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Sadly I had a friend who had a similar story as this one (not that dramatic-sad tho) I wonder if this one finishes in the same way... Love how you write! :D

Hiii! :D
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Default Chapter 18 - Losing hope, Losing sanity
Julie woke up in a chair, tied to it and aching. She looked up to see Brian staring at her. She let out a sigh, losing hope as he walked closer and closer to her. He walked behind her with the CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK of his shoes hitting the floor. She felt sick. The more time that passed, the more she felt that she wanted to leave. She could feel the warm breath hitting the back of her neck and she was shaking.

“Where is she?” he snapped at her, snapping like a crocodile on its prey. “If you mean Caitlin, kill me now because you’re getting nothing” He cracked his knuckles as he walked back around, and slapped her. She cried and he hit her again. “Shut up!” he yelled at her. She felt terrified as he walked around her. “I don’t want to get caught” he said. She looked up at him, angry. “I can see why, they’d crucify you” but he walked around. “I can go,” he said to her, “I can go but never come back” and he stopped. “Why don’t you?” she said. “Because I want to make one of you pay,” he said, smugly. She then took a deep breath and said “Do what you want to me, but do not touch Caitlin or Natalie”

“Anything?” he smiled. “Just leave them alone and go” and he walked over to her.

“Then I’ll make you pay” and she gulped.

Natalie sat in the hospital with Caitlin, another hour had passed, she was worrying with every second that passed, as did Caitlin. Caitlin said to her “mum, calm down” but Natalie wouldn’t have it, she paced more and more. “I think something bad’s happened. I don’t want to leave you, though.” Caitlin held her hand and said, “You go, but take James with you, I’ll be fine here” and within minutes she was out of the hospital.

She got home, but alone. She stepped out of the car and noticed Julie’s car parked up, but the door was wide open still. She went up and stepped inside the house to have a look around, nothing was moved and there was no sign of life anywhere. That’s what she thought until she saw drips of liquid - red liquid. She slowly and quietly followed the trail, her heart in her mouth and opened her bedroom door. There was nothing, except a puddle of blood at the end of the trail. She then put her hand to her chest and quietly muttered “Julie”

“What?” Julie tried to yell at Brian. Her words came out but in croaking gasps. He smiled the most evilest smile she had ever seen. “You’re going to do exactly as I say,” he said as he messed with her bra strap. The shaking was getting worse. She didn’t want to do this. “I won’t,” she said. He laughed at her, “Don’t really have any choice, do you?” he scratched his chin, “I mean, I could go find Caitlin and Natalie if you’d prefer. It’s all over the news, it’s bound to be somewhere” he laughed more and more.

Natalie sat as the police looked around for clues and anything that could find his whereabouts. She sat, terrified. She kept saying things like “If I wasn’t such a stupid teenager"

She got up and her whole body became light and dizzy. She lost her balance for a few seconds then her head hurt and she felt pains shooting through her stomach, she tried to say something or yell for help but the words wouldn’t come out. Before she knew it she collapsed to the floor.

Julie lay on the floor. He just sat there with a smug smile as he guarded her for every second. She couldn’t move, her body didn’t want her to move. She wanted to forget everything that had happened in the last five minutes, but her mind couldn’t get rid of the image.

As she lay there, she heard the sound of a branch being broken. Brian didn’t notice and sat quietly. She was hoping, praying that someone would find her, she just wanted to curl up and die right now, or at least get away. She let out a cry and he got up and yelled at her “For f***’s sake. Can’t you keep it shut, you have no control over your emotions and that’s why you needed to be taught a lesson, but it hasn’t taught you much you pathetic bi-” and with a thump, he collapsed to the floor, just avoiding her. A stranger in a hoodie stood there with a bat in his hands and whispered “Go, leave, I have this under control” She had never left anywhere so fast.


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I hope Natalie won't lost her baby. Who is the stranger with a bat ? Is it James ? Is Brian dead ?
Did he rape Julie ?
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Default Chapter 19 - Freak Out, Let it go
She ran in any direction she could, praying she wouldn’t be found by anyone. She felt sick. She ran for what felt like years, but in the distance, she could see the house and she ran with all the energy she had left for it but once she got there, the police noticed her and one man said “Oh my God, Miss, are you alright?” but she just fell into his arms, losing all energy and hope.

“So you have a daughter,” the stranger said as Brian awoke. He looked up and said “Who are you?” and the man took his hood off revealing a familiar face to him. “How the f*** did you find me?” he yelled. The man dragged his hand smoothly across the bat, he then looked at him. “It’s not that hard, especially when you find out your own brother’s trying to murder his daughter on the news. Even more so when you find out that he’s got the same car he’s had since he left home”

“P*** off!” he yelled at him, trying to get out of the chair, but he was in the victim position now, he was handcuffed to the chair. “Shut up, Brian,” the man snapped at him, annoyed. He walked from side to side as delicately and smoothly as a cat walking down a fence. He stopped and dragged his feet and body to Brian’s direction. “I may not have seen you for like eighteen years but I know you’re still as big a dick as you were when I was fifteen”

Brian looked down “You deserved every beating from me, Ryan” and then Ryan’s face changed to pure anger. “You beat your seven-year-old brother when you were twenty-two” he snapped at him. Brian let out a laugh, annoying Ryan more. “You deserved it, you took the PlayStation controller from me,” and Ryan hit him with the bat. “Well maybe you can feel the pain I felt for once, hey?” he yelled. He smashed his face and yelled “You’re pathetic, no wonder mom kicked you out” and Brian let out another laugh, “No wonder I killed her, hey?” and Ryan’s entire posture dropped, “What…”?

