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#51 Old 14th Sep 2020 at 11:36 AM
Thanks <3

Yep, she had low motives, doing a last-minute extra effort to graduate has that kind of consecuences.
But it's worth it.

Sometimes this game looks so much like RL...
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First I visit the apartment inhabitants of downtown, which are less and less every rotation - and there will be eventually none, I think.

Inés (daughter of Maricarmen Pardo and Ezequiel Blanco) is now a toddler, and she's certainly a cutie.

Her cousins are growing up too.
Diana is now a kid, Clara and Juan are toddlers.

And then onto the main hood.

Isabel Blanco was torn: which of her two sons ought to inherit the house?
But since Zacarías moved in with his wife Mila into the Rubio's house, it made perfect sense that she would ask Ezequiel & family to move in with them. And here they are!

And there are news for the Rubio family!
Grandma Isabel just died of old age - as she returned from work. The family is doing economically well, but they ought to save up for a graveyard now or they'll have ghosts roaming the house...

Also baby Joaquín grew up and he's a black-eyed gorgeous toddler. (I love my aliens!)

At the Rojas household life keeps going pretty well. Fernando helped Rafael with his homework.

Now that Coco is fully trained to get promoted, Paula decided to adopt another puppy. This one is female and named Casiopea.

Grandpa Domingo is often in charge of little Carlos, and he even potty trained him.

At the end of the day Rafael grew up and is now a teen. He does look a lot like his father.

No pics of the Pardo family.
They did their best to earn some extra money because they really need to get rid of the loan they got to buy the cemetery - it's a burned.
When they do they'll be asking Carlota to move in with them. Because Fernando lives with the Rojas and Maricarmen with the Blancos, so Carlota is the only one left to inherit their (small) capital anyway.
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#53 Old 16th Sep 2020 at 10:58 AM
Prof. Christian taught to walk to his son walk...

... and later on he died. Of old age.
Of course his children are all very sad (specially the twins, being so young) and Carlota is devastated because now she'll have to take care of three children on her own.
Maybe it's time to move in with her parents?

I almost lose another Sim. Ezequiel was playing with his trains and it was set on fire!
Fortunately for him the firemen were very quick.

Also his parents are helping a lot with Inés, so parenthood is not being as hard as expected.

Mila Rubio is pregnant again. Her husband Zacarías has used his "twins" aspiration thing, and he's a twin himself, so I'm thinking twins are extremely likely in this case...

Rafael Rojas, now a teen, asked out the only other teen he knows - Josefa Santos.
It was a so-so date, but considering the lack of options it would not be odd that they try again.

And younger brother Carlos grew up.

And, at last, the Pardo family, the poorest of them all - but also the one which tied knots with most of the other families.
They've been struggling to pay their bills (highly increased by their loan) but some novel writing allowed the to avoid any issue.

At the end of the day they asked their daughter Carlota to move in with them, and of course bring her thee children.

The little house was once fit for 6 people (before Leonardo, Maricarmen's twin, died tragically) because they used bunk beds for all the kids.
They had rebuilt the inside when their children left the house, but now it's a two-large-bedrooms poor-family house again.
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Welcome the newest members of the Rubio family:
As expected, Mila had twins. Two baby girls which were named Jana and Noa. One of them has alien eyes, I think it's Jana.

They have an older brother, Joaquín, who is just learning useful things

And grandpa Daniel got a promotion, and he reached the top of his career. Not that he cared much about his career, but it's always nice to earn a good bonus

The Rojas family keeps moving up: now they got a really fancier house. Not in the next quarter, but in the following one. Quite wealthier than the other families at this point.
The new house is a 3-bedroom 3-barthroom house, which looks way fancier than their last one even as it is.

Domingo has fulfilled his LTW a while ago, Sonia is about to do so, Fernando keeps getting promotions and Paulo is raising the second dog to become a superstar. Every body is doing certainly well!

But with so much luck on their side, it's just natural that it's been heard of in the criminal circles - and a burgar came!
I'm now using simler90's burglar mod, which is cool, because now I don't know they are in the house until it's probably too late for my Simmies. But in this case, she went for the luxurious car - and it had an alarm! Bad for you, burglar.

