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Default Fee, Fi, Foe, Fum! Challenge!
Giant footprints are found on the beach.
Whales have gone missing - only the Bull Males are taken. 
Whole trees have been eaten of leaves and fruit, whole orchards of trees have gone; any tree or bush that produces fruits, nuts, anything edible is gone. 

Raw Gold, and Monoliths of Amber, Jasper, Tigerseye, Amethyst, and tons of Granite, are gone; and the quarry is getting empty. 
Horses, sheep, cows - all vanish in the night, though the young are left behind.

A Young Man, takes his horse, riding into miles of deep forest and the Giant's marks within.

The Young Man is lost in the expanse of trees, and the moon shines overhead; the local werewolves hunting at midnight.
He and his horse awaken - a huge, muscular, older and silver-haired Giant, at least fifty feet tall, stares with a smile down at them - fire lighting the towering cave and the tall square door, all sealed up, fire shadowing them. They are locked in the Giant’s Cave. 
The Giant walks towards them, smiling, on pounding feet; then, reaches for the young man and his horse!

Goal One: Befriend - or make Enemies with - the Giant; the Two Choices have two different outcomes. 

Choice One: Befriend the Giant Man,
Choice Two: Make A Rude Introduction, and make the Giant a Nemesis,

Choice One: Befriend Giant,
He shows them his man cave; everything in it is has the possibility of helping the 
“Little Man Forest” where the Young Man and his Horse are from.
You can control the Giant. Add him to your humble village Household,
Young Man,
Giant Man,

His traits are now;

Green Thumb,

Choice Two: Make A Rude Introduction, and make the Giant a Nemesis,
The Giant becomes very angry! He makes enemy of the Villagers, and you cannot control the Giant this time! He destroys and burns, thunders on his feet after he destroys and goes back to his cave, only to come out again! 

His traits are now: 


You will need -

- to Create the Man in C.A.S; then, turn him into a Giant after C.A.S with the mod!
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