Back at the hospital, Natalie woke up all woozy and with James by her side, “You’re awake” he said to her, in huge relief. “What?” she said as she looked around. She then grabbed James’s hand. “The baby…” she cried. He looked at her and squeezed her hands. “They have to do some tests, they need you to be awake. You did have some bleeding and pain” and Natalie shed tears as he hugged her. The doctor walked in, “Ah you’re awake. Would you like to come with me to the scanning room?” the nurse said to her with a wheelchair in her hands. Natalie looked at James. “I’ll be here,” he said to her, hiding his tears.

They wheeled her down to the scanning room and James sniffed in his emotions to try and keep Natalie calm, now he was close to being a dad, he didn’t want her to lose the baby. They got in the room and they helped her onto the examination bed. They got her prepared and put the gel on her stomach. They sat with bated breath as she rubbed the scanner to look for the baby. Her heart was beating out of her chest and all she could hear was the blood rushing through her body. Suddenly they heard a heartbeat and she turned the scanner towards them, “One baby” the nurse said.

They let out huge sighs and James bent down and wrapped his arms around her. The baby was alive and that’s all they needed to know. Suddenly a doctor peeked around the door and said “Doctor Anderson?” the man said, “What is it, Neil?” she asked him. “Your sister’s just been brought in, she’s not in a good way”

Julie woke up and thought she was in her normal bed until she saw bright lights and a nurse standing next to her. She rushed up and tried to get out of bed but the nurse stopped her saying “Wait, Miss Anderson, wait, you don’t have the energy” but Julie was crying and she collapsed to the floor. “I can’t do this,” she yelled, “I need to go and shower, I need to get him off me”

Natalie walked in and ran up to her, “Julie!” and she went to the floor and grabbed her struggling body and hugged her saying “It’s okay, it’s okay” She said to the nurse, “mind if I have a few minutes with her, nurse Catrin?” the nurse nodded and walked out. She stroked Julie’s hair and wiped her tears with a tissue. “Julie, please, don’t cry” and she hugged her more “was it him?” she asked her, gently. She nodded as she sniffed in and collapsed back into her arms with a crying groan.


“You… you killed mum?” he said pointing his arm all over the place. Brian relaxed. “Yeah, I did. You actually thought she killed herself? Nah, why would she? I did it, I shot her and planted the evidence and you know what? I’m gla-” WRACK, he hit him across the face before his offenses got out of control. “You bas***d!” he screamed at him, “I loved her, she was the only person left in my life! I had to get along without her and I sat there a teenager, trying to sort out my life because that’s what mum would’ve wanted!”

Yeah, I know, dark. Thanks for reading all the way through, guys. I know it's heading dark, but there's some light heading this way so keep tuned. Thanks for the comments, thanks for the reads and thank you for being the reason I'm still writing!

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He killed his own mother ... Brian is a monster.... He deserves the worst.. I hope he will pay for all of this.
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Just Wanted to say nice story. Can't wait to find out what happens next. You should write your own book. I would totally read it. (Hope all of this makes sense)
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Thanks for the comments guys.

tiadog, that's a really nice thing to say :O

thank you :D

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omg cant wait for the next chapter D:

Hiii! :D
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Default Chapter 20 (Part 1) - Revelation Is Sour, Revenge Is Sweet
“So what you gonna do” Brian spat out, “kill me?” he let out a little laugh. Ryan stared at him, “No, beat you to a pulp maybe, but not kill you” Brian let out a larger laugh, “because we’re brothers, right?” Ryan shook his head, “no, because I’m going to hand you in to the police”

Brian looked up in shock, “You wouldn’t do that, anyway, this case wouldn’t even make it through court, it’s all about evidence, remember?” Ryan turned around and put his head down, “Yeah, no proof, right?” and he put something in his pocket and turned around. “All the things you’ve done”

“What?” Brian said, “They all deserved it, Mum shouldn’t have kicked me out and I wouldn’t have had to kill her, if Natalie shouldn’t have been so careless and got pregnant, I wouldn’t have had to kick her out and take Caitlin, if Caitlin hadn’t have run away when I beat her up that time, I wouldn’t have had to break into their house, post threats and best of all, haha, run her over. Of course, if I hadn’t have found a letter that Natalie’s sister wrote to Caitlin that made her run away, I wouldn’t have had to have sex with her”

Ryan looked disgusted, “You… raped that woman?” and his face was pure disgust and hatred for Brian. Of course, Brian just let out a smug laugh and said “Scar her for life, best revenge” and looked pleased with himself. Yet Ryan had reason to be pleased with himself. Every sentence that his brother just said was recorded on a sensitive microphone without his brother’s knowledge.

