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Originally Posted by koololdster
Daniel !!!! How funny. OMG! Loving this story.

I ain't tellin'!
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Oooh, I can't wait to find out who it is! Maybe I should start a betting pool... anyway, I'm guessing Troy.
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Default A Pleasant Story - Chapter Nine - Kaylynn Does Some Digging

A Pleasant Story
Chapter Nine
Kaylynn Does Some Digging

Daniel heard a hesitant knock at his door and went to open it.

What he saw made him stop in his tracks--it was Kaylynn. Pregnant Kaylynn. He gulped. Instead of asking her in, he walked out on the porch. His mind was racing as Kaylynn smiled at him hopefully.

"Hi, Mr. Pleasant, I mean," she smiled shyly, "Daniel. I'm sorry to bother you, but I got evicted from my house and," she gestured at her belly, "I really need a place to go."

He grinned at her nervously. "Oh," he said, "that's too bad. But I really don't have any extra room. This place is really just one room and I'd have nowhere to put you. So sorry! Good luck!" He moved to gesture her off his porch.

Kaylynn choked back tears. "Please, can I stay for a little while? Until I make some plans? I'm really tired and I can't afford a hotel.

"Could I at least come in and talk to you?"

Daniel sighed and stepped back to let her enter.

So," he said, "I guess you are going to tell me this baby is mine?"

He gestured around the small trailer.

"As you can see, there really isn't room for an extra person, much less a baby!"

Kaylynn looked at him in disbelief. She couldn't believe he didn't seem even the smallest bit interested that she was carrying his child.

"Daniel," she said, "It IS your baby, but I'm not here because I want a father for MY child. I'm here because I have nowhere to go and I'm exhausted. Could I please just stay here one night?"

Daniel hesitated, but eventually said, "Okay. Go ahead and use the bed. I'm going out on some business anyway, so I can find somewhere else to sleep tonight."

Kaylynn thanked him briefly and climbed into his bed. Her eyes were dropping closed so fast she barely had time to notice the many posters that decorated the sleeping area; she dropped off almost as soon as her head hit the pillow.

Kaylynn was awakened near dawn by a soft scraping noise outside the trailer. She stood wearily and peered out the window to see Daniel in the back digging a hole.

"What is he doing?" she wondered. She watched quietly as Daniel continued digging, and then seemed to be putting things into the hole. He then walked out of her field of vision. She moved quietly to the other window of the trailer and looked out, to observe Daniel heading toward the sidewalk, carrying a suitcase.

She decided to follow him to find out what he was up to. He walked through the dark streets of Pleasantview toward the ocean on the far side of town. The sun rose as he headed through a grove of trees toward the beach where the old wrecked pirate ship was. Kaylynn followed silently behind him.

As she moved through the trees, she could see a group of people on the beach near the ship. Daniel headed right towards them. Kaylynn moved carefully through the trees to stay out of sight, but to try and get a better look at what has happening. In front of the ship, she saw something that looked like a car, but it couldn't be, in the water? It must be a submarine!

From her vista behind the trees, Kaylynn saw people who looked like they were wearing diving suits. She saw Daniel talking angrily with a man wearing. . . was it a pirate suit? She was too far away to hear their argument, but occasional words floated up to her.

She heard "cheated" and "short" and "deliveries."

Their voices then lowered and she could hear no more

As she observed them, she saw a diver come out of the water and climb the stairs up onto the pirate ship. She watched the diver as he, or she, walked over to a door on the deck and disappeared for a bit, then reappeared and returned to the group.

She then saw the man in the pirate suit hand something to Daniel.

Daniel accepted it, then turned and began walking away in the other direction. Kaylynn wanted to watch the pirate and the divers some more, but she also wanted to follow Daniel and find out more about what he was doing.

She chose the latter, but couldn't move out into the open while the divers were still there.
Suddenly she realized that the pirate–with a Viking helmet?--was coming right toward her! If she stayed still, he'd be sure to see her, so she quickly--as quickly as she could with her pregnant belly--moved behind some of the trees.

She waited, holding her breath, then peeked out to see that the Viking Pirate was moving away from her in the direction Daniel had gone. She breathed a sigh of relief as he passed by without having seen her.

She then checked the beach to see if the others were still there. The divers were all gone--into the water, she assumed. Or into the submarine!

She moved closer to get a better look and was just in time to see the submarine moving off through the waves. She ignored that it appeared to have wheels and a license plate–in the water like that it HAD to be a submarine!

She wanted to try and catch up to Daniel, so as much as she would have liked to continue investigating the mysterious ship, she turned and ran toward where he had gone.

