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Default Feedback and Progression - A.I. Upscaled Foods
I wish to keep here a post for feedback on the textures and for the development progression, posting here comparisons with the new ones so you can see how it's going and I don't spam new updates on it.
Feel free to ask for changes (if necessary) since nothing here is definitive, also, feel free to ask for other prints of something specific, since I'm not posting everything here.

Images here are made by sims 4 studio preview. It's not much different from the game version with exception that this preview is kinda buggy, but give the best side by side comparison.

Development Progress:
Base game: Done. (Probably)
Journey to Batuu: Done.
Get Together: Done.
Get to Work: Done.
Cats and Dogs: Done.
Get Famous: Done.
Spa Day: Done.
Seasons: Done.
Snowy Escapade: Done.

City Living: 2% Done.
Outdoor Retreat: 1% Done.
Other DLCS: Not Started.

This progress is different from the main mod page, it tells what is done but not released.
(Unless it's on the released spoiler tag)

Update 11:

Update 10:

Update 9:

Released Updates:
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