Ryan walked out yelling “I need a minute,” in which Brian yelled “Take your time, not like I’m handcuffed or anything” He walked over to the furthest tree and listened to the tape, it was all there clear as day. He had his evidence and he walked back to the shed, hiding the recorder in his pocket. He kicked him hard in his privates and said “Should stop you doing anything for a while” in which in a winded tone he said “You asshole” and he looked right at him and spat “You deserve everything you get”

Caitlin lay in her room, unaware of what was going on at all. James walked in and closed the door, gently. “Hey, Cait” he said to her in a quiet tone, “How’s the pain?” She looked at him and forced a smile, “better but damn I can still feel it” he walked over and sat down, “you wanna say something, James?” she asked, “I can tell that sitting position, it means you wanna say something,” he let out a small laugh, “perceptive, aren’t you?” he said.

“Your mum just had to have a scan” he said, Caitlin rapidly got up but he stopped her, saying “Wait, wait, it’s fine, the baby’s fine, she just had a turn…” Caitlin still looked worried, “has she found Julie, yet?” his expression turned set, Caitlin stared at him like “Well…?” and he said “Well… something’s happened to her” Caitlin looked horrified and yelled “What? What’s happened to her?” James folded his lips and let go of them and said, “we don’t know exactly, but we do know…” “Know what?” Caitlin said. “I’m sorry Cait,” he said to her and looked down for a moment and then looked straight at her, “It was your dad”

Caitlin put her hand to her mouth, “No, no!” she yelled, “That bas***d!” she yelled, “I gotta get him!” and James grabbed her, “No you’re barely able to get out of bed, calm down, I don’t want you getting ill again” She fell face forward into the bed sheets, crying, “It’s all my fault!” she yelled, “if… just if I had coped with him, I could’ve saved her” and James hugged her.

Julie sat in bed, trying to cope with what had happened, Natalie sat with her. “Are you alright, Julie?” she asked, but Julie said nothing, she just stared at the ceiling with no emotion. Natalie didn’t know what to do, Julie wouldn’t let any of the male doctors near her. She just screamed and ran away from them as they got within five feet of her. Natalie wasn’t stupid, she put the pieces together. She didn’t want to force her to go through that again.

Out of the blue, Julie just said “He raped me” and Natalie had her eyes swell up with tonnes of tears, she went over and hugged her, but Julie just said, “I want him dead. I want him to see what it is like for us,” she sniffed and yelled “I just want to forget, I just wanna be clean” before breaking down into tears again. “Why won’t they let me go to shower? I just wanna go shower” and Natalie told her, “They wanna do a DNA test…” Julie sat up and cried, “Oh god… tests” and she felt so weak, “I can’t cope anymore. I have no energy left” Julie looked at her and said, “He could get locked away with evidence” Julie looked at Natalie, she knew she was right and closing her eyes tightly, she said “okay…”

Part 2 should be up about 2 mins after this one, keep tuned!

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Default Chapter 20 (Part 2)
After one hard beating off Ryan, Brian was spitting blood and coughing. He was in agony, but he tried to hide it so he could look strong. Ryan smacked him in the face yelling at him. “You pathetic piece of s***” he kept yelling and as he saw him spit the blood on the floor he knew he finally got revenge, but not for the others, so he went outside and called 999 as he threw the bat in a pond, washed it and threw it over the cliff.

“999 what’s your emergency”
“I have him…”
“Have who?”
“Brian Harrison, I… found him in a shed”
“Oh wow, this is big news, I’ll get the police over as soon as possible”
“Tell them I have evidence of several crimes, including murder”
“Oh… oh my… well I’ll tell them that, they’ll be there in about five to ten minutes”
“Thank you”
“No, thank you, sir”

He held the recorder in his hand, five minutes of taping with evidence to get him locked up for life. He walked back into the shed and looked at him, “Well done, you finally got caught, you idiot” he said.

The police rushed down the road and parked up in the forest, looking at Ryan saying “You the guy that called us” he nodded and pointed to the shed, “In there” the policeman nodded and said “thank you very much, sir” and as they took him out of the shed Brian yelled “I’ve done nothing wrong, it’s him that beat me” and Ryan yelled, “Defense! You attacked a woman!” and as the policeman with free hands walked away, Ryan passed him the recorder, “I’ve made several copies if you lose that one, he admits to probably most of his crimes on there” and the policeman stared at the tape and back at Ryan, “Well done, lad”

Brian was finally caught…

“We’ll test this sample for his DNA,” the doctor said, “If positive, then the police will get it” then Natalie’s phone rang, she answered it. “Natalie Anderson?” the voice said, “Yeah, what’s wrong?” she replied. “I’m Lisa Lachlan, I’m the head of the case of Brian Harrison” and Natalie said “He... hurt my sister so he better be found soon,” and she said “We know, we have evidence of seven offenses here” and Natalie was shocked. Seven? She asked her “Seven, how do you know?” and she said “That’s where his brother, Ryan Harrison comes in, he recorded him as he admitted them,”

Brother? Admitted? How did he do that? Is that the man that Julie mentioned coming in to save her? As she asked more and more she found out about horrible deeds he had committed before and she was shocked that at the time she met him, he was already a killer. She felt regretful but now she had her daughter in her life and leaving helped her met James, she was torn.

