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Rufus Gardiner moved to a huge lot with beautiful vista in Sunset Valley and spent young adulthood foraging, collecting and fishing. He then met Pauline when he started working at the theater and she readily agreed to dump her boyfriend for him when he invited her over for dinner. Rufus continued his career and became a rock star and is currently trying to complete all the challenges for mastering the guitar.

Pauline had a mid life crisis and also decided to work in athletics and juggles this new goal with raising their 3 girls (she got her wish each time without any fruity assistance). The eldest daughter, Tara, dreams of becoming a doctor, the middle one looks set to follow in her father's footsteps as she's a virtuoso and the youngest seems to want a simple life of fishing aall day long. They still live on the same lot though there is now a reasonable size house - Rufus started with just bed under the stars!

Over in Riverview, Skye Waters has just married a surgeon who turned out to be much older than her (he'll ge to an elder in a few days while she's still a young adult). He brought much needed cash to her small cottage. She has never worked and prefers to farm her small plot and fish and is hoping to start a family soon. She searched the catacombs and came up trumps with over 3000 simoleons of goodies but now prefers to hang out in the allotment and the juice bar.
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So... here comes trouble?

0_o I think I will be playing this sim in the future....
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(I know its tiny but it will have to do until I figure out how to get everyone to pose for a picture lol)
My first Sims 3 family is doing well. Annelise and Parker Jones have 6 beautiful children, including a set of twin boys and a set of twin girls. They are: Nala(teen), Dakota(teen), Liam & Shoka(children), Tess & Morgana(toddlers). Parker, who is at the top of the Forensis career, has a lifetime wish to raise 5 children, and he's doing one better than that. Annelise is a stay at home mom and level 10 writer whose next challenge is to take on the paintbrush.
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I have about 5 households started, all in different game saves. I'm thinking about moving them all into the same game, don't know if that's possible though wihtout them losing all their skills and stuff.
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My sim found a wife (Zelda Mae. I was going for another one, but he seemed to like her the best.) They got married at the beach. It was the best sim party -- and I didn't have anything to do with it.

I did the beach wedding to see it. The sims all showed up, entertained themselves -- served drinks. All I had to do was have the groom grill up some hotdogs. They had a great time with the food, and one of the guests randomly pulled out a guitar and started playing! This got all the guests in a great mood. By the time I finally got the wedding together, it was sunset so I got great shots. (haven't put them on the exchange yet.. blather its late)

Sheesh I think it was better than my own real life wedding!
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Well, I quit the game just a few minutes ago, but here's what happened while I played.

My self-Sim and her husband (George Dean, from Riverside Riverview), who already have two kids, are pregnant with a third (and possibly more...). She just got the change of clothes and the message about 4 days' maternity leave.

My self-Sim is at level 7 in her career in the Forensics branch of Law Enforcement (used to be my actual dream career). James doesn't have a high relationship with his mother, sadly, but I'm working on that. George is a Fighter Pilot who has a good relationship with everyone in his family, and wants another son. (To his credit, though, he did want his firstborn to be a girl.) He has the Fertility Treatment reward, though he's had it since before his first kid. Who knows how many they'll have?

Self-Sim's traits: Loner, Good, Neat, Unflirty, Frugal (loves cleaning...a little too much.)
George's traits: Brave, Good, Family-oriented, Athletic, Friendly (loves to exercise...likewise, a little too much.)
Child James' traits: Genius, Computer Geek, Friendly (all were my choices. The kid is obsessed about reading.)
Toddler Emma's traits: Virtuoso, Friendly (I chose Virtuoso)
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Finally got the RAM I need to play the game
Gonna jump in.. I'll be back later.
I know this has nothing to do with the thread but I've been lurking and can't wait to add to it!!

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Originally Posted by schitzwa
Not too rich if you move him in with you The game lied!! He only brought $5000! I think the money was in the house and well...he left that..but he is easy on the eye...I buffed him up because he was very skinny! :p

Well, that blows. I had high hopes for him. He's my sims' boss right now (Haley is now on her way to Pulitzer lol). Oh well, she's just going to use him for his bod then =)

Btw, Haley recently acquired that fast learning trait - something about llama's speed, I think (I play localized version (bleh...) so I' not sure about it). I was so eager to put it in good use but it doesn't seem to affect anytning at all =( What a letdown...

