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Default Testers Needed - Polyamory/Committed Relationships Mod, Beta Version
I’m looking for early testers for a mod for improved polyamory and committed relationships in general in the Sims 3! It's grown into a much bigger project than I originally planned as I've learned more about what's possible (I've only been learning to mod at all since, like...May). I think I've got all the most critical features in playtesting-worthy condition, but there are still a lot of smaller improvements to make, so I need some help checking that what I've done so far holds up as expected under more varied conditions than I've used for just basic debugging. And I'd love to get feedback or suggestions on the features I've got so far!

Some notes before I go into the description:
  • This mod was made to be compatible with Woohooer, and while I think it should now work without Woohooer as well after some advice from Chain_Reaction (who I would not have made it this far this fast without) over at the NRaas site, I haven't confirmed that. If you do use Woohooer, be sure to disable jealousy (both romance and woohoo jealousy) in Woohooer's settings so this mod's jealousy handling can take over instead!
  • This mod is meant to be inactive by default, as part of my efforts to keep it from wrecking saves - you have to activate it by entering "activatePolyamory" in the in-game cheats command line, and then it'll be active every other time you play that save until you turn it off with the cheat "deactivatePolyamory", which should make it safe to remove the package.

To very briefly summarize, this mod creates the class RelationshipManager (RM from here on) to keep track of relationships involving as many sims as you want; changes the game’s handling of jealousy to accommodate polyamory without disabling jealousy altogether (across the board or for individual sims); and changes the computation of attraction scores to discourage (but not prohibit) sims from sabotaging monogamous relationships with autonomous romances (unless there’s a reason for them to do so).

And now, this is about to get long. Feel free to skip to the last spoiler tag if you don't need all the details; I've listed specific questions I have there, but besides those my only request is to throw whatever challenges you can at this mod and let me know what needs work!

And finally, specific things I'd like to know:
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
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Wow, you've come a long way since we first talked Very impressive work.

Would love to help with translation to french if you're looking for support with that.
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Originally Posted by MissPat
Wow, you've come a long way since we first talked Very impressive work.

Would love to help with translation to french if you're looking for support with that.

It's been a long journey

A French translation would be awesome! Right now all the notices and descriptions are in a very basic and straightforward form (not "fun" in a sims-like way, I'm not good at making up that stuff so I've been putting it off) but if you want to check them out when I post V0.1 after work today just to see what kind of things they're generally going to say, feel free. Also, the way I've broken some of them up to allow them to adapt for grammatical correctness in different situations may be hard to follow by just reading the STBL without seeing the code, so if you need to see the relevant code snippets and unhashed keys to make sense of them just let me know.
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Version 0.1 is live! Also, as of tomorrow I will be on a 1-month modding hiatus; I will 100% be back though. Anyone who reads this, please feel free to post bugs or suggestions in this thread while I’m away, although I may not respond promptly and can’t make immediate fixes.

What’s new in version 0.1:
  • Attraction overhaul: the mod comes with its own attraction scoring method (including new tunable bonuses/penalties, customize as desired - and let me know what settings you find work best). It’s compatible with NRaas mods; it’ll stop Woohooer’s version from running so they don’t fight over what the attraction score should be, and if Woohooer/StoryProgression is present it’ll use those mods’ settings to decide whether attraction is allowed between the sims in question.
    • Trait attraction bonuses are only applied for learned traits, career bonuses are only applied for learned careers *and* sims who (based on traits) should find career success attractive, level 3 money bonus only applies for sims known to be rich and only if the other sim has a personality that should find money attractive, zodiac compatibility (not just match) bonus only applied for learned signs and only for Supernatural Fan sims, Eccentric/Bot Fan/Supernatural Fan sims can get attracted to bots with the capacity to love, attraction bonuses and penalties based on fitness/fatness/age can be overruled by custom reward traits indicating a sim’s “type”, Supernatural Fans get attracted to occult sims, the range of occult types that receive the matching occult status bonus is expanded (not sure why they weren’t all included before), and probably more that I’ve forgotten I added
    • Off-Limits relationship type applies attraction penalty (discourages sims from autonomously canoodling with exclusive partners’ loved/hated ones unless the relationship is already on the decline)
    • Not Looking For Love hidden trait applies attraction penalty (discourages sims from autonomously pursuing new romances while in exclusive relationships, while preserving the ones they already had at the time they got the trait)
  • Improved socials
    • All custom socials except Ask Relationship Status now have ITUNs, with advertising for default and custom traits as needed
    • All socials are autonomous (I may change it so Ask For Open/Closed relationship interactions are user-directed only, though, because those ones being autonomous has been a little annoying in my tests [this change was made in version 0.2]). This includes Ask To Include Sim In Relationship; if that one is initiated by a non-selectable sim, instead of a popup menu appearing to choose who they’re asking to include they’ll just pick one of their partners at random instead
    • All newly created romantic socials also have friendly versions
  • New cheat
    • Enter “debugPolyamory” to toggle debugging messages on and off. This is faster for me than having to go through and comment out all my debugging messages before posting each version of the mod; also, this way testers can turn the messages on if there’s a problem and tell me if they say anything useful.
  • Bugs identified
    • [Solved in version 0.2]Getting Open-Minded from books doesn’t seem to be working anymore, haven’t gotten that fixed yet
    • [Seems to be solved in 0.2]I’m getting a little more lag than I used to, and sims get frozen/stuck in loops during socials and need resetting more often - I’m not 100% certain this mod is what’s causing that, but it seems like the most logical explanation. I think the method that applies Off-Limits relationships may be the culprit, and it may need to be totally rewritten from scratch after my break because its logic is pretty gnarly
    • [A little better in 0.2; still takes about 20 seconds on a pretty decent computer, when activating the mod or loading a save with the mod active in Sunset Valley and Riverview]The severity of the lag when this mod is activated or a world where it’s active is loaded seems to depend on how large it is and how many sims it has, so I want to streamline my world load/sim instantiated/mod activated methods
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Version 0.2 updates: fixed trait assignment from reading books; rewrote some twisted logic, which seems to have helped with lag and fixed a few bugs with jealousy and attraction; made Ask For Open/Closed relationship user-directed only; other things
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Version 0.3 updates: More complex LHS rules for all the socials (especially Ask To Include Sim In Relationship - success now depends on how the target feels about the actor and also about everyone they're being asked to include). Better handling of Off-Limits relationships, through a whole new dictionary that will hopefully prevent there being leftover Off-Limits relationships after changes in relationship status. Sims should now be unable to confess to cheating or tell about someone else's cheating when they shouldn’t think any cheating happened.

[Edit since it's been less than 24 hours:]
Version 0.4 updates: Better thumbnails for the reward traits, addition of unique positive/negative buffs for polyamorous relationships. Also, a question: I've now completed almost all the high-priority and most of the low-priority features that I wanted to add, so what's left is just cosmetic improvements, finding and fixing bugs, and the two high-priority features I'm totally stuck on (dreamtree and PDA reactions), plus some low-priority features that I'm wondering if I should even bother with. Is anyone actually interested in having event-based assignment of attraction rewards, asking sims to treat specific others as Off-Limits, less aggressive non-RM breakups, or autonomous non-RM relationship-defining socials as part of this mod, or should I leave them out?
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