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Default decompile dll file?
hello I want to start modding sims 3 I know some basics except that I heard that they needed Ilspy to decompile the dll files
my question is the following
can we decompile the dll file even with dnspy for our personal use?
or you must create a package file
thank you for your answers in advance.
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I think decompile is maybe not exactly the right term for what the sims 3 script moddders usually use Ilspy for. I mean, true, the program does indeed decompile it so that we can read the code, but the reason for using it is pretty much for... well, reading the code  It isn't to make any changes within EA/the game's existing DLL libraries. So dnSpy (which I guess is this? You could indeed try if you're working on a core mod-type of mod. (See:

But! There's actually a much easier way of script modding, which basically means you're creating your own standalone (but readable by the game) dll file that you can then put in a package. For that, I'd like to refer you to this page: (Specifically 'script modding'). And see if whatever you'd like to make would be possible.

Or of course, ask here if you're wondering whether something is better achieved by script modding or core modding. 

Hope this helps!
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okay thanks you ^^
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