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I play a myself-sim (and my husbands-sim). We just got our new house decorated, and we both have demanding careers that takes most of the time as always in the Sims. I have the "insane/perfectionist"-trait, so when I have some time left I visit my neighbors who think I'm behaving inappropriately, and I do I guess I'm trying to grow some tomatoes in the back-yard and refine my writing skills. My husbands sim is a "neurotic/ loner/ workaholic", he doesn't talk at all for days...he plays guitar on the neighbours porch and loves to work from home when he is not painting. We met most of our closest neighbors and had some over for dinner already. I guess I'm playing a very dark, crazy, conceptualized version of myself...

I also play a family of five where the mother/wife in the family is cheating on her couch potato-husband. And a single woman in the politics career who does nothing in her spare time but eat.

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From my Blog at the Sims 3 site:

After playing several generation's worth in Sunset Valley and dabbling a bit in Riverview, I decided to start "clean".

I fired up a new game, selected Riverview and kicked all the residents out... bye bye Maxis sims...

Now I'm repopulating the town with my own Sims, once I'm done with that i'll use that point as a "base safe" from which I can then select a family to play.
It does take time setting stuff up, re-decorating houses and giving Sims jobs and the likes, but it's going to be worth it in the end.

So far living in Riverview we have:


Donald and Eddie are brothers and even though their characters are rather different they get along most of the time. Donald is married to Lola, a "rocker chick"who like to flirt. Eddie is married to Layka who shares some of his views on life, but she's definitely the more mature one in their relationship.
Then there's Floyd Lloyd, Layka's Brother... he doesn't play nice, nor does he want to...


I've split up the Griesmeyers into two households.
Jonathan and Larry live together in their own little place, I guess it's only a matter of time before Larry does something to make Jonathan angry with his no-good youngest son.

Jerry and Elena are a match made in heaven.. if heaven is the most boring place in the universe that is. Both have absolutly no sense of humour. Will spoiled daughter Sarah make something of her life? Will young James be the next Damien?


Betty is past her prime, but don't tell her that, she still thinks she's "all that" and will parade around town in skimpy outfits suited for women half her age, and dress size.. Good thing she's got a nice personality.
Bob is clumsy, and has been fired because of it from more jobs then he cares to remember, should he give it another go? or just spend his days with his biggest hobby, fishing?


Gerald Winter is a real country boy, he loves nothing more then being out in the open or beavering away in his vegetable patch. Luck seems to have abandoned him though, making daily life a chore from time to time. Unfortunately his lovely wife is quite insane. Can this young couple and their two young kids make it for themselves?


Gingers ahoy! When redheaded George met equally fireyhaired Milly it was love at first sight. Now they're a few years on and have 3 kids. The twins, Aaron and Alicia share their parent's red tops, but Dark horse Lian was born with brown hair. Will these kids still be able to have a lovely childhood with two ambitious parents?


Silver fox Vincent just married the buxom young Lula. Is this true love? or is Lula just after his money? And has this charismatic elderly chap some deep dark secrets to hide?

To be Continued..

The Grumpy Old Gamer's Blog

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Originally Posted by Kittymom1029
Soleil Adams is...

With her funds running low, Soleil seems unaware that she won't hit the "motherlode" again. Will she buckle down and get a regular job, cut down on her spending and downsize her living arrangments? Or will she spend every last Simoloeon and end up running back to Mommy and Daddy in humiliation?

Stay tuned.....

Amazing! Soleil may be a poor writer, but her creator isn't! Bravo!

This reporter had a +40 Entertained Moodlet! Stay tuned indeed!
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Axe Gaijin: you have Bob and Betty, even if their last name is different any chance of getting pics of the families to go with the names?

Keeping Eliza's stress level down is really hard. When I started the game, she was at school, her energy was fully red and she was stressed, tired, lots of other bad moodlets and on a caffeine withdrawal. The day before when she came home, she was again in a pretty bad shape, so the homework was left aside and she did it in the wee hours of the morning with much help from coffee. When she returned home today, she went straight to bed. She had a want to take a bubble bath, so I sent mommy dearest and her aunt Suzie who was visiting to the store to buy the foam. The bath helped a lot and by the time she exited it, she was almost happy. I think I'll just have to start making her parents help her out more with her homework, as it's never an easy task for her.