Out of breath, she caught up to him as he went into the mall.

She entered carefully and looked around for him, and saw him talking to a man in the grocery store.

She moved closer, hoping to hear what they were saying. The man he was speaking to looked awfully familiar to her--suddenly she realized it was her former landlord, Samael Abbadon! Or someone who looked exactly like him. But he was wearing a suit this time.

She listened to what he was saying and caught him in mid-sentence.

"have received less than half. We've, I mean, I've, paid you a lot of simoleons. So what happened to the rest?"

Daniel lowered his voice to reply, so Kaylynn had trouble making out what he was saying.

"lost on the way. . . robbed. . . repay. . . I assure you."

Samael fixed Daniel with a steely glare.

"You'd better."

Daniel suddenly moved and headed toward Kaylynn, so she turned quickly and ran out of the mall as fast as she could and back to Daniel's trailer.

She wanted to dig around some more and try to find out what Daniel was up to, but she was so exhausted by her morning's exercise she could do nothing but fall into a worried sleep. She'd try hacking into Daniel's computer when she was rested.

She didn't get her chance because she was awakened by Daniel returning to the trailer. She decided to try and throw him off the track by talking about the baby.

"Daniel, I know that obviously you aren't interested in helping with the child, but I have lots of things to do to get ready, like buying a crib and toys and things. Do you think you could help me out with a loan so I could find a place to live and . . . just until I get back on my feet?"

Daniel turned on her angrily. "Do you see where I'm living? Because of YOU my wife kicked me out and I had to leave my house. Does it look to you like I have any simoleons to spare?"

Kaylynn reflected to herself that he seemed to have had enough simoleons to purchase the tackiest bed in all of Pleasantview, but she kept that thought to herself. She was about to reply to him when he changed his tack.

"But even if I did have money, you really need to find another place to go. I think I'm. . . I feel a sickness in my eye coming on. That wouldn't be good for you to be around in your condition. I'm going out now, and you can stay one more night, but you have to get out of here by tomorrow. Lock the door behind you when you leave."

Kaylynn didn't even try to respond; she just watched him sadly as he left the trailer. She couldn't believe she'd ever thought he even liked her.

When Daniel was gone, Kaylynn quickly began a search of the trailer. She wasn't able to break into his computer; he had passwords on it and she had no technical skills to allow her to hack them. She continued with a search of the physical premises.

When she opened the closet, her jaw dropped.

"What IS this?” She wondered. "Is this why he was digging?"

She decided to go see what she could find and went behind the trailer where she'd observed Daniel digging his hole.

Kaylynn's shovel almost immediately made a CLUNK sound as she dug, and she began removing items from the hole, more amazed at each discovery. She carried them into the house and put them next to the items she'd pulled from the closet.

"And he said he didn't have any simoleons," she said to herself.

Kaylynn thought about all she'd discovered and wasn't sure what to do. Clearly there was something dodgy going on, but she wasn't sure what, and she didn't know where to go to get help.

She decided she'd gather all the items and get out of there, and think about what to do later. She picked up her little suitcase containing her few items of clothing and headed for the door. Luckily, she could carry all of Daniel's loot in her inventory, though it made her feel even more heavy and ponderous than her pregnancy did.

Kaylynn wandered through the dark streets of Pleasantview for the second time in as many days, and wondered about who she should tell about what she'd found. Her wanderings brought her into a familiar part of town--the area where she'd worked as a maid most of the time. The rich part of town.

She paused and looked up at a familiar house. Yes, that made sense. Mary-Sue would want to know what she'd discovered about her husband. She hoped that Mary-Sue wouldn't just slam the door in her face when she saw her.

Kaylynn settled herself to wait until the sun was up so she wouldn't wake the household too early. She stroked her stomach and cooed to her unborn baby, who rewarded her with a hearty kick.

Maybe Mary-Sue would take pity on her in her condition?

She could only hope.
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i hope so,after all daniel never loved any of them

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First place I go is here, to see if there is more story! Nina obviously is involved in the same shady deal. Um, delivering something to a group of deep-sea divers, a dangerous least Kaylyn got some money. Seems a bit odd that she had no thoughts about taking Daniel's money...I am assuming it was money, but if it was why did he live like he was poor? And he digs on any lot - so he can't be digging up treasure; so is he burying money, or something of value just so he can hide it for awhile?

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Originally Posted by grammapat
First place I go is here, to see if there is more story! Nina obviously is involved in the same shady deal. Um, delivering something to a group of deep-sea divers, a dangerous least Kaylyn got some money. Seems a bit odd that she had no thoughts about taking Daniel's money...I am assuming it was money, but if it was why did he live like he was poor? And he digs on any lot - so he can't be digging up treasure; so is he burying money, or something of value just so he can hide it for awhile?

