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Default Any advice/comission help for someone with 0 experience? Really want this mods:
Hello community!!! first of all, thank you for read me (If someone does it XD) I really love that TS3 community it´s not dead, It´s my favorite sims game, and I really love it, I want help/advice for a couple of things, because, first of all, I have TS3 personal projects that I really really want in my game, but I really can´t understand at 100% the basic notions of TS3 modding
I don´t know if I´m really stupid or maybe it´s because I don´t understand some terminology (and I don´t know if the cause it´s because english it´s not my mother tongue) but really, some things are pretty hard to understand for me, like the basic functions from SIMS3PE and the other tools, I don´t have any idea of the program language, and I most of the time don´t have any idea of what i´m reading, I never have programming in all my life and I feel really confused about all those words, so I want some advice for how do I start comprehending all this because I have no clue what I am reading when I put a file in S3PE
plus, If my brain it´s not capable of understand, please recommend me modders that accept commissions free or cheap, please, so I can do a little request, thank you very much to all!!! <3
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Hello @TheGmaiden665! MTS is the perfect great to ask questions and get support on your simming journey, whether it be organizing your TS3 CC with tools like S3PE or learning how to mod the game.

Why not give us a list of projects you are looking to achieve? Then we can probably redirect you to tutorials or give some insights that might help!
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Thank you very much MissPat!!! My list it´s not that long, but I don´t know if it´s hard to mod this either, so this are my projects in paper:
1. A high witch mod, like the high witches in TS2, who could sell stuff and special items
2. A way to recreate the spells of TS makin magic with witch spells or alchemy potions
3. Powers for mermaids and more powers for mummies/simbots
4. Custom moodlets for all those mods and custom effects
5. TS4 familiars (even if it´s a re-skin of minor pets or dragons)
6. Dogs and horses can be familiars
7. I think this it´s more hard and complicated, but the creation of a new trait (even if it´s a hidden trait)
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Asking for help to learn how to create something or get help creating something is fine. However, requesting content be created for you is not allowed on site.

Here is the rule:
17. No Requests: Please do not post threads with requests for content to be made for you, or post in threads (downloads, tutorials, or otherwise) with requests that things be made for you unless the creator has specifically stated that they don't mind requests in the thread.

Site rules can be found here.
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1) I have not played TS2 occult life states so I cannot help here I'm afraid. Now I do not believe that mods out there exist to spawn special type of NPCs such as the ITF Time Traveler or WA Special Merchants. The "hack" here would be to play such sims as your active household and get them to produce the special items so it's in their inventory when you switch off to the next family. With core mods like AwesomeMod and Nraas mods (using DebugEnabler), you can then transfer objects between these townies and your active sim.

2) There is a custom alchemy potion mod here , so it certainly can be achieved. It does seem to involve script modding. There are tutorials on how to do script mods here: Hopefully experienced modders can join the conversation and redirect you to the proper tutorial for beginners.

For special spells for witches: have you looked at the TS3 store "spell book" object? It gives a "makin magic" moodlet, see the Wiki article .

3) This too, would involve script modding, most likely focused on custom interactions (sim-to-sim and sim-to-object). Recently, @PuddingFace released the "Vampirism" custom skill as part of the "Enhanced Vampirism" mod here: It could be a good idea to reach out and ask questions on how to get started and make progress through your project.

4) A custom moodlet tutorial is available here.

5) Re-skin of minor pets or dragons: it would likely involve pets custom skin creation. I do not know of a tutorial for that unfortunately, except for a youtube video on TS3 pets marking.

6) I'm unclear about this feature, could you develop? I'm guessing it'd be about creating a "Familiar" trait and adding custom interactions and moodlets to it.

7) This mod was created to help custom traits creation: I think that @lizcandor has used it successfully, so tagging Liz might give you some help.
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Seconding MissPat's point about the traits, Arsil's mod is how I made all the traits I've been working with and their tutorial has all the information I needed to do it (also, all the information I ever found :D). If you're ever confused by those instructions, I'd be happy to try and help! And you can do a *lot* with moodlets. The moodlets tutorial MissPat linked you to is really good; if it's any use to know this, I made moodlets (by following that tutorial) before trying traits, and I think having made a moodlet before helped make all the trait stuff easier to understand since I was totally new to XML coding before that. It might also work the other way around though, it's up to you. Good luck!
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I've actually been planning on summoning a familiar spell for my Enhanced Witches mod. The familiar will be a cat, dog or horse with the ghost life state. They'll come up with level 10 pet skills. And will have some other abilities like being able to chase ghosts and zombies away. I was looking at genie spawning code to figure out a way to create familiars.

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Thank you very much to everyone answering my post!!! And thank you to MissPat, you really give me wonderful advice <3
I actually have Sims PE and master controller in my games, I kinda know how to use mastercontroller and all his functions now with practice, I don´t know if this and Debug enabler can help to learn how to mod, and Sims PE...well, I don´t know how it works at all XP
But I´m really interested in learn about the script and how to make new animations
I don´t know if I should start with moodlet creation, after all, I am a graphic designer and I know how to create icons in Photoshop (kinda XD) and learn how to put it in the game later, I don´t know if that could work
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I don´t know what could be better to learn first, the custom traits, moodlets, or the script mods (I think the high witch mod and familiars mod are script mods, correct me if i´m wrong) I don´t know what could be a better start, also, I have 2 computers with TS3 installed, I think it´s a good idea use one for create mods, and the other for testing, what do you think?
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Originally Posted by TheGmaiden665
I don´t know what could be better to learn first, the custom traits, moodlets, or the script mods (I think the high witch mod and familiars mod are script mods, correct me if i´m wrong) I don´t know what could be a better start, also, I have 2 computers with TS3 installed, I think it´s a good idea use one for create mods, and the other for testing, what do you think?
I'd actually start with any theme you'd like to work on  Personally I'd say to beginners to even check out tuning mods first, but I think interactions should cover that as well

So, say your theme is 'high witches', I'd first start with something easy. Like, a talking interaction such as 'do you like dark/white magic?' or 'enthuse about being a high witch'. I'd first start (and try to understand) this: and if you can at least have it show up in the pie menu you're already 50% along the way!

Unfortunately I haven't been able to find any tutorial on how you do proper sim social interactions, but I'll have to push my changes to Github to be able to show you how to properly do that  (Unless anyone else has an example/tutorial etc  of course)

Hope this helps!
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Oh, this is a good thread for learning to make basic (no custom jazz scripts or anything) social interactions!

It's not about making an interaction class, just the XML coding for the interaction, but you could start with just that to get a working interaction later and then add a class for it once you're more comfortable with that and want to make the interaction more detailed.
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