Also I've been thinking about how to deal with burglars.
I've tried the prison thing and it does not suit me. I just don't want more Sims to be semi-playable. I like to keep my hoods smallish and my rotations short.
I've been "removing" burglars who had been caught by simply killing them - this is ultra effective, but somewhat radical. It serves the purpose of keeping the burglar away from the hood and allowing the game to generate a new one, but to be honest I don't like that they are actually dead for all games purposes.
In this ocasion I'm gonna try something different, I've just gone into SimPE and changed her into a normal Sim and gave her a job in the criminal career. I'll see how the game behaves after this.

And last the Pardo family, who've been doing their best but are always in trouble.
Carlota managed to potty train Clara, but even so her desperation shows - she did not have the time to shower or to eat anyhing yet!
Her parents do help a lot, but with three kids and a tiny tiny house meant for a couple, this is all really hard.
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As a general rule, I try to avoid my Sims in the retirement house (semi-playables) to initiate romantic interactions with playables.
I decided to make an exception in this case, for Maricarmen had been longing to find more lovers and actually befriended some guys with this clear intention, but since Ezequiel never leaves the house she can't find an ocassion.
Mario invited her over to get to know each other better. Just to die on her arrival
So Maricarmen remains loyal to her husband against her own will

The Rojas is the wealthiest family, living in the nicest house and with all they may need. And things just go better and better.
For example Coco reached the top of the career, which leaves Paula an step closer to fulfilling her LTW.

Domingo (who's been level 10 for a while) keeps getting lucky with his chance cards - he got a §40k bonus!! That's a lot of money.
And Sonia reached level 10 too - LTW fulfilled and even more money.
(I expect them to move to an even nicer house by the end of the week.)

A genie came at the door of the Blanco family and left a miraculous lamp... and Joaquín did not hesitate to ask the genie for some money.
Isabel also wrote a best-seller novel and it's the end of the week, so of course in the next rotation they're moving to a nicer house too.

Also little Isabel grew up, so I'm sure now she'd enjoy having her own bedroom if possible.

At the Rubio household everything was about the kids. Joaquín is a very accomplished toddler :D

And in the afternoon/evening everybody started growing up: Now Jana & Noa are toddler and Joaquín a child-

Bad news for the Pardo family: Prof. Lidia died.
And in a tiny crowded house like theirs, even dying is complicated...

Oblivious to the fact that grandma had just died, Juan was outside growing up happily.

His twin sister Clara had a great shock and her first moments into childhood were certainly tough.
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The Blanco family moved to a nicer house - 3 bedrooms!
And little Ines got into a private school, which is certainly cool.

The Pardo family also moved up, in their case to a previously inhabited (and therefore empty) house, which is certainly cheaper than a fully furnished one and allowed them to bring their own stuff.

Both father and sister are Family Sims, so it's not unusual they want to find love again.
Francisco fell in love with Prof. Ángeles Méndez, colleague of his late wife Lidia.
And Carlota - no surprise - relight the fire with Manuel Domínguez (whom she had dated as a teenager).

And the both Mila Rubio and husband Zacarías dedicate their time to teaching useful things to their toddlers.
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The Rojas family welcomed a new member - a puppy named Pipo.

And said goodbye to another one: Domingo died of old age.

The Blanco family also adopted a puppy.

And Carlota Pardo proposed to Manuel right away.
(Surprisingly, her father did not roll any other want regarding Prof. Ángeles...)

Mila Rubio helped young Joaquín with his homework, now that the toddlers are a little bit less demanding.
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Rafael Rojas has been dating Josefa for a while, and their first dates were plain dull, but they are getting to know each other better and better and even fell in love!

Do you know who else is into dating?
Ezequiel Blanco was alone at home (parents at work, wife too, daughter at school) and he decided to ask out this young professor he had met...

Finished the date right before Maricarmen returned home.
Btw she got a promotion to Professional Party Guest - LTW fulfilled!!

At night, with the excuse of some grocery shopping (I definetely need more community lots!) Ezequiel asked the professor out again.
There they met a very special woman...

Diana Pardo grew up and she's a lovely teenager now.

