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Default How to Learn SimAntics and BHAV?
One thing I find a little lacking in The Sims 2 is the Personality system. I just don't see too much of a difference from a neat sim to a sloppy one. I think this would be better if we could code some autonomous behaviour based on personality traits. Take for example the Grouchy/Nice trait: my idea is that the nicer a sim is, there are more chances of a social interection with said sim be positive. A nice sim would be more open to talk, hugs, jokes, etc., while a completely grouchy sim (0 points) would always turn away. Yes, this would always decrease the relationship between sims, but wouldn't it be nice that really grouchy sims were disliked by everybody, while nice sims would have a pretty good reputation? A playful sim could be find autonomous choosing to tell jokes, an active sim woulld be calling other sims to play with balls, a lazy or serious sim would rather talk with others, etc. Basically, my idea is to mod the game in ways that the personality of a sim changes the way he/she behaves autonomously, what would make sims even more unique, in my opinion.
I'm still pretty new to modding, but I'm quite sure that this kind of idea would be achieved with a better understanding of SimAntics and BHAV editing; I know some basic concepts, like the decision-chart nature of SimAntics, and tried to study some mods to see if I can understand how exactly it works, but I admit this is harder than I thought. Are there some tutorials that deals with this kind of stuff? I've read some on this site and on the web, but I do admit that I don't have the slightest idea about how should I start playing around with this.
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Not really an answer to your questions, but you might be interested in personality please by dreadpirate and the traits project by hexagonal-bipyramid!

You can find more of my downloads over at my tumblr:
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Originally Posted by vegan_kaktus
Not really an answer to your questions, but you might be interested in personality please by dreadpirate and the traits project by hexagonal-bipyramid!

Wow, these mods are amazing, and they fit quite nicely with what I was looking for. However, I don't think we need to have specific traits like in The Sims 3, everything could be based around the personality points we have, and perharps aspiration as well. My idea would be more like the first mod than the second. I'l download it and see if I can learn how it works.
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Still, I would like to know if somebody knows a good tutorial about SimAntics that could help me in this way. My whole idea revolves around set free will actions based around personality points; does anybody knows where I should begin?
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Here are some links for you to look at:
SimAnticswiki (loads of links on that page too)
Data Types for SimAntics users
How SimAntics chooses and Animationswiki

I will choose a path that's clear- I will choose free will
Simpeople and Me Archive- -11Dots Archive- My Sims World Archive
If you are looking for files from old websites the Internet Archive is your best friend.
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