I am so glad you are enjoying the story. I have been trying to post a new chapter every other day, though my rate may slow down as the holidays take over, lol Thank you for your nice comments, though--it is so encouraging to hear!

A couple clues--did you notice that Kaylynn observed Daniel putting things INTO the hole? And that she heard a "clunk" when she dug?

But I won't hold you in suspense too long--the next chapter will reveal what she's found.

Oh, poor clueless Nina! I think she'll find her easy money wasn't quite so easy! And Dustin! Poor kid. :-)
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I'd like to include a shoutout to @hmrnd3, whose "Pleasantview Diaries" inspired me to create my own Pleasantview story. I just found the post where I commented on her story, almost four years ago.

I sure hope she is able to get back to the story someday--I've read it so many times and would love to know how it turns out!
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After 4 YEARS? I wouldn't think so. That's the worst - a story that just stops. I did one (once!), got bored with it, and ended it with a sudden death.

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have you not watched doons99p pleasantview soap opera on YouTube? you might get inspiration from that although keep in mind it hasn't been updated in about 3 years or so

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Originally Posted by grammapat
After 4 YEARS? I wouldn't think so. That's the worst - a story that just stops. I did one (once!), got bored with it, and ended it with a sudden death.

I dont think that will happen to me as I have the whole story already planned out, including the final scene.

But I still wish the Diaries would come back. :-)
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Originally Posted by Emerald1234
have you not watched doons99p pleasantview soap opera on YouTube? you might get inspiration from that although keep in mind it hasn't been updated in about 3 years or so

I already have the whole story planned, so don't need that kind of inspiration, but that sounds like a fun channel! Thanks!

EDIT: Holy cow, that's fantastic! I know how much work it is to do a story with just pictures--I can't imagine the hours of work to do it with video! Thanks for telling me about it!
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I hadn't expected that when I checked the thread for new chapters there would be so many of them! I loved the mystery part of the plot and still can't stop pondering about what filthy business are Daniel and Abbadon up to... The doons99p's series is what made me a fan of Pleasantview theme. Those stories with a hint of mystery are the best. That's why I could read and read yours and never get bored
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Originally Posted by marja.kwiatkowska
I hadn't expected that when I checked the thread for new chapters there would be so many of them! I loved the mystery part of the plot and still can't stop pondering about what filthy business are Daniel and Abbadon up to... The doons99p's series is what made me a fan of Pleasantview theme. Those stories with a hint of mystery are the best. That's why I could read and read yours and never get bored

Thank you so much for your kind words--it is so nice to hear that you are enjoying it! I've been watching the video series and have actually had to change a few of my plans--I already turned Lilith's hair black just like she did, but i had also planned for Darren to have an art exhibit like that! AT THE SAME GALLERY! And when he asked Cassandra out on a date, I too had him do a little dance move! lol

And she's got Cyd Roseland in the education track!

Luckily the main story isn't the same!
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Default A Pleasant Story - Chapter Ten - Mary-Sue Digs, Too

A Pleasant Story
Chapter Ten
Mary-Sue Digs Too

Mary-Sue was surprised when Lilith asked if she could speak to her. Lilith didn't usually seek her advice, so she was happy to put aside her studying for work and hear what she had to say.

"Mom," Lilith began, "I decided I really want to go to college. I used to think it would just be boring, but now I want more job options, and I need college to do that."

Mary-Sue was delighted. "That's great, sweetie! I'm glad you want to do this! One thing about college I know you'll enjoy is all the new people you'll meet. I wish I hadn't given up my chance to go."

"Well okay," Lilith responded, "so here's my problem. I really don't like school, so I haven't worked hard to get good grades. I don't know if I can get into a college with my grades the way they are now."

"Do you think you could help me with my homework?"

Mary-Sue quickly agreed. She'd taught Angela how to study the first day she came home from school, but Lilith had always been so stubborn and independent she'd never let her mom help her. Of course, she was so smart she didn't really need help, but there were certain tricks Mary-Sue could teach her that would help her complete her assignments more quickly, thus giving her more time to build a skill that could earn her a scholarship.
Lilith settled down and opened her homework as her Mom started explaining how to approach it most efficiently. What she hadn't told her Mom was that part of the reason she wanted to go to college was to get out of Pleasantview and get away from Angela. But she was glad her relationship with her Mom had gotten better.

When the homework was finished, Lilith thanked her Mom and then told her, "I'm planning to get a job after school so I can save up for some of the school expenses. And if I get an A+, I can qualify for the Sim City Scholar's Grant."

