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Default The Fair Folk (Fairy Legacy)
Create a YA Fairy. Any gender is okay, any looks, any traits. They must have one of the fairy-related Aspiration, a gardening aspiration or the Alchemy aspiration.
Put them on the largest lot in your neighborhood, give them a tent and a fireplace, then set their funds to 100. Go to the Grocery Store and buy some produce, then plant it.
- Lifespan and seasons set to normal, Lunar Cycle is on
- No jobs, except for self-employment
- no cheating, obviously
- No selling from inventory! Use the Grocery Store for selling produce, and the Consignment Stores for everything else!
- Spouses and adopted children must be converted into Fairies!
- Your founder and every Heir must max out the Following skills: Fairy Magic, Nectar Making, Charisma, Gardening
- You may not build a large house. Spread out little huts over your lot that contain Bathrooms, Skill objects, living rooms etc. Use the Fairy Castle for as much as possible!
- Your Fairies may not eat meat.
- As soon as they have enough points, your Founder must get the King/Queen of the Fae Lifetime Reward
- Befriend as many fairies as you can. On the day after Full Moon, use your “Summon Fairy” ability to hold a Court meeting.
- As soon as you have the money, go to france and buy a Nectar Maker. Pass the nectar making skill down through the generations. You must serve nectar during Fairy Court meetings!
- Over the course of your playthrough, buy out every park and fishing spot!

Succession Rules:
- Your Founder and their Heirs must have at least 3 children.
- You can either have kids biologically or adopt. If you adopt, you must adopt a baby. Your Fairy will have stolen that child from its human parents.
- Once the children reach YA, the one with the highest combined skill points becomes the new heir.
- Like your Founder, your Heir must become King/Queen of the Fae as soon as possible.
- You may move one of your children per generation into a human household your King/Queen has befriended. Changelings!

- 100 for every death or child taken by social services
- 50 for every time your utilities got shut off
+ 50 for every child born
+ 25 for every child “stolen” and turned into a fairy
+ 150 for every LTW completed
+ 5 for every non-household fairy befriended
+ 15 for every changeling placed
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You forgot the Lifetime Wish "The Fairytale Finder" (adopting a unicorn). And i'm sure the other wishes from pets wouldn't hurt either, since they love animals. As for careers, i'd say classical music works fine. It would reference the Disney movie Fantasia. But most of all: No eating meat?! Seriously?!?! Surely we also have modern fairies who only eat biological meat and of course, evil fairies. This really is a little too restricting in my opinion. If you're gonna do that, add a rule they all must be vegetarians, but please make it optional for goodness sake! It's way too easy to accidently click on dish with meat to prepare! Just because they're related to nature is no excuse to add a rule to stop eating meat altogether! I apologize if i'm being rude, but i think this is a little too strict. Some things should be optional.

I also think the rule not selling from the inventory is too much of hassle for many players. And seriously, why only huts? Why not a large fairy castle as well? Some fairies have that.
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As for all those deleted comments, whenever i wanted to edit mine, it got reposted. How do i stop this?! >:-(
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