None of the kids is too young anymore (Diana in her teens, Clara and Juan children) and Carlota is in love, so why should she wait any longer?
She married Manuel right away and he joined the family. Will they have any more kids or are three enough for Carlota?

Also some growing up in the Rubio household: Jana (alien eyed) and Noa (blue eyed) are children now.

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And some household thumbnails, just because there are already family relations between them and it's good to to remember them to make plans of possible future sentimental relations

The youngest generation are:
- Inés Blanco
- Diana, Clara and Juan Pardo
- Rafael and Carlos Rojas
- Joaquín, Jana and Noa Rubio
(Rafael and Diana are the only teens so far, nobody else is of age for dating.)

Diana, Clara and Juan (children of Carlota Pardo), Rafael and Carlos (children of Fernando Pardo) and Inés (child of Maricarmen Pardo) are all cousins.
Joaquín, Jana and Noa Rubio are children of Ezequiel Blanco, hence cousins of Inés Blanco.

Joaquín, Jana and Noa Rubio are unrelated to Diana, Clara and Juan Pardo, and to Rafael and Carlos Rojas.
They technically can become romantic interests of each other in the future, but since Diana and Rafael and quite older than the Rubio children it seems unlikely that they reach such a point.
It would not be impossible for Joaquín Rubio to be interested in Clara Pardo, nor for Jana and Noa Rubio to be interested and Juan Pardo or Carlos Rojas.

So in the future there may up to three new conections between the playable families, and everyone else is to find a partner between the avaliable townies. Or remain single, of course. But it's quite possible that quite a bunch of townies get added and the families expand a little bit more.
Which is nice, I do like small hoods, but it's also great seeing them grow a little bit.
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#60 Old 7th Oct 2020 at 3:25 PM
Fernando Pardo aged very well - and now he certainly looks after his father!
He loves his career so he means to keep working and try to reach the top of the career.

First son Rafael managed to reach the top of the teen career (and will soon go to college) while younger one, Carlos, also aged.
Finally having more teens, which means that there may be more dating in the near future

At the Blanco's house, Maricarmen is cheating to Ezequiel with some townie (I think the name is Antonio Santana).
Ezequiel has been cheating too, so it would come as no surprise if this marriage were over any time soon...

Their daughter, Inés, decided to torment her cousin Clara. Will they become friends when they grow up or will there be family quarrels from now on?

And at night they had an unwelcome visit: a burglar! She stole their car, but the police came in time to catch her - and refund the family for the lost car.
Time to buy an alarm, perhaps?

Good tidings at the Pardo family door: a matchmaker left a genie lamp - and Francisco asked, as usual, for some money.

Which comes in good time because Carlota is pregnant again!
She already has 3 children of her previous marriage, but husband Manuel also wants some more children of his own...

The Rubios managed to save up some money (specially after grandpa Daniel wrote a best-seller) and decided to invest in a better school for the children.
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#61 Old 10th Oct 2020 at 7:56 AM Last edited by Amura : 20th Oct 2020 at 9:20 PM.
Sad day for the Rojas family, as one of the dogs died - of old age. All the other pets (and one stray that passed by) were whooling to the sight of death.

Rafael enjoyed his time though, with a last date with Josefa. Last date? Well, not sure, but he's about to move in to college (so is she) and things often change in college.
When he leaves for college, the rest of the family will also move into an even fancier house - they are definetely doing very well!

Not much going on the Blanco family, but I like pictures of whole families dining together

New baby for the Pardo family!
Since both Carlota and her husband Manuel are dark-skinned, it was expected that baby Yen had dark skin too. I'm looking forward seeing her age though.

And last but not least: Mila Rubio was clearly coughing. She seems to have caught some virus!!!
OK, her husband Zacarías is a Family Sim, surely he will be making some soup anytime now...
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#62 Old 10th Oct 2020 at 8:30 AM Last edited by Amura : 20th Oct 2020 at 9:21 PM.
Rafael is now in college. His skills are not high, he will definetely need to work quite a bit to get good grades.
And it would not hurt socializing a bit, right? :D

His former high school sweetheart was also moved into college, for sync purposes, but I mean to keep her as a semi-playable.
So there will be a new paper-delivery teenager in the neighbourhood!