Mary-Sue said that was a great idea and added, "I think I'll be able to swing some help for you, too. I got promoted the first two days at my new job, so I've put aside those bonus simoleons for both you and your sister's schooling. We have some time until you need to head off to school though, so anything you can save before then will help, too. And once you get to school, you'll get a grant each semester--the higher your grades, the higher the grant."

"Well, thanks Mom," said Lilith. "G'night." She paused for a moment, then spoke again. “It's really been so much less stressful around here with Dad gone. Are you doing okay?”

Mary-Sue gave her a hug and reassured her. “Of course, honey. I agree with you! And now we won't have to worry about your father hurting us again.”

Lilith smiled and headed upstairs to bed.

Mary-Sue waved goodnight to her and headed into her room to sleep also. Things had been going so well since Daniel left! Maybe things would continue to get better.

As the sun rose the next morning, Mary-Sue was awakened by a knock at the door. As she went to answer it, she was stunned to see the former maid, Kaylynn, standing on the porch. Pregnant.

Pregnant? Oh no, she thought, then it must be Daniel's. . .

Mary-Sue opened the door and Kaynnn said hesitantly, "Ms. Pleasant, I am really sorry to bother you, but I found out something I think you should know about."

Mary-Sue was a little stunned, but invited Kaylynn inside and then asked her what she wanted to tell her.

"Ms. Pleasant," Kaylynn said, "You know what I did, and I can't do anything but apologize for it, but this isn't about that. But yes, this is Daniel's baby. I'm really sorry."

Mary-Sue put her hand on Kaylynn's arm. "It's all right," she said softly. "I don't blame you. And you can call me Mary-Sue. You don't work for me anymore, after all." She smiled at the young, scared girl.

"Thank you," Kaylynn replied. "Daniel had told me all kinds of things that weren't true, but I was really lonely and, well. I am sorry."

Mary-Sue couldn't help but like this sweet, shy girl, but she wanted to hear her news.

"I said that's okay--but didn't you have something you wanted to tell me?"

"Oh!" Kaylynn squeaked. She then proceeded to tell Mary-Sue about all that had happened since they'd last seen each other--losing her job, being evicted, going to Don Lothario's and him sending her away. . .

"Wait!" Mary-Sue interrupted. "You were seeing Don Lothario?"

Kaylynn acknowledged it and Mary-Sue shook her head. Cassandra had been so right to dump that cheater!

"Go on," she encouraged Kaylynn.

"So then I went to Daniel's, hoping I could stay there for a while." She continued with the whole story of what she'd discovered while she was there, including the pirates and the submarine.

Mary-Sue was intrigued. "So what did you find at Daniel's?" she asked.

"Just you wait and see," Kaylynn said, and began removing items from her inventory and setting them on the floor.

Mary-Sue watched in amazement as Kaylynn filled up the hallway with sculptures, and treasures, and strange little robots, and all kinds of things!

"You found all this buried in a hole in the back?" she asked.

"Yes, some of it," Kaylynn agreed, "but some was in his closet, too."

Mary-Sue was stunned. "He used to dig holes here all the time! I had no idea he was hiding things! Where did it all come from?"

Kaylynn said, "I didn't find out where it came from. But when I found it, and after I followed him, I figured you should see it."

Mary-Sue wandered among the sculptures in amazement, trying to calculate how much the whole haul was worth. She didn't know the price of every piece, but she had seen some things she knew were worth thousands of simoleons each.

She wondered if THIS is what Daniel had been spending all their money on over the years--but he'd only been digging holes for about a year.

She picked up a small sculpture from the floor. It was a cow. "I've seen this one before--I thought Daniel left it behind when I divorced him. I don't remember where I put the other one, though."

She put the cow back on the floor and returned to Kaylynn.

"I have a friend named Carla who's a police officer," Mary-Sue told her. "I'm going to get dressed and call her over to ask her advice. She'll know what to do."

When Carla Copper arrived, Mary-Sue filled her in on the whole situation, including how Kaylynn had found the items and what she suspected of Daniel.

She introduced Carla to Kaylynn, and Carla asked her several questions about what she'd observed, where she had found the items, and the people she'd seen Daniel with.

Carla thought to herself, "I wish she'd just called the police instead of digging the stuff up herself--she probably messed up the evidence. But oh well, can't be helped."

She asked Kaylynn if she suspected any criminal activity by Daniel.

"Criminal?" Kaylynn considered. "I don't know if he's a criminal. A little suspicious maybe. But we don't know that these things are stolen yet, right?"

