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Default [Help needed] Unknown Exception in my mod.
Hi there, it's me again

I'm pretty new to modding as well as to C#. Long story short: I took NRaas repository and tried to make a mod. But I couldn't make the main project to use classes and interfaces from another project, which is a common project for all my future mods So I made the common project a DLL. Linked it to the mod project, so in VS everything works fine. Until I pack my mod and test it in game. First, there's camera glitches after world is loaded. When I select a family - I cannot select any member, there's no photos on the left, and so on. Seems like I get an exception which I cannot find. No log files, no nothing. What shall I do? How to debug this?

Edit #1:
When I open my DLL in ILSpy, under References section, my common DLL marked as Unresolved for some reason. Maybe I'm compiling the mod the wrong way with this common DLL...
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Sooo... Solved!
It's just me who don't really understnd how DLL works. Solution was to add the common DLL to the mod package or to a separate package, so the game could resolve it.
Now there is another problem, but this time I will try to manage it myself.
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