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Default TS4 Hair Studio
Hi everyone,

So..., I have been working on a tool for CC creation, more specifically hairstyle creation.
It's called TS4 Hair Studio.
I have been a long time reader (and serial downloader) on MTS for years, since the Sims 2 actually, and I would like to add my stone to the edifice that is the CC creator community.

So basically, my project is a game in itself. A gamified custom hair creator that exports automatically to your Sims 4 installation.
I also plan on building an embedded community gallery, so that players can share their creation, and use other people's work as a base to edit (or not) and export to their own Sims 4 mod folder.
At the moment, it only supports Maxis match hairstyles, but it already features multiple hair type. I wanted to build something that was as inclusive as possible.

It's not ready for it's alpha release just yet, but I am really glad to finally share my project with you guys
Feel free to play the presentation video on my my patreon page and let me know what you think about what we have here so far.

Hoping to hear your opinion soon
I'll be keeping you up to date with the development progress on this thread.

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This is really cool, Can't wait to see more of it!
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This looks really cool! Must have taken you a bit to program the physics into it, but it almost feels like Blender's hair tool, but for ts4!

Can't wait to see more of this!
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