As the days passed, Julie was let out of the hospital and Caitlin was having physiotherapy to get her leg muscles back into action. They spent a night in the house but neither of them could sleep because even if he was locked away, he knew where they were. James offered to let them stay with him, “They’ve just finished a basement conversion during all this, Julie could sleep there, and I can put a bed in my office and once Caitlin gets out she can sleep there. I want you all to be safe, you all mean something to me” and they took up his offer.

Nights passed in the house and everything felt it was getting better. Julie was still scared and the scar would fade but never go away. Brian’s court case was the week after and Julie was dead certain that she would be there, facing him to show she wasn’t scared of him. Natalie went back to work but had to take it easy because of the turn she had a few nights ago. James was still in shock about her being pregnant but despite this, he was there for her and cared so much about all of them.

Finally, he's caught! I know it's taken a dark turn so far but the view of light is in the distance

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I hope that monster of Brian will be sentenced to death.
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Default Chapter 21 - The Days That Passed
1 Week Later...

Dear Diary: 29-9-2016

Mum has bought me you so I could write down my feelings, it even has a little lock so no one can look, pretty sweet. I honestly don’t know how I feel, I’m being let home today but today is dad’s court case. They did it pretty fast because they want him sent down as soon as possible. I HONESTLY don’t know how I’m going to do this. I’m lucky that I’ve only come out with broken bones from that accident. I have that woman to thank for that, I found out that she was Jenna’s step-mother. Quite the coincidence but you know, that’s life.

“Come on, then” the doctor said as she burst open the door and put Caitlin’s crutches by the bed. Caitlin slowly but surely got out the room and the doctor took her bag out and passed it to Natalie, who was waiting in the waiting room outside. They walked down and took her back to the house. As they arrived, Caitlin went to bed to have a sleep, it was a tiring day.

She woke up and looked outside to see the sunset. She looked at her clock and it was 18:30. She got up and went into a silent living room with Julie sitting on the sofa, staring into the TV. “Julie?” Caitlin asked, worried. Julie looked to the side of her and said “Oh, hey, Cait. Sorry, I was asleep, wasn’t here for your arrival,” and she felt guilty. “No problem, you alright? Where’s mum?”

“Your mum’s gone to the… trial…” Julie said quietly, Caitlin’s eye’s widened, “The trial? Why?” Julie shrugged, “I don’t know, she’s gone through so much because of him, why would she want to see him again?” Caitlin sat down beside Julie, “To show she’s not afraid?” she said, “To show that no matter what he does he will never have us under his control?” Julie looked down to the floor, “He had me under his control, he is a nasty piece of work, why can’t they just sentence him to death or something?” and Caitlin hugged her.

Natalie and James walked in the house a few minutes later, they were pretty quiet and they saw Caitlin and Julie on the sofa, “Oh, hey” she said, “We just went out to get a few bits” and Julie responded “I saw the news” which was replied with another “Oh”

“How was it, then?” Caitlin said, “I’m guessing he wasn’t remorseful?” Natalie sighed and said “Nope” Caitlin walked back to her room, she said “I’m gonna go have a read or something, or maybe get ready for college, I mean, I should be in today but they’re giving me leeway due to what’s happened.” and with that, Caitlin went to her room and opened her computer.

James excused himself to the bedroom, he wanted them to have some alone time for a while. Caitlin sat, watching the sunset as time went on, she looked at the computer and saw that Jenna had messaged her, saying “I’ve done something really bad”

She looked and she saw the message was from five minutes ago, she asked her what was wrong and the conversation was rapid typing for a while.

Jenna: I’ve done something really bad
Caitlin: Are you alright? What’s wrong?
Jenna: I’ve fallen in love with him
Caitlin: That guy? I thought you hated him
Jenna: I wish I did, I tried, I really tried, when I said he had no personality, I was lying, he was just so perfect I wanted to kid myself, oh God he just keeps calling me…
Caitlin: Doesn’t he have a girlfriend?
Jenna: He DID have a girlfriend, he dumped her for me
Caitlin: Then what’s wrong?
Jenna: I can’t post it all here but that test was wrong
Caitlin: Wrong? Meet me here, I’ll try and find a place we can talk
Jenna: but can you actually walk?
Caitlin: Small distances, not like there isn’t a small sitting area around here

They met outside the house and found a seat at the back to sit at and talk. Jenna’s mascara was running through her tears down her face and she was sniffing every few seconds. Caitlin could feel her emotions radiating off her. Jenna gave her a hug and said “It’s been so long, I thought you were a gonner”

They sat down and Jenna suddenly blurted out everything at once.

