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Default Great Aspirations Challenge
This legacy is in progress. I’ll edit as details get added. Feel free to come up eith some ideas — especially on scoring!

This is a multi family legacy challenge. Not only are you challenged by it, your sims are also participating and competing against each other. Which Aspiration gives sims the greatest advantage to building a family empire? This can also be merged into other challenges. I’m doing a modified BACC alongside this one.

The challenge: the families are competing to see who can rack up the most aspiration points, cash and descendants in however many generations you can stand to play. I’m going with 5.
The Location: Empty Hood. The families will have nothing but each other in the challenge.

Put up some lots — the larger the more challenging. I’m using the largest size. You’ll need one lot for every aspiration you want to play — except Family (I’ll explain soon!)

The rest is up to you. Because I’m playing BACC, my sims have various restrictions. But if you want full access to the catalog, go ahead.

The Families:

Each family will have 2 sims that will be married. They must be able to get pregnant, because having babies is a big part of the challenge.

First sim: Will be the Aspiration Leader. This sim will be the full embodiment of their aspiration. Give them 10 trait points In whatever trait you feel is most important to that aspiration. Here are mine for example.

Pleasure: 10 playful
Romance: 10 nice
Knowledge: Neat
Wealth: Active
Popularity: Outgoing
Grilled Cheese — all 5s. They need no special traits to enjoy grilled cheese.

The only second aspiration allowed is Family. I recommend not getting it, though. You don’t want family wants overriding your primary aspiration.

Sim 2 is the support sim: The are always a family sim. Their role is to “remind” the leader that no matter what their wants are, they are supposed to be building a legacy— and need to have babies and take care of the family. They will need only 7 points in the primary Aspiration on the lot. For grilled cheese, they should have no trait higher than 6 and no trait lower than 4.

The only secondary aspiration the family sim can have is whatever aspiration their spouse has. I recommend not getting it, because you don’t want the family sim distracted from their desires.

Heirs and other offspring

The heirs — the child with the highest primary trait will be the heir. They must have the trait their family represents. They have the same secondary aspiration restrictions.

The spares: Roll a six sided dice. If you roll 1-5, the teen will inherit the primary lot aspiration. If they roll a 6, they will be a family sim. Major difference. They can have any secondary aspiration they want, but only if they move off the lot. After they move off the lot, they have no requirements to follow any of the rules — except for whatever rules you impose on them with whatever other challenge your playing, of course.

The main rules are on part 2 —-

I haven’t fleshed this out yet, but here’s what I have so far.

Keep track of the aspiration points every sim on their lot racks up in their lifetime. Who earned the most?

At the end of the challenge, which family has the highest net worth?

Which family ended up having the biggest family tree?

It’s not too detailed on the scoring since it’s meant to be played alongside a legacy or city building challenge.

I’d love feedback. Thanks!
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I forgot the main meat of the rules: and I think it needs it’s own section.

In this challenge, the wants should be considered ideas for making the family stronger. The sims should buy nothing except their basic needs OR things that will facilitate their wants.

For instance: they can’t have any job unless the primary sim wants that specific job.

But if a sim wants to “earn money”, you could open a business or get a job as a means to earn money.

They can not skill or buy things unless they need to skill or buy thing to get their aspiration points met.

Here’s how my game looks so far so you can see. Because I have. BACC, my sims have it harder. And I might include some of these rules in the challenge.

Currently, they are saving up to buy a telescope, because the knowledge sim wanted one and it’s a way to earn money. They are living off gardening and fish. I consider those needed items. They sell the extra food in their inventory.

He wants to earn money, so I opened a business on the lot. He sells fish, boots and tomatoes. They are set to a low price. He’d make more money auto selling them, but he only cares about earning money... he is rich from the business perks.

Pleasure: she wants to freestyle for tips— so I’m trying up her charisma with a mirror so she can earn enough.

Popularity, Romance: they just earn money fishing and gardening.

I haven’t played the grilled cheese yet.
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I'd allow new couples and families to be moved in over time as kids start growing up as the munbers of families moved in as town founders might be limied and they'd likley become related too quickly in that case.The only major change to my advanced BACC would be that the founders have to get aspiration scores as high as possible and things can change if one isn't working out or they got a lifetime want impossible to fulfill like making it to the top of a career when thy can't get a job until that' unlocked or they want to have children graduate from high school when the town dosen't even have a scholl for the children to attend and children are working at tending crops or doing chores on the farms or learning trades.I would try to avoid changing things if it's not necessary and their lifetime goal is doable for them.
I would go by the buymode rules for my BACC for this as those would apply instead and skilling would be requred to unlock education for children which starts with logic being maxed out in a household to unlock school for that family as the children would start with being home schooled.
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