The next day Eliza asked can she go to a friend's house after school, of course she could. The boy she met was really chubby, but his mom was super cute and thin, and had the Sarah Palin thing going on. The mom was in the study when the kids came from work. The first thing Eliza did was go to the mom and ask would she like to play catch, she would have, but the study was too small for catching, and they were too dump to go out so the option was dropped. But the moment after that, Eliza comes up with the wish to become a star athlete, so that's her ltw now. Her dad actually has been carrying the want to tutor somebody in sports for a while, so I'll be sending them to the gym on the weekend. Eliza also got a task to bring a fish to school. There was mentioning of fishing, but with homework, and sleeping and trying to keep her fun up, she might not have the time to do the fishing her self, so her dad gave her one of the fishes he had in his inventory. Hope the school won't notice the difference. The chubby boy she went home with, they hit it on quite nicely. So far we know that he's never nude either


Normal boring life, until Eliza graduated high-school and became a YA. First day as an adult, first woohoo with Bob, and risky woohoo makes her pregnant. Her mom was thrilled, her dad was not. He attacked Bob who was visiting and thus provided me with my first sims 3 fight . As having an out of wedlock baby was not an appropriate matter in the Hurst household, Bob and Eliza had to have quite a rushed wedding before the baby was born. It was a boy and they named him Vlad. I wanted to give him a more German name, I couldn't use Kurt because I had a Kurt in my sims 2 game, and the only other name that came to my mind was Hans, but Hans Hurst is a horrible name, so he became Vlad. Even thou It's a bit too russian for Heinrich's taste.

Thanks to Bob's gene's the third Hurst generation is not as hidious as the second was. Vlad was an adorable toddler, and a cute kid . So far his trait's are Loves the outdoors, easily impressed and over emotional.

Heinrich died at the age of 92, a few days before Vlad grew into a kid. Eliza has had the want to throw a great birthday party for a long time, but so far she's failed. For example Vlad's kid birthday, I left them alone for two minutes, and when I came back I found Bob flirting with the very pregnant Betty in front of his mother in law, and Vlad in his underwear playing with his rocket . Her birthday parties are always lame, opposite to the funeral which rocked.

As both Bob and Eliza are slobs, Ruby has a lot on her plate. Her day usually consists of feeding the fish, then having breakfast, then spending the next 4-6 hours cleaning. She also takes care of Vlad. Bob helped a lot when Vlad was still a baby and a toddler, but now that he's a kid, they barely interact. Ruby is the one teaching Vlad to do his homework, making sure he has food and that his social and fun are up. Bob doesn't work, he mostly spends his day painting or at Betty's house. Bob has the want to have a girl, his child with Betty was a boy, Arturo . Now that Betty is also an elderly , he might have another kid with Eliza. Eliza has no child wants, she's too busy with her career in sports. She's now level 4 in the job, and in the best shape she's ever been. After Vlad was born, Eliza became huge. First in her own wedding she went and ate a bit too many servings from the buffet, then on Vlad's toddler birthday she helped herself to more cake even after being full. She was really big, but she came down quite much after I sent her jogging. She was just starting out in the athletic career, and wanted to be in a fitter condition when she started work.

Bob and Ruby don't get along. Ruby has always been flirtatious with Bob, free will, not me. The way she found out Bob and Eliza were engaged, was when he was visiting, and she flirted with him, and then he told her he has a partner. Her relationship with Bob is currently as low as it's ever been. I left her alone for a sec and when I came back, I saw the minus signs, and the popup, "Ruby can see Bob is uncomfortable". I have no idea what she did, but now they are halfway through to being enemies.

I'v also been playing Betty's house a bit, had to read the instructions because I couldn't figure out how to change households. She pretty much is living a quiet suburban life with her kid, she doesn't have a job, and is living from her parent's inheritance.
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Eliza got pregnant again a few days before becoming an adult. Until that point, Eliza had been fully concentrated on her job, but it was the forced calming down she had to do while on maternity leave that Eliza noticed what horrible choices she had done. Until this point her mother had taken care of Vlad, but now that she had passed away, Eliza noticed that her son was marly an acquaintance in her life. She quit her job after Anna was born. In the beginning they were financially secured, Eliza spent several hundreds of bills in the saloon and they got a maid, but after somebody decided to renovate the house and add a second story to it, the family was left with less than 500 simoleans to survive with. At one point I had to sell a rock to be able to buy Vlad a birthday cake, even thou normally selling rocks is against my rules. But they only had 6 simoleans on their account, and the cake was thirty. Vlad's birthday visitors had already came when I noticed you cannot start the transition without the cake even thou they have only one day left. The reason they only had six was because Anna, who is now a child, spent over 250 simoleans in the bookshop. She was only suppose to buy a chess book, but she ended up buying that as well as some fantasy book with unicorns costing over 200 simoleans.