As planned, the Rojas family moved into an even larger fancier house. Just because they can afford it.

Also Sonia rubbed the lamp for the last time, and got some extra cash. Which is good, because bills in a new house are always larger.

Paula grew up, she's an elder now. While Fernando loves his job and means to keep working for a while, I expect Paula to retire soon enough.

And of course they had a nightly visit. You can't earn & spend so much money and believe burglars won't notice!

At the Blanco family house, both Ezequiel and Maricarmen focused on spending quality time with young Inés.

They grow up so soon! Inés became a teenager, and I felt like she required a makeover. Now she quite looks like a doll

Btw Ezequiel's brother Zacarías was visiting, and he seems to be as sick as his wife Mila...

So much growing up in the Pardo household!
Juan and Clara are teenagers, and little Yen is a toddler. So much to celebrate.

The burglar visited them too, but apparently this burglar is quite silly

But she woke up Yen, and Manuel got in charge of her during the night.

Mila Rubio and husband Zacarías Blanco spent their day eating grandma's soup
So not plenty of news. But Joaquín also grew up, and he's a quite handsome young man.
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Rafael Rojas keeps doing fine at college - got a B - and also tries to socialize a bit.
Hey, he might even find a new love interest!

Back at home, his younger brother Carlos has met the new newspaper girl - I think her name is Mercedes.

Bills arrived at their new house, and they are quite high. Well, let's expect they lower over the time...

Because they are also buying new fancier stuff - and Paula decided to gift some of the oldest version to Rafael. When you are in college you really appreciate having useful things!

Shopping time! Joaquín drove to the convenience store for some shopping, and Inés decided to go with him - in hope she would meet someone interesting there.
One of the workers there was an adult (pretty amiable) and the other one was a teen (but she did not like him so much, apparently).

Back at home, the flirty professor behaved in her usual silly way towards Maricarmen - who rejected her - and Ezequiel got quite mad at her - but fortunately not at his wife.

On the other hand Ezequiel is not a loyal one. But he does prefer this other professor. In fact they went as far as whoohooing!

Dating in small towns is sometimes a bit weird thing.
Diana Pardo asked Joaquín Rubio out, just because she does not know many other eligible guys.
The date was ok, nothing special but hey, something might happen in the future.

He stayed around for a while and Diana's younger sister Clara started talking to him... and asked him out too!
The date was also ok, they are also in friendly terms now, but I really really don't know what might happen in the future! A love triagle perhaps?

Daniel Rubio wrote another novel. which means some extra money - which is good, because they are definetely the poorest family.

Money always attracts burglars and this was not the exception - but no big deal, police caught her again!
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College. Rafael. Everything goes very well.

Back at the neighbourhood, Paula Rojas decided to retire.
Hers is the wealthiest family, they live in a larger-than-they-need house, and she does not love her career anyway. So extra leisure time for her!

Her mother, founder of the family, Sonia Rojas, was teaching Casiopea to play dead. And then she died herself. Kinda perfect timing, in its own creepy way

Sonia now belongs in the family graveyard, with her husband Domingo.

The Blanco family moved to a fanciest house. They are really doing very well!

And even better after Isabel got a HUGE bonus.
Actually Ezequiel got also got a good bonus, but his §10k seemed tiny compared to her §65k!

Maricarmen is quite a flirt, but she definetely does not like this annoying professor - and she does not get the hint

The Pardo family is also moving up!
Considering how poor they were, things have actually improved indeed.

Picture of Manuel teaching his daughter Yen to walk.

Young Juan asked Mercedes (papergirl) out. The date was just ok, but they are in friendly terms.

And Carlota found out that she's pregnant again - her fifth pregnancy!
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#65 Old 21st Oct 2020 at 2:57 PM
Rafael had met this cheerleader and he asked her out - but the date was simply dull. Oh, well, at least he's getting great grades, life is not that bad.

After the exam he decided to pay a visit to his highschool sweetheard -Josefa- and she seemed to be glad of having him around again
Maybe they get back together after all?

Back at home, Rafael's brother Carlos reach a milestone in his career. This family is all about success.