“I went to the doctors, I was still getting tons of symptoms and thought it might be some illness that wasn’t getting better and she asked my symptoms then asked for a urine sample and I thought nothing of it because I took that test and it said it was negative so when she called me back in I was like ‘Oh God I don’t have a serious illness do I?’ and I went in and she told me I was pregnant. I told her about the test and she said they weren’t always accurate so she’d examine me and I thought maybe it was wrong and then she said I was… Cait… I’m nearly four months along”

Caitlin tried to take it all in, she wasn’t expecting this at all, God knows how Jenna felt. “You seem shocked at that?” and Jenna took a deep breath, “Because I only had sex with him about 7 weeks ago”

Oh wow! The 18 day wait is finally over... Anyway, it's back and yep, another turn. Thanks for reading guys, I may have had a break but I SHOULD be back now!

I do wonder if anyone still reads this but eh, It fills my time

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Great chapter.... And for Jenna, who is her baby's father ??
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Nice Story! Can't wait to see who Jenna baby father is! :D
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New chapter should be up soon! I've been writing a lot so you could get 2 chapters (or at least 2 parts)!

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Default Chapter 22 - But how?
“What…?” Caitlin said as her face fell even more shocked, “How?” she said. Jenna shrugged her shoulders and pulled her hair, “I’m f***ing terrified” She said. Caitlin gave her a hug and said “What are you going to do?”. “I don’t know,” Jenna whispered, “It’s not Jack’s… it can’t be, I thought I lost my virginity to him, I thought. I-I thought” and she burst out crying “I’m not ready to be a mum, especially when I don’t know who the father is and don’t even know where to start finding him and killing the swine”

“Don’t take this offensively, but could you have been drunk?” Caitlin whispered to her. Jenna shook her head saying, “Never touched a drop in my life, my dad always taught me not to drink until I’m eighteen so I just don’t get what the f*** is going on!” she looked at Caitlin, “I feel so… violated, I feel sick thinking that someone touched me and I didn’t even know it”

Caitlin asked yet another question, “Look back to about 4 months ago, did you have any occasions where something could’ve happened?” Jenna thought a moment and pulled out her phone. She scrolled through the calendar until she stopped and saw a slot that said “Prom” Her breathing became faster as she looked at the date, it fit perfectly and then she finally said “Prom”

“What happened at prom? Do you remember?” Caitlin said to her, Jenna shook her head again, “Nope, all I remember is getting a bit tired and then all I remember is that my dad came and picked me up to take me home” Caitlin looked at her and Jenna realised she was staring, “What…? What?” and Caitlin said, “Could anyone have.. Spiked your drink?”

She thought back to that night and she tried to remember but her vision was blurry and she couldn’t see or remember anything from that night, she never tried to, she just didn’t really want to go in the first place but her teachers begged her. She thought and thought but the only thing she could remember is that Jack’s girlfriend was getting all annoyed because he sat with someone else - her. She looked at the date again. Fitted. It fitted oh so well.

“Oh God, I mean someone could have spiked the drink, no one was really drinking it anyway, just me and Jack really” Her phone beeped and she looked, it was him again. She just stared at the message and all it said was “We really need to talk about what happened, Jenna”. She looked at Caitlin who said, “You need to speak to him, he may not be the father but if he drank the drink as well he might be the key to seeing if it was spiked or not”

She got her phone and swiped to unlock, she then rapidly tapped a message out to him to make them meet that night, it was only half seven after all.

”Okay, I admit. We do need to talk, not just about that time but about a lot of other things, prom as well because I think someone did something that night and I don’t know who and I don’t know how but it might have been that someone spiked the drink. I can’t really text it so meet me at the park in about half an hour, okay?”

Within seconds she got a reply of “Prom? Okay” and she said goodbye to Caitlin and walked over to the park.

Caitlin went back inside to have something to eat, she wasn’t really that hungry but she felt she needed something in her to stop shaking. She grabbed a few crisps and just sat down, slowly inserting one in her mouth, crunching and swallowing and repeating. She heard her mum call down, “You alright down there, Cait?” and she yelled back up, “Fine, mum” but she wasn’t.

Think about it, her life had changed so much and all she could think, this time, two months ago. She was scared to breathe in case her dad would beat her up, she thought her mother hated her, she thought she wasn’t good enough and thought if she left, he would go out of his way to get revenge, she only got one of three right, anyway.

She didn’t really know her mother, all she knew was this woman who had given birth to her but went through so much. Somehow this woman she knew for like a month, she loved so much and it was like they knew each other all her life.

At least she wishes she did…

I'm in a good mood, how about I upload chapter 23 in a few minutes? :3

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Default Chapter 23 - How do you explain this?
The days passed without anyone realising, they were all numb from their problems. They all needed their problems to go, but some were easier than others.

