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Default Scripting or XML mod?
Hi all!
I'm totally new to modding, but I was just curious what type of mod this would require:

Disabling specific interactions (such as skills classes) from their default rabbit holes and either leaving them disabled or reassigning them to different rabbit holes (including custom rabbit holes via Arsil's CRH mod).

If scripting, I'm SOL, as I'm not a programmer. If XML, I might be able to muddle my way through, and this is literally something I've wanted for the game for YEARSSSSSS, and it doesn't seem to be possible with NRAAS.

Thank you!
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I'm sorry to bring bad news, but I'm pretty sure this would involve scripting :P
Though there is an xml recource called RabbitHole+AttendClassInRabbitHole_0x38e6468d9d827539 (in the GameplayData package) that seems to include the list of skills that can learnt at rabbit holes.

The skill class that are added to each rabbit hole seems to be done on an individual level for the specific rabbit hole so the Grocery Store has: 
AddInteraction(new AttendClassInRabbitHole.Definition(SkillNames.Fishing, kClassFishingCost, kClassFishingDuration));
So in fact, I think the xml might just be for skills that get discounted in the newspaper rather than the ones that are added to the rabbit holes. Idk though, I find the rabbit hole code pretty confusing :P 

But to the point, changing what interactions are in which rabbit hole will very likely be a scripting job. That's not to say it's not doable though, and if you explain further what you'd like to achieve I'm sure we modders can help! 

XML modding is very easy though, if you just want to have a go at that for funsies - check out the tutorial but it's as simple as opening the gameplay data package, finding a resource you want to edit, extract, edit, and save as new package with s3pe. There are a lot of cool things that you can change so it's fun to look through the resources and find all sorts of interesting things
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Ugh... I figured that was going to be the case. Thank you for your response!

To give a more detailed example of what I was hoping to achieve..the writing class at the business office - that does not make sense in the context of some worlds. I would prefer to be able to create a custom rabbit hole (via Arsil's mod) for my library ("Continuing Education Center") and have some of the skills classes, like the writing class, attached to THAT rabbit hole instead of scattered across the world. It's also frustrating because the default system requires the placement of those rabbit holes in worlds where they might not fit well, contextually.
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How about disabling the skill classes with an ITUN Mod or retuner and placing Computers in the libary and using the Study skills online Mod : to get your Sims to learn? Or put down the rabbitholes as rugs in the libary and disabling all the interaction you don't want on them with an itun mod or retuner.
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