"Do you think he'll go to jail?" she asked Carla.

Carla responded, "I'm not sure about that yet, Kaylynn. We are not sure what crime, if any, has been committed here. It's not illegal to bury things in the ground--just odd. But if these items are stolen, then yes, he'll probably go to jail. And I can't say much as the case is still ongoing, but some of these items do match the description of some stolen things we've been looking for."

Carla said, "I need to call my brother over. He's the one assigned to the other case. He can recognize if these are the same things missing."

Mary-Sue asked her, "Where were they stolen from?"

Carla shook her head, "I'm sorry I can't reveal any more details. Let me get my brother over here."

She phoned him and gave him a few details about what she'd found out, and he said he'd be over right away.

The women continued discussing the loot, and were interrupted by a plaintive call from Lilith.

“Mom? I can't get downstairs! There's a . . . PEACOCK in my way!”

“What is all this stuff?” Lilith asked in amazement as Mary-Sue moved the peacock into the dining room.

“Hang on until your sister gets down and I'll explain,” Mary-Sue replied.

Angela joined them downstairs and seemed equally surprised to find the three women and her sister staring at a huge pile of loot. She payed special attention to a blue vase that she knew cost 4000 simoleons.

Mary-Sue and Kaylynn told the girls what had happened and that maybe this explained their father's digging hobby. Angela acted uninterested, even when Mary-Sue explained that Kaylynn was pregnant with their half-sibling.

Lilith, however, was immediately excited. "This is my sister? Or brother?" she squealed as she gestured at Kaylynn's stomach . "No Sh. . . !"

"LILITH!" Mary-Sue warned, but laughed. "Let's express ourselves a bit more delicately, shall we?"

They were interrupted from their exclamations by the honking of the school bus. Angela just headed directly out, but Lilith waved at everyone and told Kaylynn how cool it was that she was going to have a sibling.

"This rocks," she thought, as she went to the school bus. "I've always wanted a sister, or brother--one who doesn't hate me!"

Carla's brother Carl arrived shortly after the school bus left, and Mary-Sue got him caught up on recent events. He seemed to react rather oddly when she suggested the items might be from his other case and he said, “Oh no, now let's not get ahead of ourselves, little lady!”

He then asked Kaylynn some questions about what she'd seen and heard while following Daniel, and where exactly she'd found the items.

He and Carla then began doing an inventory of the items and Carla asked if any of them matched the description of the ones from his other case. He told her there might be some similarities, but would have to do a complete evidence examination of each item back at the station.

"Have you found a necklace?" he asked his sister.

"No, I don't think so--just all these sculptures. Nothing small like that, I don't think." She called back to Kaylynn and asked her, who responded in the negative.

"If there was a necklace,” Kaylynn said, “I didn't find it. But I was in a hurry to leave. I might have missed something."

Kaylynn then asked Carl about his other case and he responded as though telling a story to a child. He said there were some items stolen from a rich estate on an island and that "We are looking for some big, bad criminals! And we will arrest them!"

Kaylynn was a bit surprised by his manner, but responded with "oooh" and "ahhh" as he seemed to be expecting.

When Carl had finished, Kaylynn again said "ooooh," and "ahhh," and then "OOOOH" and "AHHH!" loudly.

"Mary-Sue!" she yelled. "I think the baby's coming!"

The three of them gathered around to watch Kaylynn as her yells and gestures indicated that indeed, the baby was coming.

Kaylynn hollered, "THIS IS NOT FUN!" Mary-Sue, who had been through it before, silently agreed but said out loud, "It won't last long honey--hang in there!" Mary-Sue and the others cheered her on.

“It's not ending!” Kaylynn yelled.

Mary-Sue continued to offer encouragement to the expectant mother. “You can do it! You're almost there!”

Suddenly Kaylynn began to spin around, and when she'd stopped she was back in her maid's outfit, and holding the cutest little baby sim ever.

She checked in his diaper and then held him up.

"It's a boy!" she announced.

Everyone gathered around her to cheer for the newest arrival in Pleasantview. Mary-Sue marveled at how she was feeling. Here was her ex-husband's baby with his mistress, and yet she felt no jealousy, only wonder at the miracle of life. She guessed because she'd stopped having feelings for Daniel a long time ago that she could simply appreciate what had happened. It truly was amazing.

She walked to Kaylynn and asked to hold the baby and Kaylynn complied. She looked a little overwhelmed.

Mary-Sue said to her, "Why don't I feed him a bottle while you finish up with Carl? And then go lie down on the couch--I'll bet you need a rest!"

Carla congratulated Kaylynn, and then finished up with her questions about the loot while Carl packed everything in his inventory.