Julie stared into the mirror, she knew she had lost all her confidence, she didn’t wear nearly as much makeup as she used to. She looked into the mirror another second and leaned on the sink and looked down. “Get a grip. He’s not coming back. You need to show him you’re not afraid of him, show him he can’t hurt you. They have so much evidence for proving he is a bas**** so just keep your cool and try to stay as normal as possible”

Caitlin looked outside, she didn’t really get much off Jenna in the last few days and she was worried about her, she called around to her house but apparently she was really ill so she couldn’t have anyone near her. She still had pain from the hit and run but she just tried to put it to the back of her mind.

Suddenly she had a text come on her phone from Jenna.

“I’m outside, you okay to talk?”

And she went outside.

“Hey?” she said to her as she leant on the wall, “You okay?” she asked her. Jenna nodded, “Just needed to keep you up to date, I’ve been throwing up the last few days so I had to stay inside because my step-mother thought I was ill” She pointed at the bench they sat at a few days before, as they sat down she looked at Caitlin and said “I don’t even believe this”

Caitlin looked confused a little, she said “About the pregnancy?”. Jenna shook her head, she said “There was no spiked drink or anything, I was seen the whole time”
“Then how?” Caitlin asked, confused.”And what about Lauren and your dad? Do they know?” Jenna shook her head yet again, “How’s it gonna look? They can’t have children, then their daughter goes and gets herself pregnant? How the fu** does that look?” and she pulled her hair hard in anger, “I can’t do this!”

Jenna thought for a few moments, “I’m going to tell them, I just need to…” she held her head “need to” and then she collapsed.

It's only a short one, anyway! You've got 2 for the price of 1 today, people. Enjoy, next one should be up tomorrow

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Poor Jenna....What has happened to her????
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Default Chapter 24 - I don't know
Jenna woke up in hospital with Caitlin beside her, “Huh? What?” she said. Caitlin said “Don’t worry, you fainted, they’re just checking you’re okay” and then Lauren burst into the room, “Oh God, Jenna!” She yelled as she walked in and hugged her, “You alright?” Jenna suddenly got tense and fidgety “yeah, fine, let’s get out of here” and then the doctor walked in. “I’ll see you later,” Caitlin said and she was out the room in seconds.

“Well don’t worry, everything’s fine” and Jenna’s eyes widened far, almost as if they would fall out of her eye sockets. “She can go home?” Lauren asked. The doctor said, “She’ll have to have an ultrasound, but from what I can guess, there was no bleeding so the baby should be fine”

Lauren let out a nervous laugh, “You’re joking?” and she looked at Jenna’s guilty face, “She’s joking, right? Jenna?” and Jenna gulped. The doctor looked embarrassed, “Oh I thought you knew, her notes mention that she’s pregnant. Erm, I’ll go” and she left them both in the room, together. It was silent as time dragged on, Lauren looked angry, confused and bewildered all in one. She suddenly turned her head to Jenna, “Pregnant?” she said.

“Laura, please let me explain,” and Lauren interrupted, “You could have told me! How far along are you? Who’s the father?” and Jenna said “Laura, one question at a time, please” and Lauren started crying “I thought we told everything to each other, why?” and Jenna snapped “Because I didn’t want to upset you because you can’t have a baby!”

Lauren was shocked, she knew there was a reason but she didn’t want her problems to get in the way of Jenna’s, she was always like a mother to her. “Yo- You wouldn’t have…” She stuttered, “How… how far along are you?” Jenna was quiet a moment, then she said “About four months” and Lauren put her hand to her head as she staggered.

Back at Caitlin’s, they all stared at the TV. The national news was all over Brian’s story. “Bloody TV,” Natalie said, “Always reminding you of stuff you don’t wanna know”


“Ugh!” Natalie moaned. Julie got up and walked downstairs to the door, “I’ll get it,” Natalie looked worried, “Got your spray bottle?” She said. Julie nodded.

She opened the door and a man stood there, it was the man who saved her that night, it was Ryan. “You’re the…” She struggled, “You’re the man from… that night” He nodded, “Yes… Yes, I am” and she stood, stunned. “I just wanted to see if you were okay, now. What he did was evil” he said to her. She was still in shock and said “Yeah… I’m… fine…”

“I’m sorry for my brother, I just want you to know I’m nothing like him” She looked at him, “Brother? You’re his brother?” and he scratched his head, “Yeah” She looked at him closely, “You look pretty young,” She said to him, a little confused. “Yeah, my mother had Brian pretty young, nineteen to be exact, then fifteen years later she had me at thirty-four, so I’m thirty-three” he explained. She was a little more calm now, “Oh, about my age then? I’m thirty-three, nearly thirty-four”

They struck up conversation and got on pretty well, there was even a bit of chemistry. They got on well and exchanged phone numbers, she didn’t think that they’d get on. She found out about all the things Brian did to people, and when she found out he killed his own mother, she was shocked and even more disgusted.