News at the Pardo family. Which is quite usual, because they are such a large family.
So Yen has grown up.
The pic is cool, because her father Manuel is playing with Clara - he really gets along with Carlota's children from her first marriage.

After growing up, Yen grew towards her mother - only to find she was about to gave birth to baby Leonardo.
(Leonardo was the name of Carlota's younger brother - twin of Maricarmen - who died after a satellite collapsed).

The day was great, people were very social at dinner. But Juan, who was actually dating Mercedes - and gave her his first kiss
Will this become a long-term relationship, such as Rafael's with Josefa?

Joaquín Rubio had a bad day at work. Apparently the last one at that workplace. Oops.

But overall was a good afternoon.
It was time for the twins to grow up. Noa was the first one.

Then Joaquín himself asked Clara Pardo out, and the seem to get along very well.
Yaaay for teen couples

And later Jana grew up too.
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#66 Old 7th Nov 2020 at 9:58 PM
I think I've played a few rotations already, but haven't felt like updating this thread. I guess I should start doing so - generations pass so fast!
So, one rotation per post as usual, and I'm gonna try to keeppictures to a minimum.

Rafael Rojas is still at college, doing very well, and no news.
His younger brother Carlos is definetely interested in Mercedes, the papergirl. I don't think he knows she's been also dating Juan Pardo...

Isabel Blanco, founder of her line, died of old age. She will be missed!

Grandpa Francisco Pardo celebrated little Leonardo's birthday.

And, as I said, Mercedes seems to be falling in love with Juan. So there might be some disagreement between Carlos and him in the future.
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Next rotation.

Rafael did ok, got a grade of C+ which is not great but at least passed.

Back at home, the Rojas family had an issue with one of the pets. Cassiopea had ran away, when she grew older she apparently died (disappeared from the household tabs) and then the police said they were returning her (which was obviously not possible).
Note to self: I gotta fix my pets lifespan, this kind of scenario is weird.

And this is Carlos dating again Mercedes, who fell in love with him too. (I'm longing for drama indeed!)

Inés Blanco (who is related to ALL the other teen playables) asked out Alfredo, a guy who worked in the supermarket. (Her LTW is date-related, so I'm expecting she'll ask him out a lot.)

The date scenario is always hectic for me as a player, so much that even the death of grandpa Joaquín went quite unnoticed

And more teen love: Clara Pardo and Joaquín Rubio make a beautiful couple.

And apparently Joaquín's younger sister Jana also has a fancy for Clara's twin brother Juan.
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#68 Old 8th Nov 2020 at 11:49 AM
This time I have two pictures from college that are worth sharing.
First one is Diana Pardo, who moved into the same house as Rafael Rojas.
She looks pretty well as she is, no makeover required.

And Rafael himself decided to propose to Josefa. She's been her love all his life, so I guess it makes perfect sense for him to propose now that he's about to finish his studies.

Paula Rojas' LTW is pet-related, so after the sad story with Casiopea she decided to adopt another puppy.

Meantime Carlos asked out Jana Rubio. The date did not went great.
But even so, he's been dating both Mercedes and Jana, and so has done Juan Pardo. Any slapping soon? Or will they grow up and just forget about their youthfull flirting?

The Blanco family is quite a thing.
While Ezequiel was at work, Maricarmen decided to invite over a "friend" of hers, some townie named Antonio.

In the afternoon, Inés asked out Alfredo again.
She has a dates LTW as her father, but in her case there is not much to choose from so she keeps loyal to him. So far. And they fell in love.

Also Ezequiel asked out the Contessa while Maricarmen was at work...
A lot of dating and cheating in this family!

Bad news for the city.
Francisco Pardo, another of the founders, has just died of old age. He'll be missed by his very large family.

And Daniel Rubio, the last of the founders, died too.

All the founders are gone, some of their children are already elders and some of their grandchildren are already in college,
A generation is definetely over.
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#69 Old 14th Nov 2020 at 9:38 AM
New student at college: Carlos Rojas joins his brother Rafael and cousin Diana Pardo.

Diana is doing very well btw, but Carlos not so much...

At the Rojas home, Pipo got promoted, aged up and died of old age all the same time...
(I definetely need to fix the pets lifespan!)

