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Default can vanilla modifier (fit, heavy, etc) objs be extracted?
I've been trying to make realistic body presets and sliders and they look alright when applied to the default body preset in the game, but they get kind of wonky if I mess with the fitness and weight sliders. My idea for how to improve the look of things is just to make a separate set of presets for bodies of different fitness and weight, and using the vanilla fit/heavy objs as the "base skintight mesh" input in morph maker, and my edited obj as the "morphed skintight". But I can't find or extract objs for this anywhere. In morph maker, I'm able to extract the basic sort of thin vanilla mesh as an obj, and I can extract the vanilla fit/heavy DMAPs. Is there somewhere I can find the meshes that those DMAPs are based on, or a way to convert the DMAPs into objs? I remember in the sims 3 each of the vanilla body shapes had their own mesh and I know things are done differently now in order to make everything more compatible with each other but it would be nice if there was still a way to access those modifiers as objs
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In MorphMaker you can go to the previewer tab, load the fat or fit DMaps, and save the morphed mesh. You can also clone the fat or fit sim modifier, preview it, and save the morphed mesh from there.

You can then make a body physique preset with the fat/fit/thin/bony values set the way you want and your adjustments added on.

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