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Eager to read more..
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Default Chapter 25 - The Ruling
Jenna and Lauren sat in the room, silent as they waited for the nurse to come back. Suddenly Lauren said “I know you think I’m angry, I’m just shocked” They were still silent after that but Lauren didn’t tell her the truth, she was upset. She felt horrible that Jenna could get pregnant without even wanting it, but she - who tried for years can’t even have a single chance. She felt it wasn’t fair, she’d give anything to be pregnant instead of her, Jenna had her life ahead of her.

The nurse walked in and said “Hey guys,” and she sat down, “Let’s put your mind at ease, right?” and she put the scanner over her stomach. She looked over and over and instead of a calm face, it started getting more concerned and Jenna asked “Is it alright?” and the nurse said “I just need to get a doctor”

“Laura, what’s going on?” Jenna said in a panic. “I’m sure it’s fine, it might be a little small or something that’s all” and then the doctor walked in and scanned her too, “Hey, I’m doctor Kingston, just here to check something” and she scanned her stomach and did the same motion as the nurse and stopped. She then said “Yes, you’re right, nurse, I’m afraid” and then she put the machine back.

“What’s going on? Is the baby alright?” Jenna asked and the doctor sighed, “I’m afraid… you’re not pregnant, you never were. You have a tumour in your uterus and it’s pretty big” and they gasped and Jenna had tears come to her eyes. “I’m not having a baby? I’m… ill? but the doctor said the pregnancy test was positive?” and the doctor shut down the machine, “I’m afraid that the tumour was producing the hormone given off by the placenta in pregnancy, hence it being positive. We’re going to need to remove the tumour and test it for cancer, depending on the type then you might need chemotherapy”

“I might have cancer…?” she uttered. “Yes, I’m afraid so” and then everything made sense at once. She let out a cry and Lauren comforted her.


Caitlin walked home without any idea what was happening, but when she got home she saw her mother and James getting ready to go out. “Mum?” she asked, “What’s going on?” Natalie held her neck and said “It’s your dad’s ruling in half an hour” and Caitlin sat down “I completely forgot with everything that’s happened with Jenna” she said. “What’s wrong with Jenna?” Natalie inquired. “Oh, not important,” Caitlin suddenly changed the subject, “Er let’s go”

Natalie’s eyes followed her and she said “You alright to come, Caitlin?” but Caitlin quickly nodded and said “Let’s go” but Natalie was worried about her.

As they arrived they walked into the room and Brian looked up at them, gave a smug smile, stared at Caitlin and whispered “Hello sweetheart”. She shivered as he said that, she hated him so much. No one could guess the years of pain he gave her. She wasn’t allowed friends because of him.

“The jury has decided their verdict” the judge said, as the jury walked into the room and sat down, one stayed stood up and looked over to Brian then back at the judge.

“For the crime of domestic abuse, do you find the defendant guilty or not guilty?”

Time felt like it had stopped to Caitlin, she looked around as the jury looked at the one person. Brian stood there giving a dirty look to them all. Natalie had her hand to her chest and James leant forward. She felt scared, she didn’t want to hear it but at the same time she was dying to hear it.


And she collapsed into Natalie’s arms who was ecstatic as well as James, and most of the people in the room. Brian yelled “This can’t be right! I’ve done nothing wrong, it’s all them” and the judge banged his gavel “Silence!” Every crime read out had “guilty” after it. Caitlin was so pleased and she was crying her eyes out in relief. The Judge went back to decide the sentence.

“It’s all over, Cait” Natalie said, “It’s all over”
The judge came back and read out his sentence.

“I sentence you to life with twenty-three years minimum” he said and Brian yelled as he was dragged away from the court down to prison.

He was finally going to be locked up for life.

Caitlin opened up her phone and saw a missed call and walked out to answer it. “Jenna, what’s wrong?” she asked. “Caitlin, I’m not pregnant, I have cancer” and she froze.

Since I didn't upload yesterday, we're getting another 2 for the price of 1 day!

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Default Chapter 26 - 4 Days Later
4 days later…

Caitlin sat on her bed. Jenna was going in for her operation today. They scheduled it quick because the tumour was getting bigger. Caitlin didn’t know how to feel. She didn’t know whether to feel upset, angry or anything. Her dad was in prison for a long time now but she couldn’t shake off the feeling that he would always be there, one way or the other.

“I’m scared,” Jenna said to Lauren and her dad. Her dad gave her a peck on the cheek and said, “It’ll be alright, I know you, you’re stronger than bull” and he faked a smile for her. “Andrew, the doctors need to get through now, let’s go. Jenna, I love you” Lauren said through a cracking voice.

They wheeled her down to her surgery and she breathed deeply with fear.

Julie and Ryan sat down in the kitchen and were sipping coffee while talking. They had talked a lot for the last few days and had huge chemistry. She couldn’t believe he was Brian’s brother and couldn’t believe what he had been through and came out so strong.