At the Blanco home, Inés went steady with townie Alfredo Blázquez.
Since her LTW is great-dates related I expect her to keep asking him out frequently - but only him,

Maricarmen grew up and she's an elder. Her hairstyle looks great on elders

And whenever Maricarmen is at work and Inés minding her own business, Ezequiel calls over his undead lover!

At the Pardo home, both Carlota and her husband Manuel became elders, while their youngest child Leonardo grew into - well - a child.
Manuel still wants to have MORE children, so it's probably time to adopt one...

Juan flirted with Jana Rubio... with little success. Oh.

And the Rubios are expecting another child!
Apparently three teenagers were not enough
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#70 Old 14th Nov 2020 at 7:34 PM
Carlos and Diana did great in their first semester. (First semesters are usually easy.)
Rafael also managed to pass... and to spend valuable time with his girlfriend Josefa.

Ezequiel Blanco and his daughter Inés decided to do some grocery shopping.
When they returned she asked Alfredo out and had another great date.

Ezequiel also asked the Countess out while Maricarmen was at work.
And it seems the Countess does like Ezequiel very very much and means to be dating him forever. Forever, in this case, may mean all eternity...

Juan Pardo was rejected by Jana Rubio. So he asked her twin sister Noa instead!
And do you know what? They seem to be made for each other

At the Rubio household, Zacarías returned just in time for Mila to give birth to twins Daniel and Isabel (named after Zacarías parents).

Also their oldest son, Joaquín, reached the top of his career - which happens to be his LTW, but he's likely to go to college anyway because that's what Zacarías wants.
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#71 Old 15th Nov 2020 at 11:57 AM Last edited by Amura : 15th Nov 2020 at 9:28 PM.
College is highly active again!
Rafael, Carlos and Diana moved to a new (larger) place because they were expecting four (yes, four!) new students to move in with them.
Joaquín Rubio, Juan & Clara Pardo, and Inés Blanco are the rookies.

Inés did not waste her time, and soon she was dating Juan Velasco (who she met in a shop in downtown).
Her highschool sweetheart will be moved to college too so she might have a choice...

Carlos and Diana passed their semester, and Rafael finally graduated.
Because all the money was spent in renting the larger house, Rafael had to leave with just a few pennies in his pocket so he rented a quite cheap home.
He is engaged to Josefa, who also graduated (I re-townified her) and happens to be living next door, but he seems in no hurry to tie the knot...

In the main hood, Ezequiel Blanco called in sick. Being a vampire and working the day shift it's no surprise he feels unwell!
(I think Ezequiel will like being a vampire, so I'm afraid he'll eventually have to quit or be fired...)

At the Pardo household, the new member just arrived - her name is Dolores.
Also Yen grew up (and got a makeover). Here both the girls and Carlota are having dinner.

At the Rubio household, twins Daniel and Isabel grew up.

And everyone else was hunted by ghosts
They do need to save up for a cemetery!!!

(And I'm finally up to date, yay for me! )
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#72 Old 19th Nov 2020 at 3:24 PM
Students are doing well at college, so let's dive into the interesting part - their love lives!
Juan Pardo keeps dating former townie Mercedes. Will Carlos Rojas ask her out too? (I hope not!)

Inés Blanco asked out Juan again.

Clara Pardo and Joaquín Rubio were high school sweethearts and decided to keep their relationship on now they've grown up.
And they are probably gonna last. <3

Rafael Rojas lives in downtown and is engaged to Josefa. But he does not seem interested in marrying her right away.
Actually he felt like he should be dating other women

Being a vampire has its perks, but it can also cause trouble.
Ezequiel keeps calling in sick, because he's definetely unfit to work during daytime, but his boss is not accepting such as an excuse - and he got demoted.
I guess he must choose between vampirism and his medical career!

A lovely pic from the Pardo family: Manuel helping two of his children with their homework.

At the Rubio household money keeps being an issue, so it's just great that Zacarías earned a large bonus as he reached the top of his career.
His LTW is family related (3 children graduate) so it does not matter him that much, but money is just great anyway!
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#73 Old 24th Nov 2020 at 9:38 PM
College is fine, everybody passed. I've decided to cut the semester a bit shorter - just to make it harder - and we'll see if next rotations are a bit more difficult.

