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Default Where's the specular used on EA Hairs?
This may be a bit of a niche request, but I'm looking on trying the EA specular on some custom hairs. Where can I find this specular texture for my own personal use? Reversely, I'm also looking if there's a possible way to remove this specular from all EA hairs. It would be very much appreciated. Thank you! <3

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These are found in FullBuild2.package found in Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/GameData/Shared/Packages/ and as far as expansion and stuff packs are concerned, this is the same path but instead of The Sims 3, you have for example The Sims 3 Seasons folder. I don't think you can remove the specular but you can make it all black but I haven't tried it and I think it'll make the hair turn ugly. Besides, if you have a custom diffuse, you also need a custom specular. Using a custom diffuse and EA specular may ruin your hair. I used to create hair conversions, so I never actually created any new textures, rather use or edit the default ones. You may want to ask someone more experiences in hair creation.
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It's actually preferable to have a pretty dark specular, otherwise you end up with super shiny hair that looks like plastic.

There are actually a variety of specular textures, depending on the hair. Store hairs, for example, each have their own specular. The easiest way to get ahold of a specular texture is to clone a hair using S3OC (making sure not to tick the "Rename/renumber" option if you don't want default replacements).

You can create a specular based on your diffuse, or a generic specular texture, or just a plain black square. Try different options and see which works for you.

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