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Default Trait That Gives Humans Alien Abilities
Trait That Gives Humans Alien Abilities

Someone asked me to work on a trait that gives humans Alien abilities, however, how do I add alien interactions to human sims?
I plan to make the buffs for this new trait that gives humans alien abilities acknowledge the species of the human,
with buffs like:

"I have super powers!"

This buff should have a energized moodlet or happy buff.

Along with other buffs & buff replacements for humans with alien powers in the case they use them.

I should allow human sims with this trait to do the alien powers on aliens.

Can anyone teach me how to achieve this?
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You have to clone the interactions, adjust the tests so it works only with your trait, then add them either to the trait or inject onto sims. I have a tutorial here where I show how to unlock interactions of various types, and I have a mod here that is similar to the alien idea, where I unlocked ghost abilities for human sims, if you want to take a look.

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When you do let me know I look forward to having that ability!
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