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Default WhimSet Tuning Help
I'm trying to make a mod that removes and refines some whims so that whims are more reliant on personality. One thing I would like to get rid of is Sims thinking about vampires constantly. I noticed that on an empty lot with a new sim, the whim to "Search for Vampire Information on the Computer" keeps popping up. So this is what I've tried.

I've added the "disabled" tag to the WhimSet_NotVampire and set it to True.
The Tdesc files say this about the tag: description="Checking this box will remove this Aspiration from the event system and the UI, but preserve the tuning."
To my understanding this description is saying "This whimset will no longer be called.", and that's what I want to do, yet when I go back into the game I find that my new sim keeps wanting to research vampires on the computer.

So now I'm not sure if my understanding of that tag is correct, or if I just didn't implement it properly. I could set all the priorities to "0" but I was looking for the most elegant solution, please advise.
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