Well, not quite everything. He left one small item hidden behind the stairs.

Carla went into the kitchen to say goodbye to Mary-Sue.

"I'm glad you finally got to meet my brother! And listen, when we figure out what all this is about, I'll let you know. Just between you and me, I think this is the stuff from his case, but don't tell anyone I said so!

"Oh, and I love your new look! I almost wouldn't have recognized you!"

Mary-Sue told her friend the story of all that she and Cassandra had gotten up to lately, and then asked, "Whether or not these things are stolen, why wouldn't Daniel just sell them and keep the simoleons? This is a lot of stuff to keep hidden."

Carla said, "Think about it--if he turned them to simoleons while he lived here, then you would have had access to it too. This way he could keep it all to himself. And he could take it all with him when he left."

Mary-Sue then asked, "But why not just keep it in his inventory? Why bury it in holes in the yard?"

"That I don't know," Carla replied. "Unless maybe he was afraid someone could take it from him if it was always with him?"

She paused to coo at the baby, then told Mary-Sue that she should probably keep Daniel's loot a secret among the family and kissed her friend goodbye.

Mary-Sue cooed at the baby and cuddled his warm little body against her neck, then realized she didn't know what to call him! Naming a child was something known only to the mother. Or Plumbob.

She walked into the living room to find out what Kaylynn had decided to name him, but found her sound asleep on the couch. "Poor thing," Mary-Sue said softly, "I'll ask her later."

Kaylynn frowned in her sleep and murmured worriedly, "no home. baby. kicked out. home. baby. no home. need a home."

"You have one, dear girl," said Mary-Sue, and went up to the attic to dig through the twins' old baby clothes.
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i love it so much i'm glad that kaylynn is able to stay although it isn't extremely surprising after all they are both victim of Daniel

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MarySue looks so young! I bet she is happy to have a baby to love. Will he be named after Daniel, or Kaylynn? Where will the criminal case go? Will we be on the edge of our seats until the next installment? Should I bring popcorn?

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i think the baby shouldn't be named after daniel after all if someone didn't care about you would you name your child after them?

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Originally Posted by Emerald1234
i think the baby shouldn't be named after daniel after all if someone didn't care about you would you name your child after them?

I suspect the baby will be named after Kaylynn's father. :-)
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yay another dustin! but then kaylynns son has will be named after his sisters boyfriend oh wait is it a girl? in that case it'll be dusty

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Originally Posted by Emerald1234
yay another dustin! but then kaylynns son has will be named after his sisters boyfriend oh wait is it a girl? in that case it'll be dusty

Oh shoot. Nope, not Dustin. I had to go look that up--I have never played Sims 3, so I didn't realize that the game told you her father's name in that game. I made up my own names for Kaylynn's parents.
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Originally Posted by grumpy_otter
Oh shoot. Nope, not Dustin. I had to go look that up--I have never played Sims 3, so I didn't realize that the game told you her father's name in that game. I made up my own names for Kaylynn's parents.

oh dear,you can still incorporate kaylynn's real parents? or have you planned too far?

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Originally Posted by Emerald1234
oh dear,you can still incorporate kaylynn's real parents? or have you planned too far?

I wasn't planning to bring them into it all--just as a bit of backstory. I'll come up with a different reason for the baby's name.
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Default A Pleasant Story - Chapter Eleven - Daniel's Outing

A Pleasant Story
Chapter Eleven
Daniel's Outing

Daniel returned home early in the evening and looked around the trailer, spotting no evidence of Kaylynn. Even her little suitcase was gone.

"Whew," he thought. "That was close. I did NOT want to get involved in that drama!"

Daniel conveniently forgot that he had been the CAUSE of that drama, and went over to his bed to relax. He had a little half-thought of what a new baby would be like, then quickly pushed it away. He didn't want to get distracted by emotions!

He was roused by a knock on his door and opened it to find his neighbor, Peter Ottomas, whom he'd met briefly on his first day in the trailer park.

"Hey Daniel," Peter said amiably, "I'm heading over to the men's club in Bluewater Village and wondered if you'd like to come?"

Daniel said a night out would be just what he needed!

When they arrived at the club, Daniel commented that it didn't look like much and Peter nudged him and grinned, "Just wait until we get inside!"

As Peter entered his passcode on the club's electronic door and it swung open, Daniel observed that Peter hadn't been kidding. He reflected that the club looked like it had been designed by very creative children. Or pimps.

Daniel followed Peter over to the dance floor, where several men in various stages of dress, or undress, were dancing enthusiastically.