“So, how did you even get by?” She asked. He put down his coffee mug and said “I just told myself that my mum would want me to get on with life and prove I’m something. I always thought she killed herself and when I found that he killed her, everything made sense. I wanted to kill him but I just beat him instead, seeing the blood come from his mouth was joy, it sounds dark but he was evil, I’m just glad we all got justice now” and she sat there listening as she stared at his eyes.

He looked at her and put his hand on top of hers, she smiled at him and got up, keeping her hand under his and walked over. He got up and leaned in to kiss, it felt magical for her and like nothing she had ever felt. She didn’t feel scared, she felt she could trust him. She didn’t think it was possible to be so happy, not since the attack but life just felt right, this felt right. She kissed him back and he held her face and gently stroked it.


Brian sat in the prison cell. He looked around and the room was empty. He looked at everything he had in there. The toilet was dirty and his bed was the most uncomfortable thing ever. His shower barely worked and sometimes wouldn’t work at all. The hot settings didn’t even work on his shower, just spitting ice cold water at him every time he tried to shower. He kept telling people he didn’t deserve this, but everyone knew he did.

The guard got him out for food and he walked. Suddenly as he went in everyone stared at him, “What?” he snapped. They all looked and one walked in front of the others. “We don’t take kindly for yours,” he said, “We might have to teach you a lesson… for the rest of your prison sentence, because we don’t take kindly to rapists and women abusers like you. Good luck, Pal” and THUMP, he was hit, and everyone kicked and hit him as he lay on the floor helpless while the guards left them to it, everyone knew he deserved it. They kicked and hit. He lay there trying to scream but his energy was gone, finally.

"Enjoy that," The one guy said, "You're getting that as much as possible for the next twenty-three years you f***er"

There we go, next chapter soon! Hope you've enjoyed it so far, not near finishing yet, people!

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Poor Jenna, I hope the tumour isn't malignant..
That monster of Brian has what he deserves.
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Default Chapter 27 - As Time Goes By
Two Months Later…


“Hey, Cait” Lauren said as she opened the door, “You alright?” Caitlin brushed her hair off her face, “err, yeah, just came to see how Jenna was”. “Oh!” Lauren said, “She’s just in bed at the moment, want to come in and see her?” and Caitlin nodded with a smile.

She walked through to see Jenna in bed a little pale and looking over slowly as the door opened. “Hey, Cait” she said in a croaky voice, sounding ill and tired. “Want me to come back later, Jen?” Caitlin asked. “No no no, come in, sit down” and she did, “So, what’s up?” Jenna asked.

“Well, I was in James’s shop and I met the most amazing guy…”

3 hours ago

BUMP. “Ah! Sorry,” a boy said as he crashed into Caitlin. “Oh, no problem” Caitlin said as she swirled her hair. “Dylan” the guy said, “Name’s Dylan” and he put his hand out to shake. “Caitlin” She said as she shook it. “You’re very pretty” he said to her and then blushed as he realised what he said, then went all coy, “Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to say… that… out loud” and Caitlin giggled, “It’s fine, don’t worry, quite nice actually”

They got talking and he suddenly said out of nowhere “Wanna go out sometime? Erm, it’s fine if you don’t of course, I’m just asking, sorry” and Caitlin reassured him “No don’t worry, it’s fine! I’d love to, to be honest” and he smiled, as did she. “The park, six, tomorrow? Evening, of course” and she nodded, “Yeah, that’d be great,” and she wrote down on a piece of paper, “Here’s my number, text me”

Caitlin walked out the shop with a smile, and Dylan stood in the background the same. James smiled content with the fact Caitlin was finally moving on.

“...And then I walked home, God he’s so dreamy”

“Ooh! He sounds it. Are you excited” Jenna asked. She nodded, “Yeah, I can’t wait, I really like him, he’s so shy but he makes up for it with his personality” and she giggled and squealed like a schoolgirl. They chatted about clothes and makeup for the next hour. “Calm down, Jen, you’re still going through chemo” Lauren shouted through…


“I’m so tubby” Natalie moaned as James messed around in the mirror. “You are pregnant, the weight gain is expected, you haven’t put that much on, anyway,” and he walked over and gave her a peck on the head, “You’re beautiful anyway” and she laughed and smiled.

Caitlin walked in the house yelling “Hello young lovers!” and laughing. Natalie got up and walked downstairs to the kitchen saying “Hey, Cait, you alright?” and Caitlin smiled and said “Yeah, yeah I am,” she suddenly turned around and said “Mind if I go out tomorrow, around six?” and Natalie glanced a confused smile, “Tomorrow?” she said, “What for?”

“Erm, I’m meeting someone, a… guy” she said. Her mum’s face was pleasantly pleased and she said “Really? Aww” and went over and squeezed her tightly saying “You’re all grown up” and a tear rolled down her face with realisation that she had missed so much over the years. She went from nappies to boys within the time she never seen her.

Sorry, I left the cut makeup on in the pictures, just ignore it and treat her face as recovered as possible!

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A potential boyfriend for Caitlin... Yay ! She deserves it.
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