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Default [Resolved]Manually merging core mods
I've got some questions about core mod compatibility:

1) Is the way to combine multiple core mods to just pick one and paste the changes made in all the other versions into it?
2) If I want to make very simple core mods compatible with a much more complicated one (thinking of Consort's 2x weight/fitness mod), would I be able to just export the dll from the more complicated mod's package and use that as a base for my changes instead of starting with the un-modded version of the same resource? (Edit: to clarify, this would be just for the version of my mod that I use in my own game, not the one that gets posted anywhere)
3) If I make a master core mod package (for my specific mod configuration, or any really specific set of several mods I guess) that has all the changes I want in it, and then put that in the Overrides folder instead of Packages, will it dominate all the other core mods I have installed so that I don't have to edit those packages?

Edit: Wow that test went smoother than I expected, answer to all those questions seems to be "yes". Never mind!
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