Vlad's birthday was publicly lame, but privately fantastic, as after the rest of the guests had left, Vlad and his girlfriend did their very first woohoo while touring the theater. I was planning on moving Vlad out on his own, but they were again down to less then 10 simoleans, so it was time for Vlad to get a job. He has the brain to be a doctor, but he's not interested in a normal job. Considering what options he had, Vlad decided to enter the culinary career. My backup plan for Vlad was that he would move out and become roommates with his best friend Arturo, who also is his half brother but nobody except Bob and Betty know that, but Arturo is still a teen so he would have had to wait a bit. The next day Bob finished working on a challenge he had. And it was painting 10 paintings and sending them to the business building. They gave him over 19 000 simoleans. That was 14 thousand more than I thought he would get. With this money, Vlad was able to move out. He brought the tiny one room cottage at the end of road where the Broke family has their trailers.

Vlad's house consists of q one room cottage and an out house. He was not suppose to get a job (he quit his culinary job before even starting it), but fishing (he's ltw is to have 13 perfect fishes in a bowl, he now has 4, so he was suppose to live on fishing and fishing only) is not as profitable as one might hope, at least not with a 10x bills hack. The repo man came twice. On the second time Vlad had just set the stove on fire (two days in a row) when he came, so instead of recollecting, he freaked out and by the time the fire was out, he said it's too late and he'll come back later. He did come back, the next day and stole more of Vlad's precious furniture. Vlad now works in the sience career and has even got an promotion. Vlad had had the want to move in with his girlfriend since being a teen. And the want to marry her pretty much after becoming an adult. I was planning that he would not marry her until he has discovered all her traits, but the last trait was not getting discovered, and they have been going out since high school. Finally I gave in, the girlfriend moved in and they got engaged. Her traits are over emotional, computer wiz, light sleeper, looser and maybe good, don't remember the last one. Her life time want is to be an international spy. She got a job in law enforcement, then accidentally told her boss about a surprise party the other co-workers were planning.

The girlfriend has a twin sister (not identical) that I'v also wanted to play. I moved her out of her parents house, the brought her some land and built a small house for her. She's quite poor at the moment. Having only a toilet, a sink, a fridge and a park bench so she can nap. She wants to be a ceo of a company, so she got a job in the business career. I don't let my sims apply directly to jobs, it has to be through the paper or the computer, except for part time job, because those don't seem to show up in the paper. Anyhow, both girls had their dream job come up on their first try for job hunting. So either I'm very lucky, or it's coded that way. It's saturday in the morning right now at the sister's house, and her job doesn't start untill monday. Most likely she'll spent the weekend visiting friends and living on their expense.

Eliza transitioned into an adult, and I gave her a middle age stay a home mom makeover. Eliza was born chubby, but after she entered the athletic career, she became really thin because she spent her work days working at the gym, but after she quit her job, she became curvy again. I don't remember her over eating or anything. It's just that she didn't work out after quitting her job, and probably just sank back to her natural weight. She's been working out again a bit, when ever she has the time. Vlad has pretty much cut all ties to his family, he occasionally calls his sister, but they are not close.
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OK, I have one family, the Plumbs. I wrote about this clan in detail in my Sims 3 blog.

The Plumbs got themselves settled in Sunset Valley. Nigel found a job in medical while the daughter, Margaret, got a part-time gig at the bookstore. In addition, he started his garden in the large yard.

They lived this way for awhile. Margaret put her nose to the grindstone. She hit the books hard and even published her first novel, entitled Paloma of Plumbob Farm, while still in her teens. So between school, her part-time job, and her writing, she didn't spend much time socializing. As a loner, it suited her just fine.

Then Jamie entered the picture.

"Jamie," of course, is Jamie Jolina, a sim who lives in Sunset Valley. She was a co-worker of Nigel's, and when they met at work, they took an instant liking to each other. Jamie was blond and attractive and seemed to know that she was both. They started seeing each other, and the age difference between them (Nigel was elder, Jamie was adult) didn't matter to them.

Then Jamie got pregnant. The lullaby test proved Nigel was the baby's father.

Three simdays later, Nathan James Jolina-Plumb was born. Because it was feared that Nigel's death was imminent, he remained with his mother.