What's really interesting is often the romance.
Diana Pardo asked out one of her teachers, but the date was apparently dull.

Inés Blanco decided to ask out Alfredo, her high school sweetheart, and it was great between them again. Now she has two lovers, let's see how she handles it.

Joaquín Rubio proposed to Clara Pardo. These two are way more formal, and it's likely they will form a family after college.

Clara's twin Juan is not that much into commitment, and prefers to spend his time with Mercedes.

More news about Ezequiel Blanco, resident vampire. He finally decided to quit his job. It was impossible for him to really go to work (very bad for his health indeed) and he would end up fired anyway, so he quit.
He likes dating the countess who bite him, but this time he fancied a change and asked out Prof. Francisca. They had a lot of fun, went out and came back home when the sun already was shining - so late for you, Ezequiel!

The Pardo family is doing quite well. Yen actually reached the top of her teen career, while Leonardo and Dolores grow up happily.
They had an unwelcome visit at night, but luckily the police was able to catch the damn burglar before she took anything.

Cute pic of Mila Rubio and Zacarías Blanco teaching their little ones ^.^
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#74 Old 29th Nov 2020 at 12:05 PM
Two new students at college: Jana and Noa Rubio.
They moved in my playables' house, which is pretty crowded already, but made sense since their brother Joaquín is there too.

Everybody passed their exams and all was good, but there was some sort of glitch - which did not allow Jana to go to her exam! - and I decided to move them out of the house and into a new larger one.
They one they were living in was too small for eight people anyway.

Rafael Rojas is the only graduated from his generation so far, and he is engaged to Josefa but had been enjoying quite a bachelor life, ehem.
Now he seems to think that it's time to take his engagement seriously and spent some quality time with his fiance.

Ezequiel Blanco keeps dating with vampire lover while his wife is at work. Luckily him Maricarmen works the night shift!

Bad news for the Pardo family. Or maybe not?
Manuel got fired, but he seems as happy as ever to be back home. More time to spend with his family, I guess.

In fact Leonardo has grown up into a teen - and Dolores will grow up very soon too - so Manuel is looking forward his children going to college. That's his dream anyway.

Daniel and Isabel Rubio, have grown up. He's got alien eyes, she's got mesmerizing blue ones.
They are the youngest of their generation - Rafael Rojas being the oldest one, this generation has a very large span.

As a general rule my "semi-playable" elders are in an elders home just for the purpose of keeping the game in sync - growing up and eventually die at (almost) the same age as their playable friends.
So I don't care about dating and such. Usually. But I thought that since this guy wanted to go out with Maricarmen it would be nice to have such a date - after all, she would like to go out with many men but Ezequiel being unemployed and spending all the time at home (and a vampire) does not leave her plenty of time for dating anyone else... and she would not pass such a chance!
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My college students are new living in this new larger house. And the youngest ones (Noa & Jana Rubio) are looking for love in between the walls of the house.
Noa is interested in Juan Pardo. They had a good time when they were both teenagers, so maybe they can relight the fire.

Back then Jana also liked Juan, and while she had attempted to date Carlos it did not go well.
But time has passed and apparently Carlos Rojas is ready to reconsider his mind

Everybody's semesters went well but Clara's - she's now on probation!

In downtown Rafael Rojas finally married his fiance Josefa. They are both living in the one-bedroom rental, so I guess there is no place for babies yet.

They did not throw a party but Rafael invited his parents to meet her... and arrived when she was just fired
I don't think Josefa had a great day.

Great day for his father, Fernando Pardo, who just fulfilled his LTW by reaching the top of his career.
Now he decided to help his wife Paula to train their pets - so she might be able to fulfill hers.

Ezequiel Blanco keeps dating his lovers at night. He is really enjoying his vampire life.

This is Dolores Pardo, adopted daughter of Carlota and Manuel. She's cute.

Mila Rubio decided to run a backyard market to get rid of old the old stuff they don't use anymore - because they really need the money to buy a graveyard!
And she grew up when she was attending the business. (I personally think she has aged beautifully!)
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