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Default Mod Constructor v4 creating new object interactions for a custom trait
I'm new to modding and have just picked up Mod Constructor v4. Yesterday I created a new trait and added a number of buffs and social interactions etc. and it all works in game and I am very pleased with it so far.

I would now like to add the ability for sims with this trait to do custom interactions with objects. Some interactions might want to be exactly the same as existing ones but with different names (e.g. 'boogie' rather than or in addition to 'dance' on the radio), and others might want to be new interactions, but using the existing animations (e.g. the ability to dance to the TV).

I have experimented with 'Add Super Interactions' and the options inside those 'New Basic Super Interactions' and have so far managed to add an activity to the computer under research, and an activity that can be accessed by clicking on the sim. These activities currently seem to go on indefinitely, but that's a separate problem. My question is, does Mod Constructor v4 include the ability to add new object interactions in the way I described above, or is that not possible in this program? If it is possible could someone please provide a pointer as to where to look to try and achieve it, and if it isn't possible then are there any programs which would allow me to add this kind of functionality, or would I need to turn to creating XML files and/or python? (I have some experience in python, and a little in XML, but it might be too time consuming to work out how to implement all the elements I've managed to so easily implement in Mod Constructor v4).

Thanks in advance.
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Mod Constructor does not have the ability to add interactions to objects, you will need to do this manually, and there are no other programs like MC. You need S4S to make the interactions and XML Injector to add the interactions to objects, as it handles the Python for you.

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That's good to know, thank you very much! I'll have a look at using S4S and XML Injector when I have my next attempt.
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