Nigel, however, persevered, and even managed to forge a relationship with his very young son. When his mother was working late at the hospital, the boy would ride his bicycle across town to the Plumb farm to spend time with his father and older half-sister. Nathan and Nigel would chase each other through the orchard and vineyard, and when it got late, the boy would watch horror movies with Margaret.

The day Nathan became a teenager, Nigel died. He was 101 simdays old.

While Margaret began to achieve astonishing success with her books, crafting best-seller after best-seller, Nathan floundered -- skipping school, getting a part-time job at the spa, playing his guitar at the park until the wee hours of the morning. Margaret decided to leave her father's farm and the farmhouse behind and move closer to her brother. She moved into the house next door.

Yet she found her brother as aimless as ever. Though she knew he was bright, he didn't apply himself in school -- indeed, he seldom went.

Margaret completed her LTW on her tenth book (Make $4K a week in royalties), so her next step is probably to find a life companion. Unfortunately, her personality is not exactly germane to marriage (I made it that way), so it's fairly likely she'll remain single.

Nathan is a different story. He has a high school sweetheart, Erin Frio, daughter of one of the Frio brothers who live on the coast of Sunset Valley. They apparently met at the spa, where they both work. I also noticed that she's 7 simdays older than he is.

Apparently Nathan has a thing for older women. More on that in a second.

Erin isn't the only woman Nathan has been spending time with. There's someone else. Her name is Holly Alto. Who's that? Well she, too, is from a premade family. Her parents, Nick and Vita Alto, were ridiculously wealthy, and she, as their only child, inherited their vast fortune when they died. Holly is also old enough to be Nathan's mother.

Nathan just turned YA, Holly is about 4 or 5 days to elder.

Since I last updated my blog at the site, Nathan has not only gotten Holly pregnant but two other women as well -- his high school sweetheart, Erin Frio, and Erin's half-sister, his childhood pal Shalonda Ursine.

I adore Nathan, hes quite a character. His personality traits are Virtuoso, Artistic, Bookworm, Good, and Hot-Headed (and I only chose 1 of those, Bookworm, in an effort to give him traits from both parents). His favorites are the color violet, pop music, and hamburgers. He's been known to sing in the shower, strum his guitar at all hours and at odd times, and he also loves books and art. I haven't seen much evidence of the Hot-headed trait.
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Well, I finally created a suitable guy (an Orlando Bloom clone...he's actually really well done ) and moved him in next door to my active sim. As soon as she met him the wish to have her first kiss popped up, so I assumed she liked him. They began a torrid romance (took all day) and by last night, they were newlyweds (I switched households so that *he* proposed to *her*) and then they moved into a suitable house to raise a family in. Her cooking and mechanical skills are really high, so she can stay at home and raise the children while he pursues fame and fortune. They are apparently very traditional in their values (She wants to be surrounded by family, is a hopeless romantic etc. and he's a brave hopeless romantic ). They bought a Prius and some top of the line stuff for the kitchen and are currently decorating a nursery in anticipation of starting a family.

Beware of Elves giving wedgies.
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I'm playing a YA Female - Serenity Willows. Artistic, Angler, Green Thumb, Loves the Outdoors, Bookworm. At first, I didn't want her to get a job. But I needed money. But before that, I was focusing on her garden and writing. She does the garden every day and writing almost everyday and now has 4 books, writing a 5th for a character (oppurtunity). Now she has a cooking career.

She met Buck Broke and fell in love with him and had a baby boy, Dustin (in honor of Dustin from Sims 2). Both adults are working on the garden, already having a couple perfect plants (a bunch of apples and now lettuce, I think, and more on the way!) and Dustin is a toddler, having learned everything he can from books and from his parents, and now he just plays until he grows up.)

Buck is also in the music career, about to go into the Rock Branch.

