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Default Dealing With Teleport Enums & Teleport Tuning
One of my projects is to get the Vampire Teleportation Stuff to work be usable with the Spellcasters. Currently, I have been able to get the teleport_mist & teleport_bat to work on 2 Occults, but doing that incurred that I had to rewrite the Vampire Teleport Interactions to use the teleportstylesuperinteraction (or the same system as to what Transportalate is using). This led to the original "Teleport Here as Mist" and "Fly here as Bat" to be blocked by a testset that I can't seem to find. In turn I had to remake those to work for the time being, pretty sure that testset of "Not Enough Vampire Power" for teleports may have been injected one of the game's scripts (thats just my guess).

As I still would want to preserve the old system, the Original and most recommended way is to inject the teleport enums and add/inject the TELEPORT_DATA_MAPPING accordingly, but I have no success in trying to understanding Python Code, so I tried writing the enums into the teleport.teleport_enums, but that failed with the game spamming lastCleanExceptions of "Service Manager is not initialised".

I would still prefer to inject the enums and teleport_tuning but as I cannot code anything beyond basic math and ifs, elifs in Python, and there are no forms of tutorial on this subject.

So it would be greatly appreciated if someone certain Python knowledge can help to work out on this situation. Thanks

Teleport Systems

The Vampire Teleport System (teleport_bat, teleport_mist) uses GoHereSuperInteractions to send the Sim to teleport accordingly, with the toggle on, it uses a buff to enable the teleport_style. With the buff on, the Go Here interaction disappears whilst the respective Vampire GoHereSuperInteractions remain.

The Spellcaster Teleport System (teleport_witch and its remaining things) uses SuperInteractions and TeleportStyleSuperInteractions to teleport accordingly. Teleporting with the Witch Spell continues with the TeleportStyleSuperInteraction to teleport. If the toggle is on, the trait will have a Tunable to allow the teleportstyle to be injected, which in turn replacing the walking GoHere interaction to a GoHere interaction that teleports.

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Funnily enough, I did a little something similar to one of those vampire activities, but it was via tuning xmls rather than doing python script. Where I made a new trait that allows sims who have it to Run Like the Wind. However, for it to work on non-vampires, I eventually had to detach the vampiric run from the vampire power bar. The downside of this, being that vampires can now run around like the wind without any cost to their power. As you say, you want to keep all that intact.

What I think might be doable for my little mod, via tuning, is to make a new xml buff link for the Run Like the Wind trait, a copy of the very one that links the vamp trait to their hidden vampiric run buff, - should they have the perk - and just replace the entry on the xml that states vampire power must be high, with coding that says normal energy must be high. Maybe something like that could work for what you are attempting, seeing that you are remaking these activities to be standalone and independent from the default vampire perk activities.

Always easier said than done, though. And I do hope you find what your are looking for, as like you, I too think these activities work well for non-vampires and have done my little bit to make it so.

Also, even more easier said that done, but very simple if it did work out. Where a spellcaster can use the magic teleport, clone the xmls to that interaction, and replace the factory animation code entries with those of the vampire teleporting animations. From the spellcaster sim's perspective, it's the same activity, but from the player's view a different animation, one usually restricted to vamps. Though this is probably off-the-top-of-the-head thinking that will fail to work in game, having to set up new magic teleport perks to buy and have it all connected correctly via the domino effect of buff links, snippets and what have you. But nothing ventured, nothing gained. Though I'd bet you've probably tried all these shenanigans anyway in the early stages of your project. The way vampire perks are compared to magic perks is handled very differently. Vampire perks have many linking xmls and buffs you can tinker with, magic perks not so much. It's mostly governed via their perk UI panel. Again, good luck.

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