you to find out like this, you’re too ill to cope with more change” Caitlin had tears running down her face, “You’re dying, aren’t you?” Natalie burst in with “Oh God, no dear God, no, I’m not ill, I’m not dying. I’m fine, more than fine. It’s just... “ Caitlin waited patiently before she saw her mum’s hand lovingly on her stomach and she didn’t need to be told, so she said, “You’re pregnant?” Natalie instantly looked up in shock at her guess.

“Your hand, it’s a dead giveaway,” she said to her before she asked. “You’re not angry, are you, Cait?” Cait shook her head, “Nope, it’s nice you’re finally getting your life together. Anyway, you deserve to have a child you… you… get to raise… this time” and Natalie hugged her saying “I’d have given the world to raise you, all these years wanting to give my life just to see you one more time, at least one time before I died” She wiped Caitlin’s tear with her thumb, “I thought it’d be impossible to see you, but Julie made it possible for us” then her mind went back to Julie.

“Mum, what’s wrong?” Caitlin asked her, worried herself now. “Nothing,” she fakely smiled at her. “No mum, that expression looks fearful, I may have only known you a few weeks but I know you enough to know an expression of fear” Natalie sighed, “Julie was due back two hours ago, I don’t know where she is”

Now Caitlin was worried too…

Julie’s eyes slowly opened and with a thumping head, she heard the roars of an engine at top speed going down a road. All she could see was black, and her space was limited, she was in the boot of a car.

The car slowed to a halt and she opened the boot in hopes to get away, but he ran out and chased her, but with her head aching, she didn’t have the energy to get far and she collapsed into a ball on the road. “Well one of you’s gotta pay,” Brian said, “and you’re going to suffer in the process”

He smiled as he grabbed her body and threw it into an old, abandoned shed at the edge of town.

Thanks for the support guys, makes going into a laggy lot worth it! Seriously, though, thanks.

If you didn't guess I'm British so all the spellings are British, just in case you think I spelt something wrong :P

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This guy is an evil, he deserves the worst. His place is in a cell, and not a big one with a tv and carpet on the floor and a nice bed and a nice bathroom, but a very small one with no tv, an old bed, old toilet, old shower with cold water only.
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