More later!
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Played a bit with Joey. My fishing guy's fiancee's sister. One of Joey's traits is frugal, so she spent the beginning of the day cutting coupons. First from her own paper, then from the interwebs in the library. Before noon, the poor girl was both tired and stinky. So it was time to visit her beloved sister. Asking can she stay over was against her lonely trait, but she needed to sleep and get a bath. The sister accepted, but because Vlad was reading a book on the bed, she couldn't sleep in it, so she went to take a bath. I have woohoo on autonomous, so while Joey was having her bath, Vlad and the girlfriend got some action. After that Vlad was done with the bed, and Joey went to sleep. She spent the next day hanging around, feeding Vlad's fishes, and finding more coupons online. As she didn't ask can she sleep over again during sunday, Vlad kicked her out on Monday at twelve thirty in the night. So Joey went to the library, found a coupoun for a facial, and then spent the next few hours working on the science fiction novel she started the day before. At four she went to get the facial she had the coupon for. It was originally 200 but now only 60. By the time she got out it was seven and time to go to work. Joey's other trait is loner. Which is why she was having a blast in the library as nobody else was there at the odd hours she used it, but then at work she got a negative moodlet for being in a crowed. She want's to be the CEO, and needs to smooch the boss, but can't stand people. This is going to be easy.

After work, she was all stressed out and tired. She still had no furniture except the park bench and a fridge, she needs at least one more salary to buy a bed. So first I sent her to the gym to take a shower, then remembered her parents live just opposite the road, so she went there to sleep. She woke up early in the morning, and went to the library to work on her novel as well as surf the net to get her fun up. Her parents didn't have a computer.

Her traits are:
- frugal
- loner
- good
- looser
- childish
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Originally Posted by Iceciro
So... here comes trouble?

0_o I think I will be playing this sim in the future....

Sweet!!! Where they inherited, or completely random?
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My family are experiencing a pretty traumatic time in their lives at their moment. The mediocre father and husband, Lee Cheung, passed away suddenly from old age today. His family were, obviously, distraught. Lee was Shannon's first and only love, though considerably older than her. She was left to live out her life with her two children, Alex and Sau Lin.

When not working (master thief) she took to internet chatrooms where she met Don Lothario, then an elder. They chatted regularly and then began to meet in person. Shannon wanted to be one with Don, as she was with Lee. But his commitment-phobic self was having none of it. Instead, she asked him to move in.

I was feeling pretty annoyed that he rejected Shannon's proposal so I drowned him. R.I.P Don...
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ooo lots of interesting stories going on.
In mine I decided to recreate a family I was playing in sims 2 as best I could. I started off with two sisters the Stewarts, Grace the elder sister is sexy blonde and a heart breaker, her main traits are childish, charismatic, flirty commitment issues etc. She contrasts massively with her sister Hope, she's a brunette is pretty but her main aim in life is to get married and have children, hence why shes family orientated, a hopeless romantic, artistic, natural cook etc all the traits she needs to become a stay at home mother. Any way these two sisters are very different wanting very different things in life. Yet some how they manage to live together in relative ease, of course I'm not going to keep it that way and make some new men to enter their lives. First of all Hope meets a budding rock star Tristan the two begin a relationships, I made his traits to compliment Hopes so the two suit each other perfectly. Tristan has one brother Josh and two room mates Tray and Albert. Josh is a womaniser and quickly catches Graces eye, Tray is an athlete and party animal, Albert is a loner genius. Any way Tristan and Hopes relationship is moving at a fast pace and a few sim days later Tristan proposes to Hope and they have a private wedding. Now Tristan moves in bringing his brother Josh with him (thats right the womaniser) now Grace seeing her sister so happy pursues a relationship with Josh, they have a stormy relationship which ends in Grace becoming pregnant. This shocks Josh who at first steps up to the role of father but strays when he meets a red headed journalist in the park one day, while out with Grace he shamelessly flirts. Leading to Grace to feel betrayed and lonely. Josh continues to see his journalist lover despite various insults and arguments with Grace. However his child is born, yet he is no where to be found instead hes out on a date at the beach again with his journalist friend and does not even come to see the birth. Grace comes home to find Josh and the journalist in bed, a huge argument erupts causing even Hope to get involved. Josh leaves that night and has contacted only Hope and Tristan but never spending any time with his son.
Grace now distraught at the prospect of raising a son, begins to stay out late and bring men back to the house one of these men turns out to be Tray the athlete, he spends the night but he feel asleep before any woohooing could happen. Either way Tray wakes up early the next morning to work out, upon his work out he meets heavily pregnant Hope and begins flirting with her (this was not my own doing) he continues his attempts at wooing Hope but to no avail and in front of Grace. Thats as far as I've gotten really, I'm mainly working on Tristan's career to get him to rock star level to see how that effects family life.
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@Iceciro What is the mother wearing?! Anyway, mine's Kyle and he's also a genius. I shoulda picked Evil. But I picked Loves Outdoors. -changes that!- xD

Winning the Game
Don't be absurd. This is a Maxis game! What's to win? You and your sims can play unto perpetuity, getting into entanglements and trying to get out, and by the time you know it, it will be 3am your time, and you don't even have your teeth brushed...
--The Sims 1 Prima Guide
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Haha...It's funny reading how all of you are on some of your later generations and things. I'm still on my first family :] Then again, I only got the game 3 weeks ago. I'm a slow Simmer..

