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Default No string values showing up in my career mod
Hi everyone! I'm fairly new to this site and completely new to creating mods for Sims 3, so I'd appreciate any help.

So, I tried to create a career mod for a teenager in my Sims 3, using this tutorial, except I made a few changes mentioned in this one to make it a part-time job for a teenager.

Everything was going fine until I actually put it in the game. So, according to the manual, I put the package in the folder and run the game to see the career numbers to replace them by the hash of its name. So I do replace it, but then after restarting the game, the career still shows the "JoinCareer6482936629blahblah". Okay, no big deal. I join it. And, well, my sim can join the career, go to work, get paid and everything, but the message boxes for all of this stuff appear blank. Even the drop-down with work tones shows empty lines but you can choose between them. I'm pretty sure there's no syntax errors in my mod files and everything should work, but it doesn't.

Another thing happens on "Replacing the Blank String files" section. I have my string files named as in the template like "Strings Blank English" and "Strings Blank UnhashedKeys" and the tutorial doesn't tell me to change it. If I replace them via S3PE according to the manual, the "Blank" names remain. If I leave it as is, the above situation happens. If I try to rename the instances and update their FNV64, the mod just doesn't show up in the game at all. Like, if it's not changed, I get the message box with the list of found scripts after loading the main menu, and I get that Join Career option in-game. If it's changed, then the mod is not in the script list in main menu and the rabbithole has no option to join.

Finally, I got a mod that is similar to what I want but basically has different tones from what I want, different rabbithole, different strings etc. And if I try to change it the slightest (even a single letter in the Strings file that is not referred to by anything), the mod also stops showing in the game.

So my suggestion is that something goes wrong on the last two steps - creating an STBL for strings and registering the career name in the game, but I don't know what else to do, tried to debug it for quite a while but the solution keeps slipping away.
I have the latest S3PE version, Steam version of Sims 3 with 1.67 patch, and Nraas Master Controller which, I believe, includes Nraas career manager (although I tried to install the career manager separately too and it didn't change anything).
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Hello @Magnus_Helgisson,

The most up-to-date career creation modding tutorial is by @MissyHissy over here (it was updated last year, in 2020):

1) "the career still shows the "JoinCareer6482936629blahblah"..." : there is a section in the tutorial thread above dedicated to this specific part of the career modding process, called "The First Test" here . You should be able to go back to your game and to see "Join [YourCareerName]" and no longer have the random letters visible.

2) " the message boxes for all of this stuff appear blank" : can you make sure that your English Strings file Instance number starts with 0x00 if you are launching the game in english? See the methodology explained at the bottom of the post here and its application to remaining game languages in this post .

I highly recommend you start over the creation process following all the steps of the 2020 Mega Tutorial, it was a game-changer for me when it comes to modding career, no more headaches!
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Hey, thanks for your reply. I'm pretty sure this manual is not too different from the one I referred to, but I'll try it over.

1)Yes, I did that, as I said, the "blahblah" part was still appearing after I replaced it in s3pe.
2)Also yes, it was done.
Anyway, what concerns me the most is that if I take someone else's perfectly working mod built according to that tutorial and replace one character in the string value, like, IDK, change "Work Hard" to "Wok Hard", the mod completely disappears from the game.

However, I'll try to start it over and follow the MissyHissy's tutorial, and if it still goes wrong, I'll come back here. Thanks again.
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I definitely hear your frustration - in my experience, the career modding process is indeed slow and frustrating. I had to start over several times to get my first career to show up properly in game, and having access to multiple tutorials to look at, helped a lot. Also @MissyHissy is still active in the community, so being able to reach out to her for help was invaluable.

Regarding what you said here:
"change "Work Hard" to "Wok Hard", the mod completely disappears from the game.

Unfortunately yes, career modding is case sensitive and demands combing the code meticulously to spot typos, extra spacing and inconsistencies.

You seem to be almost there! Definitely report back and don't hesitate to drop your file if you want extra eyes on your progress.
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