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Default Making a custom wall clock
Hello, all!

I'm in the process of trying to convert a clock from Sims 4 to Sims 2. I cloned the wall clock that came with the Pets expansion, replaced the texture and the three meshes (the face and the two hands). So far so good, I thought, but when I went to test it in game, the hands don't move round. What am I missing?
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You need to extract and reimport it as Unimesh (same method as for clothes), and probably also position it so that the handles are in the correct spot. Most likely also link the handles up to joints/bones.

It's possible you'll have to start over, or at least extract the mesh from the original clock you cloned, because the bone/joint assignments have probably been messed up if you imported the mesh as an OBJ file.
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Ah, okay. I actually don't own TS4 and was modifying a conversion someone else had made to try and make it functional, so re-extracting it isn't something I can do. I think I'll put this project to the side until I'm more familiar with Blender and SimPE. Thanks for your help!
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I meant you need the original TS2 clock mesh as a Unimesh file (which you can extract again via SimPE). You need the joints/skeleton, and need to copy joint assignments from the mesh, plus the mesh comments.

You don't need the original TS4 mesh.

How you make animated objects (or make new meshes fit onto an existing skeleton) is similar to how you'd make meshes for clothes, except most of the process of assigning the joints is usually done manually, and there's fewer joints to worry about.
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Clocks don't have joints in the hands. I would say make sure you have positioned in the same place as the original ts2 version, maybe the hands are too far back and you cannot tell that they are not moving?
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(Pokes SimPE for a bit) - Okay, guess it's been a (very long) while since I made a clock, and you're right - they don't have joints.

Anyway, positioning each piece of the clock (the face and each hand) is very important. If the TS4 clock came as one pice, you have to split it up in the 3 pieces you need (face, and two hands). You can also do the "easy" method and remove the hands from the TS4 clock, using the ones from the TS2 clock instead.
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