My female Sim, Alice Faye, just had a baby girl. She's juggling being a Star News Anchor and just being there for the kid. Her husband, Mitch, is fishing non-stop. He's already at the top of his career as a World Renowned Surgeon, so..not much left to do but fish. And their teen, Jacob, is a little turd. He turned out to be mean-spirited, and he's always picking on poor Michael Bachelor. I'm trying to get him a girlfriend, but I've noticed all the girls in actual families are BUTT ugly. I don't know if it's just me, but their is something wrong with that Ursine girl's face..

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Originally Posted by venusdemilosimmer

Since I last updated my blog at the site, Nathan has not only gotten Holly pregnant but two other women as well -- his high school sweetheart, Erin Frio, and Erin's half-sister, his childhood pal Shalonda Ursine.

I adore Nathan, hes quite a character. His personality traits are Virtuoso, Artistic, Bookworm, Good, and Hot-Headed (and I only chose 1 of those, Bookworm, in an effort to give him traits from both parents). His favorites are the color violet, pop music, and hamburgers. He's been known to sing in the shower, strum his guitar at all hours and at odd times, and he also loves books and art. I haven't seen much evidence of the Hot-headed trait.

Update: Nathan and Holly have delivered their son, Noah, which means the Plumbs are now well into Gen 3. Holly's getting ready to have her ELDER birthday party Remember, Nathan just turned YA about four or five simdays ago. Already he's got a rep around town

When I start up the game again, Erin and Shalonda will deliver their babies. Erin is po'd at Nathan, though, for cheating on her, and I can't say I blame her one bit.

When I got Holly to invite Nathan to stay the night after they'd had their baby, the baby's father went upstairs and played guitar most of the night
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Originally Posted by Lisinity
Haha...It's funny reading how all of you are on some of your later generations and things. I'm still on my first family :] Then again, I only got the game 3 weeks ago. I'm a slow Simmer.. too! My reason is that I had to wait for it to get here via mail, and I haven't been able to play as much as alot of folks here (remodelling and the like). Sometimes I miss being a kid on summer vacation! I'm digging reading about the numerous generations though!

Beware of Elves giving wedgies.
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Using Awesomemod functions to switch back and forth makes it easier-

The Crumplebottom Darlings- After reviving Eric Darling first at the Science lab and then with Ambrosia, Agnes married him, they had twin boys, Andrew and Simon, Andy took after Agnes, while Simon took after Erick. They grew up well. Erick went into Law Enforcement while Agnes finished working on her Illustrious Author lifetime wish Agnes just hit the 45,000 simoleon mark for Royalties on her books, Eric is now a level 10 in the Forensic Branch of the Law Enforcement Careers, Andrew and Simon just hit teen,- Andy is a good, brave, bookworm, loner, while Si is a artistic, athletic, friendly and excitable teen. They both have the same Lifetime Wish as Agnes- that of becoming an illustrious Author. They are both on the Honor Roll at School and Agnes and Eric are about to age into adults (Agnes got de-aged with ambrosia as well since Eric was at the beginning of the YA lifespan when revived)

The Goths- Gunther and Cornelia fulfilled their lifetime wishes of Popularity and Perfect Garden. Mortimer grew into a teen and when finding out that Bella Bachelor whom he had adored since they were small children was dating another guy, got Bella to break up with the guy and go steady with him. His lifetime wish was Master of Arts, and his traits were ambitious, artistic, grumpy, brave, charsimatic. Morty and Bella stayed together thru high school while they both worked and maintained good grades. Bella got the Lifetime Wish to reach top of Medical Career, her traits are good, lucky, brave, slob, and family oriented - while playing the Bachelors I made Michael get a job at the hospital as well - sick of unemployed spawn running rampant through the game- They got married right out of high school- wedding party held at the Goth Estate and it was awesome- tried for a baby right away and when I go back into game Bella will be eating watermelon to ensure that first baby is a girl which will be named Cassandra- then I will switch back to the Crumpletbottoms
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