"Peter," he said, "this is crazy! What kind of club is this?"

Peter laughed and replied, "A fun one! C'mon, let's go get a drink at the bar." Daniel followed him hesitantly. He wasn't sure if this was his kind of place.

Peter was ordering a drink and Daniel thought alcohol might be just the thing, so he joined his friend and ordered one as well.

As they awaited their order, a man came and sat to Daniel's right, and Peter introduced them. "Daniel Pleasant, this is Malcom Landgraab--he owns this club."

Daniel nodded at him and said, "Nice to meet you! Well! It certainly is a unique place!"

Malcolm welcomed him to Club Dante, then headed toward the dance floor.

Daniel then notived that one of the more naked dancers had come over to the bar and gulped nervously.

Peter waved him over and said, “Daniel, this is Jace Leive. He's one of our regulars.”

“Pleased to meet you, Daniel!” Jace said. Daniel nodded shakily, not wanting to let his eyes rest on Jace's leaves, but just couldn't help himself.

"Peter," Daniel said as Jace left to return to the dance floor, "have you noticed there are no women here?"

Peter agreed. "Well yeah, it's a MEN'S club. Or at least tonight. Malcolm hosts theme nights--Women's Club, Disco Night, Harem Club. . . "

Daniel interrupted him, "Now THAT sounds like a night I'd like to attend!"

Peter replied dryly, "Yeah, sure you would."

Daniel looked at him questioningly. "What did you say?"

He was almost shouting as the music was so loud they could barely hear each other.

Peter suggested, "There's a private room in the back that's quieter--why don't we go there so we can talk."

Daniel agreed and they moved across the dance floor to a room that was bright pink, but much quieter since the music didn't penetrate the padded walls too much.

Daniel couldn't help but notice the other occupants of the room and asked softly, as he leaned toward Peter conspiratorially, "Peter, is this a GAY club?"

Peter chuckled at him. "So what if it is? You think you don't belong here?"

Daniel just stared at him.

Peter seemed startled that Daniel was concerned and went on, "Don't worry, it's just a men's club. Some of the guys here are gay, some are straight, and some are into anything. But here comes Malcolm again."

Malcolm Landgraab made no secret of his proclivities as he checked Daniel out and gestured his approval.

Daniel stepped back nervously and made to head for the door, but Peter stopped him and spoke to Malcolm.

"Back off, Malcolm--this is Daniel's first night here. Stop trying to scare him off. Your constant flirting is getting boring." He continued to Daniel, "I'm sorry you're uncomfortable--I honestly thought you'd like this place."

Peter then introduced Daniel to Checo Ramirez. "This is Checo--he owns a furniture store here in town and he has a wife and daughter. He just comes here to relax around guys."

Checo agreed, and told Daniel, "I even bring my wife here sometimes on Disco Night. She can hustle like nobody's business!"

Daniel still looked a bit nervous.

"Bottom line, Daniel," Checo went on, "Is that this place is free of judgement. If you want to mock people, this isn't the place for you."

Daniel apologized to Checo and assured him it was just a misunderstanding and went to sit down on the sofa to rest his shaking knees. Malcolm was about to join him when Peter moved quickly to head him off, then sat next to Daniel.

“Daniel,” Peter said, “Take it easy. Most of the men here are just chilling after a hard day's work. Aside from Malcolm, nobody is going to hit on you if you don't want them to.”

“I'm okay,” Daniel replied. “I just want . . . I think I'll go watch the dancers.”

Daniel stood quickly before Peter could stop him and ran out into the main area of the club. He sat down at a table where he could watch the enthusiastic dancers.

He HAD been nervous when he realized what type of club this was, but now that he thought about it, it was sort of relaxing to be in a place where he didn't have to try and pick up every woman he saw. And the guys here sure seemed to be having fun! Maybe he'd have a little try on the dance floor!

He noticed Peter coming toward him, and then his glance picked up a new person entering the club. That looked like . . . was it Don Lothario? A playboy like him would be the last person he'd expect to see in a club like this!

He turned to get a better look to make sure it was Don, but was too late. He'd seen Daniel and run out.

Peter joined him in his reveries. "Hey, you doing okay buddy? I hope I didn't shock you too much, bringing you here. I really just thought you'd enjoy it, from what I saw of you."

Daniel wasn't sure exactly what Peter meant, but decided not to question him.

Instead he asked, "Well, what about you? Do you like. . . guys?"

Peter replied, "I like love! I'll admit I've got some close friends here, but I love Samantha and my kids and I'd never do anything to jeopardize my marriage. Sam knows I come here, and she's been here, too. She comes alone on Women's Club nights." He laughed. "Or, she does when she's not pregnant! I bet she'll be here next time!"

