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Congratulations to the following creators, who uploaded thier very first uploads to MTS last month!

AvatarCreatorFirst UploadGame
amellceAsk to Eat and more (Miscellaneous)
ItsKatatoCosmetology Career (Careers)
MolkaMoon1992Moon Islands Neighborhood - decorated populated - no CC (Neighborhoods & CAS Screens)
PunnyBeeNursing Career-4 Tracks. Updated 4/22/21. (Careers)
DaleRuneDale Eating Disorders Pack (Traits)
scopCrying Baby Radius Tweak (Overrides)
SfaantjeNo More Autonomous Incite Cheers (Overrides)
Tkong26Nearly Invisible Light Fixture (Lighting)
ArchieSmall black log cabin for 3 sims (Residential)
VivificusZombiaeSpooky Instant Meal Default Replacement (Global Mods)
Larry KatulaHunter's hut Abandoned house (Residential)
TheKixgClassic Loading Screen (Overrides)
Planetsims.youtubeFallout 4: Red Rocket Gas Station (Community)
Katie_UnchainedRachel Green (FRIENDS) (Celebrities & Real People)
EnderhunterMultiple Pollination Technicians! (Other)
Apparently AdamModern Bungalow - CC Free (Residential)
DaColeYu-Gi-Oh! and Pikachu Bed Sets (Bedroom)
Kesh The AlienKesh The Alien (Sci-Fi)
NerdyDollChernobyl Mod - Radioactivity (Script & Core Mods)
Dênnis12165 Sim Lane AS 165 Pendula View (NO CC) (Residential)
SimsStories13Group Play Coordinator (Careers)
mimisomisokoMoonlit Lotus Manor [Residential Family-sized] (Residential)
Kristina!The Brooks Bridge Borough - Improved! (Residential)
imjakedeasonCheat Shortcuts + (Script & Core Mods)
lazlo-curiousDr. Dominic Newlow's PSP hairstyle converted to The Sims 2 (Male)
MojhiTS2 European Townhouse (under 15.000§) (Residential)
ScannerTowel after shower (Miscellaneous)
jheyjuneiceTourism Career (Careers)
Meep62Vampire Ask to Drink with Bite Neck animation (Overrides)
awesomekatefaceAspiration themed recolours for functional roller blinds (Decorative)
FrancescoCalìaItalian PNG name generation mod (Config Mods)
TheTreacherousFoxMod: No Cooldown between fizzy drinks send for evaluation (Overrides)
Just KizzyThe Arrogant Trait (Traits)
PiedPiperDairy Production (Miscellaneous)
mollyvildeBatuu robe recolors (Everyday)

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