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Default Specular issues; help please? (Dragon Valley Needed!)
Hi all! I've made EA's Baby Dragon Eggs recolorable, but I'm having the DEVIL of a time with the speculars (as usual).

I want the eggs to be suuuuper shiny (like golden goose eggs), so I made the specular white and the alpha channel black, right? But the eggs stay matte!
Then I made the specular just plain white with no alpha at all, to FORCE shine, but they're STILL MATTE.
No matter what pattern or lighting they have, they don't change.

I have tried this over a dozen times already, I swear, but the eggs just REFUSE to get shiny. I delete my cache files and that doesn't work. I loaded the eggs in different saves and that doesn't work. I tried recloning them and making them from scratch and nothing works!

I suspect that it's something going on on MY end, making my game just refuse to acknowledge my efforts.

So, can someone else please test these eggs for me? As long as the eggs work fine for everyone else, I'll at least know that I'm not going crazy and that I AM making speculars the right way or not. (The eggs are found under Plants. You'll need Dragon Valley for them to work.) I'd really appreciate the help!
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Update: I have it on full authority from two lovely simblr testers that my speculars are frikkin BUSTED, and that yes, I have no bloody clue what I'm doing.

Does anyone know how to FIX speculars so that they let the objects be shiny?
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