"Speaking of that," Peter went on, "I wanted to thank you for helping out when the twins were born. If I'd known she was due right then I never would have gone out and left her alone. So I appreciate it."

Daniel told him it was no trouble and he'd been happy to help. "What did you name them?"

"Sandy and Sally," Peter said, "And hey, we're having their birthday party the day after tomorrow, so I hope you can come. It will be a triple birthday--Tommy's going to have one, too, and become a child. It's also going to be a goodbye party--we're moving to a house!"

Daniel said sadly, "Oh, that's too bad. I liked having you all as neighbors. But I'll bet your trailer is awfully crowded with eight of you there!"

Peter agreed. "We rented the trailer so we could save money for a nice house. We've all been working and saving--David even got a job the minute he had his teenage birthday. I think he's the most excited about it because he'll be able to have his own room. We thought we'd be able to last there a bit longer with one new baby, but with twins we don't even have room for an extra crib! Sam and Dora and I have been sleeping in shifts! So, our timetable is moved up and we're going to have one big party for everything."

Daniel said, "Well, I don't have anything planned. I'd love to be there!"

That's what he thought.

Daniel then asked Peter what had been concerning him. "Why did you think this was my kind of place? When I met you I was hitting on every women in the trailer park. I think I made it very clear where my interests are."

Peter looked at him closely. "So tell me, when you hit on women, how do you go about it? What do you say?"

Daniel told him his usual line.

"So," Peter replied, "you have a single story you use to try and attract women. Do you ever ask them about themselves or their interests, or do you just throw line after line, hoping one will hook them? You met La Shawn Cameron the other day and talked to her for a while--what did you learn about her?"

Daniel thought hard. He remembered talking to La Shawn, but had he asked her anything about herself, or had he just told her his stories?

"Nothing, I guess," he told Peter. "But so what?"

Peter said, "I just think that if you were actually interested in women you'd know more about them. She's cool, by the way--she used to drive race cars until she got injured. Now she's working at a drive-through because her manager stole all her race winnings.

“I can't imagine she would have been very interested in skiing, but if you'd listened to her, she could have told you some great stories! The kids love her--she babysits sometimes if Sam and I want to go out with my mom."

Daniel gulped. He didn't know if Dora had told Peter about their encounter--well, HE wasn't going to bring it up!

Peter then said, "But never mind--this is too serious! Just something for you to think about. Jace is spinning--let's hit the dance floor and have some fun! I dare you to start a smustle!"

As Daniel wiggled and frolicked among the carefree men at the club, he looked around at how free and happy everyone seemed. Had he EVER felt so free and happy among women? He couldn't remember. He didn't think so.

As Peter'd requested, he started a smustle, but they all seemed to be doing it in their own time. Oh well–it was a blast anyway!

When they were leaving, Daniel stopped Peter and thanked him for bringing him. "I really did have a good time, and I'm going to think about what you said."

Daniel noticed two new arrivals to the club as they were exiting and thought, “Hey! That's my line!” The two men didn't look familiar but seemed very similar except one had glasses. He wondered who they were?

When they left the club, Daniel was surprised to find they had danced the night away!

If Daniel had only known, he and Peter exited the club at the exact moment Kaylynn was knocking on the door at his old house. If he'd known what that would lead to, he might not have been so cheerful.

When they got home, Peter gave Daniel a buddy-hug and went off to his own trailer.

Daniel had spent a bit more simoleons at the club than he'd planned, so even though he usually only dug in the night, he decided to get one of his treasures and sell it so he'd have some cash available. He was surprised when he dug to hit, not a valuable sculpture, but a water pipe!

He was startled, but figured he'd simply dug in the wrong spot. He tried a second hole, and felt no familiar "CLUNK" as he dug. He looked around, confused. He knew the landlord came around and did maintenance every day--could he have found his treasures?

He got increasingly agitated as he continued digging and not finding anything.

Finally he had dug enough holes and hit enough water pipes that his worse fears were confirmed--his treasures were gone.

He grabbed his head in his hands as he cried "WHAT AM I GOING TO DO!?"

“Not give up is what you are going to do,” he said to himself as he started digging again. They HAD to be here!

He was interrupted in his labors by a woman's voice behind him.

"Daniel Pleasant?" the voice inquired.

"Yes, but leave me alone, I'm busy" he said distractedly as he continued digging.

"Daniel Pleasant, " the voice continued, "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you?"

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I spy a familiar-looking cow at Club Dante... can't wait to find out what that's all about!
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yes...why does the cow appear in every chapter?

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