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Default Make a DR career be custom instead?
How relatively straightforward is it to convert a default replacement career into a custom one? I'm setting up an apocalypse hood but I don't have FT for those careers and I was wondering if it's faster/easier to just take DRs and give them unique GUIDs. (vs. making custom careers and having to adjust all the skill points, friend reqs, salaries, chance cards.) Would that work, or would it crash the game because the files are looking for resources that don't exist? I assume I would have to make sure the vehicles & outfits are not pointing at FT items, but is there anything else I'm not thinking of?
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I'm not sure what resources are in the DR, so it's maybe yes maybe no?Typically a DR only includes edited resources, which for careers is probably only the text lists/bhavs.  I guess is it has about 100 files and includes the OBJD, then try using Fix Integrity giving it a unique